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Monday, 15 January 2007


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Wanting favours from the CPDM and wanting to remain an opposition: This is the dilemma that the SDF is facing. In situations where the political choice is ambiguous, circumstances often dictate the response. I understand in uncertainties like this, fluidity can be more important than a finely tuned strategy. But when the choice involves dealing with an enemy (CPDM/Muna) whose intentions are evil, then political leaders need to be careful. Any strategy therefore need to focus on rational thinking and its implication on the political conciousness of our people. It wonders me what this SDF hierarchy and its people are thinking. Their constant coperation and begging f0r help from the CPDM government has strongly not been in favour of them. Yes, the soo called state of La Republique du Cameroun have laws. Why does this laws favour them only when they are in parliament? Why must this laws be selective, creative and discretionary applied and why can't they have the power to challenge them and go against the laws in circumstances when they know they have been tempted to do so? In the early 90's when Fru Ndi was strongly in command, is this how he would have behaved when challenge by people like Ben Muna? It appears what is remaining of this SDF is simply that they are finding spaces and relationships that can survive them in the short run. The SDF is simply negotiating multiple and in some circumstances conflicting expectations within themselves and with their enemies like the CPDM. This might simultaneously create structures for powerful and new agenda's that might not be supportive to the political conciousness of our people. As the lone political party with all these selfish agenda's some concerns are nurtured. rational political thinkers with seemingly realistic political consciousness will be finding it difficult to differentiate between disparate ideologies. We of the SCNC might be thought of as some sort of SDF interested in taking a share of the Biya regime. There is no doubt that our political values are being hampered by the SDF's constant begging and coperation with this evil government. The arguments i lay here suggest that political conciousness, values and their implications should be intertwined. Mr Fru Should be flexible in his approach to this government. Hear the Journalist saying that the said government did a favour to the SDF by consulting them while avoiding the Muna SDF. Why is thesame government snubbing the SDF for Muna's SDF? Is this not a political strategy that the CPDM might be winning?

To be continued........


After consulting them for an independent electoral commision, was the SDF not served with ELECAM? This is pure madness from these people... Over to you Watesih.


Don`t reduce ideas about burning issues in Cameroon to personal issues.I for one comment on practically everything that is worth scrutiny.But it seems you have reduced yourself to the little pingpong about the SDF/SCNC.Readers will agree with me that apart from this issue,when some analytical topics come up here,you are no way to be found.When you write about the SDF,and end up with over to you Watesih,it shows you are looking for a topic of discussion where you can at least stay visible.Rexon, in a very friendly but frank view ,the University lecturer that you are supposed to be is too repetitive.You show no sense of innovation in anyway.The same phrases ,ideas run through everyone of your write up,no matter the topic of discussion.
Imagine that you link whatever the SDF is doing as a party to the SCNC.This is wrong and an acute lack of forsight,and fortitude.
You seem to want us here to be waisting time confronting each other about these two bodies.Your Comrades have even called on you to be more accomodating for the benefit of a freedom movement,but since you will practically have no good subject of discussion if you forget about the Scnc/SDF dichotomy ,you can only entertain yourself with stale outbursts about the SDF.Your seemingly fruitless clash with the SDF shows that you either regret leaving this party,or that you want to fight those who might not have accomodated your views,and needs when you militated in this party a couple of years ago.When the Muketes were very vocal about the SDF all this while,nobody noticed you.When they met their Waterloo and went into hiding ,you took over to fight the SDF,
but hiding under the banner of the SCNC.We just want to make it clear to readers that you are a disgruntled SDF member,and you have been fighting your comrades of yesteryears.But don`t forget,you will never pose as a threat to the SDF,even if you were to write SCNC banners on the forehead of all your followers ,and parade the streets .If you ,and others are still able to chew your gums about the SDF,it is because the party has been able to nib in the bud witchhunting from other University lecturers,children of statesmen.If you want to fight the SDF en passant par the SCNC,then know that the SDF has nothing to lose,but the SCNC does.Any sign of disunity,and discordant voices are more damaging to the SCNC,than the SDF,which is already a legalised political party.I know you can`t easily understand all these things,thats why you can`t learn from the Ma Mary`s, Tayongs .You keep fooling yourself that you may be hitting hard on the SDF.The Muketes wrote things they thought was more damaging ,but where are they?


I´m sick of Rexon wittering on about SCNC/SDF.He will never be a witty writer.

Remember, one of the most successful strategy that we used at one time to fight mukete and cohorts was to ignore them; they felt it. Rexon at this moment deserves just that.He is already a nuisance.

Ndi O

Dear SDf sympatisers,
Greetings to you all. I thank God for you and call on him to grant u more energy. I remember in one of his early rallies in tne nineties, the Chairman told the people that the journey was going to be longer and the weak were going drop along the way. we've seen it.
Let,s bear in mind that despite all the negative voices, the hopes of the party must come to pass for they were already planted. It might not bloom overnight for it needs a period of waiting. A preacher once said that when waiting is involved,it becomes easy for people to be discouraged and settle for mediocrity. We all need to stir our efforts up. Sdf had been planted. It has taken roots. It must grow.
My SCNC brosis, i equally appreciate ur efforts. It has a positive goal. We must give love a chance. Muna or sdf might have sold us but what is the way forward?. Going down history to search how the sdf or any other person sold us will never help us for we already know it. Like i said earlier, awareness must be created in our people. Believe me or not, many at home are ignorant about the scnc struggle. Let's stop fighting each other, and do well to get to our people daily so they can know what we are fighting for.
Finally, the fruit is ready. Let each and everyone do well to register for the upcoming elections. Do not be dissappointed cos of the past. This could be a turning point. Remember, nothing lasts forever. Through away the defeated words in u, and put actions behind ur hopes. The Victory is at hand. Let's do everything with love.

Ndi O

Pardon me for the grammatical errors.



I think u guys have misunderstood my write-up here. It is for your own good to understand it fairly and re-read it if you want. It is about strategic thinking that has an impact on our political conciousness. It has nothing to do with divisions or something of the kind. Secondly, if any SCNC member is afraid to tell the SDF sometimes that their actions are counter productive to our SCNC struggle, then such members are merely politiking. The SDF is a party created to decolonised the Southern Cameroons. Somehow, their actions will always be reflected and related to the SCNC as explained in many write-ups be Ntemfack Ofege and co. This is something most SCNC members should be vocal about. Recall that, many like Samleyin, Akoson have confessed their allegiance to these two different movements.


I am not the Tayongs, Ma Mary and other Southern Cameroonians. I am Rexon with my own views and ideas. Period. Whatever you call it, that is none of my business.


For me to take you serious,can you briefly outline the kind of strategy you think the SDF as a POLITCAL PARTY should embrace at this moment inorder to fight for the SCNC?
To answer take into account the fact that you have always said the SDF as a POLITICAL PARTY was formed to fight for the independent of Southern Cameroons.

I ask this because I am confused to sort out your objective; Are you saying that the SDF should be dissolved or that the SDF as a political party legalised by the law governing Cameroon should openly declare that they are for the independence of Southern Cameroons?
I wait for your respond sir.



Thanks for your ideas. I will be coming with some kind of a write-up soon and i hope u will understand it fairly.


I knew that many things are above your head,and its pretty difficult for you to have a clearcut idea of what you want.You have just exhibited your confusion ,by taking the excuse that Samleyin,and Akoson have declared for both bodies.This is groping in darkness.First ,Albert Mukong said the SDF was created to fight the Anglophone problem,and that when he discovered that the party had taken a different course ,he steered clear of it.There was therefore a total divorce.Its just like giving birth to a child ,and when the child decides to become a rogue,you abandon him.After the creation of the SDF,Mukong lived for so many years,and did not articulate this idea,because he had taken his hands off the party,but after his death ,some illusionists suddenly become all-seeing ,and start making salacious declarations.If the SDF took its own path when Mukong was right there,how come people are fruitlessly trying to hang on to the idea that the party was created to solve the Anglophone problem.
Secondly,the SDF was legalised under the Laws of La Republique.Albert Mukong wouldn`t have been expecting the party to join the political landscape of La Republique,and at the same time expect it to fight for the Anglophone problem.That is unrealistic,and a practical impossibility.The SDF was founded in 1990,when La Republique had broken down all the barriers between Southern Cameroons ,and itself.By accepting to join the Political establishment of La Republique in 1990,how could Mukong expect this party to fight for the Anglophones who were already assimilated? Or do we want to give the impression that the SDF was going to be a party for the two English speaking provinces of Cameroon,and not a National party? Then La Republique wouldn`t have legalised it ,because there were no laws allowing parties to have this type of regional blueprint.
Rexon,from today get it clear that the SDF was not created to decolonise the Southern Cameroons,because the very fact that it was joining the political landscape of La Republique was colonising itself in turn.The SDF cannot even decolonise itself.It works within the confines of laws set by La Republique.The body that was created to fight for the Southern Cameroons is the SCNC
When it was created,Albert Mukong was there,and the SDF was there.It was created in the 90`s when Southern Cameroonians were completely aware of their problems.It was going to be a bigger movement than a political party.That is why Fru Ndi was invited to take up a post there.Anglophones of all walks of life came together during the AAC 1,and 11.This was broadbased,as opposed to a political party like the SDF,which could not bring all Anglophones together.If Fru Ndi as leader of the SDF was given a post in the SCNC,how comes today the SCNC claims the SDF is standing in its way?
Why did the SCNC not ask Fru Ndi to dissolve the SDF ,but merely gave him a post? Why did Mukong who created the SDF to fight the Anglophone not ask the SDF to join ranks with SCNC in Buea?
Rexon,i`m happy you always draw your inspiration from whatever sophistery you read from other people.You don`t have a critical mind to ask yourself questions.But know that what people like Ntemfack write is their personal opinion.If the SDF was created to fight for the Southern Cameroons,why was Ntemfack gunning for a parliamentary seat in La Republiques parliament in 1997? By 1997 La Republique had already dragged Southern Cameroonians in mud incessantly.How could he still want to become a deputy i their parliament? Know that Ntemfack is not very different from you.You guys are disgruntled members of the SDf.Since we are building a Democracy,you guys have the right to express your views about the party,but without being escapist.

Jerome Lawen Tangunyi

Rexon, Watesih and other forum members, I salute you all.
I’ve been a keen fan of the forum and I’m often thrilled by some of the write-ups and the intriguing dialogue transpiring on here. Across the board, we have identified the plague of corruption and bad governance in Cameroon and you would probably agree with me that the best way to deal with this problem is to tackle it from the root cause. However, most of us possibly hold different opinions as to the root cause of the problem. We tend to limit our vision within the confine of CPDM, SCNC and SDF, but I reckon we’ve got an even bigger fight on our hands.

In my opinion, the appalling state of affairs in Cameroon, like is the case in most African countries, is a consequence of Western neo-colonialism and outright exploitation. The West has established powerful institutions like the IMF and World Bank to protect its economic interests by hook or by crock. They’ve forced us to discard of our legacies like, PAMOL, SONEL, CDC etc, for peanuts in the name of privatization. Yes, they claim privatization would inevitably lead to more efficient allocation of resources… but then, how much of the profit generated from privatization actually trickles downs to the indigenous population? Sons and daughters of Cameroon are often compelled to toil for ridiculously low wages meanwhile the fruits of their labour simply repatriated to fuel the growth of Western economies. In fact, each time I try to fathom the misery countries like France have caused us, my stomach churns in disgust. Its time we pull the scale off our eyes and put a stop to this madness.

The West has introduced the notion of globalization; persuading poor countries to open up, and just like a flock of sheep being led to the slaughter house, we obey at our peril. In my opinion, globalization is a vehicle carefully designed for the effective transfer of wealth from poorer countries to the super rich countries. All too often, we blame Biya for our predicaments…but guess what; if Biya fails to protect Western interests, they will simply strive to get someone else on the throne who will. I am by no means attempting to condone with Biya’s tendency to put his greedy personal interest before that of the people of Cameroon. When it became imminent that Fru Ndi will win the 1992 presidential election, didn’t the USA quickly invite him over and lavished him with gifts of honey and frankincense? Was that gesture down to benevolence? CERTAINLY NOT. That was a well calculated maneuver to taint his vision and to secure their future interest in case he takes to office.

Consider the ongoing conflicts around Africa. We tend to blame it solely on Africans, but wasn’t Sir Mark Thatcher (a night to the British Throne and son of former British Prime Minister – Margaret Thatcher) recently exposed as the brain behind an arms deal which would have easily led to a bloodbath in Equatorial Guinea? The West has impoverished Africans to the extent where we are willing to slay one another for a loaf of bread.

Here is another example to highlights the sly nature of the white mind. When it became unacceptable for the West to continue binding Africans with shackles and shipping them to plantations in the New World, they ingeniously devised a new idea…“make the condition in their country unbearable and they will come rushing to do the same slave labour their ancestors had been subjected to”. I am talking about the same perpetrators of slave trade; wolves, now clothed in sheepskin, and at present exhibiting a despicable drama of pretence. They’ve succeeded in giving slavery a moral face!!!

My prediction is, if western exploitation carries on unchecked, the economic worth of Africa will be completely wiped out in the next century or so.

I share Hugo Chaves’ (Venezuelan president) vision of re-nationalization of previously held state enterprise. If state institutions in developing countries must be privatized, perhaps, they should be allotted into shares and traded exclusively to nationals. Perhaps, the ideal leader for any developing country has got to be a nationalist who’ve got the best interest of his people at heart. Only such a leader would truly lift us out of poverty, although his/her well-intended actions would probably constitute the white man’s nightmare.

Jerome Lawen Tangunyi

Oops..Paragraph 4 (night =knight)


Jerome Lawen Tangunyi,

You write like an economist, we can reason together. When i did wrote similar things here about the imperialist nature of the west and the political strategies of Hugo Chavez and how they can moderate imperialist views, i was told that i am a subjective critique.



After reflecting, i have decided to answer your questions outrightly and speak out my mind.

To be honest, i think the SDF should be dissolved and a new political party created by Ni John and co (if they want). The history of the SDF reveals changing and emergent subject positions habitually willed by individuals, determined by outside authorities , and negotiated and concluded by individuals without the Southern Cameroonian interest at heart. They started by saying they are an anglophone party designed to decolonise the Southern Cameroons, they went further by saying they are a party for la republique, and that they cannot come out in public to defend the Southern Cameroonian heritage. By Implication, they are saying that they are fighting for us, but they are not, they are seemingly fighting against us.

There are lots of SCNC/SDF militants who still share allegiance to the two movements because of the original ideology of Mukong and co. Some Southern Cameroonians still believe Fru Ndi still have a hidden agenda to decolonise the Southern Cameroons. But as you and i know, this is not true.

There are lots of problems that the SDF is trying to create for Southern Cameroonians. Firstly, they are preaching a kind of an ideology based on a multicultural society. They are speaking of a federation based on an assimilation of the Southern Cameroons into mainstream political life of la republique francaise du cameroun. NW will be assimilated to the West while South West will be assimilated to Littoral. We stand strongly against such mean thinking. Our people want outright independence and nothing else.

The Southern Cameroonian identity cannot be sold outrightly by the SDF. No true Southern Cameroonian political institution have ever preached such outright assimilation and colonisation. It is a shame.

Fon, theories in contemporary debates relating to ones identity is habitually focused on aspects of unity, coherence and a maintanance of our identity. Pathologising identities are customarily disjuntive and provide disparate opinions of "what is" and "what is not". We are not contesting our political identity as second class citizens in la republique. We are not. We are a UN trust territory of the Southern Cameroons and our people should not be made to think that they have any future with la republique. For factual reasons, many of us do not want to identify ourselves with la republique. We have inherited a conceptualisation of identity that is seemingly not related to la republiques political, social and economic culture. We are very different, it cannot work. Period

To be continued..........Next week.


Additional notes:

The current SDF seems like a busines entity in political robes. They are not fighting for anybody apart from theselves. That is why they are in parliament, councils, etc where CPDM have majority seat and have appointed government delegates. They have no strategy and will not achieve anything that will ever benefit the average Southern Cameroonian. Instead, our brothers would be repatriated (like is happening in Norway and Germany) on grounds that la republique is a multi-party democracy and Ni John is happy with the current status quo.

M Nje

"Secondly,the SDF was legalised under the Laws of La Republique.Albert Mukong wouldn`t have been expecting the party to join the political landscape of La Republique,and at the same time expect it to fight for the Anglophone problem.That is unrealistic,and a practical impossibility"

Hi Wateish,
Why is the above statment unrealistic and impossibile?


Fellow Cameroonians!
I'll start by wishing you all a Happy New Year 2007. I've been off the net for sometimes, but thank God am back.

That said, SDF is a political party & the SCNC is a pressure group fighting for the Southern Cameroonians cause. SDF has never stood against the aspirations of the SCNC, but on the contrary, some people within SCNC think that their retardation in achieving their noble objective is as a result of the political activities of the SDF. This is quite untrue because the SCNC has spent the best part of her time creating factions & these factions spend more time in trying to outdo the others. More so, the likes of Rexon should come back home & propel the SCNC instead of taking the cause into an internet affair? Rexon et al should tell the world whether SN Tita is now a frontline militant of a yet-to-created political party (to be headed by a certain son of a traitor or called him Ben Muna) or still an SCNC activist? I remember SN hoisting a flag of the SCNC at the Mungo bridge & immediately fled to Nigeria where he spent more than 5 yrs there?

In all, if the SCNC succeed, no one even FRU NDI will stop them. And please Rexon et al, will you leave the SDF & FRU NDI alone & concentrate on your Independent option? Besides, SDF has stood for a 4 state Federation where Southern Cameroons is a State, Littoral & West a State, Centre, South & East a State & the 3 Northern provinces a State; with a Federal Capital Territory to be carved out around the virgin land in Bafia.

That aside, a lot people like Rexon have been passing around as ex-SDF members, whereas, they know nothing about the SDF. I'll say this with an article of faith that from Rexon write-ups, he has never been an SDF member - he might have been an SDF ill-informed sympathiser.

Cheers & let's avoid people who have nothing to offer - threadbare analysts.




The political posturing of your failed party imply that there is a single structure of authority where people have to comply-Pay unquestionable allegiance to your self-styled political guru NJFN or be abused. Ways of currying favour by SDF pundits follow acceptable lines of conduct that the current SDF members must overtly agree, without questioning its integrity. People who have broken their codes of conduct but have institutional power and are in priviledge positions, are generating new definitions of who is against who. NJFN is not a political God. His renting his house to PMUC is affecting our economy. PMUC is a French Gambling companing siphoning huge amount of money to France everyday. No true politician can have any business engagement with such a "Sin" company. I am merely lodging a complain and trying to find social restitution from rightminded Southern Cameroonians.

You are fast enough to refuse and dump people only when they are criticising the ideologies of your self-styled political guru-NJFN. It did'nt start today, Souleymane of Sonara, Dr Twenkwo, Monga Celestin, Charly Gabriel Mbock, etc have all passed around as SDF members and have also been told that they were merely ill-informed sympathisers of the SDF. Despite all the sacrifices they made for this particular party, they have always been driven out simply because they criticised the chairman (A self-styled political guru managing a cult religion masquerading as a political party) publicly.

Southern Cameroonian should distrust everyone that has any coperation with la republique. From our ministers to handclappers in their parliament and political parties serving them. They are a tool to bring ballot boxes, government delegates and others to suppress us. That including the SDF. If we distrust them, this will seemingly have a galvanising effect on our cultural identity and our political conciousness. We must abandon them and coperate in the face of our common enemy. We cannot be lied to and be thought of as fighting on two fronts, the SDF and SCNC when from all indications, this SDF is a tool of oppression. We should refine and define our individual strategy in the face of a perceived threat, not only in relation to our national sovereignty, but to our cultural identity. The SDF has failed in all respects.


Could the colonial Junta luxate the effete strongest opposition?A hock of the Junta's ILLEGAL colonial prosecution?The caudillo seems to be implicit the partido is facing a gnashing enfeeblement.He seems to trow so.
This have been observed earlier.Grovelling to the sinecure PM to take action?He refutes there is no junta but one wonders, what is it when wielding troops where sent to garrison was trowed he had won the 1992 head of state elections and was seized because he was not a native based on Senatus consulta 84/001 of 4th Feb 1984.Troops where paraded in Bamenda where they stayed about 90 days and put the region under siege injuries certainly.What was that?I trow we can still cling to a special definition of the word coined by an übermensch.


Hi M Nje,
Here we go! Albert Mukong ,knowing who he was,and what he stood for wouldn`t have been blind to the fact that we went from Federal,to United ,and finally to Republique.What does a Republique means?With all the signposts that could lead to the identification of ourselves as an autonomous group of people completely destroyed,and all indications given that we were going to be a subjugated people,how could somebody pretend to register a political party,and not a freedom movement under such conditions? By legalising the SDF under the laws of La Republique,it became a National party,and not a Southern Cameroons party.How did he want the SDF ,to be a National,and Regional party at the same time?If the SDF took over power,how could it abandon its National character ,and start happing about the autonomy of a particular region? It is because of these shortcomings that Anglophone leaders thought hard ,and came up with the AAC.This brought about the creation of the SCNC,but the SCNC has failed to move faster,and project itself as a freedom movement.It is now reducing itself into a bitter rivalry between the little SDF that was existing before its creation,and that was even invited to take up a post within its ranks.M Nje this false alarm created by some few utopic idealists about the SDF,points to one thing,that the propaganda machine in the SCNC is non-existent.Just look at the few who pretend to past for SCNC spokespersons here.All are very poor communicators,and strategists.But the SDF have those guys who have been able to keep the party afloat even with Biya`s highhandedness.

Ma Mary

Watesih: I noticed that you made some poignant observations about Albert Mukong's contradictions. The man was a work in progress for most of his life, but he could not be considered a flip-flopper, because he was constant about wanting the best for his people and constant about making a course correction when he felt it was warranted.

Recall that Mukong in the late 50s was for the union between french cameroons and southern Cameroons. He even went to the UN to promote that point of view. Then, he did not really understand the french and their program and thought he was workign for African unity.

When he saw that things were going awry and Ahidjo and his clique were serving other interests, he became their harshest critic. he was way out there above the fonlons above the rest, above the cowards of every stripe, including me. He payed very dearly for his convictions.

Then he thought that a political party could serve "anglophone" political interests and break the one party hold. That is how the idea of the SDF came about. The founding fathers, will tell you that it was created to serve as a platform for anglophone interests. Then, the francophones in la republique also found it to be a useful tool that would serve their interests. The also wanted out of the one party system and were eager to follow. That is good on the one hand but bad because it deflected SDF from its original trajectory.

By the time of his passing Mukong had moved beyond the SDF to fully embrace the idea of an independent Southern Cameroons. The other independent thinker, his friend and fellow Sasse student, Gorji Dinka had already posited the idea in 1986. It was enticing but too radical for its time. Even the most progressive of us, tasted those ideas with great relish but were afraid to own them then. Now those ideas are dead and center. Never mind factions of the SCNC. The ideas are not going anywhere. People are working for the Southern Cameroons within and outside of the SCNC. It is a good thing and not a bad thing for the struggle for two reasons: one is that it shows the broad base of the idea. There may be different points of view, but we all agree on the essentials. The other is that there is no one big figure on top, whom la republique would simply assasinate or corrupt and kill the movement.

Right, Mukong was contradictory, but for a good reason. His ego, unlike many of us here was not so heavy that it prevented him from correcting his course when he realized that he had made a mistake. That is an admirable quality. I spoke to Mr Mukong quite a bit in his last couple of years. He believed that Southern Cameroons independence was going to pass. His belief was quite mystical in its intensity and he passed that on to us his brothers and sisters who survived him.

M Nje

I appreciate your straight response. No spinning I might say. I have always tried not to comment on the reason behind the creation of the SDF, because I cannot find any coherent information. All my research so far has yield conflicting accounts.

But I know that you can create change in an establishment either from inside, outside, or a combination of both.
1. MAYBE it was a strategy that while a Southern Cameroonian is president, a nationalistic moment will be outside protesting so that he could move to dismantle the current structure and create a two state federation as a step to full independent for Southern Cameroons. Remember that the USSR was destroyed by its own head of state. The apartheid regime in South Africa was destroyed by its own president.

2. Or MAYBE the SDF was create to be a national party and the AAC I and II where held to redress that short coming as you suggested. Hence the birth of the SCNC for the restoration of the Independent of Southern Cameroons.

I do not know the answer to the above possibilities. What ever the answer is, this is 2007. I think we need to move beyond that debate, look at the future, and design how we can achieve our own goal. An organization may be create for a particular goal. That does not stop it from revisiting that objective, neither does it stop it from re-engineering. As we continue to engage in this debate, our brothers are being killed in the University of Buea, our parent and grandparents are being terrorized in the villages by these D.Os and S.D.Os, our resources are being exploited by the minutes at SONARA, etc, etc, etc..

So let us look for common ground, stop rehashing history, and move forward with a UNITY OF PURPOSE AND DIRECTION .

Ma Mary

Let us continue to imagine and to build our future. Every good thing starts as a thought, as a dream. One of the first exercises in starting a business is to conceptualize it in thought and to write it down. It is called a business plan. If you do not create a business plan, you are likely to fail in your venture. We have started the business plan of the Southern Cameroons. It is a joint venture. Some of you are already collaborating on it.

Do not forget to look through and put some ideas everyday. It could be a word, a sentence or a whole page. It is up to you. Doubters need not apply. Only people who believe in a plan construct it. That does not mean there are no devil's advocates, people who lay down the "what ifs" to test the integrity of the plan.

VISIT YOUR PLAN HERE EVERYDAY. Dot an i, add a word. Substitute a better word. Create a better paragraph. Correct a typo. Add a page. Discuss a brand new idea. Lets do it.


Ma Mary,M Nje,
The SDF is our thing. The SCNC is also our thing.By creating the SCNC ,we wanted to speed up the fight to snatch back our stolen identity.This fight must continue,because it has to do with who we are.But we are not going to entertain backtrackers,who for reasons best known to them want to create a conflicting situation where it is not supposed to be.On this note i will like to put it straight to all the factions of the SCNC that will be meeting soon,that the main problem with the SCNC is that of propaganda.Its propaganda machine should be completely reviewed.It should be poignant, and free of demagogy.What matters in a freedom movement is the message,and how it is put across.If the SCNC wants people to get ,and ruminate its ideas,it should rely on the Ma Marys,Tayongs,Akosons,Njes,who will put the ideas over with a cold head, rather than some arrogant,quarrelsome,and slow witted ,and self-seeking lot.Finally,
when the SCNC factions meet,they should take up the debate that has to do with the relationship between the SDF,and the SCNC.They should resolve to steer clear of the SDF activities,and propagate theirs.They
should also call to order people like S N Tita who started out as a SCNC member ,and is said to be crusading for Muna`s SDF today.It is not a crime to have sympathy for the SCNC ,and SDF simultaneously,but when doing this we must bear in mind that one is a political party,which is fighting to get to power,and the other is a freedom movement
fighting for autonomy.The link between them is that the SDF wields considerable influence in the English speaking part of Cameroon,and therefore benefits from the sympathy of most of the inhabitants of this region,and at the same time ,the SCNC would like to see this part of the country become autonomous.Anything short of a good understanding between the roles of the SCNC ,and SDF and their freedom to carry through their programmes without unnecessary witchhunting will not materialise.


NJFN is not a political God and Watesih, Atangha, Fon and Co are not his prophets. He is a NORMAL Southern Cameroonian politician like any other person. He is a public figure and should be criticised and stregthen like any normal Southern Cameroonian. He is not a God. Yes, i repeat, he rented his house to PMUC, a French Gambling Company and that illegal business is crumbling our economy and huge amounts of money is leaving our impovershed north West everyday to France. He who is afraid to tell him and if he does not want to overturn the contract he signed with PMUC, then i repeat, he is not a patriotic person and should not be paraded as a Demi-God who will solve all of our economic problems when in power.

Pa Tita was a NJFN die-hard supporter before turning to the Muna's SDF. People should stop misinforming readers in this forum. Today when Pa is no longer supporting the NJFN SDF, He is being paraded as an SCNC turned Munas SDF. No. Pa supported the creation of several Limbe, Fako, South West, North West and other SDF districts in the Southern Cameroons and in la republique. Like the Souleymane and Twenchkwo during the days in Limbe, Pa SN Tita sacrificed his business career and lost a lot of businesses and properties as a result of his involvements in NJFN's SDF. His printing press, his contracts, his properties were all destroyed by the CPDM but he stayed with NJFN's SDF. At the time, he was just a sympathiser with the SCNC course. I only knew that he has been an SCNC when my mother informed me that he has escaped to Nigeria as a result of his involvement in the hoisting of the Southern Cameroonian flag somewhere. So people should not misinform others here. Pa have his own concerns and weaknesses that must be moderated, but he is not a sell-out. He has also not rented any of his properties to PMUC and other illegal French businesses in the Southern Cameroons. He has also been in deep financial crises several times and agents from la republique have offered him huge sums of money to denounce NJFN's SDF. He has always refused. There is no evidence that he has been financed by the CPDM. Pa has sacrificed financially and morally for NJFN and if people want to misinform others today, simply because he has turned them down for some realistic reasons, they should go and sleep.

Those who claim to have autonomy over what is right or wrong are now flip-flopping. The only solution for the SDF in the Southern Cameroons is that they should be dissolved. Anything short of that is a distraction to our Southern Cameroonian political conciousness. They have warned the Tayongs, Akoson's, Samleyin here that they are groping in darkness to belong to both the SCNC and the SDF. They (not me) have told this forum that there is no way one can support these two movements. Now, they are telling the world and this two forum how we can co-exist. Lets be honest to ourselves. Friendship do not always materialise as hope.

Employing chummy and affable statement to gain the respect of several commentators in this forum is not my style. It will be narrow minded an attitude for me to employ such tactics. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. While an average Southern Cameroonian is in pains and suffering from the demise of la republique's colonial agents, some groups of people are merely parading themselves in la republiques colonial headquarters as parliamentarians and in the Southern Cameroons as gov't delegates, mayors, etc. We want results, as politics is a game of results. The CPDM can only give them some councils, some positions to legitimise the colonisation of our land. The can never defeat the CPDM and they should go and sleep if they know that. They, the SDF are techincally causing the repatriation of several Southern Cameroonians abroad as La Republique is being marketed as a multi-party democracy in the international community.

NJFN is not a political God and Southern Cameroonians will not listen to lies from his prophets.


Ma Mary
"The founding fathers, will tell you that it was created to serve as a platform for anglophone interests."
My question is; when was the SDF to serve as a platform for anglophone interests? When it gets to power or on its way to power? If the formal is the answer, then how was the SDF to get to power? By being a national party or an anglophone party?
I ask these questions to further strengthen the point that the SDF was never created to fight for the independent of southern Cameroon but to fight against the marginalisation of anglophones.This is even clear from your statement that I have quoted above.
when some of the founding fathers of the SDF,e.g Albert Mukong later saw that it was proving difficult for the SDF to take over power and redress the problems of anglophones,they turned around to embrace the ideas of the SCNC; which is total restoration of the state of Southern Cameroons.
The SCNC and the SDF should in noway be in conflict.

I asked Rexon how he thinks the SDF can redirect its activities to accelerate the independence of Southern Cameroons. He respond was that the SDF should be dissolved, but failed to elaborate on how the dissolution of the SDF will help the SCNC struggle.Being short sighted, he forgets that if the SDF is dissolved, another party will emerge to replace it.(Muna will be very happy)

Ma Mary, I strongly recommend that you and others in the struggle should write personal mails to Rexon to redirect him. I know you know what to tell Rexon because you have been reading his postings here.


We will make it clear again ,and again for Mr Rexon to get,that there`s no way you can stand for the SDf,and the SCNC in the open simultaneously.This does not mean that the two should not co-exist.Of course they have been co-existing ,and there is also no way this situation is going to change.We have said you can only stand for one in the open ,and the other behind the scenes.As to the other vague sing song about Fru Ndi renting his house to PMUC,this is not the reason why after so many years the leaders of the SCNC come out in public and tell us that," Proud and courageous people of Southern Cameroons
the only obstacle delaying the timely accomplishment of our mission is our lack of unity of purpose and clearly defined road map to galvanize synergy for success" .They should therefore keep their love for disunity to themselves,and keep hands off the SDF.They are still learning to be united.We call on them to go beyond this stage first,rather than asking for a party that came into existence before them to be dissolved.
Today Rexon ,has just confirmed what many have been accusing him of,intolerance.Infact he has gone beyond the threshold of intolerance,by asking for the SDF to be dissolved ,so people could only listen to him.When people around the world are promoting freedom of expression ,and association,Rexon is still nursing the idea of silencing entities that are not beneficial to his political views.One begins to wonder why it is only now that he would want the SDF to be dissolved,after having been one of its members ,and abandon the fight to go and hide in another of our colonial master`s country.What moral authority can Rexon pretend to have ,when he is not fighting the SDF in Cameroon,but hiding in Britain,the country that has turned a deaf ear to all the problems we have been facing.The divisive nature of this guy is not surprising.He has all a long been questioning his identity on this forum.He has sought many a time to know where he comes from;the Northwest or the southwest province? How can somebody who is not even certain about his roots pretend to be an authoritative voice when people talk about the southern Cameroons.If your problem is Fru Ndi,we want to remind you that you ran away from him before,and you are now shouting out insults thousands of kilometers away.Go back to Cameroon ,and challenge him!
This would have been the time to read good analysis from this man about Liberation
and other problems autonomous people face,since the factions of the SCNC are preparing to meet,but he wants to conceal his inability here by weeping up sentiments about the SDF.How many people has the SDF defeated in your presence? How many people have poured venom on the SDF to no avail in your presence? How many news organs were bribed at home and abroad to soil the reputation of the SDF to no avail?


There must be something going wrong with Rexon. It puzzles me that he is abandoning the real fight and now wants the world to know that Fru Ndi is the reason why Biya and his men have been trampling on Southern Cameroonians.

Rexon says the SDF should be dissolved. He doesn't even think for one moment that the SDF is not the only political party in the Southern Cameroon. In fact I think this guy has something personal against Fru Ndi. He gives the impression that Biya and his French masters will leave the Southern Cameroon if Fru Ndi dissolves the SDF. Did Fru invite the French to SONARA, DEL Monte, and so on? What about the French troops stationed in some parts of Southern Cameroon? Did they get there through Fru Ndi’s invitation?
Someone help me ask Rexon if Fru Ndi's house is the only house PMUC is using in the Southern Cameroon? Maybe all the houses the PMUC is using in the South West and other parts of the North West are all owned by Fru Ndi?
Watesih please don't waste your time explaining things to Rexon. If he has ran out of steam and doesn't know how to continue the struggle, he better keeps quiet and listen to others like Ma Mary rather than taking on Fru Ndi on a daily basis.


"...We want results, as politics is a game of results. The CPDM can only give them some councils, some positions to legitimise the colonisation of our land. The can never defeat the CPDM and they should go and sleep if they know that..."
When I read the above statement from Rexon, I did not believe such vagueness could be associated to any one who seeks the independence of a nation.
Rexon`s parole could make one to believe that compared to the SCNC, the SDF has failed to achieve so far. Wrong!!! The SCNC after more than 10 years of existence is still to come up with a strategy of how it intends to achieve its goal of gaining the independence of Southern Cameroons. So far, the only result the SCNC can boast of is the hoisting of flags once a year. So since politics is a game of results, as Rexon insinuates, then the SCNC has failed alarmingly.
On the other hand, the SDF seeks to govern Cameroon and implement its manifesto. So far, despite systematic hindrance, the SDF can boast of a robust structure, the strongest militant base in the country and a far-reaching participation in local government.
If politics is a game of results, this analysis would suffice to show that the SDF is nearer to its goal than the SCNC can dream of.
Rexon would thus serve the SCNC more in trying to identify the best methods of achieving its goal than seeking for an open confrontation with the SDF and the Chairman.


What is the real fight?

Can you guys give verifiable information on how the SDF and SCNC can co-exist? Recall that, the Southern Cameroons to the best of my knowledge has a political party called SCAPO (Southern Cameroons Peoples Organisation) registered on the laws of the Southern Cameroons. Other organisations involved in the fight for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons but are not political parties includes the SCNC, Ambazonia, SCYL and its military arms SOCADEF (southern Cameroons defence force). The SDF is not a political party for the Southern Cameroons. As confirmed by its prophets in this forum, it is nothing but for la republique.

It would be meaningful for Mr Biya to create and send political parties in parliament that is not SDF. Didn’t we hear Omar Beto singing the problems of Douala people instead of the problems of his constituency (Tiko) when representing UPC in la republique’s parliament. Let the Beto’s multiply in the Southern Cameroons, we will know how to fight them. Than some of our own, selling us for their own selfish desires.

In politics and other aspects of life, we need to identify the positives and the negatives and show where the balance lies. I have identified and written several good things here about Fru Ndi. I have defended him when the need arises. I have also criticised even my own Pa Tita in this forum. I also have the moral authority to question whether NJFN renting his house to PMUC (A gambling Company), received subsistence for Ma Rose's death from the CPDM, and his sending of his handclappers to parliament, mayors ruled by CPDM appointed government delegates "MIGHT" suggest that he is a bit of a fraud. It is left on Mr Fru to either act properly or give proper explanations. I am far from trying to put him into pedestals, but I am just trying to speak the truth and save our economy and political consciousness from such malpractices. Because I have written and identified positive and negative values in him, some shallow minded people here have taken me for an enemy. Parroting my name in this forum and privately as this or that. That doesn’t bother me though.

If you think about if from a revolutionary point of view, humans have always looked up to the person who is doing better. We have all got that inspirational drive and do look at this people as some form of an inspiration. Now that NJFN, have rented his house to PMUC, are you guys saying that we should encourage our parents, relatives, etc to all play the game? Are you guys saying that when Mr Fru takes over power, we should advertised our country as a nation interested in inviting all "SIN" business to operate. Recall that, Investment bankers do not encourage anyone to invest or have anything to do with Gambling, Alcohol of Tobacco Companies. I know there are many houses PMUC would have rented in Commercial Avenue. How comes that they choosed only Fru Ndi's house? If a common man had rented his house to PMUC, that would'nt have bothered me, but seeing Fru Ndi doing that, and refusing to apologise to the people he has misled is a bit of a concern. SDF’s arguments when they influenced Fru Ndi to receive money for Ma Rose’s death was that it is fund to support Cameroonians in times of need as if he is the only Cameroonian who has been in need. And the political implication is that they common man has lost trust in the political dynamics of the oppostion and see’s changes in the current status quo as a far cry.

Klemenceau, I don’t have anything against NJFN or any of his puppets/prophets in la republique’s parliament. I am not that type who can pay unquestionable allegiance to self-styled political gurus. Politics in not a cult religion and we should not be forced into supporting what is wrong. You will be surprised to understand much about how I feel about him as a person. But I don’t want my people to be manipulated.

Fon, where do you think I am going wrong? I don’t really see why I should accept that a party operating under the laws and protecting the aspirations of la republique can be marketed as a liberation movement for the Southern Cameroons. I don’t sit on my own and feel awful about questioning the integrity of NJFN bringing sin companies to the Southern Cameroons. If one day I do, or someone points anything wrong in what I am saying, and in my strong conviction, I know I am wrong, I will apologise to NJFN and will not be ashamed to do so. But as things stand, NJFN is misleading the Cameroonian people and I don’t think I am wrong. Because I have seen researchers here on environmental accounting teaching students against investing even on projects like the Chad Cameroon oil pipeline because of its environmental implications. I have also taught students about the implication of investing or doing business with sin stocks. It is unethical and embarrassing. I repeat, NJFN is an embarrassment to our people and to their political consciousness.



The SCNC is not a political party but a freedom fighting movement. SCAPO which is a political party is not registered in the laws of la republique. It is not fighting for councils, parliamentarians, etc. If the SDF for example is given the possibility to win seats in parliament for the Southern Cameroons and decolonise the region when they have outright majority, then we can rely on them. The Scottish national party for example that is working for the independence of Scotland does not have outright majority in scotland. Labour is still leading and by their constitution, when they will have the majority, or any other independence movement, then they can call for the unconditional independence of scotland. As you know, if La Republique gives the SCNC or SCAPO or even SDF that choice, then we will have outright independence as the SDF is the winning party in the Southern Cameroons.

Thank you.

Ma Mary

Fon, some day speak to the people who hatched the idea of the SDF, people such as Professor Carlson Anyangwe, who coined the name of the party. That was their original intent, to cater for Southern Cameroonian interests. In order to understand their frame of minds, you need to transport your imagination back to 1990. It was a different time. People who wanted to project "anglophone" interests were leary about doing so openly. They thought then, that a political party would be a good way of doing that. They had no way of predicting the momentum and the direction that it would take, that it would be embraced in East Cameroon. They were scared. It was a singular act of courage stepping into unknown territory and not knowing where it would end.

Carlson Anyangwe has been consistent about fighting for Southern Cameroons interests. After the SDF launch, he became part of a committee that drafted a constitution that restored the former West Cameroon and our federal rights and autonomy. That draft was rejected by Owona who brought a facsimile of something from France and imposed it.

That was the final straw that led to the drafters of that constitution, the famous giants: Anyangwe, Elad and Munzu to call the All Anglophone Conferences that ended with the creation of the SCNC.

To evaluate the historical mission of the SDF, you cannot take a snap shot of its present state and fail to look at the past. Then you really miss the truth. I hope Anyangwe, if he is reading this would find the time to write an article here to explain this, because I could have missed some details.


To add more, Carlson and Munzu did not only have their constitution rejected. They were told that as Southern Cameroonians, they were not brought to read or question any text or thing in Owona's constitution, they were brought to sign. By implication, any Southern Cameroonian working for la republique in any capacity is a mere observer and someone that should just sign our death warrant. That is why, during the current UB crises, while we were crying for our lost souls, some of our brothers were signing communique's defining them as "An Assorted group of assailants attacked the police station armed with guns........".


Correction, Carlson and Munzu did not only have their ideas rejected.



I have always read your comments here and from your comments one could rightly say Rexon is a great mind- Someone who has a heart for his people. But this has not been the Rexon I have been reading from. (That is why I said something must be wrong with you) I personally don't think you have something against Fru Ndi but someone might think so after reading through your comments. You have suddenly become so bitter with Fru Ndi. No matter the arguments you advance, I personally think the SCNC can succeed with or without the SDF and Fru Ndi. That is why I consider your arguments of recent as unfruitful as far as the liberation struggle is concern. In fact I feel it can even have an adverse effect to the struggle.
I understand you got the right to criticize what you think is wrong in Fru Ndi and the SDF. But don't you think this protracted argument about Fru Ndi, the SDF and PMUC and Fru Ndi's house is now boring? I don't think Fru Ndi is disturbing the SCNC.
How many times have others asked you to stop this long argument, which to me is a digression or rather is creating conflict instead of uniting?
Rexon, I just wish to know how the argument you have engaged in for about two weeks now can foster the liberation struggle. Don't you think you can still advance good points here to convince SDF sympathizers to put more effort on the SCNC struggle than the SDF?
Please let’s be thinking of how to drive Biya and his men in Uniform out of our Country (the Southern Cameroon).

Rexon, I have never contributed anything substantial here with regards on how we can regain our independence. But I want to tell you that it is only by force (I mean physical struggle) that we can succeed; anything less than that will be a dream. And talking about force, only few Southern Cameroon parents will allow their children to join in any action of force because they will be abandoned in jail if they are caught by the colonial gendarmes or police. We should be ready to promote this fight morally, physically and most importantly financially.

Forgive the incoherence. I just feel pissed up seeing Southern Cameroonians confronting/fighting each other.



Dear Klemenceau,

Thank you very much. I just thought i was bringing a point that need to be known by Southern Cameroonians and that can also help the SDF achieve its objectives, if they are truly a party with an agenda to decolonise the Southern Cameroons. I will consult my political advisers to determine if my current strategy is hampering our quest for self determination.

M Nje

"We should be ready to promote this fight morally, physically and most importantly financially."

I think you have made this point more than once in this forum. I share it in its entirety. Especially the last two words: need for continuous financial support. Our ability to achieve a Southern Cameroons state will be greatly limited if we do not individually make a long term financial commitment. I am for a SOUTHERN CAMEROONS LIBERATION TAX. They may be other means of rasing funds but I think we need to impose a tax on ourselves AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

I know there is the usually skepticism about accountability. I think we have enough experts to put in place a good internal control system. Example: we can have the records online so every contributor can verify if their contribution are recorded.

We also have to predetermine how the tax funds can be allocated. Example: if 2 % of annual contributions are to be used to pay legal fee for arrested members, that fund cannot be used for any other purpose. Again, I think we have enough experts who can desire a fund accounting system for us.

In any case, I hope we start thinking about how we intend to achieve victory. Freedom is not a cheap commodity. It is time we start making a continuous and long term sacrifice, as Klemenceau said, to have our nation back.


Dear Rexon,
"I will consult my political advisers to determine if my current strategy is hampering our quest for self determination."

Act fast in this direction before it is too late.Hope your political adviser will advise you that what is important is to work on strategies that will lead to the galvanisation of all to join the struggle and not atagonizing with one another.


Wow, think i am antagonising? I am not. I am merely bringing a sensitive point in a straightforward manner. A point that many will share in hiding but will want to hide over the carpet.

M Nje

Jerome Lawen Tangunyi,
I agree totally with the last part of your write-up. However, such a nationalist company must have good and efficient management to be competitive in the market place. Nationalization of state cooperation should not be done at the expense of efficiency. After all, it is the consumer who benefits the most in a competitive open market economy. (through low prices and high quality of goods and services)

But before we engage in any form of nationalization, we must first define what kind of economic system we desire. For many years I have been unable to understand what the government of La repuglique is up to. Is Cameroon desiring to have a Capitalist or a Communist state or is it the transitional stage in-between (Socialist)? They seem completely confused and have no clue. Remember that Socialist failed in USSR and will surely fail in other countries like France.
The judiciary remains an arm of the executive, the financial sector is a shame, the tax code continuous to be a nightmare, the is virtually no rule of law. Justice remains that which is in the interest of the very rich and powerful. Is this a place?

While I acknowledge that the West is partly responsible for some of our problems, I think our leaders share a greater part of the responsibility.
• The West is not responsible for the fact that CAMAIR has been on a coma for a long term, just waiting to take the last breath. You surely must have forgotten that the companies you listed above: PAMOL, SONEL, CDC can barely pay their operating cost.
• Is the West responsible for the fact that CRTV, wish is subsides by every taxpayer, cannot provide signal to the entire nation?
• Is the West responsible for the fact that a list of unqualified students where admitted into the University of Buea Medical School?
• Is the West responsible for the lack of any tare roads in the South West for instant; outside of Fako Division?
• Is the West responsible for the fact that Cameroon has Civic Servant who are worth more that a Million dollar. Infact, there are amount the riches civil servants in the world.
• Is the West responsible for the continious present of “ghost workers” in the public service
• etc etc etc
Our Major problem is that of lack an understanding of what the phrase CIVIL SERVANT really means. Until a society educates it public that:
• 1. the Civil Services is like a priesthood. It is a calling to serve the public for the general good and not to create personal wealth.
• 2. Personal wealth is created in the private sector and not in government.

Until then, it will never fight poverty. Remember that to successfully fight poverty, you need to create a viable middle class. You can only grow an economy from the middle not from the edges. Currently in Cameroon, the later is done. More and more people are either very rich or very poor. That is a one-way ticket to an economic failure. Productivity, Productivity, Productivity is the answer. We need to create condition that increase PRODUCTIVITY.

I will beg to disagree with you that globalization is the greatest obstacle to our progress. It is the lack of interest in the common good. Our civil servants do not have an interest in the common good. This is how I see globalisation: it is a competition between nations in which each nation is trying to promote the goods and servicers that it can offer. If ministers and other public servants have the good of the public then it works best.
Example: when President Bush visited Indian, he went to sell American technology; Nuclear energy. The Indians in return said you have to buy mangoes from us. The Indians understand that a farmer in a local village will not have the means to sell his mangoes to the USA for example. So the governments steps in. Is your owe government doing that? The Chinese are everyway because their government is opening the international market for them? Is your civil servant doing that.

The IMF and the World Bank no double are an extension of colonization. But I can tell you that our governments are not obligated to lend from them. If they where credit worthy, they could raise money internally without having to turn to colonial masters (IMF, etc). It is commonly believe that the richest nations like USA, UK .., do not have any debts. That is fair from the truth. Take the case of USA, how do you think it can finance the wars it is engaged in at the moment, and still experience significant investment at home? It is because the government is creditable, so it can make use of debt instruments outside the World Bank and IMF. The US government for instant can raise money internally by selling US Treasury Bond. Can you buy a treasury bond from La Republique. ,

So long as a government continuous to be less credit worthy (i.e. corrupt, no rule of law, etc etc) , it will have no choice but to borrow from the colonial master and follow their instructions.


this is the best site ever; it roars with so much energy.Keep up the good work.


Ma Mary
Just to compliment your point, not only was Dr Anyangwe part of the adhoc committee member that drafted the constitution he was also the SDF representative at the 1990 Electoral commission.He finally threw off the towel with the SDF when a telephone call from Mvomeka automatically changed the results and gave Biya the victory.He then saw no need to continue the struggle from the current SDF platform.

Whether he still sway allegeance to the current status quo can only be answered by him.That not withstanding I give honour sometimes to whom honour is due. Many Cameroonians were and are still not ready to put their necks on the lines .After the 1990 AAC conference Southern Camerooninas were desperate for a leader to champion the course of regaining their autonomy. Everyone had one or two reasons for not taking the lead,some their jobs, some their family safety ,some their lives.This is where Mr Fru won the hearts of Southern Cameroonians because he put his neck on the line,took the then horrible risk and accepted to lead.

He and his current SDF might have strayed away from the current mission, that I agree in toto but Mr Ndi goes down in the books of Southern Cameroon as a hero.

My good friend, I read somewhere you accused the SDF of being the source of repatriations of Southern Cameroonians from Germany and Norway. Permit me to say this openly , a thing many wont like to hear and might hate me for saying it but though the truth be bitter it must be spoken.

The network of fraudulent assylum seekers under a purported persecution for a Southern Cameroon course is doing harm to the course rather than what you claimed above. The worst thing is that many of those benefitting from status have just nothing to show for the course.Serious investigations by the said gov'ts have found their calims false. You'll be shocked by this testimony:

I challenged a youngman who got this status to show proof of fighting for the Southern Cameroon course but he couldn't.To your amazement he brandished me a "wanted man" in Cameroon current ruffles with the Cameroon govt.Some openly tell me I'm fighting an illusive course.You and I having nothing to do with papers take the risk to speak.They ,just like others obtain their papers ,know just nothing about Southern Cameroon talk less of the fighting for the struggle.

I think these're the people who're doing harm to the struggle Rex.After investigations these govt find out the truth and send back these blacklegs.So Rex,If you meet some of them tell them to work for what they claim and not claim what they dont work for .The struggle continues.Hope no one is hurt in here!
Cheers Countryman


...because of my current ruffles with the Cameroon govt not calim



You are right. We are dealing with some and are still dealing with some. We of the SCNC do not believe in hiding anything under the carpet. If you know of anyone who is muddying the SCNC name or the name of any of its sisters organisations, do inform me and i will do my best to persecute the person. I have talked against this in several high profile SCNC/SCYL meetings. We are not hiding anything under the carpet. I have even challenged some faction leaders for signing affidavits to people who haven't proved beyond reasonable doubts their allegiance to the struggle.

Thank you.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Dear Forum members,
Sorry for this long silence.I was bereaved and I had to go right to my village where access to internet is still a nightmare.

I have gone through most of your writeups above with concern.I like the way you guys bring up you arguments.But I will not take sides because the truth is that Fru Ndi is still dragging the party behind by taking bygones stuffs to bring at this juncture.I am thinking that now is tim for him to gather all the rival factions to solve their differences within the party.I don't see the PM's hand in their SDF upheavals.They should learn to resolve disputes at their level than allowing the enemy CPDM to infiltrate and inculcate their members at this period when elections are around the corner.

Fritzane Kiki

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