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« Disturbances at UB as Students Protest against Controversial Medical School Examination List | Main | Northwest Pioneer Olympic And Sports Committee Begins Tour »

Tuesday, 28 November 2006


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Many of us disagreed with many decisions that Dr. Endeley made during his 13 years at UB. However his passion and commitment to the university was never in question. Endeley was such a towering figure - even more so than the current VC - that it is hard to imagine UB without him. He will be sorely missed...


May the soul of Patriot Dr Endeley rests in peace !
You will be missed by all Patriots and Progressive Cameroonians.
CAADIM extends our condoleances to the Dr Endeley's family.



this is a great lose to the bakweri clan.may his soul rest in perfect peace and may God forgive him for all he did wrong.


It is very hard to believe that this gentleman has passed away. Many of us were very critical of most of his decisions but had always wished him well. May his soul RIP.

Fritzane Kiki HK

All my condolence to the Endeley's family for the grief and sorrow they are under going and to the entire UB students who have him in heart for his great work and moments.

May your soul Rest in Perfect Peace Dr.Hubert Endeley (R.I.P)

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Fritzane Kiki HK

My condolences go to the entire Endeley's family and the UB students who have him in heart for his great moments.He leaves behind a high profile and immemorable memories.

Dr Hubert Endeley May His Soul rest in Perfect Peace.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


"Remember man that you are dust and into dust you shall return".

I wouldn't know when I'm dead!

My sincere and heartfelt condolence to the entire Endely's family.



Ashwell Molaba

A sad story indeed! No matter what differences people had with this man, he served his community. He may have held different views to the reality that faced many a Cameroonian but he always thought what he was doing was the right thing. And boy, could he forge ahead and do things. In this world, there are two kinds of people; those who talk about doing things and those who do things. Herbert Nganjo Endeley was one of those who did things. Whether right or wrong, good or bad, he did things. He had a larger than life character and that is displayed here in the magnanimity shown him by those who disagreed with him while he lived.

My sincere sentiments to his entire family, Esuka Robert, my thoughts are with you. Why should we fear death? That which can only be when we are not. I know you know what I am talking about.

Martin Salah

As a co-lecturer of Physiology (Zoo 409) I am personally very touched with the sudden dead of Dr. Endeley who was to start his section yesterday, his last day on earth.
Having worked closely with Dr. Endeley, I discovered how he is concerned with the welbeing of the University, Students and Colleages.
Because the world is governed by the satan, God selectively call the Godly people on earth and this is what exactly happened.
However, Dr. Endeley had always advised me to be prepared to teach the whole course alone because of his Adminstrative duties. Little did I knew that God was also willing to appoint and give him another heavenly adminsitrative duties so soon.
May you soul rest in perfect peace and thank you for every thing you did and what you will be doing ahead in preparing for our eventual arrival.
Dr. Salah A. Martin
Lecturer of Physiology

Agbor T

Late Dr Endeley, you had your ups and downs. But thats just human nature. As Rexon said, some of us have been critics of some of your decisions but your being was very crucial in UB.
May your soul rest in peace and let you family and entire UB family accept my heart felt condolences.


'This world na wandaful place. Make we know say wan day we go die o, mama ooho ooho'. These are the words of late Nico Mbarga.
We can only wish his soul to rest in peace. Judgement is for the Lord.
If only we can use our knowledge and positions while alive to foster harmony, unity, justice, peace and love.
And when the breath is gone, all but love is gone. Love that reflects how we lived our life. RIP, Herbert.

Gideon Mumeson Tebid

He crafted a path for a budding UB for 13 years. We will use the next 13 and more to "appreciate" what he crafted. He was bold, UB needed a bold man. He was passionate, UB needed and still needs passion. He was a mentor to most, let posterity be patient in assimilating what he crafted.
Esuka, my heart reaches out to you. You're on your own now. The challenge is even more daunting. I'm certain I can count on you though.


Our Condolences to the family of Endeley.

Meanwhile this piece of info just dropping into our office that might illuminate some frightened people of the Southern Cameroon cause.

Breaking News............

Canadian Parliament has just voted overwhelmingly to recognize Quebec as a "nation" within a united Canada . The parliament saw that Quebec has a diffrent cultural institution different from the larger Canada and therefore according to international law qualify as a "nation within an nation" yet they remain Canadians but with an autonony paralleled to "national autonomy".

Does that sound anything to those frightened individuals of the Southern Cameroon cause?

Time will tell


It really sucks for one to be reading all this stuff about one's former school. And I think the quickest reply one would get at this instance is " Le Cameroon c'est le Cameroon", without any tint of shame!!I think that Lambi and co will go to any extent to hold office: imagine people like Lambi and Ngoh who would so quickly trade-off academic integrity and honesty for the purpose of paying lipservice to a clear case of "academic trafficking". I wonder how people ( i mean students and the suffering lecturers) in such an institution cope with such psychological trauma of being aware that they are second-class people and are even told so by their own "professors"(?)
As for the dead of Herbert Endeley, frankly I am deeply suspicious of what is currently going on in UB: if I recall properly, that institution has lost about 3 top-ranking officials, all of whom had been involved in the "deep politics" of the university during "Mbamba" Njeuma's regime and who were probably seen with suspicion. Is this seeming coincidence not really too much? All the deads occurred at about 3 months interval each!! I think that some suspicioulsy ambitious and power seeking people in the present caucus of power in the "place to be" are trying to push foward a hidden agenda, especially a hiddeen agenda that could prinicpally be personal or regionally oriented. I am afraid the next wave of appoitments proves me right, unless Mbamba and her power-base are fast seeking ways to understand and possibly reverse the present course of things in UB.
Whatever be the case, these new guys heading UB are far from being able to anchor our dreams and aspirations for our place to be. I propose that before things really go bad and we have other possible cases, let all these guys be replaced as soon as possible and a new team formed!


"Les mort ne sont par mort"
rest in Perfect peace Dr H.Endenley.

"In fact, most deaths are not tragic. Few people die because of a flaw in character, which is the essential element of tragedy. They just die." (John Chancellor, The News Business)

Francis Nche

This afternoon, Lambi promised students that he is travelling to Younde to explain to the minisiter that only the initial 127 names retained can calm the situation.
But it is even more complicated because in addition to the Ministers list, Achidi Achu sent his own name, Lambi and Akenji each had a candidate to put in. When Endeley on Tuesday noticed the figitting with the list, he quickly fax the true list to Yaounde and insist that that is the list of successful candidates and nothing can be added to it. Therefore with Endeley fighting this fight against corruption, it is suspicious if he is not the first casuality of Justice for the UB credibility and image.


Francis Nche and Watesih,

Thanks for clarifying this issue. We all know this people. Those who appointed them, those they work for, etc are all criminals. They are all a corrupt group of people with no regard for another persons life except theirs. All of them have names on the list, names of relatives, rich friends, etc. They are always fighting with each other. They will manipulate academic results, academic scholarships, Entrance Exams, etc for the benefit of their children. They will steal state resources to sponsor their children at the most prestigious institutions in europe and the United states. Then they will want us to applaud them, that they are leading the country. What a shame. This people are all thesame. Whatever they say, i must second guess, because, i know that they are NEVER interested in doing anything good.


Honestly UB is smelling. Deaths and students' disturbances, really Ngoh what have u done to this University. Your leaf di really work yeah. But God's time is the best oohh

Big Joe

May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace.

Francis Nche what are you insinuating?


I think dig jeo is saying that the university community has again lost some students. Last night things were tough. The police in its murderous rage invaded the university metropole with gun shots and tear gaz that has resulted to the death of about tree student. Can you imagine that?



When these people kill, what do they really think? What have these students done that is wrong? I dont understand if some people have a concience and a soul. They just want to instill fear into the minds of the poor and helpless so that they cannot fight for their rights or say anything. Then when elections are coming up, they will force us with rice, salts, meat etc and steal election results.

This is really embarassing to see these corrupt bunch of idiots spiling blood all over. what is really their wish?

Francis Nche

As I indicated that Dr. Endeley was the first casuality of this fight, the two students killed today who are now lying with Dr. Endeley in the same Mortuary notwithstanding several others cretically wounded and lying in various hospitals in Buea are the mounting casualitities of the fight against corruption in UB.
Teachers have decided to maintain the strike action and continue the fight even shedding the last drop of blood in UB till justice will be done. If Yoaunde says YES to CORRUPTION, Buea says NO and the will of the Buea University community will never be broken even if Paul Biya endulges through his soldiers and puppets like Lambi.
Our children will grow up to the same opportunities thanks to our blood


Francis Nche,

So these people have sacrificed two of our own poor and helpless brothers and sisters simply to be able to put their own children on the list of students for UB medical school. These is really a shame. These criminals have no regard for human life. All they want is positions, positions, etc.

And their children and relatives like Agbormbai, Sangomonie, Mukete, Chief Mboe, etc will stand here to tell us about the good work of their soo called government. What government? These corrupt bunch of bandits? Shit and evil people. They are never ashamed and have no concience. Spilling blood everywhere without no regards for another persons life. telling lies everywhere without a single iota of shame. to hell with these corrupt bunch of idiots. These criminals really mean business in that corrupt junta.


When I read some these comments I am badly hurt. Let me tell you that alot of these people enduldge in occultism. Normal human beings cannot just act like that. They have been asked certainly to donnate blood. Let year before the strike a group of us felt that something was wrong and so resorted to pray for the nation for a one week prayer and fasting program. My intimate freind had just been a victim of UB's occultism so I prayed with devotion for his case. We dethroned the forces of darkness that were reigning over the Nation and UB. Surprisingly God was at work. The next morning I felt very reluctant going to School at all. Suddenly I heard a large croid in a riot. That was the begining of the strike of last year. Let me let you know that forces of darkness are at work. I was never at the sciene of the strike. I was always going into my room to continue to pray for the situation because I knew God was at work. God had shown me in my dream that some students were going to die and I shared this with some brethren who joined me in prayer. This is a Biblical principle when ever a great revolution is going to take place. There must be the shedding of blood. Jesus had to share his blood for us to have forgiveness of sins. That is why God in his righteouness allowed all of these students to pay the price for the upcomming change. What was interesting to me is that I was accused by my HOD as being at the forefront of the strike. he made the stament " Yes I saw you. You where there. You even went as far as praying in the shrine" I had never went to that shrine in UB during the strike. Rather while I was at my first year I went into it to pray against its powers. I think that my HOD only had a spiritual encounter with me while my God was at work. fellow Cameroonians, let us turn back to Jesus, Rexon we cannot fight this battle on our own. God has started the fight. Let us leave it in his hads so he would complete it. the reason why we suffer is that as a Nation we have rejected God. We need to come back to Jesus. Not with religious pretention but with the commitment of our intelect emotions and will. Let Jesus reign in Cameroon. Amen


Let me repet these words for the sake of reminder."The University is still to recover from the recent eruption of another strike action and the death earlier in the year of Prof Charles Atangana Nama, and Dr Chief John Ebanja.
Endeley's death has sent profound shockwaves through UB faculties, as they are asking, 'Who next?'
Endeley was Registrar of the University of Buea for over 10 years.
He lost his post, a juicy one, after the last strike action, during which 2 students were slain.
He would be remembered for callously comparing the bullets from the guns of the soldiers to the stones which David used in killing Goliath. He said mockingly that, "I do not see any difference between stones and bullets. Both are lethal. David killed Goliath with a stone."
He will also be sadly remembered for encouraging male lecturers of UB to harrass female students sexually. "If the lecturers do not go out with the female students, how do they end up finding husbands?" he asked bluntly."



Keep praying and breaking the chambers of evil that have rocked Cameroon. Together with all brethrens, put all your hands in prayers. The good old lord with take care of us. The spirit of our good lord will always be with u. When these bootlickers were trying to bring down my life, little did they know i am more than them spiritually. I pray that u should be able to study hard and come to europe or america and study further and contribute something meaningful to the growth of our society.

you should'nt be like those bootlickers whose parents have enslaved us and come here to write thrash. We need regular contributors like you, Akoson, Watesih, Ma Mary, Tayong, Massamoyo, Agbor T.,Dadiceman, knganjo,njifetz, Fon Lawrence, etc in this forum. Not bootlickers and occultist like Agbormbai, Sangomonie, Mukete who will sit in their occultist chambers and come here to write nonsense. forcing people to pay unquestionable allegiance to their occultic masters in Yaounde and Paris.

While we dont applaud their death, we dont have to shed tears when the good lord decides that their time is over. Fon wrote meaningful things here for reflection and some took offense from it.


You people are not just seeing well here. The monster in this all deal ready to kill all is Ngoh. That mosquito. The sudents should watch out for this Vampire.



Thesame Ngoh that has been praised her for fighting corruption at UB. What a shame???


When I asked you guys to hit someone on the hit you all told me that it's unlawful. Now you're rushing like chickens and coming to complain that students are dead. Kill all the enemies. Let no one decieve you that there's anything just in what Lambi did...BIG POOR REASONING. If he wanted to be "just" he ought to have IGNORED whatever list from whoever and continued with the Orals of the exams. He should've pretended that there was nothing wrong. For the simple fact that he did side a lil with the regime makes him an enemy. Fr. George always called that "corperacio imalo"....cooperating in evil. KILL EVERYONE WHO'S AGAINST THE PROGRESS OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS. Kill and fight the colonial gendarmes. Don't chicken away and hide. Come out in your numbers. Your numbers will defeat them. Arrest them and seize their weapons.

This forces of lawlessness and disorder! You'ved a scar in ma mind not to EVER forgive a FROG. Just as an extremist muslim hates Bush.

The clock's ticking!




Paa Ngembus

In Case anyone forget.

Ngoh is Beti and a member ESSIGAN.

Find out whe his loyalties are.

Paa Ngembus

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