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Monday, 18 December 2006


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Ma Mary

Should traditional rulers be engaged in party politics at all? What are your thoughts on this?


...Ma Mary, yes and No. Yes cos they've also got the right to be citizens. The right to choose, nurse and support those who they think cud help bring meaningful development. They're not only traditional figures, you know but methinks their position also urges them to contribute to social change for the better. And you know fully well that Sociality and Politics belong to thesame specie and are compartible enough for intercourse.

...but are these thieves, sorry chiefs doing the right thing??? They do belly politics, otherwise society wud've by now positively benefiting from their romance with politics.

The Son's humble stance!

Ma Mary

Good points. It would be interesting to hear some more perspectives.


This leads us to the "NO" answer! They shouldn't kiss with politics as this helps to defy the thrown and the tradition. Feel me! But Ma Mary, know what they'll tell u that they've got da rights to be citizens. Don't be hasty to say that those who're not prepared to be PURELY traditional rulers should stay away from it...but I hear that the condition sine quo non follows a particular bloodline.

Again I'm blank concerning traditions. You know for those of us who come from da south west greet a chief by hugging, handshake, pat on the backs etc. We may even sit in thesame offlicence, drink, get drunk, make noise and walk home.

May the guys from the North West with a richer and more admirable traditional customs come on board and say a word?

The Son.

Tita Mofaw

Is OK for them to be engage in politics because there is actually no such thing as traditional rulers.I don't even know why we continue to call some these rogues traditional rulers.If any of them ever step on my way I will not hesitate to hit'em on the head.


We need to define the role of a traditional ruler in a modern society.


Tita Mofaw, hit them well!

Ma Mary

My opinion-

Traditional rulers should avoid partisan politics. If you research, those who really understand their role are already doing so now - avoiding partisan politics.


A. The TR should be a uniter and not a divider in his community.
Partisan politics is intrinsically divisive and could split a community. The TR should be above the fray, and the one to say fair is fair and ask the rivals to shake hands and move on for the peace of the community. When the TR openly takes one side and not the other, it divides the people and diminishes trust in traditional institutions.

B. Once a TR joins partisan politics, especially on the side of the government party, it is very easy to become a monster, such as the infamous Fon Doh. People like Fon Doh have no loyalty to their people.

C. TR becomes a government agent, and there is no need for that, because the government already has an appointed DO. The people lose an important voice and spiritual representative. They become voiceless and hollow.

D. The lynching of the Babanki Fon can be directly related to partisan politics. Partisan politics is destroying if it has not already completely destroyed traditional institutions. It is better if the partisan Chiefs abdicate and became honest politicians than to use their traditional office advantages to divisive ends.

E. TRs who are not faithful to their people are bad for government, because it could turn such people into a powder keg of resentment, because their real voice cannot be heard. In other words, it is bad for LRC itself to continue this policy of coopting TRs into government agents. This is good advice to a deaf and arrogant entity is wasted, but those who want to rebuild Southern Cameroons should be listening.


Partaking in politics, has been one of the major causes of the demise of the chieftaincy institution.

A real chief should be receptive to divergent views and not hang on to a particular political grouping. Postulating in parliamentary or mayorial elections is even more deceptive.

My fon or chief looses my respect the day he is defeated in an election by an ordinary civil servant or whosoever. He looses my respect if he frauds in the election and even from the moment he puts his candidature.

As we may know, it is the call of the belly that took and takes chiefs to politics. None wants to miss out on the spoils usually distributed to those who wear particular colors or write 'motions de soutien.'

Our society is sick, uniform people along the roads and in their stations, teachers practicing STM,DO's who study how to steal ballot boxes at ENAM,Customs who have for morethan 40years been the most corrupt professionals,traditional chiefs who have abandoned everything about tradition and fairness for their belly.
These group wait for election periods even morethan proclaimed politicians.

It's a waste of time even talking about people who have disappointed us so much.



M Nje

Traditional Rulers are humans like us. If there think they have a political idean that should be know then, they have a right to joint politics. But that should also open their post as traditional ruler for election. There should not have a life time job as a traditional ruler, which comes with a salary, and still want to have more. That is double standard. You cannot eat your cake and have it.

Ma Mary

Chief Elango - you cause me worry about your lack of reflection on what you are saying.

Lets break it down:

There is a a difference between a traditional ruler ande a chief, who could just be a titled person without responsibility to rule.

A traditional ruler is born, because he can only come from a specific lineage.

A traditional ruler is also made, because he has to be picked by some kind of king making process from a field of candidates of that restricted gene pool.

A traditional ruler active in partisan politics is exercising a conflict of interest.

Chief Valentine, we must be in deeper trouble than I thought if you are a specimen of a traditional ruler. You guys will either be scrapped or reformed in a new dispensation.



News from Cameroon says Ngwasiri apologises to Fru Ndi and his SDF party and withdraws case against the party.


...Tayong thanks for the gist. I'm equally writing to confirm this information from an unquestionably reliable SDF source.

He went to the metador's residence with his wife and a pastor. The Chair asked him to go to the press were he started.

More on this development as the news unfolds.

Where is Vally of England, the Mukete's, the BenFTeribobs? Where're they? When I was praying to my God for justice to be done, others threw jibes and insults at me. TRUTH has triumphed over evil. That's just the world. Muna will soon confess!

...Time'll tell!

The SON.

Tita Mofaw

Yes guys,
The other chairman...Ngwasiri has withdrawn his case against the SDF.This is what was mentioned in Cameroon Tribune.Until we get a full elaboration of this one cannot make much sense out of it.

Lets wait and see


Given that the traditional set-ups represent part of the break down of the nation's administrative units to which TR are heads and that they are supposed to exercise their civic rights as every other citizens, TR should be given a fair chance in politics. It is through this that these TR, conscious of the needs of their people will contribute to see that these are realised. However, i do believe what we all are against is this idea of open politics by these TR who do not only divide but sell their subjects and traditional values for selfish personal gains. I'll quickly mention the Fon of Mankon and that if it were to be done this way then i'd rather they didn't exist in the first place.


Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) P.O. Box 429,Bamenda
Southern Cameroons
Mr . Philip Alston
Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions


Urgent Intervention :Justice Delayed, is Justice Denied

On December 02, 2006 on behalf of the Southern Cameroonian people 1 addressed a petition to you calling for prompt intervention to halt the brutal killings and attrocities in the Univercity of Buea by the occupation forces of la Republique Cameroun that has annaxed and occupied the former UN Trust territory of British Southern Cameroons.

While these summary executions of unarmed students was taking place in the south, Fako County, another plot of bloody executions, merciless torture, traumatization of villagers leading to abandonment of homes and seeking refuge in the bushes was taking place in the north at the Ndu Tea Estate, Donga Mantung County of Southern Cameroons.

As a consequence of the free use of mortal bullets, Felix Njini andFai Ngah Njamnsi, lost their lives. Others suffering from bullet wounds and excessive torture were hospitalized in various hospitals and clinics including Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH), Kumbo. Among the victims of the bullets of state- sponsored terrorism is a Form three student of GHS, Tatum, named, Nformi, who was rushed to hospital.

Terror was let loose on Ndu Tea Estate workers who have been engaged in legitimate and peaceful strike demanding payment of their unpaid salaries, allowances, retrenchment and retirement benefits, among others.

The story of the Tea Estate of the Cameroon Development Corportation (CDC) is a sad saga of agony, reminiscent of the British Southern Cameroons.

It should be recalled that on March 30, 2005 on the platform of the IFPRERLM in an Oral Statement during the March/April 61st Session of the CHR, I made itclear that.
‘’The Cameroons Development Corporation, CDC, whose proceeds by the law of 1947, was to be
used for the development of Southern Cameroons, is in terrible decline and has been listed for pri-
vatisation. Already the Tea Estates ofNdu and Tole have been sold at give -away prize to a baron
of the CPDM ruling party. The consequences of this sale, both to the workers and their families,
have been devastating. Many have been laid off without due compensation and salaries have
arbitrarily been reduced.’’

The Oral Statement concluded; ‘’I hereby call on the Commission to take serious note of the plight of the former UN Trust territory of Southern Cameroons, now under the domination of la Republique du Cameroun, and their right to self determination, the ultimate guarantor of their social, economic and cultural development.’’

Mr. Specilal Rapporteur, Sir, you will agree with Southern Cameroonians and all lovers and defenders of freedom and the right to self-determination that the failure of the Human Rights Council and the UN system as a whole is responsible for the summary executions, rape, looting by gun- totting gendarmes in the Buea University and Ndu.

What has happened in Ndu in 2006 is a sad reminder of Black June 6, 1992, when on thepretext of tax-recovery in an open market, six lost their lives, many were maimed, with Ndu falling under military siege homes were deserted for refuge in bushes, traumatised pregnant women had miscarriages in the bushes and many children missed their promotional examinations. The grave damage, economically, socially culturally that the 1992 episode caused to the people and their psyche can never be repaired. Yet to add salt to a painful bleeding wound the Ndu Tea Estate blood bath has come on the unfortunate people again.

But what happened to those who conceived and out carried these summry executions and the mass sufferings? They were immediately promotedto higher ranks and transferred for having done a good job.

The soul searching question is, for how long most the Southern Cameroonian people, treated as a conquered people, wait on the UN System to guarantee their inalienable right to FREEDOM and SELF- DETERMINATION? Yes for how long must they wait in the grim of injustice?

Ndu town is panting under the yoke of brutal repression. But Alhaji Danpollo Baba, member of the CPDM Central Committee enjoying immunity and protection of the occupation forces, rides high. On the other hand, Buea University remains closed, campus occupied by troops and student leaders declared wanted. It is reported that Kajang Anderson Ebai, the SCNC Chairperson for Buea LGA, has been arrested and detained incommunicado for some detained students were found in possession of SCNC Membership cards.

We call on the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial and Summary Executions to investigate the brutal killings of unarmed students andcivilians and those found guilty should face justice at the International Criminal Court, ICC, The Hague. This requires prompt action to put an end to such wanton brutal killings.

We also call on the UNHRC under the Special Procedures Mechanism, to creat a Commission to investigate the flagrant violation of human and peoples’ rights in the former UN Trust territory of Southern Cameroons annexed and occupied by la Republique du Cameroun.

Finally, we strongly call on all human rights organisations, the international media, NGOs and all other defenders of human and peoples rights to join the Southern Cameroons National Council and the unfortunate people of Southern Cameroons, victims of imperfect decolonisation, annexation and brutal occupation, in pressurising the UN to rise to the challenge of history and prevent the immenent war of liberation la Republique du Cameroun is provocking in West Africa.

Done, in Genva, this December 16, 2006.


Nfor, Ngala Nfor
National Vice Chairman, and
Chair, Foreign Affairs Commission, SCNC
(In Geneva for the UNHRC)

High Commissioner of Human Rights,
UN Secretary General, H.E Kofi Annan
UN S.G Designate, H.E Ban Ki- Moon
President, ICJ, The Hague
Commonwealth Secretary General
AU Commission Chairman,H. E. Alpha Oumar Konare
UK Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Tony Blair
USA President George W. Bush
Nigeria, President O. Obasanjo
South Africa, President Thabo Mbeki
Ghana, President John Kufou
Republique du Cameroun, President Paul Biya
H.E. Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa
Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, South Africa
Secretary GeneralACHPR, Banjul
Marino Budaschin, General Secretary, UNPO, The Hague
Special Rapp. on the situation of HR in the Palestine Territory
Special Rapp. on Torture
Human Rights Organisation national and international
Press, national and international

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