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Tuesday, 13 March 2007


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Njei M. Timah

Nice to learn that Richard Quest was in the rain forest of Cameroon. We wish that more prominent people from the international media could always create time to make such visits. It is only through such people that the world can get to understand the complex problems that plants, animals and humans face in such areas.
Njei M.T (

kenedy Epie

Great to have Richard Quest in my country. Anxious to watch the documentary they are shooting.


I hope Mr Quest & Party paid a handsome fee to come in, to cover the equivalent VISA fees payable by all the viewers of his documentary.


Kumbaboy, why must u people always see evil and negativity in everything? This man is just a journalist and how nothing to do with the politics behinf VISA fees.Sometimes in life, we need to just relax.


Kumbaboy, you are right, the big guns will let them (Richard Quest & party) in for free and even take them around while we suffer the consequences of their foolishness. They will never learn from the millions collected daily by the big embassies in our country. My brother/sister Wordweaver, if you have been to any of these big embassies in our country then u will understand Kumbaboy.
Courage my brethren



Sometimes it is good to let those more ardent at an art perform it all along. Dampening their quest for warfare and the pleasure of receiving injuries in return might be taken for impudence.

So while the different opinion leaders on this forum sat in their "hemicycle" discussing serious matters of State,and throwing invectives where necessary,I decided to take a short break.

ANNALS OF THE UB OF MBAMBA shall resurface on Monday.

What caught my attention NOW were the remarks concerning the Visit of Richard Quest to Cameroon..

In my opinion,(which might surely differ from yours), that visit should not be linked to US politics. We all watch and love the programs of Richard Quest. Lets look forward to the day the CNN shall also consecrate time to sell the image of Cameroon to the World.

If cameroon is one , then it doesnt matter to me if he didnt go but to Korup Forest which is as rich as the Forests of the Eastern Province. One thing that is certain is that his guides and translators surely made hay for themselves, and that is good enough if the bread winner gets some returns that enable him put food to table , thanks to Richard Quest,s Visit.

There is a point Kumbaboy raised, which Wordweaver rightly challenged as being out of place...

But taken out of the context of Quest,s visit, Kumbaboy has a strong point...

Arent we tired of western hypocrisy which proclaims the poverty of the masses in 3rd world countries, and at the same time, they close their eyes and impose impossible visa fees on the same suffering masses? Dont you call that exploitation?

Take my word:paying such huge money just for a visa you are not even sure to get is like going to the PMUC to gamble off your money and depend on the horses and their jockeys to make things happen for you.

Even if the US government paid in fabulous sums to make the Richard Quest expedition happen, we should not forget that the monies are put into pockets that leak. Nobody is held to account for it, and nobody is to expect any change as a result of that money because the mindset of those who manage the affairs of the ship of state has not changed.

Be Paeaceable Towards One another, and you shall also find peace.........


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