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Thursday, 07 December 2006


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Neba Funiba

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Yes it can be done. Violators of Human Rights can be prosecuted in the United States. Please, see the attached story from BBC and circulate it as much as possible. Please, compile the names of police commissioners and legion commanders and DOs/Governors involved in the killing of SC'nians and send overseas to various human rights organizations. Keep watchdogs at the airports to track down the international travel of these criminals and once one of them located overseas, prosecuted for crimes against humanity and thrown in jail, the rest will adjust. Amadou Ali is fund of traveling to Switzerland. That will be a good place to file a lawsuit against him so that when he shows up there, he is arrested and put on trial. Please, it can work. The killings at UB are more gruesome that what was done by Charles Taylor's son. We need action immediately. Strike the iron while it is hot.

Here Goes the Story From BBC:

Son of ex-Liberian leader charged
Story from BBC NEWS
Published: 12/07/06

The son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor has been charged in the US with committing torture. The indictment against Charles McArthur Emmanuel, known as Charles "Chuckie" Taylor is the first time a 12-year-old federal anti-torture law has been used. The US was able to charge him because he was born there. He is alleged to have committed the offence in Liberia while his father was in power. Charles Taylor is in The Hague awaiting trial for war crimes in Sierra Leone. He has been accused of backing rebels in the decade-long civil war in Liberia's neighbour. The former president went into exile in 2003 in a deal ending Liberia's civil war.


Chuckie Taylor had been arrested in late March in Miami and has pleaded guilty to passport fraud. He was in charge of presidential security when his father was in power in Liberia, and is accused of taking part in the torture of a victim in July 2002. "The allegations in this case include acts of torture, such as burning flesh with a hot iron, burning flesh with scalding water, and applying electric shocks," a US attorney said in the statement. The assistant secretary for immigration and customs enforcement said it was a "clear message the US would not be a safe haven for human rights violators".



Condemnation is good as the word itself but this stop short of sending a strong message to the regime that be. Southern Cameroonians in particular is fast becoming a lameduck lot in the face of a boastful and intimidating regime ready to kill with impuntity ,after all, nothing happens after that.

To beginwith, no police officer or gendarme is allowed to shoot except with orders from the commander in Chief in this case the governor or SDO. No such order was given when Yde or Dla Universities went on stike but each time Buea agitates blood flows.

Here again we read that two people were killed in Ndu Tea Crisis . Police officers were ordered to shoot at striking workers.Killing people demonstrating to show their grievances is a norm expecially in Southern Cameroon territory.

Yes, we have all condemned the strike but nothing has changed. The minister has stood firm on his surrogate list and created his own very commission of inquiry whose already known decision as stipulted in the PM communique will soon deliver its results that will end in the cupboards of Etoudi.

One year from now and the events will be forgotten, soul lost to bullets and culprits continue to enjoy their freedom. This is insanity!

Dear Cameroonians expecially those of the Southern Cameroon extraction, this is what I think and believe we do:

1)Create a commission that will come out with the full details of all these attrocities
2)Circulate the resulting draft to all Cameroonians of goodfaith to sign
3) Deposit such a draft at the International Criminal Court at the Hague
4) Send a copy to the powers that be that their continuos attrocities wont continue unabated.

Gentlemen , if we can't do anything to send a message to this regime to stop murdering our brothers and sisters , I bet you, next agitation might be bloodier than this. Eyeye Zenga Louis will still be SW Governor and the guy in Ntatum will still be there to order police to assasinate innocent people.

I believe all these internet activism is good but doesnt go an inch to deter the heartless and murderous politicians from committing attrocities. Remember, cowards can't do this, it takes courageos men and women.Action speaks louder than words.
Meanwhile I had waited to see this horrible event carried on BBC or even CNN to no avail. Where are all these talented Southern Cameroon budding journalist?

This is not a CATTU issue, or SDF issue or even SCNC issue but all Cameroonians at large.These young men are our brothers .
Who knows if the next person to be gunned down will be Ricardo's brother or Zandré's Uncle or Andre Fokam's sister or even Chief Mboe's subject? The time to act is now!

Tayong, waiting.


Good piece brother Tayong.
We have to begin by abandoning the idea of dividing Cameroon into banana republics.
I admire your courage to become a full flesh Patriot!
Let's fight for one Cameroon, indivisible under God and you have my support. I am sure CAADIM board members and members will stand behind this patriotic idea.
Let's defend the republican values of our Beloved Land.

May God bless you.



Unfortunately the "union" called La Republique du Cameroun (Republic of Cameroon) which is NOT a union in the first place as is enshrined in the appellation 'La Republique du Cameroun' which WAS and IS the name East Camroun (call it French Cameroon).

Let me give you the arithmetic of the whole issue.

SC + LRC = (gave) Federal Republic of Cameroon.
SC + LRC + (gave) United Republic of Cameroon.
SC + LRC = LRC ? ..... NEVER.

United Republic of Cameroon - SC = LRC

The arithmetic is this simple...
I know a bloc head like you will still not understand.

The Southern Cameroons freedom has taken off already.
It can never be stopped.
I will not be stopped.
It will arrive it's destination.
It's just a matter of time.

Long live Southern Cameroons

Amin Nkem Atabs.

Enough is really enough, this is the time to take action,students should jointly boycott classes till their colleagues are released, Lambi and his associates should also be fired or resign and let another administration take over.If this can't happen, then i believe we shouldn't just sit down and watch this continue, we should get up and start the fight.It took Ivory Coast and many other African countries just a click to get into war, and i strongly believe cameroon is driving towards this direction because we are clearly seeing injustice amongst fellow cameroons.We can't continue with this, it really has to stop, biya and his ignoramous cowards have to leave and let others take control of the country.

Muki StoneHall


All this shouting,the anger,the condemnations, the writings etc etc will not move S.Cameroonians an inch closer to freedom or even being treated as equals with those east of the Mungo.Many people have been shouting out their lungs and asking why the UN and the International Community has seemingly remain indifferent to what is unfolding in Cameroon.The truth is that the UN is,and will continue to remain silent because NOTHING is happening in Cameroon! You may say to hell with me but I don't care.What I'm saying is true.
Akwanga Ebenezar and others have said it several times that they have been advised by highly placed UN officials that S.Cameroonians need to do "something drastic" to attract UN attention to Cameroon.And what do my fellow brothers think this "something drastic" can be? Secretly burrying slain brothers and then shouting loud on the internet? Expressing anger on the computer keyboard? Blackmailing others and dining with the enemy? All these things make me laugh.
I have said it before that the only pen that S.Cameroonians need to sign their freedom is the AK-47.The only ink they need is their blood.The paper will be the streets of Bakassi, Kumba, Buea, Bamenda, Mamfe, Kumbo. Anything short of this is pure nonsense.
How do you expect that your oppressors who torment you and exploit you at will,who know that you are a coward and have told you straight in the face,will willingly and peacefully grant you freedom.How do you expect the UN to come to Cameroon when there is no "activity" going on there? Just take a look at the other places where the UN has intervened and you'll agree with me that there's nothing going on in Cameroon.
S.Cameroonians need to send a very strong message to la republique that they need their freedom.This strong message can never be court cases or internet condemnations of killings.This message can only be to kill them when the kill you.Gun down the Governor or whoever is ordering the killings.Burn or bomb any symbol of colonisation in your territory.Terrorism is not a crime.It is just a powerful and handy weapon for the weak against the strong oppressor.
In the Nigeria oil-rich Delta region,indegenious youths take up arms and fight for their oil wealth.They kidnapp workers and demand better shares in the revenue.And they have been succeeding. In Cameroon,S.Cameroonians are afraid to go near SONARA to even seek for jobs beacause they consider it as not belonging to them.How do you expect the French to leave?
I wept two days ago when I learnt from reliable sources that an AK-47 in neighbouring Nigeria and Rwanda will cost a little less than 19.000CFA. What then is holding back S.Cameroonians? FEAR!!! They want to get freedom but are not willing to pay the price.Freedom comes at a very great price.If freedom were that cheap the word "oppression" would have ceased to exist.Freedom is expensive.Until S.Cameroonians consider the "other alternative" and are willing to pay the ultimate price, any other thing they are doing is just a hobby.



People have sent memo's and others to these gang of bandits several times. commision of inquiry have always been created to investigate issues and no one has ever been charged or arrested for the numerous killings of Southern Cameroonians. That provided evidences that, the killings are always ordered from above. So it is our responsibily as Southern Cameroonians to rethink our strategy. We have begged from La Republique for several decades and i dont think, we need to keep begging. Those who created UB did it with force. They left positions in public parastatals, and other offices in Yaounde, to risk their lives on the streets of Yaounde for UB and the GCE board to be created. I remeber at the time, all those parading the offices of Yaounde today for positions like Lambi, Ngolle, Eric Nchinje, Agbor Tabi, Meoto, Elame, Endeley, Njeuma, etc, were telling Southern Cameroonians that they are trouble makers.

We need to seriously rethink our strategy.


Adama kwikeh, Tayong, Rexon et al,
Adama, I as an arithmetician, I really appreciate such a logic.

I want to emphasise here that, haven stayed oversea ('Bush faller') like some of you in this forum and now back to my homeland SC('House Faller'), I want to let all of you to know that the ears of Southern Cameroonians SC back home are all closed. So we have to open their ears by synthesising them about our course and the progress made so far. Actually the fight for our freedom is gaining impetus and greater momentum abroad than here as Ive seen. Some(many)people either by fear or negligence dont want to hear or listen to me or some of us while we speak of our sufferings from La Rep. du Cameroun LRC.
I have been trying in many occassions with some outwardly telling me 'man weh no like dis we kontry, make ee find ee own go there'.

So my dear sis and bros, let's device a means to awaken our people back home and how far we have gone with the struggle.

I bet you many don't even know SC is classified as a country under non-representatation' by the UN.



Dear black brothers and sisters!

Cameroon is already an arena of blind peace, which is masked to the international community though it is gradually unfolding and confirming its barbaric acts of killing.
This second scenario of killing couple with the killing in the north west province goes once more to confirm the fact that there is an ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM! The solution to this ill is an immediate separation from the La republique.
This separation will not come by the mere use of words, violent actions actions are required, there need to be a revolution in Cameroon, this revolution my dear brothers will cost lives of innocent souls and guilty ones. If we are to use words to fight this or diplomatic measures then we still need a century.
I will quote cyprus, Congo -kinshasa, Ivory coast, Nigeria and presently central Africa Rep.
The USA of America had to impose violence so as to overcome Irak despite all the talk from the Uited Nations.
La republique has proven violent in several occasions and now it has decided to be killing elites of the SW and NW.
They have shown violence in several occasions and i believe to counter act this we also need Violence.
We should be thinking of developing a resistance free of Patriotic country from the thieves.....
There is no success without losses, and suffering, even God's people suffered the same faith (spiritually) to be free so we are not an exception, Let's face our Captors!!



I have always read very fine ideas from you. I am now rethinking my stategy as i have come to the conclusion that, our biggest enemy in this our struggle is from "SELL-OUTS" from the Southern Cameroons most of whose parents or relatives are serving La Republique. I was telling Tayong that our concern should be on understanding the kinds of social ethics that has been supressing moral rectitude.

We should recognise that giving the usual tactics in previous years from La Republique francaise du Cameroun, the scope of judgement of whatever a southern Cameroonian says to his brother is always higher. Such usual tactics and preachings of the Njeuma's, Achidi's, Musonge's, Lambi's, like Cam-No-Go, Bamenda Person, Sawa people, politics Na Njangi, Scratch my back i scratch your own, etc. have brought questionable loyalty to some tribes to different interest groups in La Republique du Cameroun.

While we preach different tactics, we should understand that our biggest challenge is to try to change the mindset of Southern Cameroonians using different leverage that can go a long way to create a realistic understanding of the current implications of believing in several frolics perpetrated and preached by La Republique's colonial agents. If not, even if we become victorious, we will have much internal problems to deal with.


Taylor and his son are surely all US citizens
,and the authority might just be right to arrest him.About our case,we are not like Zimbabwe,these democratic and beacon of freedom states are obsses with the so called exporting of Democracy.UN wouldn't utter a word until killings reach a certain degree. Imperial interest is "STABLE" and check's her interest before anything.(You know what stable means here right)?We have to take the lead to our own freedom,otherwise the corruption forte,CUR colonial tribal junta will not retreat if we do not answer in similar tone.Opposition,activist etc are mugwump.Students are going like lone wolf. Let talk be transcended by ACTION.Fresh Damoo have be spilled in NDU,and what come after.Our's is not like the Zimbabwe saga, it would have been world top news.I don't know where the office of International community can be found and who is the SG of this Organisation?The name to me is vague and invisible.The tribal behemoth of a colonial junta have bee caught fighting and kiling anti-corrupt UNI students for exposing their hypocrasy of fighting corruption.UB on the skid.We have to at the same time put this Alien CUR of Bastards under the skid too.Lambi tacitly colluding with corruption and likely a hock of a despicable scheme.A full fledged fealty now..Inoni a competent BOOTLICKER! More mayhem in the offing since our freedom is still always detained.A mighty SWORD OF DAMOCLES.The struggle continues.......

andre fokam

Cowards are FIGHTING on the INTERNET!
they never heard the sound of an AK47, they don't know how much it weight and how to manipulate it.
they want to send money to idiots back home so that they can fight for them.
They have been talking for years and never bought a gun for themselves to go home and start the fight. they all want to be Leaders of a revolution from their comfort in a peace of the whiteman country! shame on you.
they don't want to walk on the street of Buea like the courageous students, they want to watch the action on CNN or BBC! shame on you!
God is good for Cameroonians are very educated end not easily manipulated. they will never be like other African countries.
they will not listen to war mongers who give order from McDonald!
Cameroon have its problems, some people are perpetuatiing them, some people are fighting them,it is normal for people to have different tactics and solutions to change things, but be responsible for your the tactic you choose. if you want war, GO FIGHT IT! don't send anyone and stay back.
no one will go for you.

The patriots are making progress in their approach to our solution, the battle is long and exhausting but progress are encouraging. Although there are ups and downs, Cameroon is moving slowly toward a modern, progressive and democratic society.

Andre Fokam


Andre Fonkam,

We are waiting when you will honestly give your confession on how much Ondo Ndong and co have been giving you to present all these messages of lies in deceit in favour of the murderous CPDM.


Andre Fokam

We dont need bullets to fight this war. You are indirectly insinuating and reaffirming your regime's lies that students were armed with guns and matchets reasons why the murderous police opened fire on them. Sir, those are lies and fabrications.

Southern Cameroonians have got the provocation from your coutrymen up to their neck.If we wanted war we would've have gone in for war but peaceful as we are, you guys take us for fools and cowards. Thank you!

No fool is ever a fool when he knows that he is a fool! You want us to buy guns so that you massacre more innocent and armless people under the pretext of having uncovered guns.

Andre, spare us this provocation. What do you call war? For your information Cameroon is already at war unfortunately armed militia against armless people. Sir, again spare us the provocation and may God bless you as you do.


Benny T

To the likes of Ricardo,

I'm just curious (and puzzled), but why are you so dead set against former West Cameroon dissociating itself from former East Cameroon? If a people are not happy with a particular union and are agitating to leave, what exactly is your problem? To me you sound like the chauvinistic man who refuses to accept that his partner can possibly be unhappy and wants to leave, insisting she stays in a marriage just because "marriage is for ever". Who the hell are you to say? For years now, former West Cameroonians have been saying they have issues only to be told by arrogant former East Cameroonians: "There is no Anglophone problem whatsoever". How arrogant is that? If you truly believed in one country, you and others like you should have been out protesting about the obvious way that Anglophones have and always have been treated. Instead, you buried your head in the sand. Well, guess what? Your arrogance and ignorance is about to come back and bite you in the arse. And there's nothing anyone can do about it except those agitating for change. Live with it, man. Let it go.


At least the frowns at the faces of the students esspecially the guy with a black T-shirt proves that they understand that Ngoh and Co. were colonial agents that were merely sent to lie to them.

Liars and bandits cannot take rightminded Southern Cameroonians hostage.


Andre, excellent write ups.
There are 15 millions of "Andre" in Cameroon.That is our reality folks...
May God bless you!



Mr. Tayong,

Where were you? You waited when all the students are dead before coming up with such brilliant ideas.

By the way, when you talk of attrocities where and when were they committed? In the "French speaking" part or the "English speaking part"? Your idea's very good and welcome but when you start making it a national issue then I think you're VERY wrong there. All these attrocities have been committed on Southern Cameroons(call it whatever name you like) soil. They've killed workers of Tole and Ndu, they've killed, tortured and raped students of the university of Buea. Bringing in frogs into this matter will only help to weaken the str
uggle. I argue that it is a purely southern Cameroons issue as of now.

May I just retrospect your points again?

"1)Create a commission that will come out with the full details of all these attrocities
2)Circulate the resulting draft to all Cameroonians of goodfaith to sign
3) Deposit such a draft at the International Criminal Court at the Hague
4) Send a copy to the powers that be that their continuos attrocities wont continue unabated."

Now when all these is done, what next?

I think we should form a think factory that'll carry-out all the aforementioned points who've come up with ...AND brainstorm on ways to prevent such genocide in the future. And Mr. Tayong if you think hard... you'll realise that the summary of what we'll come out with shall center around the wanton injustice, human rights abuses, subjurgation and marginalisation of a particular people of the triangle. ...this'll inevitably lead us to the Southern Cameroons palavar which for me is a ticking time bomb ready to implode at the least slip - it is latent but potent enough to spark off an ethnic conflagration. And again, for me, What is delaying thne action is lack of canalised efforts to galvanise the bitter grievances of the people. And who knows??? your invitation may be a springboard of this effort.

Tayong you make me laugh cos it's just like inviting frogs to attend the All Anglophones Conference and asking them what you should do to stop them from whatever evil practices they're bent on doing. Only God knows why???

Ergo, I'll only have my signature to such a proposal should we make it an Anglophone palavar which may not...I re-iterate, may not necessarily be geard towards secession. It is in this light that I call on all Southern Cameroonians of Goodfaith to shun such an open invitation except the geography of such an invitation is limited to us.

I guess I'm handling the situation nicely.

The SON.


Only by force will this people do anything to us. Again, what i mean by force can be interpreted creatively and subjectively. La Republique has taught us how to be creative, and we must also use creative language in a bid to hide our tactics. I might mean war, i might mean civil disorbedience, i might mean sniper killings but i will not say what i mean by force here. Anybody can interpret it creatively. That is none of my business.


These BIG FROGS from CAADIM who hide under the cover of SCNC asylum papers should be careful not push us to the wall, else we'll call on the USA government to repartriate all of them. If you think La Republique's fine go back home and stop hiding on a foreign land.

What these frogs fail to understand's that anything that goes up must come down. You better not throw something up or prevent it from going up, cos once it's set on motion it'll return to earth. That is to say that anything that starts must end. We've started the struggle, I'm afraid it'll end...not far from now cos from the recent developments and from our perfect calculations...that time is NOW! The amargeddon's near. The liberation of the Southern Cameroons'll happen before ma very watch...that's why I'm very happy, sorry RICARDO the BIG TOAD.

The SON.

vally England


The killings are being upped by Anglophones.
Can you name some?

Vally England.


Akoson, Rexon and Co,

A nuclear bomb will exterminate all "francophones" in Cameroon.
How about that?
Have you tought of that option???
Then you could watch it on CNN or BBC sitting in the comfort of yourliving room in your apartment and enjoy it...
Such a shame africans will never learn. Look at Somalia, Ethiopia, Chad, RDC,Rwanda, Nigeria etc....
Shame on us!

Borther Tayong, keep on your moderate and realistic views in this forum.
May God bless you!




You and La Republique have already used a nuclear Bomb in Nyos. We know what to do and how to do it. We dont need your input as you can never wish Southern Cameroonians well. Your patriotism is limited to eliminating the Southern Cameroonians from the political, social and economic arena. We heard of the UB fraud, you said nothing to condemn it. How can we believe in you?

Ma Mary

We are not killing you mofos, Riccardo. YOU and your armed thugs are killing us and our children. We just want you to end the occupation/annexation. Rule your own country and leave ours to us. BTW, I hope you are enjoying your provocateur salary, courtesy of Mr. Ondo Ndong. If you have not been paid, better pursue him. Your country is so corrupt, it neglects Camerounese patriots such as yourself.


Ma Mary,

My Country is the Republic of Cameroon.
My Country is divided into 3 Regions:
1) NORD:
Provinces: Extreme-Nord and North
Capitale cities are: Maroua, Garoua and Ngaoundere.

Provinces: North-West, South West, West and Littoral
Capital Cities: Bamenda, Buea, Bafoussam and Douala.

Provinces: Centre, East, South
Capital cities: Yaounde, Bertou and Ebolowa.

It is a shame to promote tribalism, sectorial and regional hatry and violence on this forum.

"One Cameroon, One people"




If you are patriotic, tell us how much Ondo Ndong and Co have paid you to portray a positive image for your country: La Republique.

Ma Mary

In your dreams Mofo, in your dreams are we part of your latrine country.

"Hatry?" You must have been living in Texas too damn long. I guess you expect us to love you the way you mofos love your French masters. We do not hate you. We despise you. Sorry dear, we do not suffer from the Stockhold syndrome. We still have normal responses to oppression. Such frog effontry!


Riccardo, Mofo and Co.

Thanks for telling us you are patriotic by killing us in Buea and after you are not satisfied by killing us here, you now resort in killing our poor parents in CDC Ndu IN THE NAME OF ELIMINATING SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS.

Riccardo, Mofo remember how you and you LRC government injected our sisters (my sister being a victim)with HIV-AIDS virus in the various secondary schools in NW in the name of Vaccination in the mid 80s. that is ONE CAMEROON for you.

Remember the killings in Ndu, Nkambe, Abakwa, Bagdad(Kumbo),Tikrit(Kumba) etc in name of politics with a disguise of eliminating us.

Bravo to your patriotism Riccardo.

I now know means patritism is killing us and we keep quiet

Thanks alot.

We shall see


Mr Ricardo

You seem to be selecting some aspects of my messages that suits your whims and caprices.You got it wrong buddy! I dont think we resonate on the same wavelength here!

Listen Ricardo, these are the people I deal with: Honest and sincere people. Just as Benny T told you above , if you were really sincere and bent on seeing a United Cameroons you'd been the first person to protest against any ill that drives the two entities apart.

Many sincere Cameroonians from you own side of the Cameroons have done so. Many a time, have I quoted to you the likes of Ndam Njoya ,Prof Kwi , Maurice Njambe etc who have all called on the govt to respect the 1959 speech of Ahidjo who vowed at the UN that quote.." no decision will be imposed on our brothers of Southern Cameroon by shear weight of Numbers...." .

Today national consultation ,dialogue and reconciliation is far fetched, anarchy and impunity reigns and you support the status quo. The first solution to a problem is recognizing it , accepting it, before ever pondering on the ways of resolving it, without this Im afraid gentleman, the two Cameroons wont stay together period.

So Ricardo if you love the Unity The Cameroons, not Biya's La Republique du Cameroon,join the protest against assimilation of one of the Cameroons by the other. God bless you as you do.


Ma Mary

Tired of false, lieing, evil frogs?

Support one of the groups fighting for the independence of the Southern Cameroons.

BennyT says it best. This is matchless language and gentle to boot.

To the likes of Ricardo,

I'm just curious (and puzzled), but why are you so dead set against former West Cameroon dissociating itself from former East Cameroon? If a people are not happy with a particular union and are agitating to leave, what exactly is your problem? To me you sound like the chauvinistic man who refuses to accept that his partner can possibly be unhappy and wants to leave, insisting she stays in a marriage just because "marriage is for ever". Who the hell are you to say? For years now, former West Cameroonians have been saying they have issues only to be told by arrogant former East Cameroonians: "There is no Anglophone problem whatsoever". How arrogant is that? If you truly believed in one country, you and others like you should have been out protesting about the obvious way that Anglophones have and always have been treated. Instead, you buried your head in the sand. Well, guess what? Your arrogance and ignorance is about to come back and bite you in the arse. And there's nothing anyone can do about it except those agitating for change. Live with it, man. Let it go.

It will go over the head of Riccardo and his ilk. Partners ignoring the signs so described are inviting tragedky.


Hi brother Tayong, Rexon and others.

Please you better stop wasting your time explaining things to someone who knows the truth but pretends because he is on la Republic pay role.
This so called Ricardo and his CAADIM gang members are selfish and wicked. He said he was made the board president for the so called CAADIM group. Do we need to ask him who made him and why?
Let no one deceive us please. This moron is just making his money by defending the interest and the atrocities of his masters. He spends his time move from one place to another around Europe. Do we need to ask him where he gets the money to be idling around and writing rubbish everyday on this forum?
You guys got it all from Ondong Dong. This guy Ricardo is earning a lot from Biya's bloody government and you don't expect him to say anything against his masters or for Southern Cameroonians.
Please my brothers forget about this guy who might just be the child of one of those monsters who keep on killing, maiming, raping and you name it, our brothers and sisters of the Southern Cameroon.
I thought we learned from the likes of Mukete who always said he was a patriotic Cameroonian but today, he is tongue tide despite the killings and continuous havoc caused by Biya and criminals to innocent citizens of Southern Cameroon.
Please Mr. Ricardo, get your salary from your CAADIM masters in peace and keep on writing the trash you have been posting here. Remember that anything that goes up must one day come day. The day of reckoning is not far. You, and your selfish, greedy and blood thirsty friends and masters will one day be called to answer questions on the atrocities you have been causing against Southern Cameroonians.
Selfish, greedy and lying monsters passing around for patriots. Shame


We must keep the fight. I am presently in Southern Cameroons. It is terrible. Everywhere is dust. How things have changed back here?


Hi Fon,

How can i get in touch with you privately?


Mr Fon
Hope you are doing great back home. Mr Fon know that much is expected from you back home.Hope you've got in contact with Nkellefac , if not please do.

Have a nice stay back home and do have a look at what remains of a nation.You talked of dust , what about the rubbish dumps, the dilapidated roads, etc etc?

Hope you do something to at least alleviate the situation in your village or where you are in your own little way.

Have a nice stay home.


Much more noise in the air.

I have been reading the Postonline for long and some times I find few individuals who really have a point to share. On the other hand I have also come to realize that the greater number of people who write here do so because they want to be known or gain some other interest. They have called themselves Freedom fighters and SCNC activist etc. They sit in front of their computers and advocate for a change. What change? Much more noise in the air

As they want to divide Cameroon so too will another person divide the so called Southern Cameroons. Because the idea of SCs (Southern Cameroon) has very big bottle necks that will never make it come into realization.
The South Westerner has never been a strong advocate of the SCs, and the few who did, show interest did so because of selfish interest. The SW man has openly opted for a ONE CAMEROON with FEDERATED states. So I truly think that who so ever is propagating the idea of a divided Cameroon should take a good analysis of the situation before speaking.

I have read from one person that the SCNC is dead in Cameroon, I do not know how far it is true, but its an indication that people do not spend time thinking about that’ and that’s how it is. At times I do wonder if these people who call themselves freedom fighters are not of the same anatomy as the many people who have benefited from the name of SCNC and today do not speak about the SCNC.

I also wonder how a small number of people will sit in front of the computer and call themselves liberators. I know who the leaders of the SCNC are and I know that they are always elected not self proclaimed.

Cameroon is one and what Cameroonians need is a good system to take care of the entire nation. Because the idea of a divided Cameroon is an illusion that will never be fulfilled. If you ask an average SW he will say no to the fact of being a minority in an other nation and then this will be the same dividing factor that the SCNC is hoping to use.


Thesame old rhetoric. This time, someone pretending to be a Southwestener, as if those who write here are not Southwesteners. I was born and raised in Buea of South West and North West Parents. By definition,i am a SouthWestener. So you talk about asking Southwesteners this or that, have no grounds. It is thesame old story by agents under the payroll of La Republique. Agbormbai, Mukete fon Lawrence preached it here. They have gone into hiding as everybody understood where they belong. Very soon, the name Papytex will be a foregone conclusion in this forum.

Students have been slained because some selfish people want to put the names of 26 of their own in a list. Yet, someone cannot condemn it in even one single sentence. Yet, he preaches about NW/SW.


Mr Papytex

The topic under discussion is "Arrest, torture of Students still on". If you didn't know and want to know ,four students have been assasinated so far, six others lost their lives while fleeing the strike in a terrible motor accident.

Demonstratively good enough yours wasn't among reason for which you prefer to leave the substance and chase the shadow under an hypothetical NW/SW division.

Mr man, dont forget that the desease the attacks cocoa may be the same desease that attacks coffee. You turn a blind eye over the demises of others today and prefer to feet fat on mischief, good luck!



Tayong and Co

When you people write comments here you go left and right and talk about SCNC and this or that. If students are shut then we talk about that and condemn it. Not that when there is some topic SCNC and La Republique occupy lines upon lines of write ups. The SCNC has no base and cannot be used to slove any problem in Cameroon instead it is aimed at taking another group of people as a minority , which will never work. Students are killed but the system will continue, that is the very essence on which we classify the government as a bad one. So what do you expect from a Bad System. Is the SCNC the solution????????. Is it there that the selfish attitude of Cameroonians will not be exhibited?. We need a better system in Cameroon and like I said the idea of what so ever is just an illution that can be persued but never attained. We need peace, good drinking water,food, good health facilities and the chance of getting a job or self-employed. So I think it is time people face the reality and stop talking about things that exist in the air with no real foundation.


Mr Rexon

From your comments it is clear that any body who becomes objective or does not support your idea is belonging to the Government. Well it may be and it may not, but if the Government even manages to pay some people then we can say that they also have their good side. I have seen that you have no tolerance as you cannot cope with people with differing ideas, is that what it should be? Your ideas of the SCNC are out of topic and might be they are taylored for personal gains as it has been shown by others. Let this place be a place where people will make their ideas and feelings heard, not that you want to make it a place where you will be counting how many people have left. By the way don't you know people have other personal things to think about , I might write becuase I feel I like to do so not because I want to remain here so that people see me that I am this or that. People who really matter will be heard only few times not every time that you are classified as a noise maker.


Mr Papytex
Im afraid the world of today might not accomodate perssimists of your likes. Hear you..We need peace, good drinking water,food, good health facilities and the chance of getting a job or self-employed....

Keep on dreaming for the day you will get water, hope you dont get "watered" instead.Keep dreaming of the day you'll get good health, hope you get a "good hurt" before being offered good health.Keep dreaming of the day you'll get a good job ,hope you dont get a good "jerk" before the good job

Dream and dream well. Paul Biya will soon offer you these golden opportunites on a silver plate. And when you get them please remember my younger brother in Saint Francis Kumba , at least we've been friends at Postnewsline.
Thanks in advance.
Your good old frined ,Tayong


I might be dreaming and I might not, but what I want to ask you are we here to separate Cameroon? How will the SCNC provide the solution. There is pain and misery in Cameroon but is it the SCNC that will deliver, and for every Cameroonian or just for the SW and NW. Cameroon is one and that was how it has been even before the coming of the colonial masters.I support any struggle, be it by force or by peace for the whole country not for a few individuals who think they can make one group pf people a minority that will result to more problems in the future, why not advocate for a Federated state where people have the rights to vote their administrators??????????Many people will leave this Forum because of individuals who think the ideas of others do not hold. When you are left here you and Rexon how will that help you, The government is not only killing students , hunger is also killing Cameroons much more than the bullets


Mr Papytex

No body is asking for your head in this forum but I wish you had a good grasp of issues .We would've talked more but conspicuously you dont. Who is dividing Cameroon? La Republique or Southern Cameroon?

Have you ever herad of the AAC ? If you have, what were their resolutions? Do you know what's supposed to hold a country of "binational" status like Cameroon together?

Anyway ,you've got the right to your opinions but unfortunately lack facts to sustain them. Anyway keep the wrambling roling maybe one day you'll find your way(no insults).



Papytex, I cannot prove it, but i have a feeling you are Mukete (alias original mukete, alias Fon Lawrence). If you are not, my apologies. In which case you might want to know that you are the latest in a long line of pathetic amoral apologists of La Republique du Cameroun to pop up here and tell Southern Cameroonians to be content with their lot and to create a NW/SW divide. These pathetic souls have always failed, and you will fail too.

We know we deserve better that what we have at the moment. We will not rest until we get what we deserve. It is an abstract concept that has nothing to do with food or water or health facilities. It has got to do with having your own country, which we as Southern Cameroonians do not have. If you read history, you might understand the feeling. But then again, amoral apologists of a criminal state like you find history an inconvenience because it exposes your lies.

You will fail because you are against truth, the truth of history. You will fail because you are defending the amoral. You are defending the amorality of a corrupt, bloodthirsty regime with no mandate from the people they are holding hostage with the help of bullets from France. You will fail because what the likes of you don't realise is that Southern Cameroon is already free from the clutches of La Republique du Cameroun. You have our physical bodies, but you do not have our soul. But because the likes of you cannot think in the abstract you keep fooling yourselves that you have power over us. You do not, because we despise you, and you are irrelvant. You do not count in our lives, because you have nothing to offer us. We hold you in contempt because you people have no morality, no conscience and no future. We certainly don't see a shared future with you.

Your country, La Republique du Cameroun, is a cesspit of corrupt amoral beings that we have mentally disengaged from. We do not care what you do there because we know a place like that has no future. The house of cards that is La Republique du Cameroun is going to come tumbling down sooner or later under its own weight. We will then walk away from it quietly while you guys fight against each other, like you always have. Southern Cameroonians do not need to take up arms against your country, because your country will not be there for too long. Your country will fall apart not because we take up AK47s against you, but because your country is based on a lie. A big fat lie that after almost 40 years you are hoping we have forgotten about that lie. We haven't forgotten, and sooner or later that lie will come to haunt you. A lie can only last so long. It did not last forever in the USSR and the Balkans. It will not last foerever in La Republique du Cameroun. Do read history and follow world events, you might learn something.


Well come Papytex to the debate! Do not underestimate the power of ideas and this medium is about checking the validity of ideas. Man makes progress by using indisputable facts. Spins are short-lived.

You talk of the SWP as if it is an island. The present day southwest (like the NWP similarly), is an Ahidjo creation in the run up to 20 May 1972. Otherwise, we are talking of the State of West Cameroon that resulted from a UN sanctioned plebiscite in 1961 leading to the “Federal Republic of Cameroon”.

We rightly question events of 20 May 1972 as French inspired and aimed at eliminating the regional stratus of West Cameroon to give Elf (the French government owned) oil company access to petroleum offshore Ndian.

Secondly, the 1961 Constitution was not meant to be changed without independent approvals by the Houses of Assemblies in Buea and Yaoundé. Ahidjo avoided the constitutional process and instead faked a revolution in which he extended his dictatorial powers across the Mungo at the expense of democracy.

Then came along Paul Biya with a slogan of “national integration” which in practice was a stratagem to administratively, culturally and otherwise francophonize the NW and SW Provinces through decrees. Anglophone nationalist caught up with him at Mount Mary Maternity in Buea – the SCNC was born.

There are substantive issues at play which will live beyond the present regime. The cultural bonds between the present day NW and SW provinces are indisputable. This region shares many common grievances against Yaounde.


I do not think you have the right to tell me if i should be an SCNC. The SCNC is an illution, and you are the one dream in hopes for a Euthopian state. I am not writing because I want to stay here for ever like some of you. I write because I feel I have the rights to my ideas and you have the right for your ideas. The difference will lie on the objectiveness of what we say. Once again the SCNC is an illution, better a popular revolution than dreaming in the SCNC. This site is not created for the SCNC atleast I have not seen that. And its not every body who must be an SCNC, try to check statistics. YOu can be one might be because of perosnal gains but Cameroon will be changed by people of good faith who can see the wrong and the right not by individuals who are so one sided like you and the rest .


Kumba boy , sure you have a point, but before the UN did what ever Cameroon was one even before 1917. So what is all this noise.
Also times have changed and people now reason differently. news ideas and concepts came up and now every body tries to fit into one idea or the other. The SCNC being one of these ideas or concepts should not be a must, people must ask themselves if they do really want to be part? Like I know some people from the SW will claim to buy the idea of the SCNC but the majority say no. Will you force these people in being a minority in another state? The funniest thing common with some of you is that, once somebody does not buy the idea of the SCNC, that person is a memeber of la Republique, why? it shows the there is no objectivity in your ranks and you might even be worse that PaulBiya


Someone wrote:

"I write because I feel I have the rights to my ideas and you have the right for your ideas"

And you have a right to your ideas and prescribed other peoples ideas as:

"Much more noise in the air"

In a debate, you are criticised and accept to be criticised. That is what freedom of speech is all about. Nobody take no offense to it.

A vast majority of writers here are concerned about the unethical and immoral conduct of the Biya regime vis, UB shooting, Delmonte Slavery, Tole, Ndu, etc theft of our resources by corrupt henchmen of the regime, etc. We are seemingly focused on the derugulation and unethical complaince perpetrated by henchmen of the regime. We have experiences where individuals here employ creative judgement and words to subjectively support the evils of Mr Biya's corrupt gov't.That we criticise and expose the evils in that persons mind. It is part of the debate. As part of our critique of other people's ideas and lifestyles, we investigate and recognise those who are on Mr Biya's payroll, expose them here, etc. That is part of the debate and nobody is against anyone's ideas here.

You additionally wrote:

"The government is not only killing students , hunger is also killing Cameroons much more than the bullets"

We seemingly see a relationship between bullets and hunger. Hunger is a product of the corrupt governments institutional poverty on our people. Did'nt you hear where Ondo Ndong testified that he took a huge chunk of our money to bribe foreign journalist to write good things about the government? Why did'nt he used this money to feed thesame people that he could not use bullets to kill? What is the moral authority to give money to foreign journalist in a bid to influence them to write good things about a government that is seemingly bad.

Sometime before, you wrote that they world is not all about telling people that others are bad. We are not here to tell people that some people are bad but the people say that they are bad themselves. They know they are bad and pay others to lie to people who dont know them. That is why we are against such unscrupulous actions. If they were doing the right thing, we would not have interested in them. You seemingly think others are bad and that is also why you are telling the world that they are just preaching bad things about others, dont you?

Nobody is forcing anyone to become an SCNC. You can be a CPDM and remain one. That is nobody's business but we are concerned about is in defending our own interest.


Papytex, there is more to Southern Cameroon than the SCNC. I am not a member of the SCNC, but I am still a believer of a Southern Cameroon state. Can you get your head around that concept at all?

Nowhere in my last contribution do i mention SCNC. Get over your paranoia, man! What is it anyway with your obsession about the SCNC? It is only one of several organisations fighting for us to have our own country, and free ourselves from you lot.

Meanwhile, you are absolutely entitled to your ideas. More importantly, you are absolutely entitled to keep those ideas private. However, do not cry foul when you attract contempt after deciding to go public on this forum with your ideas.


No body has ever said that Cameroon is a good place it is very clear that the system has failed in most of its sectors and I know the pain that Cameroonians are passing through. But when some body tries to put forward another idea other than that or the SCNC some people just step up and Call them CPDM or members of the regime, we do not operate on guess work here. Listen to the ideas of others. popular Revulotions seems to work these days and it can also be an option. How does this work? people coordinate and call for a general up rising, this can send the government in Yaounde parking. This is just an idea it can be accepted or rejected. But I see the idea of the SCNC and having to real agender and many people do not understand what it stands for. And based on the dividing factors that we all know exist it will be very difficult for the SCNC to work


Papytex writes "Kumba boy, sure you have a point, but before the UN did what ever Cameroon was one even before 1917. So what is all this noise”.

Kamerun before 1918 included parts of what is now Chad, Central Africa Republic, Gabon and Congo! Take a look at any German map of the period. The experiences between 1918 to 1960 were a watershed and the people forged certain identities that have become their defining features.

The UN recognized this fact and mandated the re-unification process in 1961 to be consultative and negotiable between the parties. It was not taken for granted on the presumption of a Germanic Kamerun.

In French Cameroons, France redrew the map, ceding parts of the erstwhile German colony to neighbouring states.

The root cause of the “noise” lies in the lawlessness of leaders of LRC and their service as proxies to further the cultural-expansionist aims of France at the detriment of the People of Southern Cameroons who on the mainstream aspire for a parliamentary democracy and to develop cultural ties with the rest of the free world.



You have very good ideas, they are fine. For example, your idea about popular revolutions can be an option. You can discuss that with people who are seemingly focused on that line of thinking. Some of us might still stick to our SCNC or a kind of, that is our own option. We take no offense to your point of view.

To be candid, if you go for the popular uprising, i will offer you my support. Some of you think that everybody who writes here is seemingly interested in being known. That is not true. I dont want to be known among political circles. I am not a politician, neither am i interested in living in Cameroon, but i do have concern about what is hapenning there, like i also have in Kenya, Zambia, etc and have been involved in different projects there. Our overwhelming interest is on defending the rights of several groups of people. That is why some SCNC people here like myself do comment on several issues relating to corruption even in La Republique. I dont want to be manipulated, even by words, actions, etc. That is my own way of life and i hope you dont take offense to it.

You can still believe in your anti-graffi, Cam-No-go or Bamenda feeling as some put it. That is your own way of looking at things and i also have a moral responsibility to tell you that you are wrong. While i have always recognised the fact that the conduct of some of our north West Parents in the South West esspecially when Niba Ngu was in CDC was not good, i do not see any justification for La Republiques colonial agents in fanning bigotary feeling in and around the Southern Cameroons using such tribal problems. Moreso, they are customarily doing it using a hate undertone.

All this talk about Cam-No-Go, Graffi people, etc was institutionalised by colonial agents to hide the truth. The truth here relates to the seemingly exploitation and colonisation of the Southern Cameroons. It helps them more when guys like you say all these kind of things. Because, then they understand we cannot unite to fight them. That is the truth. Anyway, dont think anybody from the SCNC is begging for anyone's sympathy, we are here to preach the truth and nothing but the truth.

From my personal experience emanating from my tribal heritage, i understand there are some differences between the NW/SW but i dont see that problem bigger than the colonisation of the Southern Cameroons. When we shall have our independence, we shall have a way of dealing with such differences.

You seemingly wrote somewhere that others are preaching war. Dont you think there is war already in La Republique. Who have told you that the families whose children were slained for fighting against corruption are happy? Who have told you that Southern Cameroonians who saw their brothers slained, in a bid to force seemingly unqualified candidates (from La Republique and two from affluent backgrounds in the Southern Cameroons) at UB medical school will be happy? Who have told you that Bakweri lands claim commitee members and even CPDM pundits who knows the truth, that Tole tea was stolen and handed over to Biya's friend (Baba Danpullo) in a scam called privatisation are happy with the current status quo?

There are several issues going on in La Republique and the Southern Cameroons. While we write here, those who know the truth can only say some of the things you have told this forum. They can only continue fanning their seemingly divide and rule agenda in a bid to continue their exploitation of our land. You would have been lying to yourself if you argue that things are going on fine in La Republique. You have no other option than to accept that your government is only a group of bandits that deserve no praise whatsoever.



Just to add more clarifications and make this gentleman Papytex know that Southern Cameroon nationalism didn't start with the SCNC,

Ngum Jua deputy to Foncha considered that Southern Cameroons should first sever its links with Nigeria and become an independent state before opening negotiations for Reunification on a federal basis. Consequently vowed to make Integration and Secession the sole issues in the plebiscite. Thus, when Foncha was pressured at the UN in September 1959 to compromise his position by agreeing to substitute Reunification for Secession in the plebiscite, Jua and his closest collaborators seriously considered replacing Foncha as Leader of the KNDP.

There were symtoms of a more general unease. The UN's decision to exclude Secession from the plebiscite was, for the most part, badly received in Southern Cameroons where it flew in the face of popular expectations. The majority of petitioners condemned the restriction of the plebiscite propositions to Integration and Reunification and demanded a third option that would provide for a separate Southern Cameroons State, preferably with the Commonwealth membership.

Some of them threatened to sabotage the plebiscite if Secession was not made part of it or if it was not cancelled in favour of a separate Southern Cameroons State. These protests, pleas and threats struck no responsive chord at the UN, and the clamour against the plebiscite options subsequently became more vocal and widespread

Southern Cameroon nationalism didnt start with SCNC but with from the very onset of political agitations for either Unification with La Republique , Mr Papytex,get the facts and stand for the truth .


Ma Mary

SCNC was mandated by the All Anglophone Conferences. It is not a random creation of activists. La republique might use fear and intimidation and tribalism to cause people to lose hope, but the mandate remains and will be carried out until the Southern Cameroons Nation is free. Inform yourself sometime about the signature referendum. Playtex, you are mistaken.

Ma Mary

My apologies not playtex, but Papytex.



I am very surprised to your claims of a German map of Cameroon. Before even the coming of the Germans there was a country called Cameroon, no matter how you spell it and that is the Cameroon that I am talking about at the moment. Stop beating left and right trying to claim basic knowlegde


if you say SCNC was mandated by AAC, where is the AAC. Some of you come here to claiming to have read, I realy wonder. Surely you are over-read that you have become confused. Cameroon needs no SCNC. That has been made very clear by the masses on the streets and especially the SW person. So why try to force a people into a being a minority in another formation.??????????????



Stop exposing your ignorance of basic African history in this forum.

It is known by all those who studied the history of German colonialism in Africa that the German Kamerun extended to almost the whole of central African Republic which was by then German Kameruns, the Northern parts of Nigeria (currently Adamawa and another state whose name i cant remember), Parts of Southern Chad, Northern Gabon and Western Republic of Congo. Most of these territories were ceded to these neighbouring states by different treaties and political arrangements. For example, the Germans who owned private plantations (Called elders and fife)in what is present day hosting the police college in Mutengene had their estates in places as far as the CAR which was at the time part of German Kamerun.


Additionally, if you want to claim land or Uniformity on the basis of this German Kamerun, then you have to claim all these lands and put it into one. Not only La Republique and Southern Cameroons.


It is true, Cameroon needs no SCNC but the Southern Cameroons needs our SCNC. We are not here to discuss Cam-No-Go as nobody is a Cam-No-Go in the Southern Cameroons.


Tayong and Rexon

Rexon, like you said you have the right to your ideas same as I do. Fair. The crimes of the present government do not span only in the NW or the SW. They are all over the nation. The people of the East are crying every day, even the people of the Center are lamenting. Public funds are diverted not only by the Francophones but also by the anglophones.

The most important point is that Cameroon will never go back to any system of formation in the past. That stage has passed and like time, you cannot rewind it. The old days are gone with their mistakes, today Cameroonians are very educated and know what is good for them and what is not good. A new setting may attract interest from the general public like 10 state federation. Not taking people into the pass, there I say the SCNC has no reality and no matter the mistakes of the pass, time has evolved, and we have new challenges ahead.

There is nothing like Anti graffi, you are instead propagating this concept. The people of the NW have the same right to live as do those of the SW but not in any political Union, if that is the case the SW person will be a minority , which is not what I dream about

I respect your indepth of the History of Cameroon. Good for you, you have taken more time to read it. All you have written is time in the pass, and we are very very far away from that, what I want you to realise is that we cannot go back to the pass.
If the SCNC was claiming the rigts if existence for a minority such as a small group of individuals with same cultural ID then they might have a point, but not claiming the rights of two groups of culturally different people. no its not possible.

Time has changed we also need to change not going back to the pass.


I do not preach any idea of Cam no go or what you call it. I have never said I hate the people of the NW, but what I say is that the SW man will find it very difficult living in a minority in another formation. And this is very logical, because I said this you call me anti Graffi, here is where the point of mentality of many people who seem to have become share holders on this site lies. Please we want a change not a change that will make some people to seek further ways of leaving the Union


Paytex, you have a very simple mind, which of course is not a crime. However, the simplicity of your thinking makes you fail to appreciate the fact that the forces driving the need of an independent Southern Cameroon state are bigger and stronger than you will ever appreciate. They are bigger and stronger than even your masters in Yaounde can cope with.

You might choose to ignore history. You might choose to ignore what goes on in the rest of the world. You will not, however, have a choice in the inevitability of a Southern Cameroon state. The reason it will happen is exactly because of the simplicity of your thought and those of your ilk, apologists of the murderous Yaounde junta.

Because of your jaundiced view of reality, and the gross incompetence of your masters in Yaounde to manage a unitary state, you cannot even see it coming. Your fantasy that somehow Southern Cameroonians are the only people in the world who enjoy being colonised, and being second class citizens, will be shown to be the farce it is.

Not you, or your paymasters in La Republique du Cameroun can stop a Southern Cameroon state coming into existence. You had your chance to be honourable in your dealings with us, you choose to ignore it. There is no going back, we want out! There isn't anything simpletons like you can do to stop that, divide or no divide between the NW and SW.

Ndi O

Ur opinion counts. However, even u decide to harden ur hearts, freedom will come like a thief in the night.

I tried to get ur e mail to no avail. A friend needs some directives and i hope u will be in a better to help me. How can i get to u by mail?



After examining critically you , paytex I agree with Dadiceman , you are Mukete alias Fon lawrence. I have taken time to digest your line of thinking and examine the origin of your emails. Mr man , a zebra cannot change the spot on its skin.

Your NW/ SW divide is doomed to fail woefully. Guys, this is Mukete! Mr man prove me wrong and I will give you IT exhibit A's


Papytex alias Mukete fon Lawrence,

Papytex, anything that happens becomes history or the past when it is known, as it is known minutes after it has happened. So whatever you do in life is in the past.

Who have told u that we are talking here about the past, we are talking about the present and the future. You are really under the payroll of La Republique. I remember their agents here like Agbormbai always like to preach thesame rhetoric. That the governments past was bleak and the future looks bright. But the next day, we will hear horrible stories. We use the past as a yardstick to evaluate how the future will look like.


Ndi O.,

If u send me ur email, i will contact u.



Who is a South West man?

What is the relationship (socio-cultural wise) between a Bakweri man and a bangwa man or a bayangi man?

Are you the spokesperson here for SWELA or a kind of South West people?


Papytex, maybe to you, a future as part of La Republique du Cameroun is paradise. To us it is a pair of dice. A pair of rusty, dirty, unstable dice, which will come tumbling down sooner or later.


Papytex, maybe to you, a future as part of La Republique du Cameroun is paradise. To us it is a pair of dice. A pair of rusty, dirty, unstable dice, which will come tumbling down sooner or later.

Muki StoneHall

Mukete,welcome back

I read just one of your write-ups above under the name "papytex" and didnot have to read a second one inorder to agree with Tayong that you are indeed Mukete.Too bad and unfortunate for you.
You tried in vain to discredit Fru Ndi and bring about his downfall.You soon got caught up and choked in your own lies and evil intentions.Having failed whorefully in that direction you now want to direct your attention towards the SCNC and S.Cameroonians in general.Do you think it is in this direction that you will succeed? Changing your name makes no difference.An evil doer is identified by his deeds and not by name.So no matter the name you adopt,you will still be sorted out.Never underestimate the power of the consience.Your old names are now haunting you.When your consience will start to prick you,your very existence will start haunting you and you'll commit suicide.


Papytex=Mukete=fon lawrence=palaverman.

Mr man ,you fall victim to this IT all the time. hahahaha.

Welcome back and blame IT database not me.hahaha.


Why do you guys spend tym on Mukete?

Hey Papytex(Mukete) or whatever you call yourself, re-read the thrash you write which carry no substance and compare with those of the others - the difference is stack naked. You write without facts. Read Kumbaboy again...or GO BACK TO SCHOOL before coming here, man. This place is for hard thinkers and not a bunch of idiots who center their future on "hope" without due hardwork...not a bunch of idiots who are "illetrates" to the History of their own "country".

Gentleman, we don't beat about the bush here. The point is CLEAR...the union between the two Cameroons was based on falsehood, and as if that's not enough, what we get from the marriage is provocation, marginalisation, subjurgation, wanton abuse, genocide, rape of both our natural resources and our women. My friend, the two destinies of the two countries are just so imcompartible that it CAN'T just work.

GO BACK TO SKUL and learn how to think well.

The SON.


CAADIM Frog, the daydreamer, we wouldn't go to La Republique's soil to fight them. We'll push them out of our territories very soon. They're invaders and hungry frogs who don't have a soil to cultivate good food. It's one of the poorest nations in Africa...the more reason why thery keep forcefully bogging to stay. Sorry Mr. man it's all over between us!

Vally Of England, Where've you been. So you've mostered the courage to come back, huh...after the defeat and demise of your god! You sure are regretting the money he FOOLED you to "invest". Look Vally, the list of all those Rexon talks of is so long that the postnewsline chat forum cannot accomodate. Provide us plenty of space we'll name them. You may be one of them! All those anglophones who've been directly or indirectly connected to the killings and massacre of our brothers and sisters will be brought to book in no distant future from now. Have some of them: Muna(and his supporters including yourself), Ngoh, Lmabi, Njeuma the witch, Mafany, Inoni, Achidi, Agbor Tabi, Oben you agree now that this lil space cannot contain all the names???...and I believe that Rexon wouldn't waste his time to enumerate them cos they KNOW themselves!

The Patient SON!


Thanks Akoson, I never wanted to waste my time to answer Vally as he rightly knows who they are. Vally would have been lying to hilself if he does not think that the guys that he was supporting here:Muna and Asonganyi were paid agents of La Republique.

Maybe, they did not employ him to work for them but they did employed the Mukete's, Agbormbai's, etc to defend their evil intentions here. Mukete was working from Canada with his prophet Agbormbai working from the UK.


...Some news from Buea

News reaching our office says the minister has finally admitted 84 students into the medicine school. Meanwhile the stalemate persists between the student Union and the Administration with the former vowing to continue with school boycott .....

What a stalemate and a defiant fraudulent administration bent on seeing their own next of kins into the medics school by hook or by crook!

Affaire à suivre

Ndi O





Everything have its end. Everything that goes up must come down.

No matter how our people suffers, this regime is bound to regret one day. They are the most evil bunch of idiots that have ever existed in this entire universe.

We must deal with them and their conspirators one day.


Papytex is just as obstreperous as his masters who prepares his mind on what to write here shelving his conscience for some ducats?Papytex,just as Kumbaboy rightly said,if you cling on your cliche of ONE Kamerun/Cameroun etc,you must go and bring back CHAD,CAR,CONGO BRA,GABON.They were all part of your One Kamerun etc.You believe in your own lies.Papytex, there is NO,REPEAT,NO STATUE OF LIMITATION to correct fraud,boondoggle, and evil scheme that you now call mistake,especially done prepensely,by your band of coxcombs,CUR, and a behemoth of a colonial junta seating in Yaunde, sozzling in french wine and champagne.It is difficult to seperate papytex's opinion and the coxcomb Junta's act of terror and motification of UN trust territory of the southern Cameroons. Papytex,you are picking a fight with a people who are not economical in exposing the truth.Beware!

It is fathomable that Imperial iterest is stable alonside the killing of students in Buea.SONARA not yet detained by Liberation Force.You know!When oil pumping will be obstructed by the wielding force of Liberation,you will begin to hear phone calls from imperial offices,UN,asking who is your leader? we have a piece deal package for you....etc,etc.At the moment,imperial Neo-liberal theft is STABLE.You understand Papytex?The cur colonial junta has sleepless nights.Papytex is expressing that here.SC seeks to restore justice,while the colonial junta presses on for retribution through papytex.Papytex know's he is not here to stay while SC and restorationist are to.Since the greatest weapon against Mistake like that mentioned by papytex is reason,will papytex squeeze time from his campaign of lies to read and challenge THE NEW SOCIAL ORDER specifically,paragraph by paragraph?Our's is a just cause Papytex,back by History,Law and Facts,Treaty. Papytex,seat up.Then read on......

The New Social Order, By Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka, March 5, 1985
—Revelation 21:5

Solicitors, Advocats
P.O. Box 4045
Bamenda, Cameroon
Tel: 36-13-73
Of Lincoln’s Inn London
Solicitor & Advocate
Ex-President, Council of the Bar of Cameroon
Ex-Batonnier du Barreau du Cameroun
DATE: 20/3/1985
H.E. Comrade P. Biya
Bamenda Congress

Your Excellency
Find enclosed an address which I had thought could be delivered at the Congress, and which could transform the Congress into a forum for the reconstruction of our own institutions, those of Ahidjo having been peacefully swept away by God in his mysterious way. I would suggest you read Exodus 7:3-5, 9:16-17 and also 1 Samuel 18: 10, John 12:40-42 and see how he whom God wants to destroy is first possessed by an evil spirit sent by God to blind him or make him engage in self protectionist arrogance.
So brother, beware how you dismiss this. I am willing to discuss with you or any of the commissions on this matter.
God be with you.
Yours Respectfully,
Fongum Gorji-Dinka.

Our country, like many other African countries, is in reality a confederation of interdependent ethnic, religious and cultural communities. National integration of these communities is therefore a national objective, which is the duty of each and every individual or section of the component communities.
For sometime now, there have been activities, which have put the entire concept of integration in jeopardy. Individuals, groups, and even the government are guilty of bringing us to the brink of total disintegration.
You will remember, in August 1961, the Republic of Cameroun entered into negotiations with Southern Cameroons for a union of the two states. This was in the ancient Kingdom City of Foumban. The Republic of Cameroun delegation was led by Ahmadou Ahidjo, and the Southern Cameroons by John Ngu Foncha. The two states arrived at complete accord, which became known as the Foumban Accord. Every detail of that Accord was so important that the entire Accord took the form of, and became the constitution of the Union. This became known as the Foumban Constitution.

Under the constitution, the two states submerged their respective identities and became federated states of the union. The republic of Cameroon submerged its identity and became East Cameroon. Similarly, Southern Cameroons submerged its identity and became West Cameroon.

The constitution shared power:
(a) Territorially, i.e., between the states and the center
(b) Institutionally i.e. between the executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature
(c) Personality-wise i.e. the Executive power was shared by the President and the State Prime Ministers; while legislative power was shared by State Deputies and Federal Deputies.
In this way the guarantee of security for the individual were institutionalized. Article 47 of that Foumban Constitution set out the procedure for modifying or revising the constitution. It stipulated that in order for any modification or revision to be valid it must have been introduced into the Union Legislature, (which was known as the Federal National Assembly) for debate, and must have been approved by a special majority. That special majority was defined as that in which a majority of the Federal Deputies from West Cameroon joined in voting approval, along with a majority of the Federal Deputies from East Cameroon. Consequently, if five of the ten Deputies then representing West Cameroon at that time, voted against any proposed amendment, that was enough to block the amendment.
So after the so-called Referendum of 20th May 1972, the entire country was waiting for the text of Ahidjo’s proposed constitution to go before the Federal National Assembly for debate in conformity with Article 47 of the Constitution. But to the surprise of every one Ahidjo refused to obey our constitution. He feared that his proposed constitution would be rejected by the Federal National Assembly. So Ahidjo decided to stage a coup d’etat upon Cameroon.
He issued the notorious proclamation DF72-270 of 2/672 by which he:
(a) Abrogated the Foumban Accord
(b) Abolished the Foumban Constitution, and
(c) Imposed upon us his own constitution which eh had secretly and unilaterally drawn up.
Then, with that constitution, which became known as the Constitution of the United Republic of Cameroon, alais Ahidjo Constitution, he assumed powers o rule by ordinances as a dictator for one year. During this period, he demolished all the institutions of the Federation, that is to say:
(a) The legislature and the government of East Cameroon
(b) The legislature, the government and the House of Chiefs of West Cameroon
(c) The legislature and the government of the federation of Cameroon.

He then installed his so-called United Republic of Cameroon and the system of government by which Cameroun, its people and resources became forfeited to whoever becomes Head of State. He also set up institutions and men to operate that system. And that is the system which we have today and which is now disintegrating our people.

Instead of government by dialogue, we have government by terror. Instead of legislation by debate, we have legislation by ambush. Instead of law and order by persuasion we have law and order by banditry and piracy. He Ahidjo himself has since been referring to it as “Peaceful Revolution.”

A revolution of Coup d’etat, whether it be violent or peaceful, has only one result. It sets aside the constitutional government and installs a junta in its place. And a junta is defined as a government whose authority to govern, is derived from force or the threat of force. Thus from 2nd June 1972, our country passed from the era of constitutional government to that of a junta. Today’s government, today’s institutions, today’s system and today’s style of leadership were installed by a junta. And that is the junta system we must destroy otherwise it will destroy us.

That Ahidjo Constitution plus the machinery of the peculiar style of one party system, which we operate effectively, put in the hands of the President of Cameroun:
(a) All the powers exercised by the State;
(b) All the powers exercised by the center,
(c) All the powers of the legislatures of the region, and
(d) All the powers of the Federal legislature.

Elections of any type have become a mere ritual. In fact, it is the president who appoints people as councilors in Municipalities, appoints their chairman, appoints members of Parliament, and appoints the Speaker. And he can dismiss anyone just as easily as Musa Yaya was dismissed.

As for life itself, the system offers no security. Under the system, one could only have guarantee of personal security if he was a friend of the president or his tribesmen. And since no human being likes to live in a state of fear and insecurity, what this system has done is to make an open invitation to each ethnic group to fight to install its tribe’s man in power, so as to have guarantee of personal security.

The first answer to that invitation came on 6/4/1984. Human lives in numbers were lost and much misery and seething desire for revenge remains. Yet this is only the first answer to that revenge. And it is a child’s play, when compared with what will happen when the time bomb of this system explodes. And the clumsy arrogance and greed of the ethnic group now in power has already ignited the fuse leading to the bomb.

The daily exhortation of vigilance and the increased security tension mounting daily, only confirm the fact that every one, government or the governed, in uniform or not, in town or village, everyone now lives in daily expectation of that explosion.

That is he brink of disintegration to which the Ahidjo junta system has brought us and unless we change this system at once, we must expect a violent total disintegration, mass self-destruction. Is that what we want?

Then, why are we trying to prop up and sustain a system which we hate, and which God has liquidated, first by banishing the architects and then abolishing all its institutions?
The most disastrous consequence of the Ahidjo coup d’etat was that by abolishing the Foumban Constitution it ipso facto abrogated the Accord, which held the two states together in union. The abrogation of that accord effectively dissolved the Union. And the fact that the two states continue to camouflage as the so-called “United Republic of Cameroun” did not change the fact that the legal basis for the union had been brought to an end. From that day, the relationship between the two countries has no legal basis. It is like a marriage, which unknown to neighbors has been dissolved by the Court, but the man and the woman continue to live together under the same roof.

Now from the moment the Foumban Accord was abrogated, the junta has moved us from one illegality to another, from one constitutional act to another, and from one invalidity to another, until we have arrived at the point, where we now do not know any institutions that are legally valid, at all.

For on 21st July 1983, law No.83-11 of 21/7/83 was promulgated, amending the Ahidjo Constitution. It repealed article 12 of the Ahidjo Constitution by which the Deputies acquired their parliamentary mandate in May 1983. Elementary principles of law require that when a new law repeals an old one, but still wants to save something of the old one, then the new law should have stated that the parliamentary mandate of our Deputies who were elected under the old law, had been converted into a mandate under the new law. That would have saved their mandate from repeal.

But either by design or neglect, no such clause was included. Consequently the new law not only repealed the old law but also effectively put an end to the mandate of our present Deputies, which rested on the old law. So law No. 83-11 of 21/7/83 effectively dissolved the National Assembly of the United Republic of Cameroon, with effect from 21/7/83, the day of its promulgation.

We pointed this out to General Semengue, who advised us to submit a memorandum, which he promptly delivered to President Biya. The Memorandum pointed out to President Biya that Law 83-11 of 21/7/83 had effectively dissolved the National Assembly and that only new elections can give him valid parliament to work with!

Yet in November 1983 the same unmandated Deputies were convened to pass a law, which President Biya promptly promulgated, giving himself the right to organize the Presidential elections of 14/1/83. Then on 21/1/84, the same unmandated Deputies were convened to another session to enable Comrade Biya to take his second oath as President of United Republic of Cameroun. Then followed more and more amendments to the Ahidjo Constitution by that invalid assembly.

Of course, once Deputies have lost their mandate the National Assembly becomes invalid and all laws passed by that National Assembly are absolutely null and utterly void.

Now the final blow to the entire edifice of Ahidjo came on 4/2/84. On that day Comrade Biya promulgated law No.84-001 of 4/2/84 abolishing the United Republic of Cameroun whose President he was. Again either by design or by default the law failed to include a clause stating that the institutions of United Republic of Cameroun were to be retained as in situations of the newly revived Republic of Cameroun. So the law abolished all the institutions of the United Republic of Cameroun with it.

Since the revived Republic of Cameroun has not yet set up its own institutions, it has neither a government nor a legislature nor any other institution of administration. So Comrade Paul Biya is neither President of the United Republic of Cameroun, which has been abolished not of newly revived Republic of Cameroun.

So not only has God taken off the tyrant Ahidjo, but has also peacefully brought down all the institutions set up by him. We thank God for this excellent work for his people.
We now come to the sad end of the story. By reviving the old Republic of Cameroun, which the Foumban Accord had submerged in order to create a Federation with Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas, the Republic of Cameroun has irretrievably well seceded from the union. The frontiers of the Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas are also internationally well recognized.

So, unless a new Accord is concluded so as to create a basis for the union between the two States, any claim by the Republic of Cameroun to govern Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas, would simply mean annexation pure and simple. That is international law. The fact that persons of Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas are holding positions in the so-called government of the Republic of Cameroun only corresponds to the French system of colonialism, by which people of African colonies were appointed to the government and parliament in France.

So, those who may have developed this diabolic annexationist plan want Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas to be regarded and treated as a colony of the Republic of Cameroun.
Now let it be stated very clearly that no one in his correct senses will ever accept this annexation. Those who are behind this shameful plot will only succeed (in making us a colony) over our dead bodies. There is a limit to which any human being can go to accommodate insults, even from a brother. If the expression “Southern Cameroons” has exposed us to any annexationist ambitions, then we will henceforth call ourselves AMBAZONIA.
There are now two options before us in this respect. One of them is a violent option, and the other I peaceful. The violent option is that which persists that Southern Camerooninas-on-Ambas, alias Ambazonia has been annexed and so it should be governed as a colony of the Republic of Cameroun. Any one who may be contemplating such a violent option should take note that if they hope to use the present forces of law and order they are mistaken. First, our forces are tired and ashamed of being made to kill their own brothers. Secondly, by this very expose any sensible man ought to know that a split along lines of nationalities will paralyze the forces. No sane Anglophone will fire at his kith and kin for refusing to accept colonial status. On the contrary, they will fight annexation on hills, on housetops, in the villages, in the air, at sea and anywhere, until that shameful monster called annexation is destroyed.

Let who ever thinks of a violent option remember that he is inviting foreign intervention from mercenaries, from the notorious international gendarmes who usually supply arms to both sides, whose hands we see behind this shameful gambit. Finally, any hostilities here will certainly invite intervention from neighboring countries, such as Nigeria.

Nigeria’s tight program of economic recovery is of such vital national importance that the government of Nigeria will not sit idle and watch a meaningless annexationist war here flood Nigeria with thousands of Nigerian residents and English Speaking Cameroonian refugees—who together number more than two and a half million. So that is what the violent option implies. It there anyone here in favor of the violent option? If there is any such person, let him stand up and be counted. So the option now left is the peaceful one. The peaceful option admits the facts as they have been stated.
(a) That the Ahidjo system has been dissolved and abolished by its own laws.
(b) That there is no legally valid system of government now neither for the Republic of Cameroun, nor for Southern Cameroons on-Ambas alias Ambazonia, nor of the union of the two states.
(c) That our task now is to set up machinery for bringing about a new system of administration for our people.

The truth about life is that each and every one of us is a mere tool in the hands of God. As you ac see, we may think we are in full command of a situation. But indeed it is God who indeed is using us.

When Comrade Paul Biya and Ahidjo initiated the law L83-11 of 21/7/83, did they know that they were initiating the liquidation of the institutions of Ahidjo whom God had quietly overthrown? When Comrade Paul Biya initiated the Law L84-001 of 4/2/84 did he know that he was signing his own exit from power? That is the work of God.

Today we are answering the call, which as Comrade Paul Biya ably declared-“History has been inviting us since 6/11/82 to bring about a profound change in our national life style.” He specially invited the elite when he said: “The elite must become the architect of the profound change—and bring about a new social order.

God has heard the prayer of our people and has raised up the architects to build the new order.

We have here with us the pillars of reconstruction and we are laying them down in a foundation created by God.
“For except the Lord builds, they toil in vain who say they are building.”
We now have to fall back on natural law.

The people here present represent each and every part of the two states. As natural juristic persons they can make any arrangements and conclude any accord to keep the day-to-day administration functioning while the detail system of government I being worked out.

So this Assembly by natural law becomes what legal and constitutional lawyers would call a Constituent Assembly of the “Confederation of Two States.” By doing this we are assuming that we can agree on at least a confederal type of Union.

While those of West of the Mungo become the Constituent Assembly of Southern Camerons alias Ambazonia, those of the East of the Mungo River become the Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Cameroun.
Now pending the arrangement on the exact terms of the union between the two states we can at least agree on certain guide lines.
(a) Ethnic groups shall be carved into provinces and each province shall have a government and a legislature to deal with subjects to be assigned to provincial competence under the new constitution.
(b) The constitutional arrangements that operate in each of the States before the Foumban Accord was concluded, would be harmonized with necessary modifications, and would serve as interim constitution of each state.
(c) On the Confederal level i.e. the union of two states—we propose that the present administration continue as an interim set up, under the supreme authority of this joint constituent assembly. The authority of the assembly, for practical purposes will be vested in a Council of Reconstruction of the Confederation (CORECO), which will consist of nine persons from each side of the Mungo River.
(d) Three members of the forces of law and order will be added as advices to each delegation.
(1) To assume with effect from here and now all the executive powers and functions of the government, so that all Ministries and para-public bodies now operate under its authority and become answerable to the CORECO.
(2) To set up interim administration for each state in accordance with the interim constitution we have proposed.
(3) To gradually phase out the present system as the new systems comes into operation.
(4) To set up a body to work out a detailed system of government based on four steps:
The Municipal
The Provincial
The State
The Confederal
(5) To see to the installation of all these by electoral process that is reasonably democratic.
(6) To hand power over to the institutions and withdraw, within 6 months from now.
1. The Two States shall each be divided into Provincial Governments. The State of Republic of Cameroun shall have not less than Eight nor more than Thirteen Provinces. The State of Southern Cameroons alais AMBAZONIA shall have not less than Two and not more than Five Provinces.
2. The two States shall together form a Union. The details of this shall be the subject of negotiations and accords. Opportunity shall be made for the admission of any neighboring state to the union. Any modification necessary t preserve the identity of any such states seeking to join the Union shall be so made.
A Province shall have:
Legislative Council-LEGCO
Executive Council-EXCO

A State shall have:

The Confederation shall have:
(a) Congress-Legislature
(b) Confedium-Executive
The following subjects shall be within the competence of the Province:
Rural and Community Development
Co-operative and Mutuality
Agriculture and Animal Breeding
Vernacular & Nursery Education
Rural Health and Preventive Services.
And such other subjects as the state may find more suitable to devolve on the Province. The subjects under provincial competence shall not exclude the responsibility or intervention of the State for the purpose of harmony and efficiency of the services.

All matters which do not fall within the Exclusive Competence of the Confederation-Are within the competence of the State.

(a) Exclusive Competence
Nationality, Monetary System, weights and measures, Customs, Post and Telecommunications, Penitentiary Administration, External Defense and Security, Inter-State Services and Conflicts, Judicial Organization and Administration of Justice (except Customary Courts), Aviation, Confederal Civil Service, and Skeleton Legislation co-ordinatory and harmonizational in nature for guidance of State and Provincial authority.
(b) Concurrent with State Competence
Public liberties, State and Inter-State Defense and Security, Media, Information, Commerce, Industry, Banking, Insurance, Roads, Transport, Ports, Higher Education, Research, Public Accountability.
The following designations shall carry the meanings herewith attributed to them:

9. (a) The President-Head of State
(b) The Chancellor-Head of Government
(c) Minister-Minister of State in the Confederal Government
(d) Chancellor-President of the Congress.

(a) The Prior: Ceremonial Head representing the President
(b) The Prime Minister-Head of Government
(c) Secretary of State: Minister in the Service of the State Government.
(d) The Speaker: President of State Assembly.

(a) The Delegate General: Head of the Province representative of Head of State.
(b) The Commissioner-General: Head of the Provincial Government
(c) Commissioner-Minister in Provincial Government
(d) The Co-ordinator-The President of the Provincial Assembly.
There must be a question in your minds about what role Paul Biya is to play in the new social order. The answer is simple. The principles we have already adopted will decide a role for each of us. All of the two states and us are placed at the disposal of the Constituent Assembly of the Confederation whose Executive is the CORECO. CRECO will certainly find a fitting role for every one willing to serve. To be sure, either by discrete silence or by action, Paul Biya and each of us have played the role God has given us. So will each of us be given a role in the new order by God. We thank our Father God for His Mercy. It imposes on us mercy on each other and love for each other. So let us first constitute the Council for the reconstruction of the Confederation (CORECO).
Note: An Organigram containing the above stipulations on the structures of the Confederation was then attached to the New Social Order as its last page.


Mr. Tayong, thanks for the information.

This means that the 26 FROGS passed the interview!

The strike action wasn't organised properly. The students who passed the written part of the exams wouldn't have gone for the orals in the first place. That's where the weakness is coming from. All those students who particiated in the interview should be punished severely by the student union.

However, I provide my full support to all students who're on the streets. I enjoin all on this forum to help the students financially and morally to continue the strike action until the names of the 26 frogs who didn't even seat for the written part and have passed the interview, be scrabed off.

Tayong, don't be excited about posting the gist. What are you doing to help the students? That's what we should discuss here!

The SON.



I have printed and bind your article to read and butress my arguments here and in other places. I would be grateful if you can send more of such seemingly educative materials from time to time.


I will scrupple not to share as much at my disposal with fellow Comrades(Cde).We must reach our minds with the dinkum oil.Papytex should also be reading to improve on his seemingly colonial behavior,and remember,Papytex,NO ammount of Blitzkrieg will stop us.Click the link and read the truth further.

vally England

Rexon,Tayong,Akoson and the rest,
Let me start by saying i donot not used faked,soi fear nobody.The is for public utilisation and belongs to nobody but to the post mangement/owners.

Some of you guys attempted and some even block the internet dailing route that i used to post my contirbutions.I sought legal advise from the metropolitan police recommended counsel and evidence from expert trail has uncover some of you guys.
Those in the US, germany,Uk, and cameroon watch out,don't put your families and siblings in limbo.
If dictator Fru ndi, that i have been writing and calling to resign and who is working with Biya,has the guts,let him start legal action against my postings/contributions.As a public figure has he ever refuted all the allegations?
Remember Limbe was to stoned him,i am not in cameroon?
Remember the law in this part of the world is alive and working.Watch out.

The postnewsline should take all steps to protect their property from Morons.

Akoson,try to seperate southern cameroon from Fru ndi's sdf.
Vally England.

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