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Monday, 15 January 2007


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Big Joe

I guess many probably missed this very important eulogy from Evitus A Agbor.


Arrogant and supernatural. Disdainful in speech rooted in a feeling of
superiority complex. Oft heralded as the selected one, or Prince. Considered
the most enlightened of the people engulfed by CDC, or their landlord.
Zoologist and former Registrar of the University of Buea. A glaring
example of what an administrator should not be, reduced to the deplorable and
ignominious status of a refugee in a female student's room in November 1995 as he became an obtrusive and uninvited guest andcook. Dorothy Njeuma's alter ego, the thorn in people’s flesh. One of the disciples of sexual abuse of female students by university lecturers, who never hesitated to prostitute his talents and use his official position to defend such
indefensible acts. A staunch advocate of the North West – South West divide,
who later became an obvious and visible threat to the North Westerners
who came to the University of Bea for a noble and decent academic mission,
and likened bullets to stones in the last strike that involved the students
of the University of Buea. You can choose whatever word(s)/phrase(s) to
describe a man whose person and personality ushered students into every
realm of life, asking the most bizarre questions and introducing
speculations why the very first Registrar of an Anglo-Saxon University
would not father the academic children entrusted in his hands with
compassion, ethical principles, but would rather admit and administer based on
tribal lines, would encourage lecturers to engage in carnal gratification by
exploiting female students sexually, be the source of mental anguish to
those who came to an intellectual village called Buea. The question now
is have the sheep really lost a shepherd? Herby, as he was popularly
known, is now sitting face to face with God, answering some of those questions we
tried to answer, and as he does that, I reflect on his administration.

Hi All,

Scientific theories applicable to inorganic objects, (un)fortunately,
do apply to mortals. One of such is the principle of gravity. In fact, if
Isaac Newton did not use the apple to develop and demonstrate the principle
of gravity, he would certainly have used the fortune of human beings, for
the pages of history dictate authoritatively that any descendant of Adam
and Eve who has gone up has ultimately come down. Only the Lord Jesus Christ
has not obeyed this natural law, but the Apostles’ Credo recited mostly by
Catholics, and the Book of Revelations do tell us that He will certainly
come down some day which we all await joyfully. When that happens, the
Lord Jesus Christ too would have respected the law of gravity.

The prolegomena above seems to be a superficial and metaphorical
reflection and depiction of a man who thought that being born to the Endeley's
family made him a “super man,” as he perceived himself as extraterrestrial.
This may sound absurd to those who saw him in decent suits, knew him as a
gentleman with an imposing handsomeness and unique complexion, eloquent
and reticent. Yet, those of us who trod our feet on the soils of that
academic jungle called the University of Buea are living witnesses of how
Dorothy Njeuma and Herby ran the institution like their boys' quarters,
engaging in unmitigated and downright arrogance even to those who saw the sun
before them, and treating students like insignificant and unfortunate pests
given the privilege to know them. Yes, Herby once remarked blatantly and
without remorse that he was not proud being a registrar of a university where
registration fee is just 50.000 FCFA and no tuition paid... And I wonder if
at the dawn of a new era in his life, the alumni of such an institution
he was never proud to lead will want to sorrowfully, yet humbly and
honorably bid him adieu as he commences the journey to his final resting place.

In 2004, I made an application to University of Georgia Law School, and
the only issue I had was language proficiency. The Director of Graduate
Studies told me that unless I could provide evidence that English is the language of
instruction at the University of Buea, I would be required to take the
TOEFL. After numerous calls, the Director decided to engage in some search
to know a few things about the University of Buea. After a thorough
search in all internet search engines proved futile, she gave me a call and
asked if I had the contact number of the Registrar of the University of Buea.
She just wanted the Registrar to tell her that English is the language of
instruction at the University of Buea. I gave her the contact number.
She made a three way call, and succeeded in getting to Herby. She introduced
herself, her position and why she was calling. Sincerely, Herby
responded that she should write a letter to him, and she responded that it was
okay for Herby to answer the question via the telephone. Herby arrogantly
dismissed her on the phone, and hung up. The Director was astonished,
first for the arrogance, secondly, why a Registrar of a University would not
be cooperative with other university authorities to see how his graduates
will progress in the academic career, and even with such arrogance, the
University lacked a decent and attractive website with the contact email and
information of its officials.

This is just one of the numerous scary, bitter, traumatizing sagas
about some of the overzealous Bakwerians the regime has intoxicated with
untamed and unrestrained power in Cameroon, brining pain and sorrow to families
rather than joy and hope. A veritable cornucopia of students have been
victimized by Herby’s arrogance, callousness, obduracy, highhandedness
and high-headedness. The trauma of his unprofessionalism and superiority
complex remain some of the maledictions imposed on us by Late Herby, especially
as he took sides in making some female students the philanderer’s quarry.
And his second-hand, dilapidated, kerosene-managed car was rendered extinct
by one of his own concubines in the November 1995 University strike.

For twelve years as Registrar of the University of Buea, the entire
academic and administrative families of this prestigious institution were caught
in a tenacious grip of academic terrorism, that caused professors and
students to slip into intellectual paralysis, and he was never there to give them a jumpstart. For more than a decade, the University could not develop a
website, and an administrator nurtured in the western world was in a better
position to understand the importance of this to the image and marketability
of the University of Buea. During his regime, issuance of transcripts
became stupefied and cumbersome by the numerous secretaries and servants to
consult and influence before the application could be processed. During his
reign as Registrar of the University of Buea, the University of Buea had in its
record a man with an imposing body build, who will unleash Bruce-Lee
caliber punches at anyone irrespective of qualifications. During his reign,
some fortunate students were admitted to degrees without completion of
prescribed University examinations, just because they are of the same clan. During
his era, the University of Buea became the center of national controversy
and regional politics, drawing imaginary lines between the settlers and the
sons of the soil. Yesterday, the sons of the soil were the lords, but today,
they are the laughables, and we mock scornfully at them because they have
decided to ignore the evanescent nature of life.

And as the other power mongers continue to wield power, it is time for
them to begin reflecting on how transient and hollow this life is. The Book
of Ecclesiastes tells us that we all come and go like the birds that obey
the seasons...and that the positions we die for, the wealth we accumulate,
the pleasures we treasure most, and the power we obtain, retain, abuse and
refuse to share with others, will all vanish like mist before a dawn.

I resist the temptation of judging him, but I must tell it is as it is, for
the great and wondrous masterpiece of humanity consists of living life
with a purpose. Every blessed day, we are reminded of simple and basic
truths. The death of Herby confirms one thing: that death is the universal
denominator of all mankind. It is the greatest neutralizer/equalizer.
It is free of prejudice, for it hates and loves all equally. It kisses the
rich, and never feels uncomfortable to get romantic with the poor. It fans
the oppressor, and oft frowns with the oppressed. It identifies the
beautiful, but does not avoid the ugly. It looks for the sick, but does not shy
from the healthy. It respects the learned, but does not cheat the illiterate. It is meant for all. It befriends the terrorist, but does not estrange the peacemaker. It plays foul with the guilty, yet, it seeks the innocent.

That is death....and Herby is now at the dawn of a new era. A strong and wonderful congregation awaits him, and we wish him well.

Avitus A. Agbor"


Truly, we have lost a son of the land and a major resource person.

It is however most unfortunate that the capable Herbert Endeley who gained his GCE A/Ls by studying in the grasslands came to champion an organization that stands for sectarianism against our people from the grasslands.

Instead of asking SWners to migrate northwards, escape from mosquitoes and enjoy the beautiful grasslands, SWELA unfortunately bought to the covert divisive strategies of the New Deal regime.

May his soul rest in peace. Like E.T Egbe, all SWners who naively seek to sow hatred against our fellow country men/women taint their reputations.


Big Joe,

You are a genius.


Avitus A. Agbor,
You have said it all. The tradition that we must only speak the positive side of a person when he dies is fast changing; Avitus A. Agbor you are just in line with the changing times.

You mentioned how late Dr.Endeley and Dr.Dorothy N. fanned the North west-South west devide; if one happens to meet one Dr.Talla who was the director of student´s affairs at the time, this man who was from the NW will tell you his ordeal in the hands of Herby and Njeuma.


Very good analysis of Endely's Legacy Aviche A. Agbor.
We should not always ignore the negative aspects of our life time and stamp an incomplete legacy that will deceive others to think we were saints in our lifetime. The other attributes may be of some poor quality but it is the truth and must be told. When Pa Ngafor passed away, some people tried to tear Rexon apart when he came up with this same kind of analysis. I hope they learn now. I am compiling my own manuscript that will be unleash the day Biya will die. I will not advice those planning to mourn him to read it.


Rexon, Kumba boyBig Joe,Fon and Avitus Agbor,
I think that what Avitus Agbor has written is good. But it seems to me that you all are not different in mentality. You are all in the same light fanning North west and South west Divide. Let me let you know that this is a political stratergy called divide and rule put in place by the Lion of Ongola. When you make a statement like this one, "Instead of asking SWners to migrate northwards, escape from mosquitoes and enjoy the beautiful grasslands, SWELA unfortunately bought to the covert divisive strategies of the New Deal regime", You demonstrate your Bais and hated towards the southwesterner. You are making a mistake and I feel that if you share this opinion, you need to apologise and repent. If we have to move foward the first thing to do is to prove that we can have confidence in each other. I see alot of hatratd in you mentality. Lets move on though.


Thanks for your objectivity. When I appreciated Avitus Agbor´s article, I did it in general. I did not go into details to bring out the weakness of the article which you have pointed out.

Believe with us that for an over all assessment, the article is good. You may take away 2 or 5 points for the issue that you have raised but his performance will remain above average. Remember that a student does not need 100% to have an A-grade.

However,I accept the point that you have raised;Agbor article would have been exccellent if he left out the point that you have quoted.


Thanks Fon,
I think you actually understood my point though with alot of spelling mistakes and omissions on my part. I think for us to progress and go foward we must keep asside what divides us tribe,ethnicity , language, origin. And strive toward what unites us, the common good of our nation. that would be the right attitute. Let Rwanda,and Sudan be for us and example else we would build a traditions on tribalism that would cost us much in the near future.
Bless you all


Read what they write
As if painfully and molested a phantom soul is gone!
Today Herby fashioned on the surface of the earth is material, same to many who in dismay have left their earthly harbour.

Who says sycophancy is the tradition of dead,-only done because the peace on earth must be maintained and not fanned by a death soul.

Sometimes I wonder whether eloquence in presentation and correlation in writing makes a pass even if the material is unworthy.I beg not to differ with self expression but to comment our mortality 'as actors on earth all of us on stage we play our own parts' SHAKESPEARE

NW-SW divides, holds credence even in NW communities, and even much stronger than can be eulogised at the death of a soul. Seemingly indifferent on who Herby was and who is eulogising what, save first our perfection to judge and condemn others.

Above no work done, one SW soul gone it takes Gods discretion as to how many NW will replace. Necessary many still living, sing ye while they live and change the scope of live around them!!!

Once dead is faded and so on earth we further.

Herby in peace, if it be, may your soul rest


Of course, Herbert Endeley is not alive to speak for himself, so Mr. Avitus can launch into an ad hominem attack to make his point. And as usual, we will impose self sensorship by to commenting on the details of what he wrote but on "generalities"...

I hope our same leading commentators on this site will start limiting themselves to the generalities of other articles and presidential speeches....


Sincerely this so-called Avitus Agbor is a big fool. Just because he resides in the US (probably cleaning the whiteman's shit) he thinks everybody in Cameroon should bow down to him and his so-called Dean of Georgia Law School.

This idiot says his Dean called Endeley over the phone (probably mobile) to ask for confirmation that English is the language of instruction at UB. This dean is a bigger fool than him. How was she sure she was talking to a genuine official of UB? Anybody can misrepresent himself as anything over the telephone. If the lady was serious she should have written officially to UB (through an independently verified address or through the American embassy).

Avitus Agbor expected that when Endeley received a call from america he should have been falling all over the place. He should know know that our late Herbby was a well cultured and widely travelled man with no complex before the white man. Herby asked for a written request which was the most reasonable thing to do. The lady could then have sent an official fax. To have continued to insist raised suspicion.

In anycase, does Avitus not know that UB has an official procedure already in place to verify English proficiency. He could have sent someone to apply for the certificate for him.

Frankly to see Herby's name tarnished on such frivlous charges with his body barely cold in the grave almost draws tears to my eyes.

The fool Avitus continues to rant about Endeley sexually abusing female students, engaging in NW/SW sectarianism without giving any specific charges.

The fool says that UB does not have a website and seems to hold Endeley responsible. While a website and online application forms are good in Europe/US, they do not neccesarily have the same relevance in Cameroon where there is still scarcity of computer and printing equipment, high and uncertain internet connections, no possibility for online credit card payment etc. The time for white elephant projects are over.

I do not have the time or the patience to go into the other senilities raised by Avitus but I would simply give him a personal experience. He says he studied law at UB. Well I did too and when I finished I applied to several top international law schools for an LLM (the likes of Harvard, NYU, Berkely etc I hold an LLM from one of them). My transcripts needed to be doubly certified by the Registrar himself (Herby was then Registrar) through a transcript request form. Despite the significant amount of writing involved Herby took all the time in his office to fill out the forms, sign and stamp them and even gave me envelopes when I ran out. He also allowed me to use his fax and offered many encouragements. For Avitus' information I had never known Endeley before and yes I am from the NW (my name clearly gives me away).

Like all cowards, Avitus waits for when Endely cannot answer him back before he launches into his (poorly written and grammatical error-infested) diatribe and epistle of hate. He seems to be the real tribalist here.


Whether is Avistus or Reverend, It depends on which side of the coin you are looking at.

Such is the life we live and the legacy we shall leave behind.

I can asure this forum that, When Mr Biya, Mr Fru Ndi, Mr Ndam Njoya, Mr Bello Bouba, Baba Danpolo and myself shall one day die. We shall still have 'constructives' comments made about our lives like those above, depending on the side of the coin the writers will be looking at.

May the souls of the departed fine their rightful places.


The best thing in life is to be opportuned to say something of a deceased. Remember one thing, we have the right to say somehting but we are always obliged to use that right or we are not compelled to use it wrongly. A right is a right only when it is used rightly. Evitus Agbor seems to ignore the fact that many students of all tribes and ethnic groups went through Herbert Endeley and these students in all parts of the globe are successful young men and women. In the five years I spent in UB, all those girls who claim to have been sexually harrassed by lecturers or Herbert we not the best in their fields. It gives him no right to have done what it did, but most of those girls knew what they would get when they went to plead with those lecturers and administrators instead of preparing and passing their exams. I had my BA and MA in UB like thousands of other girls and Endeley sent my transcripts to prestigious schools like he did for many others. Watch out when you want to misuse a priviledge given to you. You claim he was tribalistic but your choice of words and tone are polluted with tribalism. I would not expect you to treat anyone from another origin or tribe better. Herbert's turn is today, those who will be left behind when you leave this world will equally have the final words for you. "He who laughs last laughs best"


Reverend, you concede the moral high ground with this statement: ".......probably cleaning the whiteman's shit....."

You had a good experience dealing with the deceased, and you are honest about it. Evitus Agbor in contrast did not have such a pleasant experience, and he is honest about it. The most important thing is you are both not hypocrites. For that, you should respect Agbor's honesty, without resorting to parading your Ivy league qualifications and looking down on those who might not be a privileged Ivy league graduate like you, but who nonetheless are earning a living in an honest way.

M Nje

"While a website and online application forms are good in Europe/US, they do not neccesarily have the same relevance in Cameroon where there is still scarcity of computer and printing equipment, high and uncertain internet connections, no possibility for online credit card payment etc."

Can you give another reason why U.B. does not have a website. With all due respect, the reason you gave above is inadequate. Did you say SCARCITY OF COMPUTER AND PRINTING EQUIPMENT? I don`t buy it. There is no scarcity. It is a lack of GOODWILL from the authorities that be and maybe incompetency.

Permit me say if you have attended just a semester of school in the USA, then you know very well that a website is not used just for online payments. It is a tool that brings the entire university community together. Students, instructors, administrative staff, etc etc can communicate with each other easily. It is particularly important as a teaching tool. Instructors for instant can post assignment or any other relevant information to their students and get a response online.

The students of the University of Buea (UB) are missing this great and exciting tool. I will disagree with your assertion that it is not relevant in U.B. It is and our students need it.

I do not have any facts to support or deny the experience you or Avitus had with late Dr.Endeley. So I take both accounts at face value. But I think you need to re-phrase your posting. Just stay with your story rather than using words like “fool, coward” to describe Avitus. Make no mistake, I am not an advocate for Avitus. He may not be a fool or coward. He may just have had a different experience with Endeley. With an LLM you know very well that when you step into that court room, you just present your case and nothing more.


I wonder why such negative writings primarily come from 'grafi' people. Where are anglophones heading to when these 'grafi' people appear never satisfied with what they have? Late Professor Endeley has, with his elder sister Njeuma fought tirelessly to make UB what it is today. They fought for you, me, us because they have already learnt all book has to offer. Why can't we appreciate?

Ohhhh, you people seem not to want anything good for the Southwest or the Southwesterner. ENS Bambili is there where the Northwest man enters as he likes, at times without siting for any exam. Southwest students schooling there do not complain about the wickedness dished to them by ‘grafi’ people. No wonder, the slightest strike action UB students stage, ‘grafis’ would run to the streets, pulling down street lights and burning hard earned tarr. Whenever we say peaceful demonstrations, before you know it, ‘grafi’ students had started destroying expensive school property.

Now let me tell you: you cannot be blessed with what you do not want your nieghbour to have. You people cry everyday: "Biya, give us a university". Yet, you burn down UB at every opportunity. You think Biya is blind? You will never have it. I now see why your parents never handle any ministerial post for more than one year. By the way, how many ministers in Biya's present cabinat come from the Northwest?

Late Professor Endeley was hated by the blind among you because he spoke the truth without colouring it. Together with Njeuma they roled UB for 13 uninterupted years and left the place with their shoulders high. Today, failiures say they were proud. Do not cause me to ask how many years the 'humble' grafi man who took over from Njeuma spent on sit. The game was too swift for him who stayed one year but killed over 2 students because he signs every leaf that passes (no hard feelings).

Oh, Endeley, our hearts bleed for you. Not the hearts of Southwesterners, alas, the hearts of Cameroonians you would recognise a good administrator when they see one. May God pet your soul and bless those of us who vow to follow your footsteps!!!!!!

Ma Mary

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I think Avitus Agbor's antieulogy here in this space is innappropriate, since there are and will be other opportunities to score points. To put it in the form of an African proverb: "You do not conduct long conversations about feces when people are eating."

As a Southern Cameroons activist, my advice to fellow activists is this: the major part of the fight is to win hearts and minds to a just cause. If you do things with some class and sensitivity, your chances of winning hearts and minds goes up. Who wants to be governed by a tactless person?

M Nje

Ma Mary

You wrote my concerns in your second paragraph. In fact, I have been thinking about putting up a posting like that. I had to suspend it because I taught it will be offensive to our friends. I am glad you finally said it. We, Southern Cameroons, who desire to have our nation back must understand that the fight has many fronts. One of them, probably the most important one, is to win HEARTS and MINDS. In that regard, we need to show some sensitivity as we try to advance a point.

We can disagree respectful and convince the other person to see our point without sparking anger. I recognized that as humans, we cannot please everyone when we make our point. However, we need to strive to be persuasive.

I do admire an open debate like we have in this forum; because it is the best way in my view we can find common ground. That is one of the instrument that is lacking in La Republique today. Important national issues are solved through presidential and ministerial decree. We are here to find a different way to resolve difference: through an open and honest conversation.

So, my dear friends, we are facing the greatest challenge of our time: to free our land and people from colonization. We need to reach out to those who disagree with us, find out why the disagree, and try to seek a common ground. Those who are not in the fight today love our mountains and lakes; our rivers and valleys; and our villages and towns just as we do. They are equally patriotic. Let us reach out to them.


Looktwice, for a while I was wondering where pests like you, who fester on the carcass of the so-called NW/SW divide, had disappeared to. There was a time on this forum when one of your type used to pop up on a daily basis to spread their venom.

Until such time that you have a university exclusively for Southwesterners and solely funded by taxes raised in the Southwest Province, I am afraid you will just have to put up with graffis running around your streets. Life is unfair, I know.


It would have been nice if you queue up behind Ma Mary and M Nje to ignore what that fellow in the name of "Looktwice" has written. His intention is to use provocative language to provoke an argument that will help to depeen the NW-SW divide; a thing he cherish. Ignore him, he will rot.



If Looktwice dies tomorrow(but I'm not praying...we all must die though) and Avaritus comes again to confess his dirty habbits that he did preach NorthWest/Southwest divide on the postnewsline you'll have people rushing and saying that don't write antieulogies. CRAZY! If credit where credit is due! God will not say embrace people cos people wrote good eulogies about them. LET'S BE GOOD!

I'm just speaking my truth quietly. Don't judge others though.

The Mourning Son!


I am not here to lend credibility to what Mr. Avitus is saying (which for all I know may or may not be correct) but to right the wrong of what Reverend is pointing out. We should please refrain from calling each other names. Referring to someone as a fool is absolutely not necessary.

Also making false assumptions about someone cleaning white people’s shit is highly uncalled for which by the way is a form of a JOB and last time I checked is not an ILLEGAL thing to clean white people’s shit. Reverend, I will be the first to applaud you if you clean white people’s shit and put the proceeds from doing that into productive use say donating the money to charity or better still paying your school fees or that of a relative in Cameroon.

Having said that, for those who are familiar with the admission process for international students it usually takes longer than the required period of time for domestic students. If a Dean is trying to meet a deadline to process the admission of an international student, it may require for them to short-circuit the process. Rather than writing a letter to the registrar at UB in order to verify if English it the language of instruction, the Dean could make a determination and place a phone call to verify this simple procedure. Nothing is wrong with trying to meet the deadline for the admission process of an international by verifying through the phone if English is the language of instruction at UB. Reverend, you are right when you ask how can you be sure if the person you are calling is the registrar. But please remember that you are only verifying if English is the language at UB which is a pretty simple procedure not a very significant thing. We are not talking about verifying if the transcript of the prospective International student is valid or not but rather whether English is the language of instruction.

Aldrin Ngwa
Wash, DC

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