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Monday, 18 December 2006


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Yes Lambi has been axed!!! What about the police who fired at students? This is a situation i thought this follow John Fru Ndi will address to the Prime Minister. But the idiot complains about the SCNC. The SCNC reacted to the killing which the SDF has not done. Whose interest is the SDF serving ?


Dear Patriots,
One is rarely satisfied even if the whole world rest in your command.My guess is that God must be angry with himself for creating a world sometimes, like such where man has bestored supremacy and describe each circumstance so well to best fit ill-intentions.The later parazer, surpasses the limit set to act and like a monarch in all respect decides the fate of what they refer to themselves as co-creators of the people of their land.What I feel in me and always felt when UB transformation was hitherto pronounce was the beginning of a new era where the monarchy of our country in the ussual routine of signing even what is not verified has so outburst the man in power and as a free soul bent to wipe the offences claimed by his men.Lol! this is not the case here, in recent change he has just proven his dormancy and justify the role as a stouch.

Unfortunately very few could decode what I write here but for personal appreciation I will recommend anyone hungry of divine truth and life essence to lay hands on this 19 century novel by the venerated author Marie Colerrie titled: TEMPORAL POWERS-a study in supremacy.

Lest I die let me predict that not even powers is temporal yet in it as short time as you serve make good your vail-Lambi so to speak atleast honourably serve his people just for year yet as great than it would profile in 2 and a half decade of Monarchy!!!!!!!!!!!! There must be a reason for heroes to fall and in this case he has
fallen, fail not to see what changes he brought in the system that for no reason will the envy tongue,exposed chants and vicious plots of those who in action have let him go on scott free.There is a cause to fall and that is just it.



The appointment dismissal of different academics of the University of Buea is a Non-Event as far as i am concerned. It is thesame old rhetoric by La Republique's colonial agents. The bottom line is, they have succeeded in imposing some unqualified francophone students on the list of students at UB's medical schools, at the expense of well qualified Southern Cameroonians. How comes that we only hear of regional equilibrium when it comes to the maidens list of medical students of the University of Buea?

Secondly, those who have been appointed are thesame group of Camerounese corrupt group of professors brainwashed by the colonial regime in Yaounde to legitimise the colonisation of the Southern Cameroons. For example, Titanji and Ngoh are high profile pussy professors whose conduct have always been a call for concern. Yet they have always maintained high profile positions in UB. In a proper University in the western World, those two evil men could never have been allowed to get close to our children.

Lambi himself has made significant blunders that he needed to be booted out. But the question is, who should have replaced him? Another corrupt puppet of La Republique fits the throne as they are being appointed by their master in etoudi.


Those who left UB in the 90's can remember Titanji's role in handing over a first class degree in chemistry at the University of Buea to his girlfriend at the time. He has also been involved in negotiating fraudulent and self-imposed scholarship to his relatives for scandinavian Universities. Primarily Scientific institutions in the Scandinavia like Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute.

How can we trust such a corrupt person?


Njoh is not a Southern Cameroonian. He is an Ewondo man.


Saying that Professor Victor Julius Ngoh is NOT a Southern Cameroonian. The name Ngoh should not be taken for a bakweri man. He is an Ewondo man and would be loyal to Ewondo camp than to the Southern Cameroonaisn who study at UB.


ML Rene,

The argument that some people are not Southern Cameroonians because of their names are an invention to destabilise the Southern Cameroons by colonial agents of La Republique. As we of the SCNC think, someone automatically becomes a Southern Cameroonian if he was born there and has unquestionable allegiance and loyalty to this area. For example, the second and third generation children of Nigerian Heritage, Francophone heritage will all be Southern Cameroonians if they want to take our own passport.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Again Biya's intension for sacking Lambi is to distract attention and blame on the corrupt practices of his regime.But he is mistaking because the truth has been revealed.Eventhough some say Lambi is innocent others held him responsible for not acknowledging his role and portfolio in the U.B.What wonders me is that he(Lambi) wanted to go against the Biya's diplomacy of 'taking orders from above'.

Coicidentally he exposed and uncovered a usual examination fraud deal by those Bigwigs in the ruling party.It will never be appropriate to say that this is the first case of public examination fraud as many cases has been reported in ENAM,EMIA,ENS and other competitive public service exams.I am really disturbed by this inconsistencies and academic theft.Political leaders should try and punish all those who misrepresents and fraud in such cases.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Yes Fritz,we're all worried and disturbed.Its a shame ,i dare say.So brother,what do we do now?Any suggestions for a way forward?
Rexon,any suggestions?

M Nje

Keep it up guys. Corruption should not be a way of life in this country. We need a change. I hope we can stand up as these students and support meritocracy over injustice.

M Nje

we need to let the world know what is going on. It is our responsibility to enlighten everyone about everything, from the killings in UB to the change of list for admission into the Medical school.
These guys depend on foreign loan to keep up with their lavish life style. Loans that our grand children might not even pay.

When they go asking for these loans, there will always face embarrassing questions about what is happening in their country. Most foreign loans have conditions such as good governance.

So let everyone in the world know about that is going on. This is just one remedy. There should be others.


Thanks M Nje and you're very right,the world has to know and the world does know brother,'cause we've been shouting it since 1972.Yes i'm certain the world knows.I just thought Fritz and Rex would have some better ideas for a way forward.Well it seems we just have to continue.More wind to your lungs bros.Thanks



We have not even attained the point where we might need to discuss creative macro and micro economic policies that can influenc changes in our socio-economic system. We are still at a point where we need to root all the ills of our society before discussing any way forward. You will consent with me that there are lots of bandits queing up to occupy strategic positions if Mr Biya dare leaves power.

People have spent years talking about the way forward. La Republique and the Southern Cameroons are not bad today because people dont know what is right or wrong. The problem is greed. I am not personally interested in discussing any macro policy that can influence changes in La Republique. Because i strongly believe the only thing this criminals understands is war. We have talked, talked and talked. Why we are busy advising them and crying for our nation, they are busy designing tactics to stay in power. They steal our resources and even go to the extent of bribing even foreign journalist and individuals to write good things about them. Some like Agbormbai and Mukete were employed here to write good things about this criminal government. So we need to stand against all this evil.


All this talk about Lambi's leaving and his replacement has seemingly not solved any problem.

I am personally dissapointed with the speed with which southern Cameroonians do forget about the root causes and solutions to their problems and concentrate on digress issues. The continued attack on our Southern Cameroonians brothers and sisters with lethal weapons amounted to sadistic and sickening savagery, almost beyond comprehension by La Republique. Their families has been left with an irreplaceable loss and terrible grief. our actions must reflect our concern for this people, not that each time we are shot, we quickly forget and start locking horns with colonial agents of La Republique. Life should mean life and no one should try to take another persons life simply because he wants to place some of his own in high profile positions in La Republique. We can only imagine what can be going on in these family's minds as they mourn their lost children. If i were killed like that, i dont know how my poor mother would have felt for the rest of her life. I have lost friends in less miserable situations, but their families still suffer from the truama until date. That poor kids were subjected to a frenzied, relentless attack, which was as humiliating and degrading as it was violent and cowardly.

We should not behave like we are La Republique that have a disregard for their lives. We should continue mourning them and designing strategies to defend ourselves from such barberic actions from La Republique in the near future. Otherwise, we would be wiped out.


The NONCE in UB called Ngoh who preys on the nether regions of young girls and award them marks is on record ,telling Liberation minds to drop the dream of restoring the statehood of Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons).He's a small time sleeven and a grim colonial PIMP lurking in that Institution.More cannot be said here.Remember i said he is sub-rosaly on a mission to make a gammon of UB,discredit it,and sully it's image.Any qualms why some students are now saying "Ngoh must go"?We have to be beady towards these pimps and the junta in Yaunde.To be continue........


yes this shows the kind of crule government we have. Those who try to oppose the devilish functions of the government find themselves in under harsh conditions will things ever changed in this country that's the million dollar question that those authorities who call themselves leaders fouls and selfish leaders thus produce a bad and wicked government but we should fight even if it will caused our blood cameroon is being ruled by ocultic persons full of evil in their minds self interest and the fight for their stomach is their main concern greedy fouls in the name of leaders


What is cameroon turning into? since when did anglo-saxon education turn into a stock exchnage market for economic power and a device for political centralization of power? what is happening to cameroon?


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Patriot and progressive Cameroonians!


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