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Thursday, 30 November 2006


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Good propositions there SDF. But I still insist that as bad as Biya's...all is a WINDOW DRESSING to at least reduce the number of people who describe him as Africa's worst dictator.

Gentlemen, you'll bear with me in the future that this whole thing about an IEC is a SHAM. Don't waist your time!

The SON.


No IEC can bring any changes and Democracy to La Republique. We all know how these criminals can still rig elections. Will the SDF be able to manage elections in ghost polling stations in Misaka that Dipoko, Mami Wara and Co always create to fake results in favour of the CPDM.

This whole game has been heard over and over. In fact, i am really ashamed to see chairman Fru Ndi posing for a photo with a gang member of the colonial regime. That brings significant reflections on my thought that these people are all colonialists. These is all a sham and the murderous CPDM will still rig elections. Chairman Fru Ndi can never become president of La Republique neither can anyone from his SDF. Stop wasting your time all over the place. Hogbe Nlend rightly told you, Fru Ndi, u can never become president of La Republique Francaise du Cameroun. Your SDF can only legitimise Mr Biya's corrupt junta as a democratic republic as they are doing now. And as your SDF does that, then they continue killing us, then we will consider you and your party as a conspiracy to Murder. A few days ago, i told you that your party is a conspiracy to Murder and two days after, innocent UB students were being murdered. You and your SDF are a conspiracy to all these. It is better you leave the political scene of La Republique and put pressure from outside these criminal government than to continue legalising it through your handclapping in their evil parliament.

Roki of Shanghai

I honestly don't see how the killings in Buea are related to SDF Chairman's meeting with Inoni. I wonder if the SDF is as bad as it is painted.
Shouldn't the SDF chairman contribute his ideas to forming an "Independent Electoral Comission"? He is simply doing what every right minded, straight thinking, peace loving Cameroonian leader who holds his people close to his heart would do.Though it will really be magic if all the songs that those opposition leaders sang would mean anything to the rotten government.They have done this before and they are doing it again.
Whatever the case, one thing remains certain,you guys will not stay up there for life.One day ur old aged, sagged skin and brittled bones will not allow you to rest in peace because of the evil deeds you have done to us Anglophones.2011 is not far.When that change comes,truth will finally come to light.


I write to express my regret over the failure of Cameroonians to consider History as an important subject and also for some of our historians who like some of our religious leaders preach what they can't practise.History is not an idle textbook for ur information.It is documented facts that has to tell us how to leave the present so as to build a good future.I have time without number heard of the word intellectuals in Cameroon,a reference to a group of politico-economics and social vultures who in quest of notice have tme and again come to Etoudi to ask for an independent candidate to run for the presidency.Let me ask these questions.Who are these,what makes them to feel that they are intellectuals and who is this or these independent C or Cs?Let no myopic brain feel that I'm saying that Cameroon hasn't got educated people.I'm saying that history has left me with the impression that there are no intellectuals in Cameroon worth mentioning nor let alone can represent the interest of the have-nots beginning from a law firm through the hospital to the classroom in the university except for a few who for share lack of the means or due to their virtues have decided to dance with the commons.History tells me that the spots on a leopard can never change,that a baby kite steals like its mother.From these points whoever is passing for an intellectual in political arena in Cameroon is only chasing his whims and capricies and not the interest of the down-trodden.If there is anyone in this God-foresaken land whose independent candidate is Cardinal Tumi then he is just a dreamer.Not because Tumi is not fit rather because he is too fit and given the political situation at this time he will simply become the Rev.Fr Betrand in Haitti.He was hail as one who had come to clear the mess dumped by Baby Dog in that first black colony to become independent but not long he became another mess to be cleared.Was he really responsible.No in my opinion.Like Baby Dog Biya has over stayed in power to the extent that no Angle can clear the mess he has dumped without becoming the hunted

Fritzane Kiki HK

Thanks for that insight.Some people don't seem to see the danger in the opposition rubbing shoulderrs with the ruling CPDM yet events and history has proven them right.The Prime Minister and his entourage are like Biya in disguise to set the trap for their upcoming election fraud and manipulations.Most often there is no trace of party politics in Cameroon as opposition are more of words than of action.

I can figure out a lack of opposition togetherness,who just leave their homes and attend a meeting without any before-hand or prepared resolutions to counter those of the CPDM.The lack of dynamism and the degrading of percentage of strenght within opposition parties is felt by a happy,relax and contented PM who will pass the message to Biya later.

It will therefore be fool-hardy to suggest there is any hope for a creation of an IEC.If ever there will be one then it will be full of recalcitrant and corrupt CDPM officials whose mastery of election malpractices will be more deplorable and alarming.How independent can we call it then.We are still dreaming of a day when Cameroon will be free from the hands of these CPDM benefactors and embezzlers,a country free from dictatorship,and exploiters.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



What is the SDF position on CPDM ministerial interference in admissions to the University of Buea medical school?

Once upon a time, the Hon. Adamou Ndam Njoya instituted a national scholarship program to train the best Cameroonian students overseas in preparation for strategic leveraging roles in all aspects of national development at home. Under Ahmadou Ahidjo, the program was a huge success because an honours list decided the winners and there were NO interviews by design. It was efficient because the scholars generally passed their exams, completed challenging courses in record time and headed home!

Paul Biya the champagne socialist came in and flooded the system with dull students in his celebrated duopoly of hypocrisy and demagoguery. Who forgets the scholarship lists from the presidency? As a result, the failure rate overseas by Cameroonian students sky-rocketed, overseas bills mounted and could not be paid, bringing a fine Njoya initiative to a disasterous end.

Still, these tyrants have learnt no lesson. Let excellence pick the winners and be a stimulant to aspiring students. There are limitations to decrees.


If the SDF-John Fru Ndi, can't manage elections in it's own party what contribution will it have to Cameroon as a whole?

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