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Monday, 11 December 2006


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G. Akom

Thanks Prof. Asonganyi for making some of us know there was ever a document like this. I do not know how I can lay hands on this document. The fifth paragraph of Prof. Asonganyi's writeup (according to the report) summarizes what a university should be:

"[T]he University is a common human value…a promethean place…for creative ideas and for the appropriation of knowledge, a place where the adaptation of knowledge to new circumstances is carried out, a place where great debates and serious reflection on issues of our times…are planned and organised….

Is any of our universities having any of these qualities?


Blocking out our comments is censorship!We must continue animating debate here about the events of the day.

Ma Mary

Right. I have been unable to post comments last 24hrs. You think it is this typekey system? Anyway, I am Ok now, it seems. Its happened before.

Danny Boy

Such hogwash, piffle,codswallop,bunkum, horse manure,claptrap,....please state what you think of this document.

Ma Mary

What I think?

That it is a Sysiphean task to knock this kind of high sense into the Camerounese society. It will require total DNA transplant, figuratively speaking. They will grasp the philosophie, but the practicum will be eternally elusive. Ergo Prof is wasting his time.

That is my view. Happy, Danny boy?

Your choice of words is very colourful and archaic. I you a son of Ndiks?

Fritzane Kiki HK

It will continue so far as there continue to be injustices and examination frauds。The university campus and examinations should be free from favoritism and discrimination and political manoeuvres if not the UB students and its administrators will lack credibility and definately demoralising the Anglo-Saxon educational prestige and status。

Fritzane Kiki
Hong kong


Dear folks, it does take long but in the end a stammering child at last pronounces the father's name. Awaiting justice in Cameroon towards resolving students' crisis is long overdue. where there is a will there is a way!. Anglophones are never subject to corruption, but owing to greed and insatiety, those holding posts of resposibility have proven us otherwise.
imposing a list to be considered for medical training is an abuse to the profession and provocation from the gov't. must we sit and wait to see this continue?? Obviously no. there is no course in applying regional balance where knowledge and meritocracy must prevail. I propose here one solution and I am willing and will begin its implementation. If our children get killed by those in power in other to allow their children reap where they did not sow, then this must end. We have the list of those who were successful in the written part of the entrance exam and had to go for orals. We will compare the final list of those admitted to see if they match out. Any mismatch case would be traced and lynched by any means once they begin schooling and without prior notice. this way these tyrants would also lose children and then we shall see how this will not end. It is quite easy and investigations are underway. I am furious as I have been touched and would not let it go.

others like Endeley died at last. this is someone who compared himelf to God. he once said "university education is not meant for all and sundry". Likewise, living long on earth is not meant for all and the wicked. to take turns and learn from these are Dorothy njeuma, Agbor Tabi, julius ngoh, Fame Ndongo and you name the rest....
Please join me n the figh and we surely must conquer.
I will be back....


What a brilliant idea, Mbua.
I wish I was on the ground, like we would have been executing this perfect plan together.

As I said in a posting a week ago - below is repost:

We already have the facts at hand.

The exam was organized and supervised by the GCE Board.

The scripts were corrected using computer technology.

A little over 800 students sat for the exam.

60 students slots were available in the Medical Faculty.

The first FROG came in the 600th position on the written part of the entrance exam.

127 applicants all of Southern CamerOOnian extraction thus meritoriously were selected for the oral examination.

Fame Ndongo decided to add 26 FROGS who didn’t sit for the exam.

UB students rejected this outright corruption and Lambi (theVC) accepted.

Hell broke loose and 11 student lives were lost directly or indirectly.

Fame Ndongo didn’t know what to do and decided to be speaking via Lambi.
This is the reason why Lambi vomited rhetorically that the Minister’s list will be maintained.

Fame Ndongo not knowing what else to do, decides to increase the slots from 60 to 84 to accommodate the FROGS who never sat for the exam.


Drawing from the facts that we all know, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE shall there be any FROG on the list of students admitted into the UB Medical Faculty at least for this year.


If you notice any FROGS at lectures deliver them to the public to be stoned to death.
For they are the reason for their parents to be doing what they are doing to the detriment of the unfortunate you and I.


I have never know academics could sell themselves so cheap.


These colonial butchers better build an English Uni in Yaounde to advance their caste bulding ambitions and bring in dons from Britain,US,Canada and keep entrance exams away so their children could get an entry without exams obligations.These Blots in Africa not be allowed to make a nonsense of our Institutions of Higher Learning.Only actions will kibosh these sick insaned idiots.We must stop them.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Adama Kwikeh,
You made a point there.But what do you think can be done if the final list is out with Francophone students at the forefront.I strongly believe we have no choice than to watch as the Biya era come to pass while we await that manners from heaven to usher us some consoling glory.I have witnessed closely with upset and rapture the events leading to the killings and lock-ups in the UB of innocent students and citizens of the Buea vicinity following the strike action and yet no investigation or inquiry has been set-up by the government concerning the affair.

All of a sudden the government asked his journalists to report that the students attacked the police.It was really a controversial issue.But as events unfolds we realised there is little hope for peace in the U.B in so far as examination manoeuvres and fraud are atstake.The boiling grievance in the hearts of students is now record high and as time goes on we are going to witness more blood shed in the UB campus.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


North America


12th December 2006

Having considered the following facts and events:

The examination procedure for admissions into the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, at the University of Buea’s Faculty of Health Sciences;
The subsequent publication of the results of this examination at the University of Buea;
The amendment of the list of successful candidates by the Minister of Higher Education thereby interfering into the conduct of entrance examinations into the University;
The ensuing strike by students of the University of Buea as is their constitutional right led by the University of Buea Students’ Union;
The deployment of Para-military personnel in the area around the University for the maintenance of law and order;
The subsequent killing of unarmed University of Buea students, detention of the leaders of the University of Buea Students’ Union, use of live ammunition and excessive force on protesting students, beating of students of the university, harassment and rape of students by Para military forces purportedly deployed to maintain peace and security in the area;
Subsequent statements by the Minister or Higher Education, the Pro Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor and Registrar of the University of Buea respectively;
· And negotiations in an attempt to resolve this crisis;

As alumni of the University of Buea in the Diaspora, we hereby:

Strongly condemn the killing, molestation and intimidation of students by the forces of law and order; and call for murder charges to be filed against the officer(s) who shot the two students;

Condemn the interference with and subsequent amendment to the list of successful candidates of the examination;

Express our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to the bereaved families of the fallen students; and

Deplore the detention of students without access to their families, human rights organisations and lawyers respectively.

We further:

· Call for the withdrawal of Para-military forces in the university environ in an effort to ease tension, and fear of intimidation, harassment and harm;

· Urge the Secretariat of State for National Security to desist from a consistent practice of excessive use of force and extra-judicial killing of protesting students – this being the second such event at the University of Buea. We note that the practice of using live ammunition on protesting students is a practice that is targeted only on English speaking minority students in the English speaking sector of Cameroon, and have sufficient reason to believe that this is a discriminatory security policy by the Secretariat of State for National Security. We caution that such discriminatory treatment could provoke a sensitive political backlash from the English-speaking sector, and further threatens and undermines national unity. An inquiry into this issue is hereby called for. We suggest that this inquiry be led by a retired judge from the Common Law jurisdiction of Cameroon of high standing, with a mandate to publish such findings relating to the killing of students during this strike action. In this vein, we are still awaiting the findings of the commission of inquiry into the killing of students of the same University earlier last year. These publications, which we anxiously await, should clarify the position of the Secretariat of State for National Security;

· Appeal to the UB administration and the University of Buea Students Union to institute appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms that will serve as viable channels for engagement and conflict resolution;

· Recognize and reaffirm the independence of the Cameroon GCE Board as an appropriate institution for administering public examinations for entrance into the University’s Department of Medicine. The Board should, in collaboration with the university, ensure merit remains the singular criteria for entrance into the Department;

· Appeal to the University of Buea administration and academic staff to ensure that the University remains a beacon of Anglophone education where merit is recognized and rewarded;

· Urge the University to institute appropriate mechanisms to check the certificates of prospective students prior to their enrollment into the university, in order to ensure that the university continues to thrive on the values on which it was founded;

· Call for the resignation of the Minister of Higher Education, Pro-Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea whose actions directly led to and intensified the current crisis. The deceptive use of the so called “regional equilibrium policy” by the minister as justification for amending the list is a serious breach of trust. That this policy has not been applied to ENS, INJS, ENAM, CUSS, EMIA and IRIC, among other institutions of higher learning where more than 95% of those frequently admitted are Francophone students, and is being evoked now for UB, is evidence of a clearly orchestrated and sustained injustice against Anglophone students. During a crisis meeting with student leaders and the UB administration, the Pro-Chancellor further condoned the lack of transparency and accountability by stating that the list was none-negotiable and that the state owed no explanation to the public about the addition of 26 extra names to the original list signed by the Vice Chancellor. Transparency in governance and accountability by those in office are central values of any public institution.

As graduates and former students of the University of Buea , we take seriously our unspoken mandate to ensure that future generations experience the same level of security and academic excellence that we experienced at the University. We respectfully submit this statement as our position on the recent events that have transpired, and we look forward to much-needed additional dialogue on the issues we have raised.


On Behalf of UBAA USA On Behalf of UBAA Canada
Gwen Nkabyo Songwe Fidelis Folifac
Founding Board Member, UBAA USA Founding Chair, UBAA Canada
Administrator, National Association Research Fellow: Good Governance and
of Social Workers, Washington , DC Water Management, McGill University

Ursula Ndolo Embola Lilian Ndangam Fokwang, Ph.D.
Founding Board Member, UBAA USA Co-Founder, UBAA USA and
Development Director, WE ACT for UBAA Canada
Environmental Justice, New York , NY Media Consultant, Toronto , Canada .

Michael Joko, Esq.
Founding Secretary, UBAA Canada
LLB (Hons.) Buea, CLP (Law Soc. of South Africa ) LLM ( Natal )
Foreign Law Consultant, Ottawa , Canada .



After four hours of stormy debates yesterday
these are the highlights the protagonists came up with:

1. Students accepted the Minister`s list,but made it clear that this first batch of Medical Students are entering the University by stepping on their mates' blood.
2. Immunity was granted to all students involved in acts of violence of any nature.
3. The forces of disorder were immediately ordered off the campus.
4. UBSU is going to boast of an office within the campus.
5. Olympic Primes will henceforth be paid to students who take part in competitions organised by UB.
6. 50,000frs was maintained as fees for both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
7. There will be a reduction from 10,000 to 5000 frs fee for students whose fees come in late.
8. The University is to assume responsibility for the wounded students` medical bills.

NB/ Lambi lamented that he was sacrificed,and that he is fully aware that he is breathing is last air at UB.



Lambi, is now FORMER VC of UB. He has been replaced by Titanji. Since he didn't want to go honourably now he has been forced out through the back door.

'Fowl wey i no dey hear shiiii go hear mbam'

I pray he doesn't suffer a stroke from this shock, so that he stays alive to see what he actions bring back to him as his fruits, I pray he gets a full backet of harvest.



The things that happen these days leave us speachless.
Here am I , walking about like a ghost, waiting for my Theatre Assistant, Demagogue.
Did the korobo-headed UB VC out-wit him again? I wonder.

We need his brains to carry out this experiment; Mbamba's shit is now frozen in the fridge. Well that poses no problem..I shall put it in the centrifuge and give it the spinning it never had while in her entrails ......

What do I have here! Frogs and Anglos? why do they need surgery? Take them away, ! There is only one surgery I must peform..If I cant get it done within the week then any other case shall have to hang unto life or , die , if impatient to wait!!!!

Yes, its true, we have a regional imbalance ..Too much for one set and nothing for the other...It is in our brains, and it depends on where you hail from.We shall need to get brain cells from these anglos and transplant into those of the frogs..Ours is a noble profession and we wish to give EVERYBODY a fair chance , without exposing lives to unnecessary risks..I have received calls from many quarters to reverse the operation..they want me to get brain cells from frogs and transplant into the grey matter of these nutty anglos, and this has the potential of corrupting their grey software and keeping them academically inapt for the rest of their lives..their children shall of course get the inapt brain cells through DNA mutation and the anglos can as well say goodbye to the four walls of any institution of Higher Learning..But I am a Surgeon..I give my patients equal chances, atleast for the sake of our Fatherland...I WONT take their 35 pieces of silver ...let them keep their money and I shall give the Frogs what they want. I shall give it Free to them...They need some CULTURED ANGLO BRAIN CELLS (CABCs)injected into the right hemisphere of their brains...but we shall still have to determine if they be left or right handed. The only adverse effect of this intervention is that CABCs wire you up to become so study-prone, almost a book-worm..I know Frogs arent used to this rhythm...It is purely an English Thing..But since you MUST have this transplant to assure your regional balance via UB, then you dont really have a choice...

Yes, I shall do just that, and it might get me some FAME!!! FAME ?? NO! No! I dont want FAME, I just like doing my job..I know of one who got so much fame for his infamous acts that he was officially named FAME!!!NO! I dont want FAME...
NDO where are you?
Did I hear some one say NDO dong GO?

You are JACK of all trades
I recruited you for your FAME
Now That I need you , NDO,
Someone tells me

"My man of FAME ,
"My Jack of all Trades,
"My only NDO dong GO.....

Ma Mary

Katakata, you are a real nut! You would make Ako Ayah proud. Keep it on, young man (or woman)?

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