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Thursday, 30 November 2006


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My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You see what this criminal government is capable of doing. These is the result of their fight against corruption. When we stand to defend ourselves against their very evil and corrupt practices, they will use the most lethal weapon (gun) to shoot us. These criminals have no regards for human life. I have always told u people that they dont discuss all those things that they always tell us. They are always the first to talk about the fight against corruption, development, etc. But when it comes to actually executing this fight against corruption, they turn to use but bullets on poor and innocent people. What have these poor children really done that is wrong? What have they done for Gods sake? Shall we keep applauding these criminals each and every time they do these to the poor and helpless? These people have no regard for human life.

I urge the students not to give up the fight. I am sorry i am not in Buea. i urge them to continue fighting for their rights. No amount of talk except the reinstatement of the original students who passed this examinations, the resignation of all the authorities involved, the restructuring of UB can calm this strike.

Muki StoneHall



Look at these students. Fight them and don't run away. Are you chickens? You run away and burn down private property? This is crazy! Now when you burn down the private property and kiosks how does that affect the government?

What you should do is fight them. Capture their gendarmes. When they chase don't run away! FIGHT back. Beat them up. Use bowls and arrows and kill them. Throw stones at them. You are running away...they use that advantage and open fire. Shame!

Now students have been shot dead. Who pays for their lives. Pay for their lives by killing all the armies who were sent. Just you numbers is more than their state military. Just about a hundred of them.

Fight them....fight them...fight them!

Then pray for more powers from the ALMIGHTY GOD. You're protecting your rights.

Remember I told you yesterday to hit traitors on the head. You didn't. Now they've sent colonial gendarmes to protect those traitors!



Hey Rexon!

You miss the point there. All others should join the strike drivers, buyam sellerms, everybody of the Southern Cameroons should join and push these colonial junta out of our territories. Not only should the original list be brought back...continue striking until they leave Southern Cameroons.


Agbor T

What a hell is this.
Students strike and students are being killed in the own campus. soldiers who never visited the four walls of s high school sent to calm an academic and psychological situation.

Yes, the students are wrong to have destroyed things (call them cars or whatever). But in that same Cameroon, we know people who have stolen money worth millions of times what has been destroyed. And they are there comfortably ministering the Cameroon people. Cases of Abah Abah who even won a court case aganst a journalist who alledgedly accuse him of fraud and corruption which we all know he is....

May the souls of these lads rest in peace.
Never say never and thus never give up. Thats what is said in the practice of medicine.

Will be back


I am really happy for the students to have chased the criminal (Agbor Tabi) away. He is not supposed to be listen to, like any of their stooges and puppets in the Southern Cameroons.


Horror! Horror! Horror!

Human life in flames and ashes. Were they killed by lions or another human being?
Oh my God , souls in flames,Oh my God.
Horror,Horror Horror!

Until this government is brought to book about crimes against humanity , I will not rest. The tree of freedom is watered by the blood of the matyrs.

Paul Biya and Lambi , please stop this insanity. Human life? Horrible!

Vally Bessong

I say SHAME to:
The South West Chiefs Association
The North West Fon's Association
South West Elites Association
North West Elites Association
The SYNES Buea branch ( who only care about their cars, etc)

I say SHAME to Mr Cornelius Lambi, Ngoh, and all the Southern Cameroon personalities in government.

You are all a disgrace to the Southern Cameroons. This is your opportunity to write the wrongs. You should all stand up against this evil regime and declare the Southern Cameroon independence. Stand firm, they can't kill all of us.

To you UB students, don't be afraid, GOD IS WITH YOU GUYS. Don't give up the fight. They can't kill your mates and expect you to keep quiet because tomorrow it will be you.

To the two killed students, May The Lord Almighty receive your souls in peace.
To the family of the two killed students, BE STRONG, your children didn't die for an unjust course. They will be honoured for their bravery one day and that day is near.



I'm sure Lambi didn't know he was handed a poison chalice until he met his baptism of fire.This is how this year will end.Are we also going to Liberate our territory NOW? Bessong,i agree with your comment ,but not exempted.All of us are GUILTY of contributory Negligence.We have bootlickers serving the ogre Colonial Junta.To be continued...


I am troubled at the look of the pictures.
This is my advice to the coordinators of the strike; be courageous, just the fact that you can coordinate to stop classes indefinitely untill you grevances are addressed is enough. When you are on strike, do not run when troops advance towards you, they will take advantage to shoot. If you all sit down, they will not shoot.

Please do not destroy anything,; organise and sit at the entrance into the unversity,insist on no lectures until your demands are made. Now that two of your friends have been killed, include in your demands the resignation of the minister of public health who is reponsible for this mess.
God revenge for the death of these students


My heart bleeds seriously when I understand that a people will vehemently deny its own citizens the most basic civic responsibility-justice, the rights to demonstration, this is pure evil.Am shocked and speechless


Akoson, Ndiks, Valley Bessong,

These is really La Republique's colonial junta killing all our people of the Southern Cameroons.

I agree with all your points above. We should continue this strike untill all the agents of darkness leave our land. Their children should see these photos and understand how it feels if that bullet can be directed into their own head. Spilling blood everywhere, blood of innocent children. Strike all these agents of darkness. They own the bullet, we cannot leave them kill all of us.


In as much as we grieve for the "original sin" of the administration and the subsequent death of these students, let us not forget that this violence is the result of students in UB (once again!!!!!!) being unable to protest PEACEFULLY. Soldiers did not enter the campus on Monday or Tuesday until the students went wild.

Soon, someone will ask why students protesting the same issue at the University of Douala have not been shot at. Well, the Douala campus is still intact, so too is the private property around the university.

I agree with the SYNES branch - these students have once again given the university a black eye, and the current student union is now responsible for the death of at least 4 students in the past couple of years. In a civilized society that knew the meaning of the rule of law, the leaders of the union would be answering for their crimes before a court of law.

Having a legitimate grievance does not give anyone a free pass to ask others to sacrifice their lives - how come these student leaders are never shot at?????

Who is now the monster? the ministered who "doctored" an admission list or the student leaders who are sacrificing their fellow students? In na nyongo make eeh stop!!!!


Oh my God!!!
Human life is now compared to lecturers’ cars and property. Where are those who are quick at sending motions of support? Are their own children involved in this situation?
Where are the Anglophone Chiefs and Fons? Are they waiting for these devils under the leadership of Biya to kill all Anglophones before they stop him? Is this not the time to chase these enemies and blood drinkers out of Southern Cameroon?
Akoson, I think you were right when you said these puppets should be killed. The governor of South West Province, the Commissioner who sent the police with bullets to kill students should be roosted over night in their houses. They are all Devils passing for administrators.
Please God listen to the cry of your children

Nicolas Y F

Its really a pitty that these two students are dead for the fight of freedom. But what I do not understand is that the last strike in UB did not make a point to lawless policemen, currupt administrators and ignorant students. History has taught us so much that fighting for your freedom and for others makes no sence in Cameroon. The administration are block-headed and above change. See the case in Bamenda 1992 till date, what has change? My belove pays is going backward and still ranking first in bad governance.

My suggestion is that no strick on the street, stay home and no class till the gov't is in aggreement with your demands. If u are out there in large numbers, the bullet can target anyone and you will join the fallen heros. I do not think after the long way from primary to high school, I wish to be a fallen hero.

why are we strinking, I presume the answer is change. Thus I wish to see that change and not to be in the world of fallen heros of which I will not taste that change.

Bro and sis, stay home and no class.

May the souls of the two fallen heros rest in peace, and their blood share for others be in our hearts for ever.

Please no offence to anyone!!!, just my suggestions on this matter. Because I know u wont want to die like them.



Stop your stupid rhetoric. We dont need people like you here. Students lives compared to properties?

Criminal, go away with your evil mind and rhetoric here. We dont need preachers of darkness here. Douala university. Which University is in Douala?



Is UB the only place you've seen students go wild during strike? Haven't you seen worst situations in developed countries with police wounded?
I am not saying that he students were right to destroy property but the police can always stop the students without guns and life bullets. The riot police have enough weapons to control such situations but since Biya and his monsters like blood, they always don't hesitate to send out police with life bullets.
Manga, hope you don't have anything personal against the leaders of the UBSU? I see you are insinuating or saying that they send fellow students to destroy.
Let those devils leave Southern Cameroon in peace. We might soon start using suicide bombers to eliminate these faggots and evil mongers.



Leaders of the Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement,
Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora.

Dear Comrades,
Accept our fraternal greetings from the Southern Cameroons, on the behalf of the Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL) and the enslaved people of the Southern Cameroons. We have the honour to solicit for y our financial and material assistance, be it individually or collectively; to enable us intensify our struggle back here at the home-front.
The SCYL Home, in collaboration with members of the SCNC have rekindled new hope among our youths and at the same time stirred up the revolutionary spirit which for many years could not be associated with life of our organisation.
With very little and rare financial support, we were capable to carried forward our, gospel of liberation, education and mobilization to three major cities, sub-divisions and thirty nine villages of our territory since February 2006.
In the course of our activities we have lobbied and held very important meetings with some of our chiefs; their traditional councils and populations. Other meetings were held with professional organisations, students and youths’ groups and some Associations (the power base of our community).
Through our activities, more and more people have brought into our organisation and many contacts have been established. Many cells have also been created in our cities, villages and schools.
We would appreciate if those of you in the Diaspora could initiate your own programmes and plans of action and assist us with the necessary logistics and finance for the implementation. This is another way to push the struggle ahead at the some time get involved directly.
We could do better if were given the necessary support and finance and directory. On many occasions we feel betrayed by our own leaders and people who see us as enemy combatants and competitors, when we encounters set back, we are abandon and when issue of finance come in to play we are left on our own.
How do we then maintain the contacts and coordinate our activities in the field? We need money to communicate, print posters banners and handouts, and to motivate those people working permanently in the field. We need money to assist our comrades in prison their families and at the same time, respond to emergency.
Our objective here is to stir-up the level of awareness and involvement of our people, most especially the South West and the North West Population, but taking also into consideration the economic and geographical importance of the South West Province.
At this juncture if La Republique is not paying attentions to our numerous calls and plight, why not direct our attention and energy to those multi-National companies exploiting our natural resources and at the same time exploiting our people for cheap labour (C.D.C, PAMOL, DELMONTE, SHELL AND MOBLIL etc). We will like to thank members of SCYL in the Diaspora Dr… and Mr … for their moral and financial assistance.

Your financial assistance could be sent through Western Union Cameroon, in to Mr Oben Maxwell Eyong. Tel: 237 732 94 85

Thank you all and may God bless you.
Oben Maxwell.


Mr Manga et al

Nobody condones destruction and wanton destruction of property. Any student caught destroying and looting should be arrested to should face the law courts.

Human life is sacred. God gives life and only him has the right to it take away.Its unacceptably provovative for you to equate human life to cars and property!

Blood can't be equated to iron. This is typical of a regime that knows no dialogue in its vocabulary. Bulltes settling scores in every sphere of life!

Remember the bible says he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword! Southern Cameroonians are vanishing bit by bit. The Lambis and Njeumas have their their children in Yale, Oxford, Manchister but prefer to squeeze out life from poor ones who can't make it abroad and you come here to defend cars against human life , Manga?

Unbelievable how some people are heartless(nothing personal). Blood is a fearful thing to dable with, anyone who has ever killed has an almost everlasting guilt conscience except God cleanses him.How come you try to play the role of the devil's advocate, Manga?

Other cars can be bought even in thier thousands, will the slain students come back one day in this present world? Now to common sense, would you still write this thrash if your brother ór sister was one of those slain?
Have a second look at the corpses. Animals or human beings being butchered?
Horrible,horrible horrible!
Please stop the insanity and a word to fellow student. "Please dont destroy anything".



For the sake of progress, it is by FAR better to burn down Buea University to ashes than to replace the list of meritorious students who wrote and passed an entrance exam, with a list drawn up by politicians in Yaounde.

The Cameroon People must take their country and institutions back from the most corrupt elite on earth.

The political list of students from Yaounde is a no starter. Prof Lambi had no reason to apologize - he intuitively did the right thing. The qualification to attend medical school must be based on merit and not political corruption.

Support the students union and Prof. Lambi 200%.


This is the moment for Cameroons to speak with one voice. Enough is enough. It is meritocracy and freedom or death.

22 years of Biyaism has brought a people to their knees and death.

Danny Boy

The shooting of these students is cold-blooded murder and the soldiers responsible for taking away these young lives should be held to account. I have often wondered why the police, gendarmes and soldiers hate the educated classes in our country. They forget that they are there to safegaurd our freedoms as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which Cameroon is a signatory.
In civilised societies where the gun is commonplace, the police disperse crowds with truncheons, and in extreme cases plastic bullets are issued, with instructions not to shoot to kill. The implication being that any officer who causes the death of a civilian who is exercising his/her right to protest will be prosecuted. I guess this sounds utopian to most Cameroonians.
I also question the mindset of anybody in uniform who shoots and kills a fellow citizen in the absence of a state of civil war. How can you sleep with blood on your hands? Don't you have a conscience?
To you I repeat the dictum, "those who live by the sword will die by it."
My condolences to the bereaved families of these young souls.

Muki StoneHall

Shame on Inoni
Shame on Ngole
Shame on Yang
Shame on NOWEFU
Shame on SWELLA
Shame on SYNES,

Inoncent unarmed S.Cameroonian youths are butchered in cold blood,and not even a single word of condemnation from you devils,just because you are struggling to protect your jobs and your ill-gotten wealth.The money you are hanging on is blood money.You are thriving on the blood of this inoncent fellows and you shall never know any peace.You value your cars more than human life? SYNES will condemn the destruction of cars and not the killing of students? If all the students are killed will you teach cars? Do you earn your money from teaching cars.

Inoni should resign if he is a true S.Cameroonian.All other S.Cameroonians serving in la republique should resign in protest of this massacre.Lambi and Ngoh should resign.

My fellow UB students,there's no turning back.Blood has been spilled and it must not go in vain.Draw courage from the palestinian stone-throwing youths who stand their grounds in the face of advancing Israeli tanks.Get inspiration from S.African youths who fearlessly faced Bota's forces.Never turn back to run.Instead surge forward.Count from one to 10 and rush forward.Those forces of evil will panic and you'll trample on them.
Why did you chase away Agbor Tabi? Don't you know how to lynch?

You are damn fortunate I don't know where you live,there would have been three corpses involve by now.Imp.


Manga is an agent of darkness.
During the last strike that took place in France, an average of about 600 cars were burned per day for almost one month and nobody was shot in the incident.
As a reminder,the strike stemmed from the death of two boys who were killed by current while trying to hide from the police.
Manga, the trash that some of you post here is to provocative. You are only lucky that some of us read and can´t lay hands on idiots like you.

I still repeat that the students should boycot classes untill the resignation of the Minister of public health is announced.


I am sure La Republique du Cameroun's thugs have a good reason for murdering these young men....I just can't think of it. Can Riccardo and Andre Fokam enlighten me, please?


Are you a human being or a car? I wonder what you think by comparing human lives with Damm shit of property. It is so clear that you are a force of darkness even to your own self. Forget about the Innocent children who have shed their blood for idiots like you or your family and continue thinking about property. You worship Property because you drink human blood, that is why you see nothing wrong in blood than inthe destruction of property. Idiot. Thank your God that i can only read what you write but cannot see you else the name Manga would have been in "Past Tense" long before now in this forum. The blood of the innocent will question you line by line from your writings. Continue to wag your tail for blood money from Agbor Tabi, Biya, Inoni, Yang, Ngolle, SYNES etc. You will get the results so soon.
Children butchered like animals because of a strike. Strike is a normal thing but killing is abnormal.
Dear Students, Lynch anybody there who want to confuse you from your idea. Look round that place and you will see Children of this Maggots around you pretending to be with you. Get them for their parents and Sacrifice them as an example and their Yaounde parents will act immediately. Oh Anglophones stand up for your right and fight for your Liberation.
NOWEFU, SWELA, ELITES OF THE PROVINCES,show us your wisdom by joining this children to protest so that the International body should know that you have been refused your simple right to live.
Manga please spare us another death and kindly stay silent like the Mbe(Chief) in this forum has done and peace will reign.
My Condolence to the bereaved families, and May the souls of this Matyrs and the souls of the faithful departed rest in perfect peace.Amen.
God save UB and the anglophones. weeping.

Amin Nkem Atabs.

I now see that this is clear evidence the french want to wipe out the peaceful anglophones.If there is any plans to topple the government, then i'll be prepared to help the rebels because this is getting out of hands.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Lets dont allow this strike to end. Lets reorganise other companies in the Southern Cameroons and send them on strike. Lets help those at Tole Tea to continue their strike. CDC can also be encouraged to join the strike. Delmonte workers are also slaves for the colonial regimes. We can lecture them on their rights, so that they can take control of their future. While all workers in these companies are being paid peanuts, La Republique du Cameroun's colonialist are feeding from their sweat. They must go on strike also.


I wont agree with you. The UB administration have several questions to answer as they are technically accepting the responsibility for this strike and thus the slaining of this students.

Hear what their VC told us above:

"This is our first time of organising an examination that directly recruits trainees into public service. I want to apologise that I caused the problem because I signed a list that the Minister was supposed to endorse," Lambi told students"

Who is lying to who here? Must we be fooled everytime? Do you think the blood of these poor students are more than the blood of their children? We shall be reorganising in London to strike against this colonial bandits and all their agents from the Southern Cameroons. They want their children to live and we also want to live. What have these poor students really done? I am really writing with tears on my eyes because i cannot really understand what these students have done. Why not use rubber bullets? Must we allow the poor and helpless be slained like these? While they and their children enjoy the comfort of our sweat. They have stolen everything, yet they always speak about the fight against corruption. But when we want to help them in these soo called fight against corruption, they will kill us.

Amin Nkem Atabs.

Biya and his government are at their best again, putting away innocent souls.Oh what a shame, peaceful cameroon, let me rephrase it, peaceless cameroon.This is a clear example of Hitler, Saddam,and the likes, Biya no matter how many you kill, you'll never succeed but judgement awaits you.May the soul of the two students rest in PERFECT PEACE, and for the police men who opened fire on unarmed students,no matter how you hide, your conscience will pursue you and youe family.Long live the Place To Be, Long Live the Anglophones.

Che Sunday

When you have a country governed by illiterates, you end up with sad episodes like this. Why does the minister of education have to approve a list of students heading into a state university? What are his qualifications as a medical doctor or a scientist to be able to say who would be capable of pursuing medical studies? It is the sole responsibility of the dean of the proposed medical school to select students based on their performance in the qualifying examinations, then present the list to the admissions board. Does he sign the list for students heading into Yaounde I for medical studies too? Even if he does, is it part of his job description to add anybody onto a list which only requires his signature?

What did Lambi do when he found out that students were being executed? Who is the garison commander of the police that were detailed into the university campus. Did he instruct his troops to shoot to kill or fire in the air?
People, what is wrong with this country.
This is why I keep saying some of our people a co-conspirators in the mess we find oursleves. Dr. Lambi could have averted a whole lot of this by simply using a copy of the old list of students short-listed by the university. Show the minister's list to members of the selection committee, interview the unwanted candidates and flung all of them. That way, he will have a lot of moral support from his subordinates.If the minister of National education ask for an explanation, he should point out that there were no written exam scores to colaborate the oral scores of those students since it is the cumulative performance of the candidates that determines their being admmitted into the faculty.
The minister of education is a suburdinate to the prime minister. If the worse comes to the worst, Lambi could go to Inoni. He could also resign and take his case to the court of public opinion. As I see it now, he will be safer back in his village. He has no business serving as a university administrator.

Paa Ngembus


I will strangle you with my bare hands.

See me some buffoon shumbu oh. I go expose you soon you bastard.

Really I think this frog provocation is too much.

Last year there were riots in all 6 universities of The Cameroons.

Now it is happening again.

It was only in Buea that soldiers were given orders to shoot to kill and they brought down two Southern Cameroonians with a bullet to the head each.

In Kumbo they shoot to kill
In Bamenda they shoot to kill
In Kumba they shoot to kill
In Mamfe they shoot to kill
In Buea they shoot to kill
In Tole they shoot to kill
In Ndu they shoot to kill
in Ndop they shoot to kill
In Jakiri they shot to kill
In Nkambe they shot to kill
In Victoria they shot to kill
In Mutengene they shot to kill
In Mbengwi they shot to kill
In Bali they shot to kill
In Wum they shot to kill
In Bakassi they shot to kill





Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus





Paa Ngembus


Le Messager:
Buea: la police tue 4 étudiants
Le bilan provisoire de la grève en cours est tragique.

Le chef-lieu de la province du Sud-Ouest est à feu et à sang. Les manifestations initiées lundi dernier par les candidats admissibles au concours d’entrée à la faculté de médecine, avec le soutien de l’University of Buea students union (Ubsu), ont abouti à une boucherie humaine. Dans la nuit du mercredi 29 novembre, deux étudiants (Ousseini Abiadong du département économie et un autre non identifié) ont rendu l’âme après avoir reçu des balles tirées (dans la foule) par les forces de l’ordre déployées sur le campus. La soldatesque venue “ casser ” les manifestants a remis ça hier, jeudi 30 novembre, en tuant deux autres étudiants, dont une jeune fille. L’on dénombre aussi plusieurs blessés internés à l’hôpital provincial et dans d’autres centres hospitaliers de la ville.


Che Sunday,

Boy, you write some sense. Also remember, Yaounde's intent is to present a final list and there was no need for further interviews! In fact, it is reported that Yaounde cancelled the interviewing process. Why should candidates on the minister's list who did not pass the exams be interviewed in the first place?

Can anyone publish both lists. Let's see who is on the minister's list. It may look like the WHO is WHO in the army top brass - dominated by certain tribes.

Professors at UB who believe in scholastic independence should stand up and be counted. Politicians must honor academic independence and the quest for excellence through merit.

Plannification in academics is a gateway to favoritism, tribalism and corruption.


Brothers & Sisters
we still are being remote controlled in our thoughts. The real person behind this strike is Ngoh Victor. You guy seem not to understand this mafia that is taking place at UB. But be careful I donot think we would like to see our own kids killes Or want our parents see us like the two brothers above. If we donot get the Mosquito Ngoh out of the system things will never change. I am telling you the truth about it all. The marabu that is staying in Ngoh's house is doing everything to get innocent Lambi out of Office. This is the plan. I hear be bribe to become professor just to gun for VC post. And he claims to fight corruption why is he not fight this one now. And we are here discussing and forgetting the Architects of this problems. I still say God's time is the best.


O Cameroun Berceau de nos Ancetres!
Meme s'il faut maintenir l'ordre dans une societe civile qui ne respecte pas la loi, le gouvernement n'est pas oblige de detruire une vie humaine.
Pourquoi devrons nous toujours recourir a la violence pour revendiquer nos droits?
Pourquoi devrions nous inciter les jeunes d'un pays a violer l'ordre et la tranquilite publique?
Une revendication peut etre faite efficacement sans toujours poser des menaces a la vie des hommes...
Les forces du gouvernement a les moyens de retablir l'ordre en evitant le bain de sang.

Que tout un chacun sache que la violence ne retabliera jamais un systeme de justice sociale au Cameroun.
Toutes les forces vives de la nation doivent se reunir autour d'une table pour rechercher dans la paix, le dialogue et le patriotisme la solution aux problemes du Cameroun.
C'est une grave erreur et une illusion de croire que le developpement du Cameroun se fera par un groupuscule des gens qui se croient plus ou moins superieures aux autres par leur affiliation linguistique ou tribale.
La solution durable des problemes du Cameroun d'aujourd'hui doit etre trouvee dans un dialogue de la societe civile, et aussi par une volonte politique de sortir notre pays du marasme actuel.
Tous ceux qui incitent a la violence physique sur les biens et les personnes doivent savoir qu'ils jouent avec le feu. Une braise qui ne sera pas facile a eteindre lorsqu'elle sera allumee.
Que l'ame de ses fils du Cameroun soient en paix !
Notre force de l'ordre ne t'utilise l'arme a feu que dans les situations extremes d'auto-defense.

Que le Seigneur protege le Cameroun contre le barbarisme et la violence!


Paa Ngembus

Riccardo Le Malhonnete,

Just fu ck off Bozo.

Who do you think you are preaching to Frenchie?

It is over.

La Republique Francaise du Cameroun has declared war on the Southern Cameroons and we shall fight to the end.

Today, tomorrow or in the future.

iIf we don't win our children will fght and after them the next generation until the Southern Cameroons is liberated.

This is our pledge and we shall be vindicated.

Nothing you do will stop the inevitable. I invite you to watch the movie "Omar Moktar" on the decolonization of Libya and you will know what I am talking about.

IT IS OVER filston.

So, you are now joining the frog chorus of blaming the BU students for the strike you bastard .

(Guys read the frog blogs. it is disheartening. Anyone of you who thinks frogs like Riccardo can reason is a dreamer. Read their blogs on this issue. They are blaming the students for this calamity. It is shameful)

Riccardo you havedeclared where you tand in this fight. You support La Republique du Cameroun in her desire to anihilate the Southern camerons. Do not forget that my dear froggie Nazi. The blood of these dead kids is on your head you imp.

You shall one day pay for it.

We are cataloguing all the atrocities that you frogs are committing in the Southern Cameroons.



Our victory is assured.

Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus

In Case anyone forget.

Ngoh is Beti and a member ESSIGAN.

Find out whe his loyaties are.

Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus

In Case anyone forget.

Ngoh is Beti and a member ESSIGAN.

Find out whe his loyaties are.

Paa Ngembus


Hi Rothers,
Lets be careful in our actions and what we write.You guys say fight fight every day,but you dont atend even meetings in Europe.
I came up last time with idea, shalow and low spirit writers like Rexon et al; could not open their eyes minds and reasond with me.
Dont encourage people to fight when you can not.
If you guys want action is very simple.I swear I can ask the student to go back to class,but action will continue.
You just need to send a name and we shall assinate the individual point blank.
Too much talk no fine; We are just enjoying the side by making comments freely.
I am not afraid to give my contact to any one, who is willing to cooperate. We need no money from any one, I am in Europe and have the finance to carry out any action.
What I need is colaboration and Unity.
Southern Cameroon,Southern Cameroon for how long,it is shamful.My professor once told me Cameroonians enjoy corruption,that is why they dont protest for long against their leaders.

Lambi has donne nothing, You can not kill a man for telling the truth, to face fact Paul Bya has donne nothing.

If you guys are serious dirrect your mails to me and ask for Solutions,talk to expact like us and you will have the result.No studen will ever die.
A police man will be other to shoot and he will disrespect his boss, I mean what I am saying.

Love you all brothers and be serious.


Copnhagen - Denmark.

Big Joe

Fellow comrades,

This is the most gruesome act of murder committed against armless civilians advocating for their rights. For the fact that these students were shot at close quarter right on their faces is an indication that the police must have received orders to shoot and kill.This is not just about UB, it is an indirect way to send out a strong message to all Southern Cameroonians that "if we can use such force against armless students,guess how it would be like against those clamouring for cessasion". This is an act of intimidation and i call on all the students to stand their ground.Ngoh,Lambi,Agbor Tabi etc shall not be in police protection for the rest of their them and their families.Do not let the blood of your fellow comrades go in vain. Create sniper squards on or off campus and be like Nigerian students. May God be with u.

Vally Bessong

I just read in Le messager website that two more students were killed yesterday 30th November.

In my last post on this ongoing massacre I said, if you students don't fight, one of you will be next and now two more students have been killed.

My dear brothers and sisters, you have to fight now, not with stones but with guns and bombs. Kill any gendarme, police officer, government official who is not with your thoughts now. Take their children hostage to be exchange with your mates who are in jail. Killed them until they leave our land. When you start killing them, they will all pack and run. I know them, they are very chicken hearted. It's because non of theirs has been killed yet, that's why they are still killing us.
A few weeks ago in the extreme north in a place called Maga, the population fought the police, when the police killed one of theirs, they also killed one police officer and took three hostage.

Southern Cameroon Parents, join your children now, join them to fight these enemies. We are a different people. We don't belong together. Our values are different. Forget about the Fons, Chiefs, and Ministers, they only think of their properties in French Cameroon.



Big Joe, Vally Bessong and Jampack Brother,

I agree with all u guys say. Only sniper methods should be used. Lets dont risk more lives from the Southern Cameroons. The problem is, there are not enough resources on ground to direct this plan. Jampack brother, can i have ur email?

Danny Boy

My dear brothers and sisters, the stats tell us that war has been declared on us. I am therefore not ashamed in advising you at the front to meet fire with fire. You do not have guns, but you have superior weapons at your disposal. Break into the chemistry lab and prepare yourselves deadly cocktails which you can lob at these trigger-happy zealots, instead of stones. If you can not get into the lab, there are places in town where you can buy these chemicals, no questions asked.
A bottle of conc. H2SO4 will send them scampering. Any Chemistry graduate worthy of this appelation should know how to prepare TNT. The raw materials are all there around you. Desperate times call for desperate measures. At least face them with Molotov cocktails. Burn them, send them to hell. Send body bags to Yaounde.

Writer of Wrongs

Please have a look at another version of events below and take note of the falsification of truth by the Biya's regime; 'students were killed because a bunch of assailants armed with rifles and bludgeons nightly attacked a police post' Rexon, also take note of the Master and Dotorate programmes fee. With regard to this, I have friends who have written their M.Phil dissertations in Yaoundé I and who are about to have their viva but are being asked by those who are on their panels and resident in Buea to give them transport fare to Ydé amounting to 50000 or 75000frscfa depending on whether the jury member is a senior lecturer or a professor. They collect that money in addition to the one that they will be duly paid for the job they do; that is, sit on a panel and assess a dissertation or a thesis. Some of the people who do this are those we have been looking up to as elder brothers and hoping that they would portray a less gloomy image of things in UB and in Cameroon in general, yet their display is just shabby and disheartening. I thus wonder why we will always make things worse for our brethen!!!

Buea: la police tue 4 étudiants

[ Buea - Cameroun ] ( 01/11/2006) Honoré FOIMOUKOM

Le bilan provisoire de la grève en cours est tragique. Le chef-lieu de la province du Sud-Ouest est à feu et à sang. Les manifestations initiées lundi dernier par les candidats admissibles au concours d’entrée à la faculté de médecine, avec le soutien de l’University of Buea students union (Ubsu), ont abouti à une boucherie humaine.

Dans la nuit du mercredi 29 novembre, deux étudiants (Ousseini Abiadong du département économie et un autre non identifié) ont rendu l’âme après avoir reçu des balles tirées (dans la foule) par les forces de l’ordre déployées sur le campus. La soldatesque venue “ casser ” les manifestants a remis ça hier, jeudi 30 novembre, en tuant deux autres étudiants, dont une jeune fille. L’on dénombre aussi plusieurs blessés internés à l’hôpital provincial et dans d’autres centres hospitaliers de la ville.
Selon des sources dignes de foi, c’est vers 19 heures, dans la soirée du mercredi 29 novembre, que les forces de l’ordre sont passées à l’action avec violence. “ Les étudiants, vêtus en noir, étaient rassemblés dans le campus. Ils étaient en pleine concertation quand les forces de l’ordre sont venues les disperser violemment. Pour se défendre face aux coups de fouets et aux bombes lacrymogènes, les étudiants lançaient des cailloux. Furieux, certains éléments des forces de l’ordre ont commencé par tirer en l’air, puis dans la foule. Sur le champ, l’on enregistre le premier mort. Le deuxième rend l’âme à l’hôpital provincial annexe, après avoir été grièvement blessé par une balle. Après le décès de ces deux étudiants, nous avons décidé de durcir le ton et de manifester dans la ville. Il s’en est alors suivi, dans divers quartiers de Buea, des affrontements entre les forces de l’ordre et les étudiants aidés par une bonne frange de la population. Cette situation s’est poursuivie jusqu’au lendemain, jeudi 30 novembre, et a abouti à deux autres morts du côté des étudiants et de nombreux blessés ”, raconte un membre de l’Ubsu.

des étudiants
En effet, choqué par le mutisme de l’administration de l’université face à leur revendication première – maintien de la première liste des admissibles au concours d’entrée à la faculté de médecine (voir Le Messager du mardi 28, du mercredi 29 et du jeudi 30 novembre) – l’Ubsu a remis sur la table d’autres problèmes. Elle exige : la conclusion de l’enquête sur la grève d’avril et mai 2005 (elle avait abouti à la mort de deux étudiants), et la suppression des frais de pension universitaire : 750.000Fcfa par étudiant pour le cycle master ; 1.500.000Fcfa par étudiant pour le cycle doctorat.
Ces exigences ont été exposées publiquement mercredi dernier au Pro chancellor (président du conseil d’administration) de l’institution, Peter Agbor Tabi. Le face-à-face entre les étudiants et Peter Agbor Tabi (venu au campus ce jour-là en médiateur) s’est déroulé dans un climat de tension. “ Quand il est arrivé, il a commencé par l’intimidation. C’est pour cela que nous nous sommes fâchés et avons décidé qu’il ne quittera pas le campus sans avoir trouvé des solutions à nos problèmes ”, confie un leader estudiantin.
Nombre d’étudiants de l’université de Buea, apeurés par les événements tragiques de mercredi et jeudi derniers, ont quitté la ville. Les uns avec leurs effets, les autres sans bagages. Certains élèves du secondaire et du primaire, et d’autres habitants de Buea ne quittent plus leurs domiciles.

Les contre-vérités du gouvernement
Au lieu de prendre au sérieux la crise à l’université de Buea, l’Etat du Cameroun s’engage dans la voie de la diversion. Celle-ci est contenue dans un communiqué gouvernemental signé du secrétaire général des services du Premier ministre Jules Doret Ndongo. Ledit communiqué a été rendu public en fin d’après-midi hier, jeudi 30 novembre. Dans ce communiqué (de contrevérités), le gouvernement lâche le vice chancellor de l’université de Buea, Cornélius Lambi, signataire de la liste initiale des 127 admissibles au concours d’entrée à la faculté de médecine. Le communiqué du gouvernement révèle qu’il s’agissait “ d’une publication irrégulière, par les autorités de l’université de Buea, d’une liste d’admissibilité à la filière de médecine de ladite institution ”.
Par la suite, le gouvernement reconnaît que les manifestations des étudiants, entamées lundi dernier, ont été réprimées avec violence. “…Lesdites manifestations, qui se sont poursuivies avec l’attaque nocturne d’un commissariat de police par une bande hétéroclite d’individus armés de fusils et de gourdins, se sont soldées par deux morts du côté des assaillants et des blessés du côté des forces de l’ordre ”, précise le communiqué. “ Que des mensonges ! ”, clament haut et fort les étudiants et autres habitants de Buea qui disent n’avoir jamais attaqué un commissariat de police.
“ Après avoir déploré les morts et les blessés enregistrés, le chef du gouvernement a prescrit au secrétaire d’Etat à la défense et au délégué à la sûreté nationale d’ouvrir une enquête… Aussi prescrit-il au ministre de l’enseignement supérieur de : 1- prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour ramener la sérénité au campus de l’université de Buea afin que les activités académiques reprennent leur cours normal ; 2- faire respecter le processus et les textes réglementaires en vigueur en matière d’admission dans les grandes écoles de formation et institutions universitaires d’Etat ; 3-d’engager les mesures appropriées à l’encontre des membres de la communauté universitaire impliqués dans ces actes de violence et de vandalisme ”, conclut le communiqué.

© 2006 Le Messager

Muki StoneHall

I agree with you all.
Desperate times measures call for desperate measures.
Fellow S.Cameroonians, this is no longer a strike.The war has been declared on us.
The People of Mutengene where are you?
The stone-hearted boys of Bamenda where are you.
Mamfe,Ndian,Nkambe,Kumbo where are you? Your brothers are bleeding in Buea.Their blood is crying out for revenge.
Take the battle into the camp of the enemy.Many battles have been won without tanks and guns.Consider any person in uniform or any gov't agent an enemy.Even if he is your father or mother.The brought down inoncent youths without thinking of how their families will feel.Hit back at them without feelings.Kidnap their children and family members and amputate them.Form hit-and-run death squads.Attack their families homes at night.Butcher them with your matchets.Gamaline is common there in the SW. Inject concentrated gamaline into the enemy and their families and let them go.Have no pity or consience.
We are at war!!We are at war!! Let the war cry echo accross the S.Cameroonian territory.


This is just one of the moral coorperation with evil in that country. This students had been striking inside the school campus the whole day until the evening of this unfaithful day when the shooting began out of the university campus. This all began when the police started breaking into the houses of these students and molesting them right inside. What is really wrong with that bunch of corrupt bastards that they see nothing wrong in their stupid decisions. I said it that the criteria in which those frogs were admitted into that university will surely contribute to uprising.

Then the dullard prime minister and pro-chancellor threaten students with dismissal. H.E. even go as far as promising to punish the initiator of the strike. INONI. You should be thinking of the solution to this debacle rather than identifying the initiator. Even in Iraq, soldiers don't open fire on the crowd though everybody is a suspect. When illitrated find themselves at the helm, they take the right of the people to provide them with strength and possessions.

Manga the blood sucking bastard!

Where are you coming from? You concur with this in every aspect by blaming the students already. Do u know what it takes to raise a child up to the university and just find him/her receiving a multiple shot aimed at an armless crowd by that your programmed police men? before u get down in judging them, know that the assimilation policy in which your Paris sponsored malefactor had your souls consumed in is not the best. LIFE IS WORTH A MILLION TIME MORE THAN PROPERTY (and even stolen one of course). Manga before you next polute the e-atmosphere with that your dirty rhetoric and flare tempers, you may say the best when you say nothing. You would have been dead by now if I could have found you.

They wishy-washy victor Ngoh should be brougt to face a lynching penalty as soon as possible. That man has been cultivating evil intentions amongst innocent people for too long. It is easy to read his mind from the outside.



This is particularly directed to all the Anglophone officials.What have you done today to stop this from happening again ,again ,and again...!
We need your answers before you get answered.

Vally Bessong

Dear Comrades in the diaspora, I just created an email address for us leaving in the dispora. Let's all unite and plan an offensive. This can't continue like this. The email address is:

[email protected].

Please all patriotic Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora, be you student, graduate, or worker, who are ready to see our indepnedence, write to the above email address, indicating your:

Place of Residence:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:

I am going to contact each and everyone of you for the first plan of action. We are not in Cameroon now, but we need to start an offensive abroad through any friendly governments and organizations that are ready to contribute to our total indpendence.
Has anybody got the contact details of the UB Students Union? If yes, please send them to my details below:

Name: Valentine Mengnjo Bessong
Place of Residence: The Netherlands
Telephone: 0031618215586
Email: [email protected]

May God Guide and Protect Southern Cameroon.

God Bless you all.


UB: Orals Suspended, Stalemate Persists

Cameroon Tribune

Orals of the entrance examination into the Department of Medecine have been suspended while two students were shot dead Wednesday night.

An eerie atmosphere reigns in the Molyko neighbourhood as the ongoing protest in the University of Buea enterred its fourth day yesterday with the campus deserted by both students and staff. As the stalemate continues, the Vice Chancellor Professor Cornelius Lambi has addressed students who continue to protest following the publication of a second list of candidates for the orals of the entrance examination into the Department of Medecine. In a bid to shed more light on efforts made by his administration to solve the crisis, Professor Cornelius Lambi on Wednesday announced the immediate suspension of orals of the entrance examination into the Department of Medecine, assuring the protesting students that the University with the guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education, will announce a new date for the orals. Executive members of the University of Buea Students' Union (UBSU) welcomed the decision. However, they maintained that only the initial list of 127 successful candidates (in the written part) should be allowed to take part in the orals, for a good working relationship to persist.

In a memorandum rendered public, the students are also making the following demands: Cancellation of the CFA 10,000 francs penalty for late payment of fees, equal payment of CFA 50,000 francs registration for post graduate programmes in all State universities, provision of a working office for the students' union, publication of the result and execution thereof of the committee set-up for the evaluation of "mini-cites" and their rents, absolute immunity for all students of the University of Buea during and after the strike, the payment of Olympic benefits during the inter-universities games of 2006 to participants, etc.


On the spot, the Vice Chancellor assured the students of their immunity and the allocation of a working office for the students' union. On the payment of Olympic benefits, Professor Lambi said he will personally ensure that the participants in the inter-universities games get their benefits. Concerning the equal payment of registration for post-graduate programmes, the Vice Chancellor said no student has so far been given an admission letter stating more than the required CFA 50,000 francs, but that some programmes are expensive and require more money. Howevere, he said such programmes will be dropped if the students think the fees are too exhorbitant. Finally, he announced that no student will henceforth be required to pay CFA 10,000 francs penalty for the late payment of fees and students who graduate from the university will be issued the initial transcript for free. But the Vice Chancellor's meeting and concessions to the students did not calm tempers. In running battles with anti-riot police afterwards (Wednesday night), two persons were shot dead and their corpses taken to the mortuary of the Buea Provincial Annex Hospital. CT got their names as Ufeanei I. Abiandown (MT UBO 22752) born in 1984 and Moma Bennett Kenyuson. Since the debut of the strike on Monday, embittered students have destroyed more than 14 cars on campus, billboards, kiosks and other valuable items belonging to the university. As we go to press, the situation remains tense as local administrative authorities are reported to be concerting to find a way out. For the time being, debris litters the UB campus and the ongoing protest is the only item on many lips in Buea.



Oh my Dear God, this evil person is bold enough to still paste things here from their newspaper Cameroon tribune. Do u think we want to read Cameroon Tribune here?

Vally Bessong,

Thanks for the email above and for your concern to fight for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons from these corrupt bastards and evil genius called La Republique Du Cameroun and all their agents. I will be contacting u soon and we need to reorganise the groundwork.

Let no one listen to any politician and anybody coperating with the evil government masquerading as a Southern Cameroonian. I have always informed u guys that these people, the Inoni's, Achidi Achu's, Musonge, Njeuma's, Lambi's, Chumbow's, Endeleys, Ndeh's, Abeties, Niba Ngu's, Muna's, etc have no concience. Even their children dont sympatise with the slained students. But in public, they will pretend to be sympatising. They are all a group of occultist and with our prayers, we shall conquer them.


All of us who contribute to this forum have one thing in common: we are all concerned about Cameroon and more specifically Anglophone Cameroon. I keep on wondering why many think that we can really have anything go on well in this country if we do not embrace change. It is disheartening to see our own brothers being killed for daring to complain about something legitimate.

SYNES is complaining about property being destroyed just because some lecturers who were involved in the orals had their cars burnt. Where were they when the whole saga started? What did they do as learned and respected individuals? We only hear them when it comes to salaries and other benefits. These are mostly people with poor moral, teaching and research records. Many of them will think that this is a chance for them to show loyalty to the administration to gain favour. Yes, this is common in Cameroon where we always use one person's misery to our favour. There has been talks about corruption by students in the GCE and UB. Are students the only ones involved? Where are lecturers who give STMs? Where are the admimistrator's who admit rich and elite's children with two Es when poors ones with more points are turned away. I feel so sorry for Cameroon beacuse the one thing which can turn things around for us is EDUCATION and we have decided to ruin it. This is the time to put on our thinking caps and seek a solution. This should involve all Anglophones of good will: parents, elites, business people, and more so teachers and other educators. If we wait for the administration to do things for us we will never get anything. Teachers struggled for the GCE board but now many of them, are being sidelined and many who were never instrumental in its creation reap the 'harvest'. The killing of students is a sad event and no one should accept it. There is nothing comparable to human life: be it cars or mansions! Human life is sacred. Yes, when students burn cars they are acting illigimately. Is the changing of examination lists legimate? We should always solve problems by going to the roots and not the branches for as the roots are firm in the soil more branches (more of bad ones) will sprout.

I train science teachers in a foreign university. We are told to consider students just the way we would consider clients if we were running a business. This sounds strange because in our country people have no respect for their clients. Let us bring respect back to our 'english' educational system. Our system is superior: believe it or not. Francophone parents are sending thir children to PSS, BHS, SASSE, and so on. This is evidence that our system is better. How many French universities are in the world's best 100 universities? We need a way out!

My last word is to 'Poor' Lambi: you have poisoned seat and this is just the beginning of your way out.


These is a fight between the Southern Cameroons and La Republique francaise du Cameroun. All those who are serving La Republique Du Cameroun should either resign or we consider them traitors. When Boh Herbert, Julius Wamey, Carlson Anyangwe, Sacrificed their careers to defend the Southern Cameroonian interest that led to the creation of this University and the GCE board, others were dining with La Republique and claiming we dont need a University. But today, they all have list, List from Yaounde for Achidi Achu, Names from Akenji, Njeuma, Lambi, Inoni, etc. Shame on you people. Today, some of us need to make thesame sacrifice to liberate our land.

Let No one, i mean no traitor be accepted to join this fight. That is why they always write here to defend the evils commited by their parents and relatives. And always pretend to be serving La Republique.

Writer of Wrongs,

Thanks for the details above. We will not leave this fight against these bastards. Thanks for the clarifications and for informations relating to their usual tactics in falsifying causes of events like these. These bastards will sit in their occultic chambers in Yaounde and only plan evil.


Valy, I think that is good start. I was typing my contribute and when I finished I saw you proposal. I was just saying something needs to be done! I am getting to you soon. There must be a way out. This cannot go on for eternity. I always believe in trying and doing your own bit.

Amin Nkem Atabs.

If this is an act of war then we must be ready to fight.This is absolute nonsence from the biya regime.What has that stooge in yaounde called inoni done this time around?nothing i guess "big coward".I think its about time we start burning down the houses of those who cornive with biya.If the police can open fire on unarmed students for the second time even after the same incident happened and two students lost their lives, then i believe this is a simple way of killing the learned anglophones.Things should not be taken for granted.I guess by now the etoudi boy has gone for one of his unusual trips to europe,after which he'll come and stupidly say, we will investigate.What about the first two who lost their lives, the best he could to investigate was to send the governor to yaounde after he made the statement "l'etat c'est moi".We need to see justice given to those who killed our students or else we too shall pick up guns and start the took countries like Ivory Coast, Congo, Rwanda,Sudan,Madagascar,neighbouring Chad just a simple mistake to start the conflict, so biya don't let this happen in our peaceful country because people like us are getting tired of your irresponsible judgement and ruling of the ocuntry. Long Live Southern Cameroon.


I`m doing everything to creep out of the shock quickly enough because we must come up with strategies! After more than twenty four hours of careful pondering,this is what we MUST do.

1.This recidivist attitude of the
bloodsuckers in Yaounde must not go
unpunished this time around!
2. ANGLOPHONE PARENTS should holdback all
their children from attending school,from
nursery to University levels.
3. ANGLOPHONE PARENTS should stay away from
work for as long as the students demands
are not met in UB.

REMEMBER! If you kill an Arab in Iraq,more
keep flowing over the borders
from Lybia,Egypt,Syria etc



It is a pity to see that rowdy individuals(so called university students) are writing bellicose and unpatriotic messages in this forum.please, away with your stupidness and your intellectual limitations.
Your fight shouldn´t be against the so called "francophones"(who are bassa like u, bamileke like u...).Your fight shouldn't be againts cars or shops u have destroyed.
your fight is against a system.The people to condamn here are the leaders of the various students unions,who are not capable of conducting a strike.i am one of those u called "francophones".I have even graduated form UB. but i can tell u that i feel more "anglophone" than u.Udontlike that part of my country "la republique" more than me.
what are these terms?(francophone or anglophone).do u know the real definition of these terms?i guess not(poor u university students.too bad!!!!)Don't u find it stupid to be aginst your brother because of the languages of the colonizers?
are u the kind of people(intellectuals) the southern cameroon (u wanna build) will have to rely on? brainless people?
u really don't have any basic of politics and if u are really interested in revolution, u should read Russian authors on the topic; because an independence of any part of Cameroon will not serve anybody.As a proof ,the so called southern cameroonians are not capable of unifying themselves in a unique party to fight those you hate the most(francophones).Unless u may be stupid,u should then understand that all these southern Cameroon politicians are fighting for their own interest,for what francophones call "la politique du ventre".
sori bros.
educate yourselves, try to be politically mature.Know how to strike(read Gandhi' books)and learn.
i am totally against these murders of students.


Ma Mary

There is method to the effective use of demonstrations to effect change, and they are grounded on civil disobedience. Student leaders, young scholars as they are should study these methods and adapt them to their circumstances. They should plan in advance, because there are going to be other disagreements over time.

The grandfather of modern civil disobedience is the American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), whose book Civil Disobedience is available HERE as a free download.

He was the original source of ideas for Mohandas Gandhi, who built on them and successfully used those ideas to win the independence of India. Extensive resources about Gandhi are HERE.

The next great student of that method was Martin Luther King, on whom there are many sources on the internet.

Chief Albert Luthuli and ArchBishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa also used that method, which has been successfully replicated in more recent times in the former Soviet Republics of Georgia and Ukraine and the Phillipines and other places as well.

Civil Disobedience is a principled, tried and true method. It is a form of combat, using non violent methods and requires a lot more courage than ordinary warfare. If you want to demonstrate effectively, you must acquaint yourself with these principles.

One of the effects of effective demonstrations is that they leverage the sympathies of people of conscience worldwide. In order to do that effectively, one must refrain from destroying property or returning violence. It only stigmatizes the demonstrators as a mob and isolates them from potential supporters.


I am sorry I have not been on board since morning. Rex and the other corps. This is the time for action.But let me advice you guys about the kind of action we can take. I am not a political kind of person. But I believe I am a transformer. an instrument of change. Could we first recognise that as a Nation we have wondered far away. I am still working on my first publication Church Astray-Nations in riuns. This will be a clear explanation of my phylosophy of life. The rovulution has to come from the pulpit to the nation. Do you know that those at the forfront of Churches are these same people. They have currupted the clergy who never knew God personally and have won them over to the lustfulness of their sinful nature. Rexon a change can only come when we agree with God that we are sinful and then deside to rurn away from our sin. We need to bring the message of truth that changes men to this nation. A UB social science researcher working on Behaviour and corruption says that, the problem with corruption in our nation is the Human mentality. The human mentality needs a transformation it needs to be changed and renewed by God. " The heart of the human problem is the problem of the Human heart" If you care memorise this. After recognising our problem we then need to turn to the solution that is Jesus Christ who save. he will do the rest. meanwhile we do this let us not relend upholding justice latting it flow like a stream and righteousness like a river that never goes dry. God has called UB students in this battle as the prophets to stand out against the Kings of this land and its officials. To say no to evil openly. But these same prophets must be careful to walk upright in the sight of God. They must clearly relate to him so that he will guide and direct their path. That is where to solution will come. Thank you all.


Thanks Ma Mary,

We have got mixed ideas on how to go about driving the enemy out of the Southern Cameroons. I have favoured civil disobedience employing sniper techniques. I have used that several times against the enemy and it has always worked. I pretend like i am not aware of the enemy and used my own methods to make the enemy panic. The best way to attack this kind of enemy is by acting from different fronts. Those who want to employ civil disobedience can do that. But i will also suggest some employ sniper techniques.


This is fight is between the Southern Cameroons and a corrupt system instituted by La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. It is not only a fight for justice but a fight for our independence and restoration of our statehood, so that we manage our affairs the way we want. Quebec does not accept names from Ottawa, why must we accept names for our medical school from La Republique's colonial junta's headquarters in yaounde?

Ma Mary

Mofmide - you are uninformed about the Southern Cameroons nation. It is not about a colonial language, contrary to what you have mistated here. Please, read and learn. You dismiss the Southern Cameroons at your peril, because it is the original sin of la Republique, breaking the first law, the terms of the union.

You must revisit the facts and come with clean hands and heart. You may also misinteprete the small quarrels within the Southern Cameroons movement wrongly if you wish, or the futile attempts by la republique to divide by bribing and paying off susceptible individuals. It has not dented the struggle in the least and we have instead become stronger.

It is common for you la republique kids to talk this flowery patriotic language about your country that means zero to us, and try to paper over injustice and illegalities wth same. It is like covering your nakedness with a plantain leaf. That is not effective.

Keep trying to confuse our kids. It does not work. Do you think I hate you? You are probably my cousin. All four of my ancestors came from French Cameroons after WW1. You could be my cousin or my nephew. Why would I hate you? Our two countries simply cannot coexist and it is not just about languages, but about the law, history, mentality and more.



U have very excellent ideas. But the problem here is you have to understand that u will be able to accomodate the views of different cultures in this fight. Some might say, they dont believe in Jesus. From a moral point of view, we can change the mentality without preaching about jesus or say christianity.

As a born Again christian, i might want to listen to you but not everybody will take you serious when you start talking about jesus. Nonetheless, we have to pray for a change in mentality. If you read my write-ups here, i have been more concerned about the mental slavery that our families have been subjected to. That is the biggest problem we have in the Southern Cameroons. All our chiefs, relatives, etc, have been enslaved mentally by a few colonialist masquerading as politicians, leaders of La Republique, etc. U heard a few days ago why this Ngoh was preaching here about the fight againt corruption using a 2004 picture. I knew what he was planning and immediately wrote a counter article that sent shockwaves over this whole forum. Those who abused me have gone into hiding. Some have been kind enough to send emails or call privately to apologise. These people will always have stories to tell us. Now they are trying to distort the facts here. Arguing that the students were assailants. We must not listen to these people for one single minute. The more we listen to them, the more we give them time to play over our senses. I have studied their colonial antics for 16 good years, half my age. I was very young when i sensed this danger coming from La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun.

Lets not listen to anybody who is involved in one way or the other in this conspiracy, lets just fight and fight them until they leave. Lets not listen to any politician, Parliamentarian, contractor, etc. Whether the SDF, CDU, Enam graduates, etc, in fact, lets just send them away. They cannot defend the Southern Cameroonian heritage.


Ma Mary
dont mind them. This is just one of those who hear stories and narrate them with an unscientific mentality. They are just hungry people who think they can also have something to contribute. They have no knowledge at all about anything. I prefere you dont spend valuable time in talking to people who do not matter. Just ignore them and lets get on.Thanks for the links, they really make me more informed and more prepared. I have always adced UB students to be intelectual in their struggle for change.


Fellow Citizens of The Southern Cameroons, be you a student of UB or a taxi man, a buyam sellam or a mechanic, carpenter and all others,this is time for you people to free your country from the Junta government of La Republic. The Blood of Nforlem and Abouam were spilt in April 2005 and you let it go. The blood of two of your friends are once more spilt and more is going to happen if you don´t fight back. Get recruited into SOCADEF for the only language understood by La Republic is force. Sieze all of their weapons like we took some in May, beat the gendarmes, kill them, pick up Ngoh and dry up the little blood left on his body,fight until you gain independence for this blessed land and it will go down the anals of history that UB strike liberated the Southern Cameroons. I urge you, Igwe, I urge you Arrey, I urge you UBSU not to relent your effort. You should allow no one to stay back. Brothers, we shall win this war by any means necessary. Courage! Courage!


SDF Buea carried the "neuf disparu" in Douala all over the place. They hurriedly came to Douala to defend them. Now 4 Students have been slained and the SDF hierarchy cannot join the strike in Buea. They need to help us in this. We need the SDF now than ever if they truly believe in the Southern Cameroonian struggle.

The Chiefs in and around Buea and in the Southern Cameroons are hiding in their homes. Yet they will come out after to claim this or that, when we have lost many souls. Lets take advantage of this and drive the colonialist.


Thank rexon but let me tell you abit about hostiry of reformation. Many hundreds of year befor the comming of Christ, Many phylosophies have rose about bringing Change and establishing pease on earth. Infact statistics show that about 1600 movement rose with diverse Philosophies which where all mans reflestion and ways of diong things. After the death of Christ many other movements have come up. It was common to see that many of these movements use sluggans like peace for all by theyear 2000 and health for all by the year 2000. Nothing has actually changed in the world as far as the heart of man is concerned. we still remain desperately wicked if given the opportunity. Alot of us will still betray one another if given the opportunity. That is just what our beloved brothers of our Anglophone fatherland are doing to us. Thaey are just exhibiting the nature of mant in its lustful futility.Pease has not still be established. Let us keep aside religious pretention and hold unto the true God whao saves. I am not saying that we can use only this method. I am saying that we cannot neglect the religious point of view at all. Alot of people would not believe in Jesus yet we must lay the foundation of our nation under jesus if we are made leaders. The Lion of "Ongola" has turned this nation into ruins by handing over this nation to the Rossy Cross Order. That is why hie fellow followers boy to Him are the King of the Jungle. Alot of them dont have mercy on the lower animal because they need them for food. the exhibit the wickedness of the Lion God of Rossy cross which has been assigned as the camerooniain Totem along side with the cunning serpant. Sorry these are deep spiritual things you may not understand. However the deliverer of this nation must be another Lion that is greater in AUthority. "The Lion of the tribe of JUDAH" That is just right spiritual dimention of things. The Physical dimention of things are different. But a real tranformer must first get into the Spiritual dimention, make things happen before comming to see the manifestations. those evil people spend all of their time making incantations to the devil for more powers. Resently the have been asked surely to give blood so they have come to UB again. But rex assure you believe me or not. It is the genesis of a graet revolution in this nation. Change in near. We must not be afraid to proclaim Jesus. Proclaim him and he will take care of the rest of the business. Let me tell you. Every business involves risk politics included. We must take a step of faith. Real faith in a real person. Our faith is not aimless but is is substantiated in the finished works of Christ jesus on the Cross. He will see you and I through. While the religious dimention is not undermended. we continue to take care of the Phisical things , the social well being of CITIZENS, fight and die for our rights to be given, shout at curruption face to face with the currupt and so on. God bless you Rex. your ediea I acknowledge and think they are wonderful and are welcome.


Just as there are physical laws that govern
the physical universe, so are there spiritual laws
that govern your relationship with God.

Four Spiritual Laws English

God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life.

God's Love
"God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever
believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16, NIV).

God's Plan
[Christ speaking] "I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly"
[that it might be full and meaningful] (John 10:10).

Why is it that most people are not experiencing that abundant life?


Man is sinful and separated from God.
Therefore, he cannot know and experience
God's love and plan for his life.

Man is Sinful
"All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).

Man was created to have fellowship with God; but, because of his own stubborn
self-will, he chose to go his own independent way and fellowship with God was broken.
This self-will, characterized by an attitude of active rebellion or passive indifference,
is an evidence of what the Bible calls sin.

Man Is Separated
"The wages of sin is death" [spiritual separation from God] (Romans 6:23).

This diagram illustrates that God is holy and man is sinful. A great gulf separates the two. The arrows illustrate that man is continually trying to reach God and the abundant life through his own efforts, such as a good life, philosophy, or religion
-but he inevitably fails.

The third law explains the only way to bridge this gulf...

Jesus Christ is God's only provision for man's sin.
Through Him you can know and experience
God's love and plan for your life.

He Died In Our Place
"God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners,
Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).

He Rose from the Dead
"Christ died for our sins... He was buried... He was raised on the third day,
according to the Scriptures... He appeared to Peter, then to the twelve.
After that He appeared to more than five hundred..." (1 Corinthians 15:3-6).

He Is the Only Way to God
"Jesus said to him, 'I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no one comes to
the Father but through Me'" (John 14:6).

This diagram illustrates that God has bridged the gulf that separates us from Him by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross in our place to pay the penalty for our sins.

It is not enough just to know these three laws...

We must individually receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord;
then we can know and experience God's love and plan for our lives.

We Must Receive Christ
"As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children
of God, even to those who believe in His name" (John 1:12).

We Receive Christ Through Faith
"By grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves,
it is the gift of God; not as result of works that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8,9).

When We Receive Christ, We Experience a New Birth
(Read John 3:1-8.)

We Receive Christ Through Personal Invitation
[Christ speaking] "Behold, I stand at the door and knock;
if any one hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him" (Revelation 3:20).

Receiving Christ involves turning to God from self (repentance) and trusting
Christ to come into our lives to forgive our sins and to make us what He wants us to be.
Just to agree intellectually that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died on the cross
for our sins is not enough. Nor is it enough to have an emotional experience.
We receive Jesus Christ by faith, as an act of the will.

These two circles represent two kinds of lives:

Self-Directed Life
S-Self is on the throne
-Christ is outside the life
-Interests are directed by self, often
resulting in discord and frustration Christ-Directed Life
-Christ is in the life and on the throne
S-Self is yielding to Christ,
resulting in harmony with God's plan
-Interests are directed by Christ,
resulting in harmony with God's plan

Which circle best represents your life?
Which circle would you like to have represent your life?


The following explains how you can receive Christ:

You Can Receive Christ Right Now by Faith Through Prayer
(Prayer is talking with God)

God knows your heart and is not so concerned with your words as He is with the attitude
of your heart. The following is a suggested prayer:

Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life.
Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.

Does this prayer express the desire of your heart? If it does, I invite you to pray this
prayer right now, and Christ will come into you life, as He promised.

Now that you have received Christ


Only one person on this Furum has ask for my e-mail address. You guys are not serious.

[email protected]

I dont need any western Union Contribution
No money from SCNC

Are you ready, lets Exchange Informations?
Please be very careful of letting out your identity.People on this Furum dont know how to contact others.

Ask us, talk to expert like.



my email is [email protected]


If you see a dog on top of a tree, know it is some who has put it there..!! Iraqi's brought the Americans into their country and now people say Americans should leave, Is a big, the person who put the dog on top of the tree, will surely put it down.The dog can never climb dawn alone,it might break it's limb

If you want to put me up there you can do it now and the will be no suprise.



JampackBrother, VallyBessong, Rexon, Kappo, Mukistonehall, Watesih and all others who're willing to liberate southern cameroons this second. We've talked everything. Now's time for action. Forward your emails to vallyBessong's so that we can start meaning discussions there. We shouldn't let the strike calm down. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. STOP BEING KEYBOARD FREEDOM FIGHTERS.



ok Akoson,

I have forwarded my email to Vally Bessong and i am still to hear from him. I am anxious to know the plans we have on the ground. These people have killed enough. The four souls they have killed now is the last nail on their coffin. We should put meaningful strategies on place and destroy them.


This is a wise saying Jan pack brother


Ok Vally this is my address.. I will get a new Simcard for those in Europe ok.And for those in Africa please send to me only Orange numbers cause MTN is not working.

[email protected]

I am going to call all those in Africa tomorow as I received their numbers.

Please hide your Identity, I know what I am saying.Cause I know what I ma going to do.I know how to contact people without any stress.There are spying us,especialy those living in Africa. OK

Jampackbrother... No turning back ... Is time...


I will urge interested forumnites to contact jampack brothers. I have shared some interesting communications with him and he seems to have an excellent idea on the way forward. As u know, we cannot end here on the keyboard.


Ma Mary,

I tried to download the materials on "civil disobedience" but was unable. Would you mind sending it to ma email at [email protected]?

I hope to benefit from your mighty comprehension.

The SON.


We shall soon leave the forum for some time and when I get sufficient comorade we shall create a unique e-mail.But you have to be contributing still at the forum,but not giving the public our developements untill the first action.


Ma Mary


Another source of Thoreau's book/essay.

Big Joe

Ma Mary,
I totally agree with this statement of yours"I do not believe in confronting armed men with stones" However, i believe civil disobedience can effectively work in an environment where there is some degree of democracy and the respect for human rights. Be reminded that the demonstration started in the form of civil disobedience when the students boycotted classes, it only became voilent when their demands where not met as the UB authority secretly went ahead with the orals.The most effective form of civil disobedience any student group can employ is to boycott classes indefinitely but that can't work with UB because i don't see the francophone students who form part of the UB community sympatising with their comrades. Besides, cameroon is a country where the government doesn't listen to its people. If civil disobedience was the best option the SCNC and other pressure groups should have used it.I am afraid the only language this government can understand is force and not dialogue. That is why i am of the opinion that the students should trade blood for blood.





This forum is for Southern Cameroonians and we are not here to talk about the history of La Republique and Southern Cameroons. We are here to talk about the slaining of our brothers by La Republique's colonial junta. So please, leave us alone.


Grande ambition oye !
Blood has spilled again in "the place to be" and this time as a result of corruption. Despite repeated appeals from Mr. Biya to fight corruption, it is now taking the life of the future leaders of Cameroon. God, please come to the rescue of these students who are fighting for the right of all Cameroonians, and may the souls of those faithful departed rest in perfect peace, Amen !!!

Danny Boy

It is Voltaire who said Man created God. In our quest to understand where we came from or where we are going to, what is the meaning of life et cetera, man in his bewilderment created God. That was thousands of years ago. The primitive man thought the earth waas flat, the heavens above and the hades below. The primitive man incacerated Galileo and many others like him for their scientific believes.

A few days ago I said we needed to start burning down the churches in Cameroon. Karl Marx referred to religion as "the opium". A substance which when taken renders you supine. Here we have a major crisis and some of us are still exhorting that stupid mantra, "that prayers will break through mountains!" Such feeble minds! The rich industrialised west had ditched such claptrap hundreds of years ago but not us!

What we need now is a bloody revolution akin to those that liberated them from the clutches of the church, the rich land owners and the feudal state.So be it.
At times like this, I ask myself, whatever happened to our much heralded powers of withcraft? Why can we not send just a little thunder to go and give His Execellency, a wake up call? Or a bee to visit these trigger-happy S.O.Bs? I repeat, desperate times call for desperate measures.
I speak as a parent. It hurts to lose a child even if it is established that he/she died from natural causes.It must be unbearable if it transpires that your child has been murdered. To the bereaved families, our prayers are with you. Rest assured that your children have not died in vain. That Faculty of Medicine will be named after and in honour of these brave souls.
As for highfalutin pastors and others of their ilk, I say to them, the white man came and taught us to pray with our eyes closed and he pillaged all before him. His religion is a refuge for scoundrels. What saddens me is that he has left us holding the bible whilst he seeks pastures anew on the moon. My Dear Brothers/Sisters, wake up. The white man works 24/7/365. There is no sabbath day! Shocking is it? Find out and may be that will get you out of this stupor.

Ma Mary

The kleptocrats either do not learn or as oblivious as a bucketfull of rocks. Messing with our children's education has been the one constant that awakens Southern Cameroonians from their strange slumber.
Of course they do not remember.


everyday when im stressed @ work, i log on to this site to get the stress off. i laugh @ almost everything that you all the same people have to say to one another. lts get serious for ones. africans what do you value, life or property?
even if one student was killed and 10 hummers as i hear that is what they drive now in cameroon, or benzes or what ever kind of car was burn down how is that car equal to a human life. im ashamed of anybody who has siad anything related to they shouldn't have destroyed any property.
is there any country where there are no riots. even in america, there are riots everyday. how many do u hear they have killed.
if these people are called riot police why are the carrying loaded guns for crying out loud. a strike could either go peace or a fight might ensure which ever be the case. people are not to be killed. we really are barberians.
the police needs to be hold accountable, which is not something that will be happening anytime soon.
i have written here a few times as what i enjoy most is just reading. cameroon is the only country which has a problem and goes crying at the Un and every other organization, nothing and i say nothing will ever happen. we need to stand up pick up what ever we have and fight still the last one of us is standing then they can now take our country. but if there is any one of you who thinks diplomacy will ever bring peace to cameroon, i have something for you. do you ever think about what will happen if that popol man dies of leave office, iraq nova start. watch.
every african country that final is enjoying some degree of democracy had to stand up and fight oh not cameroon. we have doctors and professors,engineers, thesse people are not soliders they are all corrupted, and that is why you cannot tell who is CPDM or SDF these days. if we had solders at the fore front or Marines as the americans would have it. kick as now and ask questions later. that is what needs to be done.
nothing will ever be right if people see some right in killing people caused the destroed property. there is no insurance in cameroon but im sure all those cars have been replaced with even newer models. but them bodies are laying in the hospital
my two cent

1st Batch POSCUB

I have been silent for quite a while with the hope that someday, these dark clouds that covers Southern Cameroon and especailly UB will clear away and bring sunshine...It seems to me that time is near!!! These astrocities, discriminations, marginalisation of the peoples of Southern Cameroon has reached a level where freedom is sought through blood. And when it gets there, it means war and war means the end of our struggle.And the blood of our fellow students shall not go undetected. We shall honour these students in time to come. Their souls will continually be with us as we continue to fight for our freedom.

I remember my days in UB and i can say they were the most peaceful years of the University. However, i regret these things didnot happen during our reign:( We would have fought these bastards to our last strength.I hail from very faraway and i wish with every strength of my body that i could join you in this fight. I urge you not to give up.

This is insanity!!!! I have witnessed student going on strike, i have witnessed other social groups going on strike in democratic countries in Europe but i have never witnessed a police firing and killing students who do nothing than campaigning for their rights....NEVER!!! The least they could do is use tier-gas which i presume is the only legal weapon allow in such situation....but firing on students....killing students....this my brothers and sisters, is INSANITY!!! What has my country become??? Who gave the go- ahead to fire on students? Or do police have the right to self-decide when to fire??? Who is the bastard that pull the bloody trigger?? He is probabbly drinking Mutzig in some stupid bar and laughing his head away knowing that nothing will happen to him, since nothing was done last year and justice was never brought forth. The government did not launch an independent inquiry into the death of those students, it probably wont do this time either. But i tell you, your time is numbered. The souls of these students will haunt you forever... you have innocent blood on your hand and you shall pay for it one way or the other!!!! You and all those stupid, greedy, hypocrates, naive fellows at the echelons of power who do nothing but cry over their fortunes(cars) at the detriment of students life. God will deal with you.

And to the government of Cameroon, you are forever a disgrace to the nation. Your time is numbered believe will go down history as a tyrant and for that only you shall be remembered....and if you do not do something now, you will follow down that pit!!!!You preach about democracy, is this how you practice democracy by violating students right to strike, instead of listening to their concerns and mediate with them??? If you do not launch an independent inquiry into the death of these students and bring justice to their family; if you do not give an ear to these students' cry; if you do not liberate southern Cameroon and respect their human right to development, freedom of speech and expression, right to education in particular....the FIGHT WILL GO ON and one day, we will be VICTORIOUS....

In every fight or war there is bloodshed and the blood of these students are our only weapons against you. We shall continue to fight and make history for ourselves because tommorrow belongs to us and it starts HERE and NOW with or without the help of our so-called FATHERS who bring only shame and mockery to our future....

LET THE FIGHT CONTINUE...may the souls of these two students shot dead by police and the ten who died in a car crash to Bamenda while fleeing from the riots, be our weapon and may we all remember to HONOUR THEIR SOULS WHEN THE SUN FINALLY SHINES....To God be the Glory!!!!


If the students prefer Che Gueverras methods,they should at least read up on him!!Oh by the way,he is not from Bafut!!!



1.This recidivist attitude of the
bloodsuckers in Yaounde must not go
unpunished this time around!
2. ANGLOPHONE PARENTS should holdback all
their children from attending school,from
nursery to University levels.
3. ANGLOPHONE PARENTS should stay away from
work for as long as the students demands
are not met in UB.

REMEMBER! If you kill an Arab in Iraq,more
keep flowing over the borders
from Lybia,Egypt,Syria etc


Fritzane Kiki HK

There is nothing so sad and touching like the above death students who just left the world suddenly.I strongly believe this is where we need the opposition parties like the SDF,UNDP,UPC and even the SCNC who are for the last years been adamant and reluctant to question the government on unaccounted for corruption practices within government and staunch CPDM officials.I dont think opposition should be only in words and in elections.These are boiling the issues they should call for the international community to join and ask for explanation for these mess rocking public exams.

We all know the government and it stooges of the CPDM have always been the main masterminders of corruption.Day-in-day-out we hear of ministers and directors embezzling billions of francs CFA alone to the detriment of the masses.Corruption is corruption.I guess these administrative frauds and examination malpractices should be equally punishable by thesame law and penal code like their counterparts who embezzles.A thief is a thief.

If the government accepts that there was something foggery going on with the list of those medical students,then they should set an enquiry tracking down those suspects who manipulated over the list,than calling on their batallion insurgents to shoot and kill the striking students.Clear example of human right abuse plaguing the La Republique.The implore students to continue their strike action until the government provides appropriate explanation and answers while providing preventive measures in the future to curb this recurrent examination fraud.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


The mowing down of our comrades should be taken to be a bitter shot in the arm,and we , the young gunz must be resolute to see the deodorization of the Tribal colonial Junta happen.We have nada to loose.It is indubitable and clear that,the flagrant and friable colonialjunta,manned by ostensible melanin deficient blokes has and end.They are clearly strickening in years.Comrades, there is the need in restraining talking and working for action.It is also Bonzer to mention that, so called Strongest oppositon which is now more mugmump than ever could, be safely established and or reiterated to be just a special assistant to the Colonial junta and their grim fatalities in our territory .The young gunz of the (soutern cameroons)Ambazonia must seize all available and explore other avenue and elicit the obliteration of this ogre olm playing hell in our land,economical,culture,
social wise etc.Law and Right to justice is on our side and Deo Volente,We are the victor.To be continued ......




Excuse me Nforminde,
let clarify your ignorance. We are not hear to fight against the Francophones. We are here to declare that the Francophones are waging a war of oppression against us at all levels. this is getting too much. I am sure it will soon be a genocide. Our socalled brothers dont seem to have a concience. Nforminde you only clain to be Anglophone but you probably have never had the Anglophone experience. Have you ever gone to any ministry there in Yaounde and pretended not to know how to speak French. Then you would understand that the Anglophone is considered a secondclass Citizen in this Nation. That is why your brothers are bent to bring in Stomarch Politics to destroy our prestigious Alma Matter, UB a place to be. I percieve that you understand nothing about the precolonial History of this nation at all. You equally do not understand what happened at before , during and after the Fumban Conference. You know nothing about the politics of the PLEBICIT so when intelectuals talk it would be better for ignorant people to sit quiet esle you expose your ignorance. Only he that wears a shoe knows where it pinches. You have just had anglophone education and have fallen in love with the System. What do you think of us who have been in the Anglophone culture since birth. Do yopu think that we would sit and watch the corrupt both anglophone and Francophones destroy our treasures. Nforminde enough is enough with all this mess. You better give a second thought to you words and make more research about what you say.

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