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Monday, 13 November 2006


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Who can really believe anything from the mouth and mind of the murderous CPDM regime?


The latter-day politician wannabe Dr. Robert Ghogomu Tapisi sounds like a demagogue. Does Dr Ghogomu have receipts to proof that Yaoundé actually sent 500m FCFA to Ndop Council treasury under the control of the SDF party?

Dr Ghogomu is practicing voodoo politics which is akin to the voodoo economics of the CPDM.

The CPDM government, according to Edward Ngalah, Northwest representative at the National Anti-Corruption Observatory "has the habit of announcing the amount it has allocated for projects, but never states how much has been spent. When foreign aid is provided for schools, to cite one example, the money for constructing schools is quietly embezzled".

Dr Ghogomu, has anyone answered to the law for the shooting death of Jeane Irene Biya at the Presidency or the Rev. Sisters of Djoum and so on? Please give us a break. D-day will catch up with your corrupt cabal holding 16m people hostage in central Africa.

Tekum Mbeng

Let us be systematic! As there is no viable bank in Ndop, where was the alleged 500,000,000 Frs CFA deposited? Was it deposited in Bamenda and who had access to the account? Does Dr Ghogomu have the account statement?

Dr Ghogomu needs to be more specific. This generation no longer accepts allegations lacking factual pointers. Those who make allegations without proofs are voodoo politicians as Kumbaboy has stated.


From Langai:
In the olden days in my place, princes and princesses were kept away from school and from the farm because these were "menial tasks" fit for slaves and nchindas only. In the end, the slaves and nchindas were the winners. Sometimes when a naughty prince was crying and refusing his food, a nchinda would be brought so that the prince could pinch him hard and have satisfaction that he had someone in his power. From here we developed the saying "take something from a stronger person and give it to a weaker person."
Dr. Ghogomu, as a Bambalang prince and a prince of the CPDM royal household, is trying to take us back to those dark ages when everything was done to keep the royal household happy. This is not new in the distorted value system of the C government. First of all, because they are not used to fair play, they postponed council/local elections in 1992 so as to work out a strategy for a contrived landslide victory.
When elections were finally held (I don't know when), and the opposition parties pulled some councils from the lion's mouth, the C government had a ready-made answer in its repertoire of tricks. They imposed gov't delegates on Douala, Kumba, Bamenda, Bafoussam (?), Yaounde (where the SDF was not allowed to win any councils), Garoua, and Limbe (I guess).
Dr. Ghogomu just stopped short of suggesting that the C government should have worked out something for them in Ndop too. But the hint is quite clear. Between the C government and the opposition, who is more likely to embezzle money and give no account of it? Besides, we have been witnesses to the C government doing everything to frustrate opposition MPs and councillors. I don't believe that this government is capable of promising and making funds available to opposition-held councils without months and years of foot-dragging. The most that may have happened here is that the Ndop Council was allocated funds, but the thieving administrators in the name of DOs and SDOs sat on the funds, just as Tadzong Nde does for BUC, as Nnoko Mbele for KUC, etc.
Dr. Ghogomu, just say it point blank: please, Mr. C government, take this Ndop Council from the S people and give it to us so that we can stay on top for ever and ever, world without end.



PHD holder Ghogomu is just one of the many fealty colonial jong who is now ready to stab the Ngoketunjia I County for the Colonial Partido surely at any price.Instead of carrying community development intiatives to better the lifes of the Ambazonia downtrodden, he is out on a vote buying and rigging bazar. Only the nescient and hungry ones will fall for this voodoo polit rambos who will not stop gaining a foothold in our Territory.This colonial partido officials need to be censured and chased away.These are all bandits/safe breakers.The SDF also! SDF has tried to stab the LRC Presidency, twice that i know with no headway.The rational is obvious.None of the two machines (SDF-CPDM)could be spared in the course of our Liberation.


Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has been ranked one of the four worst dictators in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the world’s worst 20. Mr. Biya is ranked with only two others in sub-Saharan Africa: Robert Mugabe and King Mswati of Swaziland.

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has been ranked one of the four worst dictators in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the world’s worst 20. Mr. Biya is ranked with only two others in sub-Saharan Africa: Robert Mugabe and King Mswati of Swaziland. The ranking appears in David Wallechnisky new book: Tyrants, the world's 20 worst living dictators, Regan Press, 2006, pp. 286-290. Mr. Wallechinsky a historian, has worked as a commentator for the America television network, the NBC and is author of several reference books. Wallechnisky describes Cameroon's electoral process in these terms:

“Every few years, Biya stages an election to justify his continuing reign, but these elections have no credibility. In fact, Biya is credited with a creative innovation in the world of phony elections. In 2004, annoyed by the criticisms of international vote-monitoring groups, he paid for his own set of international observers, six ex-U.S. congressmen, who certified his election as free and fair.”
Since 2003, Wallechnisky has been writing an annual article for Parade magazine, ranking the 10 worst dictators currently in power. Now he has expanded the list and written a book on the subject, referred to above.
This classification comes in the wake of another publication ranking Cameroon among the five worst countries in the world in terms of governance, the other countries being Iraq, Chad, Somalia, Zimbabwe and Romania. The information is contained in a Governance Perception Index, a survey carried out at Harvard University led by Professor Robert Rotberg, of Kennedy School of Government and President, World Peace Foundation. Harvard is of the world’s best Universities. Transparency International has ranked Cameroon one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The latest ranking puts Cameroon at number 138 out of 163 countries. Other credible reports by United Nations agencies, US State Department, Amnesty International and others carry similar evidence of the abysmal state of governance and human rights in Cameroon. Instead of dismissing all these evidence as fallacy or burying our heads in the sand in the hope that things will change, all those with a stake in the country need to wake up to reality and do something about it.
As Cameroon prepares for local elections next year, it is worth pointing out that until the government allows for free and fair elections, the country will never get out of poverty. Free and fair elections can only come about through an independent electoral management process in accordance with the Durban Declaration etc. The government has to realise that Cameroon’s present image of a badly governed state means it will always be difficult to attract appropriate and substantial external investment to create jobs and eradicate poverty. As patriotic as anyone will like to be, it is almost impossible to mask the true state of affiars - the amount of credible information in the public domain pointing to our country’s lack of good governance is enormous and there is a need for those in power to wake up to this by setting up a truly independent electoral commission and the rest will follow.

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