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Wednesday, 06 December 2006


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The gruesome murder and torture of fellow Southern Cameroonian(SC) students commenced on Monday, the 27th November,2006. This was due to the following political scandal from the occupied master: La republic du cameroun(LRC) on our fellow citizens.

1. The government created medical schools in Douala(LRC) and Buea(SC). Entrance examinations were written in all the above centres.

2.Only two SCs were selected eventhough many SCs passed the entrance, while the rest were from LRC, in Douala. The setting of this examination in the various centres was based on the language used. That is English in SC and French in LRC.

3.Of the 800 students who sat on the entrance examination into the medical school in Buea University, only 127 passed, all hailing from Southern Cameroons. The first la republique du camerounian student took the 600th position. It should be noted that the exam in Buea was set by the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) Board marked using the computerise system, since they were structural questions.

4.The list of successful candidates was handed over to the Vice Chancellor(V.C) for endorsement and later published.

5.After the V.C approval, all successful candidates were happy and awaing for orals since only 60 students were needed.
Unfortunately, the Minister of Higher Education rejected the list on grounds that the list suppose to be sent to him for approval. It should also be noted that the Minister did not reject the list from Douala for the same exam.

6.Thereafter, a document was faxed to the V.C's office from the Minister to include 26 names, all being students from la republique especially the President's tribe(Eton,Beti & Ewondo), who did not sit in for the said examination.

7.It should be recalled that only 60 students were needed to become the first batch of prospective medical doctors and if 26 of these students were included, the chances of
of Southern Cameroonian students will be 34 out of 60.

8. The students for the collective interest of their colleagues who succeeded, asked the V.C to tell the Minister to annul the illegal list, but to no avail.

9.Then the students called in for a peaceful strike, that is, domonstrating their grievances on the school campus. They started shouting: No to corrupt!, No to bribery! They wrote placards carrying messages such as: Anglosaxon Universities are not corrupt; Yaounde should not corrupt our University and a lot of others.

10. This move was to shun corruption in univesities and allow meritocracy to prevail.

11. President Paul Biya , a colonial master of Southern Cameroons sent his secret agents en civile to monitor the gravity of the strike and give him feedback. This act was to disrupt any move for the strike.

12. The students were on campus from the 27-28 but later forced out of campus when the Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Agbor Tabi told them that they should go to hell or to any organisation(s) and report. That they(students) can not change the system that has been put in place. He told them that he would call his guys(police) to disperse them.

13. The Honourable Governor of the South West Province, Eyaya Zanga Louis,from the President's clan(Beti,Ewondo,& Eton) said this was a positive corruption because the students(from LRC) would have jobs at the end of the programme.

14. On the night of 29th November, 2006, two(2) students were shot dead while the following day another student accompanied others to paradise, making three deaths. An old mother of above 70years was murdered by a stray bullet. A taxi driver who took a hairdresser to the hospital was also killed by a policeman.

15. The following people were killed by agents of la republique du cameroun:
a) Hilary Muebe( was shot at the head) from the department of Economics.
b) Ivo Obia Ngemba( shot at the mouth) from the same department.
c) Ngundam Terence Ndeh( shot on the stomarch)was reportedly dead after a day.
d) A stray bullet killed a mother who was above
70years and
e) the taxi driver above,

16. In the cause of fleeing for safety, six students died in a terrible bus accident on their way to Bamenda whose names were not yet known. This recorded eleven deaths as of now.Ms Mbianda Laura( a
hairdresser) was shot at the neck in her saloon and Clerence Nkentah(student) whose stomarch was scraped by a bullet are currently receiving treatment assisted by Lord Mayor of Buea, at the Provincial Hospital Annex.
Other victims of this raid were found in nearby clinics receiving treatment. The mayor in the cause of carrying a corpse to the mortuary was shot thrice but escaped with the corpse to the hospital.

17.Many people who were not students were molested and properties looted as the case in the bus park at 17 mile,Molyko and Bomaka(a nearby village from Buea).

18. It should be noted that the parents of
francophone students called their children home and none of them participated in the strike.

19. The soldiers of la republique du cameroun were rejoicing and singing" On a gagner!!!"meaning "we have won" after majority of the students flee for safety. They also said "les prisonniers, entrez dans la maison" meaning prisoners go to your home.The soldierswere using live bullet, explosives and tear gas. They were beating everybody in the quaters.

20. After fierce confrontation between the police and students whose weapon were stones, the executive of the Southern Cameroons National Council(SCNC) called a security officer whose name is withheld, that the strike was no longer the students affair but between anglophone and froncophones. That whenever there was a strike, la republique use live bullet on us but in their territory none of that was used. That we have called all Southern Cameroonians to fight against injustices and gruesome murder of our citizens. That we were ready to face any odds to remove oppressors from our land.

21. The Yaounde regime was immediately informed and within an hour soldiers who were sent from Douala and Yaounde were retreating to their various destinations.



I had a dream…
I dreamt I was one of the lucky few Frenchy Frogs admitted into the Faculty of Health Science, UB, thanks to an expediete telegram from our noble Dr. Maceline in Ongola…
Anti-Frog sentiment from the Anglos was unusually high and xenophobic and being the naïve Frog that I was I could not fully understand why our fellow English sibilngs hated us this much…
But not everyone on campus hated ‘us’…

I soon developed strong cords of loyalty with one black, rotund lady on campus called Limunga D. who constantly pestered me about taking her to Ongola, another curious looking fellow called Cornelius was on my side and then I also remember one tall, handsome fellow called Herbert, who always seemed to charm every lady on campus…And then there was one pious and reverend fellow called Moki C. I always wondered why this guy had not taken the option of going to the seminary to serve as a parson or better still a monastery to devote his life to God and doing good…Such a nice fellow…
But my best pal was one local champion called Ngoh V…

Ngoh was a very unique hybrid because of the manner in which he stuttered…
He always stuttered without people even noticing because of his finesse and mastery of the art of stuttering…Ngoh was also unique because it was rumoured he had the highest level of testosterone on campus reason why it was forbidden for any female student to make contact with him. I remember one female student who failed to heed to these warnings had been a casualty with a triplet of baby boys!…
Even the sample guinea pigs for experiment were kept at bay from Ngoh for their own safety.
I always sympathized with Ngoh because every morning he had some laundry to do because all his beddings would be soggy from wet dreams…

One day we went for surgery practical with one other chap called Katakata, who was no fan of mine, and he was an exceptionally good student surgeon…An Anglo for that case…I had a love-hate relationship with this fellow because I thought only Frogs had the monopoly to be good doctors…
Ngoh had complained of acute tonsillitis, reason for his stuttering, and my Anglo friend Katakata, with me as his assistant, had been delegated to incise this malaise from my good friend Ngoh…
Our revered Professor Ngu A. had also assigned us to also remove one of Ngoh’s testicles in a bid to curb his high level of testerone….
At the dissecting theatre table was Herbert E. dabbing the forehead of Katakata of any sweat with a clean towel, Limunga was the one carrying the tray of spoons, forks, knives and other cutlery used for operating…
Katakata was one hunched over a sedated Ngoh, lying prostrate on the dining theatre table…
I was just standing next to this prolific Anglo surgeon guru seeing him strut his stuff with dexterity…
The operation was successfully concluded as Ngoh was emancipated of his tonsillitis.
Next came my turn to extract one of Ngoh’s testicles…

I was shaking all over because this was my first time of engaging in such a high-risk venture and I knew one error and Ngoh would become a eunuch for life…
But I was not the only one perturbed…Limunga was quivering all over like a leaf dancing in the harmattan wind and the operating cutlery rattled incessantly, even the handsome Herbert was swallowing hard unable to conceal his excitement of fright…
They were concerned about the fate of their friend….
Katakata had taken leave by this time and Moki was our gate man, manning the main entrance into the theatre room…Herbert started losing concentration and a rivulet of sweat gradually nestled on my brow and I waited in vain for a traumatized Herbert to clear it to no avail…
As I raised my left hand to wipe away this menace with my shirtsleeve, Limunga seem to jolt out of her reverie just then and she spilled the whole tray of cutlery onto poor Ngoh.

Then a miracle occurred…from the bowels of a heavily sedated Ngoh thundered an ear splitting scream of pain…
An athletic Herbert barged through the front door to safety knocking poor Moki flat on the ground while a petrified Limunga dived through the back door with ease…
For some reason I equally did some screaming myself…
Just then I was awakened by the Crtv signatory news tone…

“Here is the news on Crtv Yaounde. In a Presidential decree signed this morning, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea Professor Lambi has been replaced by Dr. Ngoh…”
Crazy dream…



Since Tribalism is a speechless phenomenon it is easy to wave it arbitrarilly on the center stage of our national shame and disappointments. Mr. Amadou Ali pushes it further by calling these students 'instrumentalized vandals.' Only people blinded by the shallowness of the passing pleasure of the abuse of official powers could fail so woefully in reading the signs of time in the recent events.

The student action in Buea is a statement by a new generation of Cameroonians that are tired of being pushed around by and to the whims to arm-chair administrators and mediocre leaders.

That it happens in the Best University that we currently have in the country is a significant premonition of bigger acts of courage and bravery by the present generation that have learnt to know and love the taste of excellence. They have also learnt to shake off the mediocrity that has striven for years in Cameroon propagated by the abuse of official powers by the same group of leaders for more than two decades.

Our Students have learnt that a mediocre generation of leaders, like those that we have now, is a lost generation because they fail to follow the bravery of their fathers and their children will not follow them down the path of shame.

Our ministers may say all they want; after all they are of the lost generation, reduced to the footnote of the countless volumes of History that will recount the bravery of young Cameroonians today.

We all have to make decide where we belong: on the crisp pages of the glory of a new Cameroon with the martyrs of Buea or in the footnotes of shame . The choice is now, Mr Minister!


So the evidence is gone;or maybe not all of it.I'm offering the same amount to The Post to delete the pictures also,so we could calmly and confidently declare"ZERO MORT"!


Mr VC of Buea University you have to stand your grounds. If the Douala list was never tampered with by the minister, then the Buea list has to be as it was released. It is high time we stand for a legacy and justice and not just for our jobs.
Anglophone parliamentarians you have to make sure a commission of enquiry is set up to investigate the happenings in UB. Even if nothing is done, you can make the world to know what is happening.
Mr PM did not say the list from Douala should have anglophones so as to represent the nature of our country so why say this in the case of UB. You are all sellouts and the day of reckoning is coming when justice shall reign. May the souls of the departed students rest in peace!!!

Eric Ngonji Njungwe

Hi Rexon,

I would like to get in touch with you for some inquiry. Could you contact me at (


Latest this morning from Buea





Thanks for the informations.


I will be contacting u soon.


The VC has flopped like all power hungry boot lickers of his ilk.He should have stood his ground and at least have an honourable exit.
That aside it is not surprising that in present day Cameroon, 21st century, students are shot dead because they call for justice and fair play in a Medical School to which this very students contributed money from their meager allowances to make functional.
The question that really bugs my mind as i listen to supposed intellectuals like Ngoh ranting about Regiional Balance is whether this is the first professional school in Cameroon,or whether regional balance comes into play only when it concerns Buea. Go to CUSS, ENAM, National Police College Yaounde/Mutengene, ENAP Buea, or any of your choice and from your own analysis tell me if any notion of this purported regional balance was considered in admiting Cameroonians to their campuses.tell me whether at least 90-95% of students in these schools are not french speaking.Or look at the Public Service and tell me if we really know what we mean when we talk of regional balance.
Again when we boldly go to the air to talk of regions in Cameroon, which regions are we refering to.I thought Cameroon was one and indivisible. Have some began to accept the idea of English and French Cameroon because they want to dubiously send their unworthy offsprings to UB.
Cameroon will change, soon, but this may only be when we became capable of respecting those who fall in the line of battle. Shame on thos e who spend time weeping rather over broken cars.
We are together.

Francis Nche

Buea today has been transformed into a milatory barracks as the so cals orals for the Minsiters list is supposingly programmed for this afternoon.
In the meeting of Monday, Lambi said that Minsters list is non negotiable and that the program drawn up by the minister must be respected.
School resuming on Thursday, Convocation postponed from the 16th and reiterated that the confussion is his error. Why then is this puppet not resigniong? He said text must be respected and the text of creation of UB spell out clearly that from the HODs to the VC, the posts must be elected. How elected this munster if he wants to respect the text?
I will see how this story of soldiers more numerous in the school cqmpus thqn students will end.
A revolution is in the making in Cameroon


Quoting Francis Nche,

"If he resigned, they would have immidiately opened an investigation about the case of the two lecture halls which were completed and inaugourated on paper"

This suggests that Lambi has been involved in these racketeering like all La Republiques agent to steal our resources. That is why he has organised the slautering of four of our brothers and sisters and an additional eleven who died while fleeing the violence by La Republique's colonialist for Yaounde.

Lambi and co, there is blood in your hand.

Ma Mary

Any lists from GUNPOINT MEDICAL SCHOOL, MOLYKO should be pasted here for analysis.

Fritzane Kiki HK

All those CPDM stooges and bootlickers like Lambi and Agbor Tabi are frusttrated CPDM sideliners who will prefare to replace names of their own brothers in preference for those of the Frogs.They have sold ther conscience and without fear of ethnic profiling nor respect of their place of origin they blindly forget that these political positions they have will not last for ever.They never care about their own brothers.

Look at Lambi openly declaring that; was his fault to have signed the list' This is really a betrayal and irresponsibility which has caused more harm than good to his credibility and respect amongst the students and community alike.He has eaten the communion from Yaounde and has been instructed to answer YES from orders from above.They are more of puppet heads than school leaders without any personal decision.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Big Joe

UB Crisis:
Talks Flop
Orals go on Mano militaro
-UBSU Demands Unconditional Release Of Detained Leaders
By Fon Christopher

Attempts by authorities of the University of Buea to broker a deal with leaders of the University of Buea Students ’ Union , UBSU in order to arrest the ongoing crisis rocking the institution has hit the rocks.
The leaders have refused to sign a deal which the University authorities dubbed “Packaged Deal” and have called for an unconditional release of their detained leaders.
Yesterday Tuesday 5 December 2006 Dr. George Nyamdi who led a special committee created by the institution went out to the hideout of the students and convinced them to attend the meeting which was aimed at finding a solution to the imbroglio.
After hesitating at the entrance to the campus after they saw truck loads of forces of law and order driven into the campus, the student leaders, however, finally went in with a lot of mixed feelings.
The crisis meeting took place at the conference room of the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Cornelius Lambi. It was attended by the Vice Chancellor and his Deputies, Registrar, Deans of Faculties, Heads of departments and other administrative top brass of the institution. Also in attendance were University Chaplains from the Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches and the Regional Secretary for Human Rights and freedoms, Tambe Tiku. The student leaders also insisted that the press must be in attendance.
The issue at stake was to see how negotiations carried out for classes to resume on Thursday and for the effective running of the orals on Wednesday.
The “Packaged Deal” presented by the spokesman of the special committee, Dr. George Nyamdi had as points; the effective resumption of classes on Thursday, creation of a follow-up committee to implement the Packaged Deal, the organization of orals into the school of medicine, release of all students detained between Wednesday and Friday.
After concerting with the student leaders taken multi leaves from the hall, and from unending pressure on them, the UBSU leaders were about to sign the deal when their spokesman Donatus Wanobi got information that over 500 students were at the entrance into campus waiting to kill him.
It was then that the students, refused signing the deal outright.
The students leaders said that for any talks to start, they want the unconditional release of their leaders, Abia David.
It is worth noting that during the meeting, UBSU spokesman Donatus Wanobi displayed four live bullet shells purportedly used to kill him by forces of law and order in his hideout in Molyko. The roof of the house where he was hiding reportedly had bullet holes.
The UBSU spokesman told the committee that a number of girls in the university residential area have been raped by forces of law and order. A form two student of GHS Bokwango is reported to have been a victim.
While the meeting was going on, Vice Chancellor Professor Lambi stormed in to the hall with a communiqué from the Minister of Higher Education, Jacques fame Ndongo stating that the number of students to be admitted in to the school of medicine has been raise from 60 to 85. The student said they were grateful for the increase but. This however, failed to cause the students to go back on their decision not to sign the truce.
Meanwhile a release from UBSU which preceded the meeting stated in lucid terms that they will not in any way allow orals to hold today. It said if the university goes ahead to hold the orals, they will consider that the university has dismissed all the 12.000 students and admitted 85 medical students.
He Spokesman of UBSU Donatus Wanobi told the press that he is not certain if his detained mates are still alive given the fact that his own live has been under constant threat from forces of law an order.
During the meeting the Director of Student Affairs, Ludwig Metuge called on the powers that be to avoid further harassment of students by coming out with a solution.
UB registrar, Dr. Victor Julius Ngoh on his part said the Head of State has said all must go well and has guaranteed the security of the students. He told the students that they should appreciate the fact that 7 points in their memo have been accepted with the remaining 2 being beyond their competence. He added that university administration is powerless to push the investigation in to those who murdered students.
Dr. Johnny Fonyam President of the Higher Education Teachers Syndicate, SYNAES, told the students not to always allow their strike actions to lead to the point where students are killed.
By press time, UBSU had not said whether they will interrupt the orals if they are still scheduled for today.
The South West Regional Secretary for Human Rights and freedom, Tambe Tiku told the press that he has made several attempts to see the detained students to no avail.

6 December 2006, (9 am)
Academic Armed Robbery in UB
Paramilitary forces invaded the university campus as early as 6 am. Their goal is to force students and the UB authorities to conduct the now infamous orals.
Students had been striking for the reinstatement of the initial list of 127 names, which was a transparent reflection of passes in the entrance examination. Government, in the middle of its fight against corruption, decided to corrupt the list.
As I write report, the atmosphere in UB is very tense.
Some jury members who have elected for anonymity have decided to stay away from this mass corruption and mano militario hijacking of excellence.
They say in such an atmosphere, the chances are that students will be operating under duress.
The fear is that the humble intelligent students who had passed in the first place would cower to give their places to the francophones who are groomed in corruption and fraud.


If Paul Biya and its allies think they can achieve their overall goal of torture and intimidation, of an entire oppressed and marginalised population, by brutally killing mere striking students without lethal weapons, demanding for non-political accountability for decisions affecting them, then surely there is a hidden agenda, as Prof.Lambi rightly puts it, although he has not yet landed. I am sure he would soon land.
I do not see the death of those students this time around easily forgotten.



We already have the facts at hand.

The exam was organized and supervised by the GCE Board.

The scripts were corrected using computer technology.

A little over 800 students sat for the exam.

60 students slots were available in the Medical Faculty.

The first FROG came in the 600th position on the written part of the entrance exam.

127 applicants all of Southern CamerOOnian extraction thus meritoriously were selected for the oral examination.

Fame Ndongo decided to add 26 FROGS who didn’t sit for the exam.

UB students rejected this outright corruption and Lambi (theVC) accepted.

Hell broke loose and 11 student lives were lost directly or indirectly.

Fame Ndongo didn’t know what to do and decided to be speaking via Lambi.
This is the reason why Lambi vomited rhetorically that the Minister’s list will be maintained.

Fame Ndongo not knowing what else to do, decides to increase the slots from 60 to 84 to accommodate the FROGS who never sat for the exam.


Drawing from the facts that we all know, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE shall there be any FROG on the list of students admitted into the UB Medical Faculty at least for this year.


If you notice any FROGS at lectures deliver them to the public to be stoned to death.
For they are the reason for their parents to be doing what they are doing to the detriment of the unfortunate you and I.


I have never know academics could sell themselves so cheap.


Cameroon is for Cameroonians from north, South, West and East.
Nothing will stop it. I say nothing.

I am wondering if that is form of Affirmative Action in Cameroon.
If yes, does that apply in all Universities in Cameroon?

Can someone enlighten me on that.



Go ask your brother - FAME NDONGO

Tekum Mbeng

Riccardo, join me to say there is no need for orals as others have stated. The 60 positions available should go to the TOP 60 passes now and in the future. If there are say 5 applicants with the same marks between the 58 and 62 positions, these candidates should attend a ceremony and draw a lottery. Alternatively, all 5 should be taken.

The first Francophone pass came in the 600th position. This is a direct result of the weak Francophone System of Education - a disservice to development.

Minister Fame Ndongo has manifested the worst form of intellectual corruption and this can be related to weaknesses in the educational system that brought him up. He should be fired.

Ma Mary

Affirmative action, Riccardo?

This is not affirmative action. It is hijacking by the powerful, amoral elite of la republique.

If it were affirmative action, there would be no Ewondo names, nor Bami names (I guess there were no Bamis) on that list. It might have included names from the Northern Provinces of La Republique and perhaps the Eastern Province.

Affirmative action serves a purpose, but the guidelines have to be agreed and set apriori and not after the fact. International students also have a place in any university that wants to become great. A couple of spots for qualified Nigerian students or Ghanaians or Americans would not be a bad thing. Those places, particularly Nigeria have been very generous in advancing educational opportunities to our people, inspite of the hostile relationship with la republique.

Regional balance is crap. There are institutions whose doors have been closed to Southern Cameroonians for a long time, such as the Politechnique in Yaounde. Now they talk about regional balance because they want what we have for themselves, and will kill it in order to have it.

Neba Funiba

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Yes it can be done. Violators of Human Rights can be prosecuted in the United States. Please, see the attached story from BBC and circulate it as much as possible. Please, compile the names of police commissioners and legion commanders and DOs/Governors involved in the killing of SC'nians and send overseas to various human rights organizations. Keep watchdogs at the airports to track down the international travel of these criminals and once one of them located overseas, prosecuted for crimes against humanity and thrown in jail, the rest will adjust. Amadou Ali is fund of traveling to Switzerland. That will be a good place to file a lawsuit against him so that when he shows up there, he is arrested and put on trial. Please, it can work. The killings at UB are more gruesome that what was done by Charles Taylor's son. We need action immediately. Strike the iron while it is hot.

Here Goes the Story From BBC:

Son of ex-Liberian leader charged
Story from BBC NEWS
Published: 12/07/06

The son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor has been charged in the US with committing torture. The indictment against Charles McArthur Emmanuel, known as Charles "Chuckie" Taylor is the first time a 12-year-old federal anti-torture law has been used. The US was able to charge him because he was born there. He is alleged to have committed the offence in Liberia while his father was in power. Charles Taylor is in The Hague awaiting trial for war crimes in Sierra Leone. He has been accused of backing rebels in the decade-long civil war in Liberia's neighbour. The former president went into exile in 2003 in a deal ending Liberia's civil war.


Chuckie Taylor had been arrested in late March in Miami and has pleaded guilty to passport fraud. He was in charge of presidential security when his father was in power in Liberia, and is accused of taking part in the torture of a victim in July 2002. "The allegations in this case include acts of torture, such as burning flesh with a hot iron, burning flesh with scalding water, and applying electric shocks," a US attorney said in the statement. The assistant secretary for immigration and customs enforcement said it was a "clear message the US would not be a safe haven for human rights violators".


Thanks Tekum Mbeng and Ma Mary, I am still educating myself on this issue. It makes no sense. If Cameroonians want to attend other Institutions, they have to be up to the standard.

Please, make no mistake, there is or shall never be any Institution in Cameroon reserved to english or french speakers.
Those who claim UB to be ours are daydreaming!!! UB IS CAMEROONIAN, PERIOD.
That is an undeniable fact wether we like it or not...

Mr Minister tell us if this rule is applied in all the State Universities...
Mr Fame Ndongo, Cameroonian people needs an answer...

It is a shame to see us fight, using the language of the colonizer as our difference!

Shame on Africans!
Shame on Cameroonians!



Tekum Mbeng


Let us be clear. A competitive exam was written needing 60 Cameroonians to be trained as top medical doctors.

Why should Higher Education Minister Fame Ndongo or anyone for that matter add candidates below the 600th position and some that did not write the said exam to the admission list? Fame Ndongo is promoting intellectual dishonesty in the ministry of higher education. A rotten head destroys the body.

Riccardo, which surgeon would you like to meet in a theatre? Is it the man/woman who was "helped" into medical school or the man/woman who came top? Be honest.

This is a fundamental issue of values, ethics and unalloyed attachment to justice.

Fame Ndongo failed because the system that brought him up is weak in critical dimensions. This is not good for Cameroon. The Francophone Educational System deserves basic reforms to raise standards across the board to catch up with the runaway and challenging Anglophone system. This is in the interest of Cameroon.

We all remember the BAC de Ndam Njoya comprising transalated GCE A/L questions that Francophone high school leavers flunged en masse.

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