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Friday, 12 January 2007


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Fellow Southern Cameroonians,

This year 2007 marks a new beginning in the struggle that we, the people of Southern Cameroons have set our minds and lives to pursue- the total liberation of the Southern Cameroons. I am enchanted by the new awakening that the leaders of the various factions of the SCNC have arisen to. That of acheiving unity amongst them in other to forge a united front to reach this goal.

I have previously stated on repeated occassions both at home and abroad that our success depends on our motivation and our strength vis-a-vis the oppressor. Like their predecessors, the French backed stooges of La republique du cameroun and the ESINGANG OLIGARCHY have copied the tricks of their master to pitch us against each other; to divide us so that they can rule us. They have for the maintime been successful in creating division amongst us setting the Buea Man against the Limbe man; the Bafaw man against the Barondo/Bakundu man; the manyu man against the lebialem; the Northern region against the Southern Region. In their quest for hegemony and domination they have pitted the Baforchu man against the Santa man, the Banso man against the Bikom man, the Meta man against the Bali. Yet their success has only been temporal because it is an undeniable truth that you can only for some people some of the time BUT you can never fool all people all of the time.

Today, the SCNC-World is trying to achieve what the SCYL was able to achieve many years ago. The SCYL since its creation has remained one strong unified family, held together by the zeal and optimism of its youth, fortified by its vision of a free and independent Southern Cameroons. Today we have been able to create a transborber umbrella group for the Nordic region know as the SCYL-Nordic Regional Coordination Commitee (SCYL-NRCC)with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The SCYL-NRCC has joint its voice in condemning the brutality that on two separate occassions has claimed the lives of innocent southern cameroonian students in the exercise of their fundamental human rights in Buea. The slained students are matyres who have died in defending what the know and believe to be their right. In 1995, together with other relentless students we had defied the bullets and tear gas of the colonial administration and their puppets in UB then to call for the re-admission of the Student Union President- Dopgima N Valentine and Secretary General Mboni Johnston, who were suspended for writing a pertition titled "OUR GRIEVANCES". Dopgima stood firm in his believe and a straights "A"s student saw his brilliant academic career reduced to frustration as he was forced into nothingness of exile.

We of the SCYL-NRCC commend the efforts of all Southern cameroonians, the fathers of Tole and Ndu and the villagers of Buea Road and the students of the university of Buea who have stood their grounds in the face of threatening deadly bullets from La Republique du cameroun to fight for their rights.

We call on all southern cameroonians to come together and shun the devil from la republique. By bringing together the various factions of the SCNC these leaders would be setting the pace for a unity of action and purpose that will hasten the pace for our independece. Let's lend them our support so that when we come to the journey's end we can all proudly say "WE HAVE DONE IT"

Together, Lets sing the victors...

Let History be our judge.


M Nje

There is no greater power in the universe than the need for
freedom. Against that power, governments and tyrants and armies cannot
-- "Babylon 5"

Ma Mary

The work proceeds systematically. We are laying one thought on another, one brick on another and shall not stop. La republique, you cannot stop us. We are already free where it counts the most, in our souls. The rest shall follow. Good writers CLICK HERE to construct the dream.

vally England

We shall be there,God willing.
This mark the turning point of SCNC.


Though i acknowledge the ills of the Biya regime, i have never been a supporter of SCNC.I know they are fighting for a just cause but i don't think separation from the francophones is the answer.What if the SCNC succeeds and then our own anglophone brothers start maltreating us like Biya did? what if that happens? I know some people who say that the SCNC can never do such a thing if they are in power. Anglophone people, don't fool yourselves. We are in africa and history has proven that africans and their politicians are genetically greedy and corrupt.Look at nkwame nkrumah, that was a man who fought so hard for his people but when he tasted power, he forgot about them and became corrupt.Look at mugabe,idi amin, charles taylor? where they not all fighting for thewir people at one point in their lives?look at what they ended up doing to their people.Take Foncha to for example,John ngu foncha has fought for the anglophones all his life but was he not the one who betrayed us at the foumban conference to secure political gains? If SCNC seizes power, what makes u so sure that they will not betray us too? even look at the conflicts between anglophones; southwesterners and northwesterners are fighting against each other. What does that show us? even anglophones do not have unity. What happens if SCNC succeeds and a bamenda rules? the southwesterners will be outraged and this will lead to conflict. In the final analysis, we will find ourselves in the same conditions we tried to escape. Anglophones are very divided and we all know that we have a lot of conflicts.We hav not even solved the conflicts between ourselves so why are we trying to break away? what's the use of breaking away when we have conflicts between us? that will only lead to further problems and maybe a brutal civil war.To me, anglophones shd first embark on solving the differences between us and then developing a strategy that wud enable us live with the francophones.

M Nje

You should read the rightup below. I will be back with a response to your concerns.


After 43 years of reunification (1961-2004) we (Southern Cameroonians For Independence) are now in the position to assess and say whether or not the thing, illegal or not, has been a blessing. If we find it a blessing then and then only can we think of continuing. If on the other hand we find it a CURSE it must be madness to contemplate a continuation. It is left therefore to those who still pretend to favor continuity under the present condition to reply by publishing their own list of the blessings which, but for reunification, we would never have had.
(1) CUSTOMS DUTY PAID TO FRANCE As a condition for granting independence to her colonies France was to benefit from all their imports from the date of their independence. For this reason a portion of Cameroon's import duties to this day accrue to France. Although we were never part of the French colony of Cameroon France has since Cameroon's reunification benefited from duties on imports into Southern Cameroons also. This mean that we have been paying extra custom duty for the benefit of French citizens even though we had never been their colonial subjects. This unjust enrichment of France at our expense could never have been made possible without reunification. It calls for restitution which is feasible only through the institution of an independent treasury and customs and excise services, which everyone knows are incompatible with a single nationality. Therefore to stop paying France and to get back what we have already paid reunification must first end. France herself should see it as immoral to receive payments for having done nothing and accordingly do the right thing without waiting to be pushed to it. (2) REPUBLICANISM OR MONARCHY? Traditionally Southern Cameroons is a kingdom. First because since every village is a Chiefdom or Fondom as each is headed by a Chief or a Fon, when these villages come together to form a Nation that nation should be called a kingdom or a United kingdom. To call such a nation a republic is incongruous and as such cannot lay claim to legality or legitimacy. Secondly, in recent history Southern Cameroons was a territory under United Kingdom Administration; it was as such part of the United Kingdom, and at independence should have reverted to its historical status of a kingdom. Because the Francophone Cameroonians have been brought up under the French culture of republicanism they used it to illegally convene Foumban conference and the weight of their population to extend their republican status to cover also the kingdoms of the Southern Cameroons and then imposed their commoner-ruler over the territories so illegally reunified. It is inconceivable that when a monarchy and a republic merge, if they can merge at all, the outcome should be a republic: it should be the other way round because it is Kings who rule commoners. The illegal Cameroon reunification of 1961 was therefore an affront to tradition like the subsequent coronation of commoner Paul Biya as Fon of Fons was an expensive joke indeed. (3) SECOND CLASS CITIZENSHIP Although the Constitution of the reunited Cameroon specifies that French and English are official languages and laws are published in the two so-called official languages it is always stated that the "French version is authentic". The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary of Current English gives the meaning of "authentic" as "genuine; known to be true". This means that the English Language which Southern Cameroonians speak in the Republic of Cameroon and everything done in English is regarded as neither genuine nor true. When certificates are printed in French and English the French version is always first and in bolder print. This is clearly another way of telling the world that Southern Cameroonians are second-class citizens in Cameroon. So to be first class speak French. (4) CIVIL SERVANTS & POLITICS While under British rule civil servants in Southern Cameroons were not allowed to participate in politics. The civil service was insulated from politics. Civil servants were also not allowed to do private business and their assets were closely monitored. This made for maximum efficiency. The position was the reverse in Francophone Cameroon where by their independence in January 1, 1960 a civil servant, Ahmadou Ahidjo, was already head of state. Here again they used the weight of their population to banish our culture of a civil service insulated from politics. The result is the institution of a very strong bureaucracy which turns civil servants into masters rather than servants of the people, and giving them the liberty to engage in unfair business competition with the ordinary businessman who are notoriously pushed into the status of the "underprivileged businessman". With civil servants in power they make it their prime business to give maximum consideration to the needs of the civil servants and the military in complete disregard to the state of the nation's economy. Civil servant participation in politics is therefore an evil brought in by reunification which, according to Francophone culture, can end only with the end of reunification. (5) CHASING FILES IN YAOUNDE Before reunification Southern Cameroonians were part of a very large country called Nigeria. Our parents knew nothing about chasing files then. No one had to go to Enugu or Lagos to chase a file for anything's sake; and when regional autonomy was attained no one had to travel from the Southern Cameroons to chase a file. Although there were no computers everything worked with precision: provident fund or pension or gratuity was ready on the very day of retirement. Those were the days when many workers opted to retire and invest in private business. Today in reunification where civil servants are themselves masters of everything retirement is the beginning of frustration. This is an irony! Many die without tasting of the fruit of their life's savings! - not even after several pilgrimages to Yaounde! And when the money is finally paid those hawks who kept it pay no interest on it. The reunified Cameroon nation is far too short of being the guarantor of citizens' social security. It is a pity! (6) STATE DISHONESTY The National Electricity and Water Corporations as State corporations are allowed by the State to treat Cameroonians as if the said corporations have a right to pretend to be oblivious of circumstances prevailing in the nation. When the State is in arrears of workers' salaries for months, and in some cases for over a year, and in the end will not pay with interest or penalties, the above-mentioned State corporations not only refuse to take checks drawn on government-sponsored banks but go to the extent of charging penalties for late settlement of bills. Out of what do they expect the bills to be settled? And the argument cannot be confined to State employees. How about the farmers produce not paid for years and which will not be paid with interest? How about citizens who suffered tornado disasters since 1984 to date? When will the victims be paid? Why should a State remove its eyes from its responsibilities to its citizens? Why must the State under these circumstances allow its corporations to impose penalties on such suffering citizenry? Before reunification Southern Cameroons was an example of honesty and efficiency: it is the reverse today and most Southern Cameroonians are convinced that only an end to reunification can settle the issues. (7) LAKE NYOS Reunification opened up with politically motivated murders. Although Dr. J. N. Foncha was "MISSED BEING SHOT" Abendong and Marcus Temdia at least died in his place. The six who died during the pro-democracy demonstrations in Bamenda, May 26, 1990, only serve as a recent reminder. How many people are not convinced that the Lake Nyos disaster would not have happened but for reunification? The head of state invited experts worldwide to the scene but without letting them express their expert opinions he himself broadcast to the world that it was a "natural disaster". Could anyone dare contradict him by saying it was a neutron bomb test? Where is the Special Commission he set up to cater for the victims? These things serve the self-proclaimed "architects of reunification" right as they have happened so far in the Southern cameroons. Unfortunately some people are still so blinded by majority politics that they are a very long way off realizing that human beings are not cows, so their leadership cannot be entrusted to ganakohs (Cattle rearers) (8) REGIONAL AUTONOMY WON AND LOST! In mighty Nigerian politics Dr. E. M. L. Endeley led Southern Cameroons into achieving regional autonomy and first wore our premiership crown. Foncha took it from his head, wore it into reunification, and lost it there in 1972 - all with the House of Assembly and the House of Chiefs - thus placing us back at square one. How then can we see reunification as a blessing and not a CURSE? (9) C. D. C. MAKES NO MORE PROFITS Before reunification this giantt corporation yielded great profits annually, the surplus of which were used in undertaking development projects in the entire Southern Cameroons. These profits disappeared with reunification and today the corporation has become a liability rather than an asset. And C. D. C. will never be the same again until reunification ends. (10) MARKETING BOARD LOST The West Cameroon Marketing Board was changed to the National Produced Marketing as a national integration process in the reunified Cameroon. The headquarters was removed from Victoria in its founding province and transferred to Douala. A Francophone was appointed its Managing Director, Anglophones were declared redundant but were replaced by Francophones, its capital was mishandled by the reunification bosses and it was finally liquidated after they had used much of its capital in errecting an imposing head office building in Douala too good for the goose that laid the golden egg. The one thing which is certain with Southern Cameroonians For Independence - SCIN is that if the total value of the Marketing Board's head office building in Douala is not paid back into Southern Cameroons treasury our ancestors shall not lie quiet in their graves. (11) CHEATED OF OIL MONEY Reunification has been used to deprive us of even those benefits which nature had bestowed on us. The discovery of petroleum was made a secret. Secret oil transactions were rumouring with copies of huge cheques circulating. Deaths were related to leakages of information on the illegal oil transactions. A plan to construct a deep seaport at Cape Limbo was shelved and replaced by a plan to pipe petrol from Victoria to Douala for international shipping! Today the Republic of Cameroon is pretending to pay taxes petroleum into Limbe's treasury which is controlled by their treasurer. (12) ELECTRICITY CORPORATION LOST West Cameroon Electricity Corporation (POWERCAM) installations inherited from the Nigeria Government Electricity Undertakings have been totally dismantled to make Southern Cameroons totally dependent on supply from Edea in French Cameroons. When asked about the Menchum Project and what really went wrong with the Yoke supply, the answers one always get is that they are either "very costly to develop" or that "they are risky and irrelevant projects". (13) VICTORIA SEAPORT CLOSED The Victoria natural seaport was closed by reunification and the city became a ghost town to this day had the discovery of oil nearby not brought partial salvation. (14) BANANA TRADE LOST Before reunification banana was one of Southern Cameroons cash crop. Shortly after reunification private farmers in Southern Cameroons lost the trade even though east of the Mungo, especially in the Littoral Province individual farmers still plant them and market abroad. (15) UNCUSTOMARY DISTRIBUTION OF REVENUE The established custom in tradition as guided by AHON (also known as Ekpe or Nyankwe, Butame, and even in Nkwifor etc.) is that one eats as he contributes. As has been shown in the cases of C. D. C., Marketing Board, and petroleum, the improperly negotiated reunification has enabled the Republic of Cameroon in the name of a single fatherland to use the weight of their population to make themselves bosses over our wealth. We are now called upon to accept with thanks whatever they give us, and many of our kith and kin are paid to pass motions of support for the fraud. What a shame? (16) TIKO AIRPORT AND WHARF CLOSED Both the Tiko Airport and Wharf are closed by the accursed reunification. Tiko Airport turned to a military base to consolidate annexation and neo-colonialism (17) THE RAILWAY CLOSED The Meanja/Tiko railway has been abandoned by the disheartening reunification. (18) MAMFE ENCLAVED Mamfe town which, as Southern Cameroons gateway to Nigeria and was bustling with economic activity, was economically paralized by reunification. The Kumba/Mamfe/Bamenda highway was abandoned, forcing all traffic to pass through the Republic of Cameroon's Nkongsamba/ Mboudam highway. Mamfe has since become enclaved. (19) LAW ON SUBVERSION Ordinance No. 62-OF-18 of 12 March 1962 "to repress subversive activities" which made it a crime for anyone to oppose or criticize any government action was promulgated into law less than six months after reunification. Under it many civilians were heavily fined or imprisoned by Military Tribunals for doing what before reunification was a civic right. The right of detention without trial at the infamous BMM given to the Administration was an instrument of repression which became possible only with the advent of reunification. (20) UNJUST PENAL CODE Even though the penal systems are not harmonized Anglohones are often arrested west of the Mungo, transferred, detained, tried, and jailed east of the Mungo under a system totally strange to them. East of the Mungo confessions are extracted through torture. Because the accused is presumed guilty upon a complaint being lodged against him there is no question of bail. The magistrate may convict and make a "no appeal" order which is obeyed meticulously. Prisons are extremely over-crowded and the prisoners are underfed. They buy their own drugs or are left to die. Therefore the magistrate, police and the prison superintendent are Alpha and Omega. It is even an offense to ask a question in court! That is the side of reunification many Anglophones don't know, or have deliberately refused to know because they are busy as handclappers. (21) STOLEN RADIO TRANSMITTER In early 1994 it was discovered that a Frequency Modulation radio transmitter donated by the Japanese government for installation at Buea, Headquarters of Southern Cameroons, was instead installed at Douala! If your uncle inherits your father's estate and is using its proceeds to maintain only his own children, when you attain maturity what do you do? Of course, you take back your father's estate. In this case of the Republic of Cameroon and Southern Cameroons it is even clear that the so-called uncle is no uncle at all. The transmitter was easily stolen because of reunification. CONCLUSION The Twenty-One Woes of Reunification enumerated above are only a few out of many that cannot find space here. Knowing that we have achieved nothing through reunification which we could not have achieved without it, Southern Cameroonians For Independence - SCIN see that reunification poses a great problem needful of an urgent and lasting solution. SCIN is convinced that there can be no solution other than through negotiation on a footing of equality, that is, since the Republic of Cameroon is sovereign Southern Cameroons equally became sovereign States to enable them speak from the position of strength and not from weakness. Reposted from a posting by: Prince Akame-SCIN

But Before I go will will like to remind you that

1) You are not a legal member of La Republique du Cameroun
2) The cultural divide that you suggest exist between Southern Cameroons is a creation of La Republique to Cameroun. It is a method used to divide us so they can continue their colonization. Remember that between 1954 to 1961 Southern Cameroons exited as a semi autonomous region. There is no history of such a cultural divided then. It only came when our territory was divided into North West and South West for political reasons

M Nje

Source of Prince Akame-SCIN posting.

M Nje

The ordinary person in Southern Cameroons intermarry, attends the same school, attends the same church, forms a joint venture, shares an apartment, shops in the same market, etc, ete with each other, without any regard to tribe, or region. So, do not be a prey to these colonial masters and their tactics.

The SCNC is not a political party as you suggestion. It is fighting for you to legally have you Nation back. A nation in which the PEOPLE and not MEN rule. Be optimistic.
Kindly do some research about the following areas:
The objectives of the SCNC
The history of Southern Cameroons
The reasons and conduct of the Foumban Conference. (go to

I can assure you that after your reading, you will take the SCNC struggle as your personal struggle. A struggle to free our land, the land of our parents and grand parents, from these D.Os and S.D.Os who have placed it under a daily state of emergence.


Wordweaver, which part of NO don't you understand? Is it NO we do not want to be second class citizens? Is it NO we do not want to play dumb and pretend as if an illegal act has not been committed by La Republique du Cameroun by colonising us? Is it NO that we do not want to reward the breaking of international law by La Republique du Cameroun in its illegal colonisation of Southern Cameroon?

Wordweaver, read my lips, if you are deaf.... NO! No, we do not want to be part of a corrupt failing French colony. In particular, we do not want to be second class citizens in a second class third world failing French colony! Now, leave us alone, and go be a second class citizen in Yaounde, if you so wish. We want our country back!

Ma Mary

Describe the future Southern Cameroons here, M Nje, Rexon, DaDiceman. Go there and knock on the door. An exercise in collaboration.


Ma Mary, the website is a fantastic initiative!





AT 10.00AM


The Secretariat


ok,i understand what you people are saying but don't you think that the cultural division that exists between us the anglophones is hurting us and will hurt us even more if we secure separation from the french people? i don't really care if it is the french people that stimulated the division; what is evident is that it exists.I lived in buea for most of my life and as a northwestern i cud clearly see the hatred that exists between the southwesterners and norhtwesterners.Even in school, teachers and students favoured people from their own tribes. What i'm saying is, if anglophones want to succeed, they need a united front and clearly we don't want have it now.If this division problem is not addressed now, what will happen if SCNC succeeds? as power-hungry as africans are ( AND NOBODY CAN EVEN DARE TO DENY THAT), everybody will start fighting for power and we will start to gallop into a civil war.Let's not live our lives in mythic dreams and pretend we don't see reality;first things first. "In order for a car to work, the engine has to be fully functional. You do not try to drive a car with no engine."



I will be coming with a critical analysis of your write-up above.

Ma Mary

Da Diceman, please revisit the site, and look on the right column to register as a writer to contribute to the ideas. These are the things we want to do with our country once we have it. We should not be thinking about those things after the fact, but before the fact. Other Southern Cameroonians with good writing skills and good ideas about a future Southern Cameroons should look into it.

Wordweaver, I hear you, but I happen to not believe that Africans are congenitally doomed to fail. I am the type who believes that all problems have a solution, and we must seek the solution. I am also opposed to slavery and being enslaved and will fight it with every fiber of my being, until I am free. I think we can lick the problem of tribalism and ethnic insecurity, which is at the basis of ethnic hatred. We have just got to apply our minds to it. Wordweaver, instead of putting your hands up in surrender, you may want to start thinking about solutions starting here.

This is just beginning to confirm my suspicions that a lot of Southern Cameroonians would move in the correct direction if the movement demonstrates a solution for the ethnic divide.

M Nje

Do not be afraid about how power will be distributed in Southern Cameroons. Power will be in the hands of the PEOPLE not MEN. You will have the right to elect your local leaders, your governors, etc. That is what we had in Southern Cameroons before. No presidential decree. No rigging of elections. It was done and it can and will be done in a Southern Cameroons state.

The African leaders that you said misused power did so because it was centralized in their hands. In Nigeria for instance, President Obasanjo tried but failed to run for another term because the constitution is very clear on presidential limit. He had limited power to change the law. When you put in place a good constitution, with three equal branches of government, there will be checks and balances. When the president does not have to appoint everybody (from Supreme Court Judge to a court clerk) he becomes just a symbolic figure. When all members of government have to undergo a background check, publicly declare their annual assets, income and liabilities while in office, when your parents, not the minister, have to decide who should be your school principal, when an elected Mayor and not a Government Delegate runs your city, we will see a great change.

If you really believe that there is a cultural divide that is an obstacle to our future then go to the link that Ma Mary provided and make a contribution.

The struggle for a Southern Cameroons state is your struggle. A struggle to liberate our state, that is occupied illegally by La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. Every problem has a solution. So make a contribution.

M Nje

Ma Mary,
You are a genius, an original genius, not those advanced illiterate that graduate from ENAM.
I am very very please with your initiative. That show great leadership. Great leaders are those will great VISIONS. You are one. You can count on my contribution. The site is very timely.
I will be there.


Did someone whispered in my ears that people where being checked using candles at the duala airport a day a two ago?Mmmm! Le cameroun ce porte bien.


Wordweaver, think!

The answer to your problem is twofold. First, every country has its petty rivalries, between tribes, regions or cities. Southern Cameroon is no different. We are not fighting to create Heaven. We are fighting to restore a normal country run by human beings, with all the weaknesses inherent in being human....yes, including tribalism. Second, the so-called NW/SW humbug does not break any international law. The colonisation of Southern Cameroon breaks international law. That's the difference which LRC-paid Southern Cameroon distractors wilfully ignore as they lick the boots, and carry out the nefarious propaganda work, of their masters in Yaounde.

There isn't much love lost between the Scottish and the English within the United Kingdom. That does not make the United Kingdom a legitimate target for France to go and occupy! Does it? The United Kingdom is an entity recognised by the United Nations, just as Southern Cameroon was. Regional conflicts within that UN-recognised entity does not legitimise colonisation of that entity by a belligerent neighbour. Does it, wordweaver?

As to what motivates Southern Cameroonian nationalists to seek to restore their country, ask yourself why a significant proportion of Scots support the Scottish National Party (SNP), which is fighting for Scotland to be independent from the United Kingdom ( Why are these Scots not happy to be part of the United Kingdom, even after the creation of a semi-autonomous Scottish Parliament in charge of Scottish affairs? Mark my words, wordweaver, if the SNP becomes the largest party in Scotland, it is now the second largest after Labour, in next May's local government elections, Scotland will be an independent country within 10 years.

The United Kingdom is one of the richest countries on earth, why do the Scots want to go it alone? Why are the "ungrateful" Scots not happy with their lot? They are not happy with their lot for the same reason that Southern Cameroon nationalists, with even more compelling reasons, are not happy being part of a failing French colony.

Wordweaver, the urge to be master of your own destiny, captain of your ship, the boss in your own house, lord of your own manor, is as primal a human urge as eating or having sex. Moreover, the urge not to be ruled by people who are morally and intellectually no better than you, but who relish bossing you around, is an even more primal human urge! It is this primal urge, and the desire to correct a historical and legal wrong, that drives us, Southern Cameroon nationalists.


BTW wordweaver, Scotland has been ruled from London, and being part of the United Kingdom, for 300 years. It seems that primal urge I was talking about is not something easily shaken off! Three hundred years! Can you or La Republique du Cameroun imagine? And the Scots still want to leave a prosperous and rich United Kingdom after 300 years. And you think we are nuts for wanting to leave a poor corrupt failing third world French colony after 40 years?


ma mary, i am not "putting your hands up in surrender" as you said; i was just drawing attention to a serious issue people always neglect.I would have to agree with M Nje that what makes a good government is a good constitution; it really resticts the power of the president.I am not against the SCNC; i only hope that they will not turn against their own people as other africans have done becos this is the kind of story in africa that always has the same ending. I only hope that if SCNC succeeds,they wud be an exception because it wud be a big blow for the anglophones to end up with bad leaders after such a long fight for freedom.I know some people think i am pessimistic but i'm not. Its just that i studied a lot of african history and literature and all african politicians always follow the same path;after liberating their people they always turn against them.I only hope that when that day comes for policy making, the southern cameroons nationalists will put the interest of the people before theirs,I only hope that would be the case.

Ma Mary

Wordweaver, excuse my use of the word "surrender", which can have heavy perjorative effect in our patriarchical society. I am only hopeful that your knowledge of history would spur you into innovation so that we do not get stuck in old habits. Therefore put on your thinking cap and work for a new way. That is the only practicsl value of historical knowledge for a struggling people- to help you blaze new paths and to avoid past mistakes. Without history and reflection, we might be doing the same things without knowing. I do not think a good option is to sit and wait for the good Southern Cameroonian leader to emerge. If you are not involved, the bad leaders may prevail without your being able to do do anything about it. You may even be one of the good leaders that we do not tire searching. How would we know you, if you do not participate?



You've written like an intelligent somebody. I'm really happy by that.

I'm thankful to all those who summoned all their energies to let you understand certain things. M. Nje in particular, you spoke my mind.

Wordweaver, let me just also add that all of us fighting for the restoration and independence of our country are not indifferent from your worries. We all bear thesame! However, we've working hard to make a better conuntry. And we're inviting great minds like yours to champion the course. I'm requesting you to take the link Ma Mary sent you and contribute great ideas. We NEED you.

Concerning the SW/NW divide. I don't believe in that. For me there's no such thing! I love my Northwest brothers and no colonial agent can come and CONFUSE me hate them. Methinks if you take such stance and educate others then we shall be solving this problem as we move on. And let me assure you that after we must have pushed out colonial agents you'll see the spirit of brotherliness amongst us. Just visit that site and lets plan for our country.

You're welcome my dearest friend and brother.

The Son.


Ma Mary,
You are wonderful.Keep it up. My appreciations.

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