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Thursday, 14 December 2006


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I told that bloke to resign to make Biya eat shit.well it seems he needed the shit himself.Poor ,poor fool.
What of the Police boss,the minister of Higher education and the governor?


I pray Lambi doesn't suffer a stroke from this shock and die soon, so that he stays alive to see what his actions bring back to him as his fruits, I pray he gets a full backet of his harvest.

Who says the blood of the innocent ones will dry up? Never!, the fruits of what they planted today, tomorrow will get ripe for us to harvest.

Muki StoneHall

This serves Lambi right.He would have long resigned and preserve his honour and dignity.He instead resorted to flipflopping in a futile attempt to hang on to his position.Now he's lost both position and honour.Too bad for him!

Big Joe

Don't be surprise to see Lambi appointed to a higher post in the near future. If I may ask, was Prof. Titanji appointed or elected?......thing wey e do coffee make e no do cocoa.

Abesong John

Was it more honourable for Lambi to resign of to be sacked? Upon all the lies he told against the students and his vital role in killing the students just to please the master, he is still sacked. What a shame? Some stupid people are folled to think that money and power irrespective of how you get it normal. I say NO. Lambi prefered to sacrifice students and his dignity for a position in the worst corrupt junta on the planet earth. Sorry Lambi. May your stress and disgrace rest in perfect trouble.

Vally Bessong

At the begining of the fraudulent list saga, I personally asked Mr Lambi here in this forum to maintain the original list and if the minister of higher deucation insists on him using the ghost list, then he should resign as any other professor I know in the world will do. Mr Lambi didn't listen and look at him today, he has been sacked like a nobody and who replaces him? Another 'two side cutlass'.
I will like to remind all those who participated directly or indirectly in the killing of innocent Southern Cameroonians that they will pay in one way or the other. Today you are laughing but tomorrow you will be on the other side of the bench.



Ma Mary

Lambi's is a case of lack of integrity. His frog masters believe he is shaky and lacking in absolute devotion. He cannot hold his shoulders high amongst Southern Cameroonians. Either be a devil follower of the occultist Petainist franco-Camerounese. Then we know where you stand and keep a good record of your crimes, or have integrity. If you did the right thing in the first place, stick by your guns and do not die endlessly before your real death.
Do you think the anglofowls will change or will continue to live like fowls? The answer is blowing in the wind.


The Homosexuals in Yaounde need somebody who is resolute when it comes to imposing their
ill-conceived policies.Lambi has always been a regular guy and was taken off guard by events.They wanted him to order the killing of more students,as the Fon Dohs always do,but when he started vacillating ,they thought he should better go and prove that he is a Monk else where.In the meeting with students ,he let it know that he was a sacrificial lamb,so it was just normal for him to be pushed out.Lambi`s crime is that he wanted to have his cake and eat it.This shows that his manhood is wanting.He opted to smear himself with crass rather than stand up to the Fame Ndongos.


I like this government of ours. It is easy to predict every next move of theirs. Did Lambi see it coming?


Did I announce here that ma secret reporters from the lion's man palour said Lambi MUST go?

With such a news I expected that HE-GOAT to have resigned. We're waiting for the dismissal of that FROG minister and one professor Nommo.

May you guys revisit my posting of Wednesday, 06 December 2006 at 12:59 AM? When we write things here, these guys take us for fools. I was indirectly advising this naturalised but disgraced FROG to resign. He wouldn't listen.

This is what I told this forum sometime ago.


Diplomatic representatives in Yaounde press Biya to immediately dismiss Lambi for gross educational malpractice.

It is reported from our source that Mr. Biya will in the days ahead reshuffle the educational system. Heads will roll. Lambi's is the first. There's widespread speculation that the minister of Higher education'll also go.

We're waiting..this is not a goodwill gesture from Biya, pressure.


Posted by: Akoson | Wednesday, 06 December 2006 at 12:59 AM"



This is what I think happened!

Now the "authorities" claim that there's a text explaining that Lambi wouldn't have posted the results without the minister's signature. Let's assume this text exists.

Now giving the fact that the lion man doesn't get directly involved with the day to day running of his country, and that he only listen from his Owonas, Nommos, Atanghanas etc, moreso, giving the fact that they may have told him that Lambi was stubborn or made a mistake to have released a list that sparked violence and caused death, I think it is from this backdrop that the lion man decided to show Lambi the door.

Lambi on his own part went down on his knees and BEGGED for forgiveness. He never knew that the lion man doesn't dine with anglos who make STUPID mistakes for too long. Inoni thinks he's the lionman's "paddiman". Let him make a mistake...he'll not only go but will go to Kondengui. This is the junta we're dying behind for three pieces of silver.

Mr. Titanji, that seat is a HOT one cos the University was created from a JUST cause. Giving the fact that all of you who work that the lion man have betrayed your conscience, YOU WILL ALSO GO. Power's sweet, huh? Mark my words!

I call on Titanji to deny that position...all southern cameroonians of goodwill to deny that position. Let the FROGS go to UB and rule.

Our Liberation is assured!

Before I go, let me just give you some gists out of what filtered from Inoni's and Lambi's phone chat when the news was read.
This is coming from an anonimous source from UB.

Lambi: Mr. Prime minister what's happening?

Inoni: I don't know myself, you know that lionman doesn't contact anyone before his 5 PM news. I also got it by surprise.

Lambi: You know I admitted my fault.

Inoni: Yes that was good, but I thought all was over. Don't worry I'll contact Fame Ndongo and check with him, ok?

Lambi: Please try oh. But isn't there another OPENING for me?

Inoni: Gentleman, you know the lion man needs hardworking people. I think he's just trying to tease how solid you are behind the CPDM. Keep militating and try your best in next year's elections.

Lambi:Try my best? How? sound like a kid. Steal ballot boxes for the lionman and you get your name all over the presidency.

Lambi:I'm afraid know my people back ther are more wounded than you guys are. They kill!

Inoni:GOODLUCK, gentleman.....hangs up!

Lambi:Allo, allo...oh my God!

I'm HAPPY today cos someone is SAD.



This is the last crow of the intellectual pigmy called Fame Ndongo. He is responsible for firing Prof Lambi but lacked the courage to sign it himself.

Ma Mary

Akoson very funny.

Titanji will also trip. That is how the game is set.

It is not about dying. They will all die. We will all die, heck.

It is about dying well when it is time to die. When he is tested, will he be honorable? That is because death is on both forks of the road. Will he chose the good death or the bad death or the useless life?

These are trying times, and we keep coming up wanting.

Is there a picture of this Famous Ndongo somewhere and this Nommo woman? Famous Frogs who oppress and kill Southern Cameroonians ought to be exposed.


...And it is but normal that when someone's departing, we sing KUMBAYA. This pertains in a case where everyone's happy. In this case someone's sad. However, our irresistible urge to sing KUMBAYA is at its peak. let's sing:
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya
Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya
Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbayah

Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Someone's sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Please, I enjoin all of you to reminesce this song. In those days when you were in Sunday school and was parting from friends at the end of the lessons, you sang KUMBAYA. May we sing it again?


Aunty J.

Too bad for Lambi who decided to play the quaking prostitute who was not man enough to continue a good fight he started definitely for the intoxicating sensation of clinging to power.

Titanji was anxiously thanking L'Homme Lion this morning for bestowing confidence in him. This was part of Lambi's vocabulary sometime ago. Prof!!! Gird your loins. That seat is a hot potato. I always thought you were a genius. You disappointed us by accepting that position. It is tainted with the blood of innocent students! Beware!!!!! I worry and wonder!!!

Fritzane Kiki HK

It is a landmark cabinet shakeup however I don't see any difference between Lambi and his new replacer Prof. Vincent Titanji whom i know personally as a CPDM staunch member.Biya's tactics is to show the world that he fights against corruption but going deeper you will realise that Lambi will be offered a greater position later.This is politics.

The Buea UB is the test ground for Anglophone aggitation and aggression.The Chancellors and other top rankings of the Anglophones CPDM offsprings are used like measuring rod.Njeuma lastly was sent to Yaounde University after a failure to quel the last strike action this time around Biya has decided to nominate new comers after a failed attempt by Lambi and his CPDM clique to fraud exam results of his own students.He has lose respect and tarnished the image of the UB students while causing the death and lock-up of innocent students alike.

My only advice to our new comer in the field ,Prof. P.K Vincent Titanji is for him to be steadfast and work more with the students than taking orders from above in Mvomeka else he too is going to witness thesame strike actions like his predicesors......

Fritzane kiki
Hong Kong


Akoson you make me laugh with your writeups. Thanks.

Though I am vexed with the way Prof. Lambi reacted during and after the crises, I am also happy the way he has been disgraced.

Can you imagin that even his colleagues in the US adviced this coward(permit me to say this)to resign and he refused? Though in one moment he wrote his resignation lettre but was asked by the PM of La Republique to withdraw it.

The homosexuals at Etudi Palace sensed Prof Lambi may still change his mind and disgrace them by resigning. That is why the quickly disgrace him. As such there is no way Prof can tell the world he did the right thing by publishing genuin names in the examination results.



What a heart breaking news for prof Lambi.The University risk registering another orbituary.I really wonder if that would solve the problem.Any how,Let Lambi consult Prof Ngwafor for consolation!


Lambi, you replaced Njeuma and whether its by destiny or what the difference between ma and you is clear.
Lambi, you have just reaped the price for exposing the corrupt regime. This is to teach you to stand on your feet as an anglophone intellectual. Exposing Yaounde and taking sides with them has caused your sacking. Check your blood pressure regularly and wait patiently for the collapse of the regime.
Titanji has been waiting for this position. It comes on a hot plate.


Weh 'poor' Lambi, this is such a huge disgrace for him. He would have had the last laugh had he chosen to. He should have simply resigned. Poor poor Lambi


Breaking news........................

1.Buea University stundents demonstrating again. They say Lambi has been sacked for exposing fraud, demand for Ngoh and Agbor Tabi sacked and called for "Operation Campus Dead" 2007.........

2....Paul Biya refuses to create an independent electoral commission and rather creates "Elections Cameroon". MINAT still to organise upcoming elections..

Man no run! Who says Biya can be a fool at 70!

Kaiser William

I think it is time for Mbivondo to decentalize the University system as it is done else where. To my knowledge the people he is appointing have no idear of what their job function entails and that is why they are committing bizzare mistakes. Biya let each University elects its VC and you should stop interfearing cuz you are a block head. WACKO!!


All these presidential decrees appointing university officials is just a mockery of "University". So that guy can go ahead appointing those who can work for him, yet he claims he wants to straighten things.

Anglophone Cameroonians must continue with demonstrations to teach the frogs what decency means and how much people can influence decisions in their interest.

Lambi is just a scape goat. There are many others. But what post did Biya give him? Hope not a better one.


Whe Lambi the scapegoat.
Sorry for this public disgrace that you find your person in. We called on you to show this sodomites that you are man enough to turn your back to fraud by stepping down yet you won't listen. But if I may ask, what about the famous prof Nomo and the higher educ minister? Biya is looking for grounds to breed disciples for the upcoming election and gain international recognition. Biya sacks Lambi 'cos he exposes fraud. That's true I guess! Mr Biya what about the fake list? What about the names you filthy immoral bastards imposed on that medical results? Students who never sat for the exams. You see what irresponsible frogs behave when they find themselves in positions that they do not deserve to handle? How is this Biya thing reasoning? Does this old fool give his brains time to think about the remote cause of that strike which is the self made professors imposed names? Should VCs be really appointed or elected?

I will just have to agree with Katakata that Mbamba limunga really swallowed the shrine. The web is a big one and really roughly entangled. Vincent, watch your back 'cos that sit is hot and shall do so until the spirit of those innocent students stop boiling.


Academic environment is very different from political environment. Academically, we all know where Our Lambi Belongs but politically, where does he belong.....where are his God fathers?????
That game was more than him to play, without a coach but he thought he could...
Thus,risignation could have been the best option for him, but.......

Jerome Lawen Tangunyi

I have been following up the recent scandal at the University of Buea with keen interest and I must admit that the whole episode is one hell of a mess. In fact, I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to come to terms with the fact that acts of nepotism and corruption in Cameroon has become a publicly displayed ritual.

It is unacceptable for a member of government to impose a list of candidates for places that are designed to be filled by way of a competitive examination. For the interest of good governance we must maintain our resolve to stamp out such practices. I salute the effort of the UB students who vigorously exercised their right to publicly denounce such a corrupt agenda…and for those students who got killed in the process…“you are our heroes and may you find lasting peace at the other side!!”

The prominent Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said; “ All violence is evil. But a time might come when you have to decide between two evils; oppression or a violent overthrow of an oppressive regime. When the honour of God is at stake, we shall disobey iniquitous and unjust laws”

Tangunyi Jerome Lawen

Ma Mary

Rexon, how many Professor Pussy on this squad?

Tita Mofaw

The only reasonable thing that Titanji can do right now is to bow down honorably and say no to this appointment. Anything less than this is to confirm the allegation that he is ONE OF THEM.

Maybe Lambi was so miserable and was afraid to resign because he wouldn't have survived out there on his own. But for you Titanji, if is true that you are a renown bio-chemist as people say, then you can do better than take part in a genocide against your own people.


If he does that,there's always prof Chumbow,prof Ngwafor,prof Njeuma,prof...not leaving out prof Yours Truly;unless you prefer prof marcelline Nommo.
We'll assess the man by his actions and words but then i think all we can do now is encourage him and then HOPE for the best.Thanks


Lambi that is just the begining of your frustration.You will join the fallen students soon.Their blood will not rest untill you pay for it.
Even Biya will one day answer present in Kondengui for all atrusities he has cause to Southern Cameroonian.Mark my words .it will not be long from now


This was pasted when the crisis started and even more relevant today.

Missing the Big Elephant for the Bushes???

Some of the reaction is here is so “knee-jerk like” and so immature and definitely not sustainable.
While most of us are seriously agonizing over what happened in Buea and what is happening to the Southern Cameroons and what is happening to the Triangle as a whole, Sunday was Cameroon cup Final; President Biya flanked by many of his ministers amongst them many Anglophones had a good entertainment. He was seen through the blurry CRTV camera on several occasions having a good laugh with PM Inoni-you could only but envy their degree of comfort and happiness.

Now, here is the root cause of most problems in Cameroon, particularly the problems in Buea University, severe marginalization of Southern Cameroonians, Corruption etc. When the only criteria for selecting government officials, and people in high level positions e.g. VC is LOYALTY , some of you describe it as lack of meritocracy (nice terminology).

What were the criteria used to appoint Profs Lambi, Njeuma etc even Inoni, Yang etc. Was there a search committee? Did they submit CVs. Ok, Governor of SW is Beti, what was the criteria for that? I suppose it will be that; speaks Bakweri, Banyangi, Bakossi etc very well, understands the people and culture of SW very well, know the development issues, wants CDC, Sonara to benefit the province etc.

It is a human behavior; all these people are accountable to One and only One person-the person who appointed them (in a process that had no public oriented criteria). Why should Agbor Tabi think about the students even for one second? His reappointment and all others is not dependent on how well he does his job, takes care of the students etc but if he continues to show loyalty.

OK, so what is this loyalty? It simply means support the agenda, if it means changing Univ of Buea to YaoundeIII so be it, kill any dissenting voices-so be it.
So telling Lambi, Njeuma to resign when a problem crops up means nothing. There are 100 more Anglophones just waiting on the banks to take the baton.

As long as we can not have a situation where Anglophone Ministers can form a caucus like you have the black caucus in the US congress to address a letter through PM Inoni to president Biya to say enough is enough, then…... We should therefore be asking all Anglophones in all appointed positions to resign and informing the general Anglophone public to stand guard and not serve as replacements. This too may not happen, unless they start paying the ultimate price; because the common people are dying. These appointees are really the agents, the conduits of the inhumane treatment of Anglophones. Many other parts of the triangle are equally marginalized using same tactics but the Anglophone problem is very peculiar and requires immediate redress and recourse.

This is not a matter that requires only a quick fix. While these reactions are helpful and should continue, a think tank of the Anglophones in the Diaspora should address a memo to all Anglophones holding government appointed posts in Cameroon. We can recommend some names here.

Denzy E. A/ Atlanta, Georgia

As I go through this blog I read how everyone is stressing the fact that Lambi should have resigned. In which country are we talking about? Are you all in the U.S.A or other well organized system of goverments, where individuals resign in midst of scandals? How many have resigned in Cameroon? Y'all expect Lambi to be the first? As well as every Cameroonian is noted for being overly power hungry and greedy, Lambi is not an exception. Only presidential decrees can bring this kind of fate that has befallen him. God bless his heart. GO BACK TO CLASS LAMBI AND DO WHAT YOU WENT TO SCHOOL FOR-GO TEACH THESE KIDS INSTEAD OF WATCHING THEM BEING KILLED.

Danny Boy

When the present regime did away with the United Republic, one of the reasons they gave was that we have come a long way since(?) and we are now an integrated nation. What then is this talk of regional balance?
I have always accepted this explanation and used it on several occasions to defend the status quo.
I am nonplussed today that somebody is trying to re-invent an accomplished piece of social engineering to justify a corrupt and very insulting practice.
we are one people today. I see myself as Cameroonian first and if anybody wants to know, I might tell him/her I am from Bamenda.
I am a parent with children born in the diaspora. If they had taken part in this exercise to go to the medical school in Buea, into which quota will they be classified?
I am reminded of an advice to anybody who must lie, think of the lie that saved your skin first time round before you open your mouth. Somebody somewhere might be keeping a record.
That said, I rest my case and good luck to the new entrants into the Buea Medical School and good tidings to you folks.

zz-rui costa

What's all this "Lambi for resing" talks all about? We all know how sweet power is. Biya's strategy is evident: he is drawing our intellectuals across to his camp. Sooner or later we'll all see our man Lambi wearing #21( Ndefi)in the colours of "Equipe Nationale"...Ma Njeuma is 3rd goali.

We do have what it takes to build an independent south but we're just too selfish with our thirst for power. Heads up Titanji...Listen to the next 5pm news; you might be shocked. I advice you turn down that offer..let the Antangana's and the Mvemeka illiterates come and sit there. This time we'll show them Buea is South....

Emma 219

This shows how Biya is just fooling around with the Anglophone people. He used Prof. Lambi as a smoke screen to ease the tension of the last riot. Now he finds out that Lambi can not ease this one, so he has to make changes again. So presently Lambi has no space in the the national equipe that is why he has been thrown out within the twinkle of an eye. I think Prof. Lambi deserves another chance to run the University because he came in a time when students now know a simple strike can bring changes. Lambi was just trying to make the students go to class after defending Lionman and his equipe. "No Prof. Lambi no UB". Biya must make another changes since he is man of changes at anytime. Operation UB 2007.

After all Politics is a dirty Game.

Che Sunday

You must be kidding me. Give Lambi another chance?
Look, Lambi was the Vice Chancellor of the university, that is head of the administrative body of the university. He did the right thing by approving the list of students presented to him by the admissions committe into the medical school. That is within his job description as would be in any academic community. The farse which he bought into that the minister of higher education had to approve the list before it goes into operation is a figment of his immagination. No body with an ounce of green matter upstairs buys that rubbish. Had he resigned when his authority was being subverted, he will still remain a hero, and even the devil incarnate himself (Paul the dupist) will bring him back into something or somewhere where he will make his money and shut up. He has proven to the almighty that he is ready to urinate in his pants and change his story any time. That is why he is out the door and may never find a job elsewhere. If Lambi was a "yes mam," man to Njuema, how come he failed to learn from one of the biggest ass kissers that the minister of education has to approve lists of admissions into the nation's medical schools? Shouldn't this task be held out until the students are graduating before the minister approves of them because this is when integration into the labor force is expected? We cry of the system trying to franchophonize the nation? We are witnessing a new era, "the Betirization or Ewondorization of Cameroon. It is sad that half educated bufoons who spent a few years walking the streets in France have come home to become demi-Gods and with the the stroke of a pen, fill the halls of academic institutions with their relatives and loved ones.


Who is lying to who here? Who does La Republique's junta think they can keep fooling? To hell with all these liars and occultist.

Lambi has been sacked. Yes. But that has'nt brought back the children that has been slained, neither have they refused imposing the names of their incompetent children into the University of Buea's medical school. What was done to Njeuma and Co when other students were slained at UB during the last strike. We (Southern Cameroonians) are the ones suffering in this colonial system. We are the scapegoat in all these Camerounese frolics.

Lambi has just been replaced by another colonial agent Titanji. Someone, who has a long history of "Sexually transmitted Marks" with young students at UB. Who does'nt know of the first class degree he "Titanji" gave to an incompetent student of UB's department of chemistry in the 90's? Who does'nt know of his fraudulent acquisition of scholarships for his daughter, Relatives and Cousins to prestigious medical schools and scientific institutions in the Scandinavia at the expense of rightminded Southern Cameroonians? Is that a man worthy to serve UB or any other academic institution in such a high profile position?

We have suffered from the hands of these colonial agents for soo long. They are just there to legitimise the very evil practices of the CPDM junta managing la Republique. I laugh each and every time i see any rightmined person "HOPING" that any good news or actions can come from such corrupt group of bandits. Lambi was just one of their own and he has just been recicled for another criminal call Titanji.

I still pray for the soul's of those of our brothers that were killed as a result of the strike to RIP. I call on every rightminded Southern Cameroonian to pray for the almighty God to do something and overthrow all these corrupt bunch of idiots and occultist. They are forcing all of us to die through different means. We only cry and shout when they shoot some of our brothers publicly. We fail to recognise others that have been slained indirectly by these colonial agents. Does Lambi and Fame Ndongo Care about the trauma these families and friends will go through as a result of these killings that might lead to their death? Do criminals who siphoned money that would have developed our entire social system cares about the number of people who die due to a lack of proper medical or sanitation care? Do these colonial bandits care about the number of youths suffering and dying as a result of their self-imposed evil of unemployment, hunger, starvation, etc. The fight here is between the rich and and poor. We the poor should work hard to eliminate all these colonial bandits whose sole focus is to render our lives useless.


Ma Mary,

UB graduates can testify that this man is also a Professor Pussy. The most famous case was when he masterminded the issuing of a first class degree to an unqualified Chemistry students who was his girlfriend at the time. Ma Mary, there is no ethics in Academic institutions in La Republique and the Southern Cameroons. Teachers exchange sex for marks even with 13 year old or less at secondary schools and even at some primary schools. Our society is sick and some of us are really traumatised with what we know.

Ma Mary, additionally, La Republique's colonial agents do more horrible things than you can imagine. I grew up in and around agents of this regime and know what they are capable of doing. This Camerounese regime is a blood thirsty and evil one and no good thing can ever come out of any of their own. In fact, what i will always advise you is, "FEAR THEM".

Ma Mary, in Europe, we have a significant former members of that criminal regime who have escaped and seek political asylum and became reformed christians. If you speak to some of them, they will testify on issues that you cannot believe. The killings, the poisoning, etc. because of money, money, money, power, power, power in unbelievable in La Republique. All these are happening with the conspiracy of henchmen of the regime. They, the regime members have pirates in the sea (to terrorise businessmen and seize their goods and money and kill them esspecially Nigerians), pirates in the land to organise armed robbery, theft, feymania, etc, pirates in the air, etc. They are all criminals and Ma Mary, if you want to know more, ask those of the inner world and if they are honest to you, they will tell you what you will never believe. Ma Mary, i dont hate this regime, but they are really demonic and nobody, i mean nobody can challenge me here with words. Except the person does not want to accept the truth. What you can only ask me is "ou sont les preuves"?


Ma Mary,

Dont mind even those handclappers in their parliament in the name of SDF parliamentarians. They are seemingly thesame, power, power, power, money, money, money is all they care about.


A land leasing convention was signed last Tuesday in Yaounde.

The government of France through its ambassador in Cameroon, Georges
Serre and Cameroon's Minister of State Property and Land Tenure,
Louis Marie Abogo Nkono, on Tuesday, December 12, in Yaounde signed
a convention, renewing a long lease of 16 parcels of land from the
government of Cameroon to France.

The land convention which has duration of 25 years renewable will go
effective from January 1, 2007. It concerns all land property rented
(14 parcels of land in Yaounde and two parcels of land in Douala) by
the French government in Cameroon. The Tuesday convention signing
came after two decrees recently signed by the Prime Minister, Head
of Government, authorising the renewal of a long lease of 16 parcels
of land to the French government.

The objective of the convention is to consolidate and secure the
temporal rights of France to their investments on these parcels of
land. The convention also aims at securing annual land rents to be
paid by the French government to Cameroon. The annual land rent to
be paid by France is evaluated at over CFA 30 million. The leasing
convention was signed within the framework of a protocol agreement
signed between France and Cameroon on December 9, 1985. It is based
on this protocol that the long lease of land was signed which renews
an early lease of land convention between France and Cameroon which
is suppose to expire by the end of this year.

During the ceremony, Minister Louis Marie Abogo Nkono said it was a
special land convention for a special friend. While highlighting
some land management problems in Cameroon which necessitated the
creation of the ministry, the Minister solicited the assistance of
French Embassy in realising the master plan of all towns in
Cameroon. The Minister of State Property and Land Tenure said
although implementing the master plan of various towns in Cameroon
is expensive, it is important because no major development can be
realised in any town without a master plan. On his part, Ambassador
Georges Serre agreed to support the government of Cameroon in
realising this master plan within the Document on a Framework of
Partnership between France and Cameroon.

According to the contract if the beneficiary does not renew the
convention after the 25 years period, investments carried out on the
concerned parcels of land will automatically revert to the State of

Muki StoneHall

What has your land leasing convention got to do with matters under this column? Have you suddenly become very interested in matters in la republique? Have you started eating your own soya?
Cameroon is Cameroon.And Cameroonians will always be Cameroonians!


No need to sterilize the blades....its just a simple brain surgery
"But Dr, those same knives were used yesterday, and should be contaminated by now"
"Hey! are you going to teach me my profession?"
"I am sorry Doctor"
" yes feel sorry for yourself...Is this patient your friend?"
"No Doctor"
"Your Neighbour?"
" I have never seen this face before, Doctor"
"Are you sure?..take a closer look"
"chei!! I now remember the face..that is pretty Mbamba...What happened to mbamba?"
"The unfolding events got her so excited,and she just collapsed..and lost conciousness..they rushed her here as an emergency case , and I diagnosed brain tumor"
"Weeeeeehhhh!!Mbamba..Na to Ndi wa Jita"
"this is no time to weep....shave her korobo before I come back...and please tell her to take some laxative before the surgery"
"laxative???? But why prescribe a laxative when you are going to operate but the head?"
" I am doing this for her own good...I learnt she swallowed the shrine before moving to the Capital..she must have about 10 wizards and witches in her entrails..and I wont operate if all those devils in her dont get expurgated..if I do she having lunch with her colleagues by tomorrow"
"Dr that is serious"
"Tell the CMO I wont receive any emergency cases today...this one you call Mbamba is enough trouble to last me a week"

" Ok Doctor, I shall give her enema since she cant even open her eyes"
" Do whatever you wish, but I must see prove of particles of that shrine in her shit before I proceed"
"ok Doctor..I will do verything so you can save her life"
" Dont worry, her life is not in danger..I must perform this operation because she is sick...many of them big'uns are sick..and only by curing them shall we save our souls...her brain trouble is a public menace..I will take it out like a jigger...just wait and see..."
" What about the knives????"
" Dont sterilize them!!!"
"can I proceed????"
"with what!?"
"The enema"
No! Give Mbamba Korobo first, and then the enema would follow after...dont forget to disintoxicate the environment...No replicas of Nyos from her bowels"


" This is the worst I have ever been through...20 hours for just one surgical intervention??"
" I dont know what to say Dr...Should we....??"
"No, no , we save lives and do not terminate it..."
" You still have a conscience Dr..I swear if Mbamba was standing over you now with that knife, she will pierce your heart through.."
"Tell me, did you really see snakes in that shit?"
"Why should I lie to you my Dr..?"
" I said HECATE!!! This woman is a witch!, but when I inform her people they will not believe me...
"But we should inform the press...because if she dies here..we shall get the blame"
"Ethics..Ethics...Ethics...Yes because of professional ethics I am not supposed to reveal information about my patients...and ...I respect the oath I took...BUT my conscience would not ALLOW me to send unbalanced minds into the public..they manage public offices and would cause public harm..again if I divulge the information, I wont be fair to myself...what a DILEMA!!!
"tell me ! what should I do?"
"Hmm!! doesnt the penitentiary keep records of former criminals? and dont they divulge these information to 3rd parties in case the criminal becomes a public threat?"
" Oh ! yeah ! they do! Now I know you have brains! I know what to do..."
" Should I call the press?"
"Should I disconnect her oxygene?"
"No ! just let me think!"
" Got it...Lets turn her into a vegetable..hahahahaha"
"A vegetable? how so?"
"Leave this to me..even a Dr has his own professional go out!"
"And remember....she is my patient, not your speciment.."
Ok Doctor, I shall come and see how humans can become vegetables..I might take some of it to my wife for lunch..
"Whatever.....vegetables are safer than these zombies with distorted minds who roam our streets avery day ..."
" Come Mbamba, I shall take you off the circulation without a tear for your family...


My condolences to the families that lost their children..may they take this loss with courage.And to the striking students, I must admit they have a just cause to strike about.
while I am not there to get eye witness accounts, I express my gratitude to you all for your daily postings which keep us informed of these events.
I will use the knife to dissect the speciment:

First, I must say Adieu to Herbert Endeley, Lord of the Buea University manor.That regreted death reduces by one the number of stubborn crooks that University has ever had.I still look forward to writing a Funeral Dirge for him..
Too bad, these present riots have downplayed the solemnity that would have characterized his inhumation..Well I trust the Paramount dad will order the morguers to keep his son in the ice until this riot cools off..A prince always deserves a decent burial you know..
Many of these Pioneer pillars died so suddenly in rapid succession as though their death would take them to a sacred grove far from their herebefore...But where did they all die? None died within the borders of Southern fate or design they all died across the Moungo...Evil Coincidence indeed!!! Dr.Nama, I doff my hat to you,Eyoh and Ebanja ...Endeley, the present Ozymandias of our time, may your allies look at your mighty works and despair...I ...even I look forward with Optimism to the day of my demise..I have no history for Ngoh to write about...But I trust Ngoh is now burning his midnight candles making adjustments to his latest edition of Camerron History...Endeley, you will have a nice place in his book, ..a good man, father, husband, patriot who gave his all for his beloved La Republique....
I know you are asking yourselves the same question the students ask themselves when they see their friends slain " who,s next on the death toll?"
Dont worry,time will certainly catch up with all of you, and when it finally does, it surely shant be fun...
AGBORTABI, pro-chancellor to UB ? what a mascarade!!! what good can come out of such a man? I am not a gentleman, so forget all about ethics, personalities and respect...We shall reciprocate the respect they duly deserve when they show enough proof that they merit it.For now his likes are as good as any criminal upon whom mob justice is done...
This man is mean and childish...sometimes you need but the brains of a class 4 pupil to get solutions to a problem he would consider herculean tasks..God shall punish all of you severely for the crimes you perpetuate against your own kindred...AGBORTABI, I deep this knife into your flesh, without local anaesthesia, I expect you to be quiet..DONT CRY!...just as you dont expect students to cry when they are treated as animals....Do you still remember, you anus of a pig, that you deceived your own Mamfe people into voting for your CPDM, bringing student convoys from yaounde to vote for maybe the 10th time? Teaching these students the art of "Democratie Avancee de La Republique Via Cheating" And you networked a scam that the Mamfe road was going to be tarred..You even brought Cartepillars and Graders and camped them at the Former Guinness depot at Mile one mamfe...Then as soon as the people fell for your scam..the Graders took off for Yaounde in the early hours of the morning...Your own peope woke up later to find out you had scammed them..You won a victory for "La Republique" and in recompense for your rotten acts,they named a CRIMINAL as Pro-chancellor to an institution which shoud be reputed for excellence of thought and values...Your are a disgrace..I wont cure you...take him away to Die from the sore in his brain...
INONI the french equivalent for " MOI-PAS-MOI"...Yes I had known that your name alone distances you from your very self, from your own people, from your roots, and from the well-being of your own people.."ME-NOT-ME" ....You read Alex Hailey's " ROOTS" but learnt NOTHING from a primitive but well mannered African boy called KUNTA KINTE..He refused to answer the name his slave Masters gave him..He stuck to his own name, and roots...But YOU I-NON-I you sold yourself for caesar's dirty silver and just like Judas you would pay the price...Did YOU issue that Communique under duress? or did you do that willingly? My guess is you did it willingly just to dissociate yourself from your roots..AZAMBAWAM......let the Bikutsi drums roll an eccentric beat for you to dance and show them you are not just part of them by word, but by deed as well..ESSAMBA ..ESSAMBA...ESSAMBA...
When I read your Communique to 9 year old jason, the 1st question he asked me was " daddy, is the University a police station?" When I told him that it was a place for higher education , he shot a second question :" then how is it "ANONY" is saying that students attacked the police station?" I couldnt suppress the laughter building up in me..Did you hear jason well? He called him ANONY..the short form for ANONY is persona non grata as far as 9 year old Jason is concerned.The point jason was making is that " how could the communique talk about students attacking a police station whereas it is the police who attacked students on Campus, killing and maiming them? Yaounde is too far from Buea and INONI certainly needs long range binoculars to get in every detail before appending his signature on what his cohorts fabricate , and which he is very willing to sign, just because he is called I-NON-I.....
The surgery session is not over yet...I still have some patients in the theatre...I shall be back for the kill....If you have patients who you think need emergency surgical attention , just send them in and I shall perform the surgery for you...No Charges ....


Ok Rexon,it's true "hope is not a strategy"(Hilary Clinton).So who do you propose as VC for the UB?Thanks

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