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« Law Without Boundaries:The Arrest & Detention Of SCNC Activists As Human Rights Violation | Main | Former PM Says Fru Ndi Can Receive State Salary If… »

Monday, 26 February 2007


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I read a few days ago how some bootlickers were saying SCNC cannot defend their leaders because the leaders dont have any support. I hear them congratulating some commentators in this forum for suggesting that the SCNC does not command any support in the Southern Cameroons. I laughed and cried because i did not have the time to respond to the thrash you guys were posting here. You failed to understand that your own SDF people are languishing in Yaounde (kondengui) accused of having murdered a certain Diboule. With your "power to the people", why could'nt you stage a stand in strike like the one we are doing here to defend and remove our leaders instantly?

Rene Dibi

Why bother yourself Rexon? I had long ago said said the SDF only existed on papers. This is a party whose leaders has the are not able to fight one Fon Doh, This is a party whose leaders have abandoned militants to die in prison. This is a party whose leaders think only of their families and their stomach.

Like it or not, the SCNC is Mr Biya's greatest head ache.

Like it or not the Southern Cameroons shall be free.

Just wait,our Delta boys are getting set.


When the SCNC factions meet next month in the US,let them come up with a complete overhaul of their propaganda machine.Let them look for some articulate guys who can craft messages that can constantly be despatched to the people in form of tracts.They will have field officers who will help in accomplishing this task ,and giving them feedback.The idea of triumphant press conferences has not worked ,and another method must be adopted.It is easier to surprise your enemy at times,than to lay out your plan for him to see.When the leaders of the SCNC proclaim that they are waiting for the courts in Gambia,what do they expect? Of course the government will dispatch the Ngolle Ngolles of the world who are good speakers ,to go and present the movement as terrorist organisation.Of course they also go with bags of money.The Palestinians,the Lebanese are able to assemble ten thousand people in less than an hour without going to the radio.This is done through courriers.Ben Laden uses the same methods to run his organisation.At times the ideas a freedom movement published on-line are meant to pull a blanket over the government eyes ,while they are working in another direction.We know SCNC leaders always provide some guys with documents to use publishing mostly historical facts on-line,this is easily countered by the government,and the government will know the next move the movement is going to make.
Secondly,propaganda officers have less time to animate intrigues or be quarrelsome.
If they want to use the internet,they pass over the message either in plain or codified language,and the job is done.The internet is used as a weapon to reach out to the people.But with the case of Cameroon,many people don`t have access to the internet,so other means must be used.A word to a wise is sufficient!


"BELGRADE (Reuters) - Some 15,000 Serbs protested outside the U.S. embassy in Belgrade on Tuesday to denounce a Western-backed plan to give independence to the Albanian majority of Serbia's breakaway Kosovo province. Some carried banners urging "Russia, Use Your Veto" to block the proposal at the United Nations Security Council. Cardboard cut-outs of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Hu Jintao bobbed above the crowd. The rally was the second protest organized by hardline nationalists outside the U.S. mission in three months. Serb civil servants in Kosovo, who answer to Belgrade, were given the day off and schools were closed so that all who wanted to could travel to the capital for the protest.
"Kosovo is the foundation and soul of Serbia," Kosovo Serb political leader Milan Ivanovic said from a stage opposite the embassy. "We appeal to the world not to carve up Serbia."
Serbia's ultranationalist Radical Party swelled the turnout. The Radicals brought more than 20,000 demonstrators out on the street on December 2 to demand Washington free their leader Vojislav Seselj from the United Nations war crimes court in The Hague
The Kosovo demonstration took place a day after the International Court of Justice ruled in a landmark case that Serbia was not guilty of genocide in the 1992-95 Bosnia war.
The verdict threw a spotlight on the deep divisions in Serbia over its behavior in the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, in which Serb forces under the late President Slobodan Milosevic committed most of the atrocities.
Many Serbs deny this. The sense of vindication claimed by nationalist parties who say Serb forces behaved no worse than their wartime adversaries is likely to reinforce their determination to oppose a U.N. plan to give Kosovo independence.
Tuesday's rally was also backed not only by Milosevic's unreconstructed Socialist Party but by the party of Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, the Western-favored reformist who toppled Milosevic in 2000 but who is now overtly nationalist.
The United Nations and NATO have run Serbia's cherished province since 1999, when Western allies bombed Serbia for 11 weeks to force it to withdraw its troops and police who killed some 10,000 civilians in their crackdown on an Albanian guerrilla uprising.
The province's 90 percent Albanian majority say it will never accept Serb rule again, and the West says there is no viable alternative to granting them self-determination.
But Belgrade and the 100,000 Serbs still living in Kosovo oppose the plan and there is no guarantee the province will not be plunged once more into violence before its status is settled. The plan should go to the U.N. Security Council in March."

Why did western allies bomb Serbia for 11weeks?
Did the Albanians fight for their rights before the intervention?
Can the west also interven in Africa?


Francesc Fabregas has gotten Arsenal fans all worried by indicating that he might one day return to Barcelona.

The 19-year-old midfielder's family and girlfriend all hail from the area, and his family still live there. However, Fabregas indicates that he is happy to be in England for the moment.

With Barca and Real Madrid both said to be interested in him, the 19-year-old refused to rule out switching clubs in the future.

He said: "I do not know where I am going to be in two, three or four years.

"I am 19. I am only young and I have much more to learn. It is obvious that I am very happy at Arsenal, but I cannot predict what will happen in the future.

"My girlfriend is Catalan and I expect that I will finish my career playing back in Catalunya."

Andre Fokam and Riccardo take note! Master Fabregas does not say his girlfriend is Spanish or he wants to finish his career playing in Spain. He talks of Catalan and Catalunya, just as we talk of Southern Cameroonians and Southern Cameroon. You can never deny a man his identity! In his soul he knows where he comes from and who he is, propaganda or no propaganda.


Jugdes hands are tied?Don't know which way to jump?Polit judicial football has been unleashed.The judges themselves must have listened to the Read Riot Act.Don't joke with peoples rights and lives.Crunch time!!!!

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