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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


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SHAME to you Achidi. You always ask "where is your own" or "what have you given". All these your questions we will ask you one day. Fons with you envy them?

Why not, bcos they will not tolerate all your devilish plans. You're indirectly insulting the Fon Ganyongha.

SHAME to all the elites on individuals with hidden agendas. God will not permit it!
Congratulations fon Ganyongha III and fon Nana for seeking peace.
No matter who is wrong or who is winning, peace must be given a chance. Heal the hearts first.

Big Joe

Permit me quote Fon Theodore Nana Wanda of Bawock

"If we have a problem, let no neighbouring village come in again. Let them allow the two of us to settle our problems and God will surely show us the way."

Can somebody explain the meaning of the above statement.


How can people live together for donkeys years, they have many things in common, intermarried, school together, shared farmland, attended the same church, market etc. Then suddenly be at loggerhead?? Some one must be in their midst fanning hatred.The truth shall one day surface.
Retired old Politicians who have nothing to render to Cameroonian society and only waiting for dead, During his helm of office Cameroon registered the highest record of corruption is there planting seed of division and hatred among the peace loving people of Bawock and Bali nyonga. What had he achieved now that Bawock had been burned down. Will he contribute for the re-construction of Bawock??
Painting other people black will not achieved anything, but worsen the state of the matters. Since this Bali/Bawock crisis started the Fon of bawock has made a sensible statement. "If we have a problem, let no neighbouring village come in again. Let them allow the two of us to settle our problems and God will surely show us the way." Your statement show that you were mislead by the neighbouring Villages because they wanted to grab land from Bali. This is just sample of what is always going on with Bali neighbouring villages, they only wants to grab land from Bali, when Bali want to defend its land people will called them names.
Achidi Achu is the brain behind all this crisis, and should be held responsible for everything,


Dear Friends, What has Achidi Achu done to be dinning with fons? He should saty out of their circle. He goes around and causing confusion every were. Has he become one of them? Even Ntumfor is not showing of like Achu. Let him stay away from the fons so they can solve the problem by themseleves. If they wneed help, it will not be the likes of Achu.Achu's time has passed and gone. Let him try to enjoy his retirement.

mk the southerner

To all North West Fons.

It is strange, really i say strange.Of how people
behave this days.How can a man surrender his entire compound to a stranger and yet he fights with another stranger over a small toilet.It makes me like vomiting.
The same as Bafut can not accept to be a part or live their land to Mankon and the other way round or like the case under which i write.A true Bawkere man will not stand to see his land claimed by a Bakossi man or vice versa.How do we Southern Cameroonian lay asleep when our entire country is being raped of every thing by total strangers?
Our Country and land Southern Cameroons has ben taken away from us by La Republique Du Cameroun.Total strengers under the watchfull eyes of these very Funs and elids who today are fighting over small toilets.The compound and the toilet which is of prio importance.
My plee to all the Fons is that let us see how we can get the palace from this stranger befor looking at individual houses.
Do not be satisfied only by protecting toilets for your people but the entire compound or palace.
So join the Southern Cameroon Restoration Train as it passes by your door. Go to the SCNC office Cow street, and together we will see how to get back the palace. It is just my opinion.God bless Southern Cameroons.
MK thesoutherner.

Tekum Mbeng

It is ironical but not surprising that Fon Ganyongha III still cannot accept responsibility for encouraging his tribesmen to commit arson on a massive scale. Therein lies the problem. Now he blames Achidi Achu. His courtiers blame the Francophones, others blame the administration.

Was Hon. Achidi there when Bali initiated past wars against its neighbours? Was Achidi there when Fon Doh murdered Kohtem? Those who live in arrogance and have commited evil acts now cannot believe their self-created image. Cameroonians should forgive but must NEVER forget the evil of Bali.

Next, the Bali Fon will blame the sun for rising!

Fritzane Kiki HK

A big task lies ahead for these CPDM agents like Achidi Achu who still feels happy inflicting pain to his people.He needs rest now considering his ailing age,than to bring unrest amongst his people.I know what land matters entails in the northwest.He wants the Santa people to acquire part of Bawock land so that they will have a full division.He is still maneovering but it will fail him.Little doubt he asked the Balis to attack the Bawock as Fon Ganyongha puts it.He might be accused for masterminding this regional conflict between the Balis and Bawock.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


How can one reconcile these two statements from Fon Ganyongha?
1."My people were provoked"
2."No Bali man or myself told anybody to go and burn houses in Bawock. Bawock people decided to set their houses ablaze so as to ask for HIPIC funds."

On the other hand,I don´t know what AChidi Achu still wants? Does he want to be prime minister again? He is a disgrace to Anglophones.

Big Joe


The Fon of Bali might have made that first statement after the incident that took place on the 3rd of March 2007 when the Bawock people attacked and confiscated the Bali Voma instruments. In the proccess of getting back those Voma instruments, the Bawock cheif palace and some houses were partly destroyed and I am sure that is what the Fon of Bali meant in the first statement you quoted above.

The incident of the 6th of March 2007 where the entire Bawock was set ablaze is what the Fon of Bali is talking about in your second quoted statement."No Bali man or myself told anybody to go and burn houses in Bawock. Bawock people decided to set their houses ablaze so as to ask for HIPIC funds."

Neba Funiba

Sorry for the Digression--I find this troubling. Wonders shall never end.


Manyu IV CPDM - Militants Celebrate in Pomp and Fanfare
By Eldickson Agbortogo
Cameroon Tribune (Yaoundé): NEWS
March 28, 2007

"Militants of the ruling party in Manyu IV last Saturday joined their comrades nationwide to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of their beloved party. On the menu for last Saturday's celebration in Tinto, headquarters of Upper Bayang Sub-Division, were, songs, speeches and colourful march past through the streets of the town. Under the auspices of Mr. George Nkeng, Mme Agbor Ntui and Oscar Baiye CPDM resource persons assisted by some elites of the area, namely Mr. Nkongho Samuel Agbortogo, Bate Epey, Mbu Etung and Arrey Augustine, several speakers took to the rostrum to either shower praises on the Chairman of the party, throw more light on what the party has done in the area or on the major challenges ahead. Among these major challenges are, the Municipal and Legislative elections. On this issue, the D.O of the Sub-Division Mr. Nwafua Lawrence Forwang, who has been touring the different villages supervising and encouraging people to register massively said, compared to the past years, registration in Upper Bayang has sky-rocketed with over 16.500 people already registered. He told the people of Upper Bayang, and those of the ruling party in particular that, they will gain more by concerting and coming up with a unique list. The resource person from Yaounde, Mr. George Nkeng, on his part praised the Chairman of the party for leading the country and the party peacefully. He said, the ruling party has for twenty-two years delivered more goods to the people in the Sub-Division than any other party. He called on the Upper Bayang people to renew their confidence to the party by registering and voting massively. He also informed, militants that, party cards are already available at the party secretariat. Other speakers at the ceremony like the section president for Manyu IV Chief Orock Manguib gave a balance sheet of party activities in the area. He revealed that the party is waxing strong ahead of the up-coming elections. In Upper Bayang Sub-Division, the CPDM which controls the council has 27 sub-sections. Meanwhile, reports from Akwaya, Eyomujock and Mamfe centre say, celebrations were hitch-free with hundreds of militants advised to encourage potential voters who are still to register to do so before the electorate is convened. Prior to last Saturday's celebrations, some party barons and elites from Manyu held a preparatory meeting at Minister Victor Mengot's residence. During the crucial meeting chaired by the Minister, several issues were discussed. Among the issues was the resolve to work as a team, put in place an aggressive campaign strategy to woo voters, sell party cards, raising funds and tackle problems of road network in the Division."

Are these not the same promises that Agbortabi made several years ago? What happened? Was it not the CPDM Mayor of Akwaya who complained that he was sick and tired of being mocked by Nigeria Immigration each time he went through Nigeria before traveling back into greater Cameroon? Has that changed? God help us!!


Gayongha said and i quote
"No Bali man or myself told anybody to go and burn houses in Bawock. Bawock people decided to set their houses ablaze so as to ask for HIPIC funds." This is pure lies and nonsense and this statement makes him fall short as an intellectual. So were the 20 Bawock people who were kidnapped and tortured for hours by their own Bawock brothers? They were kidnapped when bali vandals were busy burning houses in Bawock. You should be happy that you will also benefit from the HIPC funds since part of your own palace was burnt down by the Bawock people. Stop bluffing Gayongha. One cannot imagine that despite these difficult moments people would decide to burn their houses to ask for HIPC funds. Grow up Gayonga and i agree with Achidi Achu's statement that there are lots of Fons who have never seen the four walls of a classroom yet are more intelligent than fons who run arround with phDs.
Gayonga stop throwing the blame on others, nothing happens in Bali without your knowledge. You knew that houses were being burnt down in Bawock by your vandals but you did nothing to stop them. One thing is clear you and your vandals will build the entire Bawock village whether you like it or not. I pray that the dialogue of peace that has started between the two fons prevails so that the displaced can go back home and start picking up the broken pieces.

Tekum Mbeng

All these people: Mr. George Nkeng, Mme Agbor Ntui, Oscar Baiye, Mr. Nkongho Samuel Agbortogo, Bate Epey, Mbu Etung and Arrey Augustine are chasing the the gravy train. Their agenda is well understood by Paul Biya to be a chase for appointments.

They make nationalist Bate Bessong's body to turn in the grave.


Contri Pipou, Why we be surprised? We don witness this same display of big neck and bad heart for several places, plenty, plenty times, all over the North West Province in particular, provoked by political and intellectual Johnny-Just-Come them. The matter be a bit notorious for Santa Sub-Division, and now yi di spread like cancer.Territorial integrity, even for family level, na matter wey no man get to take'am lightly. Santa and Bali Sub-Divisions them na the latest for fall victim to this kind "mbaghelem" wey we elite for quotes di play for we, year in year out. The problem with the Bali/Bawock whahalla, the way I see'am, na say Old Timer opportunists them di sneak for background, the very Old Timers wey specialise for cause confusion in order for snatch your yam. Na them, go up come down, wey di cause this headache, na them di pull the strings of New Deal power, even from the shadows, and when time for heart-to-heart tori reach, them go weave lengthy tortoise Arabian Nights Entertainment for we ear: only problem na say them di forget say today, Sense-pass-King no dey again, because Truth go always surface, you no fit hide'am again! I di beg Mbe for Bali and Bawock, make them no allow these selfish detractors them for succeed; make them know say even brother them di fight against each other, but fight between brother and brother na with elbow, no be with fist. The Old Timers them from outside go urge you for use fists and even "cha-voom" so that they go easily appropriate (yes, na the word that, appropriate) more territory if no be for ghost political capital, then for their ranch. God forbid.


Cameroon mourns presidential lion

People see the lion's death a bad omen for President Biya
Cameroon's wildlife minister has encouraged people to pay their last respects to the country's most famous lion, named Paul after the president.
The lion died in Mvog Beti zoo in the capital, Yaounde, on Saturday.

Wildlife Minister Elvis Ngolle Ngolle said Paul's body has been preserved and the public is now able to visit it.

A BBC correspondent says people see the death as a bad omen for President Paul Biya whose party is seeking to extend his time in office beyond 2011.

This week, parliament began debating a bill to amend the constitution.

The president is elected for seven years and, following a 1996 amendment, can only serve two terms.

Mr Biya has ruled Cameroon for 24 years and will be about 78 when his current term expires in 2011.


The BBC's Randy Joe Sa'ah in Yaounde says Paul and his mate were named Paul and Chantal after the presidential couple.

Chantel has been Paul's partner for a long time

Last Thursday, Mr Ngole Ngole gave the zoo a cash donation for the treatment of the sick lion.

But despite these efforts the lion died two days later from kidney problems.

The minister said his illness is thought to be related to the lion's earlier castration.

That operation was performed after a lioness he mated with gave birth to deformed cubs, the minister said.


Big Joe and massa Talk True are continuing with their defence of the atrocities commited by the Bali's on the Bawocks and all their neighbours. This is the tribalism and nepotism that has rocked our society today. We support our tribemen in politics, in war, in public offices simply because we share thesame cultural heritage with them. The barbaric actions of the Bali's and most other tribes in the Northwest Province of the Southern Cameroons should be condemned in its highest terms.


Sorry for the Digression, this piece looks nice;

Before i address current events, i have to say that
current events don't come out of the vacuum. They are
usually protected problems for a long time. Whether it
be a cold war issue or not, powerful nations that go
around trying to impose or play games with other
peoples nations are the same.
First i wonder why it didn't occur to Gary Busch
during his secret service that France was that bad.
Of course one of the current issue that SJ has failed
to mention is that Americans today own 60% of SONARA
and part of that money goes to finance Biya's regime.
I wonder why both Gary and SJ fail to respond to that.
The machinery that supports Biya if one were to focus
only on Cameroon today comes mostly thanks to huge
American investment and support of Biya today who
everyone of course knows has been to the White House
as a result of this relationship more than once.
SONEL is owned and operated by a Virginia based
company known as AES. And we have the Chad-Cameroon
pipeline with 86% owned by American companies and a
Cameroon government in cordial relationship with
America while systematically treating us like a
colony. What often baffles me is why we fail to
address this just as bad as what the French have done
to us. Or are we football that one western nation can
kick and pass to the next one. Maybe we love
oppression and can't live without one from the west or
Biya, while pretending to be fighting for liberation.
Aren't these an expansion of American interest into
new spheres of influence in Africa, in concert with
Still in central Africa, it doesn't start from Bush
alone. Since 1993 the backbone behind the security of
central Africa has been America. CEMAC has been
working largely at the inspiration and support of
America. Equatorial Guinea with one of the worst
dictators too is being proped by America where
American companies own about 86% of the oil in that
country. And of course i hear the president of that
country has bought huge beautiful nice real estate
here in the United. Gabon and Congo are propped more
thanks to American oil interests there through CEMAC
interests. Show me one country that is democratic in
this region and i will show you six dictators in
there. If in doubt do some research and tell me
whether only the French are responsible for the plight
of many in Central Africa. My contention is that Gary
knows this but of course he is trying too frame the
issue in one way without looking at the part being
played by his country. And my argument is that we
should be careful and balance our analyzes when
western powers or critics show up and try to frame our
problems or prop our views with people like this.
In current affairs today we see the creation, and
destruction of a dictator by the US in Iraq, and the
aftermath of a war that continous with untold
sufferings for the people in Iraq. Egypt, Jordan,
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and many Arab countries all under
dictators are backed by America, just as the french
are backing their satellites in Africa. The US has
military bases in the middle east too to prop these
dictators and unpopular leaders. Didn't America
attempt to foment various coups against Saddam and
when these failed she went in and overthrow the leader
that she created and turn her eyes the other way when
the going was good. We should not overlook that
because of our bitterness with France.
In the America's even post cold war Trinidad and
Tobago, and Guyana have failed to have real
democratically elected leaders because of US influence
there. And they still have military bases in those
areas to this day because of their interests. Doesn't
that sound like France too and her bases in Africa
just in another region. Haiti in current affairs post
cold war and the Aristides saga begs to question the
claim that America has not been involved in coups post
cold war. Ask Haitians about the consequences of this
today for their country. And of course if the US could
figure out a way to get Castro out of Cuba they would.
Not being able to remove him has been largely due to
Castro's understanding of who he is dealing with.
Most South Americans have had to figure that they
didn't need to fall prey to the interests of one
western nation or another after over a hundred years
of interference in their continent long before the
cold war. We should read this and be sophisticated in
how we approach these problems.
Operation Aramis in Ivory Coast is very bad. The
French involvement in that country like many other
African countries you mention is not a pretty thing
for anyone who cares about our continent. However the
question i want to ask the Gary's of the world is why
in spite of this the security council with the
"better" Britons and Americans voted to allow France
to continue the carnage over there as peace keepers.
Mobutu was an American creation likewise Said Barre of
Somalia. Their abandonment by America caused problems
just as their support for them did. The Hoover
Institute at Stanford likewise the Russians created
the mayhem that destabilized that countries like
Angola. Should we close our eyes to these actions and
its consequences which no one knows when they will end
when examining our own problems, and trying to figure
out how to solve them? If yes then why bother to look
at the past as a building block for our bone with La
My argument remains that we have to clear our minds
of this Anglophile madness, Europhone and Francophone
ills, and be very careful with the likes of Gary whom
because he has written one piece that talks about us
without being objective as to the same problems posed
by his country and many other western nations who may
well scramble one day to do the same for Southern
Cameroons. I don't condone any and i don't defend any
western powers and their attitudes towards less
powerful nations. Likewise i am very suspicious when
they start writing critical papers defending their own
side as the better against others when it consent
nations that they care little about except their
interests. All i care about is that we build our own
nation on our own terms and not fall victims to the
machination of one western nation or another.
Nformi Ngenge


Brothers n sisters,
Who the hell is this Randy Joe Saah?
This useless reporter for BBC hardly talks about issues that concerns the Southern CAMEROONS.
They've been killings in the Southern Cameroons,carried out by La Republique.killings the world deserves to know but this idiot finds it funny to report about these unfortunate situations.
All he knows is the fall of the Lion.The fall of the lion, and so what? of what significance is the fall of the lion to the Southern Cameroons? Randy claims he writes for the English to read.Does he really writes for the English Southern Cameroonians to read?Biya or no Biya what has that got to do with Southern Cameroons.
The fun is,the same BBC are the ones that did put us in this situation.
Holy shit,What do i really want from this BBC,when they're the ones messing with us the Southern Cameroons?

Why is this son-a-bitch afraid to expose the ills of La Republique?Has he been bought over?Or is he from La Republique claiming to report in English?Who is this fool?
Some one tell me.



One way of solving the problem you specified above is to rally Southern Cameroonians in the UK and stage a peaceful demonstration at the BBC headquarters. We can organise a day and expose/explain our grievances towards them. That will create an impact.

I will be grateful if other Southern Cameroonians can propose suggestions that can foster our course.



You are very correct in your proposal.
Here in the United States we did organise one and held a rally infront of the British embassy down town Washington DC.Even though not every Southern Cameroonian took part in this rally, but the number was encouraging.
AFter Dallas,Texas we would know our next move.
Read this article,thanks


The UK is at the core of our struggle, because we were a UN Trust territory Under UK Administration. SCAPO realizes this fact and is pursuing that with all vigour. Never can Britain be left off the hook. In proposing the tactical name Republic of Ambazania, SCAPO puts in parenthesis as a reminder and descriptor Former British Southern Cameroons. The reason is not to let Britain off the hook. The reason for Ambazania will be known soon in an appropriate forum after SCAPO Policy Statement. We know there was Ambazonia and we know where the problem is. Therefore:

(Former British Southern Cameroons)

says alot. You have to put British before Southern Cameroons to keep them in the hook. No one will ask you or doubt which Southern Cameroons. After Abuja and Banjul, SCAPO is actively battling with UK Administration and Commonwealth at the moment in various ways, and would advise anyone else to steer clear to avoid duplication. SCAPO will make a report about this next month in Dallas for the United Liberation Front to continue from there.

We cannot and should not let Britain off the hook. That is strategy Number One. They taught us English and Logic, we will take it to them very hard in the days ahead. Britain will give back to us our Independence or give us Death. We like to live free and die once. The time is NOW!.
As you read, visit www.ambazania. org and acquaint yourself with the logical facts of the struggle from Constituent Assembly of 2000 till today. There is a reason why, the visits have jumped from 9, 300 last week to 10, 600 today. Be one of the keen visitors and think through unemotionally. INDEPENDENCE is our goal. That is all, and Britain, we were going to wear one pair of trousers for our INDEPENDENCE. Amen!


Gayongha went to the congress hall and pleaded for the Bawock people to go back to their village. I dont think he is doing it in good faith. He really does not want these people in Bali sub division and he his bent to destroy them. I have an in law (from Bawock) whose mother is from Bali and father from Bawock. When the bali vandals moved arround in Bawock burning houses, his mother(from bali) arranged for a vehicle to carry some items from the house such a set of chairs, TV, DVD player, gas cooker, fridge etc to her relatives in Bali. Their house was burnt down but the items were safe in her relatives in bali. Another Bali man has reported to the Fon that a Bali man was keeping things belonging to a Bawock man. The fon sent one of his chindas warning the bali man to remove all the things from his house and burn them or the man's house would be burnt completely. My in-law just received this phone message from his relatives from bali and he has asked them to remove the things and burn them to save their house.
What is Gayonga up to? This man is as wicked as his vandals and such men should not be allowed to leave with humanbeings. He is best fit behind bars. So even bali people who are married in Bawock are punished. When will the balis wake up and acknowledge that their fon is a brute? Many bali families have been ruined by their fon and i believe that most of the bali people know that their fon is a radical. Awake up from your slumber! I would insist that the Bawock people only go back when maximum security is put in place. The Government has promised three police posts in Bawock and this promise should be fulfilled before they leave the congress Hall. The balis are not through with their hidden agenda. They need Jesus.

mk the southerner

Mr Brooks,
We had long passed these Bawock issue
now we where talking on how to get our palace from this intruder La republic, and you jump inn again with Bawock, which is just a small quarter of this kingdom.
Has the central or public security police post at old town got any use for Southern Cameroonians that you think putting a police post in Bawock will be off any use?.MK thesoutherner.
That is a good idea brother Raxon SCNC Britain has been too silence, that is a place were to me Southern Cameroonians should be in the nostrils of all the members of the house of lords. So that demonstration if only you plan it should not only be on the BBC flow.But also in the house of commons and lords.Count on my blessings.Thank God Dr For is in Geneva for the Human Right meeting.MK the southerner


Brothers and sisters
Read this feko article from feko nkwutio

"It was observed that Cameroon is the only country that uses or applies two Constitutions. In fact Cameroon uses three Constitutions, the two you mentioned,and the 1961La Republique du Cameroun revised Constitution. It is in application of that Constitution that since 1961,no official document from the Executive,Legislative or Judiciary arms of the state,has ever been issued first,in English.For similar reasons,the first president never delivered his state of the nation address in English and his successor has followed the spirit and letter of that tradition.That is why Amadou Ali,the minister of Territorial Administration had the audacity to ban English at the Press Conference following the strike at the penitentiary department.

That 1961 revised Constitution of LRC , that became the Contitution of the Federal Republic of Cameroon,makes French authentic and English counterfeit as can be verified from art.59 of the 1961Constitution"
feko nkwutio

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