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Monday, 11 December 2006


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Neba Funiba

It is only in Cameroon that court decisions in one area do not apply in another. The court decision in Bamenda is not valid in Limbe. According to this posting, Governors have been informed as to who is the leader of SDF yet a DO in Limbe still has the audacity to have his own take on the matter--wonders shall never end. As long as the masses keep tolerating this nonsense, it will go on forever.

From his jail cell in the early 1920s, Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci wrote extensively on the use of passive revolution and decapitation by the ruling elite to subdue the masses:

*****According to Gramsci, dominant groups in society including fundamentally but not exclusively the ruling class, maintain their dominance through administrative apparatuses and ideological hegemony. If the working class (the masses) accepts the superiority of, and condones the right of the ruling class to dominate society, and embraces its own subordination, the ruling class will continue to oppress and exploit the working class with little fear of reprisal. Gramsci argued that the ability to control others is not always contingent on the use of violence or coercion but also on the acceptance by the ruled of a “conception of the world which belongs to the rulers”. According to this view, the ruling class may use ‘passive revolution’, various ideological and administrative apparatuses, to pre-empt counter-hegemony by the working class. Passive revolution sometimes decapitates the working class movement through reformism so that leaders of the working class remain on a non-hegemonic terrain defending the interests of the ruling class and not challenging the system. Under these conditions, Gramsci insists, the state (the entire complex of practical and theoretical activities) becomes a tool used by the ruling class to justify and maintain its dominance of society.


Pa SN Tita,

It is embarassing to see you calling for the stoning of Fru Ndi. I wont dwell much on this topic. But i will tell you frankly, even if you stand as a father to someone like myself, if you dare assist in the stoning of Fru Ndi anywhere in the world, then i would also stone u anytime you visit our native Mbatu.

Fru Ndi have children and they will also not like to see our own father like you organise the stoning of their father simply because a group of bootlickers like Muna and Asonganyi wants to feed fat from the CPDM. In this situation, if you join them and criminals stone Fru Ndi, then i will also organise your stoning in the South West or in the Village, despite the fact that you are like a father to me.

Thank You.


Neba Funiba,

Thanks for the reflections about the Gramci ideology. I see the Link between gramci and the problems we are going through In/With La Republique. That is really what some of us are fighting.

God help us.


Any apprenti-sorcier who wants to have his fifteen minutes of fame would incessantly pronounce the name Fru Ndi,and utter some incoherent utterances.It is normal that they should keep cosying up to this name.Imagine that people have already told the world that they have their own 'authentic SDF',yet the ugly head of thuggery keeps pushing them into rebellion.Instead of presenting what the authentic SDF has in store for Cameroonians few months to elections,S.n Tita is presenting stones. Shame!
They stoned Diboule to death,and have gone away with it,so it has become a pattern of behaviour.This time around S.n Tita will be held responsible for inciting violence if there is any confrontation anytime the SDF holds its rally in Limbe.
If you people held your convention in Yaounde as you claim,what is still this story of legality? There are now two SDFs,so continue militating in your own.Fru Ndi`s business in Limbe is to meet SDF militants ,not to discuss legality.
I don`t know whether this is the S.n
Tita whose book i read in Secondary school.
I don`t know why these intellectuals always become fools at forty.Just look at Ferdinand Oyono.If somebody tells you he is a prolific writer,people may even think his wife wrote the books for him.
S.n Tita has learnt stone-throwing from young Palestinian boys,but let him know Cameroon is not Palestine.Ngwasiri was badly defeated and went into hiding.Muna has been silenced the past months,and is now contemplating suicide,so we want S.n Tita to go into their shoes.Let him also go to court
,rather than resorting to stone throwing.

Tabeng Tayim

When Muna's incompetence was unearthed in Arusha, he went into hinding and depression in the house bought for them by S.T. Muna in England. After staying depressed and in seclusion there for years, he was told to get out of it by his brothers(Dan, Wali, Akere, George, and Humphery) because that house was not meant for him alone. Back in Cameroun, this houseless, hopeless and wifeless traitor was drowning in frustration. He has managed to drag some spineless cowards like s.n. tita into his venomous acts of cowardice and treachery. These bunch of losers bring out the meaning in the quote "cowards die many times before their death".

Albert Mukong was very prophetic in his refusal against having Ben Muna in the SDF. Albert Mukong saw the snake that Muna is, and knew that it was only a matter of time before the snake bit you, irrespective of what you do. The mistake which the SDF did in 2004 was to re-admit this snake called Muna. The SDF might be reeling from its venom, but will only become stronger from its healing.

Fritzane Kiki HK

I don't see anything wrong with Pa SN Tita's statement if not for security purpose.Those who think the SDF is at peace are just consoling theselves.Most inner voices have observed and concluded that unless both parties come to a compromise there shall be instability and no peace within the party.Some don't want to believe there are mistakes on both sides of the party leading to this misunderstanding and loggerheads.

Though the Pro-NJFN SDF has been declared victorious in the Bamenda High that doesn't give the chairman that right to organise rallies to bring unrest in other communities with Pro-Muna faction support.He has to finish with the other court cases before he can be rest assured that the SDF is under his canopy.We must first accept that there is a problem within the party before the problem can be resolved,if not it will be an everlasting disease to destroy the party as a whole.Time will tell.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



I think almost everybody acknowledges mistakes, imperfections and even the storm that rages in the SDF.

You'll certainly acknowledge that the SDF is trying to deal with serious attempts to wreck it off the political map.

And also acknowledge Muna and co intellectuals have a mission that is different from constructing the SDF whether authentic or whatever they call it.Theirs is absolutely the way backward.

No projects, no nothing, except eliminate Fru Ndi at all cost and say whatever to get that. It's really a pity.

It's almost unbelievable, with the amount of information shared here this far, you still fall back to this sort of comment


S.N. Tita,
I could not believe the ferocious statements you made regarding Ni John Fru Ndi, a man who helped you to flee to Nigeria after you had caused unstrategized turmoil under the banner of the SCNC.
This attitude of yours reveals vividly the class of people who make up your group. All extremely selfish persons who have profited from Fru Ndi personally and politically; and who now deem it necessary to use any means possible to show their gratefulness or rather ungratefulness to Ni John Fru Ndi by trying to cause confusion in the SDF by all means.
Now, talking about means, you do not have a patent on stones and the talent to cite was not endowed on you alone. Same as you have come to learn that despite your claim of legal prowess, you do not own the courts or control such.
So let Ni John Fru Ndi suffer just a minor scratch in Limbe and you shall be held fully responsible for the cacaphony the would definitely instantly spark off. Believe me!!!

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