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Saturday, 06 January 2007


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Whatever alliances Fru Ndi is making with Ekindi should not be extended to the land of the Southern Cameroons. I understand Fru Ndi have a house in Yaounde. Like the Ben Muna's, he can take all his SDF frolics to La Republique and live there. The UB shooting and other barbaric actions by La Republique Francaise du Cameroun has provided a blueprint for our total and unconditional quest for independence. Any rightminded Southern Cameroonian who keeps listening to La Republique's colonial antics masquerading by its agents of darkness in the SDF is just a daydreamer. Who do not need to be told where we need to place our allegiance.

We all need to throw our allegiance to the SCNC that stands for the total and unconditional liberation of our people in this year 2007.


The truth is, the people of the Southern Cameroons like their relatives of La Republique know very well that, nothing good can ever come out of the ballot boxes. They are just waiting for the day Mr Biya would die and they rekindle their spirit of nationalism.

Even those who are benefiting from the system are vest with the facts and are seemingly disgusted with the current antics of this corrupt junta. They have unanimously agreed that the ballot boxes will never change the system for the reason that, Mr. Biya will rig elections without any fear of favour. This Czar does not need the support of anybody to do what he wants. Cameroonians are not even focused on changing any system as they think it is based on cowardice and corruption at high places. Cameroon under Mr. Paul Biya is not just a failed state. It is a corrupt state founded on fraud and corruption. Corruption is the life wire of the system.

In this regards, anybody talking about elections in la republique and the Southern Cameroons is just legitimising Mr Biya’s colonial junta. If you people cannot neutralise simply government delegates, cannot neutralise the UB fraud and the deaths that followed, cannot neutralise the neuf disparu’s of douala, what else can you do?


Mr. Rexon,
Wish to respond directly to your contribution and hope you don't consider it as a personal attact. What is your reason participating in a forum? Is it just writing what you feel or presenting material that can be consumed? Housing again as one of us wrote last week. If you hadn't have the opportunity to own a house somewhere else as others do, then it is your personal problem. Get this clear, i am not for Fru Ndi but will like to say that there is no problem if he either owns a house in Yaounde or is living in Yaounde. This is certainly not the reason why he and the SDF has failed.
How do you help the SCNC? Is it by such empty postings on the web? This applies not just to you but to many. Constructive ideas and rich proposals will make alot of sense. This is just what i expect from each contributor in this forum. Lets be progressive and constructive.


Can Ekindi and Fru Ndi stop dreaming! Is it their first time of having an alliance? Alliances have brought nothing and will not bring anything under the prevailing electoral circumstances. These gentlemen should stop distracting innocent minds. You have all been moving on the same spot with no intension to change strategies since the birth of multipartism in Cameroon.

Have these guys at any time in their lifes tried to find out how opposition camps won in Ukraine, Georgia etc? How there was a successful change of government in Serre Leon ? How the Ghanians made it? How the Nigerian President will not go in for re-elections? So many sources to learn and copy from. No alliance will win in any elections in Cameroon. We all know this from the absence of an independent electoral commission. Do they claim not to be aware? Money for campaigns is enough to keep some of them till next election. It is still funny that some Cameroonians still listen to these static politicians. Learn from others or quit the stage.


Derick Anyere,
You missed the point or in other words you are narrow minded when it comes to politics.

The obstacle for any progress in politics (change) in our country is the Cameroonian puplic that is saturated with apathy.As you rightly said, the opposition cannot win elections without an independent electoral commission. On the other hand who is supposed to fight for this independent electoral commision? With the present ElECAM, the SDF called for demonstrations in Yaounde which were to follow in the provinces; unfortunately the turn out was not encouraging. Who should be blame? The general tedency is that people are not ready to sacrifice and mount pressure on the regime. They keep saying that much was sacrificed during the ghost towm period which did not pay off; this means that since the ghost town did not yield any fruit, they should surrender to Biya?

Derick, the countries that you have mentioned above succeeded because the citizens were ready to stand up as one man and say enough is enough. If you were given the position of Fru Ndi, what will you do?

The SDF is now fighting on two fronts, the CPDM on one and Muna on the other. If the SDF does not participate in the up coming elections in order to protest for the independent electoral commission, Muna will take advantage to go to parliament and join the CPDM. Do we allow Muna to get that kind of opportunity?


...Certainly NOT Fon, that would be the most egregious error of our time. By the way we boycoytted elections in the past. What were the end results??? 100% for CPDM! I for one don't believe in boycotting elections.

Fon, I think you didn't think deep enough to fully grasp Mr. Anyere. I share thesame worries with him. I can stake my neck that over your dead body can you ever think that the opposition can ever win elections in Cameroon. We all know how unwilling the lion is vis-a-vis letting go power. Biya has everything in place to let him rule for life. This is an indisputable fact. That you know!

Now with this in mind, we're fully aware that quitting's not a solution. But as an opposition political party are we doing enough? Ask yourself why Cameroonians are unwilling. Do you expect people who do not know anything about anything to go to the streets? What are they fighting for? I strongly believe that if the SDF and whatever alliance wants to organise some sort of a civil disobedience or whatever the success of it will depend on an aggressive sensitisation campaign.

I may not be an expert on such politics especially in Cameroon but I think that the SDF has got brains that could sit down, form think factories, write projects that if appropriately carried out, Cameroonians will be free from this mess! This is the ONLY method that can decipher the complex political code in Yaounde.

Ah lest I forget, the SDF needs to train politicians like Fru Ndi who can lead the crowd amid bullet shots.

Think about these things! While reflecting that Liberty, democracy etc has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it."

The SON.


first of all alliances within the opposition parties is a wise strategy to challenge the ruling party,we should be encouraging that,and the issue of an independent electoral commission is another debate.if this leaders can rise above their personal egos and interest and think of the way to gain controll for the betterment of cameroonians, then they should be given some credit,because most of them are in the game for their stomachs.
on the issue of why cameroonians are not willing to sacrifice for any political course is because they have realised that most of the leaders have no agenda.we thought we were united to change power in cameroon but today most of our opposition leaders are greedy and have lost focus.
then u got these other group of fanatics in the name of scnc who want to turn back the hands of the clock and undo things that have already been done with the blessings of the international community.most of us learned from primary school that cameroonians willingly decided to join to form a federal republiic and we grew up to know that, so if today u come and tell the avergy cameroonian to follow u so as to devide the nation, he will be doing this out of greed as a result of total which should we fight for,might be the question on many cameroonians lips now and they might be making a mockery out of some of this politicians or so called freedom fighters.
our only freedom we want is freedom from poverty and bad governance.we got land unoccupied and uncultivated.why must i be fighting for territories.
because this lunatics and "off people"who rally behind this greedy men to seek for something that they no they cant get is not appealling to the avergy man on the street.its good mr.Akoson to educate the people on their history, but then, what?i guess only through force,because i dont see any other means and the question is if force might be appied,what are the consequencies?,can cameroonians or anglophones agree to use force for a seperation agenda?if yes, are they going to win the battle or would they end up like the loud islamic court leaders of somalia who advocated for a war against its government and couldnt resist the war for a week and ended up like cowards on a see, these are the kind of thinking we avergy people and sound thinking cameroonians think before supporting a course.dont forget that cameroonians are very literate people with high levels of realistical guys come on, wona must say something or tell we make wo do something whe we calculate say we fit succeed,because to tell u true camer them di just use this scnc agenda na for stay overseas and most oversea government them know say na only agenda but them di keep them for the benifit of doubt.
i strongly believe that the scnc should change its objective and advocate for develpoment and a better life for english cameroonians and stop these dream of succession.that might be a platform people like us would be prepared to fight for and not seperation because i dont see were this ideology is taking us it stands at this point in time our one and only struggle is a better life for all cameroonians and we will really behind any body whose willing to make this a reality.the truth is better but must be spoken.peace and happy new year


Tita Espoir,

The colonial agents and bootlickers that paid you to defend the interest of the murderous CPDM regime and its allies is lying to themselves. We will continue the education of our people, an education that you dont want to listen to simply because you want to satisfy your own selfish desire. You owe a duty to your and your god to be honest. You and i know the truth.

M Nje

You don`t have to be concern about such people. Every critical thinker can tell the direction that they come from. One thing is clear. The struggle for full Independent of Southern Cameroons is real. Sorry to distracter. We are committed.

Everyone has a right to disagree on any issue. If you genuinely disagree with the SCNC (you have a right) I recommend you get a crash course on our history. But if your disagreement is for a paycheck, then shame and shame on to you.

NB: If after the crash course you still hold the same disagreement, then go under a blanket until the second coming of Christ. You cannot stop or limit our moral. Okay!

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