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Monday, 26 February 2007


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Election rigging in La Republique is not unique to the CPDM. Every political institution registered under the laws of La Republique Francaise du Cameroun is surviving on falsehood. The SDF has also been involved in election malpractices. We all know that in the 1992 presidential elections, there were more votes casted for the SDF alone than the number of registered voters in several pooling stations in Mutengene, Tiko, etc. Also in Mezam and most polling stations in Bamenda, there are always more votes casted for the SDF than the Number of registered voters. That said, the CPDM case is always a clear case because they control the various election monitoring bodies and are always manipulating without any fear. Many of my young friends who witnessed the past three elections in the Country had testified that they either owned two voting cards at the time or had friends (most of whom are from the Bakweri clan) owning them. The irony is that, a few of these guys that i have talked to have confided that they ended up voting but for the SDF. So to say, the SDF always have something to gain from all this. Let the CPDM conducts its elections the way it wants, let the handclappers go to parliament and legitimise La Republique as a multi-party democracy, let Yoyo, Mbah Ndam, NJFN, and Co collects their grants and bribes from La Republique and invest in europe or send their children to the most prestigious schools amongst them Imperial college and let everybody sit quiet because their SDF prophets here will brand us CPDM agents.

I am very glad our people from Mutengene have listened to the call of the leadership of the SCNC not to register and vote for any political party registered under the laws of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. I am very glad rightminded Southern Cameroonians like Mola Njoh Litumbe are now focused strongly than before on the decolonisation of the Southern Cameroons than fake politics with La Republique. All those fake political institutions created and sponsored by the colonial regime that wants to hang on theories like "chinese this or that" and ignore their leaders partnership with a french gambling company that has been siphoning huge sums of money out of the North West everyday. There is virtually nothing these political insitutions that are focused on legitimising our land can lecture us. They are the creation of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun and they can only work for their interest.


If at all this is true,we begin to doubt the propaganda of the government and NEO that the elections will be free n fair.We do not expect what happened in Balikumbat to happen in Buea as citizens promise other free citizens vengeance.God forbid.


Post, is this investigated or it is just rumoured?
No doubts, CPDM knows very well what the anglophones are facing. That makes them wary about any victory. Either by fraud or by gun.
Shame to all our brothers and sisters helping in the course.
The jews almost got extinct but because of their unity, they left egypt, revolt against the Romans and survived the holocust. Today they are stronger than all their adverseries. Unity is strength.
That is what we the anglophones lack. But we must achieve even if it means eliminating the bad grains.
God be with us!

Ma Mary

What say you now, Dr. Diana Acha Mofor?


Rigging elections is a crime worst than armed robbery and election riggers deserve jungle justice.Cameroonians should make election riggers learn the hard way.
Waiting to hear of the court action that Acha Mofor will initiate against those already caught in the ugly act


Cameroon has a constitution which doesn't favour Jungle justice as a means of penalty. Ma Mary, with all due respect, we shouldn't help to take the Nation backward. Good and fine that the matter has been handed to the law enforcement authority. Allow justice to take it course.


Excursive but revealing!!!!

FCFA42 Billion Scam Implicates Vice Prime Minister

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2 Mar 2007, 5:05 PM

Lawyers for Former Douala Ports Authority General Manager, Alphonse Siyam Siwe and Board Chairman,Edouard Etonde Ekotto now standing trial for the embezzlement of FCFA42 billion have raked up a list of some 100 personalities and institutions whom they claim are also involved in the scam and should mount the witness box.
The list released in two parts contains names of serving and former ministers,parliamentarians,national and foreign firms.Even some World Bank officials have been cited in the very explosive document.Prominent among those cited are the `Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and keeper of the Seals, Amadou Ali, Minister of State incharge of Territorial Administration, Marafat amidou Yaya, Minister of Cmmerce , Luc Magloire Atangana and Former Communication Minister Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo.

At the time of printing some 100 personalities had been implicated. The matter which came up for hearing last Tuesday and Wednesday is being bogged down over procedurial objections being raised by the defence and was adjourned to March 6. It should be noted that on Tuesday the Court Registrar collapsed when the matter was called up

Some top officials of the World Bank and foreign companies have been implicated in the financial scandal at the Douala Autonomous Port as a new list of suspects has been established bringing the number of suspects to 51. The head of the World Bank mission to Cameroon, Madam Florence Charlier and an expert with the Bank, Koyasse Faustin have been cited by judicial sources as potential suspects.

Five foreign companies have also been cited for investigations. Among them is the notorious French company Group Bolleré, whose founder is highly blamed for provoking the civil war in Ivory Coast. He is accused of signing non-tenable contracts to clear the bed of the dockyard. A Dutch national Renier Vanherel is also expected to answer questions related to the role of his company, Damen Shipyard Rotterdam in the scandal.

Three Japanese companies, including the Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC), Mitsui and Co LTD, 2-1, OTHEMCHI 1-CHOME, CHIYODA, TOKYO, Ocean Consulting Japan (OJC). All these companies are suspected of trafficking money.The sources say most of the new suspects (40) are likely to end up in jail giving the compelling incriminating evidence against them.

The list which The Sun got, also contained the names of former ministers, serving parliamentarians, highly placed business persons, foreigners, and banking institutions as well individuals of high standing, including the president of the Bar Council Barrister Charles Tchoungang, who will bear testimony to a colleague's involvement in the scam.

A former minister likely to be jailed in the long run, is Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo who The Sun was told got his hands soiled while signing a contract, at the time he was Chief of Cabinet in the Prime Minister's office with a Japanese company, METSUI to clear the bed of the dockyard. It is alleged Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo made kick backs and render the contract fishy.

Christopher Nsahlai, one time Minister for Transport, and currently board chair of the Douala autonomous port, is also suspected of shady deals with Siyam Siewe the detained former Managing Director of the port. Another outstanding revelation was the involvement of one of the Deputy Speakers of the national assembly, Jacob Fosi who is CPDM Member of Parliament for the Menoua, in the west province. As manager of SAFRIC, a company involved in clearing the bed of the dockyard, he is thought to have signed out unjustified sums of money. Another MP, Bernard Forju of the Lebialem constituency will also answer charges.

One of the suspects Zibi François Martin was arrested recently with several millions of francs cfa on him. He is even said to have stocked some of the money in his pants. Officials of the World Bank are also being sited in the scandal. Sources close to the dossier did not say when the new suspects will be heard. But it is highly expected that Cameroonian authorities would seek help from the international community to bring those of them who are abroad to answer the charges at the Wouri High Court.

Partial List of 51

SATOCHI IIJIMA - ex-Director Operation Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC)
Amadou Tamko - Directeur Général de la Société AITI Douala
Acha -Expert Financier, - Directeur du Cabinet DELOITTE & TOUCHE
Alain Mallong - Président du Comité Consultative d'Orientation du Port Autonome de Douala (PAD)
Asa'na Ntsang-Mba Thompson
Chrietopher Nsahlai- Ancien Ministre
Honorable Fossi Jacob
Boundja Vincent - Directeur Général de la Société Alpha Marine
Babila Eric
Daniel Charrier - Représentant du Group Bolloré au Cameroun
Dayas Mounoume Jean Marcel - Directeur Général de l'Autorité Portuaire Nationale APN à Yaoundé
-Dikor Ebellé - Directeur Général de la Société CDE SERVICE
Dingana Fuastin - Cadre en service au Port Autonome de Douala
Gwabap - Fonctionnaire
Honorable Bernad Ateawung Forju - Député à l'Assemblée Nationale
Kamdem Bathelemy
Kobay Yashi - Manager Sté Mitsui & Co LTD, 2-1, OHTEMACHI 16 CHOME, CHIYODA, TOKYO
Me Charles Tchoungang Bâtonnier de l'Ordre des Avocats au Barreau du Cameroun
Mme Essombe Grace - Inspecteur Général au Ministère des Transport
Mme Florence Charlier - Chef de Mission Bank Mondial au Cameroun
Nicole Nesse - Cadre au Port Autonome de Douala (PAD)
Koyasse Faustin - Expert Bank Mondiale
Ntchatcho Civilanne
Shigerou Iwamoto - General Manager, Industry Machinery Division Sté MITSUI & Co LTD, 2-1, OHTEMACHI CHOME, CHIYODA, TOKYO, JAPAN
Mouafo Jean - Chef d'Agence Labogenie Douala
Penda Ekoka Christian - Directeur Général de la BDS
Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo - Ancien Ministre
François Potin - Directeur Général de la Sté de Dragage de la Cote d'Afrique (SCDA)
Poungoue Flaubert - Cadre au Port Autonome de Douala
Renier Vanherel - Responsable Afrique de la Sté DAMEN SHIPYARD ROTTERDAM
S. Okada - Représentant OCEAN CONSULTING JAPAN (OCJ) au Cameroun
Tcheudji Jean-Pierre - Employée à DIT
Tchokongoue - Cadre en service au Port Autonome de Douala
Toshio Shibao - Project Manager Ocean Consulting (OCJ)
Wensitcheu Mouga Jean-Pierre - Cadre en service au Port Autonome de Douala (PAD)
Siewe Nintcheu - Employé en service au Port Autonome de Douala
François Marie
Zibi François Martin - (PAD)
Alphonse Siyam Siewe
S. Nakayama - Représentant de la Sté MITSUI & Co LTD au Cameroun.

By Donald Dinge in Douala



Ma Mary

kavakava, your country has a constitution? That is good news.

Ma Mary

Now will you guys kindly move aside? kavakava, yes, you guys.


Is La Republique du Cameroun a country or is it a piece of land owned by France, for the purpose of exploiting natural resources and laundering money?

Fritzane Kiki HK

This is no news,neither it is an information!!It is just a reminder and continuation of what the corrupt,exploitative and dictatorial ruling CPDM La Republique has been hitherto doing in yester-years now.Only those leaving in affluence and plenty under La Republique will turn a blind eye during this elections period to see the high rate of election rigging and misconducts.

The only advice i can offer to those SDF bigwigs and sympathisers to know that they will,I repeat,they will never compete with the CPDM because they always win before the elections are conducted.No competition!I am plain here to say there is no multi party system in Cameroon since 1992.It is on paper but not on practice since the majority CPDM has ever been leading in both presidentils,council and parliamentary elections.Why should people then be doubting to see Ghost registration centres around towns and villages.

Cameroonians beware of wild dogs; don't waste your precious time at polling stations for the name of voting since there is no elections going on in Cameroon.Allow the CPDM to vote for themselves.SDF candidates are now known to be hunger striken bunch of faggotted political toothless manawas,whose eyes are as thrice faster than the bullet, to see any thing in the name of money passing around from the ruling CPDM.SDF not CPDM Mayors anymore, have been noticed for embezzlement and corrupt pratcices in their various councils.SDF parliamentarians are the worst in their jurisdictions.Where can Cameroon be a place free from embezzlers and witch-hunters.Why are we voting?Maybe when Biya's term of office is over.'Maybe' Since corruption is buried in the blood streams;nooks and crannies of all Cameroonians now.'God safe us in you we trust'

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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