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Thursday, 07 December 2006


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T Wanaku

Deuteronomy 22:25-27
"But if out in the country a man happens to meet a girl pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die. 26 Do nothing to the girl; she has committed no sin deserving death. This case is like that of someone who attacks and murders his neighbor, 27 for the man found the girl out in the country, and though the betrothed girl screamed, there was no one to rescue her"

Ma Mary

It is the duty of the Southern Cameroons people to make these people pay the price. It is not the job of the students.


What actions have the parents of this poor student taken? And what about the UB rape victims, what practical actions are they taking? or they are so timid that they can't even stand up and mobilize themselves against this evil? Can't they go to hospital and get medical reports and then proceed to the governor and insist for an enquiry to be carried out until the perpetrators are brought to justice? This is pure common sense. What kind of knowledege are they actually learnng in that university?

Muki StoneHall

You don't seem to know the Cameroon you are talking about too well.Cameroon is ruled by phone calls.Evidence or court cases against the gov't or her agents have no place in cameroon.As for inquiries,I'm even the more suprised that someone like you can still be advocating for something like that.How many commissions or inquiry have been created in Cameroon? How many have worked and produce results? How many of their findings and recommendations have been implemented? The truth is: IF S.CAMEROONIANS CAN'T FIGHT,LET THEM SLEEP!



You are really shameless to be calling on the parents of these children to take actions. What actions do you want them to take?


This will explain to you how your very corrupt and evil judiciary works. Except you are telling the world that you want to transport these students and the accused like Lambi, Ngoh, the minister, etc to a foreign court.

It is really an embarassment esspecially from someone who habitually defend the soo called government in this forum. They describe the students as "An assorted group of assailants" and claimed that "they attacked a police station". That is what they want the international community to hear. But since they cannot own cyberspace, we will tell the truth here.



I can now fully understand why my old man not only detested the Cameroon miltary establishment but was totally against me becoming a Police Officer, Gendarme or Army conscript in Cameroon. I have finally come to realize that these fellows are trigger-happy apes capabale of gunning down civilians in cold blood and sticking their dicks into everything that looks feminine including their own daughters.

Their level of passion they posses is exceedingly high and during moments of insecurity, instead of going about restoring calm they would prefer to exploit innocent civilians talk less of minors. And behold they will always get away with it. Impunity reigns surpreme here!
The truth is that I do not really blame them t an extent because when you decide to mix people of two opposite cultures, an Anglophone minority and the Francophone majority, the end result is usaully that what is in excess supply will always outstrip the smaller quantity. Frogs more often than not are always a bunch of negative attributes and when you mix them with a few Anglos the end result is never a suprise reason why it is very difficult distingusihing the actions of groomed Anglophones from their primitive barbarian Francophone counter parts within the force. Maybe if I had even ended up joining the force after all I might not have behaved any different.
But thank God, I am now an ‘assistant Doctor’, one of the new recruits into the just launched FHS in UB.
My speciality is surgery and in conformity with the wishes of my old man, I have a small operation to carry out on those two fellows who effected the act of rape on that minor...

Doc:Song and Co. come in immediately for your operation.

Song:Quel operation, docteur?

Doc:Just shut up you good for nothing faggot! Are you married?

Co:Marier? Moi? Non...

Doc:Good! I hereby charge you two with destroying the reproductive system of that young girl and your punishment is castration...

Song:Qu'est qui c'est pas?

Co:Je ne comprends pas ce qu'il...


Nurse:Yes doctor...

Doc:Give this duo a good dose of sedation...and make the concoction really strong!

Nurse:As you say doctor...

Song:Mais qu'est...ah mon Dieu..

Co: Doctuer, je vousen prie…ne me faire pas ca…..

Doc:Ssshhh! Quiet! Stop addressing me in such a rude manner…I am Doctor and not Docteur. Do you think I got admission here through the back door? You bet I know my job very well and all what I intend to do will just give you a slight pain and thereafter you would be fine okay...Nincompoops!

The two Frogs sleep quietly as I transform them into eunuchs. This time I will not spare them Frogs. Ngoh was very lucky that I had to extract just one of his testicles but these Frogs will have to lose both of their testicles. I hope that when this operation is completed successfully they would stand as good candidates for the priestly vocation. After all I hear that some priests are already desecrating the vocation of administering the Word of God by violating married women, young girls and yes...even young boys.

When I am done with removing the manhood of these two, my next assignment would be to send them either to a seminary or monastery...
My hospital will from now henceforth serve only as a centre where reformatory surgery would be carried out on all those demoniacs in Buea...



also reader, do know that we have evidence that your government did transported a group of bandits from Yaounde, and took them to a tour of UB, where they were shown all the doors and offices of UB, the way out, etc. Then they took their technical equipments like tool boxes, etc to the Campus and when the students were striking, they were busy destroying properties in UB and stealing things. Then when they killed these students, they places military hardwares on thier bodies like guns, clubs, grenades, etc. in a bid to justify the statement they were about to make. That communique was prepared even before the meeting and published.

The blood of those our innocent brothers and sisters spilled will hunt all these evil men,their children, supporters and all for the rest of their lives.

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