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Tuesday, 06 February 2007


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The traditional racist average chinese that i know and have worked with very well will not give cameroon any money or write-off any debt without any ulterior motives. While living and working with them in Europe, i have realised that they dont consume anything that is not made in China. Wherever they are, they work for the economic interest of China rather than their host country. In these regards, i have developed a feeling of being suspicious of whatever they do as i strongly believe they will never do it for the interest of their host nations. In terms of investments in Cameroon and debt provisions, i think the chinese will always invest to harm and reap the host economy rather than bringing any positive changes. They are not like Some western countries like Norway or other Scandinavian countries that considers and protects local industries when investing in developing countries. We need to be suspicious of the Chinese.


This are the type of things we expect from you here.As an Economist you can always give this type of insight into the working of things ,especially when it comes to dubious deals like the one we are seeing with the Chinese.The Chinese ,and the Russians are the most racist group of people in the world.When Condoleeza Rice proves hard when they want to try their hegemony on America,their netizens treated her as something that is even worst than a ghost.
The name China ( Zhongguo) is said to mean Middle Kingdom,and that the chinese had always considered themselves as the country occupying the middle of the Universe.They are said to have considered themselves the only people existing.As you said ealier their dormineering attitude cannot be ignored once you come in contact with them.
The new Chinese onslaught on Africa is geared towards neo-colonial acquisitions.The
economy that is growing at a geometric progression needs energy resources to sustain this growth.Reports from news outlets indicate that the Chinese are claiming to be on a humanitarian venture in Africa ,which is false.In 2006 we shouldn`t accept this patrosing attitude again.This ego-boosting of the Chinese should be taken with a pinch of salt.
50 billion can`t built the Ringroad for us.Did Ondong alone swindle more than 500 billion,only for us to go bowl in hand signing 50 billion chicken feed with the Chinese? From Meva`a Meboutou,to Siyam Siwe how many billions have evaporated into thin air,that we should be spilling spittle about 50 billion frs.Anyway we have to be treated this way.It is said that when you wash your hands clean,you can dine with Kings,and the contrary holds.


Here comes Cameroon.
China is giving 50 billion, an amount a man working with FEICOM embezzled. It therefore means Cameroon has no problem because the state can recover so much from the few thieves that have been caught.
Mr. Biya can be giving to the state every year 100 billion for the next 20 years.
Cameroon is not a poor country


Well China sees a gateway only in africa.Unlike in otherparts of the world where people have sound and great minds for the future,the chinese produce cheap goods for Africa and continue to dirty and polluted our cities with low quality goods.Allowing more of these guys to bring in goods from their country would imply cameroon should prepare several landfills to dump the rubish and people should be ready to buy every atticle time and again.Watch out with this guys.We must care for our environment though we got no waste management strategies in Cameroon.


I am afriad to warn you that you are in dire need of a Therapy to exonerate you from xenophobia.
Every information you put in this forum carries a clear sign about your state of mind and your relationship with Man around you which you had termed Foreign and Enermy.
Check all your comments and see for yourself.
There are alot of Therapist near you who can help you before you are compeletly knock out.
Just a warning and an Advice.



Do remember that i have technically made a comparison between the chinese and the Nowegians. So get the facts clear. My state of mind stands for nothing but the truth and you are small enough to advise me.


As concerns World Economy sleeping dogs(Africans) will lie while those who got up late in the afternoon (China and Indian) are taking quicker steps to meet their conterparts(Europe and America) who are relaxing feeling that they had got enough for their life time.
Thats is Globalization and it moving into its accelarating phase and ploarzing the world into North-East(china,Japan,Indian) on one hand and North West(EU,Russia and USA) on the other hand.
What Africans and the rest of the south can do is to snore themselves to porvery and misery while blaming anybody about it.At same time they are the ones to go begging from the very people they blame.
I read the Cameroon president was asking why for more than half of a century he is still having a Habit of running East and West to begg for means to fill his pockets when ever it runs dry.
Untill we africans realized that Economy is a Game of Numbers,commitment and Hard Work, we will always then be leftout as spectator and Beggars

Njei M. Timah

The Chinese are just participating in the second scramble for Africa. The first scramble took place more than a century ago.
Njei M.T (

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