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Thursday, 25 January 2007


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Such barberic actions by colonial agents cannot force us to abandon our quest for an independent statehood. If la republique thinks arresting and torturing our leaders will serve them any good, then they are wasting their time. Southern Cameroonians are now focused more than ever to decolonise their territory. All colonial agents from political parties to gerndarmes, do's, mayors, parliamentarians, etc are all targeted.


Captured victims are now in the Butchers shambles waiting to be buthered?These shambles will have to be put to torch and barracks housing these munt colonial troops in our territory.Stepping up effort is the most wanted now.Extremism in defence of freedom is no vice.Considering other options/methods to rise to the colonial bait is of the essence right now and acting hell for leather.We need to act sapiently. Strict liberation stabs are needed.These melanin deficient criminals must not get away with their ogre crimes.nough is nough !!nough is nough!!

M Nje

Fellow Southern Cameroonian

You can call or email using the address below to demand the release of our Brothers and Sisters detained recently in Bamenda.

A phone call is great. R

The Amnesty UK headquarters and registered office is based in London, at the following address:

Amnesty International UK
The Human Rights Action Centre
17-25 New Inn Yard
London EC2A 3EA

Phone +44 (0) 20 7033 1500
Fax +44 (0) 20 7033 1503
Textphone +44 (0) 20 7033 1664
Email [email protected]


In Secretary-general Koffi Annan's We the peoples millennium report, he note, "Conflicts are more frequent in poor countries that are ill-governed and where there are sharp inequalities between ethnic or relgious groups".This landmark report is a complete mirror of the Cameroons status-quo. For over 47 years, the Yaounde Thiefery has waged a war on the English speaking Cameroonians, firstly by dennying that , there is no Anglophone problem and now by systematicaly killing and arresting anyone who dare to say anything about SCNC. At the same time, they have paid them with discriminatory and unbalanced economic developments,excessive human right abuses, through illicite torture and dettension and corrupt practices. The truth is that, Southern Cameroonians like the palistenians have no state. We are a stateless people, since we cannot use english in la republic nor occupy any possition in a Country supposely to be ours. Those who denny the fact that we are a stateless people and oppose our revolution to secced are making a very big mistake.For people who are hungry, and see only injustice and corruption,violent remain their only option. remember J.F kennedy said " Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible, will make violent revolutions inevitable"
The sad irony is that, the Anglophone problems has come to stay. and since the Biya regime has refused to aid peaceful revolutions in Southern Cameroon with a referandum and or free and far elections, he is actually contributing to the violence , by pertuating acts of ethnic cleansings. His repressive measures against the SCNC, will crash in a matter of time. No arrest, Torture, or systematic disappearance of his SC dissedents will cuel the fight for the liberation of the SC.
The year 2007 should go on records as the year when we were able to engage la republic in open confrontation. The hoisting of flags and demonstrations, mean nothing to Dictators like Biya. afterall, the big media house have been recieving billions of FCFA,(Gerard Ondong Dong reports) in order to keep silence on the anglophone rising. suprisingly even the UB killings didn't feature in the BBC website. We will have to revise everything SCNC this year in cluding its slogan. ' Argument for force and not the force of argument" this slogan is obsolate at the moment. With a change of strategy and a well defined plan of action, we will be heading towards real liberation.

Ma Mary

UNPO Appeal Follows Mass Arrest


UNPO has made extensive appeals for the immediate and unconditional release of all those detained, and for the protection of their right to continue activities in peaceful pursuit of human rights for the people of Southern Cameroons.

A demonstration took place on Thursday 25 January 2007 at the Cameroonian Embassy in The Hague, The Netherlands.

[Further Details about the Protest]

UNPO has received disturbing reports that heavily armed police and gendarmes, a military unit, from La Republique du Cameroun have raided a press conference hosted by the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) in Cow Street, Bamenda, Southern Cameroons on Saturday 20 January 2007.

The press conference was aimed at informing the public of SCNC Vice Chairman and UNPO Member Representative Nfor Ngala Nfor’s recent missions in Europe, the United States and Asia. An estimated 300 member of the Southern Cameroons community, along with journalists and human rights activists were attending the press conference.

Shortly after the opening of the press conference, the location was raided by armed officers of the Gendarmerie and Divisional Officers from the Mezam region. Witnesses report that the all individuals attending the press conference were detained for several hours by the officers whilst they attempted to identify and isolate members of the SCNC.

Reports also detail the use of excessive force, resulting in a large number of injuries to SCNC members, as well as unaffiliated civilians. Identified members of the SCNC Council were subsequently loaded into armed security vehicles and transported away.

Following their arrest by the Gendarmerie Legion at Up-Station in Bamenda, an initial group of detainees was transferred to the Bamenda Central Prison on 22 January. They are at present awaiting trial for organising and attending an "illegal meeting".

[Reported by The PostNewsline.Com]

Amongst the arrested was SCNC Vice Chairperson Mr. Nfor, who was severely beaten, and transported to an undisclosed location. Since returning to the Southern Cameroons Mr. Nfor has been under constant surveillance, and his safety is therefore the subject of great concern.

In addition, the following SCNC Members remain in detention, under what are described as deplorable conditions:

* Mbinglo H. Humphrey (65), Chairman, Northern Zone
* Stephen Kongso (45), Bui County Chairman
* Henry Lamnyam (35), Secretary, Donga Mantung County
* Achu Njie David (56), Organizing Secretary,
Mezam County
* Dr. Tantoh Simon (65), National Information Desk
* Mami Mbiwan Anna (75), Advisor, Kumba LGA
* Mongo Stephen (43), Activist, Bamenda LGA
* Che Ngwa Lucas (59), Activist
* Madame Mbi Ann Rita (60), Activist, Kumba LGA
* Augustine Elimtum (33), Activist, Kumba LGA
* Clement Atanga (60), Activist
* Lawrence Nyuydze (35), Activist, Bamenda LGA
* Augustine Shintum, Activist, Kumba LGA

This action constitutes flagrant disrespect for the basic human right of freedom of assembly and freedom of expression, and UNPO strongly condemns what can only be seen as a measure of censorship and repression conducted by La Republique du Cameroun.

M Nje

Fellow Southern Cameroonians,
Below is another important contact information that you can use to report the arrest of our brothers and sisters.

You can also call on them to help put pressure on La Republique to free them.

The Norwegian Council for Africa
Osterhausgt. 27
N-0183 Oslo
Phone: +47 22989312
Fax: +47 22989301
Email: [email protected]


I love action oriented young men like you.Keep the contacts coming and keep the pressure mounting for the release of these fellow citizens.

To all:
Please just your one email or phone call to any of these offices is worth tens of thousands of write-ups pages criticising their arrest and dentention.So please make the call or send an email denouncing their arrests.It may pay off and God bless you as you do.

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clement meh

i wish to know where the scnc office is situated in bamenda.pls contact me at 70608064 for information were i can find the office

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