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Thursday, 07 December 2006


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Ma Mary

Gendasses destroying more Biafrans. When will the Biafrans start to destroy gendasses?

Muki StoneHall


All this shouting,the anger,the condemnations, the writings etc etc will not move S.Cameroonians an inch closer to freedom or even being treated as equals with those east of the Mungo.Many people have been shouting out their lungs and asking why the UN and the International Community has seemingly remain indifferent to what is unfolding in Cameroon.The truth is that the UN is,and will continue to remain silent because NOTHING is happening in Cameroon! You may say to hell with me but I don't care.What I'm saying is true.
Akwanga Ebenezar and others have said it several times that they have been advised by highly placed UN officials that S.Cameroonians need to do "something drastic" to attract UN attention to Cameroon.And what do my fellow brothers think this "something drastic" can be? Secretly burrying slain brothers and then shouting loud on the internet? Expressing anger on the computer keyboard? Blackmailing others and dining with the enemy? All these things make me laugh.
I have said it before that the only pen that S.Cameroonians need to sign their freedom is the AK-47.The only ink they need is their blood.The paper will be the streets of Bakassi, Kumba, Buea, Bamenda, Mamfe, Kumbo. Anything short of this is pure nonsense.
How do you expect that your oppressors who torment you and exploit you at will,who know that you are a coward and have told you straight in the face,will willingly and peacefully grant you freedom.How do you expect the UN to come to Cameroon when there is no "activity" going on there? Just take a look at the other places where the UN has intervened and you'll agree with me that there's nothing going on in Cameroon.
S.Cameroonians need to send a very strong message to la republique that they need their freedom.This strong message can never be court cases or internet condemnations of killings.This message can only be to kill them when the kill you.Gun down the Governor or whoever is ordering the killings.Burn or bomb any symbol of colonisation in your territory.Terrorism is not a crime.It is just a powerful and handy weapon for the weak against the strong oppressor.
In the Nigeria oil-rich Delta region,indegenious youths take up arms and fight for their oil wealth.They kidnapp workers and demand better shares in the revenue.And they have been succeeding. In Cameroon,S.Cameroonians are afraid to go near SONARA to even seek for jobs beacause they consider it as not belonging to them.How do you expect the French to leave?
I wept two days ago when I learnt from reliable sources that an AK-47 in neighbouring Nigeria and Rwanda will cost a little less than 19.000CFA. What then is holding back S.Cameroonians? FEAR!!! They want to get freedom but are not willing to pay the price.Freedom comes at a very great price.If freedom were that cheap the word "oppression" would have ceased to exist.Freedom is expensive.Until S.Cameroonians consider the "other alternative" and are willing to pay the ultimate price, any other thing they are doing is just a hobby.


Oh My God, killing in Buea, Killing in Ndu, etc. When are we going to stop all these killings? Shall we keep listening and accepting all these evils in our land? Oh my God. Baba Danpullo stole our tea estates and does not even want to pay our poor parents and relatives. Oh my God, blood everywhere, because of greed. Why are they killing us all?

Ndi O

Blood, Blood , blood.
The milk and honey land of Southern Cameroon has been transformed into that flowing with military and blood.
Oh God, make haste to help us.Let not our enemies triuph over us. Good God, put them to shame.
Like Massamawo said, there is the maximum need to create awareness in all, beginning from Abonshi-Nwa-Fru Awa-Ndian-Bakassi. I have discovered that most of the people,s minds have been misdirected by so called Fons or "Mbehs". I pray God to cut away their right eyes and arms. This is the time. Like Sony okosun said "We are now or never". Let the whistle sounds louder. Everyone everywhere, do the maximum this time around to wake people up. It pains deep down the marrow. The above incidence is indifferent from June 6th afternoon in 1992.I pray God to grant the regime and Mr Oben Ashu long lives so as to face the judgement not long from now. And to those gendarms or police who are so excited with guns and using our people for their practical sessions, i hope u gonna be able to fight real war which appears to be at hand. When stung by the bees, u will all shoot at urselves. My people, rise up for this is the time. Everyone everywhere, pls, speed up awareness for that is the key.

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