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Thursday, 14 December 2006


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Ndian Chiefs should not be tired of using these roads, Instead, they should be tired of sending motions of support to the murderous CPDM party and all members of its junta. This is the price they are paying for supporting a very corrupt government that does not care for its people.

In Dion Ngute, they have a Ndian Chief that they have employed to lie to the Ndian people and influence them to vote for the CPDM when elections are coming up. Let me remind the people of Ndian that Dr Dion Ngute (like most Southern Cameroonian expatriates in la republique like Muna, Nwalipenja, Tabetando, Inoni's, Agbor tabi, etc) can never work for the general interest of the entire Ndian populace. Instead, he has been brainwashed by La Republique's colonial junta and can only be used to suppress you. They think because La Republique has given them nice villa's in bastos yaounde and prado's, the common problems faced by the ndian people does not concern them.


They shouldn't cry, it just the begining. there is more in stock for you all.

When money will be sent, you will withdraw that letter. One of your own is in the heart of the Government, enmassing wealth for himself and family

Ndian Chiefs you have seen nothing yet


My support to the chiefs. I know road problem is a national issue but the case of Ndian is pathetic. When something like this happens we should at least give credit to the authors even if...


Ma Mary

Oh so sorry chief. Your chosen master keeps screwing you over? Suck it up chief. "I'll faute supporter. C'est le marriage." Shish!

Ma Mary

And you are the femme. No insult to my fellow ladies, but these he goat chieves are just like Lambi. They stand for nothing. Christians, remember what Jesus said about luke warm water? He will spew you out, Mr nothingness, Mr neither nor.


Don,t worry my dear chief's. Elections are just around the corner, Yaounde will surely fly over some bags of rice and one or two cows accompanied by a few coins to sooth you.
Do not forget to send some motions of suport during this festive season lest the master dumps your name.


Salaam - I hail All!
Buffoonery must as a matter of urgency be discouraged as a means of expression in this civilized process of Nation building that the POST-ON-LINE has provided us.
First, we must appreciate our elite status (our ability at, and connectivity to the internet) and chart a course that will contribute in moving Cameroon ('Southern' or 'La Republique')towards the pedestal of growth and greatness based on respect for one another, yet being ethical and bold enough to air, support, sustain and intergrate our views for the general good.
The Ndian chieves and indeed all representatives of the people MUST be accountable, so MUST all subjects be resposible in speech and conduct.
The hard ships we are coming through today are unacceptable, the nation needs to look in one direction, collectively, the future.
Thank you.

Muki StoneHall

Ndian Chiefs,all you need to do is send more motions of support to Y'de. I'm suprised that you should be asking for development instead of some bank notes and some heads of cattle.But all's development.Develope your stomachs first.Its an easy thing to do.Promise 100% come 2007 and your unflinching support.Soon Ngole will be there with the notes and all will be settled.What do you need roads for. Hopeless idiots.Your nightmares have just begun.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Not only do these Chiefs suffer exploitation,discrimination,and finally outcasted but they don't have a say in the major construction works and other developmental projacts in their areas of jurisdiction.They always sit and wait for the government to act for them.They make big mistake later at the end of year gala with the CPDM where we see them ushering motions of support to the president.

Worsstill,is during elections.Wait and see them next year in the upcoming 2007 parliamentary elections.Don't be surprise seeing all of them in CPDM robs and later afterwards they are rejected by the government who needs them only during time of elections.The Fons are not exceptions.This is hypocricy indeed on their part.They should blame themselves for not making sure they let their people know the truth and the government to know what their people need.

Parliamentarians are scare-crews and puppets call them even hand-clappers who has nothing to offer to their people who voted them in their various jurisdictions.However,Chiefs and fons alike are more neglected and definately their people are even more neglected also.They should start rethinking efforts to come out of this CPDM la Republique bundage.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Chieves need good roads too?Wetti dong galvanize these scrapes?Only now that chieves need roads too!Hmmmmmm!Motions of support to the tribal colonial Junta may not yet be enough. But who told them blots that the Colonial junta will want to see well paved tarmacs in Ambazonia(Southern Cameroons)?Hmmmmm.These hopless chieves may be wanting something else
.They will need to see a psychiatric therapist to exhume them.Only now that these chieves though of good roads.Alas.

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