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Tuesday, 13 March 2007


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kenedy Epie

Fon Doh again !!!


If i am not lost here, this murderer was bailed on reasons of poor health. Now that he is well what is he still fooling around instead of gaining his place where people like him belong(Behind bars). In any case it doesn´t surprise me and i don´t think it surprises you reading this. Murderers and thieves from the CPDM always stroll around freely till when they dare contest the CPDM. God help us.


i sorry cameroon. na this diot this wey dem bail am on health reasons, Biya u are a disgrace, but when the doom hour comes,no one should venture to run away,

Fritzane Kiki HK

Cameroonians are sick and tired of being sick and tired of this prisoner who was supposed to be serving his prison term than roaming about to disturb the peace of his rival factions and most especially that of the bereaved family of John Kohtem.I am really embarrssed by the open injustice practiced by the La Republique towards its CPDM bigwigs who will always go against laws and go scot free.Until he has the guds to disrupt a conference for that matter!! Bullshit!

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Well from this,it shows that there will be more blood shade in this part of Cameroon again.But for me as the so-called Fon Doh had tried to call for reconciliation among all the people i think he most has realised his wrong doings and i also think that every one in this world is a sinner in one way or the other.So his people may forgive him but not to give him any upper hand to represent them any more.
But now with the kind of judiciary system we are having he was not even supposed to be out there and fighting for the post at all.So Mr. minister of justice what are you and your people really doing to help our country?Well there is a saying that birds of the same feather always flug together and so maybe you maybe in no way different from the so callfon Doh.I pray God can one day touch your heart for you to really put to justice people who go against the law such as the so-called Fon Doh.


When we told this forum in the beggining of this mans trial that he will be freed, some commentators in this forum branded us pessimists. Today, they are getting the results. Fon Doh is still terrorising them in broad daylight and i am really glad.


The Hague, 14 March 2007 – Long-awaited news reached UNPO today with
the release of Member representatives Nfor Ngala Nfor [pictured left,
whilst in prison] along with the other Southern Cameroons National
Council (SCNC) detainees.

The presiding judge in the bail hearings for SCNC representatives
arrested at the press conference in Bamenda on 20 January 2007 signed
the official order to grant bail this morning. Ten of the eleven
representatives arrested were released from Bamenda central prison,
where they were met with eager family, friends and fellow SCNC

SCNC representatives were granted bail on 13 March 2007, however as
the presiding judge failed to sign the official order to issue bail
before adjourning court, SCNC detainees remained in jail for yet
another day of detention.

Hearings on preliminary investigation into the arrests have been
scheduled for 17 April 2007.

Reports indicate Tantoh Simon Nshukwi, who has been assigned a
different magistrate, has not yet been granted bail, as his assigned
magistrate failed to appear at bail hearings on 13 March 2007. This
marked the second occasion which Mr. Nshukwi's hearing has been

UNPO considers the detention of Nfor to be politically motivated and
has voiced strong concern at the lack of due process in the case of
his arrest alongside other SCNC members. A series of appeals and
communications have been issued to authorities in Yaoundé, to
European and international bodies and to UN officials, highlighting
the case and calling for urgent action to address human rights
violations in Southern Cameroons.

"Whilst UNPO welcomes the release, we are concerned that possible
charges, if brought forward, could be used to detain Mr. Nfor again
on politically motivated grounds," says UNPO General Secretary Mr.
Marino Busdachin. "UNPO therefore strongly urges the government of La
Republique du Cameroun to act in accordance with the International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and to incorporate the
provisions of this international instrument in national law and
furthermore engage in efforts to reform the judicial system to enable
it to safeguard its implementation in practice."


If one keeps questioning how things are done in Cameroon, one will die of high blood presure soon.
When a prison is sick, he or she is taken to hospital accompanied by a warder and when his or her situation improves, he/she leaves the hospital directly to prison.

Nobody can understand what is going on with the murderer called Doh except those in that secret society in Cameroon called the cpdm. Nobody mentions any more that Doh was released from jail on account of ill health and should return now that he cannot claim still sick. This is beyound my comprehension. I have never heard of this anywhere in the world. A terrible country indeed.


Sick and tired of this murderer. Wasn't he supposed to be in prison?
Is the CPDM using this man for some political distraction.

Edward Ngah

This so called Fon man is really a disgrace to his people and the entire nation. He should be sent back to jail.


Development that has been horizontal in time is the kind that the CPDM government has been exercising; their perspective for development decreases the basis for long term welfare: not sustainable. Modern law has added the vertical perspective in time. The CPDM government must adjust their actions so as to make it possible also for an uncountable number of future generations to be able to live decently; the future generation need a healthy environment, natural resources and no debts. But, how is this possible when all our resources have been depleted by the present government? The people of Balikumbat must be watchful.



When Fella talked about Government Magic in his song KALAKUTA republic, I was too young to understand how Government could perform magic.

That a demented criminal prowls about unchained, still voracious, daring and seeking more people to devour can only occur when the Government Magic Machinery of a Demonic Movement allows this state of affairs to thrive.

We seek solace in one thought though: that change is inevitable given our ephemeral hold on whatever is physical. Just as the sun rises and MUST set ushering a restful night for our aching souls, so too the likes of DOH et all shall exeunt at the end of their ignominuous stage act.

But what is the private media saying about this? Does it suffice to just report the incident without coming up with a critical editorial on Fon Doh,s case..

God Save the Oppressed

KATAKATA....unlike him

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