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Thursday, 22 February 2007


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andre fokam

there is nothing wrong with the chineses, we only need to work harder and being better organized (not pay children to jeer at them, but as said, making better "puff-puff" in clean environment.

Andre Fokam

andre fokam

these women should have regroup to see how they can improve their business, not how to drive the chinese away. this is ridiculous.
Andre Fokam

The SDF should instead demand that the government encourage cameroonian business men and women with lower taxes, infrastructures, training and credit facility.

Andre Fokam


The issue raised by NEC concerning the influx of Chinese in the contry is a crucial one and needs immediate attention. However,the SDF must handle it with care so as to avoid any atagonism with the Chinese Government.
Richard Che must be ignorant of many issues. Instead of asking the Government to ensure that local producers of puf-puf improve on their method, he wants them to close business and give room to foriegners whom he described their method as advanced. If he has some little idea of economics, he would have known that home industries must be protected in all cases for the interest of the country and its citizens.


Andre Fokam
"there is nothing wrong with the chineses"
Do you know why the Western nations are very strict to issue Visas to citizens from developing countries?

Ma Mary

Chinese businesses are going to fund the political party(s) in la republique that favors them. That is how these things work, is'nt it Andre? This will be good or bad depending on how la republique handles things. Do you think your country's government cares about microcredits for its little business people, tax incentives and so on? These your people have not shown interest in anything except something that fills their stomachs immediately. Bottom line, they will mismanage the benefits and risks of this new immigration wave.


It's good to have fair competition, can Cameroonians sell puff puff in China? See what the Chinese are doing to the US, unfair trade practices. Their restaurants in North America are among the dirtiest, they are even jokes of strange animals being served.Cameroon has no sanitary laws as regards to food served to the public, even if they are, where are the inspectors. Do you know what poison the Chinese are serving as puf puff???? I know Cameroonians in Hong Kong who can't even get a job to clean floors. China is developing by supplying cheap labour to the west so did Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India etc. The SDF is right, I'm not a militant of theirs, those women frying puff puff should be sewing clothes, blue jeans for the Walmarts. Build a six lane highway from Wum to Limbe. Build the port, open textile industries, call centres for students, car assembly plants. I know people who will work for $1US an hour in Bamenda. These goods can be transported efficiently to the port and exported. In case you have doubts look at Mauritius. I encourage all Cameroonians to register to vote, that's step one, then fight to make sure that the list is verified before voting, if you refuse to vote that list should be printed and kept for reference in future elections as done in the West.

M Nje

Have you ever seen a FAILED STATE. If not just watch La Republique. You will see it happen very soon.

When technocrats do not run a country this is what you get. A country with no strategic plan, a country in which anything goes provide it brings in taxes to the central government, will end up in chaos. A country in which foreign gambling is openly solicited leaves very less to desire.

How may times have any government official ever worry about the trade imbalances in La Republique?

I have said it here and I will repeat again. The Chinese are everyway because their government is opening those places for them. They are exporting their poverty to the rest of the world. As they do that, their president is moving a rounding deceiving your foolish leaders will small loans.

These are the same leaders that your citizens send motion of support everyday. Keep on hoping for the best. I can tell you without a doubt, it is a HOPE ANGAIST HOPE.

M Nje

"NEC warned the CAMEROON GOVERNMENT not to set precedence where millions of its youths will remain unemployed because Chinese have swallowed up all micro economy openings.

Rather, it suggested that the GOVERNMENT should entice the Chinese Government to invest in giant projects which will go a long way to create jobs for Cameroonians, hence improve their living standards."

Is this a joke or what? Is the SDF not part of the government? How can you warn yourself. There are three branches of government in La Republique:
Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary.

The SDF is in two branches: Legislative and Executive.

This is really interesting. Immigration laws and business laws are set in the Legislature, business permits are obtained from the municipalities. These people do not operate in a vacuum. Introduces legislator to limit immigration and the kind of business immigrate can conduct. Stop them from operating in your municipality.

Is this very complicated?


M Nje,
You are right to say the government should entice the Chinese government to invest in giant projects,but know that the Chinese give with one hand,and take away with the other.Their new found interest in Africa has to do with energy resources.When they came,they did not sign any agreements that will see the creation of giant projects, instead they signed some ridiculous loans with the government.In countries where they have opened some business endeavours,they have proven to be trustworthless.Local workers are barely payed,and they meddle in internal politics.
The case of Zambia is a glaring example.Their president decided to cut short a visit to the area where they have some projects in Zambia,because workers had planned a strike action.
All governments must protect the jobs of their citizens.The SDF is therefore right to be worried about the few Cameroonians have.
What have the Chinese invested in Cameroon that they should already be allowed to go down to the lowest rungs of our society ,and
push puff puff sellers out of business.
In Spain ,and South Africa,their shops were burnt,and some murdered in 2005,because
they put most of the business men out of business by making imitations of shoes that have been very famous in these countries. They sold the reproduced shoes in the same local markets at give away prices.
Immigration is good,but we can`t allow people to export poverty to other countries.
When Cameroonians go abroad,they do the meanest of jobs,and would never be allowed to put the business people of their host countries out of business.Lets not be infatuated with the growth that China is witnessing.It also has to do with numbers.
They are obliged to work extra hard to feed the surging population,and they is a ready market to buy what ever they produce.
They are now shouting down the Americans
and Europeans,and forcing them to accept the dumping they are involved in.They do indiscriminate copying of American movies ,and many other goods,and still want to impose these fake goods on the same Americans.When our markets will subsequently be filled with their goods only ,how are we going to develop our own production sector?
By selling puff puff,they are just pulling wool over people`s eyes.They are out to see our purchasing power,before transferring shoe factories here.Few days ago in Buea,they went out of the way during the mountain race,taking pictures of strategic positions around the market in Molyko.

Danny Boy

Mr. Watesih, I find your comments above very interesting indeed. I am however surprised that you have not realised that most of the cheap jeans and T-shirts sold on are streets are from chinese sweat shops! Maybe you own a pair or two. Why?
As for the South Africans who burnt down Chinese shops, they are but hypocrites. They are copying generic medicines for the treatment of Aids without approval from the pharmaceutical industries who own the patents! I suppose you knew that all along but because you do not want the chinese overwhelming us in numerical terms, you chose to be economical with the truth.
My dear friend, my only fear is that let them not come with the "Triad" into our country. They are worse than the mafia.
On a more serious note, I am ashamed of that woman who organised kids to jeer at these long suffering people. We are critical of whites when they call us niggers, so how can we condone such behaviour from our own? These chinese we should note are mostly "boat peolpe", a name that derives from the fact that they live(d) on boats in their own country!
Let us live and let live.


Protect & encourage your economy especially small sized businesses.

Because some hate the SDF they just want to be against any idea coming from them.

Is it easy for a student to get a part time job in Europe without approval by the school? What about getting a permanent job, some gov'ts require the employer to show that they is no citizen who can fill that post. What about selling on the streets???
Are they racists or being protective?

If the begger CPDM Che is talking about sanity, does he have a chinese wife or housemaid to maintain cleaniness in his home?
Those are the people who prefer colonialism to self rule.
Those of us out long for our traditional restuarants in the cities also, even if dirty to Mr. Che.

Let the big companies come, they will employ a good number of their expert citizens as well as cameroonians.


All I have to say is that I don't appreciate the fact that these women asked their children to jeer at these Chinese. If something similar were to happen to some Cameroonians abroad, we would all scream 'racism!'.
The part about the Chinese being more hygienic is a little bit surprising to me. Note, I said to ME. This is because in my experience most of these people seem to have a great dislike for or allergy to hygiene. Many a time I have witnessed them cook stuff without so much as washing them before putting them in the pot. I would never forget this one instance when I visited a chinese friend of mine. We were both in the kitchen and she was cooking. She just finished peeling potatoes and without washing them proceeded to put them in the pot of boiling water! Now there was no way I was going to consume those dirty potatoes! Without so much as uttering a word, I stepped forward, took the pot from the cooker, poured out the water, opened the tap and started washing the potatoes. She looked askance at me and I explained to her that where I come from we wash potatoes, all foodstuff for that matter, prior to cooking them. End of story.


I think the women who asked their children to jeer the Chinese were helpless. It is not a question of racism. The Government of Cameroon is to be blamed since there is no law organising small businesses in the country.
Those who want to call it racism should tell me which country in the west that allows foiregners to just get up one day and start selling what ever they want.In addition, is it possible for Cameroonians to do in China what Chineses are doing in Cameroon?

Dannyboy: Do you think those cheap jeans are of any economic advantage to our economy? Have you bother to find out what Cameroon in turn export to China so as to balance trade.
If China set up manufacturing firms in Cameroon to produre and sell those cheap dresses; then no problem.But as long as they keep coming in from China, it will be of no economic advantage to the country. It will kill the spirit of any new firm in Cameroon to start business in that direction and we remain consumers. When imported goods are expensive,it will motivate local firms to spring up and compite with foiregn ones.
Dannyboy, I cracked a joke the other time about "fitchuck" when you raised my thirst of it. Did you get it?

Rene Dibi

Which is more pressing for NEC to discuss at the moment, the arrest and continuous victimisation of Southern Cameroons leaders or the Chinese selling Puff Puffs?

Is this not another way to seek financial solidarity from China?

Cameroonians don’t be fooled.

There was a time this same NEC and Mr John Fru Ndi asked that French goods be boycotted, but within the shortest possible time, he was housing and collecting huge sums of rents from a French company.

Have we easily forgotten that Fru Ndi had asked people not to pay electric bills to SONEL and while he went behind to secretly pay his? So many people had their lights disconnected .

Common folks, damn this SDF thing. We have better things to talk about than the SDF and La Republique politics. The Southern Cameroons International Conference comes in April 2007 in Dallas. I will be there, will you be there? Ma Mary and Rexon, I hear you guys already booked tickets? Man lap e lap, Mwuna wo a wo!!!!!!!


I`m not against the fact that Chinese T-shirts and jeans should not be found on our streets,but an all out assault to all the sectors of our economy ,including puff puff frying ,and groundnut selling will really not be good for us.South Africans did not burn Chinese shops because they are hypocrites.They burnt the shops because the Chinese copied their shoes,and sold them at give away prices to keep the local businessmen out of business.This is another form of dumping which is very bad for any country`s economy.
The story about generic drugs has little to do with the desire to copy.It has to do with refusal,and the fight for survival.You know as i do that it took people like Bill Clinton a very longtime to convince the Pharmaceutical companies to slash the prices of HIV drugs,whereas they knew people were dying in numbers in South Africa.The South Africans saw this as a deliberate attempt to wipe out their population.If there`s any copying there,it steps from the desire to survive his disease.You cannot therefore compare people like the Chinese who have a blueprint of copying ,and copy practically everything to the SouthAfricans.

Danny Boy

Mr. watesih,
Look around the world, major towns and cities have enclaves called Chinatown. The Chinese are already in Cameroon. I do not know whether their visas are visitors or indefinite leave to remain. If it is indefinite leave to remain, how on earth do you expect them to survive in a country like ours without recourse to public funds which we do not have? Would it not be better for them to compete with the indigenes selling puff-puff, fried groundnuts etc.?
These chinese are here to stay. The sooner the population realises this the better. Playing the racial card is not good for the SDF.
I see you will approve of industrial espionage if suits your survival. But that is what everybody is doing. Look at Japan, South Korea and Taiwan! China is only trying to catch up. As for South Africa, their sins are just too many for me to start dissecting these here.
Hey, Chinese cuisine is quite good. Forget Nahjela's reservations. Talking of dumping, did you ever wear "okrika" infested with lice or ticks? I did. Think of the medical harm this did to some of us.
I will buy whatever they dump on us any day, for the simple reason you have given-survival.
Have agreat weekend.

Ma Mary

Danny Boy makes sense. We are about to become a multiracial society. There is no reason to believe that the Chinese immigrants are going to go back. The worst thing to do is not to be hospitable enough so that the second generation does not feel at home. That is the mistake made with the people of Nigerian descent, who are made to feel like strangers even after 4 generations. When that happens, they do not use resources to develop their new home.

Many Africans are scattered around the world. Some countries like the USA are very hospitable and generous with rights, citizenship, access to credits and opportunity. Germany is hostile to auslander especially when black. Nigeria is somewhere inbetween. Should we be like the USA or like Germany? If others have been good to us in our time of need, what should be our attitude? Let everyone answer that.

IMHO using children to jeer people is not a good practice. It is especially bad education for the children.

Noise Maker

Shame on all of you Internet Freedom Fighters (IFFs) on this forum. You run abroad, eat well, have access to the internet, and use it to deceive others to die in the name of separation that will never work. Your leaders have been arrested and jailed and all you do is to avoid even simple comments on the subject. You all now seem more interested in what the SDF is saying about China instead of the status of your leaders. Shame on all of you IFFs. A very BIG SHAME. The SCNC and the separatist movement in Cameroon now need your support, financial and moral. What are you doing to help? All the IFFs on this forum do not spend a franc to support the course they pretend to support. My advice, stop deceiving yourselves and forget about separation. This will be healthy for you. Work for democracy in Cameroon because that may gain the sympathy of the international community. One more thing, all IFFs on this forum should go to Cameroon and visit their leaders in Bamenda Central Prison, and sign the guest book. That will show that you are a true fighter. If you cannot do this, STAY QUIET FOR EVER.

Ma Mary

UNPO to UN: Urgent Action Needed in Southern Cameroons


The Hague, 22 February 2007 – UNPO remains deeply concerned about deteriorating human rights conditions in Southern Cameroons and therefore appeals to the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders and Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression for international action regarding persecution against the Southern Cameroons community.

Mr. Nfor Ngala Nfor (54), UNPO Member Representative, Vice Chairman of Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) and continuous advocate of Human Rights in Southern Cameroons, was arrested at a press conference in Bamenda, Southern Cameroons on 20 January 2007, where he has remained detained for over one month without formally being charged for any crime. His detention marks yet another in a lengthy series of arrests and persecutions committed against the Southern Cameroons community by authorities in the Republic of Cameroon.

Also arrested on 20 January 2007 were fellow SCNC representatives: Mbinglo H. Humphrey (65), Tantoh Simon Nshukwi (65), Achu Nji David (56), Stephen Kongnso (45), Dzeni Augustine Shieyntum (36), Henry Lamnyam (35), Lucas Ngwa Che (57), Nguemu Clement Atanga (60), Mongo Steven (43), and Mbi Ann Rita (60). SCNC is an organization which strives to provide political representation to the Southern Cameroons community and ensure Human Rights are not marginalized.

All SCNC representatives jailed have remained in Bamenda Central Prison without formal charges being issued. Bail hearings scheduled for 13 February 2007, already twenty-four days after their arrest, were further postponed until 20 February 2007.

Reports indicate over 200 hundred activists, including representatives from human rights organizations and journalists, gathered to observe hearings on 20 February 2007, however were forced to exit the courtroom as hearings proceeded without public witness. Hearings were set to reconvene on 22 February 2007 and despite the reported presence of over 300 activists they were further delayed until 27 February 2007.

UNPO condemns the blatant breach of international law guaranteeing individuals freedom of expression and assembly and the right to due legal process, therefore UNPO has appealed to Ms. Hina Jilani, Special Rapporteur of the General Assembly on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders, and Mr. Ambeyi Ligabo, Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression to:

Investigate these cases of arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention and, in accordance with Your mandate, seek assurances from the Government of the Republic of Cameroon that these individuals, as defenders of human rights, are afforded their full rights as enshrined in the Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;

Remind the Republic of Cameroon authorities of their obligations under internationally recognised standards of Human Rights, including the Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms; and

Consider a country visit to the Republic of Cameroon during which You may evaluate and report on the Government of the Republic of Cameroon’s practices with respect to local defenders of Human Rights, with particular attention to their policy towards those defending the rights of minority communities and indigenous peoples, such as the Southern Cameroons community.


mr.noise maker, thanks for asking that question' why this seperationist seem to be interested if chinese influx into cameroon.these seperationist, are just people who do not have the interest and prosperity of our beloved country at heart.most of them are failed politicians who tried to get positions within the ruling party and SDF and they think the best way to serve their selfish ego is to form a seperate state whereby they can have the oppotunity to exercise their ego for fame and power.its time we forget about the coments of these gold diggers who want to reap where they did not sow.u cant plant corn and ever expect to harvest beans.the earlier the start to work with other cameroonians in a progressive manner ,the better.if not its better they remain in self exile as most of them are so that they can continue to make themselves cowards before the world and on these same forum.constructive criticism is what we need.yes we all know that they record of cameroon on human rights is questionable but that does not give people in the name of amazonians the right to jeopardise the soverienty of our beloved country.i feel sorry when these elderly citizens waste their time and health for a cause that has no followers.they should use their elderly wisdom to put hands and heads together as cameroonians of good will to help show the govt and the world that we cameroonians of the civil society are prepared to change cameroon into a modern and peacefully united state whereby it will be a better place for all who live in it.we know that our brothers and sisters of the seperation ideology would want to relia on history for their arguement but they should just understand this simple fact that cameroonians do not want to be seperated and cameroonians are inseperable and this idea of theirs since 1995 has no following and will never have ,no matter the amount of noise they make.they would only end up hurting themselves.

on the chinesse issue i believe in the simple principle of do unto others want u want them to do to u.cameroonians should strive to be competitive and this also calls on government to support its citizens so that they can compete.because the reality is china is here to stay.they earlier the government of cameroon starts sensitising and supporting its entrepeneurs to be competitive the better.only supid people result to killing and chasing their competitors away in this modern capitalist society.peace all and have a plesant day.peace

M Nje

“FACT that cameroonians do not want to be separated and cameroonians are inseparable and this idea of theirs since 1995 has no following and will never have ,no matter the amount of noise they make”

Did you say FACT. What is the source of your FACT. If there is no source, then that is just your single opinion. You have a right to your opinion but not your own FACTS.

Have you ever heard of ACC1 in Buea and ACC2 in Bamenda.

Southern Cameroons has never been and will never be part of your country: La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. I know that is your wish. Unfortunately your wish will never be granted.

Our struggle is based on FACTS. Do you need them? Have you ever heard the phrase: "AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE."

For as long as the struggle to liberate Southern Cameroons is based on the truth, she will prevail.

If your government thinks the Southern Cameroon struggle has not following, why not ignore us. Why do they keep on arresting our followers. Even a stranger will tell you they are scare of the truth. They are scare of starvation that will follow when they will have no place to tape oil, timber, custom duty etc. For how long will they hide the truth. Freedom fighters have prevail in any course that is based on the truth.


My country men and women. I'm so abashed with some of the comments we put on this witesite. Rest assured that not only Cameroonians do visit this website. Did I read somewhere that Chinese are being jeered in Cameroon and the North west province in Particulars? How many Cameroonians from the North West province are teaching and living in unpaid flats in China? Flats offered by the schools with every single equipment these teachers can't affort in their day to day lives. To tell you the truth, very few French speaking Camerioonians do teach English in China. Why can't we ask our Chinese friends what they've done to achieve an "economic miracle" in their country? Why can't we put pressure on the government to invite Chinese with their technological know how? How many of us can affort for an internet service in our homes in Cameroon? Let's ask our Chinese friends to provide us with this knowledge. I saw and used an internet projector for the first time in my life in a middle school in China. Something that is a nightmare to most universities in our country. Let our failed politicians don't drive us to hating our Chinese friends for no good reason. How's the youth unemployment in Cameroon connected with Chinese influx. Before they arrived, were the youths being employed? I won the Best Teacher's Award with my Senior Middle School in the first semester of 2005, what if I were jeered for being a Cameroonian? I was so amazed when I visited a zoo in Nanning provice of China on the 18th this month and saw a hippo that was bought from Chad and seals from South Africa. Countless numbers of tourist visit this zoo to see these animals. What's the SDF doing to promot the Tourism sector in Cameroon? What's the Government doing with our great Menchum fall? What's the Government doing with the hippos and the girrafes in North? What are we doing with the beautiful Mount Fako, What are we doing to promot our image abroad?What are we doing to promot our football culture abroad. I'm baffled at times when guys can't stand up freely in China to say they are Cameroonians. They hide behind fake nationalities like Americans, British ......... Let's stop jeering our friends off the land. Let's take a stock and see where we are lacking and ask our Chinese friends to share their experience with us. Chinese ain't bad people as some of us paint them to be. Chinese are generous people and some of our brothers are using this opportunity to dupe them out. What if Cameroonians in America or Germany were being jeered for cleaning hotels, streets, pups. ........? Let's do unto others what we expect done on us. God bless your day.


sorry for the mistakes. Was too fast and didn't go over it. It's write up site and giraffes. Please I'm still working in China, if you wanna know much more about the Chinese; you put your question on this forum and a hand full of good natured Cameroonians will address it. Hi to my Samchinaboy. Hope to catch you soon on our Yahoo scrabbling table.

Noise Maker

M Nje,

have you visited your leaders at the Bamenda central prison? How much have you contributed financially to the SCNC since you were born. You are just an Internet Freedom Fighter like your friends, Rexon and Akoson.

You say to Espoir [Have you ever heard the phrase: "AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE"]. Where in Cameroon has this phrase put food on the table of Cameroonians? You keep on talking about history as if though it is the Bible. Don't you know you can also write your own account of history?

You guys and your SCNC, SCYL, Abanzonia separatist movements are responsible, in part to the predicament of cameroonian. You are stuggling for a nonsense course which the International Community will never allow to happen. You have diverted the eye of the International Community from the attrocities of the Biya regime to a useless separatist course. You and your leaders are just devils with a selfish power ambitions. Cameroonians will one day reason that your course is responsible for the slow democratic progress in the country. Because of you, Cameroonians can no longer stand as one people and face and opressive regime. All you have done is to create factions of selfish groups which is responsible for justifying the stay in power of Dictator Biya.

Ma Mary

Noise Maker: We would be damned to discuss exactly what we are going to do here. Just stay tuned. That is all I would advice.

Your analysis in our opinion is flawed. In our view, Biya is as much the problem as any once or future French neocolonial governor of la republique. Biya, Ahidjo and anybody else in the future c'est la meme chose. We do not fight shadows. I suppose you have read Plato's Allegory. If you have not, just google it. It is an ancient classic and is available for free on the web.

Secondly, there is a reason why independence is often described as "self-determination". It is about what we want, not what the so called international community wants. At one time the "international community" was all for slave trade, then it was all for colonialism. La republique itself is not independent, so what is this nonsense.

When we Southern Cameroonians have gone, you Camerounese can take care of your problems. You were not capable of taking of your problems when we were quiet 20 years ago, so what has changed? Yes, Southern Cameroonians want their power, their own power. We are not interested in power over la republique.


Ma mary thanks for your insight about the making of the international community;slavery and colonialism.
The Question is How did Southern Cameroonians came about? Was it the hands of the international community who partition Africa.
How and where was Southern Cameroon during German colonisation???. check for a clue below
Why have you keep your historic time line to when the British empire expand in Africa as a result of the fall of German colonies??
Are you telling us that as an African you have a plan to right the wrongs of colonial past using the colonial "Southern Cameroonians " now part of Cameroon as your initial point to liberate Africans from the Shackle of oppression by the internationaly community or are you just intrested in perpetuating the ills of the international community(fomer British Empire).
Can you look beyound the Southern Cameroon to see that all Africans have thesame fate.How many are Heavily Indebted??.How many are termed Poor???
How many are industrialized??
As Long as people like you Ma mary belief that whats matters in economy are partioning based on the marking of Colonial Masters then African will continue to go down the Drains of poverty.
The German Empire is gone so is the British and French and all what is needed is the people of Africa to come together and formulate and build their lives base on their knowledge and culture not people like you which I term "Keeper of remnant's of colonial empires".

Noise Maker

Ma Mary,

I am not a Francophone. I call myself an emancipated Anglophone Cameroonian. I will not, and will never again fall prey to your nonsense separatist agenda. Our problem is that of bad government in cameroon. Let us stand up together against this great evil. Everyone Cameroonian is disgusted about our predicament, but we will never be able to success in building a democracy in Cameroon when people like you are diverting from the real problem to promote selfish agendas.

Why are you not calling on British Northern Cameroon to separate from Nigeria and become part of your British Cameroon? Read the comment of Felix above to undestand how stupid the Seperatist Agenda is. I belief in the sturggle against the oppressive regime in Cameroon, not some nonsense separatist agenda. I will state again that the SCNC, SCYL, and Abazonia are responsible in part for the lack of democratic progress in Cameroon.

Ma Mary

(I have stricken the names of the commentators, but these discussions are germane to the passionate points that the Noise Maker is trying to make. I am writing for those who are still pondering these issues, not necessarily for those blindened by the Stockholm syndrome)
I have read this policy statement by Segolene Royale very carefully. It is the first time since the constitution of the 5th Republic of 1958 that a French politician has come out to question the foreign policy of France towards its former colonies in Africa. This policy statement has far reaching implications for a country like Cameroon because the socalled cooperation and defense agreements between France and its former colonies actually started with la Republique du Cameroun which was the first french-speaking country in Africa to be granted independence on January 1, 1960.

The truth behind this independence is that President Charles de Gaulle granted it very reluctantly to Ahmadou Ahidjo. In fact before giving French Cameroun independence, he forced Ahidjo to sign a very secret document which practically transformed the "independent" country into nothing more than a sous-prefecture of France. If the content of that document were to be made public, every Cameroonian will vomit because it reduced the President of la Republique du Cameroun into nothing more than a sous-prefet of France. According to this secret agreement, the President of Cameroun has a political rank which is even lower than that of the prefet of Martinique. That is the reason why everything in Cameroon has been remotely and secretely controlled by Paris since January 1, 1960.

The question is what was the rationale for this sham independence granted to French Cameroun? The reason quite simply was that France was afraid of the consequences of the genocide which was committed by French troops against the Bamilileke people during the insurgency war which started in 1957 during which they branded the militants of the UPC (mostly from the present Western Province) as "maquisard". When the United Nations mentioned the idea of bringing the trusteeship system to and end, France quickly granted independece to French Cameroun because it did not want to submit reports to the United Nations Trusteeship Council on its mismanagement of French Cameroun.

The unfortunate consequence of the mirage independence which France granted to French Cameroun is that this served as a template for granting independence to all other French-speaking countries in Africa. All of them had to sign the same secret pact which requires that France has the final say in eveerything in the political economic and social life of these poor African states.

One other interesting dimension to the type of independence which was granted to French Cameroun on January 1, 1960 is that the French authorities realised that only a Beti/Bolou or a Northern Foulbe can be trusted to be the President of Cameroun and live by the terms of the secret document. The idea of a Bamiike man becoming President of French Cameroun is strictly not permissible under this secret pact because this will lead to a resurrection of the genocide issue against the Bamilike people. That is the fundamental reason why power has moved up and down in Cameroun like an elevator between the Beti/Boulou and the Northern Foulbe since 1960. These two tribes have been guaranteed power in Cameroun on condition that they accept the contents of this secret pact and more importantly should never publicly acknowledge that the document even exists.

The question is where does the Anglophone question fit into all of this? The honest answer is that the Anglophones have been vicarious victims of secret pact between Ahidjo and Charles de Gaulle, which predates the reunification which came into being nearly two years after the independece of French Cameroun. When Ahidjo and Charles de Gaulle were signing this secret document, they never anticipated that they will ever have to deal with an English-speaking Southern Cameroons as part of the political equation in Cameroun. When Southern Cameroons voted in favour of reunification on February 11, 1961, this result was met with consternation and even anger in Yaounde and Paris. Ahidjo and de Gaulle saw the plebiscite result as a victory for policy of the UPC and their Bamilike cohorts. They honestly did not know how to manage all this band of English-speaking Bamilike that Foncha was bringing into the picture.

The only solution that Ahidjo and his French advisers came up with was to treat all these Anglo-Bami as if they do not exist. The failure of the Foumban conference to come up with a concrete document signed by both parties is partly the result the strategy of annexation which the French advised Ahidjo to adopt towards Foncha's 1 million Anglo-Bami. The marginalisation and exclusion of English-speaking Cameroons in the political life of that country is simply the result of the fact that the secret agreement makes absolutely no room for a meaningful role for them in the political life of that country.

I say this because some English-speaking Cameroonians have nourished the illusion that somehow and Anglophone can become a tenant of Etoudi Palace. Let me make it very clear that this is not possible, not because French-speaking Cameroonians are opposed to it. Quite the contrary. It is because the secret pact signed by Ahidjo and Charles de Gaulle (which has continuosly been implemented by Paul Biya for the last 24 years) contains provisions which are so offensive that an English-speaking Cameroonian cannot, repeat, cannot be allowed to even lay his eyes the document.

All of the above is in order to react to the policy speech of Segolene Royale on France Afrique. It is a far reaching statement whose implications she herself may not fully know because she is not yet in power in France. She will have to overcome some considerable hurdles before she can dismantle France-Afrique, the powerful political mafia which controls everything that moves in Francophone Africa.


YYYYY has done a good job by his extensive and perceptive commentary on Royale's policy statement on France/afrique relations.I agree with him that those secret cooperation agreements are there to stay and there is nothing anyone who becomes French president tomorrow can do about them.You are president to protect the interest of your people and not to thwart them.Segolene Royale is a politcian,and like a politcian, making promises is quite a different thing from keeping them.

Just to prove how foreign Southern Cameroonians are to this fraudulent arrangement which some call unification and others reunification,the veteran journalist Achidi Diffang of blessed memory,was arrested and locked up in Douala BMM for two months in the mid '70s.His crime?for asking the question:why the cooperation agreements between France and Cameroun can not be published for public information?When he was released, he continued to report to the BMM chief of Centre for another two months.

YYYYY has stated that any Southern Cameroonian who thinks he can become the president of La Republique,must be dreaming.I couldn't agree with him more.So, to make a long story short,what are we doing here?Alternatively,why do we continue to allow foreigners to occupy our Territory and commit untold atrocities?

ZZZZZZ wrote:

Good Cameroon People,

I urge each and everyone to read this article in its entirety.
For those who are not yet aware, Mrs Segolene Royal is running for
Office of The President of The Republic of France. Mrs. Segolene Royal
is the Socialist Candidate running against Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy of UMP,
who thinks like Jacques Chirac for the most part.

We, we the people of the group that seeks a peaceful transition in
Cameroon in 2011 when President Paul Biya leaves office whether
willing or unwillingly are taking special note of these developments as
they unfold.

I would at this point plead to professional translators or interpreters to
translate the text below in its entirety.

Blessed Be Cameroon


FRANçAFRIQUE : Ségolène royal contre Biya et Cie

L`Afrique, dans l`extrême diversité des situations qui la caractérise, est en pleine mutation. Le parallèle avec la politique africaine de la France, figée dans une coupable immobilité n`en est que plus cruel. Cela doit changer dès 2007. Depuis bientôt cinq ans, la droite française est en effet à l`origine de désordres sans précédent sur le continent africain. La conception de la Présidence de la République de Jacques Chirac y est pour beaucoup. En privilégiant systématiquement les amitiés personnelles au détriment de l`intérêt général, la pratique présidentielle a terni l`image de notre pays, qui se trouve associé dans l`esprit des Africaines et des Africains aux régimes les plus contestables du continent. La France doit à nouveau porter en Afrique un message de démocratie, de solidarité, de paix et de défense des droits de la personne humaine, sans qu`il soit possible d`opposer à cette ambition la réalité des interventions de notre pays. De ce point de vue, les récentes déclarations du candidat de l`UMP qui s`inscrivent sans retenue, dans les mêmes réseaux que le Président Jacques Chirac, ne sont pas de nature à rassurer nos concitoyens qui souhaitent que notre pays demeure fidèle à ses valeurs de solidarité internationale, de promotion de la démocratie et de consolidation de l`Etat de droit.
Les Africains sont malheureusement les premières victimes de cette politique de la “ Françafrique ”. La multiplication des interventions militaires improvisées au profit de régimes réputés amis au Tchad ou en Centrafrique, nous détourne des objectifs de développement qui devraient être prioritaires. Faute d`avoir incité les régimes les plus fermes à s`engager dans la voie de la démocratisation et du respect des droits humains, nous nous trouvons réduits à intervenir militairement dans la précipitation pour éviter des prises de pouvoir par la force. Mais c`est en amont que nous aurions dû agir pour favoriser le dialogue politique et la participation de l`opposition et de la société civile africaine au jeu démocratique. D`une part, les termes de nos accords de défense et de coopération militaire avec plusieurs pays africains devront être clarifiés et si besoin renégociés. Notre politique étrangère doit être conduite dans la transparence. Je propose donc que nos accords de coopération, et notamment nos accords de défense et de coopération militaire soient examinés par le Parlement. Il s`agit d`un engagement nouveau mais nécessaire. Les citoyens français ont le droit d`être informés des buts poursuivis par nos programmes de coopération et des raisons de l`engagement de nos forces armées sur le continent africain. Je propose qu`un débat à l`Assemblée nationale soit obligatoire en cas d`intervention armée dans un conflit sur le continent africain. Il faudra aller au-delà et je retiens votre proposition de mettre en place une délégation parlementaire aux négociations et à la coopération internationales. Cette délégation permettra non seulement de mettre en débat les grandes orientations de la politique de coopération, elle devra aussi contribuer à clarifier le rôle des différents acteurs engagés dans la coopération : services publics, collectivités locales, entreprises et Ong.
D`autre part, notre coopération devra faire des efforts particuliers pour consolider la société civile africaine et renforcer les mécanismes contribuant à l`émergence de la démocratie. À l`évidence, les Ong françaises et européennes ont un rôle particulier à jouer dans ce domaine. Je souhaite que nous développions une ligne de programme spécifique accessible aux Ong françaises et à la société civile africaine, en valorisant les enseignements du programme Démocratie et droits de l`Homme mis en œuvre par l`Union européenne, programme avec lequel nous gagnerions à développer des synergies. Cet aggiornamento politique me semble constituer la première étape de la rénovation de notre politique en direction de l’Afrique. Mais nous devons aussi innover pour accompagner le continent sur la voie d`un développement durable. La pauvreté reste endémique.

L`espérance de vie régresse dans les pays frappés par le Sida et le paludisme. La croissance urbaine crée de graves déséquilibres. La condition des femmes est trop souvent bafouée. Je voudrais suggérer ici plusieurs pistes d`action.
Nous devons veiller à préserver nos capacités des pays africains à vivre de l`exploitation durable des ressources dont ils bénéficient sur leur territoire. Il n`est pas acceptable que certaines entreprises, qui ont leur siège en France, procèdent à un véritable pillage de ces ressources en privant les Africains des plus values qui permettraient le décollage économique. Il est encore plus préoccupant de constater que le pillage de ces ressources, en appauvrissant les populations, force certains à l`émigration vers l`Europe. Il serait plus intéressant d`éviter ces pillages et d`encourager l`économie locale au bénéfice de populations qui, dès lors, préféreraient vivre et prospérer dans leur propre pays.
Nous devons plus généralement encourager voire contraindre les entreprises à s`engager sur une éthique de responsabilité sociale et environnementale en veillant a minima qu`elles respectent les codes de conduites édictés par exemple par l`Ocde. A ce titre, je soutiens l`initiative “ Publiez ce que vous payez ” qui propose d`imposer aux industries extractives de rendre publiques les sommes versées aux Etats pour l’exploitation de leurs ressources naturelles. Les citoyens africains ont le droit de savoir ce que leurs gouvernements perçoivent des compagnies étrangères et les consommateurs français doivent pouvoir s`assurer que l`essence qu`ils achètent n`entretient pas un régime despotique. Nos pratiques doivent évoluer : la transparence, c`est la modernité, l`opacité actuelle l`archaïsme. La première condition du développement est de ne pas gâcher les atouts humains dont un pays dispose. Je constate que les pays qui investissent le plus dans l`éducation. en particulier celle des jeunes filles et qui respectent le plus les droits des femmes sont aussi ceux qui réussissent le mieux.
Pensons au rôle qu`ont pu jouer les femmes dans l`émergence de pays tels que le Cap Vert, la Tunisie ou l`Afrique du Sud… L`éducation joue aussi un rôle clé pour la prévention de la diffusion des pandémies. Enfin, l`amélioration de la condition des femmes africaines passe par le soutien aux mouvements qui luttent contre l`excision, pour le droit des femmes à maîtriser leur corps et leur fécondité, ainsi que par le renforcement de la participation des femmes à la représentation politique. Pour valoriser les atouts humains de l`Afrique il convient aussi de préserver la santé des populations africaines. Le sida entraîne de terribles régressions. Les exemples sont nombreux en Afrique australe : en Zambie, l`espérance de vie a ainsi régressé de dix ans dans les dix dernières années.
Les pays en développement ont obtenu à Doha le droit de copier ou d`importer des médicaments génériques pour leur politique de santé publique, mais, de facto, ils ne peuvent utiliser ce droit, en raison des mécanismes juridiques très contraignants qui ont été fixés sous la pression des laboratoires pharmaceutiques. Ces obstacles doivent être levés et la France doit s`engager à soutenir effectivement l`accès aux médicaments des pays pauvres. Mais les médicaments seuls ne peuvent suffire. Sans médecins pour les dispenser, sans réseaux de santé, ils n`atteindront pas les malades et l`on ne pourra endiguer l`épidémie de Sida. De ce point de vue, comment ne pas être alarmé par l`extraordinaire proportion de médecins formés en Afrique qui exercent en Europe. Cette proportion atteint 30 % dans certains pays. Le projet d`immigration choisie défendu par le candidat de l`Ump va aggraver cette tendance et, je le dis avec gravité, contribuer à affaiblir des systèmes de santé déjà fragiles.
Je propose pour ma part d`agir en responsabilité en ne pillant pas les ressources humaines qui sont vitales pour ces pays. Je propose, à l`inverse, de faciliter les allers et retours des médecins d`origine africaine afin qu`ils puissent exercer dans leur pays d`origine et participer à la formation de jeunes médecins tout en conservant des connections en France leur permettant de poursuivre l`approfondissement de leurs compétences. Plus largement, je proposerai de renforcer les moyens affectés à la santé en encourageant la constitution d`un fonds public mondial pour la santé de base.
Une deuxième condition au développement c`est de pouvoir valoriser ses atouts économiques. Cela suppose des moyens importants. Les budgets des États restent lourdement affectés par le remboursement de la dette accumulée dans les années 1980 malgré les premières vagues d`annulations. Il conviendra d`achever ce processus de désendettement.
S`il faut aider les Etats, il faut aussi soutenir les familles. Le micro-crédit est une voie pour permettre aux Africains de financer leurs projets de développement : l`extension des réseaux de micro-crédit dans les campagnes où ils sont encore peu présents doit permettre à de nombreuses familles de sortir de la pauvreté. L`Afrique possède de nombreuses richesses, mais celles-ci sont le plus souvent surexploitées par des groupes étrangers. Il s`agit donc de promouvoir en Afrique des filières d`excellence durable reposant davantage sur les populations. Je pense au coton dont l`Afrique est un producteur de qualité mais qui est déprécié sur les marchés internationaux en raison notamment des subventions américaines : il faudra porter cette question avec plus de force dans le cycle de négociations de l`Omc. Je pense aussi aux énergies renouvelables – et à l`énergie solaire en particulier – qui permettent notamment dans les zones rurales, d`apporter de l`énergie à des coûts raisonnables pour la fourniture de services essentiels. Je pense enfin à la promotion du commerce équitable dont nous devons valoriser les débouchés sur le marché français.

Pour financer ces nouvelles opérations de développement durable, il est avant toute chose nécessaire d`optimiser l`utilisation des moyens actuels disponibles, pour éviter les gaspillages et nous assurer que les ressources seront mises effectivement à disposition de ceux qui en ont le plus besoin. Comme je l`ai mentionné plus haut, cette optimisation de l`utilisation de l`aide publique passe par la clarification du rôle des différents acteurs et par la recherche de synergies avec les instruments européens.
Je souhaite que notre nouvelle politique de co-développement s`appuie plus directement sur les acteurs de terrains. Dans ce cadre, je propose de rénover nos méthodes de coopération notamment en valorisant davantage le travail des ONG en portant à 5% comme c`est le cas ailleurs en Europe le pourcentage de l’aide française qui sera mise en oeuvre par leur canal. Ne privatisons pas l`aide publique au développement, rationalisons le dispositif français de coopération encore trop éclaté ! Mobilisons davantage la coopération décentralisée, qui permet à des collectivités françaises de collaborer directement avec des collectivités africaines, car, au-delà des transferts d`argent, c`est aussi de capacités d’action autonomes dont les pays africains ont besoin. Mobilisons davantage les migrants et leurs compétences ! Mobilisons les jeunes qui souhaiteront effectuer un service civil à l`Etranger ! Dans ce domaine de la coopération, comme dans bien d`autres secteurs, la France devra aussi contribuer à renforcer les politiques européennes pour une solidarité plus efficace et une contribution plus significative au développement durable du continent africain.
Enfin, au delà de cette optimisation des moyens et des politiques, je veux aussi que nous réfléchissions à une taxation des transactions financières pour accroître le financement du développement. Enfin, conformément au projet du PS, nous porterons progressivement le montant de l`aide publique à 0,7% du PlN, pour remplir les engagements internationaux qui ont été trop longtemps bafoués.
Je crois possible de mettre fin au désordre créé par des décennies de politique clientélistes en Afrique, des politiques bien peu responsables au regard des besoins des sociétés africaines et des volontés de solidarité des citoyennes et citoyens français. Pour cela, nous devons être fermes sur la défense des droits de la personne humaine, innovants en matière de développement. Nos objectifs doivent être explicités et nos méthodes transparentes. Ce sont les positions que je défendrai au cours de cette campagne pour rénover la politique de la France aux côtés de l’Afrique. Ce sont les orientations que je mettrai en oeuvre si je suis élue.

* Le texte de Madame Royal répondait à un appel lancé dans les colonnes de Témoignage Chrétien le 14 décembre 2006, par Jean Marie Fardeau, Secrétaire général du Comité catholique contre la faim et le développement (Ccjd)

Par Par:Ségolène Royal

Rene Dibi

Hey felix

Why do you chose to embarrass your parents, Southern Cameroonians and the world with the shallow depth of your brain? It is really appalling that you turn know the history of the Cameroons only limited to Germans in Cameroon.Your web link, your own bible stops at 1960.Your weblink does not talk about Cameroon before 1884. Does that mean Alfred saker never came to Victoria?

I accept with your bible that Cameroon during the German period was one, AND SO WHAT?

If you ever passsed through the four walls of a class room and had a teacher like Mr Nsai Lionel Mashumalong, you will be interlignet enough to know that 250 millions ago, the earth existed as a supercontinent during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras

That the process of plate tectonics separated each of the component continents into their current configuration, AND SO WHAT?

Does this mean that Africa is Southern America? Or that China should envade Indian?

Gentleman,It is better for people to wonder why you didn't talk that why you did.

M Nje

"The German Empire is gone so is the British and French and all what is needed is the people of Africa to come together"

Here is where you are making a very big mistake. La Republique uses the notion of German Kamarun to base its claim on the territory of Southern Cameroon. So you see, even La Republique, which you seem to be siding with, does not follow your suggestion above. What does that tell you? It should remain you that you are probably on the wrong track.

Why did La Republique take Nigeria to court over Bakassis. Did you advice them that by trying to lay claim over Bakassis based on boundaries Southern Cameroons inherited from the German, they La Republique, where going back to colonial boundary hence there are "Keeper of remnant's of colonial empires' as you suggest we are.

The bottom line is that your argument is swallow and has no truth or logic in it. Colonization of Africa changed our life for ever. International Law requires that every nation maintain the boundary the inherited from their colonial master. By crossing the Mungo Bridge, La Repulique has violated that law. The very law that she accused Nigeria of violating when Nigeria Occupied Bakassi.

I think you are a victim of La Republique propaganda machine. You have fallen prey to the false information they have been spreading to Southern Cameroonians.
They, through their master in France, tell us to remain an illegal part of La Republique. But the very France is supporting Quebec to separate from Canada. Can you see the hypocrisy?

You may want to know that German Kamerun ended with the Versailles Treaty. The Southern Cameroons came into being as a nation in 1916, following the defeat of the Germans in Kamerun by a combined Anglo-French force. What was known as the German Kamerun is today part of seven different nations namely Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroun, and the Southern Cameroons. From 1916 to 1961, the British Southern Cameroons was a British colony.

Because German Kamerun ended that is why Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Nigeria, and La Republic Du Cameroun all had their independence and are separate nations. Southern Cameroon was refused full independence because the British government has made it a policy to exclude that option in the plebiscite question. That was and is still a violation of the Trustee agreement and our right to self-determination as a nation.

So there is no such think as German Kamerun. If it were, then all the nations above should be one nation call kamerun.

My friend, do some reading.

You may want to know that we are not demanding to be British citizens. We are demanding for our right to Self-determination. Our legal and moral right to have our nation back. Justice shall always prevail.


M Nje
Which Nation are you talking about?
I am not talking logic here.I am passing information base on time line about Cameroon.Get more from here
This time line is base on Europeans account,Africans do not have any account concerning their geographical or political Areas before the Europeans came in.
One thing you keep fooling yourself here is the code of international Law.what do you mean by International Law.Was it lawful or international to have partition Africa in the First place??
Did they consult Africans before partitioning?
Did Africans ever Vote to implement any Resolution concerning their colonial boundaries and making it a Law?
What Makes you think that "International Law" imposed on African by Colonial Masters is international in the first place.
Secondly your history is a mismatch with the time line I have read on the webpage I provide here.
What self-determination are you happy to talk about??.Did they ever exist any southern Cameroon or was it created by the British??
I am not in charge of the webpage.I will like you rebuke this time line in this page with concret sources not base on what you belief.


One thing that is Clear is that the Colonial Masters partly relief Africa by denouncing slave Trade but secured their colonial interest in Africa by creating an effective structure in the Name of Government and Countries and have keep it using international laws.
Welther you are guarding it or denouncing it,Africans must look for a way to rebuild themselves base on their own tradition and costoms.
There is no Good justification to exonerate any of the Colonial Masters not even with "international law"


M Nje what I am say is Yes La Republique du Kamerun is "Keeper of remnant's of colonial empires' so are all African Government.
Mr Nje where did you come about with such fallacious statement as "What was known as the German Kamerun is today part of seven different nations namely Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroun, and the Southern Cameroons. From 1916 to 1961, the British Southern Cameroons was a British colony."
check on the side below.
Please Nje please check on your statement and give us the source and concret facts rather tell us lies.We have a Vast libary here provided by the internet that can be helpful to most of us.

Rene Dibi

Hey felix

Why do you chose to embarrass your parents, Southern Cameroonians and the world with the shallow depth of your brain? It is really appalling that you turn know the history of the Cameroons only limited to Germans in Cameroon.Your web link, your own bible stops at 1960.Your weblink does not talk about Cameroon before 1884. Does that mean Alfred saker never came to Victoria?

I accept with your bible that Cameroon during the German period was one, AND SO WHAT?

If you ever passsed through the four walls of a class room and had a teacher like Mr Nsai Lionel Mashumalong, you will be interlignet enough to know that 250 millions ago, the earth existed as a supercontinent during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras

That the process of plate tectonics separated each of the component continents into their current configuration, AND SO WHAT?

Does this mean that Africa is Southern America? Or that China should envade Indian?

Gentleman,It is better for people to wonder why you didn't talk that why you did.

M Nje

Mr. Felix,
If you do not know something don`t classify it as a lie. Do well to ask for clarification. There is no need to lie. Our case for the restoration of the independence of our state, Southern Cameroons, is based on FACTS. Do you need them? I will caution that you follow Rene Dibi`s advice.

Now let me address the points you raised above:

Have you ever heard of NeuKamerun (German for New Cameroon) or the agreement between France and Germany over Morocco in 1911?

Since you used wikipedia as one of your sources I will send you back to them. Read the following write-up from them:

"Neukamerun (German for New Cameroon) was the name of Central African territories ceded by France to Germany in 1911. Upon taking office in 1907, Theodor Seitz, governor of German Kamerun, advocated for the acquisition of territories from the French Congo.[1] Germany's only major river outlet from its Central African possessions was the Congo River, and more territories to the east of Kamerun would allow for better access to that waterway.[2]

France and Germany were rivals for Morocco, and in 1911, the Agadir Crisis broke out over the question of possession of that kingdom. France and Germany agreed to negotiate on 9 July 1911, and on 4 November, they signed the Treaty of Fez. France agreed to cede part of the French Congo to Germany in exchange for German recognition of France's rights to Morocco[3] and a strip of land in northeastern Kamerun between the Logone and Chari rivers. The Kamerun colony grew from 465,000 km² to 760,000 km².[3] Otto Gleim was governor of Kamerun at the time.

The exchange sparked debate in Germany; opponents argued that the new territories presented little opportunity for commercial exploitation or other profit. The German colonial secretary eventually resigned over the matter.[3]

During World War I, France was eager to regain the territories.[4] In 1916, Germany returned Neukamerun to France after the fall of German forces in Africa. France made the territories part of French Equatorial Africa. The territory today forms part of Chad, Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, and Gabon."

Do you see how Chad, Central Africa Republic, the Republic of the Congo, and Gabon where part of Kamerun.

PART of Nigerian (Northern Cameroons) use to be part of Kamerun. Do you see how Nigeria fits into my equation?

So the argument made by La Republic that Southern Cameroons had to join with them to reconstitute Kamerun is baseless. Why do you leave out Northern Cameroons, Chad Central African Republic, Gabon, and Congo. Bring them in also to form Kamerun. The bottom line is Kamerun ended with the Versailles Treaty.

If you have a problem with international law go and protest at the African Union and United Nations or wherever such laws are being implemented.

I will caution that before you use a source to justify your comments, check the credibility of the source. Your timeline from is a joke. Use better sources my friend. No doubt your comments are a reflection of your source. I will caution again that you do some RESEARCH from credibly sources.

Since you have acknowledge that La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun and all other African governments are "Keeper of remnant's of colonial empires'' I want to see you confront them. Don`t end with Southern Cameroons.

Did you write to tell La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun that she is "Keeper of remnant's of colonial empires'' when she took Nigeria to court over Bakassi?

Fritzane Kiki HK

The SDF and its entourage has betrayed their people who for years now has been longing for a change and better life yet they are still thesame SDF of yesterday,today and why not tomorrow.There are many pressing issues that these lot of politicians should have been channelling long ago to their uncle in Mvomeka than talking about Chinese immigration and influx.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Che Sunday

Shame on all of you. I will not bother to comment on the SDF action on this case since it has a perfect track record of shooting itself in the foot. Are the Chinese in the country illegally? I can't help but condenm such racism and hypocracy being exibited on this forum on such an issue. Your resouces have been pirated for decades by the French, Igbos controlling your domestic trade from pre-indepence to post independence, neither the Severely Dumb Forever (SDF)nor the public at large have seen it worth their effort to criticize nor take any action, and now, the country that has for ages been the voice of Africa at the Security Council in the UN, is having its citizens targeted for criticism. How many SDF goons have the know how nor willingness to do what the Chinese are doing? I was in Mankon and wanted my films from a digital camera developed. I went to a shop owned by a cameroonian. He could have them done for me but I had to come back six hours later. Why? I don't know. I crossed the street to a Chinese business, they did them for me on the spot and cheaper. Some of you complain of Chinese restaurants being dirty? How many of you ever ate in any of Igbo run eating places in the old motor park in Mankon? No Chinese owned a restaurant there when it was in operation. What about the bread hawkers along our roadsides? The bulk of that bread is neither wrapped nor is it in plastic covering. Non is being marketed by Chinese.There had been an article in the post on the dirty conditions of "Kumba Bread" which I dare say has no Chinese interest. Why bring them up now? China is a stop over point for many a Cameroonian running away from a saddistic government that has no Chinese in. If Mr. Fru Ndi with his herd of Zombi supporters really want to do something for the suffering masses of Cameroonians, they better call on all their parliamentarians to cough up the micro-economic development funds earmarked for their constituencies which they have been pocketing. Leave the Chines alone. It is this type of racism and discrimination that has forced the chinese into errecting isolated settlements called "china Towns" wherever they settle.Without the Chinese, the East African railway will not be operational today. You would still be getting Western promises and feasibility studies, and finally, piece-meal loans not large enough to build anything, but large enough to keep you endebted for life.Leave the Chines alone, and get off your perpetual seat of laziness and do something forselves. We claim Cameroon is poor, yet it offers business potential for outsiders and the moment they begin to succeed, we claim the country to be ours and want them out. Bunch of losers!


Kiki, great point there. The SDF should have been tackling better issues and not Chinese influx into the country. I know you are somewhere in Hong Kong and must have visited the mainland of China or meet some of these Chinese friends. Are they worth sending off our land? What is the SDF doing as a political party to invite investors in the province where it's been scoring 99% in almost all the elections? Who's building is hosting the PMUC in Bamenda? Is that something Fru Ndi should give his people? I admire the President of The People Republic of China. A president who visits poor farmers in the countrysides and share in picking apples and oranges from the trees. A president who joins the chorus, sings with joy and conductors in a primary school. A president who visits Cameroon and takes time off to encourage his country men constructing a Sport Complex in Yaounde. A president who visits Cameroon and goes to visit a hospital his country has offered to Cameroonians. There he encourages his country men and women working in the hospital. A president who claps after his speech. A president who answers questions from his unversity students. Can it ever happen in our country? Let's give a plus where it's needed. Let's not just talk because we are being fooled by some of the failed politicians. Che Sunday, your write up X-rayed everything. I need not repeat what you pointed out. If the SDF wants Bamenda to be freed of foreigners, then let it send off the Igbos. God Bless your day


There's no Camerounian selling achombo in China ;the Chinese are welcome to teach Camerounians mandarin.And nothing less than that.No chink lofombo!Thanks

Fritzane Kiki HK

Thank you Che Sunday,
Some of us seem not to see the implications behind this SDF/CPDM political maneouvres while letting the common man know there is an opposition party in La Republique.Some of us who have been privileged to travel to many countries around the world will not dare open our fangs to say classify those Chinese in Cameroon as unwealthy or on the lowerclassed so to say.

I bet you here in Hong Kong and even in Mainland China these people work like modern world slaves compared to only their Bamileke and Nigerian counterpert back home.Little doubt why they don't have time for political propagandas,elections and 'democracy'.Morestill wealthy people are not as proud as those few in Cameroon while with their simple dressing and style of life one can be betrayed to take them for 'puff-puff' and 'achombo' sellers .They spend their time in their job sites and all they care is to make their monies.This is supposed to be a good example for Cameroonians and Africans alike to copy for a rapid growth and development.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


You are right there. I will also say people are missing the point here.The SDF must have made many mistakes,they might not have delivered as expected,but the idea of the influx of foreigners into the country has nothing to do with the SDF failed policies.It has to do with the danger the whole economy faces.People should get the point clear,the SDF is not out to stop Chinese from coming to Cameroon,but the indiscriminate proportion of them coming.They are many who had never seen TV sets in Cameroonian ,and who are now celebrating here to have seen them in China,but they miss the point.The point is that the Chinese invite them Bachelors, Masters, and PHD holders to come and uplift the standard of their educational system.But the reverese is true.Instead of inviting Chinese to teach our Children their language,and open factories where the local people can learn skills,we are encouraging them to compete in puff puff frying,and groundnut selling.How does this benefit our economy.If the Europeans ,and Americans are filing anti-dumping laws against Chinese goods ,its because most of the Chinese who are involved in their making are middle school leavers,and have very little technological knowhow.But they are noted for shouting people down ,and continue to dump their goods in foreign markets.The Chinese make cheap goods because of the size of their population.They want to survive,and also because they don`t have the necessary technology to make their goods better.This is more the reason that China has been cajoling longthroat leaders like Jacques Chirac of France to pressurise the European Union to lift the arms embargo imposed on China.They now think that the time is ripe,since their economy is doing fine ,and they have enough money to copy some sensitive war technology from Europe.If it were only for Jacques Chirac,Europe would have lifted this embargo a longtime ago,but most European countries are afraid of the US
because they also know that the US has been responsible for the security of Europe now for a longtime.
People should try to learn more about the Chinese before making sweeping statements.The Chinatowns they build are supposed to be states within states for obvious reasons.Their spying system works by word of mouth to mouth,and they always need a fallback position to coordinate all their activities,which most of the times are dubious.The plans to involve in indiscriminate copying is hatched in Chinatowns.Sensitive technology have been stolen from the US over the years and sent back to China.
We don`t have companies like Steel,but today in the world China is suffering from overproduction in this sector.This are things that they can bring to us,because a country that doesn`t have a steel company cannot pretend to develop its technology.But
they get rid of their overpopulation by sending us people who are either restaurant owners or petit traders.It is not enough to have foreigners in a country.What matters is what they do.By involving in puff puff frying,and groundnut selling means they have not brought any substantial amount of capital to be pumped into the economy,nor have they brought some highlevel technology This is not advantageous to us in anyway.
You cannot encourage people to ferry in cheap motorcycles from their country,and sell them to you,instead of constructing motorcycle factories in your country ,where the local people can profit from some technical skills.This type of retail trade will never help our economy.
Lets not compare the French to have been around for a longtime and did not do anything.That is known to everybody,but they did not also transfer all unqualified Frenchmen to come and rub shoulders where they did not create anything.
The Chinese declaration of friendship to Africans is a good thing,but friendship is built over a longtime,while taking the weaknesses,and the merits of your friend into consideration.They have been friends with Cameroon for 35 years,why is it only now that they start competing in beignets
selling with poor women? Its because they now think that with the economy doing fine,
their political clout is also felt everywhere,so nobody will dare refuse them what they wouldn`t have got 20 years ago.
Their policy of non intervention in the internal affairs of other countries is a piece of sublime mysticism.Normally ,any responsible country should attach economic assistance to humanrights situations in African countries.But the Chinese have been doing business with some of the worst dictators mankind has ever had,without raising eyebrows about the humanrights situations.The economies of these countries have not proven the Chinies right.The government of Sudan is wiping out the people of Darfur ,but the Chinese are blind,and only interested in oil.But they never fail to articulate the policy of one China ,including Taiwan.They make African countries to shout this out anytime they sign accords with them,that they respect the one China policy.This is mixing economy,and politics which they pretend Africans don`t see.
Whether we like it or not,no country in the world would like to leave its economy at the mercy of middle school leavers from another country.


People should get it clear that the Chinese have to work like slaves because of the sheer size of their population.If they don`t do this,they will die of hunger.Another precision is that the Chinese don`t work more than the old women and men we have out there in Kumbo,Ndop,Wum,Batibo,Santa,who go to their farms in the morning,and only comeback in the evening.If people were not working hard in Cameroon,everybody would have died of hunger.We wouldn`t be able to pay the fees of our students in boarding schools.
The difference between the Chinese and our situation comes from the communist spirit.It has been inculcated into their heads for hundreds of years that the state`s assets are everyone`s assets,and that there`s no need to swindle them,and dump them in bank accounts elsewhere.We borrowed Capitalism from the French,who had seen the UPC as communists.Here individuals run down the whole country,but they do everything to be the only ones to be seen.
Secondly,every Chinese is satisfied with the widow`s mite they have as salaries,just
as they are satisfied with selling puff puffs for 20 years ,and wearing the same trousers everyday.But the situation of their population is not the same as ours.With our resources equitably distributed,every Cameroonian was supposed to be living comfortably.Living comfortably means we should buy new clothes for ourselves,and pay our children`s fees.The Chinese dress simply
,but everywhere around the world,they can go from 2 to 4 hours at launch,and dinner tables.Cameroonians prefer to buy beautiful shoes,and clothes,than to spend all money on food,and eat for four hours every single day.If Cameroon is still rich in food,it is because Cameroonians continue to work hard,so people should stop making fuss about their new found excitement about the chinese
being the most hardworking in history.The problem is that our efforts are not channelled in the right direction by our leaders.As ordinary citizens,we have learnt the virtues of hardwork,but have been disgraced by our leaders.

Danny Boy

My dear friends, Fon and Watesih, I am sorry for not replying to you guys much earlier. The weekend was rather hectic, with so many occasions to attend to. Not joyous festivities, as one would have liked but wakes! You must have heard of the passing of Pa Ndofor! I do not know him that well but his children belong to a number of associations I subscribe to.
As it is common practice and per our tradition, it is not just their our of need but ours in general.
So there you have it. Been reading what has been posted so far and I am particularly impressed by our regular commentators. I do not need to single out any individual for praise. Anybody reading the relevant comments above will not fail noticing that these are a people who have the interest of their country at heart.
That much said, I would like to apologise to Mr. Fon, for missing on his joke on "fitchuck". As for arousing your thirst by mentioning that word "fitchuck",I can only plead insanity!! I dream of it everyday.I have been discussing with friends how this wonderful stuff can be exported. We have almost solved the scientific constraints. Rest assured that in a few years time, whether you are in China, the States or Europe, you will be able to drink this "ambrosia".
Must leave it here.
A wonderful week to you all.


Wonderful comment there Watesih! Many commentators have different opinions in this topic and a few bring out good points to defend their opinions. But I want to tell you there are commentators who see what the SDF said as bad not because it is bad but because they hate everything that concerns the SDF. So while you give your opinion, just bare in mind that there are guys who will write negative because it concerns the SDF.
These same guys will stand up tomorrow to say the SDF is not fighting for the good of the Cameroonians. Now they talk of more important things that the party is supposed to look at. I doubt what these important things are when our poor parents are being made jobless. It is even ridiculous when I read some saying Cameroonians are lazy. These guys surely grew abroad and don’t know exactly what they are talking about. I know some tribes are lazy but the majority is hard-working.
The Chinese government has made farming conditions easier to most of its farmers. They have advanced agricultural techniques (compared to most African countries) and good farm to market roads. The government also provides incentives to the farmers. But the Cameroon government is always ready to suffocate poor farmers who want to develop with taxes. Our poor parents trek to their farms and transport their crops on their back or head. Despite these poor conditions, someone comes up to say Cameroonians are lazy! This is total ignorance and the fact that some went abroad and never experience what poor Cameroonian farmers go through.
Cameroonians who wake up at 5am to go to their farms only to come back at 6 or 7pm and people say they are lazy!!!!!!! If you want to know more visit the places Watesih mentioned. Also go to Muyuka, Ekona, Muyenge etc and witness for yourselves what our poor parents and University graduates do to earn a living. How many University graduates in China go to farm?

The NEC meeting recommended that the government instead encourage the Chinese to invest in projects so as to help create job opportunities for Cameroonians. But some right minded Cameroonians are blind to the positive side of what the NEC members said. Why? Watesih you know the answer as I do. "They hate anything SDF"


Wonderful comment there Watesih! Many commentators have different opinions in this topic and a few bring out good points to defend their opinions. But I want to tell you there are commentators who see what the SDF said as bad not because it is bad but because they hate everything that concerns the SDF. So while you give your opinion, just bare in mind that there are guys who will write negative because it concerns the SDF.
These same guys will stand up tomorrow to say the SDF is not fighting for the good of the Cameroonians. Now they talk of more important things that the party is supposed to look at. I doubt what these important things are when our poor parents are being made jobless. It is even ridiculous when I read some saying Cameroonians are lazy. These guys surely grew abroad and don’t know exactly what they are talking about. I know some tribes are lazy but the majority is hard-working.
The Chinese government has made farming conditions easier to most of its farmers. They have advanced agricultural techniques (compared to most African countries) and good farm to market roads. The government also provides incentives to the farmers. But the Cameroon government is always ready to suffocate poor farmers who want to develop with taxes. Our poor parents trek to their farms and transport their crops on their back or head. Despite these poor conditions, someone comes up to say Cameroonians are lazy! This is total ignorance and the fact that some went abroad and never experience what poor Cameroonian farmers go through.
Cameroonians who wake up at 5am to go to their farms only to come back at 6 or 7pm and people say they are lazy!!!!!!! If you want to know more visit the places Watesih mentioned. Also go to Muyuka, Ekona, Muyenge etc and witness for yourselves what our poor parents and University graduates do to earn a living. How many University graduates in China go to farm?

The NEC meeting recommended that the government instead encourage the Chinese to invest in projects so as to help create job opportunities for Cameroonians. But some right minded Cameroonians are blind to the positive side of what the NEC members said. Why? Watesih you know the answer as I do. "They hate anything SDF"


I am very disappointed with the way GilbertChina,che and the rest have responded concerning chinese activities in cameroon.The fact that you people are making money in china is a good thing but sayng that chinese should be allowed to do anything in cameroon as the want is very very incorrect.Can you people sell puff puff in a street in china?Can you people move in chinese street selling cloths etc?There are many foreigners in cameroon teachings in secondary schools,highs school and universities(as you people are doing in china) nobody have ever oposed them,but if they go as far as doing things that uneducated cameroonians can do, we are going to oppose them.I am very happy the SDF party has raised this issue now because it is going to be a source of problem in future.If developed economies are protecting their local population what less of a very less developed country like cameroon.china gilbert and che are behaving like the Africans dictators imposed to us by the french people.I like and respect the chinese people very much but I will never accept that they should come to cameroon and sell puff puff and tomatoes along are streets.Once a again I say thanks to the SDF party for raising this issue in time.

Danny Boy

Mr. John2, Ma mary asked a question above to us all Cameroonians. Read her posting. I will again ask, are these Chinese on visitors visas or are in Cameroon to stay? If you can find the answer to this question, then your trend of thought and of argument might shift.
Some of us believe that in a few years time Cameroon will be a multi-cultural society in the true sense of the word. Understanding this will change your mindset. The SDF as I have always maintained is not doing a good job at advancing progressive political debate in our country. Rather than pick on this helpless parvenus, they should be looking at the grander debate - immigration and foreign policy. These chinese in Cameroon are not illegal immigrants, take note. You should be asking what the SDF's stance is on the settlement of Chinese in Cameroon.
They, as I understand the treaty in place, have got just as much rights as you the indigenes when it comes to economies. How we are such hypocrites, you ride their bendskins everyday!


our watersihs of this forum do not want to face reality and just argue because they want to support which ever organisation or party they believe or stand by.but the truth is people have a duty to reason in a clear way when it comes to pertinent issues like this one and stop being fanatics.

when the govt was repatriating Nigerians in cameroon ,most of us including fanatics like watersih blasted at the actions of the govt,because we saw it not right,but isnt it hypocritic to support the chinese being send out of a town because the want to exploit business oppourtunities and thereby creating a competitive enviroment which at the end of the day benefits the masses in the form of say low prices and quality,whats wrong in that?.i maintain my stance on the fact that its the duty of the govt of cameroon to find means to help its indegients to be more competitive and entrepreneural.the SDF must stop seeking solutions to cameroons problem in a mediocre way.they must look at the cooperation between china and cameroon in a big way and should sit quiet if they have nothing to say or debate about.peace.

abili liese

Fellow Cameroonians
I live in china and i have seen that they are also a struggling country like Cameroon is, but they are somehow advanced than Cameroon in development. As someone who has experience abit of life in foreign lands i will say jeering at the Chinese was mean, it wasn't really their fault.They were just witty enough to use the opportunity given to them by the loopholes of our econimic systems. The Cameroonian government is suppose to regulate issues that are concerned with businesses.

I also face racial problems in China, I could even say the worst of it has been in China. However it doesn't mean that I will support thesame thing back home.I will agree with the SDF that China should invest on more substantail ventures but will disagree of the idea of limiting the Chinese's entry into Cameroon.The world is moving into an entity and Cameroon is no exception.

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