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Wednesday, 01 November 2006


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"In answer to a question, the girl told The Post that her being raped was accompanied by deep kissing and that in each of the three cases, it was she, and not the pastor who took off her pants for the act to begin. She said she best enjoyed the particular rape session that took place in the church."

So,is the girl in question saying she enjoyed the "rape sessions"?


There are lots of inconsistencies in this case.

I will want to think that the girl might be mentally unstable, giving her recount of events and analysis of the rape sessions. Anyway, lets wait for further evidence.


Rape or no rape, what this hypocrite of a pastor and family did by tieing the girl up was abomninable. Its a gross voilation of human rights. Even aminals are not tied untill their body parts get swollen. Lets not loos site of that. I demand that his church be closed with emmidiate effect cos no one knows what havoc he has been causing with that "church" of his.

Muki StoneHall

Like Rexon, I also feel the girl as a mental problem.She admits she pulled down her pants for the Pastor to rape her.She admits they kissed "deeply" first.She admits she enjoyed the rape.Also a normal 18-year-old girl can not be tied hands and feet by another girl alone.
All the same,the treatment metted to her was inhuman.The Man of God certainly has several questions to answer.


Can't you guys have some pity for the poor girl? Don't you think her inconsistences might be due to the mental and physical "torture" she has had from this man of God and his family?
She kind of looks grown up with huge tits, but she may well be a victim here and you and I know it.


This young woman seems like a psychiatric patient. She looks rather well fed.

The fact that her hands were tied by the pastor's daughter who is probably the same age as the victim suggests the latter has a mental problem.

The Regional Secretary of the Humans Right Commission in Buea may have a short fuse. Why condemn the pastor without investigating the matter and personalities? Since when is someone guilty of an allegation before he/she is tried by a law court? Two wrongs make no right. Don't hang an innocent man.


Tuma, I guess you mean there is need for a thorough investigation, including medical exams. If the pastor did rape the lady then his semen should be found on her. Otherwise, she is just telling lies.

If this lady is making it up, how would she ever cure the harm done to the pastor and his flock? This story has the right elements (sex and religion) to be sensational in Buea.

Fritzane Kiki HK

This girl must be a sex addict going around having sweet sex and later tell people she was raped.What does she mean by rape?Except she is telling us the pastor use a gun to surrender her to remove her pants by herself as she mentioned.Where we can doubt her allegation of rape is that she has been accusing even her uncle of thesame rape crime which goes a long way to doubt her prosecution allegations.

On the other hand 'a man of God' is not supposed to be handling a girl like this one irrespective of what crime she commits.We have heard how pastors use their Godliness and words of God to commit rape and other sexual misconducts in the name of church.We know all pastors get married to sisters in Christ and later get all the rest sisters in their anchor.The only solution is for governement to close such environments in the name of churches.

The main problem is that the government approves illegal churches without even knowing the episcopal legality and objective of the church being approved with thieves and rogues in the name of pastors.What do you epect than such vicious men of God who use their diabolical word of God for rampant and random sexual misbehaviours.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Muki StoneHall

When I first read this story,I was full of pity for the girl.But later on, I realise there was more to laugh at than cry in the story.Any suggestions as to why this girl enjoyed the rape session in church and not the others?Yes of course!The one on the farm probably came after a some hardwork and so could not have been the best.The one in the bedroom was hurriedly done in fear the wife may pop in.The one in church was probably done not on a Sunday.So there was the full confidence that God was in control and nothing could go wrong.That's why she was served a full dose.
This doesn't resemble a rape case.The victim is 18,and so no longer a minor.She kissed,pulled down her pants and enjoyed the thing.Somebody may have gotten the definition of rape wrong!!!


People should learn to read the writing on the wall. The Pastor is being arraigned for desecrating a holy place, and turning it into a brothel,not for his persistent striptease sessions with this girl.If not why should the talk of closing down the church be so rife without all the investigations brought in.There`s a new phenomenon now,where men of God are held to account in many countries for resorting to chasing things of the flesh,rather than taking care of the spiritual lives of their people.
We should get this points clearly:
1. From all indications ,this girl is a psychopath.
2. If her hands are bound ,it is because the Pastor`s daughter cannot stand the fact that a less polished being like this one should utter some uncoordinated utterances,that the Pastor rubbed bodies with her.
3. The Pastor is recidivist when it comes to nasty things surrounding the men of God and women.This is seen from the numerous sex encounters he had with her.
4. The Pastor`s wife is not wrong when she says this girl`s behaviour is rash.This is just the weakness the Pastor exploited ,and relieved his sick mind as many times as possible.
5. It is not uncommon to have these disadvantaged people,or the mentally retarded own up to crimes they did not commit.So even a baby of two can boss them around.That is why another young girl binds her hands with little resistance.This should be looked at from a psychological point of view.
6. The girls figure and outfit tells us that she eats what she sees ,and wears what is given to her,so she will not raise an eyebrow if the Pastor were to ask her to strip in the Vayican.
To get things straight,this is not a rape case but the adventures of a serial pedophilia,that unfortunately got out of hand ,because his victim was a nonchalantly
natural girl,and a sick mind for that matter.
The authorities in Buea are right to take the Pastor into cutody, because they must have been watching him for long,and it is right for them to jump on this opportunity to correct a cankerworm that had become too threatening.


Watesih,could you please tell us how from that photograph you deduced the following;
1.From ALL INDICATIONS the girl is a PSYCHOPATH...
2.If her HANDS are bound....should utter...
3.The girl's figure(not obese to me) and outfit(not rags to me)tells us she eats what she sees and wears what s given to her SO SHE WILL NOT RAISE AN EYEBROW IF THE PASTOR WAS TO ASK HER TO STRIP IN THE
my friend,all i see is a helpless motherlees child who was taken from her blind father with the promise of getting her learn a trade then unscrupulously abused,physically,mentally and psychologically.its common practice my good friend;all those big city aunts and uncles who need help they cant pay for.THE DEVILS.AND THEIR OWN DAUGHTER IS IN UB.God punish dem.And as to what she puportedly declared(Enjoying this or that session)know that the stockholm syndrome exits and could jolly well apply to her.
what are we talking about?This is a man trained to work on poeple's minds;to convince;convert and control them and here we have this poor defenceless child...abeg!

Ma Mary

Too many "alledges" here to draw any conclusions. Wait for legal system such as there is to investigate.

The binding of the wrists of the purported victim smells of powerplay and gives of a slight whiff of deviant sexuality. Looks abusive, looks bad. Just an observation.


I thought you way to say something distinct from what i said,but i discovered you made the same conclusions.Answers to your questions:
1.Yes,from all indications this girl is a psychopath , because an 18 year old girl will not allow her hands to be bound by a seemingly younger person without an ensuing struggle.A normal child will not sheepishly satisfy her benefactor`s lust at home ,in the farm ,and in church, and proclaim that she enjoyed every bit of it,and that at times she is the one that started stripping.
2. Vito, it is said that the Pastor`s daughter got her hands bound. This is because she thinks this disadvantaged girl dares put her father in trouble.Or else what is the Pastor`s business in this saga? Is she the one that raped the girl?
3. Vito, the Pastor`s daughter doesn`t look like this girl.This girl doesn`t necessarily have to be completely obese for us to know that she is in trouble.
I`m happy you are not disputing the abuse this girl went through ,but your problem is that everybody should look at it from your standpoint.No ,Sir! I even said it that we should look at this from a psychological point of view.We are not outrightly categorical here,afterall we are just decrying an injustice and not celebrating it.


Watesih,there's no where in that article a professional opinion was advanced on that child's mental state and you have to be a magician to draw such a conclusion from that single photograph of a child who had been starved for three days.It is not very evident that a second year university student would be less than 18 and i dont think such a student would bind some one else's wrists to stop them from making utterances.
Lets work with what we have and let suppositions be;whether for or against whatever argument.All we have is the article.True we may draw the same conclusions but be careful not to base them on such guess work because if tomorrow its proven your assertions;especially when you're so categorical about them, are wrong it hurts the argument and standpoint.Finally,my friend i dont expect anybody to see anything from my standpoint otherwise it wont be mine anymore,would it?Thanks and


I have no lessons to learn from you sir.A story has been posted here,so you can look at it from any direction.If you are deficient in arguments, just read and appreciate.Stop seeking for notice.Granted that the Paster`s daughter is above 18 ,do you want to tell the world that she decided to bind the girls hands in order for her father to rape her? The mother claims that the girl is wayward, and that her hands were bound because they did not want her to take-off again.What is the implication of this? Of course they want to silence her. If you don`t want somebody to take off,do you bind the feet or the hands? The point here is not whether the Pasters daughter is 18 or 21,the point is the girl`s readiness to let herself bound by a young person who is not the master of the home. This calls into question the state of her mind.If you have a younger sister who is 22,ask her to bind the hands of any of your teenage cousins ,or sisters, then you come tell us the results.Just the fact that this girl knows that she is an outsider keeps her under constant pschological pressure. This is exactly the situation the Pastor,wife and daughter are exploiting.
When the Pastor`s wife makes a claim that the girl is wayward,she is not completely wrong,and this can be seen from the lurid details she gives about her body-rubbing with the pastor.A pschologically upright child will not be telling you about dip-kissing,her readiness to take off her clothes in all the three instances,and how she blissfully enjoyed the session that took place in Church.
So Sir,we don`t need any professional opinion from anyone to be able to appreciate facts. If you want to transfer your brains to others ,that is your cup of tea.


Sir,what i'm telling you is that your arguments are not consistent with the conclusions you draw.if it is proven that the child is deranged or a psycopath as you put it then she has no case.Period


This scenario should be examined from different perspectives.First I think this girl has a pschological problem and one cannot really rely on what she says.Indeed if the Pastor has been have sexuall deals with this girl as she claims, I don´t think he will like to see the girl treated the way we see in the above picture. In addition if the pastor has been having sex with this girl, it will be very difficult for it to go on without the suspicion of the wife; I don´t also think any woman will tolerate this kind of thing.

However, I strongly condemn the maltreatment of this wayward child by this family. The Pastor has indeed refused the love of God which he preaches from this child.

I don´t also think that the girls waywardness simply stems from the fact that she knows that she is an outsider and that keeps her under constant pschological pressure. At 18yrs, this girl is no longer a minor.There are many children in Cameroon at the age of 18 who take care of themselves independently. What I want to say in simple terms is that if this girl is normal, she will not tolerate what we see in the picture; she would have long abandon the pastor´s family.

The pastor can only be charged on grounds of abuse of human rights and not rape.The case of rape can easily be thrown out for lack of evidence.

My final question; who will take over to care for this child who is already at the age of 18 and looks so wayward?


You are right ,the girls waywardness can`t be attributed to one fact;that she is an outsider.There`s the abuse by the oldman and his family also.Your view just like that of other contributors earlier that the girl should have a psychological problem is the crux of the matter here,because the Pastor has been exploiting this state to wreak havoc on her.

All other contributors have the impression that this girl has some psychological problems,just as i did.I gave examples to buttress my arguments. It is up to you to draw a conclusion,and stop looking for ways to pick a fight with me.You had better convince readers with your own analyses, rather than using arrogance to shout down others.I`m not in any race with you.

Ashwell Molaba

My Cameroonian brothers and sisters, this is a sad story. All of us should be disgusted by stories like this. Admitted, the story is badly written. I would rather fault the journalist who put pen to paper than the account of the helpless victim. What other evidence do we need than pictures of a bound 18 year old girl? Haven't people gone to prison for tying up dogs like that? Can any of you living in America or Europe tie up a goat like that?


Thank you very much for pointing out the inhumane treatment this girl has received. Watesih, Ma Mary, Muki StoneHall who normally write insightful political commentary bearly reacted to this gross violation of human rights. Watesih goes ahead to call the victim a PSYCOPATH. What he means by psycopath, can only exist in his mind.

Many of you are questioning why the victim claims to have enjoyed being raped. That is just ignorance; no one can prevent their body from responding in sexual encounters. Rape simply means she DID NOT consent to sex. Yes, she could have been aroused by the kissing and then took off her own pants. We do not know whether she took them off on orders from the man of god. But we can safely assume it to be so without fear of contradiction. The bottom line is that she claims she did not willingly consent to sex.

Many commentators in the forum have taken the safe and easy way out of asking for investigations etc. Others have chosen to castigate the victim. Is it strange that a child who has suffered such inhumane treatment (probably from birth) would appear stupid and incoherent to most of you? Discrediting her while calling for an investigation into her story for me is just covering your own biasis. Is it a surprise to any of us, that such things happen more often than not to orphans?

Every one needs protection from paedophiles and sex pests. Whether deranged or not. Deranged people have been raped before. In fact there was the story of a woman in Douala a couple of years ago who raped a deranged vagrant on the streets for some magical powers. Mystical nonsense apart, does any one condone such behaviour? Shouldn't we all be crying from the rooftops for the protection of those who cannot defend themselves?

I admit that she could be lying. She could be trying to get back at these people who have treated her so badly most of her life. No one seems to have commented on the fact that the pastor's daughter is in second year varsity while a forster child is only good for sewing. Such things could stir the poor child to make wild claims about sexual abuse. However, we should not call her names without allowing the wheels of justice to turn first. Give her chance as long as there is a likelihood that she could have been raped. As for the physical and mental abuse she has suffered through out her life, the man of god and his family deserve lengthy jail terms.

Ma Mary

Ashwell, thanks for commenting about my brief commentary on this issue. If you read the story, you would have noted that this matter was brought to light by a couple of concerned human rights lawyers. I am confident that the facts will come to light and I am content to wait.

Sexual relations between pastor and congregation, doctor and patient, guardian with charge is always an ethical no no. If the pastor was having sex with a girl who was placed in trust in his care, I do not care, if she is 12 or 21, it is the moral equivalent of sleeping with his own daughter. I do not understand why the people who are quibbling about the fine points of rape are not seeing that. There are ethical things that transcend the details of the law. A pastor should not merely obey the law, but live what is known euphemistically as a "clean life". Many law abiding people do not live "clean lives".

These are such serious charges that I am prepared to suspend judgement, especially since a legal process is underway. Let me say this, if the pastor is found to be within the law, but made sexual advances at this little girl, he should not be taken off the hook by his church.

Ma Mary

I would like to add that people should stop labelling this girl a psychopath. There is no reason to do that, and it is unfair. If this were my grand daughter, I could take an axe to the person who tied her up like that and assaulted her dignity. Africans have a negative recent history of slavery and colonialism and should always react viscerally to this kind of picture. But then, I wait for the legal people to give their report, based on a comprehensive review.



On November 06, 2006, Mr. Biya and the CPDM cohorts will be celebrating his 24 years in power as President of the Republic of Cameroon. As usual, these cronies have been sent to the provinces to propagate his imaginary “great achievements”. On the contrary, anybody who opines that the 24 years of Mr. Biya have been victorious and successful is either ignorant of the sad realities of this country or he/she is simply dishonest. Mr. Biya’s 24 years have been years of political, economic and social stagnation and failures.

On the political front, the CPDM regime under the stewardship of Mr. Biya has institutionalised tribalism as the method of governance. This is seen in the case where particular ministries and state-owned corporations are reserved for people from a particular tribe. His regime for the past 24 years has been interested in mammoth cabinet appointments. This has been done severally to compensate those sycophants who participate with him to stifle multi-party democracy in the country.

Economically, Mr. Biya inherited a buoyant economy from his predecessor and unfortunately brought this country thereafter, into the state of economic stagnation and quagmire. His unskilful handling of devaluation in the early ‘90s, led to a 75% reduction in value of salaries of state employees – thereby causing untold misery to the populace. The embezzlement of public funds with impunity, capital flight and corruption have been the hallmarks of his 24 years reign. These economic ills have led our country to be ranked twice as the most corrupt in the world by Transparency International. The inordinate price hike of fuel and the consequent rise in prices of other goods and services have made life unbearable to the masses. The wrongful and misleading interpretation of the Completion Point of the HIPC programme gave a false impression that there were going to be fallouts from the programme, whereas this was just a leap in the dark.

Finally, the social policies of the Biya regime have been disastrous. There is a non-existent housing policy and the rate of unemployment is increasingly uncontrollable. The deficiency of our educational system and the shabby treatment of teachers have greatly affected the standard of education in the country. The health services, road and sporting infrastructures have deteriorated to a point where one begins to wonder if our present leaders have an account to render to posterity. Worse still, Mr. Biya’s administration has never conceived a good water and energy policies.

In a nutshell, the once buoyant Cameroon that was inherited by Mr. Biya has been wrecked by the CPDM regime in 24 years. Under the present system, Cameroonians can only expert more frustrations and misery in the days ahead. The SDF hereby calls on the Cameroonian people to remain vigilant so as not to be deceived by the CPDM propaganda machinery.

Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth TAMAJONG

Secretary General, SDF


N O T A B O U T S E X A N D R A P E ! ! !

We miss the point taking this story at its face value. It is not about rape or about the role of the girl, nor is it about the Pastor's intent to help her. Rather it is about abuse of power!

Abuse of power occurs when someone that is weak is taken advantage of simply because they are weak. How she enjoyed the session herself cannot be raised; how she is mentally unstable cannot even be raised, if not to convict the pastor who is supposed to know more.

Abuse of power is when someone who is supposed to know more brings him/herself down to the level of one that knows nothing just to have better access for selfish ends. It is possible when a rich man leave behind his 1000 sheep and goes down the street to coax the poor fellow into giving up his only ewe lamb for the rich man's table. Even if he does so 'freely' there is no justice involved!

To the possibility of abuse of the weak, add the African context where there is a ritual fear of a person in position of authority - pastors, teachers, mentors, bigger neighbors, people with money and power, of an older person...and of men in general.

What troubles me is not the story of Pastor Foabeh and this poor girl. Rather I am greatly disturbed by the hesitation or refusal to consider the story in this forum from the eyes of the weak, from the eyes of many children, young girls, disabled (mentally or physical), who because they cannot help themselves entrust their lives into the hand of 'more savying and respectable people' only to be subjected to the urgly face of the abuse of official powers.

We can always blame the weaker party, can't we? They certainly lack the eloquence, the wit to come to this forum and to present their views or to give us a gist of the fear that accompanied each session of abuse; together with the greater fear of breaking the fearful-silence that always follows.

Maybe if we begin to see things from the perspective of the victim we may come to discover more victims of Pa Foaben that have been crippled by the fear to betray a responsible person who abused them. We may also begin to see other victims tied up by our own greed, by our own lust and by our own abuse of power...



Watesih,i apologise if in any way i gave you the impression i was trying to pick a fight with you.Thanks


For ALL the other contributors who think that child is a psycopath,know if its true,then her claims lose their substance because the law doesnt entertain statements from mad folk especially if the they have a propensity for violent you get to attribute that to this child still beats my imagination.It really sounds like something coming from the pastor's lawyers.I could be wrong but then i'm definitely very outraged.


Holy Jesus. Is this rape? the girl takes off her G-string by herself for God's sake.
the loves the 'rape' session that takes place in the church? Before the crucified Jesus. Someone might be right here, this girl might just be delusional.For crying out loud, she loves it.
Yes! the pastor is guilty
No!not for rape, as we can all read here, there was consent, and by Jove, she is eighteen, the age of consent.
The pastor is guilty of false imprisonment, because she was tied, and could not leave as she wished, and on that count, Mr. Pastor must sanctioned. Including his wife, and his daughter, what a shame.


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