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Monday, 29 January 2007


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Lenny Brown;

That's how life goes. I tired life, Miss Yellow Yellow ,why cant u find ur own husban?Mr. George i greets u oooooohhhhhhh

Ma Mary

Thats right, blame the woman. Charms and all kinds of mumbojumbo. When men can't keep their pants on, they make excuses.


Hahaha Ma Mary,
Always protective of your women folk.Ma Mary do you however mean this charms don`t exist? I remember when i was in Primary school,i saw some would-be suitors rub a herb on a candy ,and said given a girl,she would come creeping.At times they just needed to make some incantations,repeatedly uttering the girl`s name.In the course of this she would turn up.I don`t know the effectiveness of all these claims,but i do believe the overwhelming effect of charms cannot be put to question.In my sojour in the East Province many years ago,i saw and felt the effect of what herbs can do to human beings.
But Ma Mary those beautiful damsels there did not succeed to cast their spell on me,hahahah!

Ma Mary

Watesih, I always thought that MY women folk are the same as YOUR womenfolk. They do need protection from the partriarchy. In the Arab world, when women are raped, it is their fault. They tempted the poor helpless men.

It is a funny story nonetheless. The man must have been a fright. All that hair, and perhaps not too many showers if there was no indoors plumbing. Yellow-yellow is a very tolerant woman.


lol Ma Mary very funny, your last comment I mean.


Hahaha,this woman!
You mean Saddam Hussein never saw women when he dug a cricket hole for himself?

Ma Mary

Correctimundo. Personal hygeine is not just a minor detail. Befriend the toothbrush; get familiar with a dentist; get over your fear of the coocha; wash well everyday even if there is no hot water; miss some beers and buy deodorant. There are men who still fail to do that everyday, and move around contributing to global warming with strange greenhouse gases issuing from their pores. That is why I like America. Shower and deodorant is like the law here. Only drug addicts, homeless people and some red necks disobey that law. The French have an aversion to personal hygeine and they eat too much garlic.

Regarding Saddam, any unfortunate women subjected to him in that state did so involuntarily, and were in all likelihood killed afterwards to protect his security. That is a terrible fate to contemplate.

Oh my God! I overdid it again, Watesih. Men, please do not lynch me. But if you absolutely must lynch me, please do me a favor and clean up before executing me.


Ma Mary,

Women need to be more hygienic than men. A woman needs to take her bath several times a day to keep IT clean. A woman has more responsibility in personal care and hygiene.


Ma Mary,
You always succeed to mete out your potion on us men.Anyway,that is why we are proud that you are around.Since Dr. Ebai made a French leave last year,we must keep looking up to you for more.Did i read something like Aunty J ? Ma Mary make sure she doesn`t leave you the only `cock' crowing here.Ma Mary there`s an adage whose meaning,and impact can better be felt when read in French;" Un homme est un homme quand il sent le bouc", a man is a man when he smells like a he goat.I know you think French is the language of death,but some women don`t like men who are too clean.Ma Mary is it because they are not confident of their hygienic situation,or they just don`t like people who are `too' clean? Ma Mary i had a question,which is related to the one above.Why do English people,and the Chinese try to `hide' in their dressing pattern? I mean ,it seams things that are bright,clean and new itch their bodies.


"Secret Lover Hides Man For 3 Months"
The scarcity of men(ratio of women greater than men) is beginning to create problems. I think the sole solution is polygamy as was the case before in African.


I beleive in charms but they will only trap men who want to be trapped. If you don't want to be trapped and you believe in your God, you will not be trapped. I think it's time for African men to zip up their trousers and stop giving pathetic excuses for their leechery.Let's stop making ourselves look and sound foolish.

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