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Thursday, 08 February 2007


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I hope the discuss how to decolonise the Southern Cameroons which is the purpose of which the SDF was created.


"The Secretary General, who is a senior official in the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovations,"......

Senior Gov't worker and Secretary General of the "strongest opposition party" simultanoeusly?

"if you have a drink with somebody,rgue,and then sit,and talk,and have another drink,it brings understanding. You can become friends".Just a quote!The scribe seems to be the corridor of exchanges between the colonial junta and the "strongest opposition party" that now represents and interest group than it previous self with scoundrels at it
"he still stands for one and indivisible Cameroon" to deceive and hoodwink nescient ones,with the help of zealous followers.

"Responding to a question on how he could be the chairman of a national party and at the same time an adviser to the SCNC, Fru Ndi stated unequivocal terms, that he still stands for one and indivisible Cameroon on the platform of a federal structure which will empower local populations and initiate development action .........

True colours are coming out now.The SDF Godfather reveals himself only now as a bulldog and adherent of Ahidgo colonial buzz word"Cameroun is one and indivisible". There no need to dilate on this.They are just part of the slime we have to lop from our homeland and restore justice and freedom.



"if you have a drink with somebody,argue


The SDF was not created to decolonize the Southern Cameroon. Proof me wrong by stating where it was written in the SDF constitution. Don't tell me about founding father Feko and so on. If the SDF was created to decolonize the Southern Cameroon, it should be documented somewhere.
Rexon, I still want to remind you of the many questions I asked here a couple of weeks ago. I will be glad if you respect your promise to answer my questions.
Maybe Fru Ndi changed the constitution of the SDF before the party was legalized. If it is proven that he (Fru Ndi) did, then I will believe that the party was created to decolonize the Southern Cameroon. If not, I will still keep insisting that we can decolonize Southern Cameroon without Fru Ndi and the SDF.


Can we show the world that we are a bit mature. Can we limit our debate to the issues raised by Mrs Tamajong; Is dialogue between Fru Ndi and Biya the way forward?

If we allow the fellow with fatuous comments whose sole interest is to weep up sentiments to dictate the pace of the debate, then we reduce ourselves to people without a sense of direction like him. The world will not distinguish us from this garrulous in our attempt to bring an intractable fellow to reason.
It is all shame!


This woman has always been smart.Politicians must change strategies,or else it will no longer be politics.This because they are always humbled by the plight of the citizens.Few days ago ,the United States changed tactics in the way they look at North Korea.The two sworn enemies held secret talks in Germany,and signed a memorandum of understanding.The talks between them on the North Korean Nuclear issue is seeing a breakthrough.Biya shies away from dialogue because the plight of the Cameroonian people means nothing to him.


If I go by Feko's interview here at the postnewsline The SDF wasn't created to decolonize the Southern Cameroon but to restore the Former West Cameroon Under The Federal Structures that existed then. That was Albert Mukong's philosophy.

I personally think if you've got some questions to ask these guys it should be whether they still hold on this manisfesto or rather given in to calls to "deaglophonize" the party as the former MP for Littoral requested some years back?

Ma Mary

Biya does not need to discuss with JFN in order to get what he needs from SDF, the appearance of his country being democratic. In fact, he needs JFN exactly where he is. That is the true politics of the matter. He needs the SDF, flailing, neutered and distant and that is precisely what he is getting.

Rene Dibi

Ma Mary wrote “Biya does not need to discuss with JFN in order to get what he needs from SDF, the appearance of his country being democratic. In fact, he needs JFN exactly where he is. That is the true politics of the matter. He needs the SDF, flailing, neutered and distant and that is precisely what he is getting”

Just want to confirm and add that, there was a time Mr Biya would have definately bribed ( if he did not already do) to dialogue with JFN. That was the time Biya saw JFN as a real opposition. Today the SDF has been reduced to asubsection of the Mr Biya’s ruling CPDM.

Secondly, Mr Biya does not see the SDF sa his greatest headche. Mr Biya’s greatest headache is the SCNC. It is the SCNC that gives him and his government headche.If he had to dialoque, he would wish to dialogue with the SCNC, but unfortunately for him and his brothers, We need no dialogue anymore.

A real oppostion should not ‘beg’ to dialogue with the government. The government should come to the opposition. The government should be anxious and eager to propose dialogue with an opposition.


The SDF does not need to dialogue with Mr Biya to rethink her stratergies.Listen,my father is an SDF die-hard. In the year 2003, i told my father that any political party that does not rethink its modus operandi can not be sincere to its principles. My anger was with the way the SDF was open handedly accepting defeat at all elections. It is true and an open secret that Mr Biya could only win elections by rigging. But this rigging has only been posible because the SDF wants it.

The SDF has willing gone into all elections organised by La republique knowing fully well in advance that the elections results would rigged. At the end of the such riggings SDF miltants have always accepted the results, making it look like that there is a degree of romance between the SDF and CPDM.

In Ukraine a couple of years ago, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych had a slim lead over liberal challenger Viktor Yushchenko.

Yushchenko told thousands of supporters to stay in Kiev's main square overnight to keep a tent encampment safe from security forces who he said wanted to dismantle it. These opposition militants braved the cold of Kiev and at the end we saw the result


Rene Dibi you forgot to mention the following cases Geogia ,the former Yugoslovia,Madagascar,Ivory Coast(during the 2000 election) etc etc.the SDF need to be serious,there is no need asking people to go for election and when the election is rigged we stay quiet.If we continue like this Biya is going to die in power.

M Nje

Ma Mary you said it all.

I am very sorry for this woman, her party and all those small businesses call political parties in Cameroun. Madame a Phd does not make you a good politician. You still want to dialogue with a man who does not keep to his promise. What happen to “Large Debar” or was it “Grand Dabar.” What do you expect to get from those dialogue. Sorry, he does not see your guys as even equal to any of his NGOs that he sponsors.

The analogies from other countries just makes one to laugh. Stop DREAMING. You dialogue with your opponent when they are an obstacle to you. Right now, your party and many others are depending on Governor Biya to survive. If you don`t get that small campaign funds then things will really be rough. That is why your party said NO ELECAM NO ELECTION means NO ELECAM YES ELECTION. What a reversal.

I still remember the days in the 1990s when Mr. Chairman said he cannot dialog with Governor Biya without a third party.

Today he is willing to dialogue even with his Aides. If you are a good politician, you should be questioning why the turnout you get at your rallies are experiencing a diminishing return. Why your parliamentary seats are on a steady decline. Does that not tell you that you are on the wrong site of issues?


Rene Dibi,

They way you have described these political party turned business entity is excellent. Their history shows emerging and changing patterns of ideologies, doctrines and strategies that are weakening rather than stregthening and that shows where they are heading to. I really like the clarity and honesty in your ideas. I have been pondering giving thesame ideas you wrote above in relation to the quest for dialogue as a response to Fon. But thought that, there is no use educating them on these issues since they are in a romantic and business relationship with the CPDM and la republique and hiding under the banner of a failed opposition.

The bitter truth is, these guys know like you and i that the SDF is merely finding but what i describe as "SPACES" and "RELATIONSHIPS" to survive in their business relationship with the CPDM and la republique in the short run and not necessarily looking at the broader picture of things. Immediately i realised this dichotomy in 1997, i immediately became suspicious of all their actions and since then, things have still improved for the worst.

I repeat, they are finding two things, the SPACE and the RELATIONSHIP.

The Space: The SDF have only the North West to defend and Mr Biya is proud to give them that and one or two seats in other provinces. That will colour la republiques parliament as a multi-party democracy.

The Relationships: Begging from CPDM, Paul Biya and French Companies when they have problems. Now they are begging for dialogue, previously, they were begging for money to transport their hero's wife for medical treatment, they begged for positions in parliament, they begged government delegates to listen to them, when PMUC came calling, they rushed without looking at the political implications, etc.

Long live the Southern Cameroons.


M Nje,

I once asked him this question and he could'nt open his mouth.

"If you are a good politician, you should be questioning why the turnout you get at your rallies are experiencing a diminishing return"

And in this forum, i have always asked why he is not asking why he has become disconnected to the masses that once supported him. I love this man NJFN to be honest, but i really think there is something going wrong with him. I really want him to die a hero rather than a villain. Let him start thinking of what will go into our history books now that we (his former supporters) are now suspicious of him. That does'nt mean he is corrupt but his actions and undertone looks like a bit of a romance or fraud and that is why the CPDM is winning in this game.


Rene Dibi,
Whose elections have Biya been rigging? Of course the SDF`s.If out of 260 Political parties,Biya steals the SDF victory time and again then this party has been doing fine.Rene Dibi ,before people in Ukraine,could think of a Revolution,the SDF had lived one in Cameroon.Remember the Ghost towns,boycot of French Goods.This was started by Fru Ndi.The Laurent Gbagbos are just copycats now.
When Fru Ndi go in for elections you people will say he is mad,when he refuses to go in for one like in 1997,people nearly ate him alive.Rene Dibi we know your master Muna
,was erroneously nursing the hope that the SDF was going to boycot the elections ,so he could jump on the bandwagon,and perrenise his legitimacy,but he has once again been comprehensively outplayed by the SDF.We want to see the Renaissance your master Asonganyi talked of in the 'authentic SDF'.Rene Dibi your master Asonganyi doesnot even have the courage now to publish his sophistery on the columns of the Postnewsline.He has taken refuge in the Le Messager.This is somebody who was SDF Secretary General for more than ten years ,and Cameroonians never heard from him,but when he met his Waterloo,he transformed himself into a newspaper columnist.
Rene Dibi,an intelligent person is one who is dynamic in thought.George Bush said it is not good to reward evil,but he finally decided to dialogue with North Korea ,and this has averted another catastrophy.
Rene Dibi ,you can see that the SDF has all along put Biya in an uncomfortable situation.Biya has been forced to steal SDF`s election victories,impose Government Delegates on councils won by the SDF,send the Munas,Asonganyis ,Sn Titas,Rexons,Mukete s ,Dibis,to destabilise the party to no avail.
We saw how desperate the Cpdm became.Ondo Ndong paid agents to tarnish the image of the party to no avail.Today they are using agents who want to pass for SCNC freedom fighters to achieve what they have failed to achieve in 17 years ,but things are still more than them.
Rene Dibi just look at people like Rexon who present themselves as freedom fighters.
They pretend to run away from La Republique,
only to transfer their Cpdm thievery to another colonial country Britain.They involve themselves in racketeering ,and deportation of the very southern Cameroonians they pretend to speak for.


Rene Dibi,

Please spare Watesih. Lets just advise him to consult a psychotherapists.

Rene Dibi


You've made my day. Indeed you've made me laughed out my lungs. You could really be a jester.

For your information, i have never met Rexon and where so ever he is, I do not care. What matters is the sense and sensitivity of what he is writing. The writings of Rexon and other visionary Southern cameroonians on this forum are just so glaring for anybody who is somebody to understand.It is so unfortunate that you can not see.I take solace in that I once read "pigs would never buy sanitational ideas".

What you failed to realise is that North Korea did not invite george for Dialogue. Bush getting the chance to with North Korea was a real blessing for him. Did you fotrget so soon that it was North Korea who pulled out of the talks? Watesih, let your brain not be so watery. Read between the lines, Bush begged for this dialogue.

One useless habit with you and your blind SDF followers in this forum is your ability in diverting the issue at stake. where is Asonganyi come into play here? How there you say Asonganyi was SG for ten years and nobody heard of him? This is so unfair. Please take your memory beyond one year.

Watesih, like it or not the SDF died ten years ago.Fru Ndi is the master and you all are the 'Mougoes' He is chopping fat day in day out.


I will still say here that people criticise the SDF because they think it's missed its path somehow.I have four Senior brothers three of whom are diehards SDF militants with one close to Fru Ndi(ward chairman), one Secratary General of an association that pays 100% allegeance to Fru Ndi(name withheld) ,then a Divisional Delegate(..but secret SDF insider) .

I have always made it clear to them that the SDF is fast sinking into oblivion.My bone of contention with them is that the party if it must survive needs a change of direction.Not necessarily leadership anyway.

Im shocked by these revelations by Dr Tamajong. Hear her..."According to the SDF Scribe, Fru Ndi has, many times, invited Biya for dialogue but the latter has always snubbed the idea. She said even in the face of such indifference, he should not relent his efforts at seeking dialogue with Biya, because it is to alleviate the plight of the suffering Cameroonian masses".....

Guys let's go down memory laying. I was there in the early 90s when Mr Fru Ndi turned down an invitation for the tripartite talks on conditions that the atmosphere wasnt right for him to attend such talks. Now it's not Biya inviting Fru Ndi but Fru Ndi supplicating Biya for dialogue. Has the atmosphre changed now? Who needs who?

When Biya needed to legitimise his ELECAM he invited Fru Ndi to the glass house . In the 90s Fru Ndi would've given stern conditions under which such a meeting would be feasible but now he seems to go even for any rubbish.

In a rally in the early 90s Mr Fru Ndi brandished a cheque purportedly given him by the regime to leave the country winning the hearts of everyone as a politically uncompromising leader, then hell broke lose when we read here he took money from the very regime to cure his wife. Politically there's nothing wrong for a political party to be funded by the State but having shown bravery against such odds anything contrary could only be interpreted as cowardice and double standardness by the electorate.

This party needs a real phase lift and that has been the point of Prof Asonganyi and Co who unfortunately were kicked out of the party. When differences are viewed as destrcutive to the party then either narrow minded sets in or personality becomes a norm.

How on earth should the SDF be supplicating for a dialogue with the CPDM? Dialogue ,it must be said is a good political weapon to ease tentions but when it becomes a "hook to catch the rat with the rat panting for food" then dialogue becomes intriguing.

Well let's wait and see where al these leads them to and good luck too!


Watesih Wrote:

"Whose elections have Biya been rigging? Of course the SDF`s"

My good friend. Biya takes. He sets the pace (NEO, ELECAM) and decides who will be the winner. He gives a few seats to the SDF in Bamenda to colour La Republique as a multi-party democracy and takes Balikumbat to colour his presence in all ten provinces including the North West.

If we know he rigs, why force people to vote and send handclappers in parliament if we are not in a business relationship with him??????????



One die-hard SDF executive from Tiko who is still in position today and whom i am still in contact with cried this morning when i read that part of the speech that you quoted to him. He reminded me of most of the things you have cited above that happened in the 90's and some other issues. This party that we all risked our lives for has sinked into oblivion. We just need to protect our Uncle and Father NJFN so that he does not go into the wrong memory of our history books.



"Immediately i realised this dichotomy in 1997, i immediately became suspicious of all their actions and since then, things have still improved for the worst." (Rexon)

You always want to run your month and feel big here. Who were you in 1997? You were a small school boy and you claimed that you were something then? In 2002, you were a student of the universty of Buea and Tebo Nexon who was my student was your classmate. Dispute it! How can one reconcile the fact that you were a student in 2002 and on the other hand was already a politician as far back as 1997? Shameless liar.
Mind the way you run your mouth here!!!


"Now it's not Biya inviting Fru Ndi but Fru Ndi supplicating Biya for dialogue. Has the atmosphre changed now? Who needs who?" (Tayong)

"Tamajong said she was challenging the two leaders to dialogue, not as a politician but a Cameroonian woman and who wants to see the country progress. She said her message to Fru Ndi and Biya was inspired by God."
So you can see that what Mrs Tamajong said is not on behalf of the party, hence you can´t conclude that it is Fru Ndi asking to see Biya.

Rene Dibi


You just helped me confirm what a genius Rexon should be. I have always seen this somebody with a fertile brain.

What type of a teacher are you? What surprises you with a child’s ability in seeing the wrong doings of a political party? Did you not hear of the 10 year boy who forced his father to change his names from Paul Biya to some thing else after he noticed the wrongdoing of his name sake?

The fact that your student Tebo was a class mate to Rexon, does that make them the same age?

Adamu Musa is a student in Yela with my junior brother, that for you makes him an age mate to my junior man.?

I was in the University of Dschang with people old enough to be my father, does that make them my age mates?

How sheepish some of us can reason.

Beef for Bush. “Nyiabeeh”


Rene Dibi,
"Nyambeeh" and not "Nyiabeeh"
Did you go loco or what?



Get the facts clear.

1990- 1992- Started militating in the SDF despite being below voting age.

1992 - Declared wanted by the CPDM for organising the destabilisation of their rigging machinery in and around Mutengene. Never went to high school as a result of this but registered and secretly wrote A-Levels and passed in one of the centers. I will always thank Mr Meoto (A CPDM) for protecting my academic career despite threats from his CPDM and other agents of darkness.

1997- Militated in the SDF in Mutengene. Organised the destabilisation of the CPDM rigging machinery and became wanted by the CPDM. My friend Nouck Protus (an SDF turned MDR) decamped to the CPDM and was immediately imposed by Inoni as YCPDM president for Tiko.

After the SDF went to parliament, Pa Luma and his Son Nseke (My classmate in secondary School) who was sharing his time between Nigeria where he was studying at the time and Cameroon whispered about the problems of the SDF and proposed Southern Cameroonian movements like SCNC, AMBAZONIA, Etc. Further explained the history of the Southern Cameroons and the reasons for the creation of the SDF. In a one-off meeting, i immediately decamped to the SCNC because i realised NJFN was derailing from the original mission that we all sacrificed for. Since then, i have remained a good friend to all my SDF friends whom i still speak to from time to time.

2002-Before 2002, has already settled in Europe with my family and has already finish a masters degree in business administration in Europe. So your sing-song that i was studying in UB at the time is vague.

Rene Dibi

Fon, Did you just also confirm you are a nyiabeeh? Ask the people of Nweh to confirm this spelling. Nyiabeeh.


Mr Fon

You're exactly like my elder brother who will go any length to defend this party and badly enough to its doom. Fon, get this correct from the Post..... .

"According to the SDF Scribe, Fru Ndi has, many times, invited Biya for dialogue but the latter has always snubbed the idea."....
Does this statement say Fru does not invite Biya or he does, Fon?

Dont try to defend the undefendable thereby killing your own very party. My elder brother though as educated as he maybe has never crossed the boarders but you with all these knowledege and living in advanced democracy always try to defend everything SDF or Fru NDI.

This is what is killing your party. Always trying to tow party lines. Divergent voices are considered as detrimental to the party therefore everyone try not be seen belligerent and whacky.How will the party chart a new course ?



That is how my own elder brother always defends Biya. From Biya's dresses, to his new deal government, to his communal liberalism.

I am glad i dont support people but their ideas.



Did you teach at PHS Batibo?


Mr Tayong
"According to the SDF Scribe, Fru Ndi has, many times, invited Biya for dialogue but the latter has always snubbed the idea."

"Does this statement say Fru does not invite Biya or he does,"

I thought you were sound when it comes to the comprehension of the Queen´s language. That statement is vague. It does not aver that Fru Ndi has been inviting Biya for dialogue. "According" as used in that statement indicates some kind of insinuation by the Post. The Post is trying to draw a conclusion as they try to judge Mrs Tamajong´s message . I repeat, that statement does not state that Fru Ndi has been inviting Biya. It can only be interpreted.The Post is simply saying that judging from the SDF Scribe´s words,it can be concluded that ...
Tell me whether it is possible that Fru Ndi has been inviting Biya for dialogue and the media will not give it the widest publicity.Or does it make sense to say he has been doing it clandestinely?
Therefore watch out.


Is your conscience disturbing you or why do ask that question when you did not acknowledge that Nexon was your classmate?
Give me a number to call you



I am travelling and will give you a private email through which we can share realistic ideas and maybe we get to understand each other better. You taught my brothers and friends.

I will have respect for you only when you will start to speak the truth, rather than defending NJFN blindly. Maybe you dont understand him or maybe you have some ulterior motives, but, NJFN has declared openly that he is waiting for the time Biya will call for dialogue. So now, the issue is not whether Southern Cameroonians cannot understand the queens language or not, but because NJFN is becoming suspicious and it seems like there is a romance with the CPDM.


Rene Dibi, Ma Mary, M. Nje, Tayong, and All,

I have created a page at for the Southern Cameroons. You can go through it and add more information on it just by using the search word "Southern Cameroons National Council". Of recent, it has become an interesting site for academics and researchers to acquire information.

I have just copied one of Ndiks recent postings and place there. I will be editing it as more informations pops up.


Just wondering aloud

Is it worth going to school to become a progressive force for the Cameroonian democracy? School books have it all and those who never went to school should most of the time regret that they cannot read about or listen to other people eles where do or talk politics. Now, how knowledgeable have we become when after 16 good years of a struggle to usher in change in a democracy like ours, we still think that we should stick to the strategies we used in the early 90s to bring about the change we need in Cameroon. Are we failing our parents who are not educated by failing to tell them that democracy is all about being smart and taking advantage of situations? What do you tell an illiterate person? That Dr Tamanjong wrongfully thinks that a dialogue between Fru Ndi and Biya is a positive move for Cameroon OR that because that proposal comes from the side of the SDF, it is an indication that the main and only opposition party in Cameroon is loosing the fight. People, have we leant any thing in school? Could we have become so retarded in our reasoning to think that the only strategy to use to liberate Cameroonians is the use of some destructive and irresponsible confrontation with Paul Biya? What is it that we are thinking about when we talk about ‘the force of argument’ especially as we are purported SCNC activists? “Intellectuals” who get so frightened when mention is made of challenging Biya across table? Sad news. No need to have wasted time and money going to school.

Our brothers and sisters living abroad; an asset or a liability to our struggle for veritable change in Cameroon.
To begin with, I always wonder what makes people think that because they live in the UK, London or wherever (which have become names to some people here on the forum), they automatically become so knowledgeable that they should teach other Cameroonians what they should be doing? This is just so sad because most of these individuals have failed to learn from the good politics or democracies that they are living in. You find people placing their resumes here saying how much education they have gotten and how many years they have been living wherever in the world, BUT, just to turn around and indicate to the world how they have leant nothing and have forgotten nothing through out their life time. If inviting Biya for dialogue by the SDF (let me put it that way) is so weird to some body living in a democracy, then it becomes so unfortunate where and who we can turn to for the veritable change that Cameroon needs. Please don’t be a shame to the good Cameroonian people living abroad.



You seem to be getting my message wrongly.Secondly your insinuations of my misunderstanding the Queen's language is funny. Get it right, looking for dialogue with Biya isn't any problem if you read my comment between the lines , but going in for any dialogue withour clear agenda for discussions will always results to Biya taking advantage to colour his autocratic rule giving it a semblance of a democracy.

Furthermore Biya by every reason has the duty to initiate a dialogue in order to ease the tense political atmosphere as President of the The Cameroons. When it becomes Mr Fru Ndi panting for dialogue , then he becomes the underdog or better still a lame duck opposition as Americans will prefer.

He stood his grouds in the 90s asking for legitimate dialogue fora with clear cut objectives and in the presence of a third party , but now seeks for dialogue even in "kitchen Parlours". This is foolhardy. I think someone must be misleading Mr Fru Ndi these days to be honest!


Rene Dibi,Ma Mary,Tayong,M Nje,Ndiks,
We have
been answering all your questions about the SDF here.Today take your courage ,and tell the world the position of the SCNC on this declaration by one of its forerunners here for the past decade:Feed your eyes,and talk:

" What i have realised in the past decade is that Cpdm Politicians invest in destroying the SDF.They do this through bribing corrupt journalists to write bad things about the SDF,control councils through government Delegates,and secretaries to destabilise realistic projects to be executed by the SDFetc.Then after doing all these,they turn around and say they are better than the SDF as the SDF would have been more corrupt had they taken over power.Aren`t you Cpdm guys stupid.Why don`t you guys measure your ability to govern on wht you are actually doing but on what you are think the SDF will do if it takes power.And when anybody wants to complain they turn to the problems of the SDF as if the evils that the Biya regime through its Cpdm junta has done to Cameroonians has been energized by the problems of the SDF.How are the problems of the SDFconnected to the theft,corruption ,shootings,fruad,underdevelopment etc.that has been going on in La Republique? You guys should grow up in your thinking.It is like you want us to legalise corruption instituted by La Republique,for some irrational reasons"( Rexon,December 14 2006)

1.Which SDF is he talking about?
2.May be you guys should help in this question of his;" How are the problems of the SDF connected to the theft,corruption, shootings,fruad,underdevelopment
that has been going on in L Republique?
3. How can somebody who has realised all these Cpdm ills for a decade,the age of the SDF ,now turn around and ask for the party to be dissolved?
4. Judging from this take your position on whether the SDF should be dissolved ,and why?
5. To be candid how would Southern Cameroonians look at such a person today for pretending that the SDF is legitimising La Republique`s rule,barely a month after making such utterances?
Anyway one noble said,"You can cheat some people somtimes,but you cannot cheat all the people all the time".


Either you don´t understand me or you have not read and understood the news item we are discussing. It is true that Biya is the one to initiate dialogue and not the other way round. On the other hand Mrs Tamajong is right in her context especially as she made it very clear that she is not talking on behalf of the party.
"When it becomes Mr Fru Ndi panting for dialogue , then he becomes the underdog or better still a lame duck opposition as Americans will prefer."

Fru Ndi Panting for dialogue as you said means he is seriously asking for dialogue. Where has it been stated that Fru Ndi is asking Biya to invite him for dialogue? The news item is very controversial and I know what is in the mind of writer. If Fru Ndi is panting for dialogue as you claim is what Mrs Tamajong said, why did she (Mrs Tamajong) not say I (Tamajong) challenge Biya to honour Fru Ndi´s invitation for dialogue? Why did she put the Challenged to the two as she puts it and I quote "I Challenge Biya, Fru Ndi To Dialogue"
Its means she is not sure if both men will honour her appeal which comes from inspiration. Therefore one can not rush to conclude that Fru Ndi is panting for dialogue. It you can´t reason with me here, it means you have an intension to disparage our Chairman.

Ma Mary

Watesih, its nothing personal, but you cannot deceive the French, because they have spent centuries to master the art of deception. You CANNOT save Southern Cameroons by manipulating the politics of la Republique. We (Southern Cameroonians) work best when we are straight and honest. We want independence, lets not dilly dally.


Disparage...."to criticize someone or something in a way that shows you do not respect or value them"...

Then you go further to state this..."It you can´t reason with me here, it means you have an intension to disparage our Chairman"....

Fon, though we're friends let me tell you categorically this. If you're an oversea adviser to The Chairman and if all other advisers surrounding the Chairman have this same mentality , then this may well be the cankerworm that's eating deep into this party.

Any advice with any iota of dissent is viewed as detrimental to the chairman and should therefore be crushed and tagged as CPDM or haters of the chairman.

"..our chairman..." says it all


My Man Tayong,
First this correction:If you can´t... and not it you can´t....

What advice are you talking about? I made my analysis of the news item above to draw your attention to the fact that it is out of place to say that Fru Ndi is panting for dialogue with Biya.
If I were in the position to advise, I will advise the chairman to honour an invitation from Biya for dialogue when the agenda is well defined and not to ask Fru Ndi to initiate the dialogue.
Fru Ndi´s role is to continue to exert pressure on Biya so that he can feel the heat and be the one panting for dialogue with the chairman.


Don`t mind people like Tayong.He now says Fru Ndi is panting for dialogue and he wants SDF militants to appluad him for that.
What we have seen with Tayong here is that he always lashes out at the SDF,and Fru Ndi,but he does so under other people`s voices.He always pretends to come to the rescue of Rexon while lashing out at the SDF.Nobody is carrying a wip here.People should take their responsibility.Everybody has the right to say what they like about Fru Ndi,but that should not be done under whatever cover.
Fon,Fru Ndi is very right to call for dialogue with Biya.It should come from him.This is not a sign of weakness.Only weak people will make a mockery at peace overtures that will benefit the whole people.Exerting pressure on Biya does not necessarily mean Biya should be the one to initiate peace.These are the same Tayongs who were advising Fru Ndi to sit down with Ngwasiri last year,in spite the fact that Ngwasiri was Fru Ndi`s arch rival.Today ,they are making a mockery of any prospects of peace overtures.There`s nothing like Fru Ndi honouring an invitation that must necessarily come from Biya.Last year when Fru Ndi accepted to make peace with Ngwasiri,everybody hailed him,but when he talks peace with Biya they treat him with irreverence.A political party has to cajole,its opponent,but hiding its rump card.If peace overtures from Fru Ndi were going to lead to a sort of negotiation with Biya about the deplorable situation that we are living,the first beneficiaries will be all the Cameroonian people.I`ve never seen where people make a mockery of somebody for prefering to go the peaceful way.

Ma Mary,
You are very right.You cannot serve the Southern Cameroons by manipulating the politics of La Republic.So for a decade Rexon has watched the Cpdm manipulate the SDF,and he rightly took his position as you saw above.You at least tried to mumble an answer.The others,Rene Dibi,M Nje ,Ndiks,
have suddenly gone blind.They don`t know on which leg to dance,when their self proclaimed spokesman Rexon vacillitates this way.Even Tayong his Sapeur Pompier can only make a mockery of somebody who prefers to talk peace,but he cannot stand the flip-flopping of his co-disciple.


I disagree with you view that Fru Ndi at this moment can initiate dialogue with Biya. Dialogue is usually called when there is a stalemate. At the moment, do you think there exists a stalemate? What do you think Biya has at stake now that will make him yield to Fru Ndi´s demands during a dialogue?
I still repeat that Fru Ndi must first create an unconfortable stiuation for the government. Then the Government will see that if she does not call for dialogue, she will find herself in a ditch. It is only then that if dialogue is called, the government will be under pressure to fulfill the demands of the opposition.
As it stands now, I don´t see the Government under pressure.


your view and not "you view"


There is GREAT difference between CALLING for dialogue and BEGGING for dialogue. What NJFN is doing now is, he is begging for everything from La Republique.

His Begging:

1-NJFN has instructed Mrs Tamanjong (his able secretary) to BEG for dialogue. He has gone down on his knees to beg for dialogue.

2- He previously begged for money from Mr Biya to treat his sick and ailing wife citing a mundane law only known by Biya and his ilk only when they want to manipulate NJFN. This is something that even political indifferent Southern Cameroonians cannot stand as it is not our culture to beg for our rights esspecially from La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun.

3- Recently, he has been begging Mr Biya to Implement ELECAM. Previously, it was no Independent electoral commision, no elections.

4-1997, through a conspiracy involving Mbah Ndam, they begged for administrative positions in La Republiques parliament.

5- Finally, he is indirectly begging for his Job-To colour La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun as a multi-party democracy in the eyes of the international community.

Clearly, there is a Romance between NJFN's SDF and La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. In all these Mr Biya is scoring political goals and NJFN and his SDF group of bandits are making a mockery of the Southern Cameroonian political conciousness.

To be continued............


You sounded kiddy up there with such statements like Tayong going under someone's cover to lash out at Fru Ndi. Do you call that "lashing out" and under whose cover? Well let's keep that aside for now anyway.

Now let's iron out some issues here Watesih.I still remain committed to Uniting all Southern Cameroonians and would go any length to act as a go between ,thats not cine quo nom to dialogue between Biya and Mr Fru Ndi. Diaologue overtures that have no agenda, you and I know results in one party affair Watesih. Fru Ndi had always known this , reasons he turned down all avenues for doubtful dialogues in the past.

If you read all my comments between the lines you'd seen I said dialogue by itself isn't a problem but shouldn't be one party becoming a rubber stamp to the other's dublicity. Rememner ELECAM ,tripartite etc etc.

Look Mr Biya is an intelligent man Watesih and he knows whenever he needed Mr Fru Ndi he would get him. He does that with bad faith .After all the world would see how democratic and unifying he is. The Chairman has always known these but nowadays seems to be teleguided to do the contrary.

Mr Watesih, as a diehard militant of the SDF would you advise your chairman to supplicate for dialogue or pressure Biya to call for dialogue? Of course the latter not the former. Well let's no go far into this

.."even Tayong his sapeur Pompier..." ,that was my weekend comic relief. You must have studied in Ngoa Ekelle ,Watesih ..Hahahaha.Im Tayong not Sapeur Pompier. Rexon has his own ways .Thats Rexon. "I dont need to sapeur Pompier him"....whatever that means.
Have a great weekend ahead.


At last you got my point. Congrats!


Brother Watesih,

With my strong conviction, i believe i am doing NJFN and his gang of SDFers a great service in calling for the SDF to be dissolved and for ALL his followers including you to choose the path of the Southern Cameroons liberation movement. Do you know Mola Njoh Litumbe of the Liberal Democratic Alliance? Read his preachings and you will understand that in one way or the other, he has turned his focused to the liberation of the Southern Cameroons. He is no longer hiding behind any sing-song as politics with La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun.


Ha Ha Ha, Sapeur Pompier. When someone differs with you, try your best to contain his opinion. Now you have reduced yourself to begging for friendship from Rene Dibi, a man you once branded as CPDM/Muna's agent in this forum. You said politics is difficult? Take it slowly, dont worship a cult hero. Worship but his ideas.

Ha Ha Ha.

Ndiks says, Kosa, Ndikala Ambazonia. Long live the Southern Cameroons.

M Nje

Let me give you a response to your questions above.
I really think you either need reading glasses or a political adviser or you have such a sallow understanding of geo-political issues.

Please, before you post comments here, get someone to read through to ensure that they really make sense and are on topic. You really have a hard time understanding simple issues.

Rexon is an individual. The last time I checked he is not the Chairman of SCNC neither is he the President of The Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons. The comments him or any other person makes here are their personal analysis and not the official comments of the SCNC or any Southern Cameroons pressure group, neither is he speaking for Rene Dibi,Ma Mary,Tayong,M Nje,Ndiks

You will do yourself a services if , for once, you understand that the fact that he says he is supporting the Southern Cameroons struggle does not mean all his criticism of the SDF are the official statement of the Southern Cameroons.

Get someone to translate this to you in the language that you understand best.

If you are the official spokesperson of your political party in this forum know that some of us are here on our own behave and do not get any financial or preferential treatment from any group to be too blind to see what others are saying.

Who told you that you have been answering questions about the SDF here. You already had one or two answers to any comment about the SDF:

1) there are not supporting the SDF so they must be the enemy of Ni John Fru Ndi.
2) whose elections have Biya been rigging? Of course the SDF`s.

In that process you have really reduce your contribution, for the most part, to that of a blind in a room full with deaf people. Go to the article title: "SCNC Endorses Amadou Ali's Ban On English" posted on January 19 2007. Read the number of people who said you should read in-between the lines: Tita Mofaw, Tayong, Ma Mary Ndiks even Fon who sympathies with the SDF could see but you don`t get it. Is that deliberate? I am afraid your blind support for the SDF will lead you to contemplate to commit suicide when you will realize that you have been going down a slippery road.

So when you say “The others,Rene Dibi,M Nje ,Ndiks, have suddenly gone blind.” there is a jury in this forum to show that either you are deliberately blind or you are really blind.

You make analogies here without thinking.

“You CANNOT save Southern Cameroons by manipulating the politics of la Republique. We (Southern Cameroonians) work best when we are straight and honest. We want independence, lets not dilly dally.”
Ma Mary

Your Response:
“You are very right.You cannot serve the Southern Cameroons by manipulating the politics of La Republic.So for a decade Rexon has watched the Cpdm manipulate the SDF,and he rightly took his position as you saw above.You at least tried to mumble an answer.The others,Rene Dibi,M Nje ,Ndiks,
have suddenly gone blind.They don`t know on which leg to dance,when their self proclaimed spokesman Rexon vacillitates this way.Even Tayong his Sapeur Pompier can only make a mockery of somebody who prefers to talk peace, but he cannot stand the flip-flopping of his co-disciple.”

Did you really read what Ma Mary wrote before responding or were you just giving one of those blind response we see here. Frankly you went completely off topic. If you doubt it, ask Ma Mary to clarify you well.

Ma Mary is asking you and any other Southern Cameroonian to take a stand on the Southern Cameroons struggle: you are either for full independence for Southern Cameroons or you are involve with politics of La Republique. Do not try to be in-between, you will be “dishonest” if you do so. But you went back to your standard response.

Watesih, you asked for my remark and I have given you just a preview.


If MR Watesih and his Secretary General don't know the word "wise", and don't know how to choose words when speaking to the media, who is to be blame?Tell the number two of your interest group to be wise.Fon is now contradicting ye.Rexon,Tayong et al, Watesih may just be inviting truth teller in to his new sowed confusion programme to distract. Tommorrow is 11th Feb,day of plebiscite? But our candaille will be taking to grand stands under very tough sun to swing their arms front and back,heads, straight forward,singing a colonial bloody anthem, and the distraction will be a success.The detractors know when to appear.
After the SDF god father will say i still stand for "one and indivisible cameroun", the the word "still" means he Brother NJ has all along been the bulldog of this colonial buzzword and only opened up a few dayz ago. Watesih,it is not a bobsy-die if you have willingly attached thyself to the SDF caudillo and will go über the parapet to defend him,and SDF,but it is a bobsy-die when you know about Law 84/001 0f 4th Feb 1984 seceding LRC from the adulterine Fed.Republic,and continues to play monkey business on what it means.I am not a jurisconsult,but note that based on the law quoted above, SDF,cpdm presence in Ambazonia is Illegal.By the way CPDM is not registerd in Mezam DO,SDO office.There is a reason why they haven't registerd their colonial machine,launched in Southern Cameroonc-on Ambas from CNU to CPDM in 84.

The Revolt of Ambazonia
—By Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka
(Written from Cameroon Maximum Security Prison, Brigarde Mixte Mobil, BMM, Yaounde, Cameroon, Issued, July 11th, 1985).

Having been asked by the Authorities to propose a solution to the Ambazonia Revolt, I find that no solution can be valid unless it is scientific. And there can be no scientific solution unless it flows from a scientific analysis of the revolt.
Where the West African Coast line meets the Southern African coastline, is a bay of the Atlantic Ocean called AMBAS BAY. Geography identifies the territorial zone around Ambas Bay as Ambas Zone since the 16th and 17th Century. From Ambas Zone, we get Ambazonia. For example, Arizona, Amazon both refers to Arid Zone and the zone around the Amazon River respectfully. The inhabitants of Ambazonia—Ambazonians (geo-political unit) carries the appellation AMBAZONIA.
To obviate the confusion by which “Southern Cameroons” or “West Cameroon” may be mistaken for the Ebolowa Province and Bafoussam Province, respectively, of the Republic of Cameroon, we will fall back on this geo-political appellation AMBAZONIA whenever necessary.
There are six causes, four of which are remote and two are immediate.
1. Socio-Anthropological Differences
From 1884 to 1914 the German colonial administration set cut to create a single state out of the arbitrary mixture of Bantus, semi-Bantus Negroid and semitic races, which the Berlin Conference handed to Germany. The Germans gave the area the appellation KAMERUN—a German spelling for Cameroes, the Portuguese name for Shrimp, Cray Fish (Njanga).
When the British and the French threw out the Germans in 1914, they partitioned the area between them. France created four states out of her own portion. One of which was annexed to Gabon, the Second to Congo, the third to the Republic of Central Africa and the fourth became the Republic of Cameroon on 1/1/60.
Britain on her part created two states one of which was annexed to their kith and kin in Northern Nigeria and the other became internationally known as The UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons—under UK Administration. The native name is Ambazonia.
French colonial administration developed the Republic of Cameroon along its policy of cultural assimilation of France Outre-mer. Cameroonians were encouraged to become Citoyens Francais (French Citizens).
The British on their part prepared the people of Southern Cameroons alias Ambazonia by the policy of indirect rule for eventually self-government or independence.
So while the German effort lasted only thirty years, the acculturation of Ambazonia and Republic of Cameroon as separate and distinct countries went for 47 years, 1914-1961, without any link whatsoever.
Each state therefore acquired a socio-anthropological identity that was different in mentality and personality from the other.
It is by virtue of this socio-anthropological distinction created by Italian, French and German colonial administration that the Helvetic people of Switzerland found a Confederation as the only scientific approach to their unification. The Foumban Accord linked the two countries till 1972. But distinct administrations continued till 1972. So from 1914-1972 is 58 years of distinct socio-political distinction.
This socio-anthropological distinction imposes a Confederal Union. Upon Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) and Republic of Cameroon, as the only workable basis of association.
The appellation Cameroon held no magic stronger than the appellation Congo or Guinea, so as to turn Southern Cameroons and the Republic of Cameroon into one country, while Congo Leo, now Zaire, and Congo Brazzaville, or Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry remain distinct countries.
A study of the ethnic or other aspects across the boundary linking Southern Cameroons and Republic of Cameroon, shown that such links whether they arise from ethnic identity, cultural similarity, linguistic affinity, commercial intercourse, or geographical propinquity, they apply strongly between Southern Cameroons and Nigeria which shares 60% of Ambazonian frontiers.
Furthermore, while Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) had no links with Republic of Cameroon for 47 years, all Southern Cameroons teachers, nurses, pastors, priests, doctors, lawyers and administrative cadre, had their training wholly or partly in Nigeria or from Nigerians, or Ambazonians formed in Nigeria!
Yet Anglophone Southern Cameroons alias Ambazonia resisted integration with Anglophone Nigeria. Nations like humans manifest self-preservation very jealously.

UNIFICATION was imposed on Ambazonians by:
Some of us believed that just by the fact that we were once called Kamerun, every square inch of land that was Kamerun should be recovered, and re-united (See my speech at the UN, March, 1959).
I even solicited the aid of UN members to insist that the three portions annexed to Congo, Gabon and Central African Republic be brought back (Fon Gorji-Dinka probably forgot Chad!). But since these did not come within UN Trusteeship agreement, there was no way of raising the matter at the UN.
French Cameroonians who escaped force labour and settled in Ambazonia naturally wanted to unite their new homes in Ambazonia with their ancestral homes in Republic of Cameroon where they usually insisted on being buried even if they were born, bred, worked, owned property and died in Ambazonia. In fact, the first unificationist Party, the Kamerun United National Congress (KUNC), was led by a French Cameroonian, R.J.K. Debonge who was settled in Buea.
Southern Cameroons was budgetarily autonomous and had reserves invested abroad which amounted to over 180.000.000 francs CFA, as at 31/12/60. This was what we used to buy planes and establish our Airlines—Cameroon Air Transport, Cameroon Bank, West Cameroon Electricity Corporation, West Cameroon Development Agency, etc.
The Republic of Cameroon on their part was budgetarily dependent on France even up to about 1968-69!
But because the British very much wanted Southern Cameroons to be part of Nigeria, they invented a story that Southern Cameroons, though it was ripe for independence, was not viable to go it alone. They had hoped that with terrorism tearing Republic of Cameroon apart, Southern Cameroons would vote in favour of Union with Nigeria rather than with Republic of Cameroon.
For us the facultative unificationists, this was a God sent excuse for Re-unification with what we naively called “Our Brothers.”
For the above reasons we got the Re-Unification of Southern Cameroons and Republic of Cameroon, purely on facultative reasons, and through the manipulations described above by French Cameroon settlers.
From French Cameroon side there were no sentiments for Re-Unification with Southern Cameroons at all. Not even one of the French Cameroon political parties identified itself with unification by bearing the appellation Kamerun. Not even the UPC, which claimed to be for it.
Again, the fact that there was no vocal opinion from the portions of German Kamerun which had been merged with Gabon, Congo, and Central African Republic even though these portions had more in common with Francophone Republic of Cameroon and were under the same French Administration with Cameroon, only goes to prove that the name Cameroon alone was not a unifying factor, as some of us mistakenly believed then.
At the Foumban Conference the two countries were at cross-purpose on the meaning of the word re-unification.
The Republic of Cameroon believed that it meant the beginning of a new process of the annexation of the Southern Cameroons 9Ambazonia) by Republic of Cameroon. Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) understood unification to mean full de jure independence than the de facto independence, which they had since 1-10-60. So Southern Cameroons proposed a Confederation, with dual nationality. Each State to keep his own nationality and both to enjoy a common nationality as a united country.
The Federal structure which emerged from Foumban was therefore a compromise solution. But it took pains to underline the fact that the two countries, each with a separate nationality had federated. Article 1(a) emphasized this separate nationality of each. It stated that Nationals of Southern Cameroons, shall become citizens of the Federal Republic and thus enjoy Cameroonian nationality.
But annexationist Francophone leaders have refused to respect even that compromise. Ahidjo swept it off one morning by decree, claiming that the gigantic fraud of 20th May 1972 had relieved him of treaty obligations to seek the procedure of a Federal law of Parliament procedure.
Fouman Akame, while presenting his bill for the secession of Republic of Cameroon in November 1983, declared that the word “United” was misleading people to believe that two states had been united. That, according to them, there was only a Republic of Cameroon, and Ambazonia has been part of it even before the Foumban Accord. What falsehood!
In other words, the Foumban Accord meant to the leaders of Republic of Cameroon—a process of annexation of Southern Cameroons, where as to the leaders of Southern Cameroons it was a process of co-existence between two countries in a Confederation. In legal terms, there was therefore no consensus ad idem between Southern Cameroons and Republic of Cameroon leaders.
But this Confederation concept is what the UN accepts. That is why the Foumban Accord is named in the UN records as INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION!
In a radio interview, soon after Ahidjo resigned, Pa Muna, the Speaker of the Cameroun National Assembly was asked why he had not been candid to Ahidjo about the Anglophone feelings, he Pa Muna replied, “Did you want me to sign my own death warrant?”
This coming from the number 2 man of the country, and number 1 constitutional leader of the Ambazonians, proves that conspiratory hypocrisies have been the characteristic of the handpicked Anglophone representatives. In a word the truth about Ambazonia has had no conduit or channel to the leaders of the Republic of Cameroon.
Had there been that remorseless candor which is expected of representatives, the Ambazonian feelings would never have been allowed to reach the present dimensions of revolt.
But in fairness to Pa Muna, the brutal treatment I am receiving by being arrested and detained for speaking the truth confirms his fears. But the truth would either come out of a human mouth like mine, or out of the barrel of the gun.
The system of government established by Ahidjo, is still in practice despite the proclamation of New Deal.
Participation in power and institutions is based on personal relationship and tribe rather than on merit.
Consequently an Ambazonian no matter how qualified must fall in value below his Francophone counterpart. He must fall below the Francophone whose quality may even be far below that of the Anglophone.
Kept strictly within the peripheries of power and national endeavors—the Anglophone Youth finds his future so bleak and frustrating that he is forced to seek a violent redress to it. The US produces more Ambazonian graduates a year than the University of Yaounde. Let alone Nigerian Universities, which put out about three times this number per year.
When these intellectuals cannot get employed in their own country because of a system that condemns them to a status of strangers in their own home, a case is made out justifying the ill feelings against the system. The unfortunate thing about this spoilative and ethnocentric system of government is that it is even shamelessly justified as “TRIBALISM ECLARE, DEVELOPPEMENT-AUTO-CENTRE”—(Enlightened Tribalism, Auto-centered development).
While the above long-standing grievances were biting into the Ambazonian mind, the following immediate causes have brought the revolt into near physical manifestation.
a) Humiliating Provocation:
The fact is that the average francophone in his heart of hearts does not really accept the Southern Cameroons as part of Cameroon, nor the Anglophone as a Cameroonian. This records with Article 1 (a) of the Foumban Accord. Consequently, the Francophone prefers to call the Southern Cameroons “Les Anglo-foul,” Les Biafrains,” Les assimiles,” “Les outré-moungos,” “Les etrangers.” The name Cameroon must be qualified before it can apply to Ambazonia.
The questions,
“Est-ce que c’est nous qui vous avons invite?=”Did we invite you?”
“C’est vous meme qui etes venus nous jiondre. Vous n’avais qu’a supporter tout!”
“You yourselves came and joined us. You just have to endure it!” tells the mind of the Francophone.
Such humiliating provocation is quite revolting. For no human being, let alone persons infused with a sense of British freedom can accept that unity implied a surprise submission to arrogance and contempt from people whom Ambazonians thought were fellow African Brothers.
It was therefore natural that the more impatient Ambazonians would look for ways of ending this humiliation. For some, the answer lies in total severance of Ambazonia from Republic of Cameroon with no talks of any new association. For others the answer is for a Confederation in which the mutual sovereign equality of the component parts would be fully protected from the Ahidjo style of one-man coup.
Those who are abroad accusing every Ambazonian of conspiratory treachery for collaborating with the regime of Cameroon must be from this first category. And the training of Ambazonians for a liberation war against Cameroon would therefore be of that category of those want n links again with the annexationists.
Every country that runs into a minority problem always runs into a separatist movement, if the minority problem is badly handled. The Ambazonian grievances therefore were a domestic minority problem as long as there was this legal fiction that the two countries were in “UNITED” Cameroon. But this legal fiction was effaced on 4/2/84 by the Cameroun Restoration Law. This law formerly legalizes the break up of the links, and formalized the secession of East Cameroon and its restoration as La Republique du Cameroun.
The right of that Republic of Cameroon to rule territory, which falls entirely outside the internationally recognized boundaries of the Republic of Cameroon becomes an international issue. It is a violation of international law—a breach to international peace and security.
There is no internationally accepted reason for Republic of Cameroon ruling Ambazonia. It is annexation and colonialism. So Republic of Cameroon has in effect declared itself the metropole, and degraded Ambazonia into a dependency or province of the metropole. Hence the name “Cameroun outré Moungo.”
a) This Restoration Law gives legislative legitimacy to the humiliating names, which Francophones call Ambazonians—“Les assimilee,” “les outré-moungos,” “les Biafrains,” “les etrangers,” “les anglo-fools.”
b) It elevates the Ambazonian struggle from the realm of a domestic problem of minority into the international case of a people struggling to liberate their country from the colonialism of the Republic of Cameroon.
Colonial status is too revolting to be acquiesced in by a people who had attained a sophisticated system of Parliamentary Democracy. It has the effect of swinging the feelings of the majority of right thinking ordinary Ambazonians behind a liberation cause and a liberation leadership.
Finally it gives legal justification to external help for the liberation and decolonization of Ambazonia. For, to both annexation and colonialism the UN says NO, the OAU says NO, our neighbours—Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, RCA, Tchad, Libya, Nigeria each say NO! NO! NO! to colonialism. No country can accept annexation.
As I see it, the following forces would be willing allies of the separatist.
Northern Cameroon Secession:
a) The francophone North had wanted to secede in 1957/58. It was the clever trick of the Southern francophone politicians forming a national alliance with Ahidjo as leader of the alliance, which stopped Ahidjo breaking the Northern French Cameroon off.
So the price paid for keeping French Cameroon united was to have a Northern Ruler. Now not only have they, the North lost that ruling position, but recent events, the witch hunting and detention of Northern elites, have totally estranged the average Northerner. It is therefore not beyond the realm of probability that Northern elements within and without the Republic of Cameroon would exploit an Ambazonian decolonization war to realize their own secession.
b) Northern Revenge:
Innocent Northerners were rounded up and killed or imprisoned for no other reason than on suspicion of being sympathetic with the abortive coup of April 1984. Ahidjo, like Shylock of “Merchant of Venice” is spoiling for a chance to get his pound of flesh from nearest Paul Biya’s heart. The Northern families suffer the loss of their breadwinners. The Northerner would not be expected to fight to defend Yaounde if Ambazonians, the only friends of the Northerners attack Yaounde, Cameroon.
It is therefore quite conceivable that the Northerner would morally and materially support an Ambazonian war against Yaounde, so as to also precipitate a secession of the North, and revenge for the death and treatment of Northerners by Yaounde.
c) International Liberationists:
An Ambazonian decolonization war would be bound to enlist the aid of those external groups and foreign countries who hold it as an article of faith that to aid “peoples liberation wars” is their binding duty.
d) Anti-Biya:
There are persons within and without Republic of Cameroon who must be anti-Paul Biya.
Such elements would not hesitate to help any cause, which they see as likely to undo him.
e) Vital National Interest of Neighbouring States:
An Ambazonian decolonization war is bound to have repercussions on neighbouring countries. It is therefore conceivable that for the purpose of protecting its vital national interest a neighbouring country would intervene to bring the fighting to a quick end. This was what prompted India to aid the secession and creation of Bangladesh out of East Pakistan.
I repeat—what I stated in The New Social Order, that there is a course, which the Nigerians, and the fact that the people now ruling are a group of no-nonsense men, are taking to reconstruct their economy. They would not sit idly by and watch a senseless war provoked by annexationists Yaounde, when the consequences of this war would adversely affect Nigeria’s reconstruction efforts. Nigeria is engaged in the decolonization of Southern Africa. It cannot ignore colonialism next door.
My accusers say I am a friend of Nigeria and my statement is an invitation to Nigeria to wage war against the Republic of Cameroons. To this I say NO! My statement is a prognosis based on a study of the attitude of the Nigeria of today and its present priorities. What Nigerian leaders would like seeing hundreds of thousands of Ambazonians and settler Nigerian population flood Nigeria, because Yaounde wants to be a colonial power in the 21st Century?
Against the foregoing conjuncture of forces we have a Republic Regime invalidated by its own laws are tempting Cameroon.
a) Its leaders by their own badly drafted laws (i) 83/11 of 21/7/83, (ii) 84/001 of 4/2/84 have put an end to their own mandates and so lost all legal authority to govern even Cameroun.
b) Its armed forces are bound to be morally split between loyalty to Ambazonians and to the Republic of Cameroun.
c) Even what would be left of the Army of the Republic of Cameroun would be further split if Northern Cameroon secessionist offensive is launched to exploit the Ambazonian decolonization war.
It is clear that out of any violent encounter between the Republic of Ambazonia and the Republic of Cameroun, the chances of the Republic of Cameroun further disintegrating are not an inconceivable probability. It is therefore suicidal for Yaounde to try using force to counter the Ambazonian Revolt. The Republic of Cameroon would certainly not survive such a violent encounter.
In the light of the foregoing analysis we are condemned to a peaceful solution, and that must come out now before it is too late. Having agreed that we are condemned to a non-violent solution, the choice is with those who are effectively in power.
If reassertion of the identity of the Republic of Cameroun was an act consistent with policies of self-preservation which is characteristic of every state, the question then is: Why does the leadership of Republic of Cameroun believe that the State of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) has lost this same urge of self-preservation?
It is generally known that the average francophone is totally impatient with this unification with Southern Cameroons, which has introduced an imponderable element in his mental direction of national development.
Because this unification has been in fact facultative, it is clear that if the Francophones had been asked to vote for or against unification, the majority would have voted against it. The rivalry that has ensued between Ambazonia and Republic of Cameroun over a share of the national cake has clearly justified the Francophone objection to the injection of Ambazonia into their national process. The logic of secession dictates that the Republic of Cameroun quietly withdraws its administrative machinery from Ambazonia.
But if on the other hand the reassertion of Republic of Cameroun was not intended to mean secession (even though it indeed does mean secession) then all we need to do is to move immediately to undo what is now the unintended consequences of unscientific legislation by Yaounde.
ANY NATIONAL INTEGRATION BETWEEN PEOPLES IS A NATURAL EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS, WHICH PRECEEDES OUT OF HARMONIOUS CO-EXISTENCE OF DIFFERENT UNITS WITH MUTUAL RESPECT OF EACH OTHER. The very fact of the word integration presupposes that several units exist whose integration is desired. Force has never integrated any units. It has always produced frictions.
If we can learn from recent experience, between Southern Cameroons and Nigeria, we will see that the moment Southern Cameroons or Ambazonia secured her identity, and seceded from Nigeria, there has been more harmonious interaction between Nigerians and Southern Cameroons than while Southern Cameroons was in Nigeria.
So a solution to the Ambazonia Revolt is to acknowledge that these are two distinct countries and that any integration between them must be evolutional and not revolutional.
A scientific approach to unification imposes on Ambazonia and Republic of Cameroun a Confederation. The advantage in this is that the Ambazonia would enjoy its sovereignty, which is identical to, if not greater than what she was as Southern Cameroons within the Federation of Nigeria. This will stop the separatist seeking total severance between Yaounde and Buea.
Anything that gives Ambazonia a subservient status will not assuage the present revolt and will play into the hands of the separatists.

M Nje

Please bring more. You are doing a great job. It is interesting to see this article was written in 1985 and we know Hon Jua was call "Biafrains" many years later.

That show how long the same problem has been.

Some of us will never learn. The writing is on the world. La Republique does not want you. Stop begging for recognition.


22+ Years after rightminded Southern Cameroonians like Ngorji Ndinka, Bernard Fonlon, Dr Luma and Co realised that we are in a fake Union with La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun, Some shallow minded people are lying to themselves pretending to be lying to us that politics with La Republique is the way forward.

Ma Mary

I first read that article posted by Ndiks in 1985. That was long before SDF, long before AAC1 and AAC2. That article launched the modern movement for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). Take your time and read it. It resulted in the detention of Fon Gorji Dinka in Yaounde, without charge. What charge could they bring against the truth? It would be interesting to see what charge they could raise against Nfor and the others held in Bamenda under inhumane conditions. If they should terminate the lives of those men and women they are holding in unhealthy conditions, do they imagine that the cause would end, or that new leadership would not arise. Let them dream on, the stunted imaginations of the black Cartesian wannabe frogs.

Back to the article. This article gave the impetus to the creation of the SDF, because people were so blinded by the light of the full blast of liberation emanating from that article that they imagined that they could reach the promised land through a political party. A year or so after this article, there was an episode in which two prominent Southern Cameroonian medical doctors in Douala, Drs Yongbang and Dr Eben, were locked up by an overzealous Camerounese prosecutor. For the first time, Southern Cameroonians demonstrated in the City of Douala and wrote a lot of letters and petitions.

These events eventually led to more activity and the snowball led to the All Anglophone Conference, the GCE revolts etc. Southern Cameroons had overcome fear and regained its voice.

Watesih and al, we got to stop formfulling around. The SDF agenda and belief in the one undivisible Cameroun is NOT our interest. Let noone be fooled.

Ma Mary

Original Mukete, is back with a vengeance. These are highly personal attacks, with an ethnic slant. No question about OM's agenda to divide Southern Cameroonians. It is possible to disagree with the SDF without descending into these kinds of lows.


Ondong is in Prison,and you are still out.Your programme," they have been big-mouthly rejoicing that they are now in command in this forum,ESPECIALLY AS ELECTIONS APPROACH HERE IN CAMEROON".So you are already on campaign? Ok scroll down a bit an see how all the internet apprenti freedom fighters are bleeding.They thought they could easily deceive the Cameroonian people that they were fighting freedom by taking cover under the SDF,but they have disagreably been made to see their foolhardy,and embrace their Waterloo.

M Nje,
When i answered Mary above,i knew exactly what i was saying.She talked of Southern Cameroons not wanting to do anything with La Republique`s Policies.But i demonstrated how Rexon who has been announcing Southern Cameroons meetings here has taken a definitive position about the SDF,by actually worshipping the party.The funniest thing is that he says he has had this feeling for a decade now.It is a good thing for you to treat me as a blindman,just
as you treat the rest of Southern Cameroonians.Else you should be putting concrete measures in place to Liberate us,
but what we see here are songs about the SDF.It is not going to work here.M Nje you want to pass for an intelligent man,but in the course of this you make a big fool of yourself.You hap that what Rexon says here is his personal ideas,but you strangely go back to line up the list of people who disagreed with me on a certain point.Were they not disagreeing with me about my personal ideas?

Your bone of contention is not that the talks between Fru Ndi,and Biya would have no agenda,but the ridiculous ways you describe these peace ouvertures,and even treat people for wanting to hold them in beer parlours.Who hard prepared a venue for talks? This is a wish by the Secretary General of the SDF.It may be a ploy to show the world that Biya will never be ready for dialogue,as he has always been.It is a good thing for the SDF to continue to taunt Biya and show that he is the one shying away from dialogue.The Secretary General did not announce that talks have been programmed between the two.But Tayong i must insist that in your bid to unite the Southern cameroonians,this should not be done at the expense of others.Three weeks ago you Rexon treated you and Akoson here for worshipping
Fru Ndi,and you may be in an offensive to correct this and prove the contrary to him.
I know you are in a conflicting situation ,because you cannot completely rid yourself of sharing your loyalty between the SDF,and SCNC.That is the same game Rexon has been playing here.If you guys pretend to be for the two,and want to stab the SDF in public,
that will not work here.

You are what any organisation, association, movement will never wish to have in its mist,not talk of leading it.As we Southern Cameroonians ask many questions about our existence,we are going to root out people like you.You can console yourself out there in London to be a freedom fighter each time you succeed to sign affidavits of asylum seekers,or help in their repatriation
but all leaders are elected,and you know you cannot have this privilege if Southern
Cameroons were choosing leaders.How do you want Southern Cameroonians to look at you when you say thing like these: :" I STRONGLY
Rexon Southern Cameroonians know your position on who is our enemy!

There is a persistent stalemate in Cameroon.Imposing inflated examination lists on students ,and subsequently killing them is not a stalemate? Rigging all elections ,terrorising citizens,embezzling each franc is not a stalemate? Fon,Cameroon is in a persistent state of emergency.There are commandement operationel,Government delegates are imposed on councils not won,which other stalemate do we want? When Ngwasiri made peace with Fru Ndi last year ,had he not been dismissed from the party.
Was he in a stronger position before suing for peace? The SDF doesn`t need to be in a stronger position to call for peace.In politics there`s nothing like completely being in a stronger position,because you will always have to negotiate with others.
When George Bush sued for peace with North Korea last week,was he in a stronger bargaining position.People talk of third party.Now that Biya has gone on and on for 24 years without paying heed to whether he can negotiate with the presence of a third party,what is the way forward?


Nobody will dispute the complelling truth in your above write up,but what surprises people is that we have been asking La Republique to leave us alone ,way back before the SDF was born,and today we have suddenly stopped doing this ,and turned to fight the baby which was not even there when we engaged this fight.Our attempt to cosy up to anything SDF to dilute our inability to inflict any pain on La Republique is what the the present ,and future generations will never tolerate.When the SDF was founded in 1990,its statuts stated that it was going to uphold National unity,and work for the wellbeing of all Cameroonians.Anglophone leaders are not ,and have never been fools.Thats more the reason why they convened the AAC 1,2 ,where they chatted a new course .The course was the formation of a Freedom fighting movement.Ndiks,if Anglophone leaders thought the SDF was enough to fight for autonomy,they wouldn`t have brought about the birth of the SCNC.The services of Fru Ndi were even sought after,
and he was made adviser of the SCNC,knowing fully well that he was the leader of the SDF.By making Fru Ndi an Adviser in the SCNC,did Anglophone leaders tell him he or the SDF were going to be held responsible if the SCNC failed to initiate action or get anything from Biya?
Ndiks some of you would have educated some of those who spend their time signing affidavits in London,but you have also brought yourself down to blaming the SDF for our woes.The success of the SCNC is now tied to everything SDF.It is a good thing to whip up emotions with Historical facts on the internet,but where does that take us.Some are estatic for having read something good from you since 1985,but today your language is changing to making a sing-song about the politics of a single National Politician,rather than articulating the message of autonomy.Granted that the SDF is there to legitimise the policies of La Republique,what should we be articulating,
our quest for autonomy or the fact that the SDF is part of La Republique`s system? If the SDF is part of La Republique`s system and we keep cosying up to it to maybe seek political recognition,is that going to push us a step nearer to autonomy? Southern Cameroonians know very much that the Anglophone leaders saw the need for a liberation movement,because they did not want to count on the SDF to do this job.This movewment must leave up to expectation.The distinction is clear,the SCNC was founded whenthe SDF was already existing,to give English speaking Cameroonians a movement that will only speak the language of self-autonomy.
Ndiks you must have noticed that some have created web pages here ,and invited those of us who would like to discuss,and post historical facts like the one you posted above for scrutiny,but since they are all taken in by the SDF national politics,than by the fight for sel-autonomy,they have all stayed around chewing their gums about the SDF.You see people like Ma Mary calling on people to read your write up and digest.This would have been done in the website she created entirely for the Southern Cameroons struggle.You even saw the other self-seeker ,Rexon who came announcing his website,but invited "intellectuals" to meet there.Ma Mary invited freedom fighters to contribute ideas in her own,but the message from Rexon is very clear;he is inviting a selected few
"intellectuals" to maybe discuss how to sign affidavits for asylum seekers.


Nobody will dispute the complelling truth in your above write up,but what surprises people is that we have been asking La Republique to leave us alone ,way back before the SDF was born,and today we have suddenly stopped doing this ,and turned to fight the baby which was not even there when we engaged this fight.Our attempt to cosy up to anything SDF to dilute our inability to inflict any pain on La Republique is what the the present ,and future generations will never tolerate.When the SDF was founded in 1990,its statuts stated that it was going to uphold National unity,and work for the wellbeing of all Cameroonians.Anglophone leaders are not ,and have never been fools.Thats more the reason why they convened the AAC 1,2 ,where they chatted a new course .The course was the formation of a Freedom fighting movement.Ndiks,if Anglophone leaders thought the SDF was enough to fight for autonomy,they wouldn`t have brought about the birth of the SCNC.The services of Fru Ndi were even sought after,
and he was made adviser of the SCNC,knowing fully well that he was the leader of the SDF.By making Fru Ndi an Adviser in the SCNC,did Anglophone leaders tell him he or the SDF were going to be held responsible if the SCNC failed to initiate action or get anything from Biya?
Ndiks some of you would have educated some of those who spend their time signing affidavits in London,but you have also brought yourself down to blaming the SDF for our woes.The success of the SCNC is now tied to everything SDF.It is a good thing to whip up emotions with Historical facts on the internet,but where does that take us.Some are estatic for having read something good from you since 1985,but today your language is changing to making a sing-song about the politics of a single National Politician,rather than articulating the message of autonomy.Granted that the SDF is there to legitimise the policies of La Republique,what should we be articulating,
our quest for autonomy or the fact that the SDF is part of La Republique`s system? If the SDF is part of La Republique`s system and we keep cosying up to it to maybe seek political recognition,is that going to push us a step nearer to autonomy? Southern Cameroonians know very much that the Anglophone leaders saw the need for a liberation movement,because they did not want to count on the SDF to do this job.This movewment must leave up to expectation.The distinction is clear,the SCNC was founded whenthe SDF was already existing,to give English speaking Cameroonians a movement that will only speak the language of self-autonomy.
Ndiks you must have noticed that some have created web pages here ,and invited those of us who would like to discuss,and post historical facts like the one you posted above for scrutiny,but since they are all taken in by the SDF national politics,than by the fight for sel-autonomy,they have all stayed around chewing their gums about the SDF.You see people like Ma Mary calling on people to read your write up and digest.This would have been done in the website she created entirely for the Southern Cameroons struggle.You even saw the other self-seeker ,Rexon who came announcing his website,but invited "intellectuals" to meet there.Ma Mary invited freedom fighters to contribute ideas in her own,but the message from Rexon is very clear;he is inviting a selected few
"intellectuals" to maybe discuss how to sign affidavits for asylum seekers.


Watesih Wrote to Tayong:

"Three weeks ago you Rexon treated you and Akoson here for worshipping Fru Ndi,and you may be in an offensive to correct this and prove the contrary to him"

Everyone can see that Tayong and Akoson had been independent minds. Akoson for example has focused his attention on the Southern Cameroonian Youth League. He has recently been educating people on the Southern Cameroonian problems and addressing the way forward. I am on my own focus, to destabilise the forthcoming elections in the Southern Cameroons and political parties sending candidates like the SDF.

Watesih and Fon,

Can you explain how your SDF can help the Southern Cameroons rather than attacking people from left to right?

To be continued...........


Im afraid you're mixing up issues here. Politics comes from policy implying making laws that affect a community or a country. These policies must be scrutinised, challenged and debated and only when they pass these tastes that they become laws.

This is different from personality and one's credentials .I think you are mixing these two everytime in this forum. Mr John Fru Ndi as a Southern Cameroonians everyone knows has commendable respect for bravado et al but SDF policies isn't tantamount to him and therefore should pass through the eye of the needle.

Your response above even to Fon,your fellow sympathiser indicates you dont separate the two as Fon briefly did. I stil repeat that I dont need to prove any point to Rexon nor bail him . It may also be good to leave out personals about Rexon.He's who he is and I'm whom I am.Forget about Mukete ,he has nothing to offer.Maybe his salary has been slashed and he wants to regurgitate. I will come back to Ndiks' piece. For those not abreast with history, this was the igniter of the CAM,AAC1,AAC1 SDF and now SCNC.

"If you fail to do history you might as well reapeat history"..unknown author

Have a blessed weekend

Danny Boy

Mr. Tayong,
"If you fail to do history you might as well reapeat history"..unknown author.

How about, "History teacheth fools?" unknown author.
Have a wonderful day.
Danny Boy.


It is unfortunate that we can´t agree on this topic, it is right for Fru Ndi to initiate dialogue with Biya under the prevailing circumatances?

Stalemate:a situation in which it seems impossible to settle an argument or dissgreement, and niether side can get an advantage;DEADLOCK (Dictionary of contemporary English)

"Imposing inflated examination lists on students ,and subsequently killing them is not a stalemate? Rigging all elections ,terrorising citizens,embezzling each franc is not a stalemate?"

From the above definition of stalemate, what is quoted above does not qualified as a stalemate. Those are vices that the opposition can make use of to create a stalemate, makes things difficult for the Government and force her to call for dialogue
Ngwasiri never went to the chairman to dialogue, but to apologize. When two parties go to dialogue as a result of a stalemate ( deadlock),a compromise is reached because of the need to forge ahead?

According to you if Fru Ndi initiates a dialogue with Biya now, what do you think will compel Biya to yield to any demand that Fru Ndi may make? Except you are telling me that he is asking to go and apologize to Biya and not to make demands as Ngwasiri did to Fru Ndi.
I still stand by my words that the idea of a dialogue was purely an idea of Mrs Tamajong as a person and not as the SDF SG.

Danny Boy

My good friends,
Why all this waste of energy debating on a nightmare which this woman must have had?
She said her message to Fru Ndi and Biya was inspired by God.
Looking at the heading of this story,"I Challenge Biya, Fru Ndi To Dialogue - Dr. Tamanjong", one would think she wants to broker peace talks between the adversaries. It can equally be construed that she is challenging her adversaries, Paul Biya and Ni Fru Ndi to some talks!
My take on this story is that, with elections coming up, this woman wants to remind her supporters and the SDF hierarchy that she too is still around.
It must be the silly season indeed.(silly season: a period, usually during the summer months, when journalists fill space reporting on frivolous events and activities. The Concise Dictionary, 21st century.)
Le monde est formidable.
Danny Boy.

Ma Mary

Did anyone notice that this website has a feature that if you double click any word, it attempts a dictionary definition, include pronounciation or opens a wikipedia discussion. So, there is something on Biya and Bamenda and Buea, but nothing coherent on Tamanjong or Ndi. I shall be checking if there is "Ma" or "Mary".

Kudos to the Post for keeping us at the cutting edge.

Ma Mary


Ma Mary,

I noticed that too long time ago.

This is what I got about Biya.

Biya, Paul (bēyĕ) , 1933–, Cameroonian political leader. Educated in Cameroon and France, where he studied at the Sorbonne and other institutions, he joined Cameroon's civil service in 1962. After holding a number of posts under President Ahmadou Ahidjo, Biya became prime minister in 1975 and succeeded Ahidjo as president in 1982. As Biya, who came from the south, consolidated his power in a government previously dominated by northerners, he clashed with Ahidjo, who was accused of an attempted coup and went into exile (1983). Biya has retained Biya has retained power since then. Although he was forced to allow multiparty elections beginning in 1992, the votes have been marred by fraud and other irregularities and by opposition boycotts.

The Son


If you think i have been mixing mixing up things,that`s exactly how you have been mixing up the SDF,and the SCNC.Scrutinising the sdf is one thing,serving as a detractor is another.In your bid to sit on the fence about the two,make sure you don`t slaughter the SDF at the alter of the other.As to my not agreeing with Fon,that is my style.I shall never function from other people`s brains,or i`m i going to wait when people criticise the SDF or SCNC,then i start talking under their voices.

I have pointed out to you that the whole Cameroonian situation is a stalemate,and i have given instances to show that a stalemate exist.There`s a stalemate because nobody agrees with Biya.There`s a stalemate because there`s need to reconcile the whole Cameroonian society with its number one leader Paul Biya.The situation is therefore rotten enough for Fru Ndi to initiate dialogue at anytime.If Fru Ndi thought the situation was not rotten enough,he wouldn`t have accepted the invitation the Prime Minister extended to him to discuss Elecam.People say Fru Ndi is panting for dialogue,when Biya invited him to discuss Elecam,can we also say he was panting for dialogue.Why should Fru Ndi not also invite Biya for dialogue if he thinks this will help his party in one way or the other.Fon,you shall never outline the fallout of a dialogue before that dialogue is held.When political leaders accept to go in for dialogue,they are ready to make concessions.That is why Biya shies away from these type of things,because he knows he will be obliged to make concessions.Finally Fon don`t slide into that debate of making a distinction between the private ,and public life of a public figure.Mrs Tamanjong is speaking in her capacity as the Secretary General of the SDF.That is why some people think she must have been delegated by her party leader to make such claims.When people were reacting above,they did not say Mre Tamanjong was panting for dialogue.They said Fru Ndi was panting for dialogue.


There isn't any slaughtering nor fence sitting here. Any policy must be challenged and whoever thinks he or she has the way forward must be ready to defend and convince the Southern Cameroonians. No gainsaying!


As i mentioned last week about the RDPC not being registered/legal in the Southern Cameroons as per Law 84/001,it it worth asking if partie like SDF,JDP can be seoerated from this same RDPC.Are they not serving one God? i tumbled again on one document by the then Bar President of the then adulterine Federal Cameroun.This that wich Landed the Lawyer in jail and his subsequent Military Trial for treason by the would be colonial regime.Which other better dialogue is there for us that will mean enduring peace and justice?

The New Social Order, By Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka, March 5, 1985
—Revelation 21:5

Solicitors, Advocats
P.O. Box 4045
Bamenda, Cameroon
Tel: 36-13-73
Of Lincoln’s Inn London
Solicitor & Advocate
Ex-President, Council of the Bar of Cameroon
Ex-Batonnier du Barreau du Cameroun
DATE: 20/3/1985
H.E. Comrade P. Biya
Bamenda Congress

Your Excellency
Find enclosed an address which I had thought could be delivered at the Congress, and which could transform the Congress into a forum for the reconstruction of our own institutions, those of Ahidjo having been peacefully swept away by God in his mysterious way. I would suggest you read Exodus 7:3-5, 9:16-17 and also 1 Samuel 18: 10, John 12:40-42 and see how he whom God wants to destroy is first possessed by an evil spirit sent by God to blind him or make him engage in self protectionist arrogance.
So brother, beware how you dismiss this. I am willing to discuss with you or any of the commissions on this matter.
God be with you.
Yours Respectfully,
Fongum Gorji-Dinka.

Our country, like many other African countries, is in reality a confederation of interdependent ethnic, religious and cultural communities. National integration of these communities is therefore a national objective, which is the duty of each and every individual or section of the component communities.
For sometime now, there have been activities, which have put the entire concept of integration in jeopardy. Individuals, groups, and even the government are guilty of bringing us to the brink of total disintegration.
You will remember, in August 1961, the Republic of Cameroun entered into negotiations with Southern Cameroons for a union of the two states. This was in the ancient Kingdom City of Foumban. The Republic of Cameroun delegation was led by Ahmadou Ahidjo, and the Southern Cameroons by John Ngu Foncha. The two states arrived at complete accord, which became known as the Foumban Accord. Every detail of that Accord was so important that the entire Accord took the form of, and became the constitution of the Union. This became known as the Foumban Constitution.

Under the constitution, the two states submerged their respective identities and became federated states of the union. The republic of Cameroon submerged its identity and became East Cameroon. Similarly, Southern Cameroons submerged its identity and became West Cameroon.

The constitution shared power:
(a) Territorially, i.e., between the states and the center
(b) Institutionally i.e. between the executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature
(c) Personality-wise i.e. the Executive power was shared by the President and the State Prime Ministers; while legislative power was shared by State Deputies and Federal Deputies.
In this way the guarantee of security for the individual were institutionalized. Article 47 of that Foumban Constitution set out the procedure for modifying or revising the constitution. It stipulated that in order for any modification or revision to be valid it must have been introduced into the Union Legislature, (which was known as the Federal National Assembly) for debate, and must have been approved by a special majority. That special majority was defined as that in which a majority of the Federal Deputies from West Cameroon joined in voting approval, along with a majority of the Federal Deputies from East Cameroon. Consequently, if five of the ten Deputies then representing West Cameroon at that time, voted against any proposed amendment, that was enough to block the amendment.
So after the so-called Referendum of 20th May 1972, the entire country was waiting for the text of Ahidjo’s proposed constitution to go before the Federal National Assembly for debate in conformity with Article 47 of the Constitution. But to the surprise of every one Ahidjo refused to obey our constitution. He feared that his proposed constitution would be rejected by the Federal National Assembly. So Ahidjo decided to stage a coup d’etat upon Cameroon.
He issued the notorious proclamation DF72-270 of 2/672 by which he:
(a) Abrogated the Foumban Accord
(b) Abolished the Foumban Constitution, and
(c) Imposed upon us his own constitution which eh had secretly and unilaterally drawn up.
Then, with that constitution, which became known as the Constitution of the United Republic of Cameroon, alais Ahidjo Constitution, he assumed powers o rule by ordinances as a dictator for one year. During this period, he demolished all the institutions of the Federation, that is to say:
(a) The legislature and the government of East Cameroon
(b) The legislature, the government and the House of Chiefs of West Cameroon
(c) The legislature and the government of the federation of Cameroon.

He then installed his so-called United Republic of Cameroon and the system of government by which Cameroun, its people and resources became forfeited to whoever becomes Head of State. He also set up institutions and men to operate that system. And that is the system which we have today and which is now disintegrating our people.

Instead of government by dialogue, we have government by terror. Instead of legislation by debate, we have legislation by ambush. Instead of law and order by persuasion we have law and order by banditry and piracy. He Ahidjo himself has since been referring to it as “Peaceful Revolution.”

A revolution of Coup d’etat, whether it be violent or peaceful, has only one result. It sets aside the constitutional government and installs a junta in its place. And a junta is defined as a government whose authority to govern, is derived from force or the threat of force. Thus from 2nd June 1972, our country passed from the era of constitutional government to that of a junta. Today’s government, today’s institutions, today’s system and today’s style of leadership were installed by a junta. And that is the junta system we must destroy otherwise it will destroy us.

That Ahidjo Constitution plus the machinery of the peculiar style of one party system, which we operate effectively, put in the hands of the President of Cameroun:
(a) All the powers exercised by the State;
(b) All the powers exercised by the center,
(c) All the powers of the legislatures of the region, and
(d) All the powers of the Federal legislature.

Elections of any type have become a mere ritual. In fact, it is the president who appoints people as councilors in Municipalities, appoints their chairman, appoints members of Parliament, and appoints the Speaker. And he can dismiss anyone just as easily as Musa Yaya was dismissed.

As for life itself, the system offers no security. Under the system, one could only have guarantee of personal security if he was a friend of the president or his tribesmen. And since no human being likes to live in a state of fear and insecurity, what this system has done is to make an open invitation to each ethnic group to fight to install its tribe’s man in power, so as to have guarantee of personal security.

The first answer to that invitation came on 6/4/1984. Human lives in numbers were lost and much misery and seething desire for revenge remains. Yet this is only the first answer to that revenge. And it is a child’s play, when compared with what will happen when the time bomb of this system explodes. And the clumsy arrogance and greed of the ethnic group now in power has already ignited the fuse leading to the bomb.

The daily exhortation of vigilance and the increased security tension mounting daily, only confirm the fact that every one, government or the governed, in uniform or not, in town or village, everyone now lives in daily expectation of that explosion.

That is he brink of disintegration to which the Ahidjo junta system has brought us and unless we change this system at once, we must expect a violent total disintegration, mass self-destruction. Is that what we want?

Then, why are we trying to prop up and sustain a system which we hate, and which God has liquidated, first by banishing the architects and then abolishing all its institutions?
The most disastrous consequence of the Ahidjo coup d’etat was that by abolishing the Foumban Constitution it ipso facto abrogated the Accord, which held the two states together in union. The abrogation of that accord effectively dissolved the Union. And the fact that the two states continue to camouflage as the so-called “United Republic of Cameroun” did not change the fact that the legal basis for the union had been brought to an end. From that day, the relationship between the two countries has no legal basis. It is like a marriage, which unknown to neighbors has been dissolved by the Court, but the man and the woman continue to live together under the same roof.

Now from the moment the Foumban Accord was abrogated, the junta has moved us from one illegality to another, from one constitutional act to another, and from one invalidity to another, until we have arrived at the point, where we now do not know any institutions that are legally valid, at all.

For on 21st July 1983, law No.83-11 of 21/7/83 was promulgated, amending the Ahidjo Constitution. It repealed article 12 of the Ahidjo Constitution by which the Deputies acquired their parliamentary mandate in May 1983. Elementary principles of law require that when a new law repeals an old one, but still wants to save something of the old one, then the new law should have stated that the parliamentary mandate of our Deputies who were elected under the old law, had been converted into a mandate under the new law. That would have saved their mandate from repeal.

But either by design or neglect, no such clause was included. Consequently the new law not only repealed the old law but also effectively put an end to the mandate of our present Deputies, which rested on the old law. So law No. 83-11 of 21/7/83 effectively dissolved the National Assembly of the United Republic of Cameroon, with effect from 21/7/83, the day of its promulgation.

We pointed this out to General Semengue, who advised us to submit a memorandum, which he promptly delivered to President Biya. The Memorandum pointed out to President Biya that Law 83-11 of 21/7/83 had effectively dissolved the National Assembly and that only new elections can give him valid parliament to work with!

Yet in November 1983 the same unmandated Deputies were convened to pass a law, which President Biya promptly promulgated, giving himself the right to organize the Presidential elections of 14/1/83. Then on 21/1/84, the same unmandated Deputies were convened to another session to enable Comrade Biya to take his second oath as President of United Republic of Cameroun. Then followed more and more amendments to the Ahidjo Constitution by that invalid assembly.

Of course, once Deputies have lost their mandate the National Assembly becomes invalid and all laws passed by that National Assembly are absolutely null and utterly void.

Now the final blow to the entire edifice of Ahidjo came on 4/2/84. On that day Comrade Biya promulgated law No.84-001 of 4/2/84 abolishing the United Republic of Cameroun whose President he was. Again either by design or by default the law failed to include a clause stating that the institutions of United Republic of Cameroun were to be retained as in situations of the newly revived Republic of Cameroun. So the law abolished all the institutions of the United Republic of Cameroun with it.

Since the revived Republic of Cameroun has not yet set up its own institutions, it has neither a government nor a legislature nor any other institution of administration. So Comrade Paul Biya is neither President of the United Republic of Cameroun, which has been abolished not of newly revived Republic of Cameroun.

So not only has God taken off the tyrant Ahidjo, but has also peacefully brought down all the institutions set up by him. We thank God for this excellent work for his people.
We now come to the sad end of the story. By reviving the old Republic of Cameroun, which the Foumban Accord had submerged in order to create a Federation with Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas, the Republic of Cameroun has irretrievably well seceded from the union. The frontiers of the Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas are also internationally well recognized.

So, unless a new Accord is concluded so as to create a basis for the union between the two States, any claim by the Republic of Cameroun to govern Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas, would simply mean annexation pure and simple. That is international law. The fact that persons of Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas are holding positions in the so-called government of the Republic of Cameroun only corresponds to the French system of colonialism, by which people of African colonies were appointed to the government and parliament in France.

So, those who may have developed this diabolic annexationist plan want Southern Cameroons-on-Ambas to be regarded and treated as a colony of the Republic of Cameroun.
Now let it be stated very clearly that no one in his correct senses will ever accept this annexation. Those who are behind this shameful plot will only succeed (in making us a colony) over our dead bodies. There is a limit to which any human being can go to accommodate insults, even from a brother. If the expression “Southern Cameroons” has exposed us to any annexationist ambitions, then we will henceforth call ourselves AMBAZONIA.
There are now two options before us in this respect. One of them is a violent option, and the other I peaceful. The violent option is that which persists that Southern Camerooninas-on-Ambas, alias Ambazonia has been annexed and so it should be governed as a colony of the Republic of Cameroun. Any one who may be contemplating such a violent option should take note that if they hope to use the present forces of law and order they are mistaken. First, our forces are tired and ashamed of being made to kill their own brothers. Secondly, by this very expose any sensible man ought to know that a split along lines of nationalities will paralyze the forces. No sane Anglophone will fire at his kith and kin for refusing to accept colonial status. On the contrary, they will fight annexation on hills, on housetops, in the villages, in the air, at sea and anywhere, until that shameful monster called annexation is destroyed.

Let who ever thinks of a violent option remember that he is inviting foreign intervention from mercenaries, from the notorious international gendarmes who usually supply arms to both sides, whose hands we see behind this shameful gambit. Finally, any hostilities here will certainly invite intervention from neighboring countries, such as Nigeria.

Nigeria’s tight program of economic recovery is of such vital national importance that the government of Nigeria will not sit idle and watch a meaningless annexationist war here flood Nigeria with thousands of Nigerian residents and English Speaking Cameroonian refugees—who together number more than two and a half million. So that is what the violent option implies. It there anyone here in favor of the violent option? If there is any such person, let him stand up and be counted. So the option now left is the peaceful one. The peaceful option admits the facts as they have been stated.
(a) That the Ahidjo system has been dissolved and abolished by its own laws.
(b) That there is no legally valid system of government now neither for the Republic of Cameroun, nor for Southern Cameroons on-Ambas alias Ambazonia, nor of the union of the two states.
(c) That our task now is to set up machinery for bringing about a new system of administration for our people.

The truth about life is that each and every one of us is a mere tool in the hands of God. As you ac see, we may think we are in full command of a situation. But indeed it is God who indeed is using us.

When Comrade Paul Biya and Ahidjo initiated the law L83-11 of 21/7/83, did they know that they were initiating the liquidation of the institutions of Ahidjo whom God had quietly overthrown? When Comrade Paul Biya initiated the Law L84-001 of 4/2/84 did he know that he was signing his own exit from power? That is the work of God.

Today we are answering the call, which as Comrade Paul Biya ably declared-“History has been inviting us since 6/11/82 to bring about a profound change in our national life style.” He specially invited the elite when he said: “The elite must become the architect of the profound change—and bring about a new social order.

God has heard the prayer of our people and has raised up the architects to build the new order.

We have here with us the pillars of reconstruction and we are laying them down in a foundation created by God.
“For except the Lord builds, they toil in vain who say they are building.”
We now have to fall back on natural law.

The people here present represent each and every part of the two states. As natural juristic persons they can make any arrangements and conclude any accord to keep the day-to-day administration functioning while the detail system of government I being worked out.

So this Assembly by natural law becomes what legal and constitutional lawyers would call a Constituent Assembly of the “Confederation of Two States.” By doing this we are assuming that we can agree on at least a confederal type of Union.

While those of West of the Mungo become the Constituent Assembly of Southern Camerons alias Ambazonia, those of the East of the Mungo River become the Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Cameroun.
Now pending the arrangement on the exact terms of the union between the two states we can at least agree on certain guide lines.
(a) Ethnic groups shall be carved into provinces and each province shall have a government and a legislature to deal with subjects to be assigned to provincial competence under the new constitution.
(b) The constitutional arrangements that operate in each of the States before the Foumban Accord was concluded, would be harmonized with necessary modifications, and would serve as interim constitution of each state.
(c) On the Confederal level i.e. the union of two states—we propose that the present administration continue as an interim set up, under the supreme authority of this joint constituent assembly. The authority of the assembly, for practical purposes will be vested in a Council of Reconstruction of the Confederation (CORECO), which will consist of nine persons from each side of the Mungo River.
(d) Three members of the forces of law and order will be added as advices to each delegation.
(1) To assume with effect from here and now all the executive powers and functions of the government, so that all Ministries and para-public bodies now operate under its authority and become answerable to the CORECO.
(2) To set up interim administration for each state in accordance with the interim constitution we have proposed.
(3) To gradually phase out the present system as the new systems comes into operation.
(4) To set up a body to work out a detailed system of government based on four steps:
The Municipal
The Provincial
The State
The Confederal
(5) To see to the installation of all these by electoral process that is reasonably democratic.
(6) To hand power over to the institutions and withdraw, within 6 months from now.
1. The Two States shall each be divided into Provincial Governments. The State of Republic of Cameroun shall have not less than Eight nor more than Thirteen Provinces. The State of Southern Cameroons alais AMBAZONIA shall have not less than Two and not more than Five Provinces.
2. The two States shall together form a Union. The details of this shall be the subject of negotiations and accords. Opportunity shall be made for the admission of any neighboring state to the union. Any modification necessary t preserve the identity of any such states seeking to join the Union shall be so made.
A Province shall have:
Legislative Council-LEGCO
Executive Council-EXCO

A State shall have:

The Confederation shall have:
(a) Congress-Legislature
(b) Confedium-Executive
The following subjects shall be within the competence of the Province:
Rural and Community Development
Co-operative and Mutuality
Agriculture and Animal Breeding
Vernacular & Nursery Education
Rural Health and Preventive Services.
And such other subjects as the state may find more suitable to devolve on the Province. The subjects under provincial competence shall not exclude the responsibility or intervention of the State for the purpose of harmony and efficiency of the services.

All matters which do not fall within the Exclusive Competence of the Confederation-Are within the competence of the State.

(a) Exclusive Competence
Nationality, Monetary System, weights and measures, Customs, Post and Telecommunications, Penitentiary Administration, External Defense and Security, Inter-State Services and Conflicts, Judicial Organization and Administration of Justice (except Customary Courts), Aviation, Confederal Civil Service, and Skeleton Legislation co-ordinatory and harmonizational in nature for guidance of State and Provincial authority.
(b) Concurrent with State Competence
Public liberties, State and Inter-State Defense and Security, Media, Information, Commerce, Industry, Banking, Insurance, Roads, Transport, Ports, Higher Education, Research, Public Accountability.
The following designations shall carry the meanings herewith attributed to them:

9. (a) The President-Head of State
(b) The Chancellor-Head of Government
(c) Minister-Minister of State in the Confederal Government
(d) Chancellor-President of the Congress.

(a) The Prior: Ceremonial Head representing the President
(b) The Prime Minister-Head of Government
(c) Secretary of State: Minister in the Service of the State Government.
(d) The Speaker: President of State Assembly.

(a) The Delegate General: Head of the Province representative of Head of State.
(b) The Commissioner-General: Head of the Provincial Government
(c) Commissioner-Minister in Provincial Government
(d) The Co-ordinator-The President of the Provincial Assembly.
There must be a question in your minds about what role Paul Biya is to play in the new social order. The answer is simple. The principles we have already adopted will decide a role for each of us. All of the two states and us are placed at the disposal of the Constituent Assembly of the Confederation whose Executive is the CORECO. CRECO will certainly find a fitting role for every one willing to serve. To be sure, either by discrete silence or by action, Paul Biya and each of us have played the role God has given us. So will each of us be given a role in the new order by God. We thank our Father God for His Mercy. It imposes on us mercy on each other and love for each other. So let us first constitute the Council for the reconstruction of the Confederation (CORECO).
Note: An Organigram containing the above stipulations on the structures of the Confederation was then attached to the New Social Order as its last page.

An Open Letter to Cameroun the L’ Etat-Major of Cameroun: Defuse the Time Bomb, by Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka
By Fongum Gorji-Dinka: May 5, 1985
Of Lincolns Inn London.
Barrister at Law
Advocate of the Supreme Court of England,
President (Emiretus) Cameroun Council of Bar,
President (Emiretus) National Union of Kamerun Students UK.
Leader of NUCS UK Delegation to the UN Special Session on Kamerun, March 1959;
Chairman Pan-Kamerun Students Conference for National Reconciliation-August 1959;
National Legal Adviser and Member of the Central Committee of the CNU 1966;
National Legal Adviser and Member of the Central Committee of the CNU, 1966;
Leader of CUC Delegation to Counsel & Procure the inauguration of CNU;
Ist President of CNU Sub-Section-Victoria and Vice-President of the CNU Section Fako.
Author of the New Social Order.
Dear Compatriots,
Addressing the Nation after the Army had recovered from the Republican Guards putchists and handed it back to him, H.S. Paul Biya spoke for all of us when he paid very warm homage to the Cameroonian Soldier for his meticulous attachment to LEGALITY.

H.E. Paul Biya by his vacillations, procrastinations and unpardonably bad judgment, had plunged us in a bloody incident, which not only disqualified him from further leading us, but had effectively put him out of power.

It is therefore only thanks to our armed forces attachment to legality that they called on H.E. Paul Biya to once more take the leadership of our country. And no one in this country can appreciate this attachment to legality more than I, the first President of the Cameroon Bar, and the Doyen of Cameroon lawyers.

It is in this capacity, inter alia, that I am leading this appeal to you, the effective custodian of our common good. We direct you to take a serious view of the fact that our brother H.E. Paul Biya is dragging us through a series of illegalities, unconstitutionalities and humiliating provocations, which are sure to bring us to a violent explosion, which will totally disintegrate this country.

Enclosed is a document, THE NEW SOCIAL ORDER. It is self-explanatory. It highlights the danger before us. It proposes a very effective way of neutralizing the danger, to the satisfaction and happiness of the people of this country. But as you must have by now established, H.E. Paul Biya either does not understand the priorities of this country, or allows those whom he call “international opinion” to impose their own priorities on Cameroon.

For example, after Ahidjo had openly declared himself in conflict with H.E. Paul Biya, National interests dictated that a dangerous rich enemy like Ahidjo be taken into custody and totally neutralized by all means at our disposal. Was H.E. Paul Biya guided by National Interest when he preferred to organize the exit of Ahidjo from Cameroon? Of course, H.E. Paul Biya knew that he was giving Ahidjo the opportunity of having access to his ill-gotten financial resources and friends abroad and with these resources he would organize efforts to topple or destabilize our government. Today the whole country and especially our armed forces live in perpetual alert in order to prevent Ahidjo’s agents from assassinating H.E. Paul Biya, just to settle personal scores.

Make no mistake; neither change of party names, nor a thousand elections under this Ahidjo’s system can ever change the fact that the Biya of today is a creation of Ahidjo. And as long as Ahidjo lives and as long as Biya is ruling Cameroon, Ahidjo demands unquestionable gratitude from H.E. Paul Biya. And he will get it, like it or not, on his own terms.

If Ahidjo were in detention or house arrest, by the Cameroon authorities, we would not have been in the state of insecurity in which we are now. But that is the work of H.E. Paul Biya.

Again look at the problem, which was posed by the Republican Guards. What national interest was it that made H.E. Paul Biya to maintain at the Presidential Security Service, all the Ahidjo men who formed 90% of the Republican Guards? Was it not better in the national interest that at least 60% of these people be transferred to other services rather than leaving them at the Presidency? H.E. Paul Biya said in his press conference that he was afraid of what “international opinion would say if he transferred Ahidjo’s people away from services as the Republican Guards.
And so the obvious danger of letter the Republican Guards organize a coup d’etat against our government was of no importance in H.E. Biya’s judgment of priorities. What mattered to him was his relationship with his foreign friends whom he calls “international opinion.” And we have had to pay with blood and misery for this bad judgment. The coup has killed many, imprisoned more and left many families miserable and crying for solace or vengeance. The Northerner is now totally estranged from the nation. And who is responsible for this? H.E. Paul Biya and his sense of priorities.
But it seems that H.E. Paul Biya is under the spell of an evil force, which seems to make him prefer doing only those things, which are bund to provoke more and more problems for us.
What else is it that motivated H.E. Paul Biya into reviving the old Republique du Cameroun? He, as a lawyer, knows that by reviving the old Republique du Cameroun he proclaimed the secession of that Francophone East Cameroun from its union with Anglophone West Cameroon. He also knows that by so doing he disqualifies every Francophone from legally ruling Anglophone Cameroon unless and until an accord is signed between the two (the Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons alias “Ambazonia”). The existence of a South Cameroun Province (Ebolowa) makes it necessary for us to use the geographical expression Ambazonia to identify Anglophone Cameroon.
H. E. Paul Biya knows that in the absense of such a signed accord between Republque du Cameroun and Ambazonia, he can only rule Ambazonia as an annexed territory and as a colony of the Republique du Cameroun. He knows that Ambazonians are not happy with the way Francophones treat them, even though there are palace-living renegades who will lie to the contrary. H.E. Paul Biya knows that the notion of colonialism is so humiliating and revolting to any human that sooner or later Ambazonians will rise in revolt against the colonial status which H.E. Paul Biya has now given them. Just why does H.E. Paul Biya want to open up a second front of conflict, this time with Anglophones, when he still has the North to contend with? No one can explain. This is the evil force working to destroy Biya himself, if not Cameroon with him.
We proposed a New Social Order and, every sensible man including foreign diplomats admit that it is the best solution to the state of affairs in which we are. But H.E. Paul Biya has not as much as acknowledged receipt of that document. On the contrary, he has been more preoccupied with still more and more illegalities.
H.E. Paul Biya knows that whoever renounces membership of a political party automatically forfeits any posts he holds by virtue of his membership of that party. This is what happened to comrade Moussa Yaya, when he lost his membership of the Cameroon national Union (CNU). H.E. Paul Biya knows or ought to have known that by renouncing membership of the CNU he and all Cameroonians who held offices by virtue of their membership of the CNU automatically lose their offices; so all posts except the Civil Services are now vacant with effect from 24-3-85, the date of the birth of the RDPC.
Again CNU constitution forbids the discussion of any matter at the congress, which is not listed on the agenda of the congress. And it is the Central Committee meeting which fixes that agenda for the Congress. The change of CNU into a new name was not listed in the agenda. Therefore, the change is null and void.
If you call it a new party, then RDPC is still an illegal association since it has not complied with the law on the formation of associations. The CNU has not been dissolved and so its assets remain its assets. But illegal association called RDPC ha already started claiming the people and property of the CNU.
Now, in the face of all this mess, chaos and illegalities mounting daily, we find it imperative to call on the Cameroonian Etat Major to take action similar to that which the French Generals took in 1959 to put an end to the chaos of the Fourth Republic in France. The French Generals, rather than do the stupid thing of seizing power and becoming involved in the controversy of governing, preferred to withdraw support from the government of the Fourth Republic and enlisted the services of a French Patriot Charles de Gaulle to start the reconstruction of a new France. (Note: Charles de Gaulle was now a civilian living at Colombey-Lesdeux-Ebglises).
This is the task before you, the Cameroon soldier today. The same attachment to legality motivated you to put up a counter offensive against the coup of April 1984; the same notions of legality that made you hand power back to Biya, that is the same notion of ;legality which now urges you today to peacefully bring this chaos and illegality to an end.
We make this appeal especially through the Anglophone Soldier because for him the question is not whether to bring this chaos to an end, but when to do so. We prefer it now at this time when a peaceful solution can reinforce the bridges of amity across the Mungo, rather than wait till a violent decolonization war is unleashed by Ambazonians, which would naturally end with a wide chasm of enmity across the Mungo. That is the chasm of enmity to which H.E. Pual Biya is leading us.
The notions of annexation and colonialism as such a revolting humiliation that sooner or later the Ambazonians would prefer to seek dignity in death rather than live in palaces as service renegrades for George Bernard Shaw put it rightly when he said:
“Human nature is the same every where;
Put a man in the most palacial mansion ever,
He will never be as contented as the man in his novel
Who is able to say, this is my own.”
Colonialism being such an anathema and decolonization being the natural antithesis to it, would it not be better to see that you enlist the cooperation of your Etat-Major, for a peaceful reconstruction of a new social order, instead of waiting until you are confronted with the difficult choice of having either to shoot at your Anglophone kith and kin resisting colonialism, or to shoot at your senior officer for ordering you to shoot down your own kith and kin?

That is why we are specially making this appeal through you the Anglophone Soldier to the Etat-Major of Cameroon. We ask you to be once more guided by the legality, which motivated you I April 1984. At that time you used bullets, force and blood. But this time you need no such thing. All you need is courage, firmness, honesty and a tongue to persuade or pressurize, like the French Military did in 1958. Is this too much for you the Cameroon soldier? We are willing and able to place at the disposal of the Etat-Major all the legal and constitutional expertise necessary for a peaceful and satisfactory national reconstruction.

Or admiration for the role of the French military in 1958 compels us to end this memo with a citation of the French National Hymn, which we find most befitting here:
Ye sons of (Cameroon) awake to glory
Hark! Hark! What myriads bid you rise
Your children, wives and grand sires hoary;

Behold their tears and hear their cry
Behold their tears and hear their cry
Shall hateful tyrants of mischief breeding;

A hireling host a ruffian band
While peace and liberty lie bleeding;

To……….To……….ye brave
The avenging………………………
March on! March on! All hearts resolved
On victory or death.
May the Almighty God, whose spirit of Truth compels us to speak out at these times of national crises, guide your action. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:12)

Thank You.
Yours Truly,
Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka.

"The actions of one generation, become the history of the next generation, and the histories of several generations become the traditions of a people." ... Dr. Wade Nobles
History is a clock that people use to tell their political time of day. It is a compass that they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It also tells them where they are, and what they are. Most importantly, an understanding of history tells a people where they still must go, and what they still must be.
Dr. John Henrik Clarke

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