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Monday, 05 February 2007


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"Ngala quoted the officials as saying that the only solution left is for Cameroonians to take their destiny into their hands and do away with the Biya regime so that the country, which is recolonised, could be reformed."

This is where I stand. Only Cameroonians can find solutions to their problems. Cameroonians have tolerated too much.

Ndi O

Fon, That's it. It appears many cameroonians are suffering from "eye diseases". The problem had been, and is still cameroonians. We better get a new vision, or we " go home and cultivate crops" like someone mentioned earlier.


'Even the International Community is helpless in the hands of the Biya regime' Why then did the Bush\Blair administration invaded Irak on grounds of alleged weapons of mass destruction knowing that Irak is neither a state in the USA nor a city in the UK? If measures of this nature could bring peace to the international community and to some helpless people, then its strongly recommended. The Biya regime has bitten more than she can chew.

Ndi I will partially disagree with you considering current state of affairs in Cameroon. Its true that the destiny of Cameroonians lie in them but what can a man do to protect himself in a society where even freedom of speech is prohibited? If cameroonians are to survive in such a society, then they must receive 80% support from without Cameroon.


I think there is both opposition and government MP's in parliament. when the report says something like these:

"Even while in parliament, the report says, MPs are bribed with contracts or are held back by party discipline from passing good laws"

I wonder where some people in this forum who have been supporting their brothers in parliament have to tell us. We all know that some SDF MP's are involved in business dealings with the Biya regime. Even their Leader NJFN is a business partner to French Companies most Notably PMUC. I think by implication, the SDF is part of the problem and not the solution, because they are also directly involved in the bribery in parliament.

Ma Mary

I for one, am not interested in saving la republique, but in leaving it. French civilization = cultural Talibanism and should be avoided by Africans at all costs. If that is not obvious, I'll explain what I mean.


It would have been a good idea to post the 42-page report in PDF or say how one can have access to it. Not that a reading of the report will make much difference in CMR today.
History students may be familiar with an old history textbook by Dennis Richards. We read it in secondary. There was a caption or cartoon in that book about the overbearing Russian society under the Tsars. It said "Nothing is ever done properly in Russia, even hanging." This was said by someone who was being hanged, but the noose gave way and he fell from the scaffold alive.
Nothing is ever done properly in Cameroon. Someone here repeatedly called it a failed state. It is obviously such a state. Do you know that its good governance programme was actually stripped of all good? It was called the National Programme on Governance. Of recent we saw something called ELECAM sitting in for an IEC. If you followed the reasoning advanced by a certain minister delegate (the government's ideologue on arm-twisting of MPs), you would have heard him arguing that an elections body, call it observatory or whatever, cannot be entirely free from government control.
In the early 90s when the call for multiparty democracy was at its peak, another ideologue, today's minister for communication, advised government to encourage the creation of as many parties as possible. This, he said, would take the heat off the C-party since the other parties would, like crabs in a basket, fight one another and provide a distraction that would enable the ruling party to rule unopposed. That is what we have today with over 200 political parties.
All said and done, Cameroon has no idea about governance/accountability, not to talk of good governance. The international community is also willing to help the country down this road of bad governance. Are they not the ones who believe all the government laundering through the press? Was Canada not the one country in 1997 which helped advertise registration for elections "I register, I vote" although it was impossible for a majority of Cameroonians to register for those elections? So the international community in a way helps Cameroon to hoodwink the rest of us; but it is not that we are dumb.
The only answer the government knows to any demonstration is the use of force. Unlike civilised places where the police use rubber bullets to scatter the crowds, CMR uses live bullets in crowd control, often with fatal results. More could be said, but I am sure readers know all these things and do not need to be reminded of the sad state of affairs.



Your postings will never fall short of NJFN and the SDF no matter the subject of discussion. Mukete has gone and you must have been employed to continue from where he (Mukete) left.
If you were sincere with yourself, you would have first mentioned your own very brother who is a "staunch CPDM" member before your normal sing song of NJFN and the SDF.
Has your CPDM brother asked you to help him fight against Fru Ndi? Carry on with your crusade against Fru Ndi.You seem to be the "only patriotic" Southern Cameroonian here. I hope you won't give up.


Message to all LBSS staff -

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Doctoral Research Scholarships covering full fees and
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details are available at:

The closing date for applications is 1 May 2007.


Professor Catherine R. Schenk
Professor of International Economic History
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Glasgow G12 8RT



You dont have to like my ideas, you seemingly have to leave it. It appears you want to join the prophets of NJFN in this forum in defending every action of his as your political God.

Hear him in the past days:

Tita is an SCNC agent and therefore a wanted man.

(Implication: All SCNC agents are wanted people, including himself, a self confessed adviser of SCNC. Why then is he living freely under the protection of la republique?)

Baba Danpullo confided to him and told him that the government is the cause of privatisation problems: (Implication: Baba Danpullo bought tole tea for the meagre 2 Billion and was not part of the conspiracy to steal our resources. So the work of the Bakweri Lands claim commitee that justified that the registered South African Company that bought this company headed by Danpullo and Co was inexistant does not matter to NJFN and he is now flirting and defending Baba Danpullo!!!!)

Paul does not rig elections (By implication, he won the previous elections, why then is he always complaining?).

etc. etc.

We need to understand why this change of tactics????????????


what change of tactics are you talking about?
Ni John Fru Ndi is the leader of Cameroon's opposition and as such his job is to criticise government and introduce alternatives.
After reading the statements from you above, one is forced to believe that either you don't understand politics at all or your reading comprehension is severely wanting.
Reading comprehension because when the Chairman talked about Tita being an SCNC activist, it was not meant to depict the organisation or its officials in whatever form. On the contrary, it was a good example to show how the regime USES all and sundry to fight and destroy the SDF; be it SCNC, CDU, repentant dismissed militants etc. In pursuing this tactic, Biya's government grant these subjects extensive amnesty no matter the "crime" they must have committed before. So if until last year SN Tita was classified "wanted" by the government of Cameroon, and all of a sudden he mysteriously enjoys the audience of the administration without any previous judicial proceedings, then there must something seriously wrong. It is this wrong that Ni John Fru Ndi was pointing to not the SCNC. Get that once and for all!!!

Secondly, you struggle to give the impression that Ni John Fru Ndi was defending Alhadji Baba when he declared that government was responsible for the failed privatisation of Tea estates. This is particularly silly because Ni John fru Ndi as you best know was not a member of the board that recieved the bids for tea estates. As a politician, he sought for solutions to the problems plaguing the estates. In doing that, he listened to ALL of those involved and came to the conclusion that the government was responsible for the ill-planned process.
Today, when Cameroon government fails to do its homework, Rexon blames Ni John Fru Ndi. I now see the conspiracy you have been nursing against the Chairman.
The one about Paul Biya being described as not the rigger of elections is so ludicrous that if I were your english teacher, I would send you back to school to read and understand english.It is so simple. The statement of the Chairman was a wake-up call for civil responsibility. For there is no way one Biya can man 23000 polling stations all over the country to manipulate results. So Ni John Fru Ndi's message was geared at tackling electoral fraud at the level of polling stations.
With all of these, I am still to see where the SDF has changed its tactics.Until then, I am quite convinced the regime has oiled your lips through your brother. I wonder whether such greedy attitude of yours serves the course or the people your claim to fight for. Big disgrace.



The article wrote:

"Even while in parliament, the report says, MPs are bribed with contracts or are held back by party discipline from passing good laws"

As the official spokesman for the SDF, Can you please tell this forum if SDF parliamentarians are not involved in this bribery and corruption going on in La Republiques parliament?

Feli, it is embarassing the way you have been trying to defend the SDF and all the crimes they have been commiting against the Southern Cameroonian people. It appears your brains have been reduced to what NJFN thinks or says. You should be asking NJFN questions and designing meaningful tactics that can connect him to the people who once supported him, rather than living and dying as an eternal fool while staying loyal to him. I want to remind you one more time that i am no fan to the Muna's or Paul and can never for once support them. But i still have to moderate this SDF that has been preaching a false political doctrine on our people. They claim to work in thesame platform like the SCNC and other Southern Cameroonian organisation, instead, their preachings and ideologies are contradictory rather than complimentary to our

Why should NJFN inform the world that Tita is an SCNC agent only when Tita turned against him and is supporting the Muna Camp. Why did'nt he inform the security services of the whereabouts of Tita when he arrived in Victoria several months before Muna's faction was formed? Why all this vague sing-song coming from the chairman that Tita is SCNC? It appears he is trying to muddy the name of the SCNC using Tita as the scapegoat.

Feli, the way the government has been manipulating individuals like Muna is not different from the way thesame government has been manipulating the SDF and all its handclappers in parliaments. They have all received bribes from this evil government and they cannot deny that. They are being paid to colour La Republique as a multiparty democracy in the eyes of the international community. Even NJFN's renting his house to PMUC is enough evidence that he has betrayed the people who for several years stood loyal to him. I hope my late grand Mother who died a Tekum Mbeng can rose from the dead to see how this SDF has led people to doom.

I recently met a friend of the NJFN's family here in London. I asked him how he felt about the recent actions of NJFN. He expressed dismay and embarassment from the actions and words of the chairman. I am glad, most Southern Cameroonians are now realising that they cannot rely on anything of the sort of the SDF.


Cameroon: New Year Parties

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February 6, 2007
Posted to the web February 6, 2007

Tche Irene Morikang

The season of New Year Wishes presentation in government structures will soon be over. It has been an occasion for some members of government to announce their main projects for 2007. But ask the staff of most ministries what they heard at such ceremonies and you would be surprised!

Very few persons can say anything consistent. What is certain is that virtually all those who've been to a New Year Wishes presentation ceremony can comment on the quality and quantity of food that was served. If you hear someone talk of: "It was a great ceremony this year", don't rush into a hasty conclusion that the staff is referring to projects earmarked for 2007 and the quality of commitments taken during the ceremony. Rather, the phrase has come to be synonymous to "there was a lot to eat".

Judging from this perspective, many people who are not privileged to attend such ceremonies are actually doubting their raison d'être. Others have come to consider it as a New Year party! Anyway, what is certain is that the member of government who does not include "Item 11" on the agenda of his New Year Wishes presentation, risk having just a handful of people around to say, "Happy New Year". Who cares about the budget it takes!


"I want to remind you one more time that i am no fan to the Muna's or Paul and can never for once support them." (Rexon)

There is a common saying that from their fruits you shall know them. Rexon you must not confess that you are a fan of ... Everything you say speaks for itself. That is how Mukete used to say that he was not an agent of Biya.

It were better if you declare openly that you are fighting to support the Biya´s regime to compensate your CPDM elder brother who sent you abraod.It is a disgrace that you are hiding under the SCNC.

Rexon, I am very confident that you don´t have the SCNC membership card.Disprove me. Shame!!!



Sorry, None of my brothers above adult age is/has been living in Cameroon. It would be nice if you would cite the position of the CPDM brother of mine that sent me abroad. Shame on you.

The way the CPDM manipulates the Muna's is not different from the way they are manipulating the SDF.

It is no news that when someone stands against any ideology of NJFN, his loyalist will brand him as a Biya agent. The Souleymane, Asonganyi, Twenckwo, etc. has all been branded Biya's agents. Fru Ndi is lying to himself pretending to be lying to the Cameroonian people that he is fighting democracy. Shame on you.


Readers of the postnewsline, we must be dealing with a dangerous and very dishonest fellow in the name of Rexon. This guy thinks we read and forget so soon. A few weeks ago, Rexon said and I quote "Even my own brother is a diehard idol of Charles Doumba and Biya" I don´t have time to go to the archives now, but if Rexon can´t own that statement as he is now claiming that none of his brothers live in Cameroon, I have no option than to go to the archives to prove that he is a shameless liar.

Rexon cannot also exonerate that he is an agent of Biya. I have enough to prove my allegation and it is not just an issue of branding him so. Last weeek Rexon said and I quote "Fru Ndi is more dangerous that Biya" If he wants to disown his words, I will be forced to go digging the archives. What is the interpretation of that statement? that he Rexon prefers Biya to Fru Ndi and that he Rexon will prefer Cameroonians to support Biya than Fru Ndi. Is this not more enough that Rexon is an agent of Biya trying to blackmail the only frontline oppostion party in the country fighting the ills of the Biya´s regime.Or Rexon has any extenuating facts for that statement that Fru Ndi is more dangerous than Biya? what is really your objective? Do you think that your insignicant voice can cause the SDF to be dissolved as was your song a few weeks ago?
Rexon, where have you kept your conscience? Can´t you learn from others who tried the job you are currently doing, failed and are now hiding in shame. It is unbelievable. This world has characters.


1." Why should Ni John Fru Ndi inform the world that Tita is an Scnc agent only when Tita turned against him and is supporting the Muna camp?"

Answer: Because Tita openly calls for his assassination,and last time the fugitive left the country ,Fru Ndi knew him as somebody who was running away for having hoisted the SCNC flag,instead of staying to prove his worth.When he comes back he wants to try the politics of factional warloards
on Fru Ndi.
2. "Tita is an SCNC agent and therefore a wanted man".
( Implication: All SCNC agents are wanted people,including himself,a self-professed Adviser of the SCNC.Why is he living freely under the protection of the La Republique?

Answer: Yes,all SCNC agents ,Fru Ndi included are wanted people if they hoist the SCNC flag in La Republique.What is more important is that they should hoist it ,and believe in the hoisting rather than running away like Sn Tita.Tita ran away alone to Nigeria. All the other Scnc supporters,Fru Ndi included live in Cameroon.Chief Ayamba,
and others live in Cameroon,and have been arrested over and over,but Sn Tita steathily came back from Nigeria,and because he is afraid of arrest,he wants to hide under the SDF banner.How can you call for the death of Fru Ndi ,the undisputed leader of the SDF ,yet you want to hide under the banner of this party?
Fru Ndi was put under house arrest by La Republique for three months ,and when he came out he continued to taunt them,but an apprenti freedom fighter call Sn Tita,hoisted a flag for one day,disappeared to Nigeria,and when he is back,he would prefer not to have toment from La Republique for one day.He has suddenly become the person dishing out advice to the Divisional Officer of La Republique.Since when did people who once hoisted Scnc flags ,and want to pass for freedom fighters started giving injunctions to Divisional Officers as to whether it is right or not to allow Fru Ndi hold his rally?
Let the Guy from Mbatu ,who wants to jump
off to his death because Fru Ndi nibbed all the little dreams of Sn Tita in the bud come up with many more questions.It is not a bad thing to serve as a mouth piece of somebody who is from Mbatu like yourself even if the two of you are drowning.But the question is ,having failed repeatedly to make yourselves seen,and your voices heard,why not retire from this difficult game of politics?



Again get the facts clear. I said the words above and i am not denying it:

"Even my own brother is a diehard idol of Charles Doumba and Biya"

My brother grew up in a family that was diehard SDF including myself. But for some strange reasons, he did'nt hide his love for the CPDM and decided to be an outsider which was a bit strange at the time. That does not mean he has been an executive for the CPDM at any one time in his life or has been living in Cameroon. I will tell you frankly, he has never occupied any post in the CPDM let alone militating publicly with them. But he has always expressed his love for them despite the fact that our parents were strongly against the CPDM. At the time he was expressing support for the party when politics was very hot in the early 90's, he was a University student out of the country. So i am not denying any statement and you need to comprehend written English next time.

Secondly, i cannot remember where i made the second statement that NJFN is more dangerous than Biya. But i cannot deny it, as i have become VERY suspicious of NJFN in the past two months for some reasons that i cannot explain here. I may have written it controlled by my emotions or something of the type Or i might have said it is because i am very suspicious of him esspecially as he is claiming that he is fighting to decolonise the Southern Cameroons when in reality he is not. If you read between the lines, you will understand that i am very much concerned about NJFN comments about Biya and co in the past periods. Besides, i have spoken to guys in London who has showed me suspicious documents and informations that suggests that the guy NJFN might be a bit of a fraud. If i have to vote now, i will prefer to vote for NJFN that i hate than Biya. But as you know, i CANNOT vote because i do not belong to La Republique. I do have very many reasons to be suspicious of NJFN. His Party, his ideas, his conduct essp with PMUC, his childrens EXPENSIVE lifestyle here in London, etc. etc.

Fon, stop that sing-song that i am an agent of Biya. The more you use this statment, the more you become stupid and shows your lack of ideas. Why must someone be Biya's agent only when he stands against NJFN? When i support NJFN, i am not Biya's agent but when i stand against some of his ANTICS, i am Biya's agent. You and i know that the SDF is Biya's thing and has been helping the CPDM colour La Republique as a multi-party democracy in the eyes of the international community. So stop that your vague sing-song that people who stand against NJFN are all agents of the CPDM or Biya. Try to understand what they are saying. NJFN rented his house to PMUC and you guys has never agreed that this was a political blunder. shame on you.

My objective is to decolonise the Southern Cameroons. I want the SDF, a party created to decolonise the Southern Cameroons to inform me how they can do that.


I still hold you are a big embarassment to the SCNC!!!

when you make such statements,"....As the official spokesman for the SDF, Can you please tell this forum if SDF parliamentarians are not involved in this bribery and corruption going on in La Republiques parliament?...",
the debate becomes folly and the quintessence becomes obscure.
Firstly, I have never proclaimed myself as the official spokeperson of any individual or political party. What I write is basically the same thing you would read from Fon, Klemenceau, knganjo, Atangha, Commando, Watesih,Aaron,Big Joe etc. To the best of my knowledge, the communication dep't of the SDF ( Beatrice Monju, Prof. Takoungang, Hon.Evariste Fopoussi etc) do not take part in these discussions here.
Secondly when a report says Cameroon's parliamentarians are corrupt, what makes you pick on the SDF as an entity, if you were not on mission. It is true parliamentarians like almost everyone in that society are corrupt. Some would still be if they were members of Southern Cameroons House of Assembly. So no impression should be given that people are corrupt because they are SDF militants. On the contrary, SDF should be hailed for being the only party that has Check-and-balances for its members of Parliament. About 5 years ago, the party dismissed a parliamentarian instantly when it was proven beyond doubt that this person was guilty of drug-trafficking in France. A couple of years earlier, Hon. Tchoua Jean Pierre was dismissed from the party because of avarice. Others have been disciplined accordingly. Hon. Akonteh, a personal friend of the Chairman, was replaced from the post of quaestor because he used the opportunity for self-aggradizement. Hon. Monthe Jean and Hon Ngwasiri also lost their memberships because of indiscipline. This suffices to demonstrate that in the SDF, equal opportunity reigns. There are no untouchables, the party prefers to have fewer disciplined MPs than to have a bunch of selfish and corrupt embezzlers. In your CPDM, parliamentarians are made up of murderers like Fon Doh Gwanyin,embezzlers like Hon. Mbotoo à Ngon, accused of siphooning 13 billion FCFA from Credit Foncier!!!etc. They are all still militants of the CPDM, because C knows quite well that if they start sacking corrupt militants, they would be left with not a single member!!!
More often than not, we have heard the Chairman sound very hard to parliametarians and mayors, to shun corrupt practices and serve the electorate. Majority of them are doing just that!
I inivite you to introduce discipline to the SCNC you claim to militate in. People have systematically transformed it into a money-making machine, where credits are dished out to asylum-seekers and cash comes in in-return. That rubbish can no longer happen in the SDF, because it has trained its militants in self-discipline!!!


This statement betrays your in-depth jealousy and ignorance, and solidly depicts once small the motive of your writings.
...his childrens EXPENSIVE lifestyle here in London, etc.
I remember last year when Ni John Fru Ndi invited people to his home village to launch Rose Fru Ndi memorial Fund, the man's children were the ones who sponsored the event. In a chat with Eden newspaper, Ni John Fru Ndi's son gave a resumee of their activities. Being an engineer, he was capable of footing a huge part of the bill for the launching.
People of Rexon's calibre would always prefer to stoop so low and make imaginery statements when they've ran out of solid arguments.
I still maintain that you are a big disgrace to the SCNC machinery because you have reduced yourself to a CPDM agent paid to gossip about Ni John Fru Ndi at all cost. Big disgrace indeed.


To buttress the point I made about discipline and the SDF, I am forwarding the following article for your attention. Read it well and understand, since we have all come to the conclusion that one of your major problems dwells on comprehension.

And also because "....If you read between the lines, you will understand that i am very much concerned about NJFN comments about Biya and co in the past periods...."

Cameroon: SDF Holds Renaissance Rally

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Cameroon Tribune (Yaoundé)

February 6, 2007
Posted to the web February 6, 2007

Peter Efande

Speaking in Limbe recently, Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi vowed to retake lost parliamentary and council seats come the 2007 twin elections.

The crisis within the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the roadmap for the forthcoming elections, a meeting of NEC and the Shadow Cabinet; were the major highlights of a renaissance rendez-vous of the SDF recently. Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, in a three-hour address, used the occasion as a platform to hammer on some key SDF militants who have crossed the political carpet and are currently vociferous critics of the party. "Politics is on the field, not in offices in Yaounde. I prefer to have 10 disciplined militants than 1,000 irresponsible individuals," the Chairman thundered. He challenged his ex-collaborators (now critics) to organise "rallies for change" and face the electorate if they deem themselves popular.

On calls from some critics for him to step down as SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi was emphatic : " I will step down as the leader of the SDF only if the people who have the power ask me to do so." He labelled his critics "anti social" and "opportunistic elements who have nothing positive to offer to the Cameroonian people."

The SDF Chairman urged his militants to be selfless, disciplined and put the nation first, before their personal ambitions. "If you are not disciplined now, when you'll be in power you'll be worse," he cautioned as he lashed out at the egoistic and self-centred tendencies of some SDF MPs who use their parliamentary micro-credit grants for other objectives. "We want people to go to Parliament to serve, not to be served," he advised. He reminded his rally militants that when the SDF mayor for Limbe was in office, he never passed before the NEC.

Relevant Links

Central Africa

He was optimistic that the SDF will retake lost Parliamentary and Council seats in the 2007 twin elections. But for this objective to be attained, Ni John Fru Ndi called on the people to register massively in electoral registers and to cultivate a spirit of unity. He said only a federal system of government, which the SDF stands for, can effectively ensure that the masses benefit from social amenities.

Other issues harped by the Chairman revolved on ELECAM, the recent UB strike, HIV/AIDS, irresponsible journalism, the privatisation of the CDC Tea Estates and hygiene and sanitation campaigns.

Earlier in a welcome address, the District Chairperson of the SDF for Limbe, Barrister Martin Essingila assured the Chairman of victory in the forthcoming elections and dubbed Limbe "the bastion of the SDF in Fako." The South West Provincial Chairman of the SDF Joshua Osih Nambangi said despite attempts to weaken the party, "the SDF has emerged stronger than before." A meeting of the SDF Shadow Cabinet and of NEC was held (behind closed doors) under the chairperson of Ni John Fru Ndi to map out present and future strategies for the party.


Mr. Rexon,

I have written at length under the posting concerning the banning of the SDF rally and there, I suggested that you were an agent provocateur, a heckler, working for your masters, the CPDM. Your persistent arguments about Fru Ndi confirm that you are what I think you are: a file attachment to the CPDM program that refuses to be deleted. I believe that they (your masters) have given you the leeway, as they did to your predecessor, the original Mukete, to throw a few jabs at the CPDM and its leadership under the guise of criticism in order to hoodwink the rest of us into thinking you are just an ordinary SCian concerned about your independence issues.
No, no and no. You cannot deceive us. Have you never learnt that there are many ways of catching a rat? Those people (SDF MPs) you call handclappers serving as suretees for the CPDM's window-dressing are actually patriots striving to right the wrongs of a delinquent regime. If their party were part of the CPDM machinery as you claim, how come it has to cross so many hurdles to make a public appearance? Why do the regime's structures not facilitate things for them if they are in the same camp, or is it window-dressing as you claim?
For your information, those "handclappers" were voted by the same people you are addressing in your bid for independence. And if the elections had been free and fair, that party would have had many more "handclappers" in the National Assembly, and they would have used that medium to bring about the GOOD governance that Cameroonians are yearning for. As it happens, the fraud machine of the regime makes sure that only a handful of "handclappers" are admitted, few enough to make them harmless. That is why that party seems to be looking for other ways of getting in in sufficient numbers. They say no elections without elecam, but at the same time, they ask their militants, including those you are targeting in the scnc, to register when they have the chance, given that the DOs will still try to do their thing.
Now, if like you (the CPDM agent on this forum), the CPDM behaves true to type and goes ahead with elections without elecam, no one should be caught pants down. That is why the distraction you are causing here as a paid agent is very very harmful to the cause we are fighting for: good governance and accountability.
Should you read this posting and feel like continuing with your antics, I will personally ignore your rantings and hope that other readers will follow suite. In the end you will write and reply to yourself. Your predecessor on the job you are doing was advised to create his own website. Maybe you will consider doing that yourself and reign there unopposed. This is only a mild attack; but it could be more vitriolic than this.


NJFN said:

"he cautioned as he lashed out at the egoistic and self-centred tendencies of some SDF MPs who use their parliamentary micro-credit grants for other objectives"

Nice you have reduced yourself to comfirming what i have been saying here. From the topic in question that led to this long story, SDF MP'S are as corrupt as their CPDM counterparts. Now, that even your chairman has acknowledge that they are part of this raketeering in La Republiques parliament, How has these parliamentarians been disciplined after siphoning their parliamentary grants?

I know where the CPDM stand in all these frolics. I know that they are colonialist and our enemy. Since the SDF has been presenting conflicting objectives, they should inform us of how they intend to decolonise the Southern Cameroons.


It is worth emphasizing that only Cameroonians can fight to come out of their present predicament. Those who are blaming the international community for our dismay or waiting on the west to rescue us from the fang of Biya are dreaming.

The case of Biya and Cameroonians can only be likened to the case of a man and his wife. No matter how the man maltreats the wife and no matter who the wife complains about her maltreatment to neighbours, nobody will ever intervene except a serious fight issues between the couple. It is the same thing with the internation community, despite our complains, they see Cameroon as a peaceful country although the absence of war does not necessary mean peace. According to international diplomacy, condamning what is currently going on in Cameroon is considered as encouraging the people to agitate and therefore bridge the "peace" in the country. They are not the ones to tell us that we are suffering. On the other hand if we simply tell them that we are suffering, they will behave just like the neighbours who will react to a wife who tell them the hell she goes through with the husband.

Hence it is left for Cameroonians to realise Biya´s divide and rule strategy, stand up with one voice and say enough is enough or continue to dream of the day the west will come to their rescue. History tells us that only the oppress can fight for their freedom. If Cameroonians can´t unite against Biya, then they are satisfied with the present status quo or they are suffering from ignorance.
May God open the eyes of Cameroons


fight ensues and not issues

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