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Thursday, 15 February 2007


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It is really embarassing for us to see our leaders in such a deplorable condition. May God help our leaders in such difficult times.

M Nje

My Dear Friends,

Please write to Mr. Godfrey at Amnesty International to request for intervention in the release of our dear Brothers and Sisters in detention. His email is:

He is a researcher for Amnesty International responsible for La Republique Du Cameroun, Republic of Congo and Republic of Central Africa.

Please send as many emails as you can.
Thanks in advance.

Fritzane Kiki HK

The only powerful and driving force of this SCNC problem remains in the hands of the Anglophones themselves.In so far as the Anglophones are divided between the CPDM,SDF and the SCNC there shall never be any major political changes to remedy the Anglophone problem.These three factions should join heads together for a common goal if not then they should fuggedaboutit.

Fritzane Kiki


I observe with dismay your contribution above; that the only contribution from someone who claims to champion the fight for freedom is prayer. Where do you think prayer can do to the detainees if everyone folds hands and counts on prayers.

I have said many times that the obstacle for freedom in our land is the apathy of our people; it is not a problem of leadership. What the SCNC leaders are facing now is the same thing that the hierarchy of the SDF is going through.
When Fru Ndi called on the population to demonstrate against the bill on ELECAM, many took it to be Fru Ndi´s personal problem yet they critize him for not doing enough to end Biya´s rule. Now the leaders of SCNC who are fighting for a better country are in detention and business is going on normally. Is it true that these leaders can succeed without the support of the people? What will motivate a leader to take risk when he/she knows that when they are behind bars, nobody cares.
I think the popular opinion here is that about 90% of Anglophones support the SCNC. If that is the case why can the population not mobilise and occupy the surroungings of the prison in protest as the CDC workers took the SDO office in Limbe during the Tole tea crisis hostage for several days? While we call on the international community to intervene, the public should also let the international community know that they are behind their leaders and support the course for which they are fighting.

I support M.Nje initiative and call on others to give more contacts that will lead to the release of the detainees.

Ngiewih Humphrey, as a friend I know this must be a trying moment for you. I met your father in Cameroon in December shortly before he was picked up and detained. He told me that you lost your job. I later learnt of his detention when I had left the country. I undersand how you feel at the moment given that you lost your job and your dad is again in detention. Take courage.

andre fokam

the answer is simple, the scnc has no support... period

as you said, when people support anything, they act for it. they did it for the CDC issues, they gathered in masses to support NJFN and the SDF.
what i do i see here? few people WRITTING LETTERS!!!! shame...
let NJFN be arrested, the entire country will be paralyzed by the people.
My prayer has been answered, the scnc called for boycott of the coming elections, let wait and see who will listen to them.

they can continu to strike the sea with their sword.

Andre Fokam



Excellent write-up.
Thank God Cameroonians are intelligent people. They will never be fooled by those who preach hate, tribalism, ethnic cleansing and division.

May God bless a united and strong republic of Cameroon!



Ricardo, Andre Fonkam, Fon,

It is but normal for self-confessed detractors of the Southern Cameroonian course to use the kind of language you guys have used above.

Ma Mary

They clearly delight in the human rights abuse and have nothing to say about it or in condemnation of it. It is a verifiable pattern by these people with an ethnic agenda.


Comments like those from simpleton Ricardo,fokam is not peculiar.It is the normal
provocation from masochist sons of brutal munt colonizers.Arrest and detention will not put paid to declonization.It means alien rulers are awair and worried about their reprehension from their new found colonial turf.More importantly,worried about losing the colonial plundering of the resources that enriches them.The sugar,you know!Bulls like ricardo fokam don't know there is life cycle for anything.You sons of colonizers are panicked,disturbed,and seem to have sleepless nights.Why?And you will claim to be citizens of the Southern Cameroons when your illegal presence there will become history?.What you say now will define you later on.You could not hide.


Who's the highest ranking SCNC official in Cameroun not in detention now?I think identifying that person and channelling contributions;moral/intellectual but most importantly, material and financial;should be the major concern and preoccupation of SCNC members and sympathisers.Aluta continua...


I think and cry and ask myself many questions when I see SCNC leaders jailed and despite calls from the international community for their release, Biya and his regime are giving deaf ears.
What is the next step? From every indication, the international community can't help us. France will VETO anything that will have to do in favour of Southern Cameroon at the UN. The solution is for us to stop this sing song of force of argument not argument of force and take the bull by the horn.
Let those who are financially capable put together their resources and those who can morally motivate our youths do same while those who are physically able go into action.
We know Gandhi succeeded in his peaceful manifestations against the British. But we must know that the British were not as Biya and his French masters who have no regard for humanity. Biya and his company of blood drinkers enjoy seeing people suffering and dying. So there is no way Biya, through his DOs and governors will hesitate to send his boys in uniform to kill and amputate Southern Cameroonians who are fighting for their rights. These French puppets don't know what peaceful protest means neither do they have respect for human life. They believe in force. How long will Southern Cameroonians understand their enemy and know how to deal with him?
My little reflection; I might be wrong but not totally wrong.

Paa Ngembus

Riccardo and Andre FUCKam,

You you jerks are back..

Enjoy and laugh at the SCNC now.

We shall see who will have the last laugh.

I will personally see to it that ungrateful descendants of ragtag refugees from the UPC rebellion in La Republique Francaise du Cameroun like you be repaid appropraitely when Southern Cameroons regains her autonomy.

Just pray that you two toads should be dead by then. We are cataloging everything you write here.

It will come to hunt you Bozos tomorrow.

Like someone here always says, "wait and see".

We shall have the last laugh.

Paa Ngembus

M Nje

Don`t worry. I think their time is running out. I sincerely do so. Make no mistake we do not need the UN to leave in peace, happiness, and property in our motherland Southern Cameroons. What we need is to put our energy together to push these colonial agent across the Mongo River by any means necessary.

Taiwan is the 17th or 19th economy in the world but she is not recognized by the UN. Somailand has been in relative peace and happiness for over 16 years without the recognition of the UN or African Union.

Remember we have a population of just about 6 million. There is no doubt in my mind that if we send these guys out, there are many and I mean many Southern Cameroonians abroad who will invest in Southern Cameroons and create a struggle economy. I am very optimistic such an economy can sustain a population of about 6 million.

Without UN recognition it means we will not qualify for IMF or World Bank loans, so what. We can do without any of those UN traps in the name of assistance.
So do not be worry that France has a VETO at UN. We don`t really need UN recognition to have the life we desire for our nation.

Paa Ngembus,
Don`t worry about those refugees. While some of their friends are out there advocating for an imaginary 11th Province, some are praying that Southern Cameroons should not be liberated. They will surely end up committing suicide. We have been very hospitable to them since they ran for safety into Southern Cameroons. Unfortunately, some of their descendant do not seem to appreciate that hospitality.

Here is my advice to them: you can never appreciate what you have until you lose it. Time will determine their fate.


This is interesting!Even chop for B'da? Poverty too much and chop too much!
It shows that the SCNC has only vocal and online supporters.
Situations like this is a test of their loyalty and support for their leaders and a reminder for the leaders that they lack the support they need.
Even to contribute food they cannot. They are good at lambasting the SDF and the chairman.
Put an SDF scribe in Jail and you will see baskets of food at the prison gates with street protests.
Its a game of people, if you don't have the people forget it.
If they catch on of these forum members the rest will hibernate. You are far from your course...very far... because you have only leaders with no followers.

Rene Dibi

Southern Cameroons: Prisoners in Hunger Strike
UNPO strongly denounces the arrest and continued detention of UNPO Member representative Nfor Ngala Nfor in Southern Cameroons, and UNPO Members worldwide have expressed their condemnation to Cameroon ’s President Biya. “If we cannot be released on bail, we should at least be charged and arraigned in court, so that the world should see how the Cameroonian judiciary functions,” say the 12 detainees, including Nfor Ngala Nfor, warning of a hunger strike to protest their rights’ violations, in a recent letter issued from behind bars.

The Hague, 16 February 2007 – UNPO had provided the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention with further details of the cases of Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) representatives held in detention in Bamenda, in the wake of the mass arrest on 20 January 2007.

The individuals that remain in detention, with none released on bail, are as follows: Nfor Ngala Nfor (54), Mbinglo H. Humphrey (65), Tantoh Simon Nshukwi (65), Achu Nji David (56), Stephen Kongnso (45), Dzeni Augustine Shieyntum (36), Henry Lamnyam (35), Lucas Ngwa Che (57), Nguemu Clement Atanga (60), Mongo Steven (43), Mbi Ann Rita (60), and Asunkwan Samuel Ngeiwih (65).

All were arrested at a press conference in Bamenda, Southern Cameroons , on 20 January 2007, with the exception of Asunkwan Samuel Ngeiwih who was arrested on the earlier date of 29 December 2006. Following initial dispersion, all individuals were transferred to Bamenda Central Prison on 22 January 2007.

According to our reports, none of these individuals have as of yet been formally charged with any crime. Attempts at bail hearings have proved unsuccessful, with initial scheduled hearings adjourned until 13 February 2007, at which point they were adjourned further until 20 February 2007. All detainees have expressed their intention to go on a one-day hunger strike today 16 February 2007, appealing for their overdue bail hearings to proceed now as scheduled.

UNPO denounces in the strongest terms this unabated show of disrespect for basic international human rights law, continues to appeal for the immediate release of Nfor Ngala Nfor and calls for La Republique du Cameroun to act according to its obligations and guarantee due legal process.

For more information posted on the UNPO website click here

Hunger Strike Announced
UNPO has also received a copy of the letter dated 14 February 2007 issued by the detainees to the Chairman of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms in Yaounde , titled: “Protest Against the Gross Abuse of Our Civil and Political Rights”. The letter details the course of events and the injustice suffered by the detainees, who have now been held without charge for almost a month.

Extracts of the letter follow below:

“We, the SCNC detainees presently languishing in the Bamenda Central Prison, were singly and collectively arrested without warrant by Police and Gendarmes between 29 December 2006 and 20 January 2007 in Bamenda.

First of all Mr Ngiewih Asunkwan, National Communication Secretary of the SCNC was arbitrarily arrested on 29 December 2006, and successively detained at the GMI Police Station and the Judicial Police Stations, before being taken to the State Counsel, who without examining the reasons for his arrest, immediately signed a remand warrant for him. Mr. Asunkwan has since been incarcerated at the Bamenda Central Prison where he has been denied bail.

On 20 January 2007, a Press Conference was organized at the SCNC Secretariat on Cow Street in Bamenda, aimed at affording Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor - SCNC National Vice Chairman, and Chair, Foreign Affairs Commission - an opportunity to inform the national and international communities of the European, Asian and American shuttle visits he had just undertaken on behalf of the SCNC.
When Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor was just about to end his preliminary press statement, Gendarmes invaded the precincts of the office, disrupted the Press Conference and violently dispersed the over 400 people who attended the occasion.

Well over five-dozen people were brutalized and many arrests conducted in the guise that the Press Conference was unauthorized and thus illegal.

It is worthwhile pointing out that the arrests without warrant and during a peaceful assembly in private premises, was in total disregard of the new Criminal Procedure Code, which went into effect on 1 January 2007, especially the Sections which make State Counsels, the only legal authorities to issue warrants of arrest. More so, the arrests took place on a Saturday, which also contravenes the much talked about Code that also makes arrests on weekends illegal.

From the various detention centers, Dr. Nfor Nfor, Hitler Mbinglo, Stephen Kongnso, Simon Tantoh, Henry Lamnyam, Stephen Mongo, Che Ngwa, Clement Atanga, Ms. Mbi Anne Rita, etc joined Mr. Asunkwan in prison and were remanded in custody at the Bamenda Central Prison on 22 January 2007. Ever since, all attempts by our legal counsels to release us on bail have been abortive and it is apparent that the judiciary, which is tied to the apron strings of the executive, has done everything either to delay or deny us justice. So far we have not been charged to court and if prompt action is not taken to enable our rights to be redressed, we are likely to continue to languish in detention indefinitely.

If we cannot be released on bail, we should at least be charged and arraigned in court, so that the world should see how the Cameroonian judiciary functions.
Mr. Chairman, we are [..] utterly dissatisfied with the dilly-dallying of the judiciary in a matter, which affects our fundamental rights as this confirms the fact that justice delayed is justice denied.
In consideration of our plight and prolonged suffering orchestrated by the third estate of the realm, we urge you to promptly intervene in this matter of our arbitrary arrest, illegal detention, physical, mental and psychological torture, in order to ensure our immediate release so that we can go about our affairs in tranquillity, peace and freedom.

We wish to inform you that we have tolerated enough of the violations of our rights for too long and since patience is not inelastic, we have therefore resolved to undertake the following actions to push our points across:

1) On Friday 16 February 2007, we will stage a one-day hunger strike to draw the attention of the administrative and judiciary services to our dilemma and grievances.
2) We are optimistic that with your intervention, our motion for bail will come up on 20 February as stated. If we are not granted bail or charged to court on that day, we will then embark on an indefinite hunger strike until when justice is granted or seen to be granted us as prescribed by international norms.

We seize this opportunity to appeal to the international community to bring pressure to bear on the Cameroon government to respect its human rights obligations vis à vis its citizens by allowing them the right to the enjoyment of their basic human rights as stipulated by international humanitarian law [..].”

Names of Petitioners:
(A) Detainees of December 2006 and January 2007
1. Nfor Ngala Nfor
2. Mbinglo H. Humphrey
3. Tantoh Simon Nshukwi
4. Achu Nji David
5. Kongnso Stephen
6. Dzeni Augustine Shieyntum
7. Henry Lamnyam
8. Ngwa Che Lucas
9. Nguemu Clement Atanga
10. Mongo Steven
11. Mbi Ann Rita
12. Asunkwan Samuel Ngeiwih (Arrested 29th December 2006)

(B) SCNC Convicts of 1997 Transferred to Bamenda
1. Khan Zacharia Ndifet
2. Ngek Simon Kwei
3. Atambum Geh Sama
4. Mngoh Job Bulewa
5. Njakoy Charles Chin
6. Fonkwa Thomas Chin
7. Lukong Hassan Jumbam
8. Edwin Jumven
9. Tata Roland (Buea)
10. Edwin Limfonyuy (Bafoussam)


M Nje


Did you read the article at all before commenting. If you did then you should have come across the paragraph below:

"That notwithstanding, our family members and friends, who sympathise with our condition, have been pouring in here with flasks of food to keep us alive and we are most grateful to all of them..."

So how did you come to the conclusion that these brave men and women lack food.

Please do well to read with an open heart.



Roger Milla once said that when he finds his way into the penalty area,he becomes the King,because his opponents are faced with two contrasting situation;committing a fault on him ,or allowing him to score.In the case of a fault,the end result is the same.This analogy can be juztaposed with the situation any freedom fighter should face,especially the once in Cameroon.When freedom fighters are picked up for preaching what they think will bring about their freedom,they should learn to live in Prison for as long as their goals are not met.The preseence of freedom fighters in any government`s jail,becomes a weapon against this same government.Their presence attracts attention to their course,
and serves well for its propaganda.It is therefore laughable,when SCNC leaders are picked up everytime,and spend some weeks in the cell they complain about everything,from the food,the conditions,and their long stay.
Even unborn babies know that the conditions in a prison are bad,but this is the price to pay to bring freedom to others.Any action geared at liberating a people must be a sustained one.When the arrested leaders are freed,they will go silent for one or two years,only to crop up one morning to be arrested again.Finally,the momentum of ordinary people is directed towards asking for the liberation of their leaders everytime.The international bodies that are solicited to put pressure on the government everytime the SCNC leaders are arrested will be a little intrigued by the zeal with which these leaders clamour for their quick release.
The SCNC leaders can even stay in prison for a very longtime ,and direct operations from there.They go to prison ,and refuse to eat the food other prisoners eat.It is only by eating this type of food ,and getting abreast with the conditions in Prison that they will do more to see to it that their people are never treated thus.
The most popular Palestinian is in prison in Isreal for many years now ,and will never put his intergrity on the balance because of existentialist problems.
A true leader would not want to have continental breakfast in Prison while his people are swimming in misery.
When the SCNC leaders are released this time around,they should really sitdown and ponder on what propaganda is all about when it comes to freedom fighting.It is absolutely ridiculous that a movement will want to speak for people who do not know about its activities.No government will arrest leaders of a freedom movement in Lebanon,Palestine,while the rest of the population watch passively .Whether we accept it or not the population has not been schooled on what the SCNC id fighting for.
So how can one be talking about liberating somebody who doesn`t know him.
If all the Southern Cameroonians send e-mails for their leaders to be released,and the people to whom these e-mails are sent don`t read any e-mails from the same source to complain about other things than arrest,
it implies they are very comfortable with their situation.

Ma Mary

Watesih: I agree with your analysis here. These leaders are doing a very powerful thing, but then they are squandering it by what ends up appearing in the press. They need to think about the power of what they are doing do it differently.

The greatest Southern Cameroons political prisoner ever was the late Albert Mukong, and they need to channel his ascetic spirit for inspiration.


If the SCNC cannot liberate a single person (their leader) from prison, how can they liberate an entire "nation" ?


Thank you M Nje for that highlight, but I did read with an open mind. Kindly ask the Post to justify the caption and remove those poor photos of our elders.
You cannot have food and complain of starvation. I am sure their relatives could not have waited for them to complain before they act.
I feel that the media is just selling captions not stories. No SDF, no SCNC and no B'da, they will be out of business.
They don’t report anything about the east, south and Northern provinces because SDF and SCNC are in a low profile there.

Well back to focus, I wish to comment that all these fuss about the SCNC is driving me nuts.
All the publicity is fanned by the media – the people seldom discuss it or know how it operates. It’s a much taboo subject than AIDS to many. I know many forum members will dispute this but it is true. It’s like a cult society which you can read about it only when there is a crisis.

We often talk of UNITY IS STRENGH but hard put it into practice. The few Anglophones who have an idea about their struggle are divided. Bring up a discussion and you will hear terrible things. Some will say it’s a fight championed by the north westerners because they have no resources. I bet most of you have heard those nasty things. I mean to say that the SCNC has much home work to do.
I hate to hear when people write and mention Palestine and Israel. We all know that God gave their land to Israel. The bible warned about losing that land, make a small research and you will know what has become of any Israeli leader that negotiated any withdrawal.
Palestinians are even much divided than the SCNC. They will have no peace till they can recognize Israel. Don’t forget that Christianity is tied to Israel. They will always have that backing even from the unwilling Palestinian Christians.
SCNC fight your course well with zeal, and stop drawing analogies which will not help.
People are not great b/c they are in jail. Pity to those in jail is not enough, standing up for them is the only solution. Some are good at predicting that the SDF can win an election. So What? What about their own course? It's a hate game which will not benefit even 3 generations to come. They should run uptil the finish so that they can be crowned.


What is that?

Cameroon is one and indivisible under God!

Let's fight for a greater Cameroon not for a tribe....

One Cameroon, One people with freedom and justice for All!

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland)

Ma Mary

UNPO to UN: Urgent Action Needed in Southern Cameroons


The Hague, 22 February 2007 – UNPO remains deeply concerned about deteriorating human rights conditions in Southern Cameroons and therefore appeals to the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders and Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression for international action regarding persecution against the Southern Cameroons community.

Mr. Nfor Ngala Nfor (54), UNPO Member Representative, Vice Chairman of Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) and continuous advocate of Human Rights in Southern Cameroons, was arrested at a press conference in Bamenda, Southern Cameroons on 20 January 2007, where he has remained detained for over one month without formally being charged for any crime. His detention marks yet another in a lengthy series of arrests and persecutions committed against the Southern Cameroons community by authorities in the Republic of Cameroon.

Also arrested on 20 January 2007 were fellow SCNC representatives: Mbinglo H. Humphrey (65), Tantoh Simon Nshukwi (65), Achu Nji David (56), Stephen Kongnso (45), Dzeni Augustine Shieyntum (36), Henry Lamnyam (35), Lucas Ngwa Che (57), Nguemu Clement Atanga (60), Mongo Steven (43), and Mbi Ann Rita (60). SCNC is an organization which strives to provide political representation to the Southern Cameroons community and ensure Human Rights are not marginalized.

All SCNC representatives jailed have remained in Bamenda Central Prison without formal charges being issued. Bail hearings scheduled for 13 February 2007, already twenty-four days after their arrest, were further postponed until 20 February 2007.

Reports indicate over 200 hundred activists, including representatives from human rights organizations and journalists, gathered to observe hearings on 20 February 2007, however were forced to exit the courtroom as hearings proceeded without public witness. Hearings were set to reconvene on 22 February 2007 and despite the reported presence of over 300 activists they were further delayed until 27 February 2007.

UNPO condemns the blatant breach of international law guaranteeing individuals freedom of expression and assembly and the right to due legal process, therefore UNPO has appealed to Ms. Hina Jilani, Special Rapporteur of the General Assembly on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders, and Mr. Ambeyi Ligabo, Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression to:

Investigate these cases of arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention and, in accordance with Your mandate, seek assurances from the Government of the Republic of Cameroon that these individuals, as defenders of human rights, are afforded their full rights as enshrined in the Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;

Remind the Republic of Cameroon authorities of their obligations under internationally recognised standards of Human Rights, including the Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms; and

Consider a country visit to the Republic of Cameroon during which You may evaluate and report on the Government of the Republic of Cameroon’s practices with respect to local defenders of Human Rights, with particular attention to their policy towards those defending the rights of minority communities and indigenous peoples, such as the Southern Cameroons community.

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