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Friday, 22 December 2006


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Muna and his ilk are corrupt members of La Republique's regime indoctrinated and brainwashed by La Republique's colonial junta. He has a mission to destroy the aspirations of all Southern Cameroonians. Whoever listens to him is doing so at his own risk.


Excellent Link:


Haters of truth, tori dey oo! Tori dey!!





Mr. Paul Biya, Firstly, I'd like to say that to see what is right, and not do it, is want of courage or of basic principle. I wish you long LIFE to witness retributive justice.

Mr. Ni John Fru Ndi(the matador in Bamenda and conscience of Cameroon), truly I write this one with tears running down my cheek. They say you've wasted 16 years. That's not true. You didn't waste a single year. The first ever election you contested saw you victorious. Is this waste? If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field, I would pick the trait of persistence and determination. The will to endure to the end, to get knocked down seventy times and get up off the floor saying, 'Here comes number seventy-one'! I am personally convinced that one person can be a change catalyst, a 'transformer' in any situation, any organization. Such an individual is yeast that can leaven an entire loaf. It requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader. You've been just that. However, never let your persistence and passion turn into stubbornness and ignorance. Wisdom, Prayers and committment is what I wish you! is your new year gift.

Mr. Ngwasiri, reconciliation should be accompanied by justice, otherwise it will not last. While we all hope for peace it shouldn't be peace at any cost but peace based on principle, on justice. Let the constitution of the SDF play it's role. And I know you're not unaware of the fact that more than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that you, Ngwasiri have the wisdom to choose correctly. To you My SINCERE Merry X-mas and a PROSPEROUS 2007.

Mr. Ben Muna, indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible. You may also be interested to learn that the difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake...and my advise...when you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind, and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. I wish you strength and knowledge to be able to rethink your strategy for leadership, fame and riches.

To all freedom fighters especially those who fight for the restoration of the statehood of the Southern Cameroons: including Rexon, Vito, Ndiks, SJ, Vally Bessong, Massamoyo, samleyin, Neba Funiba, ADAMA KWIKEH, Amin Nkem Atabs, Benny T, DaDiceman, Kumbaboy, langhai, Big Joe, Ma Mary, SJ etc etc, I've got just one word for you...Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man! However, take control of your destiny. Believe in yourself. Ignore those who try to discourage you. Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits. Don't give up and don't give in. And you must look for ways to be an active force in your own lives. You must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live your dreams. A BIG merry Christmas and a positively eventful 2007, I wish you!

To all the staunch 'postnewsline' SDF supporters including Fon, Watesih, Klemenceau, MukiStonehall, Tayong, Atangha, M. Nje, Feli et al, People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to. Stay the cause gentlemen and keep speaking your truth quietly for they say "it is that truth that sets us free".

To all the Ngwasirit/Muna supporhters including BenTeribobs, Mukete, Ftroit, Vally of England, Momo, Fritzane Kiki, etc always remember that it is good to fight for your opinions, but do not believe that they contain the whole truth or the only truth. However while fighting but failed, remember that you become a champion by fighting one more round. When things are tough, you fight one more round. Although no one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal...the only thing I can do is wish you a splendid knowledge on decision-making, repentance and confession come 2007. Merry X-mas pals.

...And to all of you, as you reflect hard on designing your new year resolutions bear in mind that three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.


The SON.



In spite of the much aluted "reconciliation, the bitter taste imposed by truth on those who can see it, remains in Ni John's mouth. Pa ee heart nova cold. Better no still dey.

While ostriches are celebrating victory over Ngwasiri's "carpet-crossing", Ni John who wears the shoe and knows where it pinches knows that the born-again (not political show, I'll explain later) is of no political and judicial moment as far as Ni John's political and legal troubles are concerned.

Hear Ni John ee cry: "Concerning the letters he (Ngwasiri) wrote to the courts, I told him the UNTOLD DAMAGE it (Ngwasiri's and Muna's political and judicial actions) has brought to my life and that of the party..."

Who knows what Ni John is talking about in "untold damage brought to his life"? Diboule!!! He knows he commandeered the assassination of Diboule and knows the investigations and his two-three encounters so far with the Yaounde state counsel are pointing to his doom. Pa di go ngata!

Above all, in "untold damage to the party", Ni John understands that whatever he may be presiding over in the name of the SDF is only a bleeding piece of the precious child we cautioned against here before this matter went out of hand.

Whiteman country ignoramoses are jubilating that Ni John has won, when the essence of what we have been saying here is that as long as NI John follows BAD NDAM in his game of exclusion to keep away those who want to shine the light against his game of dining with Biya's boys at night and shouting power in the day, there won't ever again be one strong SDF. That at best, our precious child SDF will be torn in the middle and left bleeding.

Ni John knows that this so-called Christmas reconciliation is far from a victory because he knows the damage done to the party and how many strong men are left with Muna's forces of revival to continue the fight for social justice, fairplay ans equal opportunities in the SDF.

Hear Ni John's cry: "The question I asked Ngwasiri was where does he keep all the people that he misled: the Ben Munas, the Wakais, Zamboue..?" Misled? Misled indeed! Time don reach for cry. Did we hear Atangha/George/Feli...say here that Nyoh Wakai had abandoned Muna? Which Wakai is Ni John crying for here?

I'll be back with the political INSIGNIFICANCE of a born-again (not political) "reconciliation", and also on already surfacing power tussle between BAD NDAM and Ni John.

Plus BAD NDAM's own reconciliation with MINATD Marafa after BAD NDAM made deceptive noise, challenging Marafa in the Assembly, though pretentiously selling out the Independent Electoral Commission.

Tori dey oo!!



Correction: Saluted, not "aluted" as in my first sentence, first line: "In spite of the much saluted reconciliation..."

Tita Mofaw

What is all the blabbing about? I wonder if you can make any sense from your own arguement!!
What a hypocricy! Ni John this or that.Is it Ni John or Paul Biya who is the villain?

It is true that this Ben Muna guy (now in this forum) is a complete loser.While people-SCNC,UB,NI John and his SDF etc are targeting Paul Biya who is the guy pulling the big shots, Massa Ben Muna has formed a faction of the SDF whose main objective is to fight Ni John.

At first I thought that you were just a greedy guy but now I realise that you are in dire need of a psychiatrist.You really think that Cameroonians in their agony and effort to reverse the curse on them would actually divert their attention from the problem-Paul Biya and CPDM to Ni John and SDF?

You and your sick old man of late are the most insane creatures who have ever walked the face of this earth.


This is the day Jesus was born,so we don`t want to throw jabs around.We are in a one to one correspondence with the light from heaven,but note that you are a loser as someone has said.You are still in the standard one school era,thats why you don`t know that reconciliation ,and born-again are one thing.When you reconcile with yourself,you are born again,then you reconcile with everybody.We know you are not very strong when it comes to this type of logic,especially as concerns English ,since you have been a pidgin crooner here.Also analyse Ben Muna`s speeches lets see.How can u suffer yourself analysing everything Fru Ndi ,forgetting the person u spend time in cybercafes crusading for? That noise about Mbah Ndam MINADT,Mbah Ndam Fru Ndi is the new level shame has pushed you to.Continue,
but know that you are completely naked,and lonely now.How can you transport yourself into Ni John`s head analysing the reconciliation.Did Ni John ask Prof to reconcile with him? Go sleep my man,you di smell with confusion!
Merry xmas to you Atangha.Keep the spirit alive!


Ben B.,

I have never really had time to analyse your ideas but after your postings here on this topic, i have taken some time off my holiday to go through your ideas from the days that we all had heated debates here relating to this Muna/Ngwasiri's rhetorics. I have come to the conclusion that, you are nothing but a replica of the Mukete's with no independent ideas but paid here to defend the interest of the Murderous CPDM. You really have no point in most of what you write. Your own wisdom and knowledge is reduced to criticising Fru Ndi destructively without trying to understand the facts in any postings. I will advise you to seek some spiritual advise as hell awaits you, if you continue with such unscrupulous actions. We all have a mission to liberate our people. While we might have some differences in our approach, the biggest mistake we might commit is when we start listening to self-serving individuals (like u, Muna, Ngwasiri) who want to exploit our present socio-economic predicament to satisfy their own selfish desires.

Che Sunday

How do you pick a winner between two losers?
Chief Ayamba and Nii John Fru Ndi?
Ayamba can not get his SCNC folks to form a united front to push for a Southern Cameroon Nation.
Fru Ndi could not build an alliance with the other so called opposition parties to defeat Biya. But low and behold, they start a public fight?
The SCNC fails to realize that Fru Ndi is perfectly satisfied with the status quo, i.e, being recognized as the largest opposition party in Cameroon. That fetches him the biggest share of the spoils when Biya starts doling out government money to these characters to in their campaign for elections. Does Ayamba really think Fru Ndi will throw sand into his gari? Is fru Ndi doing anything different? Look at what the people of Manyu division are doing. They are thanking Paul for appointing one of theirs into his new cabinet. If you are from Manyu, and can look at me in the face and talk of development, I will challenge you to fetch me a piece of tarred road on which the tarr is under 30years old and I will give you a million bucks.
The SCNC dreams of a nation, Fru Ndi dreams of a presidency. While both are dreaming, Paul and his tribesmen are looting, filling the halls of academic institutions with tribesmen and women, and some of us who have the opportunity to advice these dreamers spend time singing praises to them in the vane hope of picking up some crumbs some day.
To some of us, Cameroon is beyond repairs, so lets leave the roting carcase to those who created it and go form our own republic. Easier said than done.
We have too many sell outs from within and that is why this is a mission impossible. Show me one anglo who has turned down a government appointment from Paul and I will begin to beleive in your cause.


Che Sunday,
You said it all.Lets sleeping dogs Lie and Dreamers Dream Cameroon aleast will continue to remain United Republic(Small triangular Kingdom) under Paul Biya as the Presidencial monarch.


Che Sunday

Dr Sunday, I wont agree any less with you but that not withstanding you need to understand the political atmosphere under which Paul Biya operates.

Abject poverty is the Lion man's poisonous tool. He knows very well that to catch a hungry dog needs just a bone. Then he also knows very well that dividing the house better weakens consolidated actions.When there're elections many sell their consciences to bags of rice , soap,clothing , etc. After the election the poverty continues and the cursing of Biya resurfaces.

Secondly Cameroonians and Southern Cameroonians in particular lack endurance and perseverance ,they rather want short term results. When a fight drags on many give up, reasons for the crossing overs, sell outs, blacklegs etc.

What then can we do? If we simply '... leave the roting carcase to those who created it and go form our own republic' you put it Im afraid we'll pay the price indirectly by standing aside and seeing the carcase rot.

We must take the destiny of our nation into our hands. You rightly quoted Manyu people rediculously extending an olive branch to Biya for "projects", we all know this is foolhardy and therefore need Southern Cameroonians to educate their people against stupidity.

The battle may wangle, as it's always the case but we must be focused, distractions and in house bickering are deadly political weapons and Biya and co have used them successfully to hold the Cameroonians captive. Southern Cameroonians are no exception, Che Sunday.

Well as for Fru Ndi having a share of the booty I wont go there but rather I dont think the SDF stands on the way of the SCNC nor the SCNC stands on the way of the SDF.Both are simply falling prey to Biya's tactics. I will rather say this: Let Fru Ndi be reminded under a free political platform that he can't rule a foreign nation then he may then learn the lesson the bitter way!

So what I believe we need to fight against is perssimism and educate our people against jeopardizing the future of the youngs on the altar of greed.The batle may be delayed but wont be indefinitely denied


Tayong, thanks for disagreeing with me, but I can afford to respond because you at least sound like a gentlemen, far, far from the madding crowd.

You sound like you mean well. You sound like you try to understand something, whatever opinion you may hold. Unlike those other ones who only write to console themselves.

They sound like they prefer to be RIGHT than to see the right or understand the politik in the politics.

That's why I want to thank Manga for posting the Cameroon Tribune story here, that brings out better than I did, what I meant by "born-again" not political reconciliation.

Take this: "Hon. Ngwasiri said he does not take decisions by himself. 'I act by divine inspiration'. He said that he went to Bamenda on December 19 to reconcile with Fru Ndi as an indiividual and not as leader of the SDF."

And whom does Ngwasiri write to, in resigning from the SDF? Muna of course. Ngwasiri writes to Muna: "I have the honour to hereby notify you of my resignation from the Social Democratic Front (SDF), party with effect from December 20, 2006".

Cameroon Tribune continues: "As to whether he was resigning from the Muna faction of the SDF to join that of Fru Ndi, he said, 'I know of one SDF chairman, Muna', adding that he cannot resign from where he did not belong. (Meaning Ngwasiri reiterates he belongs with Muna, not Fru Ndi).

Wuna don hear? Wuna prefer man like me wey di take de trouble to explain things for wuna to understand or man wey ee join wuna for hide the truth or tell lies?




Sometime wuna for whiteman kontri wuna no be see am for CRTV how wey BAD Ndam go reconcile with Marafa after BAD NDAM sell out elections commission.

After making fake noises in the constitutional laws committe during committee discussions on ELECAM, and after leading SDF MPs out of the Assembly to protest government's bad faith, BAD NDAM ran helter-skelkter from his 4th Floor office whan he heard that Maraf Hamidou Yaya, Minister of State for Territorial Administration who defended ELECAM, was leaving the Assembly.

By this time the ELECAM bill had been adopted by the crushing CPDM majority. And Marafa was walking away satisfied that they, CPDM had forced a bitter pill down the throat of helpless cameroonian people. But Marafa must also have been feeling some guilt for stealing or faking the elections commission.

So you'd have expected the opposition Chief Whip that BAD NdAM still is (till further notice) to carry the c ris of the people in his mouth to vent it on the thieving minister Marafa. No. BAD NDAM istead ran helter-skelter four floors, panting and sweating with handkerchief in hand, just to ... do what? CONGRATULATE Marafa for a job well done over the faked ELECAM.

Can anyone imagine the contradiction. This was on TV, pictures and narration. If na newspaper be write am, man for doubt. If na radio be tok we for say sometime dem don fake BAD NDAM he voice.

And who knows why BAD NDAM sold out ELECAM? He did so to win favours with Marafa, hoping that MINATD will side with BAD NDAM- Fru Ndi in their dispute with Muna.

Sorry! It's a pity how the people are fooled by this BAD NDAM of a fellow. But thank God Muna is determined to shine the light, "born-again" reconciliation or not. The truth will out soon. Man no run.

I'll be back with how Ni John is fighting BAD NDAM's systematic palace coup.


Tabeng Tayim

BenF, BenB, BenTeriBobs and Vally England are all the same person, and I know who this individual is. This individual is a hate monger. He lives in Britain and is close to the Muna family. His father is Bamileke and his mother is Metta. He went to P.S.S Mankon and his initials are E.P. Keep writing all your hate-mongering trash and I will expose you as well as your ties to the Munas.

Last night in Limbe, we did some research and now know who this individual is.

Tita Mofaw

Seems some one is about to let the cat out of the bag.Keep digging my brother, we shall get to the bottom of this one day.

Tabeng Tayim

Ben Muna Iscariot (Junior Traitor) son of ST Muna (Senior Traitor)

2 weeks ago, someone who attended the funeral of S.T. Muna 5 years ago handed to me the eulogy which Ben Muna Iscariot wrote for his father -- the Senior traitor. This Ben Muna Iscariot, the junior traitor is really shallow. In the eulogy, Ben Iscariot Muna is worried about whether his father is going to have bodyguards where he is going? Ben Muna writes “Weh papa, are you going to have bodyguards accompany you where ever you go?”. From this eulogy, you can see Ben Muna Iscariot’s mindset. He thinks that his father was anointed to lead in this as well as the after life. This wife beater with the most shallow of mindsets thinks that he can compare himself with Ni John Fru Ndi. If you doubt that Ben Muna Iscariot used to beat his wife, ask the Charlows, his former in-laws in Victoria. S.T. Muna even slapped Ben Muna Iscariot a few times for beating up his wife.

The problem with Ben Iscariot Muna the junior traitor is not really with Ni John Fru Ndi. Ben Iscariot Muna’s problem is with the Bamenda man and Anglophones in general. Ben Iscariot Muna has so much contempt for the Bamenda man that he will go to any extent to in his attempts to destroy the SDF. Ben Iscariot Muna has contempt against the Bamenda man for holding his father responsible for selling the Anglophones. The stories of “Abere Math”, the stories of his father going to Bamenda (early eighties) and addressing people in French, the stories of his father selling out Foncha, the stories of his father betraying Hon. Jua, the stories of his father building only a prison in Mbengwi all haunt Ben Muna Iscariot the junior traitor. These all make him to have a persecution complex. It is this contempt that he has for the Bamenda man that will drive him to align with the regime in tratorizing the SDF. Does Ben Muna Iscariot have a house in his native Mbengwi?........NO!!. Has Ben Muna Iscariot ever built a house in the whole Anglophone territory……NO!!. His Big head can come to the SDF only when he wants to take it over. You don’t see his oversize ego being a militant.

We only sori na peuple’ dem wey dem di follow this traitor. Na only yee know ting wey ee dey inside yim big belley.

Tita Mofaw

Tabeng,stop turning this whole issue into a comedy.

I agree with you completely even though I cannot help laughing out my lungs.I have heard of "Abere Math" and "Abere physics" but this is the first time I am learning that he used to address Bamenda people in french.Knowing the meaning of the name Muna I don't doubt your story.I won't be surprise to hear that he addressed the SW people in Hausa (when Ahidjo was the lion man)

The problem is not just with Ben Muna Iscariot (Junior) but with all the Munas.He is not even ashame to point his dirty fingers at Ni John when his own sister is in Biya's government (as one of these 3rd class anglophone's minsters).

The question is what do they really want? About 50% of anglophone's problem was caused by their father-directly or indirectly.His sister among others have contributed another percentage in the crisis.Today, Muna is bent on destroying one of the only hopes that anglophones are having.While people are making their voices head about ELECAM Muna is busy bragging about him being the authentic SDF leader.

Rather than waste his energy on this issue,I sugest he joins the US marine in fighting insurgency in Iraq.


Tabeng Tayim, I hope that's your real name, and if it is, I hope Bernard Muna drags you to court for discussing the state of his marriage on the internet. You snivelling, ignorant bastard. Can you stick to the Bernard Muna's politics and his activities of public interest, and stay away from his relationship with his wife?

Tita Mofaw

Muna is seeking for attention.He is a "chairman" which makes him a public figure.Which means he has no such thing as a private life.

Tabeng if you could provide us with more information (not just about his wife but about his girl friends) it would help expose the evil in this guy.Where on earth has the so called private life of politicians or public figures have ever been silenced when talking about their public career?

Muna and his sympathizers would soon face the gulag.Anybody with information about anything concerning Muna and the Munas (all the politicians) should know that such informtion is valuable and welcomed on this forum.Don't get intimadated by narrow minded folks whose only contribution is to insult others.


Tita Mofaw, obviously there isn't only one snivelling ignorant bastard on this forum. If you have a vendetta against the Munas why don't you confront them directly? If they have done something illegal to you, why don't you take them to court? Why fight them on the internet? You miserable weasel.

Tita Mofaw

Hold your breath young Muna (don't know your age but you sound like a junior).

Stop being loud and aggressive with Tita, Tabeng and the entire forum for scrutinizing the inside out of your father and grand father.I know it hurts when Tabeng broadcasts how your father beats your mother and how selfish and ungrateful your grand father was to his own people in Mbengwi with his "Abere maths" slogan. But these are facts.You should be grateful that somebody has finally stood up on behalf of your mother .Or is she a "punk ass" bitch who does not not deserve any attention?

If your father wants to do politics (especially the dirty politics that he is doing) he should prepare you guys for all the humiliations that your sick family will go through.

People have talked about the wives of Biya, Fru Ndi,Achidi Achu etc on this forum.So long as your greedy insane father continues to play dirty game be aware that his dirty linen would be exposed in public.If you don't like it go advice him to back out.

One day you will understand what I just said when you grow up Dadiceman.


Tita Morfaw, I might not agree with you, but I have got to give it to you....your idiocy is consistent. I defend a principle more than a man. But you wouldn't know anything about principles, would you? You are too damn comfortable in your prejudices to worry about trivialities like principles. And so do the majority of our countrymen, which is why the place is going down the tubes.

Your first act of idiocy? Dragging a man's wife into a debate which started off as the man's legal battle with his political foe. In all my time on this forum I have never read any of the politician's relationship with his wife being the subject of discussion. I have never read names of neighbours being quoted to provide evidence regarding the goings on in the marriage of a politician, as your friend Tabeng Ayim did with regard to Bernard Muna.

Where is the relevance of his relationship with his wife to the issue at hand? Fair enough he is a public figure, and you and many others have pilloried him ceaselessly on this forum; the archives of this forum will prove that, and I find nothing wrong with that. He is a public figure and a national politician, ergo he is fair game! But soldier, his wife is not a public figure, to the best of my knowledge, and might not want her relationship to her husband to be any of your business. Oh, you might blame her for marrying him? Would you? His children, again to the best of my knowledge, are not public figures and might not want their parent's marriage to be the subject of an internet debate. Can you find it in your ignorant mind to understand these feelings?

Your second act of idiocy? Consistent with your simplistic mind, because I say you guys are being unreasonable, I am therefore a Muna. I would tell you what, if I were a Muna I would hold my head high. You might not like the Munas, obviously, but they have done more in Cameroon public life than a miserable intellectual midget like you will ever do.

Narrow-minded because you are asked to keep a man's relationship with his wife out of this political debate? Why don't we be open-minded then? Why don't you tell us about your miserable family's personal relationships on this forum eh? Let's see if your own holier-than-thou smugness towards the Munas can withstand public scrutiny. Oh, on second thought spare us the humbug, I forgot, no one will be interested to know about the goings on in your miserable family. Because why? They have been of no public service to Cameroon and are of no public interest....and might I add, with your pig-headed ignorance never will be.

Actually, families like yours have a role in every country....they are the mudslingers, merchants of prurience, gossip-mongers and morbidly jealous intellectualy midgets. Every country has them. They are born and they die, all the time never putting themselves forward for public service, but very quick to throw mud at those who are intelligent and brave enough to go into public life.

You have achieved your 15 minutes of internet fame, haven't you? You have berated Bernard Muna in public, you have called for the internet community to dig prurience on the Munas. Congratulations! Now you are hero, aren't you! Can you now go back and rest "peacefully" in the obscurity and misery from whence you came?

Tita Mofaw

Insulting people for pointing at the fallibility of so called leaders and you call that a principle?

Only an ignorant child who refuses to learn will hang on his madness and decieve himself that it is a priniciple.I will repeat it again that there is no such thing as private life.If you think that there is any clear cut distinction between private and public (esp in politics) then I believe you are one of those so called intellectuals in Cameroon who have been brainwashed deep down into their souls.

Where do you draw the line young man? You think it is insignificant to make an analogy between private and public? Maybe you did not understand what Tabeng was trying to say: Muna was a devil then judging from the beatings that he gave his wife and is a devil now in his attempt to betray Cameroonians.How can you be a saint in public life when you are scoundrel at home with your own wife (and probably with your children)

You are right to say nobody gives a damn about my family. Everybody in my family is a nobody but let me tell you something; we don't strive to become something that we are not.But don't fool yourself that this implies you and your family are in any better position than mine.

First of all my family has nothing in the closet to hide and nothing to be ashame of. As for you...hahaaaaa, another story. Right now you are probably the angriest Cameroonian because Tabeng has exposed what a useless goat that father of yours-Muna is.Further more, he has lambasted your grand father, and rediculed your poor mother.

I rather be a nobody than turn my entire family-including the deceased and the unborn, into a laughing stock.

What are you really talking about? My prejudice????? where the hell did that come from.If I say it is OK to discuss the "private life" of politicians you called that prejudice and you view it as idiocy?
Wow mr intellectual, you guys will never cease to impress me. All these remarks simple because somebody is saying there is no such distinction between a private and a public. A point which has been endorsed by many scholars but our brother intellectual Dadiceman sees it as prejudicial and idiocy.

My advice to you for the second time is that this is the role of the game.Take or leave it.Better blame your father or whatever he is to you for molesting his wife.


Tita Mofaw, if it makes life easier for you to think I am a Muna, please yourself.

Sir, you can be sure you are not the first person to libel the Munas and make derogatory remarks about their family. With many family members at the highest levels of public service in Cameroon over the last 40 years, I am sure they are well used to being at the receiving end of the venom of spiteful people like you. So, mate, join the queue of bitter twisted and jealous individuals baying for the blood of the Munas. It must be obvious to you, sir, even with your prejudiced blinkers on, that the length of that queue has not stopped members of the Muna family from continuing to serve their country at the highest level, in a wide variety of challenging professions. I guess they have the intellect to know it is the price they have to pay for public service. Yes, public service....something you have the dubious privilege of never ever going to know anything about.

If only your family could make a tenth of the contribution the Muna family has made to national life in Cameroon, I am sure your mind will not be as perverted as it is. But then again that will give you something more productive than asking the world, on the internet, to dig up prurience on a family whose only wrong is being intelligent and brave enough to enter public life; I am sure you have better things to do with your time than doing anything productive though! Mudslinging and digging up prurience is much more fun. Isn't it?

You certainly have a great privilege, the Munas can only dream about. The insignificance of your existence confers on you the privilege to denigrate with impunity those whose dynamism your ignorance shields you from ever appreciating. Your anonymity confers on you the privilege that you, and none of your family members, ever have to be subjected to the sort of scrutiny the Muna family have to put up with, and the abuse they have to take for good-for-nothing ignorant louts like you.

Ignorance truly is bliss for you Mr. Tita Mofaw! Continue to wallow in it. You certainly seem to be enjoying it.

Tita Mofaw

"dig up prurience",
"Mudslinging and digging up prurience"
and so on.

What ever you are implying I am yet to figure out how jealosy, the insignificance of my existence,what my family can or cannot do, my ignorance etc makes public life unrelated to private life.

You see Mr. intellectual, your disdain for me and my family and the lengthy paragraphs that you dedicate on this is completely off topic unless you corroborate it with your out dated conception that public and private are wholly distinctive. My point is simple:no clear cut distinction can be made between these spheres of life;which judging from the deeds of Muna implies he was a bomb then and is a bomb now.

If you think that by spitting out venon on me and my family discredits my point then you are not worth the trouble.When you mentioned that you are a man of principle I was expecting to learn something new from you but now I realise that anything that stands for the Munas is a a forgone conclusion.


Well Mr. Morfaw, disdain for your family? How does a taste of your own pill feel, eh? How does it feel to have your family the subject of an internet discussion,eh? Not so good, I guess. Now, that's what the Munas have to put up with from cyber vandals like you!

You have made your position clear. To you, you have the right to invade the private lives of politicians and their family members on this forum. Fair enough. I strongly disagree with you.

You will learn nothing new from me. As a matter of fact, you will learn nothing from me at all except my position on the matter. I stand on the other side of the fence. I don't think the relationship between a politician and his wife should be what should be discussed on a forum like this...and I would say so whenever that happens.

Say what you may about Bernard Muna or any other politician's politics. That's fair enough, I agree with you, that's fair game. However, I would strongly disagree with you when you start dragging in members of their families who are not public figures themselves.

Lets agree we have different values, and are bound to clash every so often on a forum like this. Maybe that is why there is a forum like this!

Tita Mofaw

Seems you got me completely wrong.I don't care if you say whatever you want about me or my family.My point is that any lambasting of me or my family would only make sense if you can use that to corroborate your point.Otherwise it is just empty insults.I get all sort of insults every day and they mean nothing to me.Is there any reason why people should not insult me? if people can insult great men what more of me?

And the truth is that I don't see how you can make such a corroboration.

If somebody should say Dadiceman is an ass because he did this or that to his wife or any of his close folk.So what? Nobody body gives a damn about that.But if you were aspiring to take up any public position then beleive me it would be very important to know these things because based on your deeds the populace could make a judgement of your personality; to help them in deciding if you are up to leadership position.

When the so called private lives of public figures are exposed to the public they often response in one of two ways:
they either refute the allegations (in cases where the allegations are not true) or they simple explain that they have undergone a certain transformation and no longer hold the views that pushed them into such behaviours.

Accusing a politician of beating his wife sends a message that he is a male chauvinist who has no respect for women.This ofcourse is likely to affect his popularity among women. If at all it is true he could argue that today he has a very strong feminist view and his wife and supporters could even testify that he has done a number of things today that enforces the emancipation of women.

But if he avoids addressing the issue on the basis that it is his private life and nobody has the right to mention it then he is losing everybody.He would surely have to kill Tabeng, Tita and a whole lot of others who don't consider that sphere of life private.


Of course "lambasting" your miserable self or your anonymous family means nothing to you. On the scale of public personalities you do not register. As I said before, it is the greatest privilege good-for-nothing louts like you have in life, make the most of it.

Ma Mary

Does Muna really beat his wife, or is this just a smear? Judgement I suspend until this is corroborated or disproved. Wife abuse is not a private matter even for private citizens. Growing up, it was considered a man's personal business and prerogative to put his wife "in her place" with fists if deserves it, or even by throwing her down the stairs. People were supposed not to interfere as the lady next door was being pummelled to a pulp and in some cases killed or subjected to miscarriage. If there are still any doubts out there, wife battery is a crime! Diceman, sorry to enter your altercation with Tita Morfaw, but if Mr Muna is a wife batterer, it must enter his political resume.


The wife of a public figure is a public figure herself.That is why the wives of those aspiring for public office are always scrutinised ,and they either become stars overnight,or retreat to the background.When the wife of John Edwards,the 2004,and 2008 Presidential aspirant was diagnosed of cancer,the whole world knew instantly.When Hilary Clinton mismanaged the Health sector the husband handed over to her,the American people took note of that ,and she may pay a price for that.Tiger Woods almost pulled out of an important tounament in Ireland two months ago when the wife`s private life was scrutinised.
It is not because a family has been contributing to the development of the country that they will beat their wives and go away with it.All the wives of public figures are protected by the public`s sympathy.When Biya messed up with his wife Cameroonians showed a lot scorn for him.
Beating a wife directly puts to question the very foundation of society,which is the family.When we beat the person who procreats ,how can we pretend to lead the other many families put together?
Finally,the contributions the Munas as a family are making to the Cameroonian society
is enormous,and this is a good thing.But mention must be made of the fact that it is not even commensurate to the attention,and privileges they enjoyed as children of a statesman.If the Munas show humility,as some of them are doing,nobody will smear them with filth,but if they exhibit some of the traits their father was accused of,them this will only open up the wound in people`s hearts,and all what they stand for will always be put to question.
These are not the days to start telling people that this group of people are princes
and must not be criticised,or that people are jealous of them.Cameroonians have looked up to these famous families to deliver the goods ,and they have not,so how can people be jealous of people who have failed?
When Clinton faced impeachment charges,it was because his private life was inextricably linked to his public life,and not because people were jealous of him .A nasty private life will normally have a devastating effect on the public activities of a leader.People expect their leaders to be clean in every sense of the word.All Politicians,Bishops,artists,Sportsmen who have been accused of rape,have seen their careers come to an abrupt end ,or simply have put their lives in jeopardy.We can name some:Michael Jackson,Mike Tyson,Mendo Ze,etc
When people frown that Fru Ndi accepted money to treat his wife,it is because they do not dissociate his his life,and that of his wife.Their lives are interwoven,and each must beware consequences for the others defects.Muna will see more scrutiny in the coming days,weeks,months ,and years,whether he carries himself around as a responsible man or not.The fact that he coms from a family that has been making a contribution to public life is not going to spare him the trouble he has been looking for.All families make a contribution to public life,however humble this might be.The more privileges a family gets from the state that is run by tax payers` money,the more people will expect them to give back.

Tita Mofaw

dadiceman's problem is...pappa beating mamma!!I understand your anger but like I said don't expect any one to take off the heat from this so called priviledge family of yours.

I and my "miserable" family has never been anything but thank God we don't have a father who beats the hell out of our mamma.Most imporatnt, if my dad ever does a thing like that I will not hesitate to kick his ass.This is the difference between Tita Morfaw and Mr. intellectual who is not ashame to express his outright ignorance and stupidity that wife battery is a private issue.

Listen to yourself! I am yet to come across anybody in his right senses who would make such a silly remark. Worst is that you take your time to denigrate me, giving the impression that you are much better.

Nomatter how ignorant and less previledged I might be, I am much more better than Mr. intellectual who believes that:
1) public sphere is different from private
2) that wife battery is not an issue (even for political aspirants)
You see how your shallow opinion betrays you. Go on and send more insults.I get them every day and it doesn't bother me at all.


Ma Mary wrote: "Does Muna really beat his wife, or is this just a smear?"

Well, Ma Mary, Mr. Mofaw will be able to answer that question for you. He is prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner.

There we go Mr. Mofaw, there is some mud provided to you by Ma Mary, now start slinging!

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