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Friday, 22 December 2006


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M Nje

Thank you very much Chief Ayamba for that assessment. I made a similar remark a few days ago. I am indeed delighted to see you reaffirm it. Mr. Ni John Fru Ndi is a very courageous man. A brand of politician who will not “sell out” his followers for personal gain.

But he is fighting the wrong fight. Someone needs to bring him to the reality of our times. He has no chance whatsoever of being the president of a country; whose currency does not carry a language that he speaks -English. That alone tells it all.

Someone should help him face reality.



Chief Ayamba, like Chief Ngorji Njinka (ndiks) are the most objective, respectable and honorable chief that we have produced in the Southern Cameroons. Not those bootlickers like Angwafor, Ndoh, Endeley, Mukete who alway dine with the regime and always sends motions of support in return of lies to us. If these respectable chiefs can throw allegiance to our SCNC struggle and abandon the millions that La Republique has been investing on bribing our chiefs to support the very dangerous CPDM, then there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from them. I understand hogbe Nlend have earlier told you Fru Ndi openly that you can never become president of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. Previously, one of your SDF Parliamentarians was humiliated when he was told that he is a Nigerian. You need to listen to people like Aýamba.

The truth is, you can never become the president of La Republique Du Cameroun as you are not constitutionally one of theirs. A word to a wise is sufficient.

Neba Funiba

Ladies and Gentlement:

Sorry for this digression but please people look at this excerpt from Cameroon Tribune and let the world know whether it is the work of some individuals or that Manyu folks are actually thanking Biya.


South West, Manyu Community Thanks Paul Biya
By Emmanuel Kendemeh
Cameroon Tribune (Yaoundé): NEWS
December 22, 2006

Mamfe (Manyu)- "The people of Manyu thank H.E. President Paul Biya for appointing their son, Mengot Victor as Minister in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency. Your Excellency Mengot Victor welcome home". These were the words in every lip and banners in Mamfe last December 16, as both external and internal elite and thousands of people of Manyu Division of the South West Province. They turned out to warmly welcome Mengot Victor Arrey Nkongho, appointed the Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency during last September 22 cabinet reshuffle. Minister Mengot, the current main member of government from Manyu Division was during the distinct civic receptions at the Mamfe Unity Grand Stand and at his native village, Mbinjong, handed the baton of command to champion the unity, progress and development of the Division. Before the official reception ceremony in Mamfe, Minister Mengot Victor was earlier that morning conferred the title of "Sessekou of Nyamkpe", the highest traditional title in all of Manyu Division. With this title, he henceforth becomes the leader of the people. It was for this reason that he made a triumphant entry into the Mamfe Grand stand dressed in traditional outfit escorted by Manyu chiefs, members of the Ekpe society. This was watched by the Vice President of the National Assembly, Hon. Rose Abunaw Makia, the Grand Chancellor of the National Orders, Effiom, most former Ministers from Manyu, among others……..


I am troubled by this particular sentence:

"Minister Mengot, the current main member of government from Manyu Division was during the distinct civic receptions at the Mamfe Unity Grand Stand and at his native village, Mbinjong, handed the baton of command to champion the unity, progress and development of the Division."

Development and Manyu in the same sentence? Wonders shall never end


If no one will say it ,then i'll do.Dr.Rexon thank you for realising that its more profitable to strike at the common enemy than doing so at comrades who employ other strategies for the same cause as yours.God bless you and Merry Christmas.
It must be getting very cold and lonely in HONKONG.


We said it here few days ago that the SCNC was looking forward to a show-down with Fru Ndi,and events have proved us right.Chief Ayamba`s take on Fru Ndi gives the impression that Fru Ndi has been lurked in a battle with the SCNC or that the Scnc has been waylaying him.The later is the right option,because Fru Ndi has always avaoided any head-on collision with the Scnc,until the SCNC declared war on him.The Scnc is today happing about the fact that S.n Tita does not represent their aspirations.To whom did they make this complaint prior to his attacking of Fru Ndi? The people know that S.n Tita ,the leader of the Scnc attacked Fru Ndi ,and Fru Ndi only reminded him of what he has been involved in.Fru Ndi was absolutely right to remind S.n Tita that when he is involved in his Scnc activities ,no SDF member has called for his stoning.
Telling the world today that S.n Tita is nothing in the Scnc is just making fools of ourselves in front of the world.He only ceases to be somebody when he brings shame to the movement.Anyway he is not the only one who brings shame to the movement.The leaders have been lurked in a leadership tussle.They should better give themselves a sense of direction,and stop taking Fru Ndi for a scapegoat.If they can`t lead us to liberate ourselves from Biya ,not Fru Ndi,let them resign.We are fully behind anything they do ,but if they want to distort public opinion ,by pretending that Fru Ndi is the cause,rather than Biya,then they won`t have their cake and eat it.This is a freedom movement ,and we are not going to be party to names-calling,and finger pointing.The Mandelas,Martin Luther King did not involve themselves in these type of filthy songs.
Chief Ayamba has just confirmed what we have been saying here that Fru Ndi,and many other Cameroonians will not come to the market place to show their sympathy with the Scnc.If Fru Ndi did not resign from his Post in the Scnc,what is the reason trying to expose him today? Does this not show that he also had faith in this movement,and has never made any attempt to fight it? By digging up this evidence ,shows the Scnc does`nt know who they are fighting.
Let people continue with the vague-singsong of Fru Ndi will never be President in Cameroon.Only somebody who is blind to the realities of history will make categorical statements.Today Jacques Chirac can`t believe his eyes from what is happening to France in Cote D`ivoire.Time and again Saddam Hussein still gesticulates as being the President of Iraq,he could never imagine himself in jail,same fate with Charles taylor.Everyday we are told Hogbe Nlend said Fru Ndi cannot be President.Those who have transfered their brains to Hogbe Nlend should continue to live on hear-say from others.What they fail to tell us is why he Hogbe Nlend the best Mathematician the world has got yet could not use his science to hang on as Minister forever.
We thought only some Scnc apologists were involved in this scapegoatism,but now that they hierarchy of the Scnc has joined them,
Southern Cameroonians should know their leaders now have a different enemy,Fru Ndi,and should therefore know the fight is not focused.
Merry Christmas to Chief Ayamba,Fru Ndi,
Ngala Nfor,Ngwasiri,and all contributors here,Fon,Kgnanjo,Akoson,Muki,Big Joe,Enow,
Klemenceau,Sammy,Mbu. b ,Ma Mary,Fritzane,
Vally, Rexon,Tayong,Vito,Roki,Funiba,Tabeng,
Nyankwe,and the crew of the Post,Charly,
Azore,Poubom,Peter manyong etc etc.

Muki StoneHall

That was a well-analysed and balanced piece there.I think Chief Ayamba gravely erred in his pronouncements.He, in a way may be attempting to trigger a Hamas-Fatah kind of situation in Cameroon.But I must point it out to Chief that in as much as he feels Fru Ndi can never be president, he too CAN NEVER LIBERATE S.Cameroonians from hiding.It may be true that FRU Ndi has the courage but is fighting at the wrong front.But it is equally very true that Chief Ayamba et al are cowards fighting the right battle. However, what counts in any freedom fight is COURAGE, which unfortunately is lacking in the whole SCNC. Jumping out of hiding and hoisting flags once in a year can never be termed freedom fighting.
It is a very serious mistake to think that the only aim of the SDF is to put Fru Ndi or any other candidate into the presidency.With a substantial representation in parliament, the SDF can push through legislation that would benefit the Anglophones in general and the SCNC in particular.I think S.Cameroonians should keep the flames burning at both fronts.But if Chief feels that he has better chances of success than Fru Ndi, let him come out and take the regime head-on as Fru Ndi has been doing.We'll all line up behind him and support him.Any noise made from inside a hole is only meant to create anymosity and weaken the struggle.


All this bullshit about the SCNC and the SDF has to stop, to the best of my knowledge Cameroon is a one party state, there is no party in Cameroon with a clear vision of what they intend to do if they were to take power, at least not to the knowledge of common Cameroonians. In other parts of the world opposition parties oppose policies and make their voices heard in all issues that affect the country but in Cameroon politicians criticise individuals and politics is all about escaping poverty and making life better for themselves and their families. We all know that John Fru Ndi’s main aim is to satisfy his selfish ambition for power and has no competence nor passion to rule his own family not to talk of a country. I want to challenge you guys here to ask John Fru Ndi how much money he spents on his kids in Foreign schools and how many poor Cameroonians he has on his list to give them anti-retroviral drugs for free each month or how much he gives to charity a year. These so called presidential aspirants should prove to Cameroonians that they can actually make a difference before anybody waste his vote for them. Fru Ndi calls himself and opposition leader, Cameroon as part of the ACP countries will sign an agreement with the EU to open our markets to the EU in 2008, which will not only let the country to loss money in reduced or abolished customs duties but will also open our markets to unprecedented completion. If Fru Ndi atleast new what he should be doing or will be doing if he became president, he should have atleast made a statement about this life changing agreement that those idiots in Y’de are going to sign. Cameroonians wake up! Fru Ndi is no good. Any Cameroonian should have noticed that nobody loves the state of affairs in the country now and anybody with a good agenda and vigour like Fru Ndi in the Early nineties will unseat Bya as easy as having breakfast, the only think that is keeping Biya in office is a disease that Biya himself diagnose that most Cameroonians are suffering from, Inertia. The day we learn to be dowers rather wait for others to lead us, Cameroon will change.
We all know that the SCNC is dead, we don’t even know what is what, some Akwanga guys and Ayamba guys contradicting themselves. The SCNC today has been reduced to a mafia promoting propaganda so that Cameroon can use it in other countries to seek asylum while tarnishing the image of the country. This guys receive huge sums of money from poor Cameroonians trying to make it in foreign lands, to give them false documents as attestation to the militancy to the SCNC. If u guys are a mafia now that you don’t have power, if you become a country will you not turn the country into a mafia state. I think you guys want to be an African Columbia, Good luck!
Learned Cameroonian men and women should do their best to shun this quasi political organisation and come up with new ways to move our country forward. Celebrating more of our similarities and working on our differences. If John wants to be president he has to evolve to become president material, or he will die just as Ni John not H.E. OR S.E. John Fru Ndi


Look here Mr. Philosopher, you should chop the money you and your fellow criminals like Mukete, Ricardo et al have been taking from Biya and his bloody regime in silence. Stop the nonsense you just posted. Southern Cameroonians have had enough of such rhetoric and for your information, we shall regain our independence.
Keep your stories about the Sawas and the Bakwere cultures to you and the other blood drinkers of Biya's regime. Who doesn't know that the Nigerians of Cross River State and the Ejagam people of Cameroon speak the same language and same culture? What about those of the North of Nigeria and Cameroon? Don't they have similar culture and language?
Please it seems the money the Biya regime has been giving you and your Ricardo group is troubling you. You better seek medical attention.
Southern Cameroonians are sick and tired of the sufferings and unfair treatment from la Republic. Go and ask even the selfish and money minded Southern Cameroonians working with Biya, they will tell you that they are just there to satisfy their selfish selves and family-if you can read their minds though.
Something tells me that this Philosopher is Mukete alias Papytex fon lawerence.

Hi Guys

The year 2007 is around and I would want to remind Mukete that his apology to the entire SDF and Fru Ndi is still awaited. Mukete will never have peace until he apologizes for all the lies and fabrications he was posting here.
Mr. Vally of England, you better rethink your ways and keep pride aside. Let's criticize without any bias. Constructive criticism is the way forward my brother.

For my good friends of the Muna gang, BenB, Teribobs, Momo and others, keep any dubious intentions and money mindedness aside and join in the liberation fight of our nation ' Southern Cameroon. Let us not be blinded by money from Ben Muna, the 21st century Anglophone Judas Iscariot.

Let those who want to join Chief Ayamba do so while those for Fru Ndi do same. We should stop the infighting and suspicions. We must also beware of black legs. By their fruits we shall know them. People like Mukete never knew they will be exposed.
Merry Christmas to all freedom fighters, may those agents of la Republic and the devil see no peace until they apologize. May the blood of all the innocent souls killed by the colonial junta keep those responsible awake and grant them no peace. Amen

Muki StoneHall

Mr Philosopher,
We are used to paid agents on this forum.You are gradually proving yourself to be one of them.Your personal message to rexon above did have some elements to truth,but then you were still trying to conceal your intentions.Now you are unfolding more fully and boldly.Welcome on board.
You ask how much Fru spends on his kids.How much he contributes to charity.You should first start by asking your Bakweri good-for-nothing stooge in yde in the name of prime minister.What percentage of state funds does he have in foreign banks? Ask your other masters in yde in the name of ministers the same questions. When you provide their answers,we'll then ask Fru ndi.


Tori dey oo! Wuna dey?




Please can you kindly get to me on Please this is urgent.

I apologise for using this media. I had no alternitive.



Who says shame doesn`t drive people mad! After Vally of England came out and told the world he does not care whether Ngwasiri reconciles with Fru Ndi or not,psychological castration has pushed BenteribobsFB out of his hiding place.But he knows that he smeared himself with filth completely ,and is first trying to guage public opinion before coming out.When BenteribobsFB first arrived here,he did not announce his coming,and ran his mouth here telling how he mourned for terrorists of all nature.Today he first of all want to know whether readers are there before coming out.Benteribobs remember that it is shame that made Vally to try to desolidarise from the person he left England to go and support.Your own is even worst,because when Vally of England was spending spending his 500,000frs to organise an illegal convention,instead of buying more British beef,you were spending cold nights in Cybercafes writing for Muna.Maybe you have forgotten,let me refresh your mind, "There`s someone who makes some very good comments about Ni Ben.His name is ..I`m Ni Ben supporter ,and Ni Ben wants to meet him,to thank him for the good work.If its you lets go and meet him". Is your tori totell us about your encounter with Ni Ben?
Benteribobs you said you were only BenFB,and not Teribobs,but since you disappeared Teribobs also ceased to exist.Can you still call on Fon Lawrence today to explain to me that you are not Teribobs? Hahahaha! This is the end of the year ,we don`t want to raise our voices ,but get it into your head that you and your master Muna are terrorists.

Jerome Lawen Tangunyi

I personally hold tremendous respect for both Ni John Fru Ndi and Chief Ayamba for their relentless efforts in the struggle for a better “Cameroon”. However, I believe Fru Ndi’s remarks as to “Government being very tolerant to the SCNC to the detriment of the SDF party” was not necessary.

Don’t the saying goes that “the best way to destroy your enemies is to turn them against each other”?...By throwing political punches at each other, our leaders would only catalyze our demise…and guess who would be the ultimate winner? – BIYA. The sensible approach would be for SCNC and SDF leaders to take positive steps towards uniting on a common platform.

Before our very eyes, the SDF secured a formidable victory at the 1992 presidential election but the books were ingeniously cooked in broad daylight. Besides, there is no guarantee that future elections will not suffer similar irregularities.
Therefore, in my opinion, Ni Fru Ndi should do the honourable thing by rallying all SDF supporters behind SCNC, and together, we shall fight for our freedom.

Jerome Lawen Tangunyi


In times of crisis, information and support must be readily available and easy to access for those who need it. We would like Ngwasiri to come forward and inform us of what really went wrong in his mind whether good or bad. If he received money from the CPDM, he should name his conspirators, if he did not but had some untold grudges about the party or the chairman, he should inform us. We need facts to be able to analyse the situation not just a public apology. I think it will help us more if we understand what really went wrong.

It amazes me when writers here take leadership scuffles amazingly eccentric. Leadership problems and infighting are everybody. We have seen that here with labour, we have seen Tommy Sheridan leaving the Scottish national party for his own creation, we have George Galloway leaving labour for RESPECT PARTY, etc.

I have always asked Ngwasiri and written here that if he is not satisfied with the current leadership of the SDF, he can creat his own party. He should not be having court cases with the SDF. To me, he was just interested in destroying the SDF rather than criticising them. That is different from people like Asonganyi who left the party. Though they have been criticising the party through exercising their freedom of speech, they have been doing that in a very mature way. They are focusing on lies and blackmail like the Muna/Ngwasiri camp was doing.

Additionally, Fru Ndi took money for Ma Rose’s death from the CPDM and also rented his house to the PMUC, a French gambling company. Though I want to believe he did’nt do these for political or selfish reasons but to solve his ostensibly humanitarian and economic problems at the time, in my view, that was a political blunder and I will humbly advise him to also apologise to the entire Cameroonian populace. This is because he has technically destroyed the aspirations, trust and respect of a vast majority of those who believed in the SDF especially his bamilikie/graffi brothers. Those who want to dispute with me should question some of them. If you read our peoples mines, u will understand their political emptiness, their unique lamentation, their lack of trust on the political leadership of their country, etc. I am also bewildered by the actions of all those who were advising him to do so at the time like Mbah Ndam.

One of the greatest and hardest things to accept is that you should be colonised. You can't tell us to forget the colonisation of the Southern Cameroons, move on and sweep it under the carpet, etc. it's not acceptable in a civilized and modern society. If you have nothing to hide then you let others have a look at it. The facts are clear, some political figures in the Southern cameroons have instead acted as a tool of oppression of the Southern Cameroonian people. Time and again, we have seen them acting as spin doctors against our beloved SCNC. La Republique’s colonial agents have this tendency of trying to legitimise the colonial instincts of Paris through frequent meaningless and worthless press releases relating to different issues. That is why they have qualified handclappers in their parliament. One southern Cameroonian parliamentarian, Mbah Ndam, trained and brainwashed in Yaounde has been busy legitimising the colonisation of our land. Those from Batibo can testify that he did’nt have investments in Batibo, even a single house but was busy doing business with agents of la republique francaise du cameroun. But when the constitution of the SDF posited that someone must have a certain amount of investment in his heritage before contesting for that region, he quickly shuttled for Batibo and bought properties at there. That is something seemingly difficult to accept.the truth is difficult, but must be spoken by independent minds like us.

There are lots of Southern Cameroonians expatriates brainwashed in the colonial headquaters of la republique and we must not listen to. When they live in Yaounde for soo long, they start behaving funny, with no sense of direction, always pretending to be conscious but technically destroying all the aspirations of Southern Cameroonians and supporting everything la republique. They include, the Muna’s (Momo), Nwalipenja’s, Ngute (Ndian), Agbor Tabi’s, Tabetando’s, Enow’s, Egbe’s, (Manyu), Inoni’s, Ndumbe’s, (Fako’s), etc. Others pretend to live in their respective heritage but having trained and indoctrinated by la republique and france, they are always acting as a tool of oppression. They include the Mukete’s, Angwafors, endeleys, Njeuma’s, Ndehs, Bongam’s, Musonge’s etc. etc. While we are busy trying to free our beloved populace, they are busy grooming new ones (through placing their children at ENAM, EMIA, Police, etc) to take over their reign of terror on our people. It is like a black man who will live in Europe or white neighbourhoods for soo long and start behaving like the common problems of the black man does not matter to him.

Ni John was the first to say the government has been tolerant with our beloved SCNC. What does he want the government to do to us? Murder all Southern Cameroonians in their habitual sadistic and savagery nature. Moreso, as someone with a Southern Cameroonian heritage, he is not supposed to contest for presidential elections in La Republique as a Southern Cameroonian. God Knows that he cannot be president of that failed republic and Hogbe Nlend, depanda Mouelle, etc publicly and rightly told him this. He knows that constitutionally, he is not one of theirs. But when we remind this SDF people here, they start dreaming.

In the meantime, I will rest my case!!!!!!!!!!

See you guys in January.

To be continued...........




Mr. Paul Biya, Firstly, I'd like to say that to see what is right, and not do it, is want of courage or of basic principle. I wish you long LIFE to witness retributive justice.

Mr. Ni John Fru Ndi(the matador in Bamenda and conscience of Cameroon), truly I write this one with tears running down my cheek. They say you've wasted 16 years. That's not true. You didn't waste a single year. The first ever election you contested saw you victorious. Is this waste? If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field, I would pick the trait of persistence and determination. The will to endure to the end, to get knocked down seventy times and get up off the floor saying, 'Here comes number seventy-one'! I am personally convinced that one person can be a change catalyst, a 'transformer' in any situation, any organization. Such an individual is yeast that can leaven an entire loaf. It requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader. You've been just that. However, never let your persistence and passion turn into stubbornness and ignorance. Wisdom, Prayers and committment is what I wish you! is your new year gift.

Mr. Ngwasiri, reconciliation should be accompanied by justice, otherwise it will not last. While we all hope for peace it shouldn't be peace at any cost but peace based on principle, on justice. Let the constitution of the SDF play it's role. And I know you're not unaware of the fact that more than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that you, Ngwasiri have the wisdom to choose correctly. To you My SINCERE Merry X-mas and a PROSPEROUS 2007.

Mr. Ben Muna, indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible. You may also be interested to learn that the difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake...and my advise...when you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind, and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. I wish you strength and knowledge to be able to rethink your strategy for leadership, fame and riches.

To all freedom fighters especially those who fight for the restoration of the statehood of the Southern Cameroons: including Rexon, Vito, Ndiks, SJ, Vally Bessong, Massamoyo, samleyin, Neba Funiba, ADAMA KWIKEH, Amin Nkem Atabs, Benny T, DaDiceman, Kumbaboy, langhai, Big Joe, Ma Mary, SJ etc etc, I've got just one word for you...Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man! However, take control of your destiny. Believe in yourself. Ignore those who try to discourage you. Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits. Don't give up and don't give in. And you must look for ways to be an active force in your own lives. You must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live your dreams. A BIG merry Christmas and a positively eventful 2007, I wish you!

To all the staunch 'postnewsline' SDF supporters including Fon, Watesih, Klemenceau, MukiStonehall, Tayong, Atangha, M. Nje, Feli et al, People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to. Stay the cause gentlemen and keep speaking your truth quietly for they say "it is that truth that sets us free".

To all the Ngwasirit/Muna supporhters including BenTeribobs, Mukete, Ftroit, Vally of England, Momo, Fritzane Kiki, etc always remember that it is good to fight for your opinions, but do not believe that they contain the whole truth or the only truth. However while fighting but failed, remember that you become a champion by fighting one more round. When things are tough, you fight one more round. Although no one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal...the only thing I can do is wish you a splendid knowledge on decision-making, repentance and confession come 2007. Merry X-mas pals.

...And to all of you, as you reflect hard on designing your new year resolutions bear in mind that three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.


The SON.



They came, armed with weapons of death
Illegally marched they across our boarders
Into all nooks and corners of our territory in 1961
They lawlessly came into our homeland
As the Union Jack was brought down for the last time
To end the epoch of four decades and a half
Of the colonization of our native land by Brits
They came with a diabolic plan to annex
And occupy our homeland with a show of military force
By implanting fear in the psyches of our people
And recolonizing our nation.

Embedding fear in the soul of our people,
A lukewarm attitude bred in our morta,l
Our personality for four decades and a half
was controlled by fear, fear and fear
Fearfulness has eliminated our sense of unity that
Brought us out of the barbaric era of the Ibos of Nigeria in 1953
And gave us freedom , democracy and self governance
Years before our present colonizer could get one.

Because of fear, the leadership of West Cameroon kept mute
As Ahidjo Babatura dismantled our young democracy
Hired and fired our political leaders
Scraped our parliament, house of chiefs
Imposed administrators from LRC on us,
Those who understand not our culture, language
Nor our administrative system
To man the affairs of our nation and people

The Yoke Hydro electric power Station they
Demolished, went the with the wind,
Cameroon bank, Tiko sea and airports
Victoria seaport, Bali airport, wada, Mamfe
Creek port, etc were all junked
As our leadership and nationals watched
In the spell of hypnotism of fear
Acquired through of the show of arms
And total brutality on our citizens.

They renamed Victoria, Limbe
A meaningless appellation in the Bakweri language
Just to stop the world bank from funding
The construction of one of the deepest
Sea-ports in West Africa in Victoria city
And started rewriting our historic tie with the UK
Because of fear our people kept deaf-mute

Cultural racism they perpetuated on us
Enemies in the house, Biafra, Anglofool they called us
Because we speak the English language
In parliamentary sessions we are called Nigerians
And asked to go back to their country
Because of fear we accept to live with
those demeaning appellations and abuses

Crude oil from Ndian division they have plundered
for over four decades and a half for their development
Their despoilation of natural resources from our homeland,
Is 70% their Gross Nation Product.
Yet paved roads, clean water, good schools, etc we have not
Because of the fear ingrained in our man through barbarism
We dare not to challenge our colonizers.

West Cameroon marketing Board coined National Produce
Marketing Board that owned 5% share in CDC
And marketed only produce from Southern Cameroons
Was transferred to LRC, mismanaged and trashed
After her coffers were drained to pay salary for Camair workers
And service the debts of ghost companies for our colonizer
With seldom complicity of our kindred
All because of fear and greed

The ancestral land of the Bakweri people
Where CDC has her plantations
They strive to sell before 2008
To deprive the Bakweri People of their land
Which by UNO records the ownership of the
Land and plantation will be handed over to the Bakweris in 2008
Because of fear the Southern Cameroons people did not
Come to support the BLC legal Endeavour

They hunt, shoot and kill our citizens at will
From the innocent kid who was shot in Buea while fetching water
To the recent cold blooded murder of students of University of Buea
Whose only crime was protesting against corruption in admission
To the avalanche injustices and gruesome murders perpetuated on
Our people at the watchful eyes of our elite, chiefs and Fons
Who have been overtaken by fear, bemused and always ready
To give up their subjects who come out against
The abuses the colonizer inflict on citizenry

The intellectual capital we have
Our legal capital to freedom is enormous
Our political capital is great
But engulfed in acquired fear
Our elites, politicians, chiefs and fons
Have been made sheep as they
Sleep walk daily, pretending not to hear, see
Or know what goes on in their fatherland.

Because of fear of loosing grip on our homeland
And her assorted natural resources
Which they have being raping for almost five decades
La Republique Du Cameroun has employed
The divide and rule policy
Engaging us in fighting our kindred
As they loathe our resources to develop the country
While our homeland is destroyed and impoverished.

Fear has created negativity in the soul of our people .
Fear has rejected the Unity of our motherland
To the detriment of our people
Fear has closed down the spirit of Patriotism in our person
Made us cowards in our homeland to the colonizer.
Fear has weaken our quest for freedom and brainwashed us.
Fear has held down our development as a people and nation
Fear has kept us prisoners in our man and homeland
Fear is never sure and will never be sure.

If we are to be free, we have to overcome fear
If we shall be liberated by standing up against
The human right abuses, murders our people suffer daily,
And the cultural racism perpetuated on our people And nation.


I'm certain that any one who trows in the restoration of the Southern Cameroons Constitution-order-in- council,effete SDF is not the right route to follow.Those who wish to be camerounians are doing that.Do you have to hide in identifying yourself with the troth?Why hide in the SDF if you wish to see SC weaned from the clutches of the gory colonial junta?True,some are doing so.What is the sense in it?

Ma Mary

Ndiks, that is point which I hope the SDFers can see. Just as some SDF people believe that the process they are engaging will eventually bring justice to the Southern Cameroons, LRC has figured out how to use the SDF to its own ends. In my view the equilibrium favours La republique. The presence of the SDF enables la republique to look good to the international public and to gain some democratic credentials. Since the SDF stopped being an activist firebrand and joined the Camerounese establishment la republique is gaining more.

I have no idea how the SDF intends to fix this state of affairs. Furthermore, the SDF proposal includes a four province or 4 region arrangement that is troubling to some of us. Could someone explain what this is about, and how it would benefit us?


The love of our motherland the Republic of Cameroon (East-West, North and South)

Life isn't easy,democracy isn't easy to acquire,
And I'm nearly beating myself to death;
I have been kin to downtrodden thinking,
These rasps of torture are revealed in my quickened breath.

I do not want to succumb to my misery,
Because the love of my motherland can be a wonderful state;
If you reach out and grasp my hand,
Together, we can live a better life, that we, the people of the Great United and Strong CAMEROON will ourselves create.

I want to thrive,
In a connection of the heart, mind, and soul;
Because I should see what I have,
And stop this self-inflicted stress, self pity and the call for sectarian violence with tribalism that I have tolled.

Our patriotism and love of our Country, it's such an incredible experience,
A grand security, knowing that we will all strive, united for a better country;
We shall love our country forever, our beloved motherland partitioned by the colonialists,
In our unity, we will forevermore erase the tears we separately cried.


Ma Mary

You love to borrow Bush buzz words, don't you, young man?

Using "stay the course" after the owner had ridden it to death.

Now it is "sectarian violence". Southern Cameroonians have been positively Gandhian, suffering sectarian and annexationist violence from your people. Just the other day LRC killed our kids and you talk tripe. We are either very patient or very stupid.

I suppose another exciting year is in the offing launched with an elephantine pile of BS by Paul B.


merry christmas and a prosperous new year to u all.cameroonians of different views and ideas,all with a common interest to make our beloved country or our to be federated country a better place for all.may all our wishes come true,and may the almighty God grant our leaders the wisdom to serve us for the betterment of mankind.we wish for humanitarian leaders and let the game be fair and benificial to the common man.may God grant us the wisdom to love our country no matter the state of affair and just work and pray in our own little ways to make things better for all.peace and may the almighty God bless cameroon,AFRICA AND THE WORLD AND MAY 2007 BE A BETTER YEAR.LOVE AND PEACE.MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROPEROUS 2007.

Che Sunday

Each time I come to this forum, I read a lot of things with a grain of salt, except yours because I am looking for posts with substance. You provide a lot of that and I believe may be we could talk. What most writers on this forum do is vent a lot of anger without piecing together the pertinent facts, then asking, where do we go from here? The plunder of profitable institutions in Cameroon, most especially the Marketing Board, and now on the cutting board (CDC) makes you wonder, how come these issues are not heatedly debated at home. Our people seem to be possessed by a zombi spirit. They go about with this melancholic look on their faces as if they don't know what is going on. Intellectuals are ready to play dumb to get into a government position. A position they know too well they will not make a difference in the grand scheme of things. But they get in any way.
Let me ask you one question.
If given the opportunity to make a difference by heading either the SCNC or the SDF, will you do things the way both Fru Ndi and Chief Ayamba have done, or will you do them differently? I will come back with a follow up.


Che Sunday,

Thanks for your sense of reasoning. I will like to go straight to the very pertinent question you asked at the last paragraph of your write-up.

I strongly believe chief Ayamba and Fru Ndi are in the most difficult job in the world. The problem is actually not them, but the enemy they are dealing with. Our enemy, Paul Biya and La Republique's colonial junta is too evil and very intelligent. His investments is geared towards staying in power. To be able to do so, their biggest weapon is to instill fear in the minds of our people. Fru Ndi made some political blunders like his renting his house to PMUC and subsistence during Ma Rose's ailing health and his eventual death, that the soo called government have employed to argue that they are better off plundering our resources than allowing Fru Ndi at the helm. But, while we criticise all these people, we should understand that our biggest weapon should be our integrity. We should always strive to show a good example. There are more than 3 Millions Paul Biya's in the waiting and if that country is left to them, they will continue the plundering of our resources. That is why, even in this forum, many people dont want to recognise the truth when told.

Che Sunday

There are more than 3 Millions Paul Biya's in the waiting and if that country is left to them, they will continue the plundering of our resources.
I have taken the above qoute as central to your response because it speaks very well to the nature of our people. It is extremely hard to tell who is doing what they are doing as a result of a concern for the national well-being, or for personal gain. Paul Biya can not be defeated by a bravado approach. The corrupt system in the country is very entrenched and anyone trying to dislodge it must do it flawlessly. There can be no room for error. Cameroonians do not have the luxury of supporting anyone who comes forward with promises of providing effective leadership without putting that individual under tough scrutiny. Looking at our brothers back home, they fall short of providing that scrutiny. Not because they are dumb, but because they have been so deprived of everything that nothing really seems to matter anymore. This is where they become very vulnerable and are easily taken for a ride. Some are willing to sacrifice limbs in the hope that something good can be achieved. Should they make that sacrifice only to end up with a chalatan?
Political disent is a healthy anecdote for a functional democracy. We witnessed expulsions from the SDF which I believe some were wrongly carried out. We are witnessing a brazen infringement on the rights of the SDF from a legal mind for that matter, (Muna). One faction head of the SCNC is here in North America being supported by hero worshipng Cameroonians. Chief Ayamba is at home claiming to speak for the down trodden Cameroonians. Can you really rest assured that from this list of characters, there shall emmerge some one with the will to save that nation, or lead Anglophone Cameroon to the promise land? This is why I am a sceptic. I choke with disgust, knowing that had earlier leaders been a bit caring, and had we not been too quick to sing their praises, we would not be where we find ourselves today. I am not looking for a saint to come rule Cameroon. I am looking for Cameroonians asking the difficult questions to their leaders to-be, not just wanting to be inclusive just to make sure the bus does not leave without them. Thanks for responding and being as precise as you did.
Good day.


We will keep forcing the troth out so those who are still oblivious should get it in to their brain.Trust is built on speaking the troth.Since the strongest opposition has been cruising from back to federal republic,to ten state federation,to four state,and to independent electoral commission,to etc etc,or not knowing the next move?Undesirables will always be selected to the bin.Those with plundering hand are now on a christian day,ingurgitating what they have been plundering all these while in our territory,and will be back next week to continue.So too the quest for it obliteration.So we should not be giddy about holiday and and bean feast when we have suffering and less fortunate one still under the grip of the last word of a ruthless gang of VILLAINS.Ma Mary, i read your comments on the christian,pagan etc thing.My Intended is virtually mowing me down for not worshiping one,christianity particularly.We need many Ma Mary's in Africa.These imported religions need grilling. Have a bless day and Rex,Funiba,and related comrades,and even our foes,God be with you all in 2007. The struggle continues.........

Ma Mary

Ndiks: people sometimes mistake my probing for a lack of spirituality or my conviction of dangers of conflating church and state for contempt of religion.Rigor in maintaining the law and deep belief in the spirit of the law. There seems to be a pervasive fear of crossing God, of "blaspheming", thereby creating "no go" zones for questioning and challenging. I have great difficulty accepting this notion of God as a thin-skinned tyrant in the vein of Saddam Hussein (sorry late Saddam), ever ready to take umbrage at perceived insults from us puny humans, and blasting us with bolts of lightning and misfortune. So we cry and go down on our knees every time untoward things happen and hand over the keys of the car to ministers of the church. Somehow, we imagine that because of their learning, they have fathomed God.

I could go on, but let me end here and wish everyone and their families a Happy New Year. Also a free Southern Cameroons and wisdom to those who do not want it to be so.

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