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Monday, 22 January 2007


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if la republique studies history , they will know that these are the signs of violent revolutions.They shd open their eyes and do something b4 its too late. I'm not an advocate of war and i'll never be so they shdd start doing something b4 we all go downhill from here.I don't want cameroon to morph into the horrid images i see of darfur everyday. No! such a fate shd not befall on us.


government should deliver.they people have suffered for too long and now people are tired.cameroonians hate violence and are clever to know whats good for them but government should accept its wrongs and move forward in this post-HIPC completion point and amke cameroonians enjoy the fruits of their country and have better lives.let our government dont push the people to the wall for it would have detrimental consequences to the nation.i believe all knows that.peace and God bless cameroon.


We must all strive for a better Cameroon!

Together, we will all succeed but divided we will all fail!

May God bless a strong and united Republic of Cameroon...



No matter the political divide on which we stand,there's an irreversible fact:Cameroon is on the highway to civil strife.When a corpse is at an advanced stage of putrefaction,even God Himself can't stop the process of putrefaction.Only a Federal Cameroon with two states will give Cameroonians some hope.I live in a country that has a similar context like our ours.Cameroonians should stop living with the pseudo and demented idea that there's any hope in that so called "United"Cameroon.The political foundations of that country has to be shakened,so that those in power should wake up with a rude awakening and know that they aren't invisible as they imagine.Some of us are prepared for the worst.We are tired and fade up.We are prepared to defend anglophone souvereignty wth our blood when the bells start ringing.Qui vivra verra.

Nga Adolph.

M Nje

You are not alone. There are many of us who are already preparing our minds for the worse. Even if it means we do not survive the ultimate fight , our children should have a decent please to call home. La Republique Francaise Du Cameroon was built on falsehood. I can assure you that the present entity will not survive.

Many of our brothers have been convince to believe that life cannot be better for our motherland.
You know very well that is not the case. I hope they wake up from sleep and joint the struggle.


Mr Nje,
Reason tells me that the struggle will be long and bitter.I don't share the opinion of many who think that anglophone souvereignty will come on a platter of gold.Firstly,the present leaders are disunited and worse still they are at dusk of their lives.We need young,revolutionary minds who can inject the struggle with an invigorating strength.Young minds who are ready and burning with a patriotic zeal.Young minds who are ready to sacrifice 'all'when our lives will hang on a balance.The young people who died in Buea have set the ball rolling.
Also,I don't believe anglophones are prepared enough in the eventuality of souvereignty.I believe that anglophone souvereignty should be elevated to the status of a 'doctrine'.I was myself an ardent SDF militant,but with the passage of time,I became fundamentally convinced that the SDF party has reached its 'political menopause'.I think if souvereignty were given us now,it will distabilise our society.We need political maturity.
I believe,that we have to devise a powerful plan.We can trick these 'frogs' into federalism,then when that is obtained and like a lady being wooed into marriage,after some years when we are sure of our political,economic and social stamina,we can then surprise them with a unilateral declarartion of independence.Federalism will be the fertile ground to test our maturity.Political radicalism must be inculcated in the citizenry of the Southern Cameroons.

M Nje

Mr. Adolph,
I am greatly impressed with your remark. You are a very energetic and a straight forward person. You have put forward very great ideas. It has been very rear to see anyone come up with suggestions. All I have heard for a while is continuous and unfruitful arguments about SCNC vs SDF. You have my respect.

My brother, I share your concerns very much expecially the idea of bringing youths into this struggle. I have been thinking for a while how to accomplish that. The success of our strongly depends greatly on the involvement of our youths. That is a fact. Maybe you may what to get into the site that Ma Mary set up and put in your ideas. You may elaborate on how you think we can achieve that goal.

I can tell you that I want to see a Southern Cameroons State, my owe nation. A place where I can call home. A place where I am not told that I am a foreigner, a place where I am not told I am a minority, a place where I am not told I am an enemy. I am prepare for it. I don`t care how it comes.

So elaborate on your great ideas.
Best regards


Mr Nje,
Can u please furnish me with Ma Mary's site?Thank you.

M Nje

Mr. Adolph,
Here is the link to the site.

Let me know if there is any problem. I am preparing some material for that site. It will be great if you put down your ideas.

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