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Monday, 05 February 2007


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Danny Boy

This Ndeh man is a toad. Look at him. Had he gone for months without a salary, we might be spared the sight of his pork chops! Can somebody remind him that he is there to serve and not to tell fellow Cameroonians how lucky they might be or not?
I will like rub that smile in mud. What a buffoon! Cameroon has gone to the dogs with managers like this, the only problem is this dog is actually a pig.


Danny Boy, I never imagined I could ever agree with you on anything....just goes to show how bright I am, eh!

Ironically, following our previous clash over the subject of elites, of which the MIDENO boss was amongst the listed "Northwest elite" at a thanksgiving event, I hope you might now see the point I was trying to make. This man is our "elite"! Does he make you proud?

This man is the epitome of what in Cameroon is termed "an elite". Essentially a CPDM apparatchik who is well fed, and uses his party connections to make sure he stays well fed.

Look at him in that photograph. Is that a man who has missed a meal because of underpaid salaries? I don't think so....this is Cameroon's managerial class! The man's face says it all; he is happy, he is smug, he has his 3 or more meals a day, maybe a bit of French champagne thrown in for good is good at the top of the CPDM pile!

As for those wretched souls in his organisation working for no salaries, this is what Mr. Boss has to say to them: "Without any intention to irritate you, remember that there are thousands of Cameroonians on the streets seeking employment. You are, therefore lucky, and should thank God and Government for that." How I wish his boss, Mr. Biya, could say the same thing to him, and ask him to work without a salary. I am quite sure it would wipe that smug smile off his face!

Danny Boy

DaDiceman, of course you are bright. I never doubted that one bit. If this is what you were referring to, then I owe you an apology. Not my elite, pal! He is an ass. How can he make such inflammatory statements and get away with it?
Yesterday, I tried to forward this article onto a few Cameroonian e-groups to which I subscribe, but, for some reasons these were not coming up when I checked. Maybe you are aware of If not check it out. I will try to give this article the widest publicity possible. Rest assured,Pal. He will not get away with it!

Tita Mofaw

Pig,dog, toad etc are not sufficient to describe this glotine.I feel pity for him because already he seems to be suffering from obesity.The biggest problem with a hippo like this is that the day he will fall his own weight would destroy him and he might never get up again.

He should be thankful to Paul biya for dropping him as a minister because his overweight problem would have reached the point of disaster.

Danny Boy

I am sorry for directing you to the wrong link above. It should have read:- The good news is some fellow netter has already posted this story there. The only shame is not a single comment yet. The problem I guess is a gripping historical debate that has been ongoing for quite some days now on this site. Maybe when the various interests call it quits, they might come to comment on todays' issues and hopefully this story should deserve their analysis.
Do please check the site above.
Good day to you all.


The guy really does look over-fed. Very shameful comments from him.

Danny Boy

Dr. Trash or is it Dr. Tran?
Either, I do not give a damn to a chinese tea herbalist who meddles in Cameroon politics. If you have been reading, go to the post online of 05/02/2007 and read what he told his workers in MIDENO!!!
Forumites, I will not apologise to anybody who thinks my language is colourful here or uncouth.
I will not accept or grovel to any pittance, bread crumbs from the CPDM through such tactless managers like this J.B FRU!!
This man should have been given the sack, long time ago!

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