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Friday, 12 January 2007


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vally England

I am very surprised that the tax man,walks into Ntarikon,Fru ndi's residence with a tax bill of 17 million frs cfa.
Two things concerns me from this.
(1) How was the tax computed?what is Fru ndi's earned income?interest from savings or investments,other emuloments(from properties,dividends etc).
This should be the basis of tax computation.The combination of the above with the deductions of accepted tax deductions(allowed expenses,exempted items,statutory allowances)will live Fru ndi with his statutory earned income.

The tax man can then compute what fru ndi has to pay.Was this the approached?Or the tax man just came with abitrary figures of 17 million.

(2)Well,dictator fru ndi it is pay back time.The cpdm knows how much you have been collecting so pay.What of the kick backs you collect through mbah ndam?
You paid your taxes in 2004 during presidential elections so what of 2005 ,2006?

Fianally,these tax men must also declare and tell us what they are asking from stalin dictaor Biya as taxes.Has the dictator ever paid taxes since assuming to the presidency of the republic?and what of his wife and son?



First the issue of Tax. 17 million is too much tax for a cattle dealer in cameroon where an average cow cost 100,000Frs. Maybe the other thing are important but to get to this sum is out of question. I wonder how much companies like AES Sonel, SONARA, Foku,CAMAIR, PMUC pay as taxes. I will expect Mr Fru to give us more detail about this his tax issue if it is posible.All in all our tax system is a mess!
I will not count myself a supporter of SDF but if praises have to go to where they belong I must praise Fru Ndi for the Position he is now taking.
The only language our government listens to is violence. I think it is good that we start warning our SDO and other CPDM resource persons that the days of rigging are over. I am happy that Mr Fru Ndi stated names of riggers. More of such names should come up so that we put an eye on them. I on my part will call my uncle to order if I see his name on the list of riggers.
Opposition parties should however observe fair play and accept defeat where it is due. We should not turn to every polling station where SDF did not win and say CPDM rigged. We should not call those who did not vote for a particular party Traitors. We should not try to rig ourselver or place electoral officer in unconfortable situation.
Till election day comes please politician don't tell us what you cannot deliver. You shall be voted on your words. This include Fru Ndi and CPDM barrons. Only through such methods shall we grow.
Last Warning. Riggers we shall get to you before the result get to yaounde.


If Mr. Fru Ndi did not pay his taxes in 2005 and 2006 as he made us to understand, let him pay. He has been asked to pay taxes and not the SDF. Personal issues sir. He could not even comment on Ahmadou Ali's constitutional mess. Scandalous.
Somalia was without a government for 16 years and Sadam killed thousands of Irakians. Today there is the sign of hope to an average citizen in these Countries. What about Cameroon after 16 years of chaimanism? Thanks to the United States and her friends. Mr Fru Ndi, this is what we call international politics. You will never succeed without being part of it. We need them and we need the right people to get this done. Saying the international community has no lesson to teach Africa is not true. This is one of the reasons that the party you have been heading for 16years has nothing to offer today. Your time and that of your associates is out. Free the North Westerners by resigning.

Ma Mary

Around April 1, President Bush will declare his income and make his tax records public. Will Mr and Mrs Biya do the same? And Mr John Fru Ndi?


Reading through the reaction of Mr Fru Ndi above, it becomes clear to my Mind that, SDF now is a party with no strategy.

Is a party compeletely out of focus

A party with a FAILED leadership.

Hear'The Chairman said that if the SDF takes over government tomorrow, the crisis would deepen because militants will continue to fight to position themselves. On the upcoming elections, Fru Ndi warned his militants against tearing themselves apart because the enemy (CPDM) would take advantage of the squabbles and win with ease.

He still talks of 'IF' at this time. I know people will quickly say yes if why not? Forgetting to read between the lines. Remember tomorrow could be the next 2 centuries as well as 2011, but with him decaling that ELECAM is a rigiing tool, WHAT THEN HAS HE PUT IN PLACE OR PROPOSING TO COUNTER THIS RIGGING TOOL?

Again, another monumental error(courtesy of Prof Lambi). Africa has nothing to learn from the west, REALLY mr Fru??????????.

As a leader, one must learn to entertain complaint at anytime, anything short of that is a move towards dictatorship and autocracy. It is said, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, if you don't want complaints and to offer solutions, then STEP DOWN OR 'STEP ASIDE' as some will prefer it.

when one gets out of steam, out of mementum, he should get out of the way. This mentality of dying as a chairperson or President while still in active service due to 'natural courses' is what Africa doesn't need to learn from the West.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Is a common practice in Cameroon that, when you are a politician, is a path to tax evasion, whether been CPDM,SDF,UDC; UNDP,UPC etc. Our Master says he declared and paid his tax in 2004, what about 2005 and 2006?Did he pay? He was silent about it. This is somebody who wants to also get to the most powerful seat, 'IF' he ever gets there with all the powers to evade, how big then will the will to do so? When you climb at the top of the tree and want to be there for long, be ready to be 'SEEN'.

The solution for the Anglophones struggle for liberation is becoming clearer by the day.


After a careful scrutiny ,one comes away with the idea that declaring ,and paying taxes in Cameroon has to do with the arbitrary.First the spatio-temporal determinants of this exercise are non existent.This is seen in Fru Ndi`s implicit reference to the fact that he declared ,and paid his taxes before the 2004 presidentials.It implies that taxes are not treated according to the fiscal calendar.If somebody paid taxes in 2004 when he was going in for the presidential elections,and is only asked to do so again at the verge of another election in 2007,then this exercise is done selectively.The political undertones in such an exercise are very glaring.But this cannever serve as an embarrassment for Fru Ndi ,because the lasttime the election minded tax collectors put forward this impediment ,he paid the taxes.They have practically exhausted all tactics to smear the thorn that this guy is to their flesh,and are hanging on to taxes now.This is the first time in 40 years that a public figure has been asked to pay taxes.As to Fru Ndi owning a house ,and cattle,the question is where are the taxes Titus Edzoa pays for the mansion he built in Nsimeyong,Yaounde with money he swindled from the state? Biya has never declared taxes for the Palace he owns in Mvomeka`a ,and the newly built at Mont Febe.Frank Biya has never declared ,nor paid taxes for the numerous trailers he owns
and part of the forest that has become his farm in the East Province.The list is too long;Fotso,Foning,Achidi.
Since any political party aspires for power,some militants would always want to position themselves in strategic posts in disregard to all democratic norms.This is what the Chairman is warning about,and he is right to say the actions of such people will become more pronounced if the party found itself in power.
When Fru Ndi says we have nothing to learn from these great powers,he knows what he is saying.Of course he won`t be telling us about the rigging lessons Biya gets from them for a long.He means that this powers will never teach Africans not to rig elections.So we can`t learn this type of behaviour from them.As an International Socialist,he knows what his friend Gbagbo is going through in Cote D`Ivoire,as a result of these powers trying to push things down Africans`throats.
The paying of taxes should be an annual affair,and each businessman should know what he has to pay depending on his assets.An inventory is supposed to be made of these assets ,and he should be informed of all details.Is 17 million for the time span 2004 ,and 2007? How did they arrive at 17 million? If they are the ones to inform him to declare his taxes,why did it take so long to do so? If Fru Ndi paid in 2004,it means he knows paying taxes is a good thing.Why didn`t they notify him in 2005,2006 as they have done now in 2007?
Finally,everybody is aware that Biya has rigged all elctions for the past years.The question is to whose detriment has this been? Of course to Fru Ndi`s,and the SDF.This shows that the SDF ,and Fru Ndi have been working very hard for the past 17 years to merit the people`s confidence.If the SDF has forcefully been pushed to the second position in every election,then can any right minded person say Fru Ndi ,and the SDF have not done anything for 17 years? This is why he is saying the rigging is not done in Yaounde.It begins in front of our very eyes.So we have been too docile,and passive facilitators to Biya`s rigging machine.





AT 10.00AM


The Secretariat



Excellent analysis of the SDF frolics.


Tell Fru Ndi to pay his taxes. He is not a demi-God to anybody. He should be an example to others. If the procedures of tax payments are not properly organised, why have'nt he complained earlier? He needs to set the standards as a role model. His renting his house to a gambling company (PMUC) is enough evidence that he lacks to moral authority to question the integrity of the murderous Biya regime as they are birds of thesame feather. So he should simply pay his taxes and shut up.

Dear Readers,

Fru Ndi have a lot of questions to answer to Southern Cameroonian. I will be coming with a detailed review of my findings in the past few days in London. Some people cannot be feeding fat while others are suffering. He have a lot of questions to answer.


You people seemed very concerned with the amount of money fru ndi owes ( some call it taxes) but what i want to ask is who has walked up to the unity palace and placed a record of the amount of money Biya owes to our parents,grandparents and to us on biya's table? How much does he owe cameroon anyways? i'm thinking about 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 billion cfa francs??? or is it too small?


...and by the way, while the government is telling fru ndi to pay his tax, they should also tell the other 100000 ministers of cameroon to equally pay the millions they equally owe to cameroonians.


...and by the way, while the government is telling fru ndi to pay his tax, they should also tell the other 100000 ministers of cameroon to equally pay the millions they equally owe to cameroonians.


You could only accuse Fru Ndi of being a demi-god if he refused to pay.The government has merely said he owes 17 million,so he is going to pay,just as he has been doing.The example has been good.If you ask him to show records of his payments,he will do,but if you ask Frank Biya,Achidi ,they won`t.Rexon Fru ndi`s renting of the house he built with his money should not be very different from your living in London,the Capital of one of the Colonial powers that has turned a blindeye to the problems they created for us.So you guys who live in London do not have the moral authority to talk about colonial"junta" ,while referring to the French ,and pretend not to know that Britain is a passive facilitator of the exploitation we are victims of.I will elaborate on these double standards as time goes by.


Frudi is very right to criticise the west.the west are not ready to help the Africans they want to see us suffer as much as possible.The West are the one supporting dictaors in Africa.Look at the way Biya,bongo etc are supported by the west.We have to fight these dictaors who have taked africa hostage ourselve.The west is now fighting dictator mugabe because he turned against them.I support Frudi when he said that we should b e ready to fight against election rigging,but I think this resisant should be done in an orderly manner.The SDF should form a group of youths who are ready to intervent in any polling station where any rigging is signal.The only way to send away biya from power is only throught the use of force and nothing else.Why are the tax collectors only coming to ask Frudi money when election are nearby?I think this is just politics.


i agree with ma mary when she says our leaders should have a platform to declare their assets on regular bases,bacause it baffles me how mr. fru is owing the govt taxes worth 17 million.his business ventures must be huge.since 1990 till date,"how did pa. make all this money?".
am not sure.but i think fru ndi has a moral obligation to tell us how this taxes came about.especially since 1990.accountability and transperency.we are not saying he stole from the parties money or the lion mans govt has been supporting him financially,all we want to know is the uprightness and accountability of our mentor and role model,Ni John Fru Ndi.peace.


Tita Espoir,
How many role models do you have? Few weeks ago you were serving here as a mouth piece for Mr Atanga ,the cpdm millionaire.He recounted how he became a millionaire at 26,by doing business with government Ministries.All these in the 1990`s.You didn`t even raise eyebrows about the way he got all his money.All you were interested was that he should be given another opportunity to continue to feedfat on our sweat.You give the impression that Pa only started making millions since1990.Since you seem to be one of those good guys who would see to it that accountability is given of every action,you have a moral obligation to publish,or at least dig into the financial records of the candidate you were out campaigning for last time,and make them known to the public.Mr Fru Ndi has been paying since he became a business man in the 60`s,not 90`s ,and last paid in 2004.Can you tell us when Mr Atanga last paid his taxes?
Paul Biya ,and Atanga are your mentors ,not Fru Ndi! We know who you guys are!


Hello Rexon and Co

Rexon ,with due respect;as a devout Southern Cameroonian , an economist and someone I know personally I wish to say your analysis absolutely begs objectivity. We all criticise Fru Ndi for wrong decisions like this PMUC house renting dublicity which you have been rightly citing here time and again but then ,this can't be any logical argument for looking at Mr Fru with tinted glasses every time. This is tantamount to giving the dog a bad name in order to hang it.

Rexon as an economists , do you think someone who owns a house and have cattles (lets say 100 cattles) should be levied a tax of 17million in a developing country like Cameroon? You know the econometrics thousands times better than I do.

Secondly as a politician of your calibre do you find it unquestionable that from 2004 when Mr Fru Ndi paid taxes as he said, the tax officials should only knock at his door 3 years later and at the eve of an election?

Thirdly as an honest Southern Cameroonian do you find it normal that political heavy weights on the other side of the isle evade taxes and make dubious sums and go scoot free while Mr Fru Ndi is asked to pay to the last penny?

You know as much as I do that to evade taxes in Cameroon is as easy as being a polit-Bureau member or subsection President or anything of that sort. Don't you find this Fru Ndi tax whahala suggestive of politically motivated, punitive, intimidating and incriminative measures?

I expect some objectively in critiques from you Rex. I know there've been some scuffle between you and Pro Fru men in here but that's no logical reasons for non-objectivity. I for one have alot of squasms against Mr Fru but would never give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. Its very obvious that this issue is more than just tax. Quote or ask me some years from now!

Cheers countryman.


i dont know why when people want to see things the way there are, people get irritated and start pointing fingers at one another.this goes to mr.Watersih.
all am saying here is that there is smoke in the air concerning these huge taxes on assets or investment of Ni.
we all know cameroon is a very corrupt country and is undertaking and taking steps forward to fight corruption.believe it or not.but this is something that has to be a national struggle at all sectors of society.
it wouldnt hurt if mr.fru explains to people who doubt his financial dealings since the 90,s.except he have something to hide.
him, being a leader of the official opposition party in cameroon can go ahead and spear-head the campaign for political leaders to declare their assets.this can be a strategy to fight corruption.this would include ministers,parliamentarians,councillors.mayors,and the president himself.this will work a great deal in curbing corruption.
and why not the said Atanga.peace brother Watersih,i see things from a neutral not a fanatic.all i hope for is a better life for our people.peace


Dear Mister Rexon,

I have always been thinking you were a very objective fellow because of your acute intuitive insight and perceptiveness. I had attached this clairvoyance of yours to stem from your economic intellect that could help you see things different Rex. But I guess I was not very correct. Your problem with Fru Ndi seems to be personal. Should the filing of tax returns to the internal revenue service suppose to be selective? Even the taxes Fru Ndi owes the state arises from his businesses like renting his house to the PMUC, what has that got to do with each statement you pop up to dash on the keyboard Rexon. Understanding tax issues and rules can help you not only avoid costly mistakes but also allow you to take advantage of benefits that could reduce your tax liability. Fru ndi is no super human that will find pleasure in such costly mistakes. Filing a tax return should be dependent on age, income and status and if more than one status applies, it is fru’s choice to choose the one that will give him the lowest tax on his tax return. Reading through Fru Ndi’s complaints, I could not help to raise the following questions whose answers were blowing in the wind.
Did the Tax inspector use the correct tax form? Did he check all the tax filing status and if it is only one, is the correct one and according to the tax payer’s choice which should be? Did he check the appropriate tax exemption boxes and if there were dependents, were their names entered as is supposed to be? Were taxable income, tax deductions, tax exemptions and tax credits entered on the correct lines? Did he mention if Fru Ndi is entitled to any tax credit and if so deduct them on the tax form?

Let me remind you that your enthusiastic self approval of leading the SCNC tussle is inconsequential because Fru Ndi still holds a position in the SCNC that warrants him to forfeit your membership card if at all you have one. it was you and I that shouted at the West when the came forward to cancel cameroon’s debt and admit her into the HIPIC initiative. Now that the same fact is illustrated by Fru, it becomes an act of playing for stakes. We are waiting for your questions you are about to raise. I am a flag bearing SCNC militant and also a cogent SDF militant and that you cannot take from me let me tell you. The difference you are about to introduce in these two fronts will die before its birth.

Tita Espoir,

You said pa Fru started making money in the ninties. let me give you this fact young man. In 1979, when PWD social club of Bamenda played the Cameroon Cup finals, Pa Fru was the president of that team. He was ranked third in riches after Nanga and Kilo. It is in this same year that he fired Mukete who was controlling one of his businesses and treatened to send him to prison after he masterminded embezzlement. Mukete was rescued by Achidi Achu where he went forward to nurture his evil ambition of revenge but could not find it until the advent of the internet. You can employ Akonson, our able search engine to find this out for you. Don’t run your mouth about people you don’t even know.



You have given very excellent commentaries above, except for the fact that you think i have personal problems with Fru Ndi. Fru Ndi is big enough for me to have personal problems with. I have problems with his ideas not his person. His person is very nice but his ideas and practices is what i have problems with. What i am saying is that, if the governments tax policies are not realistic, he should be the first to question them. He should know that he is a politician and should always be on alert. He should be smart and inform the public of certain values and practices of the government that are seemingly unrealistic.

Secondly, i have a lot of questions about Fru Ndi's conduct with la republique that i cannot draw conclusions on this forum because at this point in time, i do not have substantial evidences of any wrongdoing from Mr Fru. This is simply because i have not been able to have documented evidences against these people in the SDF. The truth is, they are "seemingly" birds of thesame feather and are feeding fat from the system while our children and relatives are suffering and dying in poverty.

Tayong and Samleyin,

As we were young and criticising the Frank Biya's, the Nguema's, Mbongo's, etc for owning expensive properties in Malibu (USA), monaco, france, For riding expensive cars here in europe, etc. we should also have the moral responsibility to ask questions about Fru Ndi, SDF politicians and his relatives. That should not mean to some of you guys that we are accusing them or have things personal against them. But we all want to have certain clarifications. Certain SDF parliamentarians and henchmen of the regime have their children in the most expensive schools here in the UK, They own properties, cars, etc worth hundreds of thousands of pounds here esspecially in and around London, where did they get this money from?


I mean "some" SDF politicians not all.


Of course I agree with you that the "head the wears the crown receives the punches" and Mr Fru has to go under scrutiny but losing sight of objectivity in any write up is uncalled for Rex. As you know Im no Fru Ndi man but I see things from a broad perspective, the motivations behind a selective and excrutiating tax policy in an impoversihed country for a cattle owner and suddenly at the eve of an election is seriously questionable.



He knew elections were coming up and he knew he have not paid his taxes since 2004. He is dealing with a system that he is part and parcel of and he should understand the system. His party the SDF is part of the system and there is no way they can hide behind complains to claim they are being victimised. They are also in one way or the other benefitting from the system while the masses are not getting any results. If they want to stay in parliament, run councils, etc. they should be able to produce results. If they tax policies are not objective enough, they should table their complaints to their Parliament as early as possible and before year end. We are seemingly tired of all this complaints.

It is either they are out or they are within they system. It is as simple as that.



I have taken a keen interest in your article and have to re-read it. I really appreciate your ideas and understand where you are coming from. I hope after reading my write-ups carefully, you will be able to understand where i am also coming from. I am writing and compiling some informations on why i am suspicious of the SDF. Esspecially to its relationship with the Southern Cameroonian struggle. I am thinking of either publishing it here or as a book. But i will share some insights with you here in this forum in due course and you might understand clearly my opinion about all this SDF frolics.

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