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Monday, 15 January 2007


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This is really sad that mr. njiki wud die this way; and the worst is that no serious investigation would be carried out by the government.Cameroon has joined the wagaon of other african countries that have no regard for human rights.


This is unbelievable. No matter what Njiki has done to who so ever, it is not acceptable anywhere that his life should be taken away in this manner. It is clear that he was a target to settle scores. Oh God we pray for your timely intervention; you are the only judge of justice.
Njiki,may your soul RIP.


Nobody has the right to take another persons life. I pray to God that the perpetrators of this crime should be brought to justice.


thats a typical life in the jungle,a lawless comunity,am sorry that such an important intellectual sacrifice his own life for unfaithfull citizens,Allmigty God,as i pray let justice prevail and the victims involved in that killing face deserved punishment.may his soul rest in peace,amen


how can people be this weaked?Qu'est ce que le dr Njiki a fait,a qui?Oh Seigneur, let those who are behind the killing of such a nice and calm lecturer born in hell,my God shall surely give them back as they gave to that innocent soul.Mr Njiki,avec les larmes aux yeux,je vous dis un grand aurevoir et que votre ame se repose en paix...I think UB needs to be closed for a while,they now bring up killers and animals who have no respect for Human life.this was my project supervisor and a great intellectual, what a waste...............


Buea needs some divine intervention!The Gods of the mountain have turned against a people who have no notion of the hierarchical nature of things.Traditional rulers tell lies, surrender their role as Highpriests to political hybrids.Academic authorities impose fraud on students,politicians go to every extent,even sacrificing family members to get close to power.Who is going to appease these gods? The soil of this land is crying out with so much blood spilled.If "The place to be" is fast slipping into irretrievable anarchy ,then there`s no hiding place for the new generation that should be molded into complete beings.How can an institution of learning become a death trap? Students see,live,and are made to court death.Enough is enough!


Killing has no reason or right. It is no means of a retribution.If the killing of this innocent soul is any retaliation of any sort, then I strongly condemn it from every dimension. This harmless softspoken man did his best to reach out to all. why?
RIP Dr and I pray that those responsible be brought to justice.


this is one shocking incident.i pray that this should not be a revenge as to the students who lost their lives in the demonstrations.they might be some group of people who are out to distabilise issues.and the govt should not take this event baffles me why a french lecturer is killed at a time where the university is under going some crises,and nothing is taken from him.common sense will show that this is not banditary.peace and amy his soul rest in peace


Watesih, I agree with you in no lesser degree.

If we assume these are mere coincidences then we might be making a very very big mistake.

When a land call Cameroon and within it another piece of Land known as Buea now resembling 'Babylon' of old, all the similarities glaring to the open eyes, If retributions from the gods of that land or God Almighty doesn't come soon then definitely they will come later. ARE WE ALREADY THERE?

Time is fast running out. Who will be the next? you, me, him or her?


Perfect slam on peace

When the Lamb of man is slain by another man,moral rectitude disdain, and knowledge placed to mediocracy-time is yet at hand.
Not even are the gods respecters of God's sacred meaning of life nor His divine portion of soul;perhaps meant to die, but why and how,is the answer a reflection of the society we make.

Who did this and why, finds no explanation in the karmic dictoinary of life- mere retribution could be commented an effort for vain slain,so deep,so painful he dies!!

Eulogy of perfect life,testimony of great works,why don,t the Lord judge and here on earth we play on stage expected love art.

Allow those that do it to fallow, and the hands that seek for bribe and chance to get- explores this, and see what next life we live.

When law and order has suddenly turn to disorder and justice to melancholy,when every evil genre is multiplied and true minds rejected, what world we expect is found save in Heaven!

Yesterday we pledge a million life if only our soveriegnty is restore,today we scorn pig-nosiously to the gospel of regionalisation,in allegiance to SCNC/SDF no french life is worthful,emphathy for CPDM Cameroon English/Bantus soul are less concern,brothers bellow for a token priced with life- What world we live in!!

Poor soul,save you die, back here on earth we profoundly continue the struggle, in peace may your soul rest!!!!!!

Ashwell Molaba

The Cameroonian society has been robbed of many an intellectual whose contribution (good or bad) we all want. Perhaps, these men and women consciously contributed in training young minds. Or may be not. May be they would have helped in time to come, in nation building when they are finally brought to justice. Whatever way we choose to look at it, most right minded persons would want them to be here rather thant there.

Wherever there is. It takes a simple but yet not so simple event as death to scare us into conjuring up gods and demons who should mete out justice and heal wounds of grief or take revenge for us. No one has the right to take the life of another human being. But when this has happened as it inevitably does, we should wish and work hard to build and sustain an accountable justice system. Criminals of all kinds should be made to pay for their crimes. Unfortunately that is not the case in our beloved Cameroon. And all we miserable folk are left with is cries for gods that don't exist. The sooner we stand up and solve our own problems, the better. No god ever did anything for any one or nation.


so what's the real story? i still don't get it.


It is rather unfortunate that an inocent man should die this way. I see it like just simple revenge. I strongly feel that this has to do with the disorder and death of students at the university and the jungle which has been created by La Republique. I am in no way justifying the perpetrators.there is no excuse for killing or commiting any other crime. But i just feel that the truth is: When you creat a jungle then you should be ready to see people behaving like wld animals in that jungle. What happened to those who killed the UB students? We need order nd justice. The lord is against La Republique. May the soul of this creat intellectual rest in peace.May God protect his family.


Facts abound which lay claims to a GOD that did many things and still doing many things for HIS PEOPLE.

We know, there is a physical and spiritual part of life hear on earth. As we try to see beyong our nostril physically (scientifically) so do we become blind spiritually.

Aunty J.

It is rather unfortunate that a Grammaire "Maestro" like Dr. Njiki should join his ancestors untimely. For those of us who were privileged to be his students, the wound is quite deep.It is an irreplacable loss. Adieu mon Prof. Que la terre de vos ancêtres soit légère à vous.
God's wrath upon those who stiffled such an innocent man. Inshallah!!!

Ashwell Molaba

Many commentators who know Dr Njiki say he was a good man. At least, that he was good Grammaire Maestro. Whether he was good or bad, no one deserves to die the way he did. Nothing justifies, taking the life of another; be he Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler or Etienne Njiki. Haven said that, we must all admit that in a perfectly natural world, these things do happen. And when they do, we should resort to natural civilised means to correct them. We should all call for and do our bit to fight for a good judicial system in our country. Calling gods, (God, Allah, Yahweh, Vishnu, Ganesha etc) will not and has never helped any nation or people. Facts abound in the dreamy heads god followers. The only fact I know from Emah's god, is that he is a jealous and proud of it, vindictive, genocidal, homophobic, infanticidal fellow who orders his supposedly chosen people to kill others. Open your eyes. Imagine the Hutus of Rwanda saying they massacred Tutsis because god ordered them to do so. Isn't that quite the same thing as killing the Philistines?


Thank God that is the ONLY facts you know, remember there are definitely many other facts you have no idea about.

'NATURAL CIVILISED..........'I wonder what the exact meaning of 'Natural' will mean? But I guess this is not the forum for all this.

May the souls of the departed fine their rightful places........Amen.


Being an atheist is no reason for someone to criticize those who believe in God. When we are strong and everything seems well with us, we laugh at those who talk and believe in God. I don’t think Emah asked anyone to believe in her God. Why must someone take upon himself to criticize? These same people, who feel God can’t help them, will one day confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD. It might not be long from now. May God help us.

White conspiracy

WHITE MEN COME TO OUR COUNTRIES TO COMMIT HENIOUS CRIMES, RANGING FROM MURDER TO ANYTHING. they come as tourists, researchers, priests, NGO workers, etc. But they do something else.

As a method intellectual repression, and the control of knowledge, assassination of Buea University lecturers is the most devastating way of undermining peace, order and social coherence in Buea and Cameroon as a whole. Moreover, the assassinations that are particularly brutal carry an added dimension of terror that is aimed at destroying the will and hope of the Buea University students and lecturers. Most assassinations remain private tragedies as the victims are usually isolated socially before they are murdered.
Clearly, assassination of lectures provides the most difficult challenge in Buea University. The language of analysis around the subject remains rudimentary and underdeveloped. Who murdered these lecturers???
Dr. Charles Atangana Nama, Dr. John Ebanja, Eugene Ndeh Fru (my Geology teacher in the 90’s), Dr. Herbert Endeley, Professor Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh and now Etienne Njiki. These are the UB’s five top intellectuals who have been murder in a period of 13 months. Who do you think is behind all these murder? Come on! UB-ians and the remaining lecturers, think deeply, reflect, look at the past, you will get a glimpse of who is perpetuating these atrocious crimes in Cameroon and elsewhere in Africa. You know, and see the face of evil everyday yet you still consistently and persistently refuse to look. Stop the superstitious speculations, accusations and counter-accusations about the murders. WHITEMEN in Cameroon are behind all the killings. they have been organising all these killings for a long time, before we were born, before our parents were born. They are still doing it, carefully, planned, and secretly. They will keep on doing it, until we stop them. They come to our countries with poison, in all its forms. They use local bandits (ex-convict, thieves, harden thieves, wayward girls) to commit these murders. They cannot do this without siding with the top police officers. They work together with the police – top police officers (that is why most of the crimes never get solved). They corrupt our system of law and order, our judicial system. They intrumentalise chaos, and anarchy in our towns. They feed on this chaos to commit these murders. So that when the murder deed is carry out successfully, ordinary people will say that, that kind of crime is expected in a chaotic environment.

Killing African intellectuals (Buea University intellectuals) is something that is well-organized by the WHITE people who you see everyday in Cameroon. These white people have their hitmen/local assassinators in our countries. They came to our countries to spy. Looking for those who say the AIDS epidemic is caused by White people. These white people will even provoke an innocent man (their target) to know how he/she thinks. These white people even use our Cameroon women/girls to do the job. It is a long chain before the would-be victim is hit. This is how the chain works:

White people – top elite (possibly a police commissioners) – bandits (ex-convict, gang of thieves) – the innocent victim.

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