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Thursday, 22 February 2007


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Glenn Wilson

Nice one George. It seems somewhat hypocritical that the nation (France) who brought corruption and all the filth that goes with it to the African continent, now wants to preach anti-corruption.
How much of Africas wealth sits in accounts held at corrupt French banks? Accounts belonging to the thieves who control the countries with French connivance. How many corrupt French presidents are still alive and reaping ill gotten gains from the African continent? Also, take a look around you and see the conditions Cameroonians try to survive in, while Cameroon's greatest thief (Paul Biya) is sipping champagne in France with your leaders!
Perhaps you could hitch a ride back to France on one of the ships taking illegal timber from the Cameroon rainforests, that depart the port each day.
Glenn Wilson

Ma Mary

Thats right, Glenn. Defrenchification is essential medicine for all African countries, especially francophone dens of sin like la republique francais du Cameroun. Even smart French people are defrenchifying their operations so that they could be competitive in the world.

This Pondicherry should convey to his boss that the gig is up.



While I commend your heartfelt writings about Cameroon, I have to disagree with you here. True, France has had a corrupting stranglehold wherever they've been in Africa but surely speaking out against any specific ill in a country cannot possibly hurt, can it? Which stance would you prefer, this Frechman's one of speaking out, or the American Ambassador who has his head so far up Biya's butt that it makes you want to wretch just thinking about it?

Glenn Wilson

I understand where you're coming from. As for the Americans involvement in Cameroon,...well, thats another sad story of hypocrisy. It just irritates me to read the garbage these officials sprout. Anti corruption speeches flowing from their mouths, while at the same time the hand is stuffing dollars into the pockets. But please,..if anyone has the right to be wretching it is us in Australia. Our Prime Minister has his head so far up George Bush's arse, it's no wonder no hair grows on his head. What is the world coming to?

M Nje

I can imagine how you feel about your Prime Minister. It is unbelievable. Mr. Blair has just realized that he has been following the wrong path. But it is too late. Think about the number of people who have lost their life or body parts especially Iraqis.

One is still to understand exactly why these people died.

It is unbelievable to see how people are starving in this country: La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. Millions of youths have no idea where there are heading to. They graduate from university and have to go back and leave with their parents. But you have some foreign diplomats telling them their life is so good. It is very painful to say the less.

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