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Monday, 11 December 2006


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This post should stop fanning the ideologies of bootlickers and criminals. As i saw this picture of this criminal in CPDM robes, i have fallen sick.


Well spoken Mr committed CPDM millitant.
Yes, Your paul has compensated his cronies as you have enumerated.
Tell us one thing that he has done that has benefited just 25% of the people of NW Province.
Continue day-dreaming
Bush man.


This man really needs to be imprisoned for crimes against humanity. I have gone through his article and all what i realise is that these criminal like most CPDM bootlickers is as evil as, in any given opportunity, he will destroy the entire institution which he is supposed to govern. He is looking for nothing but an opportunity to plunder any resources at his disposal.


The Lamentations a beliggered Idiot.

For 20 years, our Mr Committed parliamentary aspirant has awaited the falling of manner from the Etoudi palace to no avail. For 20 years, he has been spending his wealth, which we know not how he got it" thinking that we was planting it on a field. Now that he's failed reaping any benefits, he now has to devise a means of retrieving "That wealth". ELETIONS.

Cameroonians certainly have become matured enough not be fooled everytime. Listen to the thoughtless bootlicker

"...In 1988, at the age of 27, I donated 57 million CFA to nine (9) Ministries of this Republic, ..."

Suppose he was that rich at the age of 27: to be able to throw away money-Just like that, how much richer should he be today? Sometimes we wonder what people really want when they get into politics. Let's give simple logic to this claim and reason like matured men and women: We have University graduates today with MA degrees roaming about the streets who can't even boast of a single 500frs coin for a week. The Ultimate cause being the sordid government ruling Cameroon. Only if he or one of his Children had suffered from what our brothers and sisters are undergoing in Buea today, He won't want to paint the image he's been painting of the "Chop People Dem Money".

I wonder why the Mr Parliamentary Aspirant failed to make mention that It's been nowhere else in Cameroon except in the North Province the Paul Biya chosed as his Chemistry lab to conduct his deadly Lake Nyos gas experiment. I wonder also why he failed to mention how the Biya regime had closed down what used to be the only hope for some people. I cite the Wum Area Developmet Authority (WADA), The Santa Coffee Estate,and I wonder what the status of MEDINO has been reduced to. It is true that Simon Achidi Achu was once the PM of Cameroon. What legacy did he leave behind? He helped multiply police and Gendarmarie posts which are ready to torture and rape the citizens they are supposed to protect. Oh yes, the cows can now drink pipe borne water and have electricity up in the hills in Santa. Mr "coco nut" head should be smart enough to tell the Mezam voters where he will take pipe borne water and electric supply to.

Who says many funny things aren't happening in Cameroon today. I'll supply him with a statement on how 27 years old Cameroonians are suffering because of the uncompromising regime in Yaounde.

Thanks for reading



Heavenly Father, please give me the courage to read through Paul Atanga's idiosy...A fool at forty.

Thanks for the reminder about lake Nyos. We need to pray for our people, sacrificed like goats by Biya-Israel network.


One word: ASS-KISSER


Going to Bamenda one hundred times to extend the colonisation of mentalities through movements like the Cpdm,and killing traditional authority through a movement of Oliver_Twist like beings called fons,is what makes this Cpdm dare-devil proud of Biya.We should all thank this utopic idealist for the hardwork he put in to publish his MEMOIRES .We are thanking him,because in it he has mentioned all the things that will make Cameroonians vomit him the more.We have learnt from him that during the twenty years he has been working for his party,his party members have been doing politics in Pajeros,
and Mercedes benzes.By trying to remind us of this rush for ostentation only after 20 years is really abusing the intelligence of Cameroonians.Twenty years of seeing your comrades ride in cars that cost 60 million each,yet you seem not to have pity for Cameroonians.The worst thing any Cameroonian
and especially northwesterners would like to hear is somebody professing his 'unflinching support for Paul Biya,and an unshakable support for the institutions of the Republic".Which institutions of the Republic is he talking about here? The ones that have
rigged all organised elections,the ones that
will set free CharlesTaylor-like dictators from prison to continue maiming the population,the institutions where homosexuality is a norm,the ones that send drunkards and rapists to murder,and rape students indiscriminately?
Mr Atanga,you are right to say there is a time for everything.Now it is the time for you to forget!The bleak picture you have painted of the long years of your party in darkness shows the people of the Northwest don`t even realise that you and the Cpdm exist.You are certainly one of those Ondo Ndong sponsored to defend the policies of this bloody regime for so long a time.You are really honest to tell us that you did this dirty job on RFi,VOD,BBC,CRTV,AFRICA.
But your master Ondo Ndong is already in prison,you must be made to join him there.
There`s no single Cameroonian who at age 30 can finance the purchase of 70 taxis,and at age 34 open a bank.If you earn a salary of about 170,000frs a month,where will you have money for such ventures.The worst thing you say is that you did this to support the institutions of the State. So your taxis were not transporting people because they were suffering ,but because you wanted to support the institutions of the state.So at that time you were the enemy of the people work were fighting against dictatorship.Now that you need help,go back to the state, don`t come and tell stories here.
The launching of the SDF was a provocation as you say,but your quest to be a leader is even more of a provocation.You are not different from Frank Biya,financing 70 taxis at age 30,and opening banks at age 34.
When people donate to the less privileged
,you donate 57 million to Ministries,the Gardarmarie.This is the same money the Gardarmes use to buy guns to kill our students.With the authorisation of the head of state,you donated sewing machines to Etoug-Egbe.Is it still the Head of state who wants you to be leader now? Your donations mostly went to Yaounde,so go there and ask them to vote you! Where could a 27 years Old man have 27 million to donate to the Garmarmerie? How much have you donated for the Ringroad? How much have you donated to Bingo,Acha Tugi?
Finally,the Northwest has not failed,it has rejected imperialists,pimps,homosexuals
occultists,and will continue to do so.


Atanga, You can offer what ever you have no matter you political position. You still look thirsty for money to loot.
Above all the north west where you know the situation. The uniform in the picture should indicate that victory for you is slim and with better elections no way.


Haba magida,should i jump into colonial politics?Mr Atanga's Policy statement is instead the enumeration of his achevement,and thinks,the candaille should stuff the ballot for him and the colonial party he bootlicks for.Mr Atanga calls SDF Illegal Ipso facto CPDM too.Biya and CPDM were ILLEGAL in the Southern Cameroons after LAW 84/001 of 4th Feb 1984. Propaganda,wether a true or a false one will certainly carry elements of true in it.

Qouting Atanga:

Politics is therefore not a one-man show. It is a collective effort and the sum total of converging ideas. Politics is not done in luxurious villas or by sitting at the back seat of our PAJEROS and MERCEDES BENZES.

In reality, intrigues, slandering, the struggle for position among elites, egoism and permanent double-dealing have taken the upper hand on entrepreneurial spirit and creativity that should help us to ensure the welfare of everyone.

The absence of dialogue between the elites and the base, the bourgeoisie politics that separates some elites from grass-root militants, arrogance and contempt shown by elites towards their fellow citizens, have created an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion among brothers and sisters of the same province who should be working hand in hand for progress.
Lazy people and those who take easy shortcuts have no future in the New Deal era.Unquote.

And Atanga wants to use now that shortcut to sustain the suzerain manned by tribal slobs and village politicians like himself with a track record of exquisite mayhem and destruction. Atanga is just a small hungry grim jong.


these brother has a point.maybe its better to take another strategy to get there.we can look at his ideologies carefully with an open mind and see rather than just sturborn.after all what have we got to lose?the sdf is winning at the moment,what have we gained?am not sure.less than nothing,i assume.lets stop being sturbone and follow the winning team.what is wrong in a man thinking of another strategy to experience the change from what has been happening since the sdf gained controll as from the early 90's.remember people we might be just being stubborn to face the truth or reality.people politics as we know is a wash my back a wash u back deal.let these politicains work for the people rather than themselves and let the people not be fouled into voting for he who has no guarantee to deliver for the betterment of the lives.after all cpdm is still the leading power and cameroon is no federal republic.peace.


Atanga can be described as a sycophantic kabukabu, political nonentity with a mind as corrupt as that of a zombi.
Shame on to him! It is hard to imagine that people like him still exist in Cameroon. People who are so blinded by their senseless egotic desires that they fail to see or feel the malignity and the fiendish cruelty of the C.P.D.M. regime.A regime that mocks the meat it feeds on. Bad business.
Atanga, wake up from your dreams, wash your brains with some gallons of detergents and declare the devil a liar. Denounce the C.P.D.M.criminality,fraud,corruption,lies,
election rigging, embezzlement, forgery,
manipulation, murdering the innocents and blackmail.
You will be healed.
B. Bwang ( U.S.A.)


That guy looks like a hungry fellow. Vote him and see what he'll do!



Another bootlicker masquerading with the colonial title "espoir" and flirting with the murderous CPDM junta will rush in here to preach to us to follow the murderous CPDM claiming it is the winning team.

Who wants to win anything (financial and otherwise) from such a dirty party?

Fritzane Kiki HK

These are guys who pretenciously betray their people and claim not to know the plight to their excrutiating poverty and malice back in the village.They enjoy the flanbouyancy of Biya's corrption and know they can always fool their people.We are sick and tired of this election propagandas and campaigns at the verge of elections.I guess we are wiser this time to know that these CPDM bootlickers are just puppets who take orders from Mvomeka and doesn't care about what is happening down there.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


mr. rexon,the problem here is we seem not to realise that political parties donot make peoples lives better,its people who make peoples lives better.ideologies and strategies and implimentations of intelligent and great leaders can change things.which party is the clean party that u want to win with anyway?because at the moment non of them seems to be close to good or perfect.they all got their secrets and dont come here and tell us some other party is perfect.or is it scnc?.every time people like u come up here and poison the minds of patriotic and progressive cameroonians with u unrealistic and "get us no way views".mr.rexon,all this sturborness in us as english specking cameroonians would take us no way.what i figure out is that we are not talking or walking towards improving our lives rather we just sit and,u can see the type of politics our fathers are playing.very stupid.fighting like mad this how we are going to succeed with all this fighting among ourselves?men,i know nothing much about the inner activities of politics and politicains but my humble opinion is they should work towards the betterment of our people.thats every common mans draem,i assume.and we have to work together and agree to disagree in order to reach there.i dont care which party is at the helm in bamenda,all am saying its that the people have to benefit.and the sincere question is who can see to our needs to the fullest?i can read that mr.president is saying if u dont care about me why should i care about u?for how all are we going to turn our backs and suffer."the famous saying goes if u cant beat him joint him".am talking as a cameroonian youth who grew up to experience the dawn of multipartism,and most of the time our fathers have been busy with the loud mouths talking unrealistic change such as forming an amazonian we are sick and tired of those preaches.we want to send a message that we want to walk step by step to build our beloved all those kind hearted leaders out there,should be given a chance to serve us and i hope history would tell the rest.peace.


While Papytex crumbles a bit from the power of troth and resoluteness,from justice restorationist, Fad and small time scout for retribution like Tita espoir resurfaces from hideouts.The troth is here to stay. Keep defending the moth-eaten colonial butchers.Blots in Africa!


Please brothers let us forget about this idiot called Atanga. he is leaving in the 16th century am sure. We should tell him about issues of the 21st century. Massa this guy with yi face like accident na real yesterday man.Am sure he has been decieved by Abel Ndeh, J B Ndeh and even Pa Santa the chief corrupta to fall in this pit. Bros Atanga we forgive you for your ignorance about today's happenings.
I will not go away without congratulating the Post newspaper for a job well done. Get all this money from this kind of idiots and hand them over to us to crucify.
Atanga any comment from me about this 16th Century Bamenda history will be waste of my time and energy. you are a nice fool.

Danny Boy

My fellower North Westerners, having read Mr. Atanga's dire manisfesto, I would strongly advice you to take this man seriously and make sure come the elections next year he does not win. This man is a rich fool who thinks you the electorate are that gullible to fall for such bunkum. Some of his assertions are so pathetic to warrant a reply.
Only a fool can still today assert that the launching of the S.D.F was illegal! Can somebody give him a copy of our constitution please.
Why would anybody give money to a government ministry anywhere in the world if he/she is not plum loco? It is said that a fool and his money are soon parted. This nincompoop must be looking at the bottom of his barrel, which is why he needs your assistance to steal.
In passing can I advice this idiot to employ the services of professionals in the preparation of such documents that will be read and scrutinized by the public. Your manifesto was a cobbled up job which could only have been prepared by a skinflint!
The people of Bamenda you have been warned.


Tita Espior,
You dropped the name Tita,in order to sound completely dogmatic like the other S.n Tita who wants to do Politics with stones in Limbe.These are your assertions:
- "I don`t care which party is at the helm in Bamenda...and the sincere question is who can see to our needs fullest".A party is represented by people,so how would you not care about the party that is at the helm,and at the same time you care about the person that will see to your needs the fullest?
- "If you can`t beat him join him". These are Cpdm catch phrases. Do you mean Atanga can`t beat the SDF in Bamenda ,and should therefore join them? Or you mean we should join your rotten CPDM since they rig all elections for us not to beat them?
_ " Mr President is saying that if you don`t care about me why should i care about you".
Yeah,nobody has been caring about Mr Atanga for sixteen years,so why does he care about people have have not cared the damn about him for so long? Let him go and care about the Ministries he sent millions to.
Tita Desespoir,some of you will even go from Papytex to Popoultex,to Biyatex,Muketex
Vallyex,Momoex,FBteribobex,but when you come back here you will still run into a stone wall.

Ma Mary

Nice Christmas gift for the man.


brother Ndiks,my opinions are my opinions and its better and civilised when we respect each others opinion and agree to disagree and stop giving names to people who dont share the same ideas like u.thats civilised for a takes great wisdom to respect u oppnent and with all the education people like u got,u still believe in arrogance.thats "UNCIVILISED".U NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN ANYWAY.
brother watersih,concerning partism and individuality in politics,all am saying is we need good and humanitarian leaders who are prepared to serve the people no matter which party they come from.and they bottom line is are we going to reap the fruits of their leadership at this stage in all those people or politicians who they people think they can benefit from their leadership should be voted into power no matter which party.but we must be inteligent and understand that as i said in this stage in time there is a winning team in cameroon.we like it or not come the results of the paliamentary elections we will Bamenda people must stop being unrealistic and go with the cameroons political scenerio is very complex and anglophones need to be very intelligent to succeed and forget about beating around the bush tactics.its time wasting.thank God cameroonians have been gifted with a high level of educational stamina and knowlege among its people.they know whats good for them.
concerning the question of who's joining who?,my answer is let the people join the team that can deliver the most or the see can deliver the most.thats my view.
and when i refer to "mr. president"am refering to mr.Atangas over-all boss.he pulls the shuts i assume.if we plant maize we should not be expecting to harvest rice.peace.


Tita Espior,
My man,you seem to be on a campaign trail already!You are tossing Cpdm slogans in the air with a lot of assurance.
Here you," i said in this stage i time,there is a winning team in Cameroon" hahahaha!My dear Tita is this your Christmas gift to Cameroonians? Telling them that there`s a winning team in Cameroon.Winning means different things todifferent people. May be when your team wins the world cup of the most corrupt country,worst governed ,worst than Somalia and same as Iraq,that is victory to you.Sir there`s a winning team in Cameroon ,so what makes Pauul Atanga run.Let
him continue to be part of the winning team.
Why is he coming to solicit help from losers?
All the spin-doctors in your team only appeal to Anglophone sense of self when they come to ask them to join "the winning team",
but when you people murder,rape Anglophone students you take Anglophones for playthings.
We have heard this over and over,"If you plant maize ,you should not expect to harvest rice".You are absolutely right.My Atanga planted maize in Ministries,the Gendarmerie in Yaounde,so why does he want to harvest rice in Bamenda? Hahahahaha!


Tita Espoir,

The way you present your ideas really supposes that the CPDM is the real evil against Camerounese citizens. How can your party reduce itself to comparing with another political party on childish issues. What i have realised in the past decade is that CPDM politicians invest on destroying the SDF. They do this through bribing corrupt politicians of the SDF (like Muna, Ngwasiri, Mbah Ndam, etc), bribing journalist to write bad things about the SDF, control councils through government delegates and secretaries to destabilise realistic projects to be executed by the SDF, etc. Then after doing all these, they turn around and say they are better than the SDF as the SDF would have been more corrupt had they taken over power.

Aren't you CPDM guys stupid. Why dont you guys measure your ability to govern on what you are actually doing but on what you "THINK" the SDF will do if it takes power? All over, it is thesame story by CPDM militants, no clear-cut political or economic agenda, no development goals, etc. All we hear of the CPDM is how this or that Pundit have stolen billions, how students have been shot through their orders because they wanted to fight fraud, etc. And when anybody wants to complain, they turn to the problems of the SDF, as if the evils that the Biya regime through its CPDM junta has done to Cameroonians has been energized by the problems of the SDF. How are the problems of the SDF connected tothe theft, corruptio, shootings, fraud, underdevelopment, etc. that has been going on in La Republique? You guys need to grow up in your thinking. It is like you want to us to legalise corruption instituted by la republique, for some irrational reasons.


Mr Tita, i wouldn't want to talk much on matters that besieged the ruling invading Junta in our Land.You were not seen condemning the tribal militia of the junta raping,and killing students in Buea,even the candidate you defend here.You are certainly one of them.But,one thing you have to know is that the Junta is manned by humans,it is not robotic.You may be a robot of the Junta.Therefore, IT IS NOT INVINCIBLE.


Where is Tita Espoir? Intervene and help your Shamble FAILED STATE.Living on LIES.

Haan threatens Fifa action
Martin Etonge
BBC Sport, Yaounde

Cameroon coach Arie Haan has threatened to report his employers to Fifa over claims that he has been absent from his post for the past two months.

Officials of Cameroon's football federation, FECAFOOT, said on Tuesday that the Dutchman has not been at post since October and that his absence contravenes the terms of his contract.

But Haan says he has postponed his return to the central African country until FECAFOOT retracts the statement.

"I want the FECAFOOT to officially withdraw the statement or I will go to Fifa. I cannot accept this," Haan told the Cameroon Tribune on Thursday.

"They already admitted that they know I was in Vietnam (in November to monitor the players of the Cameroon Olympic team during the BV Cup).

"How can FECAFOOT officials say they don't know where I am and what I am doing?

"This is a catastrophe for me because the news has gone across the globe."

Haan also denied the allegation that he turned downed friendly games against France and Brazil.

"The issue about the friendly matches is also a lie. I never refused a game, especially not against Brazil or France," Haan said.

"I asked at the beginning of September for a match on 15 November but they (FECAFOOT) were not able to organise something.

Haan's contract stipulates that he should be resident in Cameroon but the Dutchman says he has not been provided with a stable accommodation.

"As for permanent residence in Cameroon, there is no problem but I still don't have a house or apartment."

Haan signed a two-year contract in August with the promise of a renewal if Cameroon's Indomitable Lions qualified for the 2008 African Nations Cup tournament in Ghana.

He succeeded Portuguese Artur Jorge who quit in February after the former African champions failed to clinch a place at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.


Mr Tita Espoir et al,How much is the pay wage of your president in the palace of DISUNITY?.....

Kenya leader rejects his pay hike
Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki
Mr Kibaki came to power promising to fight poverty
Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki has rejected an $18,000 monthly salary increase given to him by parliament.

He said he had turned down the offer because "there are other priority projects in need of urgent funding".

Last week, MPs agreed to raise his basic pay and allowances from $26,000 a month to more than $44,000.

Critics and opposition politicians had objected to the president's salary hike, as 60% of Kenya's population of 32m live on only $1 a day.

It is imperative that remuneration due to public officers be a true reflection of the economic and social times of the nation
President Mwai Kibaki

Does good pay stop graft?

Mr Kibaki, who faces re-election next year, came to power in 2002 promising to end decades of corruption and improve the living standards of Kenyans.

"I have taken note of the decision reached and weighed its implications under the current economic conditions prevailing in the country, and do hereby turn down the offer," the president said in a statement on Wednesday night.

"It is imperative that remuneration due to public officers be a true reflection of the economic and social times of the nation."

In the parliamentary debate last week, opposition MP William Ruto had said there were civil servants who earned "peanuts" at about $57 a month, were in more urgent need of a salary increase.

Several groups of workers, such as university lecturers have held strikes, complaining of low pay.

Over the past four years, Mr Kibaki's administration has been hit by a multi-million dollar corruption scandal which has damaged the president's credibility with Western donors.

Some donors have estimated that up to $1bn had been lost to graft between 2002 and 2005.

Danny Boy

Last night after reading this piece of self-indictment by this wannabe politician, I kept asking myself, what more does the anti- corruption police need to charge this man with corruption? If he had made his donations to his beloved party fine, but he made these to various institutions of state. How were these donations to be included into budgets allocated to these ministries?
It is patently obvious that this man is guilty of bribery and corruption. In his self-delusion he wants us to believe that he was simply doing what any sane Cameroonian would. Nuts! If I read anywhere that a Cameroonian businessman/woman has been jailed for tax evasion, that to me is understandable. Nobody wants to pay taxes,that is a fact of life. Then why would anybody carry his hard earned money and give to the state? Think about it!
If this shady character wants the Bamenda electorate to vote for him, he should present them with his curriculum vitae(cv), not a hotch-potch of his misdeeds cobbled together in the form of a manifesto.
Cameroon post, we know he must have paid handsomely for you to devote so much column inches to his drivel. Please think of the ulcers many will be having from reading such asinine assertions and proclamations. Cameroon or specifically Bamenda has not gone to the dogs yet.


This, guy is opinionistic. He is courageous! Who will be so bold to speak with this foolishness. If he is bootliking, he must be a real idiot. His father the "biya" will atleast be happy with him. But what is funy for me is not that he has taken this foolish step but it is that even in some of the comments over the web, he has got a following.
When shall we learn a lesson. Foncha lamented on his way to the grave, Muna nashed his teeth into the coffin, Fonka pled for forgiveness when it was too late. And now this one is going the same road? I usually think that it is because of ignorance that people buy into CPDM ideas, but this is direct wickedness to side with a demon.
Now, after Biya's many "comings" to NW,in three months, why did he stop coming the rest of his life? If there is no party in NW and especially in Mezam, we can vote for a sheep rather than vote for any person who identifies with CPDM. I do think that CPDM is a symbol of wickedness. Begin from the recent killings in Buea University, go to maltreatment of Tea Estate Workers, stop in Ndu and Kumbo to visit those who for life have been affected by Gerdarme Harrasements, rapes, murders and detainments. I don't want to read this idiotic article anymore.




still to be confirmed


The policy statement/manifestor/history notes/time line on the North West Province-CNU/CPDM workings/relationship in the period under review; is what I would like to describe the politicians presentation.
However may I add also that the ability of a piece of work/writting to generate a response at all is an achievement in its own right.
Like before, I desire to call on us luck to have this oppotunity to think again, the times are rough and have been for very long, the atmosphere never gets less hazier than it was the previous day.
However we must remember that these on-line dicussions we hold are automatically forming the archives of our own individual and collective contribution to building a future for the Nation, our future, our Nation - Cameroon('la republique' or 'Southern'.
It is possible to develop an idea of where we are heading in reality and synchronise it to where we want to be.
Its not late, we can begin to think about it now, possibly begin discussing it sooner.
I mean FACING ISSUES & making every effort to AVOID the INDIVIDUAL, as old fashioned and low-key as it sounds, i think it should be an option.
We have the right to be angry at the same time we have an option to avoid the keyboard untill we'd had a good laugh.
We have a reason to hope, this I say because I am sure none of us envys Ivory Coast.
I am proud of every contributor, especially the very reglar brothers and sisters but above all the courage of the editorial team at 'The POST-on-LINE'
Thank you
Mallam harisu j. mai

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