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Thursday, 07 December 2006


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Patriot Poubom Lamy Ney,

An excellent write-up for those who believe in destruction.
Non-violence is the best way to durably resolve conflicts.
May God bless you.



Poubam Lamy Nye.

Is destruction of property more than the destruction corruption has brought to the lives of Cameroonians?.Are Cameroonians suffering because of destruction of property from strikes or from corruption in all forms?

You concluded your articles without a mere mention of lives lost, to you therefore, pieces of blocks and glasses or furnitures are more important than the lives that were lost.

The tax payers money were used to build those structures to carter and breed non corrupt citizens, what better ways are there to root out corruption than denouncing the act when it appears in day light?

Why do you want to sell cheap? You probably will have no gains. No amount of property is comparable to a human life.

There is no evidence that destruction preceeded protest. We know it was a peaceful act that turn violent because people who think like you are in position of authority.

A university that is built and maintained on corruption should be destroyed , preventing the self destruction of UB is what the two heros gave their today for a better tomorrow for UB.

They died that UB should be a better place and that you Poubam can continue to write as you have done. On their blood will your write up take their rightful place in the achieves of UB free of corruption.

Abesong John

why bother to ask him whether pieces of block or furniture are worth more than human lives? Everything is clear under this brutal regime that human life is nothing. So we need to prove them wrong by dieing at any moment with a score of those cowards in the name of the police and co. People who believe that to be brave is to kill an unarmed civilian. May God help Cameroon. I do not expect a hell after death worse than Cameroon. If that is the case, then everybody needs to repent.

Tekum Mbeng

I bet the idiot who opened fire on students is a Francophone. Not long ago, the same Francophones opened fire in the NW province killing innocent people. Do they really know what they are doing? What kind of education system produces such imbeciles with no respect for human life?

Also, not too long ago, a Francophone policeman openend fire on a self-employed taximan in Mbengwi killing an honest man and devastating a family. The Francophone hierachy in Mbengwi hid him from the natives.

It is now a well-defined pattern of civil rights abuse and is unnaceptable.

Ma Mary

Poubam Lamy is correct about one thing. Destruction of property drives away external support. Believe it or not, the world worships property more than human life. Like it or do not like it, it is a fact. La republique responds more to that external audience than to you, so you have got to play to that audience. I'm talking to the students here.

On the other matter of human life, this writeup shows little concern. Is it an oversight or is your inner frog rearing its head, Lamy? Sympathy with the gendass who are prowling Buea shooting, torturing, raping and looting.


Irrationality prevails in all form. It's only he who is shortsighted that will place material before human lives. The purported donours fought for freedom of expression and strike. It,s no point here as the students have all the right to fight against bribery and corruption which is a borrowed culture from La Republique. It's not an English culture.
Justice must prevail for peace to reign

Muki StoneHall

Poubam Lamy,
You are attempted to treat and illness without looking back at the root cause of the illness.The best way to treat malaria is to kill mosquitoes.Corruption is a form of destruction worse than material destruction.The destruction of UB started from above.The students only came in midway.Don't be so short-sighted.Do you also put material destruction above human destruction?


Poubam Lamy Nye,

As an agent of that murderous junta, you equate human lives to the lost of properties. That is cheap lies and deceit. We have got substantial evidences that the regime did brought people from Yaounde a day after the strike started to loot properties, destroy properties, and kill the students. This was in a bid to justify the killings of our innocent brothers of UB who were striking peacefully. Afterwards, thesame criminal regime wrote a communique arguing that "An assorted group of assailants, attacked a police station".

I do have the following questions for you:
1-Where the students attacked and killed in the police station?

2-How can a dead student be holding guns and grenades in his hands and ampit, after being shot on the face and he fell down?

Does'nt that prove to you that such hardwares were placed by the agents that shot the students around their hall of residences while they were strolling?

How did those who looted properties of the University got to have quick access to secured buildings of the University, even buildings that are highly secured, how did the assailants got the keys to open the buildings without breaking in?

where did the name of 26 students came from?

How does that relates to the fight against corruption by your regime?

If you can answer some of these questions, then i can as well respect your journalistic competence.

We have heard how the legendary Ondo Ndong (master of corruption) argued that he used some of the 52 billions that he has been accused of embezzling to pay journalist to write stories that defended the interest of the regime. I suppose you are one of those who have been paid to write thrash here.


Rexon and Co,

In America (the Leader of the Democratic World), police will shoot when you don't obey orders.
I am not saying this is the situation here but one has to be very careful when you turn a strike and demands into riots, destruction and vandalism...
Using our brain is always lot better than using violence...
Non violence is the best way to durably resolve conflicts.




I know you are not referring to this strike. But let me refer to this strike.

The students went on strike on the 27th of November after they realised that La Republique was planning to include the names of individuals that have not registered nor write the traditional entrance examination.
Thesame 27th, agents of La Republique arrived late and were in plain clothes and were roaming the streets of Buea with boxes and technical hardwares pretending to be looking for a hotel to spend the night in.
On the 28th, the strike was still peaceful with students marching around molyko and the Campus with no destruction of property as understood.
Later, the agents sent from La Republique infiltrated the striking students and were carrying out violent activities pretending to be students. Supported by the secret service of UB, they loot properties, entered safe houses at UB and collected and destroyed properties, etc. Thesame day, two of our brothers were slained and military hardware like guns, grenades, clubs, were forced into their hands when they were killed. In a bid to justify the slaining of four of our brothers, they did these murderous things and argued that the guys were attacking the police station.

I want to ask u the following questions:

Were the students killed in or around the police stations?

How did the students got into the safe houses without properly breaking through?

Where did the list of 26 additional names came from?

If you can answer these questions, u can win my sympathy.


Dear Rexon?

I am not in the quest for winning sympathy.It is amazing how you describe a situation with full details.
Brother Rexon, were you there?
There are always 2 sides of a story. I am not denying your side of the story. Facts is you and I are not an eye witness. How can you tell this story with certitude, Rexon?
Did you organize this riot for destruction? Even if you did (which I doubt it) things could go not as you planned.
Rexon, I am not here to defend the Government of Cameroon. I am here as a Patriot. I was choosen a head of CAADIM to defend the integrity of my Country. I dont care if one is so called "francophone or anglophone". We Patriot Progressive Cameroonians will defend the integrity of our motherland.
We believe in democracy, peace and justice.
Corruption is all over the world. You are wrong associting corruption with tribes, regions or language affiliation. Even in America or Europe, we still find some congressmen corrupt.



Rexon, I am not supporting the facts that what the Minister did was good. Unless they have instituted a kind of "affirmative action" provisions in admission in State Universities in Cameroon. I believe, the University should choose the candidates by merit. But no one should claim "UB IS ANGLOPHONE!"
Any Cameroonian who wants to attend UB or any other University in Cameroon should pass the entrance exam as required by that Institution.
Another way of solving this problem is to have Cameroonians who are crying foul create a private University.
Rexon, all these PHD Holders and self proclaimed Intellectuals could join force together to create a Private University. Have you ever thought of that option, Rexon?
Most of these students who were not admitted could also sought admission with UDM (Universite des Montagnes) in Bagangte.
If tuition is a problem. Rexon, your Organization that cares a lot about the advancement of English speaking Cameroonians could sponsor or provide scholarships to these students to attend UDM.
Brother, most of these PHD holders with teaching experience could contribute pro bono instructions at UDM. How abou that?
Rexon, these are just some few ideas you may want to look into.
Rexon, my brother you can do a lot to help advance our brothers and sisters (students) back home than focusing on sending money to buy coffins for funerals.
Please allow me to say that I admire your intelligence and your passion to help my people in West and Southwestern part of Cameroon.
Please be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I know you and Ma Mary could change course by choosing to be productive citizens of our beloved Country.
May God bless you all.




You are confusing issues. You need to study logic to avoid arguing almost like Ondo Ndong. What has Universite des Montagnes got to do with UB. The teaching standard at UB exceeds the one at Universite des Montagnes.

Your disposition is the result of the weak Francophone education system in Cameroon. Even the so-called Minister of Higher Education displays an amazing degree of intellectual dishonesty, himself a product of a weak education system.


Prof. Lambi: Hooray, test begins!

Prof Lambi to Fame Ndongo: "Gives me the answers, 32-23 = ?"

Fame Ndongo: “10”

Prof. Lambi: “Fail”
Fame Dongo: “Pass, by jury, planification and affirmative action”

Prof. Lambi: “ Impossible but possible!”

Riccardo: “Fame Ndongo can go take the test elsewhere, e.g. summer break at UB because a certificate of attendance there ranks higher than GCE O/L English".


Mr Ricardo

Sometines I wonder the kind of person you are, frankly. To beginwith, no one, I mean no one condones wanton destruction of property during any civil disobedience but equating human life to property is amazingly rediculos gentleman.

Secondly there's always this acrimony between the oppressor and the oppressed.Acting from an armlessly inferior position the latter unjustifiably resort to acts that can send a strong message across but howbeit, those responsible for such attrocities should be made to face the law courts.

Human life is sacred and no mortal has the right to squize out that life from another.That's is crime against God and humanity. I fear Ricardo, when some of these guys'll be prosecuted some of you wont go free.

And again you claim affirmative action would have been the reasons for the Minister's fraudulent list. Mr man , the same exams were conducted in Douala University and only two Cameroonians of Southern Cameroon extraction succeeded and that was strictly on merit, why didnt you preach your message of affirmative action then? Why affirmative action only when it comes to Buea?

Double standardness characterises your character Ricardo. You claim to be advocating for the Unity of The Cameroons but failed to show any proof of objectivity .
That isn't and will never be the way forward buddy! Rethink.




My good friend Ricardo. Have you heard anything about the "political will" of a nation? I supposed you must have read something like these. That is what makes the difference and we must have our independence. Take for example, La Republique have just informed us of a text in their ministery with words like equity, transparency, etc.

What we do not understand is, where was all these words over this years?

Why do we only hear of this text when admissions into the prestigious University of Buea's medical school is concerned?

Why wasnt this text enforced at the University of Douala, not to talk of other institutions like CUSS, Police entrance Examinations, etc?

Ricardo, you and i understand that, when some Southern Cameroonians will come forward with an idea like the Universite de montagnes, that is where you will hear of this or that text that prohibits such actions. Ricardo, words can be interpreted creatively.

We are concerned about the unethical and unregulated behavior that La Republique has been exercising in our territory over the years. That includes the rape, torture, maiming, exclusion into the public service, and other institutionalised evils that has been functioning in La Republique. While we suffer like this, our soo called brothers in La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun dont want to defend us. If they were true patriots, they would have been the first to go to the streets to complain about the numerous ills against us. Then, we would have had to rethink about our interest in asking for our independence. Ricardo, dont you think if your government was working with us with due respect to our person, we would have lacked following in our territory? I have to be honest to you, the reason why an overwhelming majority of Southern Cameroonians are asking for their independence is diverse. Some dont even understand the historical origins of the coloniasation of the Southern Cameroons. All they understand is that we have been discriminated upon for several decades and we need to be independent. when we go as far as explaining to them their constitutional rights that have been tempered with, they get upset and want to fight for their rights. I can assure u that, we have been the ones stopping our people, otherwise, our people would have preferred to have gone to war using stones against La Republique.

What do you think the families of Southern Cameroonians that are habitually slained by colonial agents think? Ricardo, No Southern Cameroonian will ever be given the right to execute any meaningful project in the territory of the Southern Cameroons. Except he does that in partnership with citizens of La Republique or in their territory. That is the truth. Ricardo, those Southern Cameroonians that you see speaking against our independence are either those who have been brainwashed from their hideouts in Yaounde or others who called themselves the 11th province (whatever that means).



Hi brother Tayong, Rexon and others.

Please you better stop wasting your time explaining things to someone who knows the truth but pretends because he is on la Republic pay role.
This so called Ricardo and his CAADIM gang members are selfish and wicked. He said he was made the board president for the so called CAADIM group. Do we need to ask him who made him and why?
Let no one deceive us please. This moron is just making his money by defending the interest and the atrocities of his masters. He spends his time move from one place to another around Europe. Do we need to ask him where he gets the money to be idling around and writing rubbish everyday on this forum?
You guys got it all from Ondong Dong. This guy Ricardo is earning a lot from Biya's bloody government and you don't expect him to say anything against his masters or for Southern Cameroonians.
Please my brothers forget about this guy who might just be the child of one of those monsters who keep on killing, maiming, raping and you name it, our brothers and sisters of the Southern Cameroon.
I thought we learned from the likes of Mukete who always said he was a patriotic Cameroonian but today, he is tongue tide despite the killings and continuous havoc caused by Biya and criminals to innocent citizens of Southern Cameroon.
Please Mr. Ricardo, get your salary from your CAADIM masters in peace and keep on writing the trash you have been posting here. Remember that anything that goes up must one day come day. The day of reckoning is not far. You, and your selfish, greedy and blood thirsty friends and masters will one day be called to answer questions on the atrocities you have been causing against Southern Cameroonians.

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