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Thursday, 07 December 2006


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Tekum Mbeng

Ondo Ndong is responsible for his decisions as a financial manager and NOT the Presidency, the Civil Cabinet or the Prime Minister's Office.

What we see at play is the result of a weak Francophone education sytstem that brings up many (but not all) pompous civil servants with ZERO principle. It is in the interest of Anglophones to reform the Francophone education system.

He/she who has no principle will fall for anything. Ondo Ndong had all the powers of office to say NO to the presidency or any body else to defend the interest of the owners of Government - Cameroonians. The trouble is the man got none. Frit and in the dock, Monsieur Ondo is conjuring names.


Ondo Ndong should stop beating about the bush. He is in a court of law and should understand that the court is interested in facts. He should call naemes: who signed orders for him from the presidency and the prime minister's office? The charges are against Ondo Ndong of FEICOM and not against FEICOM as an organ. There is nothing as THE PRESIDENCY nor THE PRIME MINISTER'S OFFICE nor HIERARCHY in a court of law.


True Reader;but then i wonder where he'll procure evidence from,in a country run by phone calls.


Tekum Mbeng and others,

I suppose most of you must have read this:

"According to Ondo Ndong, he used a good chunk of the FCFA 52 billion that he has been accused of having embezzled, to insert messages that were intended to cleanse the images of government in foreign newspapers on the instructions of hierarchy"

That is the tactics of La Republique Du Cameroun. They plan one evil thing over the other. Ondo Ndong is merely a sacrificial lamd for La Republique Du Cameroun. I dont read things written here. That this or that person is fighting corruption, etc. Do you know of the government delegate in Douala who stole huge amounts of money? He preached fantastic projects to transform douala here to the postnewsline. And when i was the first to say frankly that it is a publicity stunt, i was told to shut up my mouth, i was told that i am an Afro-persimist.

We need to grow up and understand the operational dynamics of La Republique Du Cameroun. Ondo Ndong should tell us how much Mukete and Dr Agbormbai received. They have been paying people here to write good thing about the government. Even some journalist of the postnewsline have written questionable articles here. We all saw where Ngoh used a picture of 2004 and bribed the postnewsline to place it here and argued that it was the result of a press conference of nov 2006 where fake UB degrees and applications slips was discussed.

Lets wait and see where all these lies will lead them to.


This is the result of a government managed by illeterates and shallow minded people. Greed is all what is killing La Republique.

An average Cameroonian will prefer to bribe a newspaper (or receive bribes) rather than using the money to do the good things that these newspapers can see and write about. Here in the UK, the CPDM has been bribing bankers, doctors, engineers, businessmen etc to defend their corrupt practices in public and private. Since they dont have nothing to say, they can only target objective people like us or use tribal problems to defend the ills of the murderous CPDM. Thesame people will sit here and cannot go to thesame Cameroon.

I am sorry for those who keep listening to these kind of people.


They even have mundane opposition newspapers in La Republique like the Herald, Weekly post, etc.


It's disgusting to learn about this conspiracy foreign medias indulge themselves into which brings sub-saharan africa creeping on its knees. When they came foward to cancel cameroon debts, big guns and belly minders hunted some of us down in this same forum for not expressing proper signs of grandeur in appreciating the diabolic effort. Though it is no news that these french papers will remain the big instrument of poverty and injustice in Africa, I begin to doubt the credibility of a renoun media like The New York Times. They come up again in one way or the other to publish fallacies of transparent elections. Deep shit! But let them know that one day they shall account for all this cummulated conspiracies they are participating in.

Let the cameroonian Judiaciary show the world that it can excercise full autonomy. I believe all the culprits that are going to be named by the accused shall be issued arrest warrants. Let them start preparing that for Mr Biya and his family. What is the expense of his unemployed wife's credit card in a single day? Any attempt not to wrap up things should begin with the arrest and torture of the right royal blood thirsty bastard #@$&% president else it is all window dressing. Corrupt group of self made humbug and charlatans that keep turning into professors every single night. Ewondo people!



And the truth is, when we dont appreciate these mundane efforts published by these newspapers, because we know where the truth lies, some will call us names.

Shame to all fools

Vox Popoli

Some time last year, when the chairman was in the US for a personal visit and holiday, there was word been circulated that the chairman was meeting with the president in Switzerland. There were some on this forum, who could swear over their lives that this was actually true.

This is one of those lone instances where we see active press intervention in trying to run down the image of the chairman. Other instances are inumerable. The whole sponsorship thing was seen by the very doubtful publications in Cameroon on the SDF. According to the Yde junta, they took pleasure in setting flames in the SDF by the negative press reports. Now we have been shown once again, confessed by the very lips of one of the chief proponents of this strategy. It should serve to tell many now on the money dished out to Muna, Asonganyi and co. This junta had a well set out game on staying in power, but you see man proposes and God disposes, little did they know that this things will come to light and turn right around to hunt them. As a matter of fact this man should just do a complete confession, because what is definite is this regime will not show any mercy for him, as a dying horse therefore he should give very good kicks that will savage the nation, he will be remembered for that.

In conclusion therefore, I would want to call on my brothers who read news off the net. Rather unfortunate that this are the lone means to some, but read with a pinch of salt. The post has been good so far, but have been exagerative of the truth. Their captions have been very misleading on certain issues. They mislead people with this fake captions. My advice is that, make sure you have credible sources on the ground who give you direct and better reports of the situation. Do not be fooled by this very misleading people.


What a nation.Shame to Biya and all his cronies.


I strongly believe that Gerard Ondo Ndong' incidence should be attached to foolishness and selfishness and I pray that he be sanctioned accordingly. This should also serve as a lesson to some cowards at the helm of the Cameroonian govenment who think that all decisions to execute projects must come from the head of state even if such projects are not withing their area of control or are aimed at stimulating curruption in the Country. If justice must run its full course, then the head of state should be brought before the tribunal for questioning. This has been happening to developed nations and while not in Cameroon. I also call on the international community to investigate into such a scandal otherwise it might spread and even contaminate them.
Disgrace Disgrace Disgrace Disgrace



I have read your write-up over and over. Given the fact that you have always described me as a fool when i paste messages here and do not want you to take offense to my write-up and consider it personal, i never wanted to respond to yours. But this morning after rethinking, i have decided to respond to yours and tell u how i feels.

I dont like the undertone in your statements. Telling the world that Ondo Ndong should be sanctioned accordingly suggest that you dont understand the operational dynamics of La Republique.

Who should sanction him?

Even if he is sanctioned, what justice has been done?

It like telling a thief to arrest a thief, then telling the world that at least one thief has done a good job. That is cheap rhetoric. The thief will only arrest and incriminate his enemies. That is true and we cannot deny that.

Let me remind you that, there are lots of criminals roaming the streets of La Republique, From Feymen to embezzlers. All what the regime does is to protect them. I dont want to elaborate here, as many of you will start questioning my integrity. But let me remind you, i can remove in one single minute even the most hardened criminal in Kondengui if i want to. I will do it legally in your courts of Law if i want to. Above all, the Ondo Ndong's will NEVER go to any proper prison. They will instead be promoted or will be hanging in their villa's in hiding while the world will be told that they have been jailed for this or that crime. There are others like Mounchipou, Vincent Onana who were alledged to be spending times in jail when they were actually relaxing in their private residences in Yaounde. That we know and we cannot keep on accepting this cheap lies and rhetoric from La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun.

To be continued.......


This is a crime against humanity. People with no conscience and no feelings for a nation.
How can can these corrupt people look at their children straight in their eyes? I bet they have no love for themselves and their family members let alone for a Nation.
It makes me sick.
Peacefully, we will weed all these cronies from our Government.
Time has come for Cameroonians to stand up as One people One Nation and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".
Together we "ALL" win, divided we "ALL" loose.

May God bless our beautiful Cameroon and its people!



Mr. Riccardo, you think you feel "sick" now? You will really feel sick, in life or in your coffin, when Southern Cameroons becomes an independent state...something you would have spent your whole miserable corrupt life fighting against.

By the way, you shouldn't be feeling sick about your country, La Republic du Cameroun. This is the true nature of your country, accept it and live with it. Stop shedding crocodile tears!


what is this conscience and feeling sick talk all about by Ricardo. He leaves me even more confused where he belongs or what he wants.

Ma Mary

How can we divide something that has never been together? never really together? A state is like a church. It depends on the faith of people. We lost faith.

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