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Friday, 22 December 2006


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There is no way the moderator can instruct teachers not to fall bush. Instead, they should ask Mr Biya to construct realistic infrastructures in Cameroon, like schools, hospitals, roads, trains routes, etc that can improve the standards of living of the people. In this scenario, we will not see any reason of not falling bush for greener pastures. Mr Biya has foolishly been using our hard earn money to invest on staying in power instead of focusing on the economy of our people. This CPDM demon and all his supporters must be rooted out, otherwise, we will all perish.

Time waits for nobody in life. When Mr Biya himself and other henchmen of the regime are sick, they fall bush for proper medical care, when they want to acquire proper education for their children, they send them to europe. If every good thing in this world even for the rich class like themselves can't only be found in europe, why should u Mr Moderator encourage others not to fall bush.

G. Akom

I happen to have been among the first four teachers to be trained in this program. The goals of this program are without doubt excellent. Many changes have taken place in the PCC and CBC schools as a result of the project. However, it is worth saying that the two churches failed to get properly involved in the running of this program during its early stages especially with the death of Chris Tunyi (then PCC ES) and the resignation of Samuel Welang (then CBC ES) who were instrumental in the program’s initiation. There are many questions the church authorities need to answer. How much money did they spend in training the teachers? How will they sustain the program? How will they stop teachers from ‘escaping’? Are teachers really preachers of the word? These are all points which they raised and which I think they should carefully think about.

The German team (Helge and co.) which started the program is really disappointed with the way things turned out. The so-called trainers, counterparts, or multipliers are being trained and not be used. Are they to blame when they leave due to frustration? It is true about 10 trained teachers left and are somewhere in the USA and Europe. I think the two churches should be mapping out a strategy of keeping those they are training else the same thing will continue to happen. During my time as a teacher in the CBC earned 65.000frs with a BSc. When I went into the program I was paid an untaxed amount about double that. At the end of the program I was sent back to my school and placed again on 58.000frs. Does that make any sense? How can someone keep a family with 58.000frs?

This program is a good one and it would be good to keep it going. Time and again those of us who left the program have explained that we are studying to better ourselves and to be more useful to Cameroon. Looking only at the PCC and CBC is being shortsighted and narrow-minded. Al these teachers come to the mission with degrees. How many of these teachers did they train to the degree level? I had an assistantship and left and now I teach science method courses in an American university presently. If I were to go back to Cameroon and teach these same courses in Cameroon, would it be a blessing or a curse? Most of us who left are involved with science education and are willing to advise them if they are willing to listen. I would be happy to contribute in whatever way I can. Let us stop being ‘too’ selfish by thinking only about ourselves.


God bless you G.Akom.yours is a great mind.I pray the few you sherpered get to be at least like you.The fault isnt yours ,niether is it that of the church;but of this inhuman,demonic cum satanic system of government of ours.Merry Christmas


what a stupid thing to say. Are u the one feeding them? are you the one taking care of their wives and children? are you the one buying them good clothes? Don't talk to the kids, talk to the government. I f conditions for teachers were good, they will not be falling bush.

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