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Monday, 18 December 2006


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Lies are always lies, irrespective of who's telling them or how many times they're being told.


Lifaka, i wonder how u got elected as a parlamentarian cos the way u speak doesnt bring out any logic at all. CPDM barons are very smart liers but u are a veery dump one. You will surely loose ur post this time. Empty vessel


It is rather funny to see these corrupt group of bandits describing CPDM junta and its leaders as a government. Where is the government. A network of criminals and liars described as a gov't? That's a shame...


When we told SDF stalwarts like Fru Ndi not to look horns with Biya or the Likes of Inoni when they were luring him to believe in this their soo called independent electoral commision, some thought we are second guessing. Today, after all the consultations, they have been presented with the result (ELECAM). How can Fru Ndi and all the soo called opposition who did met the prime minister argue that they are not part of the creation of ELECAM. They were consulted and they did honoured the invitation of Inoni and had what they did described to us as a productive discussion.

These soo called opposition really need to go to school as explained by Biya to be able to challenge him. In parliament, councils, etc, they are making a mockery of themselves. Why should they always respect the soo called governments invitation only for thesame government to turn around and mock them by doing what they least expected. If they want to gain any credibility, they should boycott whatever belongs to the CPDM.


Hey azore stop it!I mean hold it right there man!You just cant be ridiculing our people's representatives like that.I mean that's an honourable lady on same pedestal with U.S Congressmen and women.You just get up ,go and confuse her so mischieviously.I say stop it!
Dont mind him Honourable;a small journalist having the temerity to want to tell you what "independent" means.In fact,as you rightly asked, where would we hang it?
Honourable'please what's force majeur?


And then azore,what kind of provocative picture is that?how do you want any sane person to take the Honourable Lifaka seriously after seeing a photograph with her mouth like that.
look stop being mischievious!

M Nje

Can someone explain to me the meaning of the above quotation from this interview?

"Then where do you want it to hang, you want it to hang in the air? Let's not say or try to do things as if any of us is independent of the State. We are all part of the State."

I taught there are three INDEPENDENT branches of government- Legislative, Judiciary, and Executive. So when our honorable says we are all part of the state,no one is independent, is she saying we are all part of the Executive? This is unbelievable. I taught each branch of government is independent. Now I hear from a lawmaker that no one is independent. How do you call such a system? “Dependentcracy.” Please, the commission’s members can be elected by the people, given full budgetary powers, and placed under the supervisor of the Supreme Court or what ever you have in La Republic Du Cameroun. What a shame.

Danny Boy

This woman looks, sounds and pouts like a mbimbo.I would not mind discussing serious politics with her on a wet sunday. Look at the hot lips. These are not meant for politicking, so please folks do not call her dumb or stupid. I think she has used them quite well.

Danny Boy

This woman looks, sounds and pouts like a mbimbo. How I long to discuss serious political issues with her on a damp Sunday evening.Please do not caal her stupid.
Her constitutuents are not complaining. They know what she is good at.
As for her input into this interview, she could have done better. Where are her advicers?


Look M Njie, who told u everybody went to skul? And who told u that to be a parliamentarian you must've gone to skul? Most of these ladies who manage to be there are those who've sold their privacy to some of these HE-GOATS!...and then their names surfaced...and then elections are stolen...and then they go to parliament and CLAP...and then after each parliamentary session they go to dinner...and then they receive monies for their constituencies and "CHOP".

Or what do you think this lady can do in that parliament full of profs and Drs? Or even if she thru skul, skul didn't go thru her. Reread the interview and feel me!

It's high time we reshape our laws for parliamentarians to be learned before they go to that house!


Ma Mary

What this woman has said is a whole lot of Orwellian hooey, but that is the orientation of these lying CNU beleticians. IMHO, she is doing what she has been trained and asked to do very well. Did you want her to be a prof and tell the same lies with bigger words?

Whatever your stance, Danny Boy, please refrain from sexist, sexualizing comments. Stick to what she is saying. There is enough crapola there to indicate that CNU is alive and well.

I respect the fact that she has gone over to the dark side and is quite upfront about it. The people I no respect for are those professors with no spine, no consistency.

M Nje

You are very right. Her output just shows how she got there. Not only are the primaries non-competitive, the final election is everything but an election. I think I made a mistake to have such high expectations. That has been corrected.

Even a grandmother can debate with this woman. Oh my God. She is supposed to check the powers of the executive and make new laws when possible. She seems to have no idea what her functions are. Not even an understanding of the structures and branches of government. Which planet do these people come from?

Look Akoson we do even have to change our laws. Just make the process open and competitive. Let the candidates have public debates. I assure you people like this will not show up even to be councilors.

It is a disgrace. A shameful disgrace. Do we need the second coming of Christ before we take care of this?

Danny Boy

Ma Mary I am sorry if my light-hearted banter caused offence. I only wanted to inject some fun into the forum, however non-PC. Of course I believe in the emancipation of the woman,sexual equality and the rights of "man" in general.
Having said these, she still sounds like a mbimbo. Her CPDM brother, (Atanga whose manifesto this online service carried), is her male equivalent.
I have always enjoyed your contributions to this forum. Thanks and have a wonderful Xmas.


Madame MP, for your sake and for the sake of other women who hold ambitions to seek public office, please shut up and desist from giving any more interviews. You have no shame? Eish! If this is your idea of representing yourself and your constituency, I weep for your lot and the electorate who put you there. The way you gaffed and goofed your way through each question shows you cannot even lie very well. So why not pull the mask and say what any average Cameroonian can decipher as fundamentally flawed electoral mechanism? The interview is bad enough. Then the snafu that ELECAM is a Christian name??? Gee! Did you really say that? Any sensible adviser should have shut you up there and pleaded for a premature end to the interview. History will judge you and your lot. One day, the children and grandchildren of Buea Rural will ask you "what did you do to change things?".

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