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Tuesday, 13 March 2007


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The more messengers you punish the messages get to us. This time you just Confirmed to us your electoral process is not free and fair. Wait for more questions


Whether the Electoral process is computerised or not, Southern Cameroonians have vowed to disrupt the upcoming elections in their land. They know that they are constitutionally part of La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun.



Fritzane Kiki HK

It has always been this way where journalists working under the CRTV are bound to take or leave it by going with the ruling party.It is not a new phenomenon tht a journalist is dismissed or transfered because of misinterpretation or exposing the dirty linings of the CPDM in public.Very soon things will be coming out clearly that it was because he is an Anglophone period.This is not happening only in the CRTV but all ministeries suffer this sabotage and workers are bound to either be in favor of the CPDM or you are sacked as is this case of Gideon Tehwi Lambiv.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Who will dare rise up? His collegues will only grumble and go to work.

If he acted beyond his journalistic rights ok, but if a heavy hand is used to silence his freedom of speech then all his collegues are supposed to boycott work.

They are good at asking the SC to boycott elections. Be quite and keep your job. Some sort of slavery.

kenedy Epie

For how long will our Anglophone brother journalists with CRTV be silenced? Truth is like sun ray that will normally shine through the smallest hole. Take courage brothers. Nothing goes on forever.


What should we do to these so called dictators in the name of administrators. It shows how the state is manage by a bunch of idiots and liars.
Tehwi keep on the courage you have. The end of the regime is near and therefore your case will be the first to be looked into.



I guess SCNC is not a political organisation. So then why attempt to disrupt an election which has strict political inclination. I do not think its sensible enough for the SCNC to attempt to disrupt the up-coming election. Or has the NCNC got a part to play in the politics of Cameroon? No I dont think so. So its better you refrain from your statements.
You can continue with your strive for independence but in a different way and not in a way that intervenes into political affairs.

Aunty J.

I am not surprised that these guys are sanctionned. I followed the said edition of Cameroon Calling and the so-called CPDM bigwigs were ridiculed to the point of babbling. The dirty arse of the government was exposed since there was every indication that the computerisation process was a farce.
What a price to pay for seeking the truth. Courage Brother!



Heeeeey. Is it suprising to know that any forthcoming elections organised by this present setup can never be fair? Please we should stop day dreaming.

abili liese




The Hague, 14 March 2007 – Long-awaited news reached UNPO today with
the release of Member representatives Nfor Ngala Nfor [pictured left,
whilst in prison] along with the other Southern Cameroons National
Council (SCNC) detainees.

The presiding judge in the bail hearings for SCNC representatives
arrested at the press conference in Bamenda on 20 January 2007 signed
the official order to grant bail this morning. Ten of the eleven
representatives arrested were released from Bamenda central prison,
where they were met with eager family, friends and fellow SCNC

SCNC representatives were granted bail on 13 March 2007, however as
the presiding judge failed to sign the official order to issue bail
before adjourning court, SCNC detainees remained in jail for yet
another day of detention.

Hearings on preliminary investigation into the arrests have been
scheduled for 17 April 2007.

Reports indicate Tantoh Simon Nshukwi, who has been assigned a
different magistrate, has not yet been granted bail, as his assigned
magistrate failed to appear at bail hearings on 13 March 2007. This
marked the second occasion which Mr. Nshukwi's hearing has been

UNPO considers the detention of Nfor to be politically motivated and
has voiced strong concern at the lack of due process in the case of
his arrest alongside other SCNC members. A series of appeals and
communications have been issued to authorities in Yaoundé, to
European and international bodies and to UN officials, highlighting
the case and calling for urgent action to address human rights
violations in Southern Cameroons.

"Whilst UNPO welcomes the release, we are concerned that possible
charges, if brought forward, could be used to detain Mr. Nfor again
on politically motivated grounds," says UNPO General Secretary Mr.
Marino Busdachin. "UNPO therefore strongly urges the government of La
Republique du Cameroun to act in accordance with the International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and to incorporate the
provisions of this international instrument in national law and
furthermore engage in efforts to reform the judicial system to enable
it to safeguard its implementation in practice."

Bamba Boy

Kalabash no fit hide pregnacy


By and large, what cameroonians oppositions need at the moment is organising an arm wing. With this, the message would be welled written to the tyrans that the oppressed are in renge and ready for an out war with security officers and the military that are been paid with tax payers moneys to terorise them.

 Eric Denzel

Fuck marafa and all the intellectual illiterates. He's very stupid to ask why a journalist should ask those kind of questions because he's paid by the state. He should know that such questions are required because the journalist is paid by the state since state funds are not his father's property but tax payers money that's why such questions should be asked. Cameroonian politicians are a disgrace. We will kick them out, it's just a matter of time. What legacy is he living behind for his kids. We will call them out, we got a plan, so let Marafa and his"bang des mutton" keep doing their nonesense. Their plan will fail, nothing last forever, they should know this by now.

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