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Monday, 26 February 2007


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Ben Muna Said,

"Whether Fru Ndi has taken money or not, it has nothing to do with the struggle for change at the moment"

These kind of statements can only come from the minds and mouth of a liar, criminal and bootlicker. What is change then if people heads political parties and their actions are seemingly in contrast to the basic values that influences economic change and we are being told they should be left alone. NJFN rented his house to PMUC (A French Gambling company) and his members are busy discussing the influx of chinese in Bamenda as a reflection of their interest in economic changes. What a shame? Which SDF stalwart in this forum has ever questioned NJFN's business dealings with this gambling company that has been siphoning huge amount of money out of our impoverished North West? Anyone who takes money from any regime whatsoever through undue process is a criminal and must be scrutinised. NJFN is no exception, No Demi-God and should be scrutinised.


Muna has no party!
Muna cannot vote CPDM!
Muna thinks there is a ploy to distract voters!
Which voters?
Only SDF of course! So are you campaigning for the SDF?
Perharps you only have a problem with the chairman. Sort it out and join the train.
You must cam back!

With the SCNC in the dark, the only hope for anglophones is the SDF.
They may have their shortcomings but no cameroonian can deny they have not produced fruits due to pressure on the gov't.
My word is even we want to divide, we must make ourselves whole. Anglophones are much divided and engaged in a blame game.
We have an assignment. Challenge the leaders by example.


Sometimes I find your logic quite baffling. When in gods name has fru ndi ever said he wants just to engage with Anglophone Cameroonians? Never, if I can recall. He "had" ambitions to lead the whole of Cameroon and in so doing will have to do business with the French whether he or you like it or not. Cameroon is intertwined with the French in terms of our economic interest. So to accuse fru ndi of renting his premising to the French just seems to me like a cheap shot.
There are many things you can accuse fru ndi of but reducing the argument to him renting his premises to pmuc shows a sign of alter desperation. For one who is of high academic standard I thought would realise that, the one thing a potential leader of a country would not want people to do, is to portray him as a person who is not good for business. Pmuc brings a lot of money to the country either through employment, advertisement or taxation. It’s not fru ndi's fault that the money is not filtering down to the masses. If he wasn't fighting against some of the malpractices that have become cancerous in our society, then surely we should criticise him using all type of vitriol that exist.
I am not a big fan of fru ndi but I do respect what he has done to our country. He stuck his neck out while others decided to bury theirs in the sand. He took bullets and teargas so that people like muna can have a platform to have intelligent debate. He has a lot of faults but he has shown a lot of courage that will make people like me and you shiver at the mere taught of being in his shoes.
The situation in Cameroon is not ideal in terms of people expressing their opinion and press freedom but, it is much better compared to 17yrs ago before the inception of the SDF. Today in Cameroon journalist can write ridiculous stories without even a shred of evidence and yet we still needed the court of law to determine the fate of the individual involve. Needless to say that considering the position of the victims in the story, that guy would not have seen the light of the next day. But yet the rule of law prevailed.
SDF has not brought prosperity to Cameroonians but it did open the eyes of a lot of people and as such the government had no choice but to change accordingly. A society where the rule of law prevails is a better society. We are not there yet but the vehicles have been put in place for us to get there. The president is above the law at the moment but in times to come this would not be the case. The people will demand and they will get. The little freedom that we have today in Cameroon is down to the courage of Fri Ndi and the SDF and nobody can argue about that. Give a man freedom and he will think out of the box. Ni john has given us the platform and it is up to us to use it instead of blaming him every after so often.


Flip-flopping is what landed the Democratic Presidential aspirant in the 2004 elections in the US in trouble.Why do people flip-flop? Because they don`t have a personality of their own,and because they think others are blind,and will not mind if they twist,and bend.Last week Muna left his wilderness to tell the world Fru Ndi is eating in the same plate with the Cpdm,and what did he have as proof? He was told( always told) that petrol money was given to Fru Ndi by the PM after their encounter at the star building.What he failed to tell the world was whether the money Fru Ndi used to arrive the star building was given to him by the PM.Instead of carrying his logic to the end,he is backtracking.Can Muna tell us how Fru Ndi would accept fuel money from the PM,
and spit on 500 million? Muna has shown his selfishness by to trying to use this incident to show a pattern of lies that the state has been involved in.Fru Ndi cannot only become a goodman when when he wants to extricate himself from the fangs of the state.Muna is known as the leader of another faction of the SDF,so he rejects the fact that he wants to form a party,but accepts that he is UNITING PARTIES TO FORM A STRONG FORCE FOR CHANGE. Which parties is he uniting? Another name for Authentic SDF is Parties?
We should no longer be disturbed by the selfishness of Cameroonians.It is just like
somebody will work for DELMONTE ,doing the slavary they subject Cameroonians to in the CDC,only to be paid 26 frs a month.This person will not even question the fact that why on earth should he even be working for this company that comes here to exploit Cameroonians,but one day when he runs away from misery and finds himself a job under the watchful eye of another colonial master,
he only reads meaning in other people`s lives and not his.
Muna`s about turn is a familiar scene by now.It is just like someone will tell us that SN Tita has never been in the SCNC,and the next day the same person says he only knew that SN Tita was a member of the SCNC when he hoisted the SCNC flag and shied away to Nigeria.All of these are Cpdm tactics employed by those who have been paid by the Cpdm to do so,especially now that elections are coming up.But the SDF will pull them out of their moleholes.

abili liese

Well, i really feeltaken aback and am asking myself if Muna wants to say sorry to JFD and join the party again.There is no reason for him to be sounding confused and make lies out of lies. If he feels that he has made a mistake and wants to start again in the SDF he should just come out clear and that will even give him more respect.

Everyone makes a mistake and when we realise them we acknowledge them and try to correct them when we start over. He should stop trying to play with words.Who is he finally against, the SDF or the CPDM?


An accomplice can not betray a course. let Ben Muna stay quite. They are all a disgrace to cameroon politics.

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