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Monday, 19 March 2007


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I know the Balis are now very happy seeing old Bawock women bathing in open air. That is what they wanted, to humiliate our Northwest cultural values. If these crude and self-centred mentality is not driven out of our minds, we will always remain a laughing stock to all other peaceloving people of the World. Those who instigated this trouble will pay the price of this humiliation that we are seeing in congress hall. Where our grandparents are bathing in open air and tourist and others are seeing them.


If "one Peter Limen and his children seized the traditional juju" as claimed by the Bali Fon, why should he and his children not be the ones made to face the wrath of the Bali people instead of the whole Bawock tribe? I am by no means suggesting that the Bali people have the right to take the law into their hands. The utterances of the Fon of Bali from the onset of this crises clearly implies that there is a justification for the annihilation of Bawock village and it should not take a rocket scientist to determine who fanned the flames of this conflict. It is a shame that in this modern age, where the rule of law should be made to triumph, some people are resorting to jungle justice. A nation that cannot learn from history is bound to repeat it. The almighty Bali Fon just has to learn from the almighty Fon Doh that those who live by the sword, will die by the sword.
Why do people continue to fight and die for worthless, inept, fetish objects called jujus. If the jujus had any powers, they could have fought for themselves. It is time for people to rise from this bondage of enslavement to inannimate satanic objects and serve A LIVING GOD who can fight for HIMSELF. A word to the wise ...............

Big Joe



There is more to the Bali-Bawock crisis than meets the naked eye. The sight of human habitations razed to the ground or burnt to ashes, of food and cash crops completely destroyed, and of domestic animals hacked out of wantonness and left to die in slow pain – such gory pictures shock the sensibilities of all decent and civilized people. Consequently, these latter have no choice but to shout out condemnation against such atavism and to cry out that all the culprits of such genocidal acts be brought to book.
Nevertheless, let us also agree that in these days of the New Criminal Procedure Code, all persons presumed guilty must necessarily be allowed to say their say. Even though this new dispensation is Anglo-Saxon, may we borrow the French expression “le droit de reponse” to aptly describe the legal situation mentioned above. In the wake of the incendiary reports published in the various press organs, presenting the Bali Nyongas as motiveless marauders, and in the midst of the storming and the raving, it might be necessary to throw a dispassionate eye on the vicissitudes of this sweet-bitter one century old relationship.
This historico-analytica l exclusive purposes to do just that, in the hope that it may lay bare remote and immediate causes, with their ramifications, and so give the outsiders that most Cameroonians are a little bit of the inside perspective. In order to lay claim to some veracity and objectivity, the main historical source cited herein is the famous Oxford anthropologist cum-historian, E.M. Chilver, who researched and wrote extensively on the History of the Grassfields. Of course other sources and administrative decrees are also cited.

E. M. Chilver, in an article entitled “A Bamileke Community in Bali-Nyonga: A Note on the Bawok”, published in African Studies of 23 November, 1964, and other sources consulted, note inter-alia:
1. That “Bali-Nyonga … chiefdom in the Bamenda Prefecture of West Cameroon was founded in the mid-Nineteenth Century by Nyonpasi, or Fonyonga I, the chief of one section of a Chamba-led confederation of raiders of Southern Adamawa origin (not Nigerian, as has been said in papers recently). Two other sources situate this between 1856(when the Bali Nyongas first reached the area today called the North West Province) and 1873 (when they acquired their present site by conquest).
2. That the first Bamileke migrants to join the Bali Nyongas at their present site were the Batis, whom they had first met in 1835, and who came this time from Bansoa in 1904. They stayed with the Bali Nyongas till 1911 when they decided to migrate again to “their present location in the Nun (Noun) Valley near Bagam.
3. That the “smaller contingent … of Bawock (or Bahouok)” came in the wake of the Batis, sometime around “1906 or 07.” They were led by Nana Ntukam and were fleeing from “the hostility of the chief of Bangangte … “Limen and Njonji of Bawock origin acknowledge and quote this in one of their scholarly publications.
4. That when the Batis were going back to the now Western province, they took with them the Bawok leader “as … hostage.” Most of this latter’s followers remained behind, in the land vacated by the Batis, and their leader escaped and rejoined them, “possibly in 1912 with the assistance of the Basel Mission outpost at Bagam.”
5. That the “Bawock community, settled on the south-eastern outskirts of Bali (was) locally known as Bako, or carvers, and their chief … as Fokabo. Only after 1953 did the then Bawock Chief, Ntanke I, begin passing by the title “fengga fang of Bawock.
6. That during the 1953 Nigerian (eastern region) census, returns showed that there were only “180 taxable males of Bako-French origin” within the “modern Bali local government and customary court area as an electoral ward and”, not as a separate entity.
7. That as time went on, the Bawock, with their distinguishably Bamileke traits, began agitating for autonomy. This has, in not-so-recent times, pushed the administration to sue for peace. On the 15th January, 1975 and on the 21st October, 1975, D.O. Oben Peter Ashu and S. D. O Alexander Ngomba Motanga, held meetings, which culminated in Administrative Decisions No 24/PD/DMX of 29th October, 1975 normalising relations between the two parties. Article 6 of this decision stated that the “Fon of Bali is the Paramount Chief of Bali District with the Chief of Bawock as his second in command” Recent council statistics from Bali put Bawock the 8th most populous community within Bali, with a population of 5.341 inhabitants, while the most populated (Jingong2) has 9351 inhabitants. Being the lone francophone community in a mainly Anglophone dispensation, the administration had in mind to protect their rights by making their chief second in command.
8. That the Government, in Order No 36/A/MINAT/DOT of 19th January 1982 created the 2nd Class Chiefdom of Bawock, with a population of 1.880 inhabitants attached to the 1st Class Chiefdom of Bali-Nyonga, with the insinuation that the Chief of Bawock should pay allegiance to the Fon of Bali.
9. That Order No 019/CAB/PM of 01/02/1981 and Joint Order No 0070/MINAT/MINFI of 24/02/1984 created the 1st Class Fondom of the entire Bali Sub-division, with a population of 26.825 inhabitants, and spelt out that the Fon has the duty to instill harmony in all aspects in the entire Sub-division.
10. That much of the Bawock agitation stemmed from the fact that they did not want the Balis to continue using the Bali Nyonga ancestral shrine of “Ntsi Sufu”. Constant skirmishes and calculated Bawock petitions led to a temporary injunction order, Reference No. 294/PO/DMZ of 24/09/1975, suspending activities at the shrine. The situation was normalized one month after with the decision (already quoted) of 29/10/1975. This permitted the Bali Nyonga to continue performing their Lela Culture Libation at the traditional shrine unperturbed till 1986 when other Bawock petitions that called on the administration to co-erce the Balis into discontinuing their rituals at the said shrine. At this time, the D.O of Bali Sub-division solved the problem by convening the disputants and referring them to earlier agreements and decision. Since this petition had alluded to a boundary dispute, the D.O. referred to a Decree No 78/322 of 03/08/1979, which dearly stated that creating or modifying existing village boundaries was not within the ambit of the D.Os competence.
11. That even today, Bawock is still situated within and surrounded by Bali villages. This is why the recent attempt to plant boundary beacons between Bawock, Mbu and Pinyin met with stiff resistance from the Bali communities situated between Bawock on the one hand and Mbu and Pinyin on the other.

Recently, the Fons of Baforchu and Pinyin, together with the Chief of Bawock met at the Pinyin Fon’s Palace and addressed a letter, dated 14/11/2006 to the S.D.O for Mezam. These parties were requesting the administration to assist… through the provision of appropriate technicians and experts in land boundary matters in the successful and peaceful installation of boundary pillars between the village of Bawock in the Bali Sub-division and the villages of Mbu and Pinyin in the Santa Sub-division. “The administration programmed the exercise for Wednesday the 6th December 2006 at 9:00a.m, but letter with reference No. 00/L/E29/PS/ A2 was addressed by the 2nd Assistant Prefect of Mezam to the Fon of Bali only on the 03/12/2006.
Despite efforts made by high level Bali traditional authorities, headed by the Fon, to meet and discuss with the Governor and his concerned collaborators, the Mezam administration moved to the field with uncharacteristic promptitude, barely three weeks, after the Fons and Chief addressed their memo. Given that the Bali villages of Mantum, Gola, Kumbela, Kumchu, Mbelu, Jangman and Kopin are found between Bawock on the one hand and Mbu and Pinyin on the other, the Balis interpreted the administration’ s move as a deliberate and insidious move to carve out portions of Bali land to expand Bawock village, without as much as consulting the Bali villagers in the buffer zone. They could not fathom this so they descended on Mantum, where the exercise was to take place, and frustrated the scheme. It was as if the administration, by this misguided action, was consciously preparing the ingredients of an explosion, which ultimately came to pass.
Then on the 03rd of March, 2007, the “Voma” traditional cult, the Bali version of the Kwifor/Kwifon, on its way back from Mantum and other Bali lands after propitiatory rites before the planting season, was savaged and desecrated by retired Police Officer Limen Peter and his cohorts, despite entreaties from the Rev. Pastor of the Bawock Presbyterian Church. The Fon of Bali took all this provocation in his stride, seeking only to multiply avenues for discussion with the administration (yet receiving the cold shoulder in most cases). However, the youths saw this as a declaration of war and so descended on Bawock, on a rampage. An uneasy lull descended on the locality – just for a while.
On the 05th March, 2007, the whole of Bali was inexplicably and without warning plunged into primeval darkness. Worthy of note is the fact that the Chief of A.E.S – SONEL operations and installations is Chief Quoinon Nana Theodore of Bawock. Then the following day, 06/03/2007, most residents of Bawock were seen at about 2:30a.m, flocking out of their village, barely two hours before the Bali Palace conservatory for traditional insignia, antiquities, historical documents and hides and skins of rare animals, collected over several decades, went into flames. Thousand answered the traditional gong call and turned up to put out the fire, which went out only after almost everything had been consumed. Suspicion immediately fell on the people of Bawock and so irate and uncontrollable youths, feeling that their anger was justified, descended on the empty village and wrecked the havoc we have all been made to see.

It is all too evident in this Bali-Bawock crisis, that the administration, by commission and omission, has fanned its flames. It condoned the conspiratorial plan of three traditional rulers with no known boundaries and speedily (should we say gleefully?) went ahead to embark on a flawed boundary demarcation scheme. Then its long ubiquitous arms neither reached out to snuff out the spark, nor douse the initial flame nor even fight the conflagration. Many, persons, clergy and laity, made desperate but futile calls to somnolent, apparently unconcerned administrators. Then when the flames had consumed everything, our administrators came alive with characteristic brutality, swooping on whole Bali populations for scape-goats. One question is begging to be asked: does a people – oriented administration work hard at crises resolution, a priori, or does encourage conflicts, wait and go, a posteriori, for a harvest of culprits? The answer, as is popularly said, is blowing in Cameroon’s fickle winds.

The press has done its best to cover the saga on the field, to bring to readers, listeners and tele-viewers, gory and sorry accounts of havoc unparalleled, unleashed by apparently senseless, motiveless, marauding Bali warriors. It has also gone a long way to make appeals that all guilty Bali people be brought to book. Furthermore, it has done a lot to present the Bawocks as victims par excellence, as a peace-loving community, whose only desire is to live in peace, co-exist with its neighbours, but who are being persecuted by blood thirsty Bali dogs of obsolete war. It has granted especially the Chief of Bawock interviews in which the latter has provocatively and abusively called the Fon of Bali all sorts of names, and in which he has styled the Balis as “Nigerians”, in typical Mbombo Njoya style. Yes, the press has done everything except bring to the public Bali’s own version of the facts, even if those facts might not justify the destruction.
If the press is to cling to some vestige of objectivity, then it should always bring to the public wholesome perspectives in all stories and scoops they carry. Yes, the press should always do all in its power to present both sides of a story – get the Bawock Chief’s version but also patiently listen to the Bali Fon’s own version. Truth can never be one-sided, and even when it comes for the underdog, it still has to be scrupulously probed because in this age of dialogue, it is the weaker parties that foment conflict and try to curry support or whip up sentiments. That is apparently what the Chief of Bawock is doing in vociferous manner, when he keeps on saying that the Balis want to drive them out of their (Bawock) land because they are from the Western Province, because they are Francophones. What classic irony, given the plight and complaints of the Anglophones in the macro set-up!

The Bali-Nyongas and the Bawocks are condemned by an accident of time or by fate to continue living together, especially given the fact that Bawock is located inside Bali and share as all its boundaries only with Bali. In the years of yore, the Balis welcomed the Bawocks, like they did many other migrants: the Bamoums, the Tikers of the North West, the Widikums, the Ngembas etc. As such, Bali Nyonga grew up to become a large, heterogeneous group, with various communities living together and solving their problems and crises together, their own way.
Nobody contests the right of any group of persons to belong where they are. Nobody also contests their right to have a place they call home. Yet nobody in his right frame of mind will condone any crooked and insidious machinations, aimed at subverting established power and bringing about chaos, even if the highest administrative authorities of the land gave their blessing to such schemes. The Bawocks and the Balis must stop mouthing invectives at each other and go on living together, as fate has ordained they should. And to crown it all, they must always come together to discuss common issues affecting them with respect and cordiality. They cannot avoid this, because any highhanded or cosmetic administrative solutions will only exaccerbate an already highly volatile situation.

Tchouteu Janvier

Big Joe, stop massacreing history.The Balis were the last ethnic group to move into the graffiland (northwest and Western province and are a group of the Chamba people (In extreme North province and part of Nigeria). The Bamilekes (from Adamawa), Bamouns and Banso (Adamawa),Tikars and Balis moved into this region in that respective order and the Balis were hosted by the Bamouns, Bamilekes before they moved up to the NW. Understanding your history and the mutually supportive roles of the different Kamerunian peoples or their mutually compatibilities will advance many pyschosocially to see the common interest we all share. Inter-tribal wars and other wars not meant for the adbancement of humanity are backward steps against civilization. It is disheartening to listen to or read from people who are justifying such primitive acts of ethnic cleansing, be it Baya-Foulbe, Bali-Bawok/Bali-Nyongha, Shua Arab in the north etc. that is not the way for the future new Kamerunan and a united Africa

Fritzane Kiki HK

When people's values of life and happiness have been shattered by a civil war caused by one Mr Peter Limen with his children who decided to seize the "Voma",the traditional juju that was on one of its outings to Mantum, to another Bali village,then any thing can also happen.The Balis and the Bawock should try and realise that gone are those days when the sword was mightier than the pen.What counts really is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight but it's the size of the fight in the dog.So the Balis should not think they can easily bully the Bawock since they can easily malhandle them when need arises.That's why as the two elephants were fighting the grasses were in torture.Poor children and women homelessly in the wilderness.It's really a pity.Who will pay for this great lost of houses and other properties?The government can only provide some food and shelter.That's the sad side of things.Prevention is better than cure goes the saying.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Big Joe,
Your wirteup is the simple truth, and the truth shall prevail. Cameroon is having the worst press in Africa. Everything they report, they must be biased and condemn the other party involved in the crises, without even asking the caused or the origin of the crises. Let the administration goes back to their files, read it well, digest it, before they started taking deadly decision.
Balis are peace loving humble people, and will be happy to have Bawock in their midst as before, but an inches of Bali land will never be taken and given to them, if that is what they want.
CPDM militants houses were burned down in 1992, In Bafagji houses burned even health unit and just recently Mbessa and Kotoko in north west and far north province respectively, People closed their eyes and never asked the perpetrators to contribute to the victims but only open their fat ugly eyes when Bali nyonga is concerned.
Retired old Politicians who have nothing to render to Cameroonian society and only waiting for dead, goes round causing confusion, bribing the administrator to modify boundary, which consequences is tribal hatred, war, and barbaric act.
As you said prevention is better than cure. That is the truth, but how can that be possible? as this old retired good for nothing politician who have nothing to offer, especially in Mezam Division goes round causing confusion among fondom, creating hatred

Big Joe

"The Untold Story of the Bali-Bawock Crisis.

The recent clashes between the Bawock people and Bali Nyonga in Bali Sub-Division of Mezam Division in the North West Province, is a good example of the consequences of elite short sightedness, stupid political intrigues, primitive alliances and very costly administrative blunders borne either out of corruption or sheer misuse of power.

The Events of 6 December 2006

On the 14th of November 2006 the Chief of Bawock – a sub chief of the Bali Nyonga Fondom, had a secret meeting with the Fons of Barforchu (Mbu) and the Fon of Pinyin in the Pinyin Fon’s palace. The purpose of the meeting which probably was not the first of such nocturnal meetings, was to expand the Bawock enclave within Bali Nyonga so that the Bali lands that lie between Bawock and Baforchu and Bawock and Pinyin, would be recognized now as Bawock land. In that regard, Mantum – a Bali Nyonga village that lies between Bawock village and Baforchu was by this arrangement, to become an annexed territory to Bawock. In like manner, Kombela, Mudum, Mbeluh, Jangman and Koppin- Bali villages lying between Pinyin and Bawock to the south east of Bawock, were to be recognized by the tripartite as newly acquired territory carved out of Bali and annexed to Bawock. The aim seems to have been that, once the Bawock people get these territories from Bali, parts of them could then be offered to Pinyin and Baforchu.

To put this into effect, there was need to plant boundary pillars between Bawock and Barforchu, and between Bawock and Pinyin - its newfound neighbours. Hence the letter from the tripartite - the Fons of Barforchu and Pinyin and the Chief of Bawock dated 14th November 2006, which was written at the Pinyin Fon’s palace addressed to the S D O of Mezam requesting him to assist them with the relevant technical services to plant boundary pillars between Bawock and these villages.
With unprecedented speed, that had never been seen in the administrative machinery of this country especially as concerns land matters, the North West Administration swung to action. Instead of the SDO to whom the letter was written, the Secretary General in the Governors Office, Peter Tieh Nde, on the 24/11/2006, (barely ten days from the 14/11/2006), handed down a written instruction to the SDO of Mezam, requesting him to assist and encourage the illegal act. The SDO then instructed his 1st or 2nd Assistant to go down to the field and expand the land area of the Bawock village and fix boundaries between Bawock and its new neighbours, incorporating large Bali Nyonga territory and villages into the new and enlarged Bawock without the knowledge of either the Fon of Bali, or the Chiefs of those Bali Villages that were now to become part of Bawock. With the kind of over-zealousness that can only be interpreted as the result of corruption, the 2nd Assistant SDO ran to his office on Sunday 3/12/2006, sat on the typewriter himself and crudely typed a letter inviting the land grabbers from Pinyin, Baforchu and Bawock to meet on Bali land and share it on the 6/12/2006. He stamped the letter upside down and stamped the name stamp of the 1st Assistant instead of his own name stamp either as a result of panick for the wrong he was doing or in order to blackmail the 1st Assistant SDO. On the 6th of December 2006, just three weeks after the ill-fated letter from the Pinyin tripartite meeting, the Mezam Administration was already on the field to fix new boundaries between Bawock in Bali and Bali Nyonga neighbours. Of Course, as would be expected, unfortunately not by the short sighted administrators, a terrible disaster would have occurred had it not been for the humane intervention of the Fon of Bali who only came to the spot later, on hearing that there was a team led by the 2nd Assistant SDO of Mezam about to put boundary pillars or boundary “signboards” in his land and that the Fons of Pinyin and Baforchu were already on the scene together with the Chief of Bawock.
Petitions from the Fon of Bali to the NW Administration to rethink these illegal actions and to quickly diffuse the tension that was mounting because of this act fell on deaf ears. Instead, from the 6th of December 2006, the Chief of Bawock has constantly and almost on a daily basis, been spreading false alarm about the burning of houses in his palace, or the false attack of his people by Mantum Villagers or the burning of GSS Bawock, or the harvesting of their crops, etc, etc. which rumours and claims have been verified in each case to be false. All these falsehood and deliberate attempts to misguide the administration, are well known by the Mezam SDO but he chooses to align with a liar of the type of the Chief of Bawock against Bali Nyonga who by all standards are the victims not the aggressors as is now being given to the public to believe.

The Events of 3rd March 2007
On Saturday, 3rd March 2007, the Bali Nyonga traditional juju “The Voma” that comes out once a year at the onset of the rainy season to bless the farm lands, was on its routine outing. On its way back from Mantum Village, (one of the Bali villages that the Bawock had wanted to annex with the connivance of the administrative officials in Bamenda), the Bawock people led by a certain Limen Peter attacked the juju as it passed on the highway (a road that passes through Bawock), seized the sacred juju bag and burnt it, asking the juju bearers to go and tell the Fon of Bali to come and collect it himself. This was nothing short of a declaration of war by the Bawock on Bali Nyonga – a war that did not take place because of the restraint of the Bali by their Fon. The Mezam Administration tacitly encouraged the Bawock people to go ahead to provoke Bali so that they could find an excuse to crack down on Bali, seize the land and hand it to Bawock, Baforchu and Pinyin for what price only the North West Administration and that of Mezam in particular, can tell. This outright complicity or blunder by the administration of Mezam Division, was what encouraged the Bawock people to set fire on the Bali Palace in the early hours of Tuesday 6th March 2007. The Mezam SDO for some strange reason echoed and re-echoed the version of the Fon of Bawock that, the Bali juju strayed into Bawock and was heading to the Bawock palace. The role that Limen and the gang of Bawock people played in igniting the current crisis has been sidelined by the Administration. This gave the Bawock, people a false belief that their actions are right and can be used to send Bali people back to “Nigeria” where according to him, they came from. It must be understood that the Sacred Juju has powers to wreck perennial mystical havoc on who ever touches it or destroys it that has not been “blown with a special bird!’ And the consequences extend to their unborn generations. A special cleansing must be made on such a person or persons before the curse is removed!

Monday 5th March 2007.
On Monday 5th of March 2007, the Chief of Bawock assembled the Bawock people in Bawock- Bali and together with Limen George, Limen Peter, Sabo Ivo and the other so called elites of Bawock who have been stupidly fanning hatred of Bali by Bawock, and in that meeting when many Bawock people expressed their desire to live in peace with the Bali people who after all have done them nothing wrong, these peace lovers were each fined to pay a goat to the chief of Bawock. In that meeting, every Bawock man, woman or child was ordered by the Chief of Bawock to pack out of the village before dawn on Tuesday 6th March 2007 because according to him, the Bali people “were going to burn down the village on Tuesday the 6th March 2007, and massacre Bawock people.” This was an incredulous claim which begs for very important questions as to the motive of the Chief of Bawock and his advisers- Limen George, Sabo Ivo, Limen Peter and others. If they had such information that the Bali people were going to burn down their village, why did they not inform the Administration to send troops to protect them but instead chose to move the entire village to the Governors office in Bamenda? Was it to whip public sympathy by crying wolf when there was none? Was this exodus designed to pre-empt the likely consequences of what the Chief of Bawock was planning to do that fateful night? ie the burning down of the palace of the Fon of Bali? Concrete information filtering out of Bawock circles are that on that Monday 5th of March 2007, the retreating Bawock people set fire on most of their houses in order that when they shall have burnt down the Bali palace, the burning in Bawock would be easily attributed to the Bali people as a retaliation and they could then use it to make the administration crack down on Bali in Bawock interest. This was a most wicked and diabolic plot, not only against the Bali people who at all times were being restrained from action by their reasonable Fon, but was even worse so against the ordinary Bawock innocent inhabitant who was being used by the misguided elites and childishly and recklessly ambitious chief for inordinate quest for power and prominence. It is to be noted that the burning down of the Bawock village was done by the Bawock people as a ploy to tarnish the image of the Bali so as to whip public sentiments in favour of Bawock. The Bali people have exercised the greatest restraint in this matter despite the excessive provocations and several “declarations of war” by the Bawock people aided by the Mezam Administration, and the Fons of Pinyin and Baforchu! Bali Nyonga has impeccable evidence to prove these, even in the face of vault face lies and the intoxication of public opinion by the Mezam SDO and his Bawock criminals of friends. The SDO for Mezam has a lot of questions to answer to his hierarchy. By his blunders or outright personal inefficiencies or some other yet to be investigated motive, he is causing too much social upheavals for this regime. The Babanki problem is still fresh in the minds of people and Jules Marcelin Njanga’s role in the burning of the former Fon of Babanki is well known. If his mission to Mezam was to reawaken tension and tribal uprisings in this part of the country, he should know that the people will not wait for him to annihilate them. There is a limit to the amount of injustice that a people can bear! Jules Marcelin should stop using Bawock people to harass innocent Bali youths, arresting them, torturing them, and refusing them from receiving medical attention because these children were NOT the ones that burnt down Bawock. The Village was burnt down by the Bawock people themselves led by their chief and the Limens and the Sabos. They are the ones to be arrested. They even threatened death to those of their villagers who saw some of them setting fire on their own houses should they reveal what they saw. This is a horrible act of wickedness!

6th March 2007.
Early Morning 6th March 2007, between 4 am and 4.30 am, the palace of the Fon of Bali was set on fire by some Bawock people who sped away in a white Toyota car. They flung a petrol bomb onto the top of the holy shrine attached to the palace (the Chum) built in 1889 and in which all the ancestral sacred apparatus and everything sacred at the palace is kept. This was the apex of provocation but the Fon in his wisdom advised that if the Bali people gave in to the Bawock invitation to war, no soul would remain alive in Bawock. For this reason he pleaded with the angry population to allow the administration to handle the situation. As usual, the people listened to their Fon and did not give in to the Bawock declaration of war. The SDO of Mezam and the DO for Bali together with the forces of law and order were invited to the Bali Palace that morning and they saw the efforts of the Fon of Bali in restraining the population. If they were honest, they would bear witness to this fact and speak for the Fon of Bali. Within the day on that 6th March, news reached Bali that Bawock village was raised to the grown by fire. As mentioned above, this fire had been set by Bawock people themselves as a prelude to their attempt to burn down the Bali Palace. It must be noted that throughout that night of the 5th giving to the 6th, Bawock villagers were moving out on a mass exodus on the orders of their chief, Nana Wanda III .
The Role of Achidi Achu
It is common talk by Limen George, Limen Peter and Sabo Ivo, everywhere that Achidi Achu is very strongly supporting their fon and advising him on how to seize more land from Bali Nyonga and share it with Baforchu. They claim that it is Achidi Achu who organized the Bawock/Baforchu/ Pinyin alliance (MBU-PIN-WOCK) . It is these same Bawock elites that say that Nyiat Njifenji has been working hard with Achidi Achu to lobby for the support of government to achieve this design and that although they are out of government they still call the shots in decision making as CPDM big wigs and former PM. When Bali people heard these rantings, they ignored them but the recent events and the behaviour of the Mezam administration seems to lend credence to Limen’s and Sabo’s claims that they are being engineered by Achidi Achu and Nyiat Njifenji. If it is true that this is the role being played by someone whom the Bali people regard (now erroneously) as a preacher of peace, then this is most unfortunate for the North West in particular and Cameroon in general. If the Central Committee relies on someone who goes around preaching “peace” but instigating violence and civil strife, for selfish tribal gains, then it is clear that President Biya is being deceived and being stabbed at the back by people he ought to trust! We want that these claims by the Bawock about the roles of Achidi Achu and Nyiat Njifenji in this crisis and perhaps in other crises in the NW Province, be thoroughly and honestly investigated and if it is found to be true, Achidi Achu should be seriously sanctioned. It is alleged that Achidi Achu is also behind the Pinyin/Menka Chieftaincy problems! What a “peace preacher!”
The Way Forward
The people of Bali are aware that the vast majority of the Bawock ordinary villagers are ignorant of what their Chief and his misguided advisers are scheming for. For the sake of these innocent villagers who can testify that they have no problem with the Bali man, the Bali people have an open door policy and will do everything necessary to have them live in peace and freedom on the land Fonyonga II gave their fathers. But firstly, the government should set up a commission of enquiry to thoroughly investigate the causes and sequence of events that have led to this crisis. We would suggest that to build confidence in that commission, the Bali people should nominate two of its members and the Bawock people should also nominate two of its members while the churches nominate one member, the Bar Council nominates one member and the government appoints the rest of the members from among judicial authorities and administrative authorities. Their mission should be to give an accurate account of the genesis of the problems between Bawock and Bali in order to determine the causes of the problem and apportion blame so as to seek a lasting solution. What the administration is doing now is trying to solve the problem from its effects rather than from its causes or roots. It must be noted that it is not in all cases that the purported victim of a situation like this is the real victim. In this Bali /Bawock problem, the real victim is the Bali people who are being made to look like the aggressors. The real aggressors are the BAWOCK people led by their chief! The truth will be known soon and everyone will be taken aback!"


The governor appealed to the press, particularly in the North-West to be objective and reasonable and not fan the flames of conflict, which so far has caused serious damage to property.

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