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Saturday, 31 March 2007


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Danny Boy

Mr. Eta,
I am sure many like me who rely on this forum for the latest happenings in Cameroon will join me in thanking you for this up-date. Whatever our rant, please do not take to heart. We understand the obstacles you guys are facing. You guys are doing a great job. Thanks a-plenty.
Have a wonderful Easter.
Danny Boy.

abili liese

Hi my dear friend, I will be really sad not to get new information everyday,however owing to the fact that i know how my country is too backward in IT and its importance, i will not mind.

Just keep to the means available to you and ride on as much as you can.You are doing a plausable job that can't be over emphasized.

Fritzane Kiki HK

That notwithstanding we appreciate The post for their informations and we can say up-to-date to an extend if not of the nonstop blackouts caused by the famous AES SONEL with a popular appellation 'Always Expect Failure' as used by Cameroonians recently.Let´s hope they can improved their supplies then we shall breath with some ecstacy of relief with lesser continuous power shortages.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Edmond Nsheuko

We commend you guys for the effort, the determination and the hard work you put in keeping us informed. We know the realities of our beloved nation and fully understand what you guys are going through. Stay strong and courageous. It is only by overcoming difficulties that we grow.

Neba Funiba

Wow, one Meoto of the PM's Office was bluffing how Fako Division is blessed with back-to-back PMs; so of what use is that if they cannot use their position to call for immediate rehabilitation of Yoke Hydroelectric Power Station so as to ameliorate this problem of power outtages. Keep clapping and sending motions of support, you have not seen anything yet


The real story of the constant electricity failure in Cameroon is the inability of Cameroon to build any new hydro-electric power stations in the last quarter of a century. If my memory serves me right, no plant has been built since that of the Song Loulou Dam on the Sanaga river in 1982. So even with the most competent staff (and it has a lot of incompetent ones...) AES Sonel will never be able to resolve this issue, unless it builds new power plants, goes nuclear, etc. This is the same problem that the US is facing with regards to the lack of a new oil refinery since the early 70s. So as far as power failures are concerned, we are in for a long haul...

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