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Wednesday, 06 December 2006


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Poor Prof.Poor,poor you!
The question is;where did the additional 26 names come from?Did they sit for the examination and did they pass?You cant be fighting fraud and condoning it at the same time prof.
Granted you made a mistake that eventually cost the lives of 2(4?) students,that 's gross administrative and managerial inapttitude.what are you waiting for to hand in your resignation letter?And gentleman let me tell you you are an accomplice to murder.


This man is still flip-flopping to protect his position.

Hear Pa Lambi,

"the Vice Chancellor did not have the right to sign the list of successful candidates, which was the place of the Minister of Higher Education to sign"

Lambi, it works like these in academic settings.

The administration (The University and the government) decide on the number of students to be admitted into the medical school based on the available resources (Recall that in this case, 60 students were to be the pioneer batch of students).

The head of admissions in the medical school together with some approapriate authorities supervises the examination of these students (Both oral and written), sign the list of succesful passers based on merit and send them over to the appropriate authorities to endorse their respective signatures. In this case, Lambi and the minister just have to endorse the list. Thereafter, the students resume classes.

Lambi, lets assume that u made the said monumental error, where did the list of 26 students came from?

Where did they write their respective examinations?

If u knew that other students were writing thesame examination somewhere else, why did'nt u inform the entire public?

Now we hear you talking about a jury selecting the respective students of the University. Previously, the GCE board properly supervised a computerised entrance examination independently where the 126 students were selected, do your commitee want to replace students selection based on a realistic academic excellence with a list of students selected by a jury?

Lambi, in an effort to defend yourself, you wrote:

"One of the points I see in the strike is fake certificates, which the university is fighting against"

Lambi, the strike and fight here is not about fake certificates. It is about corruption instituted by you and corrupt henchmen of the regime. You are now lying to yourself, pretending to be lying to the Cameroonian people that the issue here is about fake cerfiticates. It is not, that is an entirely different issue and we are not discussing that here. So stop flip-flopping to protect your position.

Pa Lambi, as you said, you have children, since you have caused the death of this children as you claiming with your soo called "monumental error" you are technically responsible for their death.

To hell with all these liars.


The man is drunk!


Dear brothers and sisters,

When we will hear the true story, I hope some of us will calm down...
Peaceful protest is the way to go... Anthing else is doomed to fail.
The Government should serious review the policies of accepting students in every University in Cameroon.


We mourn the lost of our brothers and those who are at fault should be held accountable.
Now not tommorrow!

War and destruction shall never solve our problems in Cameroon.

God Bless the Republic of Cameroon!
Vive la Republique du Cameroun!



The gruesome murder and torture of fellow Southern Cameroonian(SC) students commenced on Monday, the 27th November,2006. This was due to the following political scandal from the occupied master: La republic du cameroun(LRC) on our fellow citizens.

1. The government created medical schools in Douala(LRC) and Buea(SC). Entrance examinations were written in all the above centres.

2.Only two SCs were selected eventhough many SCs passed the entrance, while the rest were from LRC, in Douala. The setting of this examination in the various centres was based on the language used. That is English in SC and French in LRC.

3.Of the 800 students who sat on the entrance examination into the medical school in Buea University, only 127 passed, all hailing from Southern Cameroons. The first la republique du camerounian student took the 600th position. It should be noted that the exam in Buea was set by the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) Board marked using the computerise system, since they were structural questions.

4.The list of successful candidates was handed over to the Vice Chancellor(V.C) for endorsement and later published.

5.After the V.C approval, all successful candidates were happy and awaing for orals since only 60 students were needed.
Unfortunately, the Minister of Higher Education rejected the list on grounds that the list suppose to be sent to him for approval. It should also be noted that the Minister did not reject the list from Douala for the same exam.

6.Thereafter, a document was faxed to the V.C's office from the Minister to include 26 names, all being students from la republique especially the President's tribe(Eton,Beti & Ewondo), who did not sit in for the said examination.

7.It should be recalled that only 60 students were needed to become the first batch of prospective medical doctors and if 26 of these students were included, the chances of
of Southern Cameroonian students will be 34 out of 60.

8. The students for the collective interest of their colleagues who succeeded, asked the V.C to tell the Minister to annul the illegal list, but to no avail.

9.Then the students called in for a peaceful strike, that is, domonstrating their grievances on the school campus. They started shouting: No to corrupt!, No to bribery! They wrote placards carrying messages such as: Anglosaxon Universities are not corrupt; Yaounde should not corrupt our University and a lot of others.

10. This move was to shun corruption in univesities and allow meritocracy to prevail.

11. President Paul Biya , a colonial master of Southern Cameroons sent his secret agents en civile to monitor the gravity of the strike and give him feedback. This act was to disrupt any move for the strike.

12. The students were on campus from the 27-28 but later forced out of campus when the Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Agbor Tabi told them that they should go to hell or to any organisation(s) and report. That they(students) can not change the system that has been put in place. He told them that he would call his guys(police) to disperse them.

13. The Honourable Governor of the South West Province, Eyaya Zanga Louis,from the President's clan(Beti,Ewondo,& Eton) said this was a positive corruption because the students(from LRC) would have jobs at the end of the programme.

14. On the night of 29th November, 2006, two(2) students were shot dead while the following day another student accompanied others to paradise, making three deaths. An old mother of above 70years was murdered by a stray bullet. A taxi driver who took a hairdresser to the hospital was also killed by a policeman.

15. The following people were killed by agents of la republique du cameroun:
a) Hilary Muebe( was shot at the head) from the department of Economics.
b) Ivo Obia Ngemba( shot at the mouth) from the same department.
c) Ngundam Terence Ndeh( shot on the stomarch)was reportedly dead after a day.
d) A stray bullet killed a mother who was above
70years and
e) the taxi driver above,

16. In the cause of fleeing for safety, six students died in a terrible bus accident on their way to Bamenda whose names were not yet known. This recorded eleven deaths as of now.Ms Mbianda Laura( a
hairdresser) was shot at the neck in her saloon and Clerence Nkentah(student) whose stomarch was scraped by a bullet are currently receiving treatment assisted by Lord Mayor of Buea, at the Provincial Hospital Annex.
Other victims of this raid were found in nearby clinics receiving treatment. The mayor in the cause of carrying a corpse to the mortuary was shot thrice but escaped with the corpse to the hospital.

17.Many people who were not students were molested and properties looted as the case in the bus park at 17 mile,Molyko and Bomaka(a nearby village from Buea).

18. It should be noted that the parents of
francophone students called their children home and none of them participated in the strike.

19. The soldiers of la republique du cameroun were rejoicing and singing" On a gagner!!!"meaning "we have won" after majority of the students flee for safety. They also said "les prisonniers, entrez dans la maison" meaning prisoners go to your home.The soldierswere using live bullet, explosives and tear gas. They were beating everybody in the quaters.

20. After fierce confrontation between the police and students whose weapon were stones, the executive of the Southern Cameroons National Council(SCNC) called a security officer whose name is withheld, that the strike was no longer the students affair but between anglophone and froncophones. That whenever there was a strike, la republique use live bullet on us but in their territory none of that was used. That we have called all Southern Cameroonians to fight against injustices and gruesome murder of our citizens. That we were ready to face any odds to remove oppressors from our land.

21. The Yaounde regime was immediately informed and within an hour soldiers who were sent from Douala and Yaounde were retreating to their various destinations.


Prof. Lambi has fatally compromised his integrity by expediently trading away sound academic principles for political expediency.

Fame Ndongo has no remit to subvert academic decisions. Now, Prof Lambi is going to consider the names of candidates who NEVER sat for the entrance exam. This approach sets a dangerous precedence that can cement UB's reputation as a psudo-political institution. Now you can understand why Francophone Universities generally lack credible international reputation.

This incident also underscores the intellectual dishonesty and opportunism of Fame Ndongo. He is not fit to be a minister.

Che Sunday

Professor Lambi,
What little credibility I had for your person has completely been shattered beyound salvage.What you are trying to do is continue holding to a job in a country where jobs are few and far apart. Even with the blood of innocent students crying up to heaven for vengence, you are playing games , fishing for reasons to justify your stupidity. You have no business still sitting in Buea. Please clean out your office and go. You keep giving the lame excuse that because the graduating doctors to be, would automatically be absorbed into the civil service, therefore the minister of national education needed to endorse the list, one wonders if the minister of armed forces also endorses the list of students coming into the armed forces academy? And what about the police academy? Please, could you verify if this is a national policy or it only applies where an ass-kissing anglo is left to run a state owned agency? I understand you studied in Scotland. Do you know of an instance(s) where the secretary of education has to toop so low to endorse the list of students to be admitted into a medical school? If you were man enough, and someone with a soul, you should have sent a deligation to accompany the dead students for burial. Instead, you are sitting in Buea trying to come up with an excuse to justify corruption. I wonder how much money the minister of education forwarded to you together with the 27 Beti names? Njeuma flip-flopped, students got slaughtered under her watch, she got promoted to the Advanced School of Mis-management in Yaoude to polish up her skills in selling her kind for personal gains. You have just graduated with honors as I here you are in line for an anti-corruption award. Soon after, you will be the minister of higher education. Mark my word, the moment you get there, you will find out that the minister of national education no longer signs the list of qualified students for medical school admission. Your subordinate who will be a Beti will be doing the signing. Grow up!!!


Che Sunday,

Point of correction:

Lambi never studied nor graduated from a University in Scotland. He graduated from a low class unclassified department of geography from the University of Salford in england, not Scotland. Salford is at the outskirts of Manchester. Honestly, someone who did a PhD in the University of Salford will find it difficult to secure a tenure position even in a college here in the UK.


Please i am begging u to resign from your position for the fact that you pushed unscrupoulous illetrate police men to kill future leaders of tommorow for no good reason.You are a disgrace.You can not tell us that Yaounde is far away from Buea.And that you were not aware of the fact that the minister is and the sole authority to sign the list.You are a disgrace and for that reason you are not fit to be at the head of an institution like that.
Also you being responsible for the strike action and the death of innocent young students,i will be glad to see you leave that post and go some where else.
If you are not responsible for this act please refrain from such statement because we don't want to hold you responsible for this unintelligent act.Let the sonofabitch minister bear the responsibility.Please stay clear.
Ernest Sumelong,Were you afraid to ask him all the necessary questions?Why did you not ask him about the 26 list.Did they also write the entrance examns.
Lambi please resign you are not useful any more.

Ma Mary

Prof Lambi resigns to be replaced by whom? Another anglofowl biyastitute? Sure.

I nominate Dr Agbormbai for the job, with Riccardo as his minder.

Ma Mary

A Southern Cameroonian, even a biyastitute is still a Southern Cameroon. Even in a state of compromise she or he occasionally will do normal Southern Cameroonian things such as reporting the real results. That is why they need minders. Inoni has a serious minder, who watches him closely and reports, just in case he starts exclaiming "Go SCNC" in his sleep and does some good things not in the plan.

Che Sunday

Thanks for the correction.
Now I see why he is clinging unto his post as a magnet seeking its opposite pool.

Kaiser William

How can you not know for heaven sake that it is the minister of Higher Education from French Cameroon that was surpposed to sign the list of successful student into the school of medicine in the University of Buea.
Such an administrative error tells me that you are not qualified to be the VC of UB. I want to urge you to resign with immedeiate effect because you don't even know your functions. Wacko!!


We said it ,and time has proved us right! The University of Buea is another of La Republique`s outposts ,where inconsequential
dictators are cut loose.Lambi does not yet get it! Lambi does not yet get it! Here are the reasons:

1. Prof.Lambi made a mistake to sign the list,and realised his mistake as he did.What was the easiest thing to do? Apologise to the Minister,and ask him to take his responsibility by simply signing the list,and sending it back for the results to be proclaimed in Radio Buea.
2. Lambi has finally said the irreparable,
that he sent the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences to the MInister, and he worked with a Jury constituted by the MInister.What was the Minister`s jury meant to scrutinise? Lambi`s signature? Cheap wits!
3. Prof. Lambi ,who went on his knees few days ago,telling the students that they will no longer pay 10,000 frs if their fees came in late,that they will no longer pay 1000frs to collect their Diplomas,that he is not forcing them to pay 750,000frs ,today thinks the only reason that would have caused the students to strike should have been the list.Like any other leader imposed by Yaounde,he has suddenly become blind to all the problems the students have been encountering.Even the killing of students last year wouldn`t have been enough reason for students to strike,according to him.
4. Prof. Lambi has now changed the tune completely,that he apologised because his list was the wrong one. No,no,no,Sir! You apologised for having signed the list.A right examination that was written in Buea was not going to become wrong in Yaounde because you sent it for the Minister`s signature.
5. Prof. Lambi is a venerated liar! He says,
"I want to precise that the jury was made up of members composed by the Minister ,and UB was a member".So how did UB ,that was a member see the Minister compose the jury,but when it came to signing the list,UB did not think this same MInister was important.
6. According to Lambi there were two juries,
the one he constituted ,and was discovered by the students stealthily conducting orals,
and another one which the Minister composed
,and whose aim was either to conduct orals on Lambi`s signature,or conduct orals on 26 ghost names.What buffoonery!
7.Prof. Lambi says some students go ahead secretly adding some courses,but he has shown the world that the students are just emulating their Rectors,and Ministers.If somebody refered to as MInister can secretly add 26 names to an official examination,then
the students adding of courses is just a piece of cake.
8. Today the world doesn`t know who had a hidden agenda.Is it the students crying out against fraud,or is it Lambi ,and the Minister trying to perennise fraud?
9. Prof. Lambi says the University of Buea is not an office of investigation.Well done Prof! It only becomes an office of investigation when wizards like Ngoh,with the connivence of some red-eyed unkempt commissioners of Police practise their vodoo on students pretending to be investigating fake certificates.
10. Finally,it is normal that Prof. Lambi should stick to the Minister`s list,because they who have been trumpeting to the world that they were fighting students corruption have instead been surprised nauseatingly cheating by the same students.This is why they had to kill these students.They were mad with rage.They were ashame,and we all know that somebody who is angry ,and ashamed at the same time is a killer in the making.


In times of crisis like this ,we should avoid to present ourselves to the world as eternal fools.Its a complete disappointment to see others associate Prof. Lambi`s leadership qualities to his having studied from a "Low class unclassified Department" in a city that is even at the outskirts of Manchester.This same people have been telling the world that all those who studied in Buea are making their mark everywhere in the world.One will want to wonder,whether those from UB have something so special which make them shine everywhere,and those from Salford haven`t.That idea of Famous institutions have taken us no way.We have got the Munas,Agbor Tabis,Njeumas, Muokoko Mbonjos,Kotchous,Biyas ,Koddocks,who went to these famous schools,but most are just a disgrace to humanity.
Mandela,Ghandhi,Martin Luther King,never went to Havard.We must be consistent in our arguments.If we oppose those who call for disobedience today,we should propose another option,rather than come back some days after and preach disobedience.

Tita Mofaw

Prof. Lambi the time has come for you to retir.

If you decide to take the blames of Fame Ndongo for whatever reason (probably greed)make sure you take the heat as well.How can an administrative mistake that resulted to the death of 4 people and tens of injuries be weaved away with a simple "appology". In a democractic society you would have been in a state's penitentiary now doing some hard time.

You have lost all the respects that you had and I still don't undertstand why until now the students are not chanting for your resignation.

Please take your stuffs and live. I don't think you are man enough to head a nursery school.


Look at this guy like a HE GOAT? Who's that fellow on that photo?

I asked you guys to HIT him on the head. He's escaped in thin air and now has the voice to speak. He's betrayed your struggle. Now the strike action is calm!

All of you guys here can go to HELL. You wanted to crucify me when I asked for his testis. I SAID NOTHING GOOD'S IN BIYA'S REGIME. Everything's evil there. I mean absolutely NOTHING!

kill anyone who works with Biya and receive praises from heaven.

You were all praisng Lambi's moral rectitude. Keep praising...shortsited people!




And one shortsighted fellow comes up from one NGO to award Lambi a prize.

The 2006 anti-corruption prize has been won by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Professor Cornelius Lambi, alongside six students of that University.

This revelation was made by International Consultant on Good Governance and pioneer member of Cameroon National Anti-corruption Observatory, Edward Ngala. In a press briefing on December 1 in Bamenda, Ngala said Prof. Lambi will receive the award latest December 20, while the six students will receive a one-year scholarship each, in a ceremony to be organised in January 2007.


These young NGOs think they can get up one morning without due investigation to tag HE-GOATS winners of....AH!


Chers freres et soeurs,
Je vous invite a vous exprimer avec aisance pour pouvoir communiquer efficacement ce que vous avez a dire.
Ne pas toujours mettre vos emotions avant votre etat d'esprit et de comprehension du sujet.

Construire une communication orale.
Decider de l'objectif : informer, convaincre, persuader ou seduire
en essayant d'impliquer des exemples reels et non pas des elements qui sont gonfles des points remplis d'emotions.
Choisissez votre element du message en tenant compte du contexte politique dans lequel vous vivez et ne faites pas des conclusions frivoles qui poussent les lecteurs a vous juger de farfelus ou de pompeux.
Sur ce site mes Compatriotes, le lecteur comprend rapidement qu'on lit des gens qui sont passiones et aveugles par leur conviction personnelle. Souvent, on dirait qu'on ressent le complexe d'inferiorite ou de superiorite dans des languages qui n'ont rien a faire avec une analyse logique des evenements qui se passent au Cameroun.
C'est honteux de voir des Compatriotes qui incitent les gens a faire la chasse aux autres citoyens d'une meme nation.
Ou est le sens du Patriotisme?
Ou va l'Afrique avec ce coeur mechant qui pousse toujours a faire du mal a son prochain?
Le sens de la Patrie n'existe plus...
Si nous voulons combattre la corruption, le nepotisme, le tribalisme (les grands fleaux du Cameroun), on ne doit pas utiliser les memes armes pour le faire.
certains ici demandent de "bloquer" Riccardo qui n'a pas la meme opinion sur ce site. Et paradoxalement, ces gens appellent a la liberte d'expression au cameroun. Que feront ces memes gens ici, si par erreur ils etaient choisis de gouverner le Cameroun?
Mes chers freres et soeurs, il faut apprendre a reflechir avant d'agir ou parler. Ne le faisant pas, on ne sera jamais ecoute et toujours on sera considere comme des tonneaux vides.
Et tenez vous tranquille que les Grands Hommes d'etat n'ont toujours pas ete des hommes qui ont des Doctorats.
"Un diplome est une unite de mesure accademique, qui ne garantie pas le succes d'un individu dans la vie"

May God bless a strong and united Repulic of Cameroon!


Muki StoneHall

To be honest I think this Ernest Sumelong guy of a journalist needs some extra training on how to conduct an interview.Are these the type of crucial questions he can ask lambi to answer given the gravity of this matter?



Foutaise des foutaises je pense que le recteur nous prend tous pour des "Mougous" ou comme Daffy duck disait: "il prend les enfants du Bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages". Car pourquoi le ministre a-t-il parle d'equilibre sociologique si cette fameuse liste suivait le pretendu "ordre de merite"?pourquoi laisser les gens continuer à aller à l'universitaire s'il s'avere qu'ils disposent de fausse attestation de reussite?Comment les etudiants peuvent-ils truques les listes et on leur laisse frequenter? Tout ceci malgres le respect que je lui dois n'est qu'un tissu de mensonge..voila que pour des betises de recteur et de ministre nous perdons des freres et beaucoups sont dans des cellules lugubres actuellement..qui va sevir?? quand nos dirigeants seront-ils responsables de leur mauvais resultats et de leur manquements??

le recteur joue le jeux de la hierarchie. On comprend donc que par ordre de merite les candidats de langue francaise se sont entendu pour avoir successivement les memes notes a partir de la 127eme personne a la 153eme?

Ils lui ont demande d'endosser les responsabilites et c'est ce qu'il essaye de faire. Malheureusement il n'ya que la verite qui resiste a l'usure du temps.

en disant que "Le ministre a tout simplement continué en ordre de mérite, le nombre d’admissibles jusqu’à 153",

Monsieur le Recteur, est ridicule. Vraiment la mangeoire rend nos intellectuels bêtes. Comment peut-il supporter quelqu'un jusqu'à dire ce qu'il n'a pas dit ? Fame Ndongo lui-même a avoué avoir ajouté les "26 meilleurs francophones", il nous parle maintenant de "continué en ordre de mérite". Il a 21/20 en griotisme, mais qu'il sache déjà que le regime-RDPC ne lui laisse qu'un petit repit et ce Fameux Ndongo doit etre remis entre les mais de la justice.

Best Regards,


On tuesday 21, November 2006, Someone Wrote:

"Rexon, We are not going to accept that you have to second-guess every action in Cameroon.........Dr Ngoh working for the moral uprightness of future leaders"

Today, Someone wrote:

"It only becomes an office of investigation when wizards like Ngoh,with the connivence of some red-eyed unkempt commissioners of Police practise their vodoo on students pretending to be investigating fake certificates"

Someone has been consistent in his arguments. Presenting Ngoh on the 21st of November as an angel who want to transform UB and today describing Ngoh as a wizard.

By the way, no one has linked Lambi's academic credentials to his leadership qulities.

Rexon, supposes you have changed your views based on the available evidences and have nothing against that.


I have always known Lambi as a member of Biyastitute. In 1996 when there was a strike in UB, our intelligence proved that he was one of those who stood strongly in support of Njeuma, though in public, he was presenting a different image. But when we suggested that he needs some moderation, others argued that he was a man of the people. Had we moderated him, he might have today not been the VC who negotiated the slaining of 4 of our brothers and an additional 7 who died of a motor accident on their way to Bamenda.

Ma Mary,

I am surprised you are today presenting Dr Agbormbai as a realistic candidate for what you describe as "Biyastitute". When i first read his views here a few years ago, and suggested that he seems to be a member of sympatiser of thesame Biyastitute, you seems to be one of those who wanted to crucify me.


It will be nice if those in Buea or UB can tell us what is really happening.
It is really unfortunate that Mr Ernest Sumelong had the opportunity to Interview the VC but will not ask the creterial used to add 26 new students onto the list. Even when VC talks about a 'hidden agenda' our journalist will not question how these students with Fake certificates got into the University in the first place? What will be done to those who brought them there? How many of such students have been discovered? What percentage of the striking population is made up of such students? These are some of the questions that could free the VC or put him in trouble but will render a reader full satisfaction.
This atricle is a waste of opportunity and great amateurism.
I call on the post to try and carry out another interview with any person who can answer the above questions.


Biyastiyutes and Anglofowls


Friday,01 December 2006,

" I see Lambi as a humble man and father to any poor and helpless child.."

Tuesday, 05 December 2006,

" I have always known Lambi as a member of the Biyastitute... Had we moderated him,he might have today not been the VC who negotiated the slaining of four of our brothers"
A humble man ,negotiated the slaining of your four brothers? Hahahahaha!


Prof. lambi gives a very ridiculous interview to Le Messager


Watesih and Rexon,

I'm glad you're coming on air to expose your sweeping statements you always make about frogs and homosexuals. People who live on blood, sex, occultism and mensis. You call them fathers and humble! Describing such THINGS and naturalised FROGS as people working for the moral uprightness of Cameroonians???

That's why I was vexed on that same espisode and made no statement...when I burst out later. Rexon said he'd rethought his position. It puzzles me when freedom fighters who know the ENEMY fully well go for cheap compromise.

These UB students should hold you all responsible for DENYING to come to their AID.




When i get to you on a private conversation i will explain certain facts to u.


It is not a new game for political appointees to be loyal to the system without a second thought. If supposedly learned people like you who could stand up for the truth and keep professional ethics are so blinded then it is a sad story.
The logic presented in your interview was very indicative of the way things are done in Cameroon- No strategic thinking or planning ahead of time. So all your "good thoughts and proposals"-for doubling intake, etc etc only came after the exams has been written? Please do not downplay the substantive issue at stake by using other well founded ills-fake transcripts etc- to grasp cheap sympathy.
Mr. VC stand up, tell your boss the decision is wrong, gone are those days that just any mess will go through easily. How long will our brothers and sisters be killed like this?
What type of doctors do you guys want to train? Can one have confidence in the skills? Judging from your analysis, it is evident that you guys can confer degrees to those would-be-doctors even if they don’t succeed in practicals. At that time your argument will be that, Cameroon is in need of Drs thus it makes no sense keeping them any longer in school reason why the pass mark was reduced to have them graduate.
This kind doctors go kill people oh!
Pa Lambi, resign, you have been implicated in my fraudulent issues in UB; failing female students for social reasons, sending unqualified staff (family relations) abroad. Innocent bloods that have spilled will never cease fighting for freedom.


In my opinion the source of this crisis is the culture of political appointments in Cameroon.
If appointments were meritorious, Prof. Lambi would likely not be VC of UB. If Prof. Lambi merited his appointment he probably wouldn’t have made the errors that led to the death of students, and equally as important he would have defended the integrity of the university, rather than betray the institution with such tactless comments to the press. Just my opinion – I may be wrong.

Ma Mary

Rexon, lighten up. It is just a joke. Do you think la republique would take what I say seriously? I personally recommend that you should not take yourself too seriously 24/7. Laugh at yourrself sometimes. Laugh at the frogs often. Laugh at me tooo. I would like you to be old someday.

In that vein, let me break down the glossary:

1) BIYASTITUTE = Biya Prostitute, bought for and pimped by BIya. HOs to use the lingo of the the American street.

2) ANGLOFOWL - Needs no explanation.

3) AFROG - African frog. Buffo africanus (African toad). Biya is a member of the species, a bulltoad. Riccardo is a tadpole the kind that is just starting to sprout hindlimbs. You catch my drift.

Eagle, VCs in anglosaxon universities are usually elected by a senate of their peers (fully tenured professors). They are not political appointees and have a distant relationship to the political world. That protects the integrity of scholarship.


Any Souther Cameroonian who wishes to exercise his/her conscience without fear or favour should not accept any appointments fro the Corrupt junta of La Republique du Cameroun.
If you do, know that your days in the good book of life are number.
Prof. lambi has just graduated from the list of good Scians to that of sellouts.
Had it been he didn't accept this appointment, he would have been reasoning like the Prof. lambi he is supposed to be.

It irks me when I see intelligent Scians like Inoni, Muna, Njeuma, Lambi, Achu, turned moroons in broad daylight all in the name of satisfying a few stomachs to the detriment of >6,000,000 SCians


Stifty Williams

Administrative mistakes that lead to such consequences like the lost of civilian lives are always compensated for with the job of the administrator involved. Is this Professor Lambi man ready to resign?
I think these students in Buea must learn to be serious with thier decisions.I remenber we send Joel Moulen away in 1990 fron Uniyao. If you guys mean business you can sent this young man away and why not do it?
From his interview he is an idiot.

Ma Mary

Would somebody kindly leak said list, so that we may connect the dots? We need especially that after the fact list tacked on by Yaounde. You know, transparency. These Afrogs reckon they are accountable to no one.

Ma Mary

If they go ahead and do a fake interview based on said list, there is no way they can hide the name of the freshman class. Truth and transparency. We can then tell what doctors to avoid real early. No you dont touch my motoli, you quack! Those will be the guys who write fake death certificates to collect insurance money. They will be the type who do torture and poison missions for people in power because they have no freaking integrity. We will know who you little snorts are, propelled into professions you ill deserve by daddy's clout in the kleptocracy. Make no mistake you are being watched and shall be exposed for the duration. YOu want to study medicine? Only good characters need apply, losers.

Ma Mary

You want to wade through blood to launch your medical career? God forbid bad thing.

Ma Mary

You think because you are 18 years old or 20 years old you are not accountable? Your age mates, Americans are holding rifles and getting blown away in Iraq. Your age mates have died for integrity in Buea.

Ma Mary

Test of integrity, young fellas whose names were smuggled in. Say NO to your thieving daddy. That would be a correct action on your part. They can use their stolen money to educate you anywhere on the planet. EXCEPT BUEA! They are being really cheap and innappropriate with STOLEN SOUTHERN CAMEROONS resources.

andre fokam

It Appears some people on this forum cannot stand any opinion that is contrary to their skewed perception of things.
yesterday, prof Lambi was the heroe, today he is the vilain! just because he did not say what you want to hear. who cares about what you want to hear.
every right minded person will condemn the death of students, condemn the manipulation of results, but also give a chance to the truth. don't let your emotions guide your judgement, it only leads to doom.
spending hours on this forum typing your anger might help you psychologically but will not change the truth, nor rectify the wrongs.
Ma mary, remember 2 years ago, i posted on this forum that you will still be pasting your Hate on this forum in 50 years! and that is it. just posting on this forum!!
2 years have gone, so far i am still right!!
48 years left! is this how you want to spend your life. the choice is yours.

UB students are the heroes. not you WRITERS. they have exposed serious flaws and corruption in the system, even if they loose today, tomorrow, any minister will think a second time before manipulating any result. when i wrote the CUSS exam few years ago, i did not pass and i felt cheated seeing those who were admitted. at that time, no one thought anythings could be done do fight that injustice, today, because of UB, students know they can stop the injustice. that is how to make steps in the right direction, things will not change in one day, but by making little such steps one at a time.

Andre Fokam


You are absolutely right,but i don`t think you should be the one to doubt my intergrity when it comes to fighting people like Ngoh.If you go back to what i wrote on November 21st,you will read this," If Ngoh has decided to turn over a new leave,then we should allow him work for the moral uprightness of Cameroonians" .Akoson ,this is a conditional sentence ,and there is no where i have ever stated that Ngoh has been working for the moral uprightness of Cameroonians.I am learning everything about this man called Ngoh from you guys here.I have never seen ,nor known him.Akoson, there`s somebody who did everything to distort this statement to show the world that Watesih is supporting Ngoh,but my intergrity will never suffer as his.So Akoson ,Ngoh has not decided to turn over a new live,that is why we lost students again
and that is why you and i will continue fighting them.



I will advise you to read that man's statements of the 21st of November to get the facts. Dont listen to any of us, but read the facts as it speaks for itself. We all have changed our views here, based on the existing evidences.

Ma Mary

Andre, what a prophet you are. 100 years from now, I assure you, Ma Mary would still be writing in what ever funky medium would be in vogue, probably piped straight into the cerebrum of your descendants. But it will not be this Ma Mary, but Ma Mary III or IV - that is if Republique Francais du Cameroun still has its dirty paws on the Southern Cameroons, but I am willing to wager that things will come to a head and be resolved much sooner than that.

Me a hero? I agree with you there, I am not a hero, just a servant of the Southern Cameroons - just poking holes in the big gassy belly of La Republique Francais du Cameroun and letting out some ripe,corrupt, putrefied cheese stink to wake up my fellow Southern Cameroonians who are still sleeping. From the feedback we are being quite successful in rousing consciousness. I still do not understand how my country allowed itself to be overrun by such bastards.

Dude, I am too disdainful of la Republique francais du Cameroun to hate it. Besides you mofos are my family cousins. Need I remind you that all my forebears emerged from your jungles and savannahs earlier in the British imperium, escaping from French overlord pirates?

Your jackbooted thug police just pushed the situation further away from your position by killing our children. You folks are from a civic culture so steeped in violence that you know nothing else. If you want to see what I mean, go to and check out the bang up job that Dibussi has done in dredging up the facts of your history that you did not learn in school. As A Bami, it should be of particular interest, I guess to me for that matter.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Ma Mary,
Peace Andre is just being recalcitrant and innocent in party politics in Cameroon.Hear him '...UB students are the heroes. not you WRITERS,.....and ....It Appears some people on this forum cannot stand any opinion that is contrary to their skewed perception of things'I guess Mr Andre is one of those who will paint black white.Lambi has betrayed his students so he has been victimised by the corrupt La republique examination maneouvres and manipulation period.

Your turn to resign is fast becoming.Very soon the real hidden agenda will be revealed.Good luck with hidden agenda with La Republique....Cheers!!

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


in what students associations of UB r concerned by these lists of prospective students who r not
enrolled students of UB(as far as they still have the orals to do).people should strike as individuals,and should not involve the students associations in any kind of strike.
that is where the leaders of these students unions r guilty,and somehow responsible of the death of students



Diplomatic representatives in Yaounde press Biya to immediately dismiss Lambi for gross educational malpractice.

It is reported from our source that Mr. Biya will in the days ahead reshuffle the educational system. Heads will roll. Lambi's is the first. There's widespread speculation that the minister of Higher education'll also go.

We're waiting..this is not a goodwill gesture from Biya, pressure.




Diplomatic representatives in Yaounde press Biya to immediately dismiss Lambi for gross educational malpractice.

It is reported from our source that Mr. Biya will in the days ahead reshuffle the educational system. Heads will roll. Lambi's is the first. There's widespread speculation that the minister of Higher education'll also go.

These HE GOATS think they're serving a human being...not knowing that they're working with the devil. I pity these HE GOATS who're 24 hours on hit...THEY SMELL!

We're waiting..this is not a goodwill gesture from Biya, pressure.




Lambi, Agbor Tabi, the Police force, and all other agents of darkness are DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of these students and not any student leader. They were killed in broad daylight in public places. They were not destroying any property as reported by these colonial agents. Even when they were protesting, they were doing that peacefully.

Those who rigged the results, flip-flopped to protect their position, ordered their killings are DIRECTLY responsible for their death. All those lies by La Republique's colonial junta can never be heard by any rightminded person.


Rexon, you are always very wise in the in all you say. Bro something is happening.The evil men of the Nation are thirsty of blood. They will eat their own flesh and soon drink their own blood. I dont understand Ngalla at all.

I say eh Ma mary, Rexon, Emah and other pals. my trbes men usually exclaim in pigin " This one na provoke or na yoke" I dont understand if this award is a means to provoke prof or its just a matter of joke. Na provoke? or na Yoke?
Please answers this question for me



"William Shakespeare Lied!"

I tell you , not just the truth, but shall prove it hic et nunc!

" I never believed you took time off your surgeries to read Classics"

"DEMAGOGUE!..whay do you take me for? "

" A surgeon, Dr..from.."
"Chut!!!" references here to my alma mata...! How I wish those walls could really matter to those who professed passing through them....Well

" I say Shakespeare Lied!"

"how come?"

"did you ever read those lines from his own pen that " There is No Art To read the Mind's Construction from the face?"

"oh yea! I do...Nobody has yet been able to do that except God"

"hahaha...I am not god, but if you will keep this a secret we shall soon make a break through in that field, and before you know it, we shall be courted left and right by institutions for awards for thís very important discovery..."

"that will be great indeed..but you leave me are we going to achieve this?"

"Demagogue, endeavour always to be a step ahead, and you shall get whatever you want...whatever..and now , do u know what i want????"

"No! Dr"

"Give Mbamba some fresh enema and bring the shit to me, UNPOLLUTED"

" what about disinfecting it!!!"

" Bring it whole...I dont care how pungent it should smell...there is some very important element inside I must take out to carry out an experiment on the notion of Multiple Personality Disorders...her shit contains the clue to this, and once we get through with the experiment, then we shall bring in the moon-headed UB VC for a surgical intervention...that man can tell what goes on in the hearts of different students, and I believe if we get to examine his brain closer for MP Disorders then we shall be able to unveil a can of worms....that ability to read minds gives us POWER to rule the WORLD....

"What is the purpose of this research then? to get rich?


"To get power?"
"Then why wade your fingers once more through this fecal matter ?"

" To prove shakespeare lied, and uphold the superiority of science over arts"....Do you know that moon headed VC has unmistakenly determined what segment of the students are striking? He just sat in his office, looking at student names and reading their minds...

" You dont mean it!"
" Now, take a close look at me Demagogue.."

"you are a handsome man Dr..No Lady would resist your charm!!!"

"Cut it !!!!Do I look like a joker or liar???""

"Hmmm..thats what I cant tell..but with your new discovery , am sure I will be able to see more things hidden in your heart..."

"Hei! "

"Of course I have to test it on you, and give you feedback before you patent it and put on sale, not so Doctor?

"Hmmm...let me are right...but first we need that moon headed VC here to pass him through an EEG(Electro-Encephalogram) to determine his brain activities , then we operate to take out the magic mind-reading element in his brain, culture it make it available to all..That way we can combat crime ..hahahahahaha.."

"thats great..maybe you give a portion of your concoction to our policians so they can tell whats going on in our minds..maybe when they can tell why we are angry, then they will take steps to solve our problems??"

"No way!!" Give those serpents additional savvy and they send you to an early grave before you know it..."

"So what do we do now?"

"get me that balding VC discretley to this operation block before nightfall, and I dont want to know how you are going to do it..I MUST see him here when I return tonight"

" Maybe a knock on his fragile skull will provoke a headache and he would be calling for a medical checkup this day...."

"Demagogue..thats your assignment, now be about almost out of time...the fallen prince should be in Town any time now, and I am called upon to make him look even more handsome, so more tears shall be shed just before he is lowered....

"thats true...

" I told you a prince always gets a decent burial, so they had to smuggle out those fallen heroes before bringing in The Lord of the Manor....

" How many patients do we have today, Demagogue?

"Five...all with their skulls split open, and their guts cut open..

"thats alright..let them be so until tomorrow..and remember...No matter how high they howl..No pain killer..just close the door after them so the nursing mothers can have a good sleep in the wards across...

"Ok .Dr..I shall carry out your orders"
You better do...and keep a special eye on Mbamba, I dont want to lose her..I need that shit TODAY


NO CHARGES ..Your satisfaction is our pay



Breaking News!!!! Breaking News


Dear Katakat,
This is to inform you that given your great and reputable ablity to disect the human brain without the use of a knife, and given the your diagnosis are scientifically justifiable, and given that you have demonstrated excellent ability in phychoanalisis, we therefore award you with US$200 000

Awarded to you this day by
Gabby Shumann
Excelence in science award
Nobel Peace prize


Let me insult you of being the most recent fool of the world. Stupid boy


It was no accident:

The shooting dead of the 2(4) students, I mean. But let me digress a little. If there was any hidden agenda, it was not on the student side of this catastrophe. The hidden agenda was rather on the government side through the agency of the VC and his lieutenants. I blame the PostNewsLine for allowing its cyber space to be used as a government tabloid. We have been too used to seeing this type of interview or question time in the National handclapping congregation in Yde where ministers "defending" their budgets are not asked follow-up questions. I can only guess that the Post obtained the right to interview VC Lambi only on condition that E. Sumelong ask him only those questions chosen by the VC for which he had ready answers. So we will never know the truth, whether the additional list from Yde was from the Minister of Public Health (as has been mooted in some reactions) or that of Higher Education (as would be expected in the circumstances) for whom merit is a far-fetched word. That is the same fellow who claimed that he, as director of ASMAC, could train anglophone journalists in a period of 1 month, just to show that they come 2 for a dime and were not important in the corrupt set-up run from Yde. For a proper interview that clears the air, we need to know where the additional list came from and that it will not be taken into consideration. Or else, as suggested by Ma Mary, someone should leak the list on line so we know which doctors to boycott in the years ahead since the system will go ahead and push them into the medical school in Buea.
Now to the issue: was the shooting an accident? No. Have a look at the gruesome pictures of the 2 students. You will notice that they were shot in the facial/neck area. For a system like CMR's which thrives on blood-letting, the particular point of entry of the bullet was important. Count Dracula was reputed to suck the blood from the same area of his victims' bodies. When important issues are on the table in CMR, eg, football, elections, HIPC completion point, IEC, where the ruling house believes it has been pushed against the wall, it resorts to this tactic of blood-letting so as to shield itself from any demands being made of it. Usually, they go for able-bodied Cameroonians to consume, as it were, and to be fortified against the wishes of the majority of people. The 6 trampled in Bda in 90, the zero mort in 91, the others in Kumbo, Ndu, Ndop, Buea, and many other places go to join this catalogue of atrocities to sustain a vampire system. That is why the hidden agenda is that of the government and not of the students. The black berets or red berets are only an instrument in achieving these dark designs on an unsuspecting public. May God be our own defence in these dark days.

Francis Nche

Many of you are calling for Lambi to resign. That is perfect in the normal outsider view. The truth is that this man in collaboration with the authorities has embezzled money allocated for the two Lecture Halls and it was the single card to play against him if he left the system. If he resigned, they would have immidiately opened an investigation about the case of the two lecture halls which were completed and inaugourated on paper. Now he could have been trapped in the current wave of anticurruption going on in the country.
Lambi, you can,t fight a crime you are guilty of the same wrong doing. Now you are condemned to be the bad boy for the regime infront of 16 million Cameroonians


Francis Nche,

So this man was involved in a racketeering where two lecture halls were completed and inaugurated where they never existed?

Wonders shall never end.




I'm aware that Rexon and his team are waiting to hear from me. I'm just waiting to get facts from both sides before saying anything. I've heard from Prof Lambi. I think by accepting his error (a thing most people in this forum refuse to do) makes him a gentleman. I really regret the fact that lives were lost. Information I have indicate that there's more on hidden agenda that the South West Chiefs know that Prof Lambi is not willing to say. We are aware of those who are manipulating these students for regional, political, economic or other selfish reasons.
The first thing I'll like Prof Lambi to do is to publish the list of students who registered for the entrance exam and also the "final" list signed by the minister and I pray that Cameroon Post as usual will put them here for all to see. Expect to hear from me as soon as that is done. My advice to Prof Lambi is that he should prove me right that he is a gentleman by stepping down after publishing the lists.



It is The Post Chief.


Now chief,a gentleman accepts his error and steps down.Prof is sitting tight because most probably it is not his error and he knows EVERYBODY knows so and that's what he's playing on;towards what end, i cant say.Protecting his family?His job?His own life?I really cant say and i dont think he'll tell us any sooner especially as he didnt tell you when you contacted him.
i just feel sorry for the bloke;i mean for a man to get so low,there must be something we still dont know and most probably never will.But then beyond that,he directly claimed responsibility for the death of 2(4?) children put in his charge and thus should be answerable before the law.the man should be detained and arraigned before a court of law.Thanks


It's rather unfortunate that many CamerOUnians and CamerOOnians (Southern CamerOOnians) no longer take issues of general interest seriously.
It's even more unfortunate that many Southern CamerOOnians who are benefiting from the CamerOUnian regime have completely neglected their fellow brothers and sisters, reasons for which what is going on in Buea is going on -

A FROG Minister decides to impose 26 incompetent students on UB,

STUDENTS get wind of it and start a peaceful protest,

AGBOR TABI coverts a peaceful protest into a confrontation on campus,

a southern CamerOOnian administrator (Lambi) contacts a FROG administrator (Governor) who send his trigger-eager FROG gendarmes and police to kill innocent students (victims),

PM INONI throws out a rhetoric that "some armed men attacked a police station and two persons were shot dead" and LAMBI instead of speaking out the truth and dying for it in solidarity with the sheep he is supposed to be the shepherd, prefers to take the blame for FAME NDONGO’s mistake (WONDERS SHALL NEVER END) and is reward with an anticorruption prize by my own very INCONSEQUENCIAL guy in Bamenda.

While this is happening the rest of the Southern CamerOOnians whose families are not affected sit and watch without any show of concern.

I don't know if a member of each Southern CanerOOnian family will have to be killed before a general effect will be felt and for everyone to know that it is time a concerted effort is sort to get rid of our FROG "brothers".

To me once a bad person, you remain a bad person even after death unless you repent, appologize and show proof of it before dying.
We might be scattered all over the globe but I still think we can do something even at individual levels.

Just wondering allowed


Cheif Mboe,

Sweet lies. Sweet and cheap lies. That is all your CPDM can offer to the Southern Cameroonian people.

As far as every rightminded Southern Cameroonian is concerned, Lambi and co has accepted the responsibility for the death of 11 Southern Cameroonians. 4 who were shot by the police and 7 that died on their way to Bamenda while fleeing the strike. they destroyed the lives of these our 11 brothers and sisters simply because they wanted 26 of their own to fraudulently enter the medical school of our university illegally. That is cheap sacrifice and we cannot tolerate that anymore. Had they taken the money they have been stealing to send those 26 to medical schools abroad, we would have had no reason to attack them.
That said, Southern Cameroonians are strongly planning to strike back. They have a moral responsibility to defend themselves. We cannot allow the blood of our innocent children to be sacrificed simply because they want 26 of their own to enter the medical school.

Additionally, let me remind you that, Lambi has been implicated in the inauguration of buildings in UB that are inexistant. That is why he cannot resign as they will use the anti-corruption racket to jail him. He when to Bamenda to negotiate a safe passage with the minister and he was reminded of his involvement in the scam.

We hear them now talking about regional equilibrium. What a shame and cheap lies?Recall that in their new list, there are two additional students from the north West. 78 has previously passed the examination. The two names included one from Achidi Achu. where then is the regional equilibrium?

The 26 that were added did not qualify for the medical school and did not write the entrance. This is not a new practice in La Republique. Meoto Evera for example NEVER wrote enam nor took part in the orals but found herself there in the 90's like many others. So we all know la republique's junta.

I pity Southern Cameroonians who still listen to these groups of bandits. I have begged you guys several times in this forum that, these people (Like Agbormbai) are not supposed to be listened to for one second. Yet, i keep receiving abuses for standing for the truth. I am used to being abused and i can stand it.

Lambi, by arguing that there was a monumental error in your decision to publish the list of succesful students, you have technically accepted the responsibility for the death of our brothers and sisters as a result of this strike. You are graffi like myself and many others writing in this forum. Our blood is equal to the blood of your children. So u should not negotiate the slautering of our brothers and feel proud to tell a public lie. I dont have anything against any of you, but our brothers and sisters blood is paining us in our marrow. We shall see.


Information reaching our newsroom has provided evidences that La Republique to justify the killing of these our fallen heroes sent bandits to UB and provided them with safe passage to UB to steal things and destroy properties. For example, the people who came to UB to steal things were mainly electricians, building technicians, mechanics. They came to UB well armed and knew all routes to UB and even had keys to some safe offices. They went freely as the students were striking to steal things. In fact, the way they safely carried out their act suggest that there an insider coperation from UB authorities sent by La Republique. As at now, there is no reason to suggest that the students were violent or they destroyed any property. Like last year, the students were able to seize ammunitions from Gerndarmes and if these groups of students were violent, giving the gravity of the crime by La Republique, they would have defeated them.


Don’t blame Prof. Lambi, he is just an appointed Vice Chancellor (VC) !!!!
If we Cameroonians, have accepted for so long , the basis of the system( laws and policies and institutions) that permit Vice Chancellors to State Universities to be appointed, then we should also accept that these appointed VC(s) be loyal to those who appointed them, and consider the interest of the society, as an opportunity cost.
I have not carried out any review of the performances of appointed VC(s) or elected VC(s) to be able to make a learned comparison, but you may agree with me, that it could be a rational assumption, to assume that elected VC(s) could better serve public interest, than elected VC(s) everything being constant. With this assumption , we can rightly, advocate for laws and policies which will permit VC(s) for State Universities to be elected rather than appointed. And as Ma Mary rightly posted, “Eagle, VCs in Anglo-Saxon universities are usually elected by a senate of their peers (fully tenured professors). They are not political appointees and have a distant relationship to the political world”.
Though I wonder how on earth, can anyone deal with human beings without being political.
As for Prof. Agbor Tabi, his Master, Paul Biya, should at this time consider him as a source of shame and failure to the State, and therefore keep him out of State matters. For a Professor of his level, to come out, and declare publicly in this modern era, that a State is not accountable to its citizens is so ridiculous, just to say the least. Agbor Tabi, you should at your level, know by now, that accountability rests on clear and binding benchmarks and targets being set by policy makers and communicated to all those involved in and affected by relevant policies.Therefore the students have the right to question policies affecting them. If true, you (Agbor Tabi) made such statements to those students, then you were very provocative and aggravated the whole issue. But yes,come to think of it, you are right, to have told the students that they cannot change the system that has been put in place. How can they the students change it, without changing the laws and policies that have been in place for so long, if the so called elected parliamentarians , cannot do anything. Hon.Justise Ayah, has made it clear for us that for any meaningful change to be effected, be it setting up of an independent electoral commission or…., there would be a need for a change in the constitution. I suggest a national conference for this purpose. Just forget about your so call parliamentarians, nonsence people !!!!.

As far as UB remains a State university, every Cameroonian, should have equal access to it, be it an Anglophone or a Francophone. This should also apply to other State universities, and not only in UB. What should be faught for, is equal access and opportunities for all the Cameroonians, to all the State universities.
Now, we talk of merit as criteria for admission to the State Universities. Are we talking of academic or need base merits independently, or a combination of the two !
If we are talking of academic merit, fine ! Only those who have the necessary academic qualifications should be admitted to universities, but then, my question is , Do all the children in Cameroon, have equal opportunity to attain the required academic merit ? Could children, in villages, without access to schools, expert teachers, libraries, textbooks, health, safe drinking water etc,have opportunities to attain academic merits, and compete with children for example, in urban towns or cities, where the bulk of expert teachers are usually found, libraries(e.g. the British Council Libraries, American Cultural Centre libraries are all located in urban towns or cities), textbooks easily accessible ? Could children, from poor families, who walk kilometres to school each day, without breakfast , who cannot afford to buy note books, not to talk of necessary textbooks , have the same opportunities to attain academic merits when compared to their peers, who from rich or middle class families can afford these things ? We all know the requirements for human development. How many children from poor families, I mean who cannot afford the exorbitant fees in mission schools really ever find themselves in these mission schools where results are usually good ?
I think, before we fight for academic merits, let’s first of all tackle the issue of equal opportunities, else only children and families who have the opportunities, will always dominate. The international body, must also understand that they are helping to create inequally in Cameroon, by only making available their aids to big cities and towns, for example, their libraries. Mission schools, should create opportunities for children from poor families, through scholarships. The State should respect the key elements of the right to education; that is availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality.
Now, when we think of need base merits, in terms of the need for Doctors and other health services in Cameroon, which are the provinces, divisions, villages most in need ? Yes, as far as health needs are concern, we all know that the whole country is in a mess, but there are some areas feeling the impact more. Talk of people in the North, Far North, East provinces, then compare the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of the health services they receive to those received by people in the Centre, Littoral, southwest, North West provinces. I am sure you would be sad to see how inequally is deeply rooted in Cameroon even in the health sector. When I looked through the list below of the 127 candidates posted by Ongola-Iwondo short listed for the Medical studies in UB, I could only conclude, that the poor, will remain poor, while the rich will grow richer in Cameroon, with this trend of events. Look at the list again:
“This is a total of 127 postulating candidates. Here is the distribution of the candidates according to the list of the Ministry of Higher education:
- Adamawa = 1
- Center = 6
- Extreme North = 3
- Littoral = 3
- East =3
- North = 3
- North-West = 78
- West = 11 (including 10 english-speaking, holders of the GCEAL)
- South-West = 39
- South (province of origin of the Minister for the Higher education) = 6 ”

I wonder, whether the Ministry of Public Health was involved in the selection process; I wonder, whether the ministry of public health have a clear picture of the health needs of populations in different parts of Cameroon. I should suggest here, that if need base is considered, then more places should be allocated to areas most in need and although health facilities, goods and services will vary by context, they should include not only trained medical doctors, but also other professional personnel’s, issues as safe and potable drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities, hospitals, clinics and other health-related buildings, and the health facilities, goods and services made accessible to everyone.

Finally, it is sad that in a competitive exam, names of candidates who did not take the written part, appear in the orals.This is not a strange phenomenon in Cameroon. I am sure, both Anglophones and Francophone families who had the opportunities, have benefited from it, especially when one refers to ENAM,POLICE,ENS, and did not question the process in the event of benefiting. This is something which I think is not helping the entire country, and we all, including those who have the opportunity of benefiting from it, should condemn.

Ngajieh Nnoko Erick.


When it comes to training in Medical education there is no such thing as need-based opportunities whether the competitors had equal access to quality education of not. The villages might not have all the amenities to quality education but many villages have produced great human resources (many examples abound) and even the so called City or Town dwellers have even proven that with all the amenities at their disposal, they still can’t perform. The bottom line is that a serious pupil/student is a serious pupil/student irrespective of where you place him/her.
Thus entrance into a Medical should be by merit and nothing else.

BTW when they graduate and are integrated into the public service, they are supposed to be posted to service stations all over the National territory irrespective of their regions or origin. No law anywhere stipulates that somebody from Nkambe must serve in Nkambe after graduation and NO Dr. will ask a patient where he/she comes from before consultation. This is the norm though La Republique du Cameroun being what it is will lump their “unqulalified Drs. Who entered training school via the back door” in the Cities to enjoy city amenities while those who got in genuinely are sent to the villages without equipment and drugs

At the end of the day, the health of ALL is compromised as we have qualified Doctors in the villages without the necessary tools of the trade and in the cities we have unqualified Doctors with the necessary tools. All these as a result of tribalism “a la maniere camerounaise”. What a SHAME

Bottom line admission into Medical schools SHOULD NOT and SHALL NEVER be based on regional need for any right thinking person.


Erico and Kwikeh. both of you have similar and nice ideas. All we need is a compromise between these two lines of thinking.


Demago´gue returned to inform me hé is still scoping how to trap the bald headed professor and bring him for traetment

Tomorrow with luck we shall open him bare


Where are the Oliver_Twist like Southwest Chiefs who were recently seen queued up to greet the Prime Minister,just as their master Biya queued up to beg 2.5 billion from the Chinese? Where are the Southwest chiefs who recently were seen queued up grudgingly welcoming Ngolle Ngolle who sat in for the PM.Where are they? Where are the Southwest Chiefs who recently proclaimed to the world that they needed roads?
Where are they? Where are the Southwest Cpdm Bigwigs? Where is the Meme Section boss who wept not too long ago that free money was no longer coming,and that the Cpdm will surely lose.Where is lady Effimba whose comrades resignation from the SDF was to fight imposition from the leader.What is her opinion about the imposition of a telephonically transmitted list?
Where are there? Where is the ever vocal Paramount Ruler of Buea? Has he gone dumb and deaf now that his party`s corruption has been played-out in his doorsteps? What impact does the persistent desecration of Bakweri land by teleguided butchers have on him as the custodian of tradition? Can he still pour libations on the soil of Buea with the blood of innocent students spilled by infidels?
Where are they? Where is Martin Nkemgu?
Has he now seen tribalism par excellence, where people of the same region are made to succeed in Exams that they did not sit for?
is Nkemgu going to resign again from the CPdm because the party has discrinated on his kith and kin?
Where are they? One week after this gruesome episode in Buea,have they been bombarded into silence? Do they not know which leg to dance on? Do they think this is an ill-omen for the charged political Calendar ahead? Time will tell! But one
thing is certain,that in the weeks ahead,they are all going to get out of their stupor immediately a skeletal type of a thing will be tabled in Parliament as an Independent Electoral Commission.This forum is going to be inundated with motions of support for the reigning Tsar.The lives of our murdered students would have gone for nothing.But let them remember,that however great they are,they will be made to answer for their incredulity one day!

Ma Mary

Sir, you are correct. The last time so much blood was poured in Buea, the Germans had come visiting. Now these are afriquan colonisers doing the same thing.


Missing the Big Elephant for the Bushes???

Some of the reaction is here is so “knee-jerk like” and so immature and definitely not sustainable.
While most of us are seriously agonizing over what happened in Buea and what is happening to the Southern Cameroons and what is happening to the Triangle as a whole, Sunday was Cameroon cup Final; President Biya flanked by many of his ministers amongst them many Anglophones had a good entertainment. He was seen through the blurry CRTV camera on several occasions having a good laugh with PM Inoni-you could only but envy their degree of comfort and happiness.

Now, here is the root cause of most problems in Cameroon, particularly the problems in Buea University, severe marginalization of Southern Cameroonians, Corruption etc. When the only criteria for selecting government officials, and people in high level positions including the VC is LOYALTY , some of you describe it as lack of meritocracy (nice terminology).

What were the criteria used to appoint Profs Lambi, Njeuma etc even Inoni, Yang, Ondongdong, Fame Dongo etc. Was there a search committee? Did they submit CVs?

Ok, Governor of SW is Beti, what was the criteria for that? I suppose it will be that; speaks Bakweri, Banyangi, Bakossi etc very well, understands the people and culture of SW very well, know the development issues, wants CDC, Sonara to benefit the province etc.

It is a human behavior; all these people are accountable to One and only One person-the person who appointed them (in a process that had no public oriented criteria). Why should Agbor Tabi think about the students even for one second? His reappointment and all others is not dependent on how well he does his job, takes care of the students etc but if he continues to show loyalty.

OK, so what is this loyalty? It simply means support the agenda, if it means changing Univ of Buea to YaoundeIII so be it, kill any dissenting voices-so be it.
So telling Lambi, Njeuma to resign when a problem crops up means nothing. There are 100 more Anglophones just waiting on the banks to take the baton.

As long as we can not have a situation where Anglophone Ministers can form a caucus like you have the black caucus in the US congress to address a letter through PM Inoni to president Biya to say enough is enough, then…... We should therefore be asking all Anglophones in all appointed positions to resign and informing the general Anglophone public to stand guard and not serve as replacements. This too may not happen, unless they start paying the ultimate price.........; because the common people are dying.
These appointees are really the agents, the conduits of the inhumane treatment of Anglophones.
Many other parts of the triangle are equally marginalized using same tactics but the Anglophone problem is very peculiar and requires immediate redress and recourse.

This is not a matter that requires only a quick fix. While these reactions are helpful and should continue, a think tank of the Anglophones in the Diaspora should address a memo to all Anglophones holding government appointed posts in Cameroon. We can recommend some names here.
I will like to debate this issue as a sustainable approach. "You are either with us or you are not"


Uncormfined NEWS source!!!

The final list after orals shall be 84 students. Which means that the 26 frogs have been automatically admitted.

Hell shall break loose! If this happens please give me Lambi's head!


Ok, we need to shift gears into the SOLUTIONS mode now. What next?

Big Joe

UB Crisis:
Talks Flop
Orals go on Mano militaro
-UBSU Demands Unconditional Release Of Detained Leaders
By Fon Christopher

Attempts by authorities of the University of Buea to broker a deal with leaders of the University of Buea Students ’ Union , UBSU in order to arrest the ongoing crisis rocking the institution has hit the rocks.
The leaders have refused to sign a deal which the University authorities dubbed “Packaged Deal” and have called for an unconditional release of their detained leaders.
Yesterday Tuesday 5 December 2006 Dr. George Nyamdi who led a special committee created by the institution went out to the hideout of the students and convinced them to attend the meeting which was aimed at finding a solution to the imbroglio.
After hesitating at the entrance to the campus after they saw truck loads of forces of law and order driven into the campus, the student leaders, however, finally went in with a lot of mixed feelings.
The crisis meeting took place at the conference room of the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Cornelius Lambi. It was attended by the Vice Chancellor and his Deputies, Registrar, Deans of Faculties, Heads of departments and other administrative top brass of the institution. Also in attendance were University Chaplains from the Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches and the Regional Secretary for Human Rights and freedoms, Tambe Tiku. The student leaders also insisted that the press must be in attendance.
The issue at stake was to see how negotiations carried out for classes to resume on Thursday and for the effective running of the orals on Wednesday.
The “Packaged Deal” presented by the spokesman of the special committee, Dr. George Nyamdi had as points; the effective resumption of classes on Thursday, creation of a follow-up committee to implement the Packaged Deal, the organization of orals into the school of medicine, release of all students detained between Wednesday and Friday.
After concerting with the student leaders taken multi leaves from the hall, and from unending pressure on them, the UBSU leaders were about to sign the deal when their spokesman Donatus Wanobi got information that over 500 students were at the entrance into campus waiting to kill him.

It was then that the students, refused signing the deal outright.
The students leaders said that for any talks to start, they want the unconditional release of their leaders, Abia David.
It is worth noting that during the meeting, UBSU spokesman Donatus Wanobi displayed four live bullet shells purportedly used to kill him by forces of law and order in his hideout in Molyko. The roof of the house where he was hiding reportedly had bullet holes.
The UBSU spokesman told the committee that a number of girls in the university residential area have been raped by forces of law and order. A form two student of GHS Bokwango is reported to have been a victim.
While the meeting was going on, Vice Chancellor Professor Lambi stormed in to the hall with a communiqué from the Minister of Higher Education, Jacques fame Ndongo stating that the number of students to be admitted in to the school of medicine has been raise from 60 to 85. The student said they were grateful for the increase but. This however, failed to cause the students to go back on their decision not to sign the truce.
Meanwhile a release from UBSU which preceded the meeting stated in lucid terms that they will not in any way allow orals to hold today. It said if the university goes ahead to hold the orals, they will consider that the university has dismissed all the 12.000 students and admitted 85 medical students.
He Spokesman of UBSU Donatus Wanobi told the press that he is not certain if his detained mates are still alive given the fact that his own live has been under constant threat from forces of law an order.
During the meeting the Director of Student Affairs, Ludwig Metuge called on the powers that be to avoid further harassment of students by coming out with a solution.
UB registrar, Dr. Victor Julius Ngoh on his part said the Head of State has said all must go well and has guaranteed the security of the students. He told the students that they should appreciate the fact that 7 points in their memo have been accepted with the remaining 2 being beyond their competence. He added that university administration is powerless to push the investigation in to those who murdered students.
Dr. Johnny Fonyam President of the Higher Education Teachers Syndicate, SYNAES, told the students not to always allow their strike actions to lead to the point where students are killed.
By press time, UBSU had not said whether they will interrupt the orals if they are still scheduled for today.
The South West Regional Secretary for Human Rights and freedom, Tambe Tiku told the press that he has made several attempts to see the detained students to no avail.

6 December 2006, (9 am)
Academic Armed Robbery in UB
Paramilitary forces invaded the university campus as early as 6 am. Their goal is to force students and the UB authorities to conduct the now infamous orals.
Students had been striking for the reinstatement of the initial list of 127 names, which was a transparent reflection of passes in the entrance examination. Government, in the middle of its fight against corruption, decided to corrupt the list.
As I write report, the atmosphere in UB is very tense.
Some jury members who have elected for anonymity have decided to stay away from this mass corruption and mano militario hijacking of excellence.
They say in such an atmosphere, the chances are that students will be operating under duress.
The fear is that the humble intelligent students who had passed in the first place would cower to give their places to the francophones who are groomed in corruption and fraud.


Kwikeh, you may not have understood my posting. We all agree absolutely, that admission into the medical school should primarily be based on academic merits. What I demand is equal opportunity for all, to attain this merit. In as much as some individuals have in born intelligence which can be express in any situation, you may still agree with me, that the “environment” has a part to play as far as human development and performance is concern. There are students who have graduated from UB or other universities round the world, whose university results could have been better, given standard facilities. It is the primary responsibility of the State, and in collaboration with local communities, to ensure quantity and quality for what ever services rendered to its citizens, be it education, medical, etc..... It is unfortunate, that the State chose to equip some hospitals better than others, in the same country. I wonder if there could be any satisfactory performance, from a health system, under- financed, under-equipped, under-staff, like the one we are having in Cameroon. To me, Cameroon’s position as far as the financing and performance of health systems are concern is totally unacceptable. That is a country with great potentials, and we must not sit down and be satisfied with a failed and irresponsible government. My regards to those dedicated Doctors and nurses trying their best despite all odds.
Now, students have written a competitive exam, a number have passed; would you now say only those who passed the orals are academically qualified to read medicine? What about those who passed the written part, but whom for one reason or the other, which we are all familiar with, could not go through the orals. Are they academically qualified for medical studies or not. My brother, all what I am saying here is that the government is irresponsible, and should take up its responsibility and work in partnership with local communitees, as far as development is concern in cameroon. Government should create more opportunities for everyone.
Now, the Government is saying that when this students graduate from the medical schools, they will be employed into the public service, are you sure that this will happen, is there any law established to guarantee this.
Kwikeh,yes,it is vital to consider academic merits, but what happens, when all so called qualified students come from only one part of Cameroon; would you then complain of dominance, would that really help the country?
My sincere suggestion is that there should be a balanced in the system, and it should be in good faith, and accounted for.
I think Rexon, got the message!!!

Ngajieh Nnoko Erick



-The government of Cameroon brought a
numbing crisis since 1987,
-The government of cameroon did everything
to kill democracy in 1990,
-The government of Cameroon imprisoned opposition leaders to silent them,
-The government of cameroon roasted students
in the Bonamussadi neighbourhood in their
-The government of Cameroon has not provided
urban transportation for more than 15 years
-The government of cameroon through
Narcissitic devils like Jean Messi created
killing squads like Auto_Defence to maim
other students,
-The government of Cameroon sacrificed
students by providing dead traps to
transport them to Soa,
-The government of Cameroon unilaterally
imposed fees on ailing students bedeviled
by the crisis he brought about,
-The government of Cameroon rejected all
proposals put forward by AAC1 and 11
-The government of Cameroon stole the
Opposition`s Victory in 1990,and held its
frontline leader under house arrest,
-The government of Cameroon imposed two
constitutions in 1996,
-The government of Cameroon slashed salaries
of civil servants three fold,
-The government of Cameroon has won all
trophies in its competition with all other
drowning regimes,
-The government of Cameroon has always paved
the way into professional schools for all
donkey-heads the world has never known
-The government of Cameroon has retreated to
itself from the international scene to
avoid scrutiny,
-The government of Cameroon has imposed
Government Delegates on councils won by the
-The government of Cameroon has always
cheated its way to a majority in Parliament
-The government of Cameroon has refused to
bring to book all those suspected of
-Th government of Cameroon encourages ethnic
-The government of Cameroon has even taunted
Transparency international,
But guess what!
After crossing channels,golfs,peninsulas,
oceans,seas,big rivers,they have ben drowned
in Buea by a stream.How do we know this?
1. They are helplessly using the military to
impose "an academic Tsunami " on students.
2. When leaders who are themselves parents
keep student leaders behind bars ,and refuse all access to them,even from Human rights groups,then you can measure the intensity of their monstrousity,and helplessness infront
of these young students.
3. Their bitterness is further compounded by the fact that they know the whole world is now aware of this "academic Tsunami" that
nobody can stand.
Even if the University of Buea were to be closed down today,the students have won! We thought the soldiers who came to kill won a long time ago,when they started singing "on a gagne'", but we are surprised their masters are shuttling around to bring in the students to diffuse the situation.


Hey Fellas,
I ain't gonna waste my ink anymore on the UB Saga. U gotta speak the language of the Bullies. If you can't stop them, eliminate them. Yes the law of Omerta. Sshiiiish!I commend all of you pouring tonnes of inks on the many demacles facing this beleageared nation called Cameroon.
While I will continue to give my modest contribution from time to time, I will now want to concentrate on a way that I believe will draw more attention to the plights sufferings of many Cameroonians.

What about such headlines on CNN or BBC,...:
Cameroonian Ambassador murdered in London or Washington...and the xxxx group claims respnosibility. This is what makes news nowadays. Look at how much Litvinenko's Polonium 210 poisoning has generated. It throws more light on the shady, murky and dangerous Russian state and criminal mafiaso. We need to raise our game to a higher level. Cameroon is a Rwanda in the making and Southern Cameroonians will be treated as the Darfurians. And either we stem it now or allow it to build enough steam to explode and engulf the nation. And Southern Cameroonians, are you ready???? Do you want to be taken by surprise??? I advise you all to start taking the necessary precautions. Otherwise, you will be engulf by a storm of huge magnitude.
Diplomacy and the act of Dialogue and Negociation only works well after civil disobedience, socio-political rebellion and outright war - civil or guerilla.
Don't get me wrong guys. Go on with the internet and paper offensive. But one large explosion in Douala or Yaounde will raise more awareness that tonnes of ink and billions of strokes on the keyboard.
God Safe us all. I am tired of all the rhetorics. My blood, like many of yours,has been short circuited and and the wrong wires will soon touch. Enough of the shit! I now hate thier arrogant children and see them as easy targets to bring the same sufferings that the parents are dishing out to our parents. The children of hardworking law abiding parents are shot at and killed for demanding their rights while those of pilfigers, thieves, assasins, despots, tyrants, .. you name them, go about freely spending the spoils of their parents. So where is the much talked about justice? I take my Sabbatical.



Some more news coming in!

Practicals were held for the 26 students ONLY. The others were threatened that their place would be forfeited should they fail to appear.

Big Jeo I'd be grateful should one of you guys confirm this latest development.

In the interim I'd like to encourage the students to continue the protest. If there's anything one can help you with do not hesitate to contact us through this forum.

The SON.


Spaco, you are the type of guys I envy. No amount of typing here will save us. I've re-iterated this several times. Could you contact me privately at [email protected]?

The SON.


This is how a foreigner has analyzed the UB strike. Just got this from a friend. Please read it.

Far from the madding crowd, an outsider analyzes the UB crisis - Found on the web...
************ ********* ********* ********* ********
Some of you may have heard about the student strike at the University of Buea. The past week has been confusing, inspiring, infuriating, disappointing, upsetting and more. As I’ve said before, there is so much potential in Cameroon – human potential most importantly. And what I’ve seen with the strike is the government’s inability to harness the potential of its young people.
The country is suffering from the pains of growth and rapid change. The government, of necessity and external (economic) pressure, has liberalized appreciably since I was first here in 1995. There is evidence of democratization – NGOs, civic associations, local governments with the power to take certain kinds of decisions, a more open press than has been operational in the past, among other signs of change.
The government has put in place a human rights commission and uses the language of human rights and democratization openly and freely. In spite of the government’s efforts to liberalize, it has yet to decentralize to the point of allowing professionals to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. This is clear in many spheres of Cameroonian life, not only at the university level.
And I write here with some apprehension – I have friends and colleagues who work at every level of higher education in Cameroon. And I am an outsider. But in the few short months I have been here, I see that the centralized system will either drown itself, or kill any hope of innovation and advancement.
The striking students had a point. They witnessed an action which they interpreted to smack of collusion, corruption, or at least cronyism. [I will not recount the facts here but will include links to several news sources below.] Rearing its head again was the Anglophone question.
The students’ initial complaints might have been met with an invitation to dialogue. But the government, as in the past, asked the rhetorical question “who are these students to question government?”
To be fair, representatives of the government at various levels, made efforts to hold discussions with the students – and did. Others stymied these efforts. And I wonder if the discussions that actually took place were satisfying to any of those involved. While the setting is calm, tension and dissatisfaction remains high.
Students have capitulated basically because of the use of force. Several students have been injured, two were killed, others have been detained and at least as of Tuesday (5 Dec), were still being held. University officials have requested that the students be released but higher government officials have refused.
I am skirting some of the deeper questions here. What I will say is that the government has lost an important opportunity to demonstrate a real commitment to embrace the perspectives of all Cameroonians in this concept they call “unity in diversity.” They lost an opportunity to prove to the next generation of leaders that their views are welcomed and appreciated. That their voices count in this political milieu.
On the eve of parliamentary elections and in the midst of discussing/structur ing an independent electoral commission, it would seem important to impress upon skeptical Anglophones that the education of their children is as important as educating all other Cameroonian children.
While the violence has ended and students have resigned themselves to the government’s initial position, the government has only succeeded in proving to Anglophones (and many Francophones) once again (at least those to whom I am speaking) that they are welcome to participate in the political process as long as they support the “correct” positions.

Big Joe

Hi guys,

Some Francophones are beginning to tell the real story. This is in French but has some sense in it. Read on!

DOUALA, 7 DEC. 2006
© La Nouvelle Expression

Violence, meurtre, viols, vols, tentative d’assassinats, cafouillage, chasse aux sorcières, tripatouillages et désordre organisé au campus universitaire de Buéa achèvent de convaincre de l’échec de la gouvernance universitaire sous le règne de l’actuel ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur.

Les tristes et tragiques événements, qui se déroulent à l’université de Buéa, ne peuvent laisser indifférent tout Camerounais soucieux du devenir de la jeunesse. Quand des manifestations violentes débouchent sur des morts et de nombreux blessés, de manière répétée, au sein de la même institution universitaire, c’est qu’il y a péril en la demeure. Déjà, l’an dernier, l’université de Buéa faisait partie des principales universités d’Etat secouées par la grève estudiantine. On se rappelle qu’il y avait eu des morts. Les circonstances des assassinats n’ont jamais été élucidées. En tout cas, les étudiants de l’université de Buéa attendent toujours qu’on fasse toute la lumière sur les crimes commis, et qu’on sanctionne les responsables dans le cadre de procédures disciplinaires et judiciaires. L’histoire semble se répéter, car cette année encore, à la suite des échauffourées, on dénombre deux morts, des blessés, des vols, des viols, des tentatives d’assassinat… Ainsi que des biens matériels et infrastructurels détruits au campus universitaire et dans les mini-cités où logent les étudiants.

Dans un communiqué signé le 30 novembre 2006, le secrétaire général des services du Premier ministre, Jules Doret Ndongo, rend compte d’une réunion relative à la situation prévalant à Buéa, et à laquelle prenaient part les collaborateurs du Premier ministre, le vice-Premier ministre et ministre de la Justice, le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, le ministre de la Communication, le secrétaire d’Etat à la Défense et le délégué général à la Sûreté nationale. Une réunion présidée par le Premier ministre, chef du gouvernement. Ledit communiqué souligne qu’”après avoir déploré les morts et les blessés, le chef du gouvernement a prescrit au secrétaire d’Etat à la Défense et au délégué général à la Sûreté nationale d’ouvrir une enquête (…)”. Le Premier ministre a également prescrit au ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur de prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour ramener la sérénité au campus de l’université de Buéa, afin que les activités académiques reprennent leur cours normal. Mais aussi, de faire respecter le processus et les textes réglementaires en vigueur en matière d’admission dans les grandes écoles de formation des institutions universitaires. Ephraïm Inoni prescrit enfin à Jacque Fame Ndongo d’”engager les mesures appropriées à l’encontre des membres de la Communauté universitaire impliqués dans les actes de violence et de vandalisme”.

Infantilisation et mépris.

Il convient d’observer qu’on a toujours ouvert une enquête après des événements similaires survenus dans le campus universitaire de Buéa et même ailleurs. Mais, ces enquêtes n’ont jamais abouti à quoi que ce soit. Ce n’est donc que de la rhétorique que d’annoncer l’ouverture d’une enquête dont on n’en parlera plus. Une forme de mépris pour les familles endeuillées et d’infantilisation des étudiants. Ils ont le droit de revendiquer une meilleure lisibilité et la transparence dans la publication des résultats des admissibilités au concours lancé dans la filière Médecine de la faculté des sciences de la santé de l’université de Buéa. Les étudiants de ladite université ne doivent pas subir les errements de l’administration universitaire, ni la gymnastique corrective des résultats frisant le tripatouillage effectué par le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur.

Les explications données par le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, en guise d’éclairage sur sa décision d’ajouter ”les 26 meilleurs candidats francophones dans la liste des admissibilités (…) comprenant 127 candidats anglophones”, a quelque chose de critiquable. Le Pr. Jacques Fame Ndongo, dans son communiqué du 1er décembre 2006 dit qu’il ”a immédiatement ordonné le respect des textes réglementaires (publication des admissibilités par le président du jury et prise en compte des équilibres sociologiques, garants de l’intégration et de la stabilité nationale) et a déclaré nulle et de nul effet la liste signée illicitement par le vice-chancellor qui a, du reste, reconnu publiquement sa faute devant les enseignants, les étudiants et les médias”. Mais au lieu d’annuler purement et simplement le concours, pour rester cohérent dans sa démarche, le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur procède au rafistolage de la liste qu’il a pourtant déclarée nulle et de nul effet. Pour porter le total des admissibilités à 153 noms. On comprend qu’il ait du mal à justifier le bricolage effectué : ”Il n’y a donc ni deux listes parallèles, ni une liste additive, mais une seule liste régulière, celle qui a été signée par le président du jury et qui prend en compte les meilleurs candidats des dix provinces du Cameroun.”, soutient Jacques Fame Ndongo dans son communiqué.

Irresponsabilité de la tutelle

Voici donc un ministre de la République qui commet une grave maladresse pour réparer une faute grossière d’un recteur qui a eu l’honnêteté de reconnaître publiquement son manquement à une règle. Jacques Fame Ndongo précise que c’est ”à l’issue de la publication de la liste régulière des admissibilités par le président du jury, (qu’) un groupe d’étudiant (est) entré en dissidence en exigeant le maintien inconditionnel de la liste dolosive des 127 livré depuis lundi dernier à des actes de vandalisme à l’intérieur du campus…”. C’est l’étonnement du ministre qui surprend. L’administration universitaire de Buéa et l’autorité de tutelle ne sauraient se prévaloir de leurs propres turpitudes. L’une et l’autre ont fait preuve d’irresponsabilité dans la gestion du concours d’entrée à la filière médecine de la faculté des Sciences de la santé de l’université de Buéa. Au fond, ce qui arrive était prévisible. La précipitation avec laquelle les autorités ont créé ladite filière à l’université de Buéa et une faculté de médecine à l’université de Douala, puis organisé les concours, laissait présager des couacs.

Il faut, par ailleurs, souligner que l’usage de la police et de la gendarmerie, à des fins de répression dans les campus universitaires, n’honore ni l’institution universitaire au Cameroun ni notre pays. La politique du gros bâton et de l’improvisation a suffisamment étalé ses limites et a contribué plutôt à la radicalisation des mouvements estudiantins. Le président du conseil d’administration et le recteur de l’université de Buéa devraient, s’ils avaient le sens de l’honneur, rendre leur tablier. De même que le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur qui, depuis l’an dernier, ne parvient, ni à empêcher la grogne à l’université de Buéa, ni à trouver des solutions permettant d’éviter l’assassinat d’étudiants. Des fils et filles du pays qui sont assez sages pour ne pas se laisser instrumentaliser par quelques groupes de pressions ou d’intérêts.

Edmond Kamguia K.


La part de vérité de l'ADDEC

Suite aux événements survenus ces derniers temps au campus de Buéa, l’Addec a ouvert une enquête dont le rapport est contenu dans deux déclarations signées en fin de semaine dernière.

Signée le 30 septembre, la seconde déclaration confirme que “ deux étudiants ont été assassinés par les forces de l’ordre par balles réelles ”. Elle dit aussi avoir constaté que “ plusieurs étudiants sont séquestrés et torturés dans des cellules à Buéa ”, tandis qu’une dizaine d’autres sont blessés et internés à l’hôpital général de la même ville ; parmi lesquels un qui a été atteint d’une balle à l’estomac. L’Association pour la défense des droits des étudiants du Cameroun (Addec) constate que ces incidents surviennent “ alors que le gouvernement n’a toujours pas élucidé ceux du 28 avril 2005 perpétrés dans la même université par les mêmes forces de l’ordre ”.

Quoi qu’il en soit, l’Addec “ déplore la récidive des assassinats des étudiants qui consacre la nécropolitique comme mode de gouvernement ”. Elle exige en même temps la publication du rapport d’enquête sur l’assassinat d’étudiants, le 28 avril 2005, la mise sur pied d’une commission pour faire la lumière sur les récents assassinats, ainsi que la démission du recteur et du président du conseil d’administration de l’université de Buéa. Enfin, cette déclaration fait des journées d’hier et d’aujourd’hui des journées de deuil dans toutes les universités d’Etat, invitant les étudiants à manifester pacifiquement à cette occasion.


Abordant dans son ensemble la grève qui sévit à l’université de Buéa depuis le 27 novembre, l’Addec a fait une enquête dont elle rend les conclusions dans une déclaration parue avant celle dont il est fait mention ci-dessus. L’on en retient que tout est parti du non-respect des pièces entrant dans la constitution du dossier pour le concours d’entrée en 1ère année de la nouvelle filière de médecine de la faculté des sciences de la santé de Buéa. “ Ainsi, les pièces telles que le certificat médical, la demande et deux enveloppes timbrées ont été supprimées de la liste des pièces à fournir. ”

L’enquête révèle qu’à leurs places, il était demandé un extrait du casier judiciaire à faire signer dans un poste de police de Buéa contre 5 000 ou 6 000 F Cfa. L’on demandait aussi une fiche (pour les candidats francophones) à faire signer au lycée bilingue de Buéa contre 500 F Cfa “ attestant que le candidat y a effectué sa scolarité, et portant à la fois le cachet du proviseur et le serment suivant : ”je m’engage à ne commettre aucun trouble, avant, pendant ou après le concours, sous peine d’une suspension des universités pouvant aller jusqu’à six ans”.” Cette fiche étant retournée ensuite au poste de police pour le visa du commissaire.

“ République unie du Cameroun ”

D’autre part, apprend-on, “ de sources de certains candidats qui faisaient un tour du côté de la perception de la ville afin d’obtenir les timbres pour enveloppes, il leur était servi des timbres portant la mention République Unie du Cameroun. ” Par ailleurs, l’enquête a constaté que : “ Les étudiants d’expression anglophone possédaient leur guichet de paiement au sein du campus tandis que les candidats francophones étaient contraints de se rendre à l’agence Bicec du centre ville ” et qu’en échange du dépôt de son dossier, l’étudiant recevait de l’université un document disant qu’en cas de succès, la scolarité s’élèverait à 950 000 F Cfa.

Suite à toute cette confusion et à celle relative à la publication même des résultats, l’Addec demande rien moins qu’une “ annulation pure et simple de ce concours, entaché de nombreuses irrégularités pour faute technique grave et avérée ” et recommande que la réorganisation de ce concours “ soit confiée à un arbitrage supérieur et que l’ordre, la transparence et le mérite soient restaurés… ”

Julien Chongwang


Hey Big Joe,

Whatz there that makes you so excited. Who told you that anything good can come from frogs. They're same people whether old or young. Thatz all cheap rhetoric!

...and please this is not a French newspaper. Lovers of English find it irritating to see French here. If we wanna read French we'll go to French newspapers. Tell Chirac to stop learning English if...

...and if you post such in a forum like BBC you'll recieve a curse. Could you please do us a favour by not publishing such thrash here?

The SON!


It is rather unfortunate that my first posting on this blog relates to an issue like this.
The V.C's careless actions has made the U.B Med School lose its credibilty even before going fully operational. What is this nonsense I hear that the Minister wanted to give more Cameroonians a chance to get into the School of Medicine??? The V.C was fully aware that the decree gave them the possibility of taking 60 students and that they could take 72 for the orals. He said he had pleaded for more spaces, so he proposed doubling the intake of 60 students. So was the decree changed???? If he knew that the Med School could take that much, why didn't he propose that number during the drafting of the said decree? You see folks, let me tell you how this guys calculate:
They knew at the very begining this Med School could hold way more than 60 students. They reserve the "loose space" for those who BRIBE authorities for admission. It is rather unfortunate that at the very beginning, we have lost it...I mean the school's credibility.
The V.C stated that the same marks was recorded for the 120th to the 127th student, thus he had to put up a list of 127 students. The question is there seem to be no limit on the number of students who can go in for the orals. What will have happened if the 120th student right up to the 250th student had the same score???? How are these decrees drafted for Christ's sake?
At the very beginning of his interview, the V.C stated that the "Minister's list" would hold. That statment alone equals resignation because he is implying the additional 26 students had the same score as the 127th student. Assuming this is true, why did he overlook these students before rushing to sign the list??? On the other hand if this is false, why should he believe the "Minister's list" is correct.
These people think Cameroonians can't think. He should be briefing the public almost everyday until this matter is resolved...And by the way why is the Minister silent? Or does anyone know if he has given the same explaination of stupidity as the V.C???
Y'll be Safe.

Big Joe

Hi Akonson,

I am of the opinion that for us to be one step ahead, we have to be verse with what is making news on the other side and since most of us hardly visit their website i thought it wise to extract that particular article and paste it here. No offence intended.

Maybe this other article will interest you. Read on!

____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________
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Entrance into UB School of Medicine :
Francophone Failure was Predictable
By Christopher Fon Achobang

I was privileged to have been part of a team working to develop a curriculum for Cameroon , at the Curriculum Service of the Ministry of National Education in 1994. The service was out to do a comparative study of the educational systems in Britain , France , Francophone Cameroon and Anglophone Cameroon .
It emerged that there were two distinct educational systems in Cameroon ; the francophone and the Anglophone. Of both educational systems, the Anglophone educational system, as offered at the ‘Ordinary and Advanced levels’ were discovered to be closest to the French and international standards than the Francophone.
When it comes to the sciences, there was yet another yawning disparity between what is offered in Francophone schools and Anglophone schools. The Francophone Mathematics and Science syllabus at the ‘Baccalaureate’ were discovered to be archaic and not conforming to international standards.
As a graphic artist, contracted by Noel McNamara, the British Council curriculum specialist seconded to the Ministry for this specific attempt to harmonize these educational systems, he had to explain exactly what was happening for me to be able to communicate this information in ideograms and graphs.
It was further discovered that an Anglophone with a pass in Advanced Level sciences, was sure to graduate faster from a science programme in a French university than a Francophone. It was explained that the Science programme in French universities, being paired to international science programmes was closest to the GCE A’ levels science syllabus than the Baccalaureate programme of Francophone schools.
It was consequently recommended that the Francophone schools adjust to the French or international standards, which were already in use in the GCE syllabuses.
As condescending to Anglo-Saxon values as always, the authorities frowned and have been slow in implementing these recommendations. “le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun ”.

UB Medical School Entrance Syllabus
As alleged, the Cameroon General Certificate of Education, GCE Board was contracted to conduct the selection test into the school of Medicine . Considering that the programme is undergraduate, the Board simply used multiple choice questions designed for A’ Level candidates.
The woeful failure of Francophones in this examination is not a matter of discrimination or bias by the Vice-Chancellor, but simply that they had failed even before writing the entrance.
If the candidates were humble enough, they would have tried to find out what it entails to pass the GCE A’ level. Unlike the BAC where generalities are taught, the GCE A’ levels tends to specialize. Branches of Mathematics are treated in depth.
Whereas most students who claim to be doing the sciences in the Baccalaureate have never seen a test tube, Anglophone candidates start seeing and doing practical laboratory work, much earlier.
Francophone parents are too haughty to get what is good from the minority Anglophone opinion in Cameroon . It has been proven that because a good idea comes from the Anglophones, it must, and is always thwarted until violence erupts.

Arguments for Regional Balance
Various persons, low and highly placed, have at their various levels attempted to justify the reasons for 26 names being added to the initial list of 127. At the Ministry of Higher Education and at the Prime Minister’s office, they invoke this superficial argument of regional balance.
Yet, the much sought for regional balance is tipped over when 2 names from the North West Province are added to the tinkered list. With 2 additional names from the NW Province, the total regional representation from the NW is 80. In all fairness, 80 out of 153 names is above 50 percent. If we were going to hang to the logic of regional balance, handed to us by our national policymakers, the North West would have had only 15.3 names on the list.
It would seem regional balance has all sorts of personal interpretations to different members of the ‘jury’.
Anglophones have long cried out, against their marginalisation in Cameroon . They have never asked to be favoured or to be given undue advantages. They simply call for their merit to be respected.
I know people who have confessed how Anglophones have been deprived of the front positions they deserve in selection tests for professional schools. As always, most are relegated to the background for very unorthodox reasons.

North West Won National Trophy 2005/2006
The North West Province won the national trophy for best results, in all examinations sanctioning the end of secondary education in Cameroon. This was in exams organized by both the Baccalaureate and GCE Boards for 2005/2006.
It is an indication, perhaps that the students studying in this part of the country are more committed and dedicated to education than the others. Instead of looking for tropical explanations, would parents who bribe for their children to pass examinations, as minor as the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC), guide their children to be more hardworking?
How did authorities come to determine who is from the North West and who is not?
At this point in time when we are talking about National Integration, and at a time too, when people are intermarrying from all over, it is misleading to see the name Fon or Ngwa and conclude they are from the North west Province. I have cousins and nieces called Olinga, Ndiba, Kinge and Ahmadou. Do they stop being North Westerners? Do my Beti descendants called Fonsoh, Eni, Muyang and Toh, stop being Ewondos?
As we wish and look forward to concretizing our unity and values, what we need most is for all to work hard and be judged by merit, and not by tribe and political leaning.

Lambi is a Sacrificial Lamb
In a land overflowing and stinking with corruption, the incorruptible are branded as subversive elements. Professor Cornelius Lambi has inadvertently betrayed the confidence of his corrupt hierarchy. Feeling jabbed in the side by one they had hoped to be part and parcel of the great buffoonery, the corrupt ethnic oligarchy, rally their forces and take on the incorruptible professor, headlong.
It is no secret that Cameroon has topped most world charts for corruption in the last 10 years. Being rejected by a system basking in the glory of one of the worst dictatorial and corrupt systems, catapults the venerable professor to the rank of Mister Clean.
Being the practicing Christian that Lambi is, I would send him to LUKE 15:7 “There shall be more joy in heaven, over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous persons who need no repentance.” It is certain that 99 percent of the system is made of warped and parochial gangsters

Ma Mary

Sean asks:

...And by the way why is the Minister silent?

The reason is that in frog colonies, the rules that apply are that of pre-revolutionary France, the rules of the monarchy. There can be no accountability by the monarchy to the people. So these colonial so called leaders, I mean the ignorant thieving boobs who incessantly swill champagne, hate water and wear $2000 suits do not thing they are answerable and look down their noses at the rabble. I guess the first sound that would come from him is when he croaks under the blade of Mademoiselle Guillotine.

Change never comes to France without violent eruptions, because the legal and political processes that ensure peaceful change and accountability are not functional. Executive controls the judiciary. Houses are cosmetic. President is imperial. There is an impenetrable wall of indifference erected by the elite who eat of the fat of their land AND our land. These ass hat Afrogs function in the same deaf fashion, just worse by several degrees, because the francafrique system is indeed a racist one.

Ma Mary

The article done by Christopher Fon Achobang confirms what I had suspected. The Bacc is inferior, because it is too diffuse and unspecialized. It is not "hard" book that preps people for the world. It is sufficient to create lightweight "philosophes" to service franceafrique.

I am for the total independence of Southern Cameroons. There is only one thing that would cause me to reconsider. La republique should behave like Rwanda. End all relations with France. Throw out their Ambassador and all their agencies and start phasing out the French system including the language. Short of that, no cigar. French is toxic and incompatible with African progress.

I know, it will not happen, that these people would give up their champagne habit and their strutting with things that they cannot manufacture themselves.


I just do not want our kids to fight the bullets of the thieving, raping police with stones.



We already have the facts at hand.

The exam was organized and supervised by the GCE Board.

The scripts were corrected using computer technology.

A little over 800 students sat for the exam.

60 students slots were available in the Medical Faculty.

The first FROG came in the 600th position on the written part of the entrance exam.

127 applicants all of Southern CamerOOnian extraction thus meritoriously were selected for the oral examination.

Fame Ndongo decided to add 26 FROGS who didn’t sit for the exam.

UB students rejected this outright corruption and Lambi (theVC) accepted.

Hell broke loose and 11 student lives were lost directly or indirectly.

Fame Ndongo didn’t know what to do and decided to be speaking via Lambi.
This is the reason why Lambi vomited rhetorically that the Minister’s list will be maintained.

Fame Ndongo not knowing what else to do, decides to increase the slots from 60 to 84 to accommodate the FROGS who never sat for the exam.


Drawing from the facts that we all know, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE shall there be any FROG on the list of students admitted into the UB Medical Faculty at least for this year.


If you notice any FROGS at lectures deliver them to the public to be stoned to death.
For they are the reason for their parents to be doing what they are doing to the detriment of the unfortunate you and I.


I have never known academics could sell themselves so cheap.




Big Joe,

From all indications, Lambi is 100 percent guilty and orchestrated this horrendous crime on our innocent brothers and sisters. He organised their slaining together with colonial agents and has been busy trying to defend them. We must not distort informations here. He is guilty and has justified that by refusing to resign or explain the facts as they are.


And i want to reiterate that those who destroyed properties at UB where agents sent by the colonialist to justify the slaining of our innocent brothers and sisters.


The Blood of our innocent brothers and sisters who were slained simply because a corrupt group of idiots wanted to put the names of 26 of their own to the UB medical school will chase all these colonial agents for the rest of their lives. No persons life should be taken away by any other person.

If their children think the lives of the poor and helpless are not useful, then they are making a mistake.


I write to cngratulate Lambi for the anti corruption award which he has or he is about to receive as a reward for his effort in delivering the UB of it academic rubbish.Ifthe efforts of fellow Cameroonians were to be in the same way and rewarded then the country would have gone places with regards to development.In fact, Lambi is one of those intellectuals I for one would have loved to feature among those lunatics who in the name of intellectuals have in several occasions come to see Biya for an independent candidate for the up-coming presidentials as if our problem has and is an indep.candid.A guy was struggling to let one know that Lambeef is not a graduate from Scotland but from Sal...what?I don'tcare all is that this new vampire, whether educated in a toilet or kitchen in England,should have displayed his understanding of the Englih culture in which he is suppose to be a product and as well as the
costudian of that tradition in his society.Lambeef from every indication in your interview,your are a nincompoop and not an intellectual.Those who say no should then listen to one of Lamb's words."...students who succeed in the examination and are admitted into the School of Medicine are directly recruited into the civil service,the vice chancellor did not have the right to sign the list of successful candidates which was the Minister of Higher education's place to sign...'Please I beg to differ.You are just an academic shyster.The Anglos know what you know and what you know is that you were and still the right person from every perspective to have signed the list.Lambeef direct recruitment into the civil service does not warrant the admission of nonentities into a medical institution whose products are to take care of human beings.We know that the minister desperately needed the list so as to field in his nephews and the nieces since he comes from the gods chosen race.Hear our prof imeritus concerning fees increase."I had proposed to the minister that they pay extra".And what is this prof?.700,000frs.To be added to 50,000frs?God help us.How much did you pay throughout your school life,and who are you to stop others from schooling?Take my proposal.Recruit permanent lecturals.Tell us that it was Aguo Tabeef's propoals and not yours because we know that he badly needs the money now.Prof. even an infant in this country is aware that we are ruled by ocultists and we all know the case that even implicated ministers and their directors.Maybe our Vampire needed "red wine" for the up-coming presidentials and UB under u has just become a victim of deliberate uncontrolled factors.Don't forget Shang's fate.

Posted by: boyolion at 9 Dec 2

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