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Monday, 20 November 2006


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Chief Ngoh,

You have the honour most restpectful to solve your own messy behavior that involves your constant sex for marks relationship with young students of UB. Everybody wants justice to take its course, but justice does not mean any criminal should pretend to be working towards building a moral and corrupt free institution, while in return he/she might be practicing issues with a low moral value. You are now using the media to sell yourself as a very good administrator to those who dont know you, while in return, you are continuing the theifery as directed by your masters in Yaounde. The earlier you understand that you cannot take people for fools, the better.


When several Southern Cameroonians sacrificed their careers to stand for the creation of UB like Anyangwe, Julius Wamey, etc, we had UB created. Sell-outs like Musonge, Achidi Achu, NJFN, Eric Nchinje, Elame, Meoto, Njeuma, etc were busy dining with La Republique Du Cameroun. Thanks to those who stood for the creation of UB and the GCE board, today, we are proud to have a significant number of Southern Cameroons PhD's, MSc's spread all over the world. Had it been left on La Republique Du Cameroun, we would have perished under the colonial system. It is thanks to the sacrifice of these people that most of us are what we are today. Unfortunately, some shallow minded people like Agbormbai, Che Sunday, will tell people in this forum that UB is the creation of La Republique.

It is the responsibility of every rightminded Southern Cameroonian to join the liberation movement.


To be candid you are fast going beyond the threshold of intolerance.You are becoming the laughing stock of the century.You just run your mouth on practically every issue without taking time off to ruminate the facts.If Dr Ngoh was accused of sexually transmissible marks dishing, and decided to turn over a newleaf by making sure that the younger students shouldn`t embrace poor habits,why would you want to put his efforts to question.One will come away with the idea that you yourself is not comfortable with the change in UB.Dr Ngoh has been there for several months ,but some results have been registered.Rexon,in life you must give credit to where it belongs.According to you only Wamey ,and Anyangwe brought about the creation of the GCE Board ,and UB.The person who signed its creation is nothing in this success. That is ingratitude ,which normal humanbeings cannot accept.Btw why are you celebrating the GCE Board,and UB,institutions created by La Republic,and which are run by those you call agents of La Republic? Did Julius Wamey ,and Anyangwe sign the creation of these two bodies? You ask Dr Ngoh to solve his messy behaviour first ,while the student are swimming in corrupt activities.After having solved his messy behaviour,do you still expect him to catch up with corrupt infested
students? Your answer will surely be as good as mind!


Good work Dr Ngoh.Keep it up;but then why refund any registration fees to fraudsters?Methinks their rightful place is the Buea production prison.Kudos and God bless.



It puzzles me that you cannot see btw the lines.

In an effort to appraise the creation of UB, i wrote and use the terms "several" and "like", i did not say, "only". So to say, i am not suggesting that this were only the people involved.

Secondly, i am not against Dr Ngoh taking meaningful steps to change things at UB. What i am concerned about is that they might be using this to target their enemies. I have suffered from this myself, during my days in La Republique. So i am writing from personal experience. It does not mean anything for someone like Dr Ngoh to involve someone whose girlfriends he wants to take in this kind of mess and muddy his name.

If you ask Glenn William Wilson privately as i did several years ago, he will tell you Dr Ngoh did not support his case. But if you read through his site


you will understood clearly that they facts of his case were genuine. If Dr Ngoh could not support an innocent man like Glenn, how could he perform his duties credibly.

Thirdly, UB and GCE Board BY MY DEFINITION, is and has never been the creation of La Republique. It is the creation of the honest minds and brains that sacrificed their careers to go to the streets to defend the interest of Southern Cameroonians. This include the likes of Julius Wamey, Carlson Anyangwe, Peter Teforlack,Feko, Nambangi, who are now in exile and are not wanted in La Republique. People like Mbah Ndam, Muna, have not done anything to Southern Cameroonians. If Paul Biya has to be forced to do anything for Southern Cameroonians, then UB is the creation of those honest minds who forced him to do something for southern Cameroonians.

Watesih, whatever you call "running my mouth or laughing stock", does not mean anything to me. Virtually nothing to me. The CPDM and all their agents said it to me before and i did not change my views and they have not also change their evil tactics and they have been proven wrong. So dont waste your time telling this forum that Rexon is this or that. I will never be pressured to change my views about Ni John Fru Ndi. He still have questions to answer to southern Cameroonians about his conduct in La Republique's parliaments. Note that i have never said anywhere that he is corrupt as i have never got any evidence to link him with any particular case. But i believe his renting his house to PMUC has done great harm to the credibility of Southern Cameroonians.


Hello Rexon.
It is nice to have a regular writer like you online.However,I candidly see that you write on everything for nothing.In all you write,I have taken some time off to review your ideology.I have came to realise that you are a misguided Cameroonian youth, who suffers from civic deficit.You are one of those youths who will be actors of political disorder in a post transition Cam.You need to be reschooled.I would always want you to know that governance is a difficult human practice because it has to do with controlling social beings who are by themselves complex.When we try to put together boulders to rebuild a shattered Cameroon,all you write is about your mythical and imaginary Southern Cameroon.
You have always correlated corruption to a La Rep du Cam concept.Now this is a case of corruption among English speaking Cameroonians.In this case, would say they were posted by Paul Biya or Achidi to carryout the malpractice.In as much as we are all not in support of the regime,we must support every efforts aimed at curbing the evils of today.
I am really flabergasted to read you address Achidi,Njeuma et al as sell outs.
It is a pitty that I cannot write anything more than begging you to think before you write.Note, I do not belong to the CPDM or SDF.I am not Francophone or Anglophone.But I am Cameroonian.I do not expect your counter quarrel.God bless.


I dont find any sense and justification in most of your comments. Your arguments and the way you look at issues doesn't show any sign of maturity. This is clear evidence that even if you were given the opportunity to head an organisation for one second, you would probably fail in your attempt to do so. You always have the believe that Cameroon should change for a better and when some one gets up and make statements and comments that are aimed at putting things straight, all you could do is to send insulting comments to him. Why dont you want to believe that Victor Ngoh was once a bad administrator who has now realised himself and is struggling to adjust and put things in order. I wish to salute you (Ngoh) for the bold step you have taken to change the system of things in UB and will want to assure you that the lord is with you and your detractors will surely be put to shame.

Agbor T

Dr Ngoh, thanks for your efforts. Just that I don't know exactly what the accused did. The commissioner said "A complainant, Maxceline Neh, contacted us with a contract form from a certain Divine Fongang. Maxceline said she had never met Forgang but his intermediary, Divine Akuri, who got FCFA 40,000 from her for the purpose of changing failed courses". What does this means. Neither the accused is working in Ub so I don't see anywhere there is fraud. The whole scam seem to be 419 per se as I don't understand how Fongang would have changed failed courses when an insider in the department of sociology, probably the boss(es) of the supposed to be changed courses. I don't know if it were the courses that had to be changed or it were the results of the failed courses. Exactly what had to be changed is not known?? If results, changed to what or marks will have to be proliferated???

Good effort there man.

But how far with those who fraud UB results. I think the likes of Ngoh are chasing the wind or shadow. Many fraudulent certificates are manufactured everyday by those who claim they are from UB yet you don't look at that, you take all your time to ask fraudsters to withdraw from the university because they got in with fraudulent requisites. And their registration fees will be refunded. Thats excellent. Dismissal is ok BUT How did they get in at first. Is that not enough for arrest or you want them to go to the other state institutions and use the same certificates. What a country and an adminsitration. A criminal being advised to withdraw, fees refunded and then goes free and continues with his activities.

But Ngoh are your hands clean?? While I very much apprciate you efforts since you came in as a reigstrar, It would have been more appropriate if you confess your own "war crimes", ask for forgiveness and then repent otherwise, myself, Rexon, Tayong and others...would never be sure if you're not targeting your enemies.

I hope you don't have such a short memory to have forgetten your days as HOD/VDean/Dean in the Dep't of History and Faculty of Arts?

However, Rexon you had a good argument there but your first comment seem to have been accompanied by and over-reaction. I do know it could be due to your sad experiences while there but then it's worth to say he has some effort and lets just wait and see where he's heading to.....

Ashwell Molaba

Agbor T,

Balanced comments. It may help to explain that it is not the fault of the commissioner but rather that of the journalist who wrote the article. Trying to understand what some of them write is some times as tedious as drawing blood from stone.

Having said that, I fail to see how or why NGOH has all of a sudden changed. Permit my two cents comment, I do not know the man. However, it appears that even his supporters agree that he was involved in corrupt activities but has now changed. How some commentators know that Ngoh has changed baffles me. The man claims fraudsters will be expelled and we are supposed to celebrate that he has changed?

Is it different from a couple of ministers being made scape goats while the gravy train rolls on? Are we that stupid and cheap? If anything, I gather from this article that Ngoh is a hypocrite. How can an intellectual with his thinking faculties intact say "The drive is to curb corruption as prescribed by the Head of State, Prime Minister, President of the National Assembly and the Minister of Higher of Education." Only when the president and prime minister stipulate it, does he think it is corruption.

Fabricated UB certificates are as many and varied as there poor Cameroonians who didn't make the grade. Some commentators in the forum comment in a manner as to deceive their own conscience. In principle, I do not see how any one would condone corruption. Whether other people are corrupt too is really besides the point. Some commentators have adopted certain mantras and would brandish the words "evil, corrupt, junta, murderer, thiefs etc" at the sight of any article. Exposes minds in a humourous light.


Good start Dr. Ngoh. Please keep it up. Everyone in Cameroon needs to clean house.


It is really funny how rightminded people cannot look at things with much wisdom. Lets now assume elections are coming up next year, would'nt thesame Ngoh Join the likes of the Njeuma, Meoto to rig elections in Buea Urban as they did in the previous election and handed over victory to Meoto at the expense of Prof. Ndiva Kofele Kale?

Was it not thesame groups of people who organised and dissapeared ballot boxes meant for several pooling stations like Larkhall residences at Molyko, UB, and Muea central, etc which were supposedly SDF stronglyholds for Buea Urban? These conspiracy did involved the Governor of Buea at the time. I was out of La Republique but those who were there can justify my claim. Why then should we be forced to listen to thesame people?

Has Njeuma never been involved in election rigging in favour of her protege meoto? Where then is the fight against corruption?

Does fighting corruption means bringing a police officer (a corrupt man himself by all standards) to UB, organising a press conference and calling the post and other journalist to publish what has been said? Writing the names of people who have not been tried and found guilty? Have those guys been tried in a proper way and found guilty? Then why should we conclude that Ngoh has uncovered any fraud or fraudsters?


We are not going to accept that you have to second-guess every action in Cameroon,because you have placed yourself on the pedestal of a freedom fighter.Your freedom fighting ended when you were persecuted in Cameroon,and shied away.Your freedom fighting now is more of witchhunting on the columns of The Postnewsline than any concrete exhibition of maturity.My probl;em with your point on the creation of UB,and the GCE Board is not whether they were several people who contributed to their birth,but that you seem to be an ingrate.If Prime Minister Achidi thought that he was an egant of La Republique,and that people like you had been bandying looks with him,he wouldn`t have signed for its creation.You seem to be out to attract some sympathy from those you think sacrificed their life to bring about the creation of these bodies.The scene of action was Yaounde where some of us lived,but it seems you want to take on to yourself the soul responsibility of political persecution.
What is the relationship between Dr Ngoh working for the moral uprightness of future leaders ,and Wilson Glenn`s adventures with an inconsequential bloodsucking whore in mamfe? Rexon, i`m afraid are you fast running out of wits. What has Glenn Wilson`s inability to get help from Dr Ngoh got to do with the investigation into students` dubious designs in UB.
Rexon stop behaving like an akward over-grown youth.The GCE Board,and UB,whether you like it or not is a creation of La Republique.That`is more the reason why there was a heated debate here when it came to picking a Registrar for this institution.He is a CPDM diehard, and represents the interests of his masters in Yaounde. Njeuma who initiated everything in Buea was promoted for her job. She is still waxing strong in Yaounde.
Rexon,if you think the GCE Board ,and UB were not the handiwork of La Republique,ask yourself why An Independent Electoral Body has not been created. You can ask Julius Wamey,and the Anyangwes to come back and use the same dexterity they used before to bring about the creation of this body.
Rexon ,nobody is craving on your indulgence to change your views about Fru Ndi.But get it clear ,that you will never be a unifying factor in your life like the Fru Ndis have tried before.You keep pretending to be criticising the Muketes ,but you are not different from them in anyway. Your plan is to attack our leaders.Since you left Cameroon in the 1990s what have you done to change the situation back home. Know that many families can at least have something to eat,as a result of the actions initiated by people like Fru Ndi.
Rexon,you are the one complaining about Fru Ndi,so when you say you cannot be pressured into abandonning your views about him,it will seem somebody is forcing things down your throat.Fru Ndi has no questions to answer. You did not force him to become SDF chairman.It was his personal initiative.
Build your own houses in Southern Cameroon ,and rent them to Americans.You complaints about the SDf and Fru Ndi show you are desperate. You thought making noise on newspaper columns was fighting freedom. UYou ahve now known that it is difficult,thats why you are looking for scape goats.

Ashwell Molaba


Now you are talking. Those who claim Ngoh is fighting corruption and is not corrupt should bring out their evidence. Argue on principle without insulting others. All Ngoh did was a publicity stunt as you rightly put it. It is no different from the stunt that has seen Titus Edzoa and Munchipou in jail while the rest are enjoying their loot. Those who cite that as evidence of change are not worth debating with. PERIOD

Agbor T

We don understand Ngoh for himself is not of good blood, whatever any one wants to understand what i mean.
We know Ngoh may have been politically mal-efficient. He and others must have contributed in leading the country to where it is now. Ngoh for one is well know for his high profile role is sexually distributed marks.
Thats said, I for one did say Ngoh has changed and I did spelt out that if Ngoh thinks he has changed, he should come out clearly and confess, repent and ask for forgiveness otherwise,I am never going to be sure he has changed.
In a country where the rule of law doesn't exist, a suspect is guilty; explaining why the accuseds' have been arrested.
Some of the things the likes of Ngoh are doing are just the reparcussions of some of the evil things he did and its often said "give to Ceaser what is Ceaser's". Ngoh we know gave out marks to girls for mere sex (piece of waiste), and today he stands out and sings about an involvement of a non-academic staff in a course/marks scam. I am not in anyway saying that should be condoned but how can a thief be crying foul????
As concerns Ngoh, Njeuma, the likes of Meoto in their electoral fraud, I wouldn't like to talk about that as I'm sure this is a purely different issue. Proabably we wait until when the electoral campaigns are launched and an issue captioned about that, then we can talk about it. We know Ngoh "them" are fighting for their positions but I don't think Mr Biya will be happy with any one who is fighting to eliminate fraud as such if Ngoh continues like that he could be off. If not then why was Amama Amama sacked?? Mr Biya can promote you if you proof that you can be a fraud.

Whatever it be, its worth saying the effort is not bad. Maybe ridiculous, camouflaging for those who are myopic but then it adds fright.
The question is: Are we not sure these guys are frauds. I am going to say they are as there are many manufacturers of UB diplomas out there.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Corruption in Cameroon has made nothing is believable.Even documents and students are not representative of their status.However,if they can make it computerised then there can be some fraud reduction to an extend.UB a place to be shouls admit meritted students not fraudsters.The imgae of UB should be uphold by eradicating these corrupt few from the lot.If care is not taken the admission procedure in UB was rocked by bribery and corruption.

I believe more of those involved(both students and the administration) will be revealed in the days ahead as police investigation unfolds.It goes to show how the UB administration's admission accessement in the past years lacked credibility and competency.Hopefully they can amend the present regulation and computerised the results of successful GCE candidates directly from the GCE Board office.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Come on guys!

Why all these bickering for goodness sake?. May I say we shouldn't extend limits and overdo it? The issue in this article isn't Ngoh but UB. To begin with Rexon seems to be seeing things from a different perspective and experience. Mr Rexon I must confess that some of your statements are too sweeping and need some moderation.

Saying that only "La Republique" is corrupt is too sweeping gentleman. Corruption is nationally instituted and enshrined in the canons of Biya's regime , be it those of Southern Cameroon extraction or La Republique are heniosly corrupt.You rightly pointed out in one of your commets(which I admired) corrupt Southern Cameroonians serving in Biya's regime.

Secondly gentlemen,let's strike a balance between national issues and persoal issues. Watesih asks Rexon.."Your plan is to attack our leaders.Since you left Cameroon in the 1990s what have you done to change the situation back home?.... I think the Rexon I know is a formidable nation builder be it politically or family wise. You may ask those from his area to tell you who Rexon is vis-a-vis development and family. So guys let's not cross limits when discussing national issues.Let's build and not destroy.

May God save our nation.

Agbor T

Tayong thanks for that last sentece of yours. People shouldn't exceed their ("our")limits.
I do know personally Rexon even before we met in this forum as a hard working gentle man in his days in UB and even now (from his deeds back home) as we haven't met for quite sometime.

However, some of Rexon's comments are abit to strong and explosive. At times not along the line ( nothing personal.)The UB/Ngoh issue here is a case. Wile he gave useful analysis some were overflooded by emotions.


Rexon a "Freedom Fighter" so was Fidel Castro a "Freedom Fighter".
It is so ironic to call a Guy who is unemployed wandering all over Europe doing nothing a Freedom Fighter.
I have met with that Rexon Guy 2 times (I will not tell him where) and sincerely I discovered that the Guy has more personal problems on his own than really thinking about fighting for what he calls his Banana Republic ....
I later determined that it wasn't worth engaging a political debate with him.
He is what we call in our jargon "Lion en cartoon".
Rexon, I have a lot of estime for you and I pray that you will one day reason (if you take your medication as prescribed by your Doctor).
May God bless you!


Muki StoneHall

Hey Gentlemen,just a moment please.Did the said press conference take place in 2004? Just look at the date on the picture again. Is it the Camera that's trying to lie or the reporter.That was just an aside.

Listen to the voices above.You seem to have completely lost track and now stand for nothing.As an ardent supporter of the SCNC,I don't think your views and opinions tie with the ideology of the movement.



I will still repeat here that you don't have any moral authority to speak in this forum period. Hear you..."It is so ironic to call a Guy who is unemployed wandering all over Europe doing nothing a Freedom Fighter".... .Lies and again reminiscent of the regime you represent. For your information Rexon is a PHD holder and lecturer in one of the pretigious institutions in Europe.

Hear you again..."I have met with that Rexon Guy 2 times (I will not tell him where) and sincerely I discovered that the Guy has more personal problems ...
Only spys working for the powers of darkness meet people and refuse to reveal their identities.

And again you boastfully told Pa Ngembus you have been infiltrating their meetings. Dont worry.One day the regime which you work will be toppled when justice shall take it full course. Then we'll know who needs medicine,You or Rexon.
Ninety nine days for you and one day for Cameroonians .

May God save this nation from the Ricardos


Mr Tayong,

Since you are the person who determines who has "moral authority on this forum" please list the names of those who are illegible to your so called "moral authority" brother Tayong.
Again and again, I keep writing here that I dont have to infiltrate a meeting if your organization has nothing to hide. I am a Cameroonian, as such I believe I have the right to participate in your meetings.
You know me Mr Tayong. I am not hiding. I openly do business in Cameroon, Europe, Asia and the Americas.
If you are Patriots, you should be glad to have another patriot like me attending your meetings. Unless, you dont really care about our poor people back home.
Our goal is to have our Country change positively but in peace for the good of the next generation of youg Cameroonians.

Division will not achieve that goal.
Join me to combat corruption, tribalism, nepotism, division in our nation.
You see Mr Tayong, we lack the sense of nationhood. That is very troubling. Every region has been marginalized in Cameroon. It is a huge mistake focusing only on those who speak english. Some regions of Cameroon have had their sons and daughters shed their blood to liberate Cameroon from colonialism.
Um Nyobe, Felix Moumie and Ernest Ouandjie etc... die for a free Cameroon, Mr Tayong.
Mr Tayong, These are our heroes, the freedom fighters of Cameroon.
What gratitude do we have for those heroes today, Mr Tayong? Nothing....
While some educated children of some regions of Cameroon are dreaming waiting to have jobs and wealth created by Mr Biya and his Government, other Cameroonians are investing and making things happen, Mr Tayong.
Look around in Cameroon, those so called "rich regions", are not a fruit of government investment, Mr Tayong. But the fruit of dynamic private intiatives.
Mr Tayong, those you think have "moral authority" as you will mention, ask them what have they really done with that moral authority? Using computer keyboard and writing rubbish or flashing resumes anything that puts food on the table in my poor mother's or your mother's house in Cameroon? Mr Tayong...
Why do we have to be so tribalistic Mr Tayong? Must we always divide people to attain happiness? We blame everyone for our lazziness... The government is bad, it always turns into THEY AGAINST US!
Why is it that Africans never learn Mr Tayong? Must we always fight or throw stones on our brothers and sisters to have it our own way, Mr Tayong?
Riccardo is a reincarnation of Um Nyobe and the Freedom Fighters of our Motherland, Mr Tayong.
CAADIM sees Cameroon as a beautiful land where all its children will live in prosperity and peace to enjoy freedom and justice.
Let's stand together and fight to make Cameroon a better place to live, Mr Tayong.
Any division is a curse that will bring no good for our people but a specific group of individuals.
Our Country will shine again and no one will live for ever. Those who are depriving our Country of our ressources should perish and no one is above that punishment...

May God bless a united and strong Republic of Cameroon!



Lies and again I say lies. Nationhood built on falsehood is bound to crumble like a pack of cards. Lies and lies Ricardo, Um Nyobe, Felix Moumie and Ernest Ouandjie if alive together would regret at the shreds of what has remained of a nation for which they shed their blood.

Lies and lies Ricardo, a strong a vibrant nation is one the accepts its history and works jealously to keep it never otherwise. Lies I say lies Ricardo, freedom fighters have never and will never be accomplices to tyranic and autocratic regime which you work for.

I say lies and lies again Ricardo , real destroyers of a vibrant nationhood are your likes who stiffle any move towards national reconciliation and construction.

Lies and lies, freedom fighters I know in here (without any pride, me inclusive)have substantial evidence both in works and business outfits to show for all their fights, some going through the eye of the needle to establsih such businesses back home, but insiders like you have your way.

A man who condones every malpractice doesnt have the moral authority be it here or back home to speak for the Cameroonian man.

Ricardo dont be deceived! The tax payers' sweat must one day be accounted for. Here or elsewhere.Courage brother!


Watesih and all those who claims there are no ideas in Rexon's write-ups,

You really amuse me. As your SDF has been reduced to handclappers in Mr Biya's junta, U want to reduce the fight against La Republique's corrupt junta to the fight against Rexon or his ideas. In one of your write-ups, you (Watesih) claimed that for Ideas, Rexon have none, then why do you keep on making counter comments against Rexon?

You are encouraged to keep up.

I won't want to comment on a lot of issues you have cited here. But let me inform you that even if you reduce me to the Mukete's, or the likes of Ricardo's, Agbormbai's, etc, you can never find me guilty. I dont live on blood money. I struggle to get whatever i have.


Muki Stonehall,

Stop wasting your time. I can never listen to any voice, other than the voices that tells me to fight for what i believe. Once more, i want to remind you that the views i write here are mine. There will always be people who will either agree or reject my views. That is normal and i dont take any offense from any write-up here. But i can never reduce my wisdom to praise-singing for Mr Biya's junta, when any tom-dick or harry comes up with his own version of the fight against corruption.



The meetings i attend, the organisations i work for, or the places i present my ideas, You can NEVER be invited to any of them or be part of such functions. In most circumstances, i know the personalities of the delegates i speak to and when i address them, i do not expect someone like you to be qualified (Academically and morally) to attend such meetings.

You talk about private initiatives and how they can develop La Republique or Africa. I cannot reduce my own initiative to doing business with La Republique and engaging into bribery and corruption as u seem to suggest. Ask those who have been watching different documentaries about Africa (On BBC and Grampian TV)and they will tell u of my initiatives that have improved the economies of several countries in Africa.

Ricardo, all those you are forcing to believe or dream of good things coming from you "vive le Cameroun", are born to loose.

Your ministers dont discuss development. They dont discuss or plan fiscal policies, economic policies, budget surplus and deficits, etc. I have met and discussed with people who have spent years studying such unscrupulous governments with honest minds. They resigned highly paid invesment banking jobs to take up positions in their respective governments where they can be involved in policy issues, thereby contributing in changing the lives of their people. At the end, they were frustrated like anyone else with the conduct of their respective governments.

What unscrupulous governments and people discuss are kickbacks, how to create offshore bank accounts, how to hide stolen funds, etc. They dont discuss development, the fight against corruption, etc as some of you want to suggest here. Ngoh can NEVER be an exception, esspecially when his track records are taken into consideration.

Some (like Watesih) will even try to force me to forget about Ngoh's past? What a shame and a shallow mind? Why are people CV's looked upon before they are being given certain jobs. Why are disclosure checks and others carried out to determine ones credibility before he is appointed to a strategic position of responsibility? Was'nt a commision of Inquiry created to determine who gave Ian Huntley (A sex predator) a job after he killed Jessica wells and Holly here in the UK? Is that the kind of Republic that Watesih's SDF wants to build? Who first appointed Ngoh the register of UB giving his past records?

You can never reduce me to a praisesinger of Mr Biya's corrupt empire. Those who are hungry and want their own share of the cake can do that, not me. I have passed that stage young man.


Hi Rexon do cool down man.Watesih maybe went a bit too far but then your write-ups are far better now.Dont you think so?I mean you just posted four articles with no mention of "murderous junta" for one.
Its ok man ,just cool down.Thanks


I would like to know if Maxceline Neh knew the consequencies of her act when she was going to report the matter to the police. Did she know she was involved in a crime? Could it be that she has been sent there by the UB administration so as to create avenues to make their fight against corruption felt by the population?
How can a thief sue himself?

We have to protect our educational system. It no longer has accreditation abroad.



I like your last posting here.


Since you have reduced this argument to a purely personal affair,i will want to make it clear that you are the one that has been parroting Watesih`s name here.You have always associated me with others ,and called the SDF our thing.You have been writing on this forum for a longtime,and i never tried to pick a quarrel with you,until you started seeing in me somebody standing in the way of your SCNC ideas.When you militated in the SDF,the SCNC struggle was born,and nobody carried a wip after you to abandon your convictions.But today you want to second-guess everybody because Scnc exists.
We have even tried to explain to you in simple English that everybody supporting the Scnc must not come out to the market place to beat his chest,because this is a long fight, but you think they are not doing enough.We don`t also see the action you are undertaking ,apart from talking about junta from 1st to 31st.
You must learn some lessons of humility.
When an article is posted here,comment on the topic of the day.Don`t start vibrating about junta.Your numerous digressions here are just to showoff.The article about UB had to do with corruption,and corruption that involves the young people we all want to be upright.You completely distorted the trend of thought about this saga ,and went into Dr Ngoh`s personal life.This is why i say you are exactly like Mukete,because you people enjoy making a song about people`s private lives.You have often left the topic of discussion here to tell people about your private life.That is hubris ,and when you try to take on me ,i will always remind you of your ego-boosting personality.
You are an alumni of Buea,I`m that of Yaounde ,so you ought to show a good example when difficult issues come up.You have given examples of commissions of enquiry,one wonders whether the one that should have been created about this saga would have been looking into Dr Ngoh or the issue at stake.
I don`t know ,and has never seen Dr Ngoh,and i`m in no way saying that he has never been involved in dubious activities,but this should not stop him from turning over a new leaf ,and redressing wayward students.
Today ,you seem to be telling the world that if somebody was involved in some misconduct ,he should never pretend to do something good.That is completely wrong! Then what the hell would you want Biya to give Cameroonians an independent electoral commission,what the hell would we want Biya to allow Anglophones to have their autonomy,
knowing fully well that he has all a long been a bad man.How can we expect good things from satan himself?
Rexon,i did not go too far as someone said above.Your digressions here are uncalled for. Everybody knows that there`s a junta in Yaounde,and that it has brought misery to our people,but this does not in anyway stop others from picking up the pieces if there`s an opportunity.Those who are eating from La Republique know why they are doing so.If you ant to be on the safe side ,that is a matter of personal conviction,and your cup of tea.You shall never force me to sing the SCNC song here,just as i don`t want you to see things from my perpective when it comes to the SDF.


country people,
After kindly perusing your arguements and counter arguements, i think most of you guys are allowing your emotions to overcome your reasoning thereby blind to see the point rexon is making. Those of us who have lived in cameroon before travelling abroad especially those of us who are former students of U.B we can clearly see the point rexon is making eventhough at times he goes too emotional. All what Ngoh is doing is cheap publicity. Ngoh is still very much invovlved in corruption of youths, adultery, sexual harrasement,mal practice,fraud,favoritism and you can name the rest of the crimes against morality. Ngoh is a man with very low moral values. The worst of it all is that he calls the name of the Lord in vain by proclaiming himself as a christain. wehy does he want moslems and non christains to mock christ by looking low on christains . He invovlvies in immoral acts and declares that he is a christain. Ngoh is not a person who can claim to fight against corruption. Nobody goes to equity with dirty hands, he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Rexon is not far from the point that Ngoh might be using this situation to fight against his enemies in the name of fighting corruption. Ngoh is fast at making enemies because of his low moral values, any female collegue who refuses or rejects his sextual invitations becomes his enemy, any of his colleagues who has same sextual interest as he is with a particular female student or teacher becomes his enemy, anybody who gives a contrary view to his opinion and ideologies becomes his enemy. Truely has just academic prestige through his writings but his has no social value, his personality is down to zero. If cameroon is not a morally decay society then people like Ngoh will never be appoint to head an Anglosaxon univeristy like U.B because he doesnot portray the dignity of an Anglosaxon administrator. The appointment of Ngoh as registrar is another clear evidence to show that La Republique wants to destroy all the good things from southern cameroon.
Ngoh can never fight corruption because he is corrupt in all respect.



After a peripatetic childhood with the SDF and fighting against La Republique’s colonial stratocracy at different levels, I learnt several lessons in life that shapes my thinking. I further moved to a corrupt free society that has really helped me grow. Ironically, in my early years, I came in contact with people that expose the network of corruption in La Republique’s junta and several Africa countries.

Firstly, I stick to the rule that moral and political values are sacrosanct and should not be interrupted recurrently. Each and everyday, I learn to adopt new values and abandon the old ones for good.

Watesih, your comments that you lived in Yaounde shows where the atmosphere is like when a myopic and self-centred Southern Cameroonian lives in that region for long. It is happened with Mbah Ndam and even to some of my cousins and you are no exception. It is like a Black man who will live in white neighbourhoods for quite a while and become brainwash mentally, and turn to think that he has become a white man and the common problems that black people face does not pertain to him. Someone like Ashley Cole or Craig David will only know that they are black people when white racists are attacking them. Watesih, you guys want to reduce Southern Cameroonians to beggars from La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. I understand your mundane party (SDF) registered under the laws of La Republique have some handclappers in La Republique’s colonial parliament. Do you think everybody must be reduced to the level of the Mbah Ndam’s?

Now, lets go to several discourses relating to yours in this forum.

Watesih, stop playing with words in this forum.

“The article about UB had to do with corruption,and corruption that involves the young people we all want to be upright.You completely distorted the trend of thought about this saga ,and went into Dr Ngoh`s personal life”

Watesih, Ngoh cannot send Marcelline Neh ( A UB employee and an alledged conspirant to the crime) to the police and brings in the media and a police officer (A corrupt man by all standards) and argue that he has uncovered any corruption of the kind. Read btw and understand the facts here. Moreso, 113 students cannot be accuse that they frauded UB certificates/transcripts when we have not looked into the applications forms that was filed on their behalf and conclude that they actually signed it or not. Anybody can file in an application to muddy anyone’s name. Watesih, I don’t travel to La Republique because I don’t want my detractors to put contraband and illegal goods into my luggage and accuse me of having smuggled, or trying to smuggle illegal goods to Europe. Watesih, I repeat, how have you come to the conclusion that Ngoh have changed or that the guys there are guilty? Why are peoples past conduct taken into consideration before appointment to strategic positions of responsibilities in western Countries and civilised democracies which is what you crave for? Must we keep on rejoicing when those who engage in improper conduct, embezzle state resources, makes companies go bankrupt are being promoted in Mr Biya’s colonial government? Do you want to give credence to Ngoh’s “sex for marks” mind-set that is still inherent in his character today? What personal life are you always talking of?

Watesih, you argue that,

“You are an alumni of Buea, I`m that of Yaounde”, and further you said that “Your numerous digressions here are just to showoff” Watesih, Rexon Show’s off, but watesih also graduated from a University like Rexon, Live in America, Was in Yaounde and fought for the creation of the SDF, etc what a shame????????

“Today, you seem to be telling the world that if somebody was involved in some misconduct, he should never pretend to do something good”

Is it good to pretend to be doing something good when by implication, you are not interested in doing the right thing? Is that the kind of Republic your SDF wants to build?

“Everybody knows that there`s a junta in Yaounde,and that it has brought misery to our people”

Since everybody knows, why don’t you, Fru Ndi and most of your SDF supporters in this forum shut up and stop complaining like the Rexon you want to crucify.

“Rexon,i did not go too far as someone said above, Your digressions here are uncalled for”

Why are you responding to Rexon what someone said? Are you not contradicting yourself? Must you respond to everything said in this forum to Rexon? Is that not a digression in its own right??????????????

“You have often left the topic of discussion here to tell people about your private life.That is hubris ,and when you try to take on me ,i will always remind you of your ego-boosting personality”

Watesih, people have said here that they are students of Columbia University, That they are lecturers of Imperial college, That they are chemical engineers, that they have grand children, they are medical doctors, Petroleum engineers, That Ni John Sleeps at their flats when visiting abroad, etc to buttress their points. You don’t see that as private lives. But when Rexon says this or that, you call it private lives. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Permit me show off by telling you that I know the in and out of this criminal government, have friends who speak on telephone with Biya and other henchmen of the regime, have sat in meetings in London, Zurich, Paris, Lausanne etc where coincidentally, kingmakers are designing tactics to rig elections in several African countries, have met friends who have close contacts with most of these leaders, etc. All these shapes my second guessing in several issues here and in most cases, I get them right. Even in Ghana, (a soo called advanced democracy), politicians have been paying people to present a good image of their governments or their parties. That is why you are here singing the SDF song every, Nav is here telling us the soo called good things about Muna, etc.

Agbor T

The forum/comments on issues raised in posted articles now seem to have been overflooded by emotions and personal issues and attacks.
It would have been more reasonable we comment on the topic itself. We all know that academic issues especially issues of corruption involving UB have always been very sensitive. People shouldn't take them personal of talk on peoples private lives.

Ricardo and Watesih, you started it all. I think your description of Rexon is not the best. Some one is wandering would not have time to sit down and make useful contributions in this forum. I do understand all commenting/reading other comments are there to learn from others. No one is very perfect. It would be morally cooect if we build on commenting on raised issues rather than being excited with the computer keyboard to write what ever we think and talk about people we don't even know their CVs.

Who amongst all of us here doesn't agree Cameroon is corrupt and that all administrators in Cameroon are corrupt and that Ngoh is a member of the same corrupt administration. In Cameroon, the more you are corrupt, the more you are promoted, Ngoh was probably being promoted from the Dean to the Registrar because of this.

Mimi in her last commentary wrote how easy it is for Ngoh to make enemies, usually his rivals which range form social to academic life.
Ngoh we all know was trained in Yaounde, the most corrupt city in Cameroon and that he spent more years in yaounde university both as a student and lectuere than he has spent so far in Yaounde. He has sexually assaulted many female students for marks (if you want I can cite five names while i was in UB), failed male students in courses he though cos they had a common interest in a "skirt", fell out with colleagues as a result of common interest etc all involving non academic life.

Here he stands today with a red eyed police officer who we all know in Cameroon to be amongst the most corrupt (if not the most corrupt) in the world talking about fraudulent changing courses or what ever.

How are we going to believe that Ngoh has changed.If ever he changes then it would be a change to the worst. We know how he hates people like Fonyam and Tita. Prefers the likes of Wang Metuge's who will always say " Yes sir".

Muki StoneHall, you also have a point there as to when the photograph was taken. I just want to think its the settings in the camera.

Agbor T

The forum/comments on issues raised in posted articles now seem to have been overflooded by emotions and personal issues and attacks.
It would have been more reasonable we comment on the topic itself. We all know that academic issues especially issues of corruption involving UB have always been very sensitive. People shouldn't take them personal of talk on peoples private lives.

Ricardo and Watesih, you started it all. I think your description of Rexon is not the best. Some one is wandering would not have time to sit down and make useful contributions in this forum. I do understand all commenting/reading other comments are there to learn from others. No one is very perfect. It would be morally cooect if we build on commenting on raised issues rather than being excited with the computer keyboard to write what ever we think and talk about people we don't even know their CVs.

Who amongst all of us here doesn't agree Cameroon is corrupt and that all administrators in Cameroon are corrupt and that Ngoh is a member of the same corrupt administration. In Cameroon, the more you are corrupt, the more you are promoted, Ngoh was probably being promoted from the Dean to the Registrar because of this.

Mimi in her last commentary wrote how easy it is for Ngoh to make enemies, usually his rivals which range form social to academic life.
Ngoh we all know was trained in Yaounde, the most corrupt city in Cameroon and that he spent more years in yaounde university both as a student and lectuere than he has spent so far in Yaounde. He has sexually assaulted many female students for marks (if you want I can cite five names while i was in UB), failed male students in courses he though cos they had a common interest in a "skirt", fell out with colleagues as a result of common interest etc all involving non academic life.

Here he stands today with a red eyed police officer who we all know in Cameroon to be amongst the most corrupt (if not the most corrupt) in the world talking about fraudulent changing courses or what ever.

How are we going to believe that Ngoh has changed.If ever he changes then it would be a change to the worst. We know how he hates people like Fonyam and Tita. Prefers the likes of Wang Metuge's who will always say " Yes sir".

Muki StoneHall, you also have a point there as to when the photograph was taken. I just want to think its the settings in the camera.


OMG, Vito, I just hard to laugh out loud at this one 'I mean you just posted four articles with no mention of "murderous junta" for one.'
I thought it was 'corrupt junta' he repetitively used. You know, every time I started reading a write-up, as soon as I saw the phrase 'corrupt junta' I just knew, without an inkling of doubt, who the author was! lol lol lol


Agbor T,
I beg to differ with you that I and Riccardo started it all against Rexon.In a previous article before this one was published,this is what he wrote about us:

Ebonyland, Akoson, Watesih, NJFN, Muna, etc,

You guys have just two options:

1-To take La Republique Du Camerouns passport and work there as expatriates in building the state of corruption that La Republique Du Cameroun in collaboration with their masters in France are building.

2-To recognise that the Southern Cameroons has never been an integral part of La Republique and fight for its decolonisation and after independence, build a corrupt free society.

I leave you guys to decide on these two options. Rather than wasting peoples time with all these SDF frolics.
When the article about the UB saga was published,he immediately posted two writeups
under,and never deplored the fact that students involve themselves in forgery,but went into Dr Ngoh`s bashing.In the second write up,he spent his time insulting other cameroonians like Eric Chinje,Meoto,Elame,
Njeuma,Musonge,John Fru Ndi.He used words like shallow minded to describe the likes of Agbormbai,Che Sunday.Agbor T,he makes derogatory statements about me and the SDF like the one above everytime,so this time around ,i wanted to call him to order.

I hope you will read what i copied and pasted above to see how you have been treating people on this forum.You seem to have become so omnipotent that people have to make choices now according to your whims and caprices.Your comparison of those of us who have lived in Yaounde to a blackman trying to think that he has become white after many years of living with them is very
good.This implicitly gives a fitting picture of who you are.Have readers not learnt your adventures from the Scadinavian countries,to your research as a Doctorate ,to your PHD,and to the business you do back home.Do they not continue to learn that you shuttle around the world attending meetings with kings,and rubbing shoulders with Biya`s henchmen.Have readers not heard some of your comrades proclaiming loud and clear that you are PHD holder,and teaching in a prestigious University.But the only thing readers have not learnt from you is exactly the nature of your so called persecution by Biya ,and his regime.This because the Anyangwes, The Munzo`s, the Wameys, the Bohs have never been heard forcing Cameroonians to see the world from their own perspective.When a primitive man leaves Africa,and learns to
enjoy life,he always thinks that the delicacies he is enjoying started with his arrival,and that they will soon end.
We have got people here,who had the courage to declare that they were anti Fru Ndi ,and the SDF,but most of them are going into hiding.Your own is worst because you want to hide behind the SCNC and erroneously think you can fight Fru Ndi and the SDF.If the new fight of the SCNC is the SDF ,and Fru Ndi,then you need to revise your strategy.Since the day Pa Feko said the SDF was created to fight the Anglophone course, you have been inconsolable,but there`s practically nothing you can do.Others like you out of frustration,even started acting like CPDM spin-doctors,coaching the CPDM on how to defeat the SDF.You can join them.
If you are complaining about the Sdf a lot these days ,its because you are frustrated with the successes the party has been scoring against its detractors for the past weeks.You thought the party was going to die,so we can here your vague sing-song about the Yaounde junta everyday.
The debate about UB is about fake cirtificates,forgery,and not whether Dr Ngoh has changed or not.Lets leave rumour mongering aside,and desists from making slanderous statements like:"We know he hates people like Fonyam,and Tita. He prefers the likes of Wang Metuge who will always say yes".This really casts doubt on the PHDs we claim to have,because if we were to be solicited to come home and teach in UB ,we will still remain centres of controversy with this type of mentality.When an article is published pick the trend of thought and comment on it,and stop behaving as if somebody was preventing you from exposing corrupt officers.
Rexon,we the SDf supporters on this forum are not going to shut up as you wish,and we are not also going to sing your SCNC song,never!But if you try to take on us ,we will take on you.It seems more ,and more you prefer a fratricidal war,so keep up!

Fritzane Kiki HK

It's getting hot in here just went out to have some air,I almost took off my cloths in the hall.... great debate in The Post General Assembly.Pertinent arguments backed with explicite enumerations are mostly read than accusations and counter accusations.That notwithstanding we can unveil any form of lies telling or favoritsm from individual comments and points of views.Any form of affinity,sabotage or blasphemy with anyone will be sorted out here.I am happy we have people here who can decipher virtues from vices.No wasting time let's be factual and puntual a lot of people learn from this forum.Education is the best gift a parent can offer their child,so when a child resorts to fraud and impersonation then we tend to vex why some people say patience,endurance and hard work are the keys to success.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Guys please take it easy and relax ok?
This was bound to happen at some point in time;i hope you see the importance of Riccardo et al.They are ready-made punch bags and they dont mind it,so please Rexon and watesih let it be and give Riccardo one then we get on with meaningful things.Thanks



Thanks for making the debate quite interesting. I wont comment any further, but hope you understand me better in due course. There are several contextual issues at stake. But lets get the debate focused.

Ngoh, in my view has not followed due process in soiling the students reputation that they are fraudsters. He never did that in the fake certificates and transcripts saga and have not done that in this case. In these regards, i strongly believe that his actions are a publicity stunt.

Secondly, unlike you, i dont believe in begging to get what i deserve. If everybody have to keep begging Mr Biya as your parliamentarians and some Cameroonians are doing to be able to get an independent electoral commision, then we will become laughing stock to the international community. Freedom is a human right and no one needs to beg for it.



I have really laughed at this statement of yours:

"Others like you out of frustration,even started acting like CPDM spin-doctors,coaching the CPDM on how to defeat the SDF.You can join them"

Honestly, that is the last thing i can do. It has really made me laugh my lungs.


Now,that's a gentleman!Watesih moreso;by his silence.God bless


Watesih wrote:

Since you left Cameroon in the 1990s what have you done to change the situation back home. Know that many families can at least have something to eat,as a result of the actions initiated by people like Fru Ndi.

Can you give us verifiable statistics how people were living,from whence NJF and SDF came and today?Has the living standards gone up or plummeted?If SDF a (Colonial advancement tool)cannot neutralize Gov't Delegate, how will they stab the presidency of LRC?NJ has tried twice and was repelled."Dr Ngoh,an actual LRC being,is playing a publicity stunt and some have taken a snug of it.Ngoh has decided to go public with the dirt embowering UB ,a thing he himself participated in causing.He should tell his own part of the dirt first,and stop demontrating fiction.Ngoh is on an attach to discredit UB and before we know,time long gone.Has Ngoh any moral command to point a finger on any UB Staff on corruption without showing how clean he is?

Nkosi sekelele AMBAZONIA.

Agbor T


Thanks alot for your comments and your explanation on how you decided to react and break and forum querry with Rexon. You have your point and I have read your argument. You have a reason to call people to order but from Newton's 3rd law of motion "Action and Reaction are equal and opposite"; I just thought it wouldn't have been such a robust reaction from you. You could be a gentle man. Well you decide what you want.

I for one doesn't comment on political issues; be it CPDM, SDF, La republique or call it SCNC or whatever cos the whole political platform in Cameroon and Cameroonians elsewhere is a total mess. Its politics for survival so lets not be fooling ourselves here that we are CPDM, SDF or SCNC. None of us is that. I am none of those either. I only purely comment on issues mostly concerning the UB and its academic fraud as a true alma ata.

Watiseh, I posted the comment on Ngoh hating Fonyam which you do know and likes the likes of Wang Metuge. That I agree with you is a deviation from the fraud/forgery case posted on the headlines on the marks scam. I have never said I hold a Phd. No one in this forum has ever said I have one. Its however, in the making and within the next few months I will have this three letters infront of my name. Not a fraudulent one per se. I do have a different academic title infornt of my name but thats personal. I wouldn't want to talk about myself as its not necessary. I'm sure you said this cos you thought it was Rexon or Tayong who made that statement.

Back to the UB marks/course scandal its a good fight that Ngoh is fighting............ How are we sure a case like that even exist in a corrupt country like Cameroon where everything is possible. How are we sure they are not just acting a movie.....All of us are from cameroon and know exactly what peiople can do. The police commissioner and Ngoh made be acted to insight public attention as I don't even see the case in the story. What actually happened. The picture posted dates back to 2004. Stories like this a typical in Cameroon. We all know such acting is possible in Cameroon as such whether Ngoh is actually fighting fraud or not, we can't say. As a thief is always and remains one. We know people in Cameroon when promoted to higher positions, use this as power bestowed unto them to fight their enemies. Typical cases can be cited, even in UB I can name them. McMoli and Njeuma, EgbeWatt and Njeuma, Fonyam and njeuma, Asongwed and Njeuma/Endeley in Ub and Abate Abate Lazare and Kongo Edima elsewhere.

So if people write about Ngoh's frauds, it implies he has to make us know that he's no longer that type. But " Na which Ngoh sef". Its like an adulterer coming to preach to you he/she caught some one trying to snatch his wife/her husband. There are many people out there with fraudulent certificates which we know, they should be chased rather than concentrating on issues with no head like students in UB who got in with fraudulent GCE A'levels have been advised to withdraw and their registartaion fees will be refunded. Is that fighting fraud/forgery or promoting it. Lets try to objective at times. Everything has been about him cos he's the registrar who is suppose to take care of that but yet he's not an exception.
Watiseh, I'm sure if you read this you will certinaly understand my argument.

Agbor T

Fritzane kiki.

Good last sentence there "Education is the best gift a parent can offer their child,so when a child resorts to fraud and impersonation then we tend to vex why some people say patience,endurance and hard work are the keys to success".

But thats what fraudulent Camerooninans want to kill. Its better to steal money than trying to steal academics.


Too much hot air gentlemen. This is definitely not the place for this. May I crack a joke? Yes ,crack your joke!

I hereby summon Watesih and Rexon to appear before the West Cameroon house of Chiefs to be presided over by Ndiks and abitrated and flanked by Vito and Agbor T, for washing inhouse dirty linens in public,while Ma Mary and Reader shall act as registrar.

All radio one battery journalists are invited.
Signed: Tayong,WC Chiefs' diplomat


thanks for the vote of confidence.Na so man di make like joke become minister;abeg make i wear my coat.


Agbor T,
Thanks for understanding me.At times it is good to come out strong and tell those who have been living in a fool`s paradise that they are not what they will like people to believe.You surely know the people i was referring to. All of us are from Cameroon,and we all like hot air.All of us are intellectuals of high standing ,and nobody is arguing from an inferior position.People keep shouting junta ,junta everywhere! A junta is a government that is ruled by a military take over. Has there been a military take over in Cameroon.When people are damn ignorant,let them take time and learn? Agbor T i`m completely with you people on everything Ngoh had done wrong,but that is not the topic of discussion.The topic of discussion is fake cirtificates,and forgery in Buea ,involving students.

If we want to get the debate focused then you are very right to tell the world about one part of the story;that Ngoh is a devil incarnate,but you have completely left out the crux of the matter,which is that students are involved in forgery.So your arguments are biased.Finally, never waist your time thinking that you are the almighty,and that some others are begging from the SDF.The day you will discover a certain Watesih 100 metres from Fru Ndi,or ocuupying a post in the SDF,come back and inform the forum.

The SDF is not standing on the way of the SCNC to fight Biya. You people should initiate action ,and stop those little games of hit and run.If you people are incapable,
then continue animating the forum with junta,junta,junta! We have a tyrannical regime in Cameroon,and not a junta.
The SDF cannot neutralize Gov`t Delegates so how has the SCNC helped to neutralize them? Is it because the SDF cannot neutralize government delegates that the SCNC has been having leadership disputes,and unable to come out in public during the day?
From Sonara to CDC,everything is owned by La Republique,has the SCNC even got one of them back? The SDF at least has councils,
Deputies,within the La Republique`s system.
The SCNC is living within this same system,what do they have? Keyboards to be shouting junta junta junta ! everyday? Go sleep my man!

Ashwell Molaba

This is one of the most important debates that Cameroonians can engage in. First and foremost; most English-speaking Cameroonians see UB with a lot of pride. Destroying it with fake certificates is absolutely wrong. Secondly, we must appreciate that these are our future leaders. These young minds seem to have learned more from the likes of Ngoh than is necessary.

Having said that, I would like to point out to Watesih that the debate is not about fake certificates per se. It is about the news article published by the POST above. It is all about the publicity stunt pulled by Ngoh and the corrupt police commissioner. That kind of window dressing is pervasive in the Cameroonian system. Watesih has still to provide any evidence that Ngoh has changed. No one in his right mind will support any fogery. The argument is that there are more and Ngoh is complicit in some cases. Watesih, please deny that.

This kind of window dressing engaged in by Ngoh and co attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of idiots. But not those who can see clearly. Reminds me of the evangelical fellow who doubled up as a thief. Sadly for him everyone knew about his nightly activities. But he had a plan, every time he appeared in a new community to preach; he told them how the devil had tempted him many times. He talked about how he was saved from the damnable sin of stealing. People fell for the ploy and lowered their guard. Then he stroke, again and again and again. Girls, beware of sexually transmitted marks.


"sexually transmitted marks?", what an expression! My thanks to whoever coined it. On a sombre note, I am appalled to learn of this despicable threat to our proud English sytem of Education. Whatever the failings of some of the lecturers and administrators prior to this incident, we should commend them for bringing this to light and doing their best to root it out. Quite a few articles on this forum are peppered with quotes from the bible. In that good book we are told to forgive our sinners and we are also reminded of the fact that today's sinner can become a saint tomorrow-cue Paul.
I am not an apologist, but a realist at heart. We all know our systems are not working the way we want these to. We can sit back, look and criticise or we can, from within, seek to mend the ailing parts.
You contributors to this forum, you have all got my respect. Keep writing.

Agbor T


Well commented Bthegirl.

But I'm sure Saul (Paul), had to confess, repent and ask for forgiveness. Which of those has Ngoh done. How then can he become Saint Paul suddenly.

I do respect your opinion of forgiveness but obly when it's asked.


Dear Forumsters,

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to chip in a word or two to this ungoing saga of fraud, corruption, blackmail and revenge in UB.

We have to be very careful the way we deal with digital instruments. By their nature, there are certain default settings that are there to track fraudulent usage and misrepresentation of information.

Dr Ngoh and Commissioner Forbin are supposed to be in the Pres Conference last Nov 15, 2006. And it was at this session that the photo was shot.
Now folks, you all better have another look at the date the Camera was used to snap Ngoh and Forbin (01/17/2004).

Now why all these double standards? Why stage a big lie to give the impression you are doing a wondefrful job for UB.

Cameroon is a country where positions of power that demand a high degree of committment, responsibility, moral rectitude, clarity of purpose and accountability are dished out to friends, puppets, handclappers and tribesmen. Otherwise, how can such a high Public Office in an institution of higher learning, preparing the younger generation for a better Cameroon, be placed in the hands of someone with such doubtful and outrightly bad moral reputation? Where is the vetting system in our Country.I can assure you that no instituion of higher learning can accept Ngoh, knowingly with such a debilitating record into a position of responsibility. Sexual harassment should not be condoned in any form not to talk of abusing public office by exchanging marks for sex. A crime!

The attempts by Ngoh to portray a saintly image at UB is ill conceived. His intentions are not clear.

I have always condemned fraud in all its ramifications. I totally condemn academic fraud in UB. But we need real men and women with passion and love for our children's education, to take up the challenge to clean UB and restore its iamge.
I must admit that I canot trust Ngoh with my daughter, not even for a few moments.

I am afraid, Cameroon will surely go down the bitter road of warfare and bloodshed if things continue this way.
Failure to engage meaningful political debate and the naivity and greed of the political class, will only lead to anarchy.
Code me anywhere!

Peace to you all.


Hahahahahahahahaha Tayong I've never known you to be this funny. I couldn't help laughing. It was a good one. Get them coming when the debate's hot!

Rexon, could you give HARD proofs to justify your claim that Ngoh's move should be questionable...and could you say more on his personality.

When you CLAIM his personality is questionable you raise your readers' eyebrows.

The SON.


A junta is defined as a government whose authority to govern, is derived from force or the threat of force.I Presume!So Watesih,there is a junta ruling your Country Cameroun,and by extending it to the Former UN trust Territory of The Southern Cameroons.Hence a Colonial junta.And a corrupt one also!SDF is a spectre at a feast.A tool of colonial advancement. Tried twice that i know to stab the power base in the metropole and failed.Facing tabes! Failed to defend the rights of Ambazonians with a mugwump appearance.Now celebrating the imperiums anniversary.Waiting just for elections to make hoo-ha.Contesting elections after chairman vows there will be none with (IEC).They started with hope even though the intial purpose was supplanted.We have pointed it out after LAW 84/001 came.In accordance with the LAW and TREATIES,that there is none of these saying we are Camerounian Citizen.Watesih et al is.If we haven't clawed back what is ours,we know it infact.Instead of heating against a brick wall.Trying to rule people who knows you to be an alien.During French colonial terror, there were Africans found in the French Parliament.So SDF joining the suicide parliament in LRC is not surreal.We will keep saying the DINKUM OIL.You can unravel your fratricidal war since you couldn't stab the LRC Presidency during elections.Still waiting for these elections.Wait,wait and wait.

Ashwell Molaba


You asked Rexon for HARD proof that Ngoh's publicity stunt is questionable. If the whole thing is not self explanotory then I don't know what to say. Almost every commentator with some knowledge of UB acknowledges the fact that this man "was" corrupt. His supporters are now saying this move, wipes the slate clean. How? I do not know. Those you should be asking proofs from are those who claim this single move makes a "corrupt" man honest.

Does it differ from the one in Yaounde where Titus Edzoa is languishing in jail while embezzlers drive fancy cars? Does the fact that Munchipou Saidou is in jail for corruption change Cameroon into a well governed country? I support Rexon in this regard though I may differ with is phraseology


Mr. Ashwell,

I'm not indifferent with Rexon's claims. This is a public forum - it's made of people you can't imagine. Most people read but hardly comment, remember?

Secondly, I may be new to UB and it's leaders. That's why I'm like curious to know more about a man I've been reading about. This wouldn't help only me. It would help us all to know who our leaders are and how to deal with them. I understand that his(Ngoh's) supporters have acknowledged his weaknesses. But what are these weaknesses? What has he been doing to soil the image of our lone anglosaxon educational structure? What has he done in the past such that he doesn't deserve being resgistrar in the first place. Remember Rexon said his "dirty" CV wouldn't have landed him that prestigious job. How filty is this gentleman's CV? That's what readers are willing to read. WE WANT TO KNOW HIM MORE. Thatz ma point. I don't deny Rexon's claims.

I'm waiting on Rexon.

Rexon, if you deny to enlist Mr. Ngoh's misdeeds and fail to proof, I'll take you for a flipflopper and digest what others've been saying about you.


The SON.


You are groping in darkness,and your attempt to fake some courage has just worsened things for you. You are calling on me to unravel a fratricidal war with you.This fittingly lends credence to the accusations we have been making here,that some of you will never serve as uniting factors in any struggle ,anywhere in the world.I`m not going to involve myself in any fratricidal war with you people,because i know who i am.I did not start writing here to test other people`s will,or their adherance to any movement whatsoever.People are only going to rally around the SCNC if those trumpetting its merits are humble in word and deeds.In South Africa,we had the ANC,we had Mongosothu Buthelesi and his gang
but this did not stop the ANC from preaching the message of oneness,until it won power.
But people are surprised that without having brought home a single victory from Biya,you the mouthpieces of the SCNC are already doing everything to engage in a confrontation with your brothers in the SDF.
When some of those French speaking Cameroonians always attack the interest of Southern Cameroonians,we have always fought them off together, because nobody would like others to spit on his origin.But if those of you who want to be more Southern Cameroonian than others keep forcing our hand,we are going to spill the beens ,by putting a question to all your claims,in a language the Ricardos ,and others don`t have a grasp of.It is as if some have to beg to be Southern Cameroonians from you people.Even when we go so low,and make you people understand that not everybody will want to come out to the market place to proclaim the veracity in the SCNC struggle.This is a long struggle ,and maybe at the point of arrival,most of us will not still be around,and our names may never come up as those who fought for freedom.Freedom fighting has never had to do with precipitation.It is not by biting hard on the SDF,that Biya will have pity for the SCNC ,and grant it self autonomy.
Finally ,Ndiks if you define a junta as a government whose authority to rule is derived from force, the question now is where did the government of La Republique derive force from to rule.The authority of the government of La Republique was derived from a peaceful transition of power from Ahidjo to his puppet Biya.He has maintained it through cheating,fraud.His authority to rule has never been derived from the military.We Cameroonians are good at tailoring things to fit our designs.You can continue to make a fool of yourself ,by considering a junta for whatever you want.


Horrible in Here

Gentlemen(Watesih, Rexon and now Ndiks) This is absolutely uncalled for.This makes the powers that be to rejoice of having succeeded to divert attention from them to in house bickering.

To begin with, no one can force his agenda or propaganda down the throat of others. If Ndiks and Rexon think that the SCNC is the only solution to resolving the Southern Cameroon delima, good and fine. Educate ,convince and work hard to make this come true. Your job is to prove to the Southern Cameroonians you can deliver the goods , in this way the SDF will be memberless.Everyone will follow you.

By the same token , if Watesih thinks the SDF can sort out the sand from the beans , good and fine, go ahead ,convince ,educate and prove your worth to the Southern Cameroonians. Prove to them you'll be their "Moses" and the SCNC will shut up.

All these noise about SDF standing on the way of the SCNC and SCNC standing on the way of the SDF is futile blame-laying. Gentlemen, you can only stretch your foot to the length of your blanket. Please stop the bickering.Please Stop!


Agbor T

Fellow commentators,

Its now absolutely out of topic. If people have finished commenting on the UB fraud, forgery and marks scandal then it would be polite to keep our pcs/keyboard shut.

I did said in one of my earlier commentaries that politics in Cameroon and by Camerooninans is all personal interest. Whetehr its SDF, CPDM, SCNC is politics for personal interest. Instead of people standing together and fighting, they want to divide. Mr Biya is a bad ruler in Cameroon. So if he were Southern Cameroon he would still be bad. IN the Cameroon government both those from Southern Cameroon and the then Eastern Cameroon are all corrupt. Whoever is appointed or norminated will be corrupt.
I will still swear that none of the fellow commentators claiming to be either of the three is any of them but personal interest.
I am none of those.

So Tayong you siad it all. No one is standing in another person's way (SCNC or SDF) and both don't have a common sponsor if one exist.


SCNC SCNC SCNC, how many times did I write that? (lol). Man no go drink water. It is almost as if, if you don't identify with them, you are considered a sell-out, traitor, all what not. See me cross. Na by force? Please, all neo-SCNC, air your views without wanting to trample on others whose views differ. What have you done that others have not? What have you done better? Is it all the sing-song 'Ambazonia' rhetoric you've been preaching here which should make everyone drop whatever ideals they have and follow you? whatever. Who even decided that we want to be named 'Ambazonia'? My point here is, not every 'Southern Cameroonian' is or wants to be part of SCNC, so don't try to force it down peoples' throats! Respect other people's views!

Fritzane Kiki HK

Where are you going to,we need a lady in this forum.Please don't leave us males alone.Just come and spice the forum.Thanks for your straight-to-the-point insight.Our society has been messed up and finally we realise that at every level there is corruption.The Education sector is not an exception therein.When Mr Ashwell Malaba made mention of Sexually Transmitted Marks STM it is not a strange phenomenon in the University campuses in Cameroon.From UniYao,To UniDschang,not to talk of UniDou how then can UniBu be left out in this aspect of STM and other forms of corrupt manoevres just to get through with fraudulent certificates and join the popular jobless lot in the streets of Cameroon or call them with the French appellation 'Chaumeurcam'.

In Cameroon the problem is not just the fake certificates and fake graduates but what promotes this is that after a genuine graduation,Biya's usual end of year's speech is very discouraging telling these fresh graduates to look for 'self-employed' jobs.It is ridiculous to see the uncountable amount of those jobless graduates roaming the quarters after 4-7 years of university education under stress and patience.

I guess those lecturers taking monies from students to make them pass are not different from those having sex with them.If girls go for sex then boys go for money since they have no choice then they are birds of thesame feathers.Our university experiences can better explain these.In my days, it was like a 'come and see' issue in the campus.Who are you to object a professor for not having sex with a girl?There were cases of boys leaving their girlfriends for lecturers to have sex with them.Some even never dare to walk with their girlfriends or boyfriends in public for fear of gravious repercussions on their academic records.Going to this will make us feel there were no exceptions,however those who mistakingly made their way through by crook or by hook went scot free and safe.

Thank God some of the bad seeds have started to be exposed anyway.I hope their crime should equal their punishment.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Danny Boy

Hi Fritzane, like you I like the gentle soothing tones of this femme fatale. I can not believe that an intelligent woman like Bthegirl would dismiss such abuse by men in power on the woman as a historical footnote.
Lecherous and priapic lectures should be booted out of our institutions for they have betrayed that trust between the teacher, pupil and the parent. May I suggest "life skills practicals" as another euphemism? Think about it.
On a more controversial note may I also state that the business of government is to govern and not run businesses. You live in Hong Kong, you should know better. The reason you are there is partly of the benefits you derive from a capitalist economy. Governments should regulate and create a stable climate for industry and commerce to luxuriate. That way, we will not have to bail out white elephants like CAM-Air, et cetera, and our public sector borrowing requirements(PSBR) wiil be curbed. You will be in a job, on merit; there will be accountability as share holders want a profit on their investments, et cetera, et cetera. I leave it here in the firm nous that some are going to rise to the bait and keep the flames burning. For their info, my red flag has gathered some Tatcherite blue around it's edges.


Rexon,Can't you see how everybody else is looking at the issue at stake?It is not the first time you have defended these rapists and killers of the Southern Cameroons dream.Why should Ngoh turn over a new leaf only in public?He still sexually transmits marks.That is the reason students cannot have an upper second class honours degree which can enable them compete with other foreign students.


It is normal one can have his own definition of something.We know people have their own definition of free trade/market,justice,suffer dong finish etc.We will not allow high binders to keep fabulating to us the downtrodden,that, we are this ,that,LRC when matter-of-factly we are not.We will not snug when wheeler-dearlers and trojan horses passes for strongest opposition and taking us to participate in fraudulent elections advertently to lend credence to and alien ruler over our territory.We will censure that long-winded. After we can say or hear "we do not stand on the way of...eyewash.

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