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Friday, 17 November 2006


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Mr Fru Ndi,

You are already ridiculing yourself by trying to govern a Republic that does not recognise you constitutionally.

Were you not the one who told the public that Hogbe Nlend told you frankly that you can never become president of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun?


You and your criminal colonial LRC friable Junta will be swept to dead and will be buried quickly in due times.Challenge UN Resolution 1608 paragragh by paragragh.You have sleepness nights because Ambazonia will be free willy-nilly.Your plundering of our resources will have a difinite kibosh.That is the only problem you have now.According to you the evil you commit should be receive with a snug.COWARDS,you and Iwondo-ricardo only pop up when your nightmare appears into your frog eyes ,ears or obsolete brains.We have reached our minds.Iwondo comes here to make rehearsals to re examine his fluency in english,tenses,terms,style,to improve on it. Rubbish.Pikin comes and furtively admit distiction between his parents and feign of not knowing history and where he actually belongs.Crackers!You want to supplant the inherited culture and way of life of Ambazonia with primitive french languauge and culture of corruption,plundering, poisoning of opponents,tribal bigotry (Essingang-Beti),Champagne sozzling,three piece coat of paris,chop broke pot,L'état c'est moi,my tribe is above the state laws, crazyness,poverty,aid junky,Homosexuality, etc etc.We understand you are a colonial worker,not better than a cow dung.


Hey Hey,
I am so sorry for some of you who will want to say useless things here about the SDF. Nothing has ever happened to Cameroon more than having FRU NDI who i will always call the EYE OPENER. I do not care whether you accept or refuse. The truth is clear but mongers like some of you will always want to tilt the truth for private reasons. Fru Ndi is and will remain the Father of Democracy in Cameroon and fools like Ben Muna,Ngwasiri will always want to come like the Devils to tilt peace. What was Ben planning to do with the SDF if the judgement was passed in his favour. SELL IT TO THE CPDM just like his father did to the WEST Cameroon.Why could Ben not form his own party if he thinks he have a better plan for Cameroon?
Can Ben head the SDF? Has he been able to head his own home for a decade? If at his age he is not able to manage a home how will he be able to manage the SDF or Cameroon? Ben has five children with a woman he do not even know her whereabout, the children are out of the country and has a set of twins, the first child is a Medical Doctor aged 36 is Specialising in America and the last child is about 27years. All of them are happily settled abroad and here he is setting confusion in Cameroon and getting ready to disappear out to live in a hotel abroad as he is even unable to build a good house for himself.Can you build the SDF if you cannot build a single room for yourselve?
Dear Mr. Barrister stop creating confusion as our children are suffering today from the works of your father and we will not wait to see you or any other name of MUNA come out to divide what has been built for so long. Fru Ndi is the People and if you fight him or the SDF then you fight the people and consequently you are holding red coal in your hands.
The judges or the State Counsels in Yaounde are afraid to call you for interrogation just because you were working on instruction from the Regime in power and now they turn round to question the innocent.MR. Chairman, if you are called to that nonsense place again send them your dog to represent you as i think your dog has a lot of ideas to put into those empty heads.
Muna is now claiming Mfoundi as his birth home as he thinks only the Mfoundi court is suitable for the hearing of the issue between his tugs and the SDF.Shame to the Wicked.MR. Hungry Chairman Ben, come home again and apologise to Fru Ndi and you will be recieved again like the prodigal son, but i wonder if that happened in the Bible twice.Can i propose you a party name to get for yourselve and the old Mendankwe idiot? (DIP)Dangling Idiots Party.
Why is the CPDM silent about the issue of bringing Muna for questioning? How can two people fight an one is questioned thrice and the other none. That is a clear prove that he belongs to the house of the questionaires. IS it because he is a Barrister? IS he above the Law? Is there no clause in the same law that says"equality before the law" It is terrible and let it stop. Muna lef Fru Ndi and SDF alone and Form your own party.
God save my country

Ma Mary

Neutered, elderly, compromised, defensive, contained, divided. That is how la republique wants SDF and JFN. That is where they have them.



Pls,I'm neither a follower of Fru Ndi nor Ben Muna, therefore if you want to write please do so by backing you points up with facts and not fictions ok. What has a leader's social life got to do with his politcal success or the extent to which he /she can succeed as a political leader ?

Google Bill Clinton's social(private) and Politcal life and get back to me tell me if there is any comparism ok ? In his private life with Women, Clinton was a mess and failed Big time but in his Political life, he was one of the Best America ever saw or came accross as a leader ok... Just the FACT

Below are some of your fictitious tales ;
Ben Muna's First child, a son is not 36 years Old. And False, he is not in America doing any Medical specialization.
False again,his last child is not 27 years as you claimed. additional false again on your part when you said Ben Muna has A SET of TWINS? He has 2 SETS of TWINS and not A SET as you claimed to know more about his family and private life ok
Who gave you the false Impression that all of Ben Muna's Children overseas are happily settled ? BTW what do you mean by happily settled? May be I got you wrong on this word "settled" ? I am insinuating that you meant to say they're all successful overseas therefore will not want to come back home and settle right? I know thousands upon thousands of folks overseas who are damned settled financially and educationally but still want to come back home to their base but cannot because the whole place is a mess by folks such as Biya and Fru Ndi.Therefore the more reason why their father Ben Muna is struggling to fix the place so his kids can come back home and settle..Fru ndi had his opportunities for 16 damn years to fix the mess and what did he do ? Enriched himself and those of his family members,turned the party like a family run business, build mansons all over the place under disguise names and you tell me that Fru Ndi can still fix the place? men you're crazy and got it it DAMNED Wrong ok. And I advice you do your home work well in the future before pouring fictitious gabbage such as this in a public forum ok
False again for stating that Ben muna can not even build a house for himself ok. Talking about a house, the family has more than enough houses, and why bothered to continue building when they cannot even leave in all the homes owned ? Who gives a damn if ben Muna goes overseas and stays in Hotel ? By the way you expected him to stay where ? Where does Biya or Fru stay when they're visiting overseas? As for Fru I can testify that he comes to America and sleep in family friends apartments sometimes on a chair in the living room. I'm a first hand eye witness to this back in the early ninties ok Man.

Again check your facts before you publish them on public forum ok ....



Hey Nav, I am aware that you are one of those in this forum who have been paid by the said fool of a Ben Muna against the God given National Chairman of the SDF. I wanted to find out and to confirm in this forum some of you who are his close relatives and paid idiots of Ben Muna. Thank God you came out so clearly.I know you had your own share after serving him as a slave in stranglling the SDF party.You know a genealogy of facts about his personal life as to give me the corrections. Idiot. If you are not well settled know that i am one of those devoted sons of Cameroon out here who is so proud of my country and hate to think about some of you who have been spoon fed from ill gotten money.Proving the idiot's ignorance. Where you dey na country man make we talk man to man if you think say Ben Muna pass God for up. "Me i be na disciple for light and truth and na so i don di succede for my sweat. Ben Muna from the day whe yi papa been born yi he was destined for Confusion and so he is simply living his destiny". A lawyer who cannot defend the course for Justice and will always want to tilt the truth with empty supporters like you.
So where are you my bros? hahahahaa.
Yes the reason why Fru Ndi will even sleep on a floor is because he is trying as much as possible to gather the crumbs of Cameroon together, while Ben Muna and the Mendankwe confused Ngwasiri continue to scatter. I do not care about what might be going on with Ngwasiri, whether dead or alive, but i pray he stays on to see the ills he has commited against Cameroon. Clinton might have had the worst record on earth but let me remind you that the case of Ben Muna and whoever in this forum trying to support this idiots will recieve it negatively from me. I am not interested in whatever you say but to tell you the little i know as i am ready to fight physically if words will finish. Hhahahaha. I know you have not been able to travel back to Cameroon for sometime now and so i will invite you to come with me home in December and you see if that is the same country you will call your fatherland. Everything going backwards, and idiots like you defend a dirty course for Ben Muna in paper.I live the experience at least once a year and i hate thinking of that name Ben Muna. You fool.
Fru Ndi have had 16yrs and will have till his course is completed. What about Nelson Mandela of South Africa? How long did he fight his course even in jail? So how do you enjoy South Africa today? That is how Fru Ndi will continue till Cameroon will answer "Present" to his wish starting from 2007 elections. Fru Ndi will sweep the house this time with a giant broom. If Ben Muna is serious he should launch his party and get members like you to run for elections with the SDF and see if you will have one vote.It is not difficult to have a party in Cameroon so he should leave the SDF alone and get his own party if he is dying to be a Chairman.What good has ever come out from Muna apart from this type of a rubbish. Idiot. Pity for you.


You still can`t get it! A leader`s private life is inextricably tied to his public life.That is why you are telling us that Fru Ndi built houses all over the place under disguised names.How did you come about this information? Bill Clinton is a genius by birth when it comes to intellect,which might not be the case with Muna,whom you know behaves like any other spoilt child.Clinton`s mother divorced from his father when the boy was very young,and he grew up under his step father, whose name he bears.He has been very self reliant all his life,not like Muna who still has to count on the " many houses the family has" as you say.Clinton`s success as a leader and intellectual did not stop the human society from making him to face the gruesome legacy of his private life.His life with women will haunt him forever,and may even prevent his wife from becoming the first Female President in the US.
You started off by telling the world that you are neither a follower of Fru Ndi nor Ben Muna,but that pretence was easily shattered when you opined:" ..the whole place is a mess by folks like Biya and Fru Ndi.This is more the reason why their father ben Muna is struggling to fix the place so his kids can come back home and settle"
You are not only gunning for Muna ,but you are his mouthpiece. Hear you ;"Fru Ndi had his opportunities for 16 damn years to fix the mess,what did he do" One would have thought you were going to be objective enough and say, " Fru Ndi and his Campaign Manager had the opportunity for more than 10 years ,what did they do?" Or maybe you always forget that Muna has been around long enough to have done something.
You say it is false that Muna can`t build a house because Papa built many for them.This shows that he can`t build one because he only counts on what Papa built.That`s more the reason you are unhappy with the fact that Fru Ndi has been building houses.He builds them in Cameroon,and this brings income to him and the country,rather than living in Hotels abroad after every few months.
The details JCKING gives about Ben Muna`s private life are not very different from those you give about Fru Ndi`s private life.Your seeing him sleeping in a friend`s apartment on a chair is also very private.



Dont expose your stupidity in this forum.

Read what you have just told this forum:

"As for Fru I can testify that he comes to America and sleep in family friends apartments sometimes on a chair in the living room. I'm a first hand eye witness to this back in the early ninties ok Man"

Are you not being stupid in saying something like these?

What is wrong if Fru Ndi sleeps in poor flats, chairs, etc in the United States owned by families and friends? Must he steal our resources to sleep and dine in expensive hotels as your murderous members of the Biya regime always do?

Secondly, in your streak effort to defend the Murderous Muna family, you wrote:

"Talking about a house, the family has more than enough houses, and why bothered to continue building when they cannot even leave in all the homes owned"

Arent you really stupid? How did the father got all these houses that he died and left for them? Why is the family strongly working with another criminal cum lawyer in Bonu? Is it not to secure and protect their ill-gotten wealth. Do you know how the Muna's manipulated several german families to secure properties in several regions of the Southern Cameroons after independence? We know of all these properties in several parts of Southern Cameroons and even here in the UK. Black and white Night Club Limbe and several properties in and around Limbe in Strategic positions are examples. God willing, we will seize them all from these criminals and send them on exile. These is an evil family that has been fighting only for their stomach. They are sell-outs who have nothing to offer to Southern Cameroonians.


I thought u were smarter than this and could would get the sarcasm. My point was that Hogbe Nlend is a nobody and inconsequential to the political landscape of Cameroon.
Whatever he tells Fru Ndi should be taken in the same light I was telling u that ur southern Cameroon will never come to fruition, which btw I believe will never happen.
People like u who cannot entertain other opinions have mediocre minds, no matter how much education you have. A lesson u should learn is that u need to understand ur enemy for you to defeat him.
PS Did I really get under ur skin that much? Maybe u shud develop thicker skin n learn to be tolerant and respect others opinions which I believe is one of the things u guys in "southern cameroon" are promising ur citizens (freedom of speech and association).

Fritzane Kiki HK

To the best of my knowledge,Fru Ndi should be blamed for any shortcomings in the SDF today,as he formerly turned the party into his private property.However,it will be proper for the SDF members to settle this dispute before it's too late.The SDF should not be a party in the court but a party to counter the ruling party.Recently we heard the SDF militants and sympathizers joined their CPDM counter-parts 'en masse' to celebrate Biya's 24th Anniversary in power.I hope the SDF will stand up to their remote objective and motive than rubbing shoulders with the CPDM,at this juncture when militants are fed-up and upset with the loggerheads and misunderstanding rocking the party.

In the recent court ruling by the Mezam High Court on the 14th of November,we see bias in the matter.We tend to doubt whether the Bamenda courts and others of its jurisdiction are more in command than the their Yaounde counterparts in command.However,if the matter was to be settled amicably then it could be the only way forward for the SDF to move with its prime motive(taking over the presidency)from time immemoriam.That notwithstanding,we can only have a stable SDF if the heirachy learn to manage their disputes at this level rather than call on the CPDM(an enemy for that matter) to bring peace from within.The CPDM are gaining momentum while the SDF stooges and opportunists are exposing their lack of resolution of conflict in public.A reason why many unaccounted backslidders and carpet-crossers are leaving from the SDF to the CPDM.

While we pray for the only strong opposition party in Cameroon to take its rightful stand and position,we should note that elections are around the corner and confering more powers to Biya(motions of support and 24th anniversary celebration) at this junture means an everlasting failure for the SDF.Believe me or not the SDF is taking the wrong turn by dragging members from one court prosecution after another keeping their militants and sympathizers in a confused situation.Let's wait and see.They have the knife and the bread.....

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



My software has proven that Nav and Sangomonie are one and thesame person.

You see how these criminals are coming out of their hiding. This is a man, Sangomonie who hides behind and spend all his time criticising SCNC, Now he has proven that he is a close ally of Muna. These politicians wants to play with our senses. After Mukete failed them, they are now using other impostors in this forum. Wonders shall never end.

Tabeng Tayim


Some of us on this forum know too much about the Muna family, but we still refrain ourselves from outing some things out of respect. Continue to spread these lies and fabricated invectives about Fru Ndi and I will expose more on this forum. I will give you an example. Of all of Muna six kids....1st Boy, 2nd/3rd girl, girl (Twins), 4th/5th (girl, boy), six (girl).....none of them passed the A-Levels in Cameroon. Tell me if I am wrong, and I will expose more. Due to their corrupt allegiance with the regime, they are the ones that will be made ministers tomorrow. If some of us stay silent on the linings of Ben Muna's family, it is simply out of respect for a fellow father and human being. Desist from your lies and fabrications about Fru Ndi or you will hear more from me.

Tabeng Tayim


Dear SDF sympathizers,

I would have been surprised if you all, SDF sympathizers had responded to my mail differently.Always wanting to fight and can't debate facts why? Very typical,like your leader Fru Ndi and a Bamenda Man. What's the big deal if all of Ben Muna's kids did not make it through the A'levels in Cameroon ? Guess what,Cameroon A'levels is not the measuring rot when it comes to one's Educational competence or level of IQ ok ..I have some of my colleagues out here at my job who never made it through the MCAT exams but guess what, they're one of the best Doctors in my Department at the Hospital where I am currently employed ok ...... If you can't take the heat then get the hell out of the kitchen ok ..You want to talk about private life? Do you know how many illegitimate kids(Bastards) fru Ndi has out there roaming the streets ?
Out of respect for some of this Bastards, I will refrain from naming names ok ..

Men, don't dare open a pandora's box else you'll regret why you opened it in the first place ok.You may not know who you're talking but believe it or not, I am closer to Fru Ndi than you'll think or Imagine
thus this should not prevent me from pointing out some of his flaws which of course I am very dissappointed with his character which some of you are not even aware of bec these to me are private matters thus should not be exposed to the
public but you're pushing me to the limit.

Again, fru ndi's base is limited to street tugs and truck pushers,or what you guys call back at home bambie ok Reason why fru ndi becomes very suspicious each time he's around an educated member of his inner circle. Fru Ndi in no way can ever be compared with Ben Muna ok in everything imaginable ok Education.IQ, Intellect, Politics, you name it ... Fru Ndi's base is limited to street tugs and truck pushers, supporters who do not know their left from their right or do know where they come from or where they're heading to ok.....Just like I will have said and will say it again, Fru Ndi's days are over ok let him just retire and hand it over to some one with a fresh and vibrant blood ...He had made his personal wealth through SDF therefore why continue do the same thing he is blaming biya of doing i.e not wanting to relinguish power ? Very typical of any african leader ....

Tabeng Tayim


Above I wrote the following. "I will give you an example. Of all of Muna six kids....1st Boy, 2nd/3rd girl, girl (Twins), 4th/5th girl, boy (Twins), 6th girl.....none of them passed the A-Levels in Cameroon. Tell me if I am wrong, and I will expose more."

Thank you for not challenging the facts. I will henceforth respect Ben Muna's family and private life with your support.

Tabeng Tayim


Tabeng Tayim and NAV,

no matter how much 'bottom beller' secrets you all know about Fru Ndi or Ben Muna, it boils down to one thing, Muna is a political feather weight as compared to Fru Ndi.

No amount of derogatory statements from left or right can help to change this fact.

I wish Fru Ndi's helm had been better than this, I even wish he'd handed the baton to another. Equally I wish Muna didn't take the role of spoiler and confusionist.

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